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what I shall do an AMA Hamilton,

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Buddha Buddha Mohammed in Salaam Bhagwan he

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was shot

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death in Baku

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una Bala. Now, after praising apostle Canada, and continuing our journey with prophetic traditions, or advice of the Prophet, some of

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the most important caddies.

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The most Pelican Hadees, which talks about advice is a falling Hadees. by the prophet Allah, he mentioned a dino see him

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that indeed, religion is nothing but sincere advice. And he mentioned that three times as a companion posed the question to whom the disincentivise belong to belong to the island, to His Book to His Messenger. When I met him, I met him to the leaders of the Muslim scholars of the Muslims, or to the general masses. And here when you look at

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the concept of advice,

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why is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, advising us to advise one another, as Abu Dawood mentions regarding his hidey hole already filled the many aspects of Islamic rulings with justification that revolve around this hadith about advice for one another. But what is correct and staying away from that which is incorrect. So life of the Muslim becomes trying to encourage oneself and to encourage the people around them to become more vigilant and devoted committed to the loss of Hannah Diana,

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as a relevant mentioned about this female Dean Polanco, and I see him the whole pillar, or the main facet of Islam is sincere advice. That is the life of a Muslim is revolves around advising oneself, advising your family members, advising Muslims around them, advising the wider Muslim community, advising the world advising the non Muslims. That is a life of a believer in continuing to advise themselves. And some of the earlier mentioned this aspect of advice, the pinnacle element of focusing upon the dino see her, just like some of the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, whereby he mentioned and had you out of the hole of Hajj is important. But the main thrust of Hajj

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is Allah for the day coming on the open lane, highlighting immense emphasis that we were missing that day, then the hash is invalidated. The main theme of how it is coming on that day, the main theme of Islam, if ongoing advice, the main theme of sending the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had been married in number birth to new member McCallum and

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the whole sole purpose of me coming upon this earth. After giving the call of duty is to protect one's noble manners, characteristics and behavior.

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That is such a hobby to try to highlight as if the whole purpose of Islam is nothing by advice. The whole purpose of Hajj is nothing like coming up on the plains of Africa. The whole purpose of you trying to live like a good Muslim is to perfect your normal characteristics, your behavior, your etiquettes obviously, firstly with the loss of hunger, other than with the messenger, that the people that you love your family members, your children, your parents, Muslims around you had this belief in individuals around you that you have a certain type of love which is shown to them which is not held up it's not over. Because at home and work as you mentioned, love has various aspects of

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the part of the human being when hope is conferred. Academy love towards your family members. Is it heroin, because this is Bobby, and natural love that you have for your mother, for your father, your brother, your sister, we can follow even the disbelieving laws of Canada and you see an element of love towards perfection, which you cannot remove. physically remove that from the heart and say that there is no relationship with my mother and my father. Even the disbelief you still have to have an element of some sort element of obedience towards them above or below

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borrow for me is that which is good that we shouldn't go get a Sharia law sukanya with Allah because some of us will begin to misunderstand that in our journey towards Islam that we find that we become intolerant towards our parents, or family members of people around us, become unjust towards them. Because they feel that they disbelieving individuals, some of them may be displeasing individuals, those of us who come from non Muslim background, but it doesn't mean that you break the rights that belong to them according to Sharia of the laws of Canada Allah does the whole of Islam revolves around these five points, these five elements of advice, which is 100 ampere, the profits that we

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find a calling a call, meaning the number zero movie, or the profit said to the people to the nation, that indeed I'm unclear buena, calling and warning you people about certain things to stay away from them and to carry out certain actions. Like when you find yourself in need of a nurse if an amine. Indeed I'm a sincere advisor towards your trustworthy advisor,

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messengers the prophets that they were sincere advisors to the people around them, trying to bring the best of the people in wising up which is beneficial to them. And that which they need to stay away from, that you find a way of the believers lays out an RFA What

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if there is no way for the destitute, the poor, the downtrodden, the weak individual, what are they? What are they doing? Now you

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need to be

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able to participate in terms of your your weakness, your handicap and difficulty, you probably don't have the wealth. But what can you do? What can you do in an assembly language, it gives you advice for the sake of a loss to Canada and for the sake of the messenger. So when a be persecuted, do great actions of Islam at times, you may not be plausible, but at least a person can always advise people to fail Basile panadapter advise people to obey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that we find And likewise, among Muslim men have good movement and a movement symptom. And not believe another believer six months

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it has consented for them. If you seek your advice, and given the advice, don't be impartial towards him. He also uses certain advice he can find you in something asking some What should I do? And you deliver that advice, then? How can movement and movement seek to otherwise there's one concern is a moment in time is a basic idea that sometimes as Muslims, we need to go and understand that. If a variable comes to you, and ask you for some advice, you give them the best advice. You don't become passionate about your advice, for some justification benefit, you give them the right advice that which would benefit them. That's how Muslims should be inside their life does you want to read them

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I mentioned and asked him to see him he knows that the essence of advice is from being from hulu's for being sincere, sincere inside your advice. When you present it to a person, you present it to the individual whoever may be that you're sincere in giving you advice or individual, as you can pretty much never mention the subclasses in a two minute summary that are purified the honey, when it's taken the wax is taken away. There is no impurity, it's pure. When a person goes out to advise a person they advise should we seek impurity, seeking the face of a person.

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Because some of us will not forbid, we tried to give advice to look down upon people to tarnish people to find mistakes of people to make them look lonely to make them look no value towards them. If that is what the crux of your advice is they need to question yourself, Why are you giving advice individually? Are you giving advice individual to lift yourself up at a petrol station above them? that people should look at you that you're more superior to that other individual? Because windows 10, who amongst us doesn't make mistakes? Every Muslim makes mistakes inside their life. There is no doubt about that everyone has made mistakes. person has to make the median of those and to weigh up

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those mistakes to see what type of mistakes or the mistakes that take a person outside the fold of Islam are the mistakes that make a person to become a click on TV in Division is a clear cut mistake that makes this person to be untrustworthy individual video sad fact is that many of us average individuals, we see a mistake here which may seem to us to be a mistake, because you know one minute each Jihad could be an element of striving and struggling coming to an understanding the present makes inside your life. But you classify it as a sin as a mistake become intolerant towards it. And this is the average phenomenon inside our society at the moment that many people are not sincere

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inside inside the advice when when the price of the other person is insane. Then those those signs or symbols are there because the person doesn't add extra wordings or

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demonize a person or become derogatory remarks, or slur another individual or blaming an individual or tarnish an individual or had they established a Kadima, they will be shocked. Use individual statements of that individual that is present no hubby or journey or foolish an idiot. This type of language just doesn't come from a poor individual seeking advice. A sincere individual presents good advice to the people in need a national emergency advisor towards you want to accept the advice you take it and we leave it at that that's what a Muslim carries out inside your life. And that's why the Prophet Allah is somebody mentioned at the Newseum. He repeated it three times. Why he repeated

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three times to highlight the emphasis of the affair. And as appropriate. If someone ever wanted to highlight something, he would always tell you repeatedly

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the right of the neighbor, the right of the neighbor, the right of the neighbor, the right of the neighbor, companion mention later and no socrata cheap energy

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is it If only you would be quiet? If only he would be quiet the fourth

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time you mentioned Dr. Maha Pooja Pooja, the right of the name of the right of the name of the right of the neighbor, right the neighbor. Why is he repeating it? Because many of us we don't understand the rights of the neighbors. Well,

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what about what has happened? What is the right of the neighbor, even some elements that they mentioned, are buried. footie toasty, right and 40 doors to death. That's the extreme use of rights of the neighbors who teach you right forward to your left, they have rights upon you. That's an extreme view. But that's just highlighting the intensity intensity of how hookah understand certain things. And as you find the concept of repeating certain things, it seeks benefit in the heart and the mind of individuals, just to stay away for a moment, that sort of salami one of these crazy nightmare in the

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winter for longer. In the

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end, if you punish them and they use your service. If you forgive them, they need you until

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you're the one making your own wise, he can do that all night. All night he repeated that ayah and weeping about is that if you punish them, then they do your service. You forgive them, you're the one and then as you go here we find the

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that you're the most passionate, the Most Merciful, the one who forgives, because he is he Muhammad is a location of his of glory of mighty muscle, Canada, Allah, He doesn't say that I'm forgiving upon him. He talks about his mind because he the whole country is talking

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about them requesting to the man in a table to come down from the heavens, and to show the show the mind and the glory of Apostle Canada and he can send it down if he wants to this one you asked for. And he's the one that pardons and he forgives. And it was another location in South Sudan made as well that we find which ends in a similar ending, or Saudi

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Arabia, just about a minute Boy, was he in first 14 of sorts of married that we find, oh sorry, who was the main fee for the female thief, and we take their hands, this is a just reward for these individuals. And that can mean a lot. Nothing can be managed Uber, or Uber minimize some kind of punishment from a boss under under a law that mentioned because of the amputating their hands. That is, first of all, kind of momentum alone as these gentlemen come.

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First, it may sound strange if I even mean an r1 when they hear the language and Korea, which maybe will lower for Rahim as you remember, I know that this is a mistake. This is Mistake number 10. For Muslim will come a time of forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah is to show the mind the power, the glory, the law laws of Canada, Allah what lower as even Hakeem, he just, he is wise. He is strong, he is powerful at this moment in time, this law has to be carried out to teach people in society a lesson. That's what our laws and laws are full of times, that may seem to the modern world, something which is harsh, sun, which is intolerant, but there is goodness in the laws of Allah and I

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like a person today. There are those who will commit sin and they're punished in the open domain. It because it deteriorates inside society that people know that there is a severe punishment, as we find when Allah broke when it becomes trivial becomes minimal, and people freely begin to disappear. And I think there's no

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there's no punishment. There's no there's no laws, there's no punishment I'll be facing inside this life. And we think about the inside is buried and as far away from us, we'll deal with that asset when it comes does it becomes important, which article to advise regarding apart from Nikita be about the book of about panda is the encouragement to remind ourselves that there is going to be a moment in time with the law of attraction.

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Hello, we'll return in this totality don't say doesn't exist, we'll return back in its totality, and will be the place for people to be brought to justice by the permission of Apostle kind of their idea. And as we find in the first element inside his head, he mentions To whom does this advice belong to old 11 years old. It says advice, a balloon for those who can balance that we will realize this had been relevant had been have mentioned unary to some 18, on a hadith with a Muslim alien 90 of his stomach feature was Miss Ronnie and Sandy, Christian before, this is the only one honey is collected to female Muslim who raised his huggie Bear who did this advice belong to welcome the

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of the happiness begin with the rise of a month before the rise of the people.

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As long as I take care of the people and the kind of actions I look after people, that is important, no doubt, but he doesn't come in front of the right of a law. You cannot present that and say these good deeds are not in front of a lawsuit penalty if you don't pray, don't pause, you know, do other rights.

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And say don't do childhood action, unkind to people that don't upset people, I don't do anything wrong.

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The first right is the right one, fulfill that right then have that begin to fill the rights and the rest of the individual. Second political view at the end, it was right up along with the other is to rectify your belief, no corruption inside your belief. Just as no car is pure, your body needs to be orthodox. A pure belief that you have pure belief committed and devoted towards the laws of Canada Allah is lots of near the diversity and some of us may have found the Orthodox belief. But then the second element, I think has the capacity, sincerely sincerity in your worship, Your Worship needs to be pure your life needs to be pure in the way that you worship and you obey Allah Subhana Allah,

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likewise you find okay you also cannot

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have a field of heat. The only be tarnishing some form of corruption of making the Harry Potter key for them feel taking away the names and attributes of a lot of giving them similarities, they will have similar views, denying them rejecting them accepting some of them say this is accepted is not acceptable. There is a community shadow some University nothing's like on top of so Canada is all here in the ceiling. And then we find that some Muslim sector begin to deviate. That's why we advise them because you deviancy can lead to a path of corruption. indecency can take you away from the path of a loss of your deviancy can happen, what can happen to you can make room on the Day of

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Judgment, it can make people become forbidden from certain things that were given to only the believers. So once we know where to enter to bubble up, it is for us to understand who they are in our behalf. Now, on that day, faces will be glowing. Looking at the supply and face of a muscle. When people begin to make that leap of these iron is rejected. That person cannot see a loss pandemic in southern Africa. What are we debating with these people?

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What do you guys what you're needing to do what you're saying that I will not get to see a line side that after? One minute? Who wants to see last Panda and come see instead of 1648 50 or 65? You will bow down prostrate pray, what do you want at the end of the result? Because what is the greatest thing beyond gender? For one woman, Allahu Akbar, the greatest thing, which is great, it is gentle everything in between is a pleasure is to look at the sublime face of almost panduranga it was all gone it was to see the sublime face of a muscle kind of dying. So that's why the path of deviancy it prevents certain things. That's when a person should present to the r1 to rectify your account

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because you make yourself to be forbidden. That's you find like what people can become complacent inside the action that emerged in Cooper is exactly the same thing. When I was being a mother of a young father was just to replace money man doesn't go up. It doesn't go down. What happens eventually stagnation. Eventually person doesn't carry out any actions becomes reliant on just being a Muslim is amazing. I'll be forgiven. He took a puff of DVT corruption, stagnation, disobeying a bar televangelism people disappear but anonymity has no impact on my inner touchable comedy I drink karma Allah will forgive me commit sin. Lord, forgive me alone and Demeter. Pardon me. Why? Because

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I believe in a Polish messenger you have seen he has surprised me. Don't be surprised there's Muslims out there.

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A few of them are still exist, who have such deviant use, who think they can do whatever they want to do, and they'll be forgiven but also Canada, and sometimes these views become dominant inside society, views of views of rejecting certain concepts of Islam.

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We find questioning them or leads to what? decency and corruption and stagnation of this Muslim woman television you find that depressing what was pantalla? Is this take this from his visit Omar does you find what is Amina? See Heidegger always the beginning of a Muslim is sincere advice for the loss of Canada, Ireland, because everything flows from that. If you occur, it becomes sound and becomes pure everything of your life flows from that, because the law will not contain the heart of the individual is the most beneficial thing. When your mind is envelope is covered, isn't surely drowned in the love of a loss, or whatever you think the individual want to carry out that inside

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their life, to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then we find what he can and should say advice in a book of a loss of candor and an email, we will be happy to believe that this is the bulk of the last time to enter and then to carry out the actions of the Quran tells us to do, many of us may believe this the book of Allah Subhana Allah, when are going to be this way, it becomes a very contentious topic with certain individuals and the V What does it mean to carry out the actions of the Quran to implement the actions of the AI inside our lives, I believe in open AI that will suffice. You have to believe in and carry out the actions of the continuity of continuity to recite

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the book of Allah and Allah and give it justification. Exit the effort, exert yourself inside your life, to be able to decide the book of Allah is not in an efficient manner, in an acceptable manner that you're reading the words of a boss was said to be a part of the immense love for the book of Apostle Canada. For some of us, it may sound very strange, very spiritual. But somehow we should ponder, reflect, sometimes, certain people are far better than us. That if a person puts to put on the floor, it is a technical debate about him. But why put him on the floor? If you know that emotionally upsets people? Why are you putting up on the floor? And he will check with me

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placed on the floor placing on something and why open up the doors is some of the fourth kochava Now, why do we always take those things which are acquired ashada? Why do you take statements which create fitna inside our society? Why for what intent? Are you trying to teach people something good? And be adamant be harsh about it? Yes, certain of the certain elements have to be placed in the floor. So I put it on the floor. What do you intend to do? Why do you emotionally want to upset people? Why do you want to do that? Just to make a point, just to make the point that I'm allowed to put on the floor? If it means upsets that are well, then we'll come fix it difficulty you have a

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misunderstanding inside your own life. Because Islam isn't about demolishing Islam is about establishing is upon building upon the height of people not to come inside and do certain things that you know, that intensely upsets people from the fact that many of us young individuals, you know, there's certain massage, they have a certain element which they classify what was the one? don't pray during that time.

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They have many thing was brilliant.

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We made that deduction made understanding nature. Mm hmm. Why do you come in the front row intensely? Maybe your time you're visiting, you don't know. But you know that that email doesn't agree with it. You know that everyone doesn't agree with it. You know, the machine doesn't agree with it. Why did you come to the first 100 for what intent to create fitna while making the donation to me and don't enter the house of Allah to create fitna don't do that.

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They have used which have been existed for now, since you've been born. They've been there for more than 1000 years, more than 1000 woman Hunter, that you can come and say this disrupt this, because I want to show these people, this is another property I should have to set up any sooner. But you find that sooner which dismantle society, people who are in charge today that we find that people begin to disturb the flow. If you're praying, you're in prayer, and the authorities remove you in you can become emotional as much as you want, that they removed me from praying. There's millions of people and you're blocking the way. That's what a city looks at.

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The general benefit of the urban doesn't look at you, you're praying there, and they remove me from praying, you're praying enough in prayer, you're obstructing the view, you need to be removed from that area. Likewise, the mercy right, the person needs to understand that if people are the mercy don't tolerate certain views, don't accept those views. Don't become don't become an individual people don't want to see your face in the machine. How can it be for most of the people don't want to see you inside the machine. That the fitting the machine is a House of Lords panda amongst us house upon this dunya and so we've narration that we find the houses of uncle Panda and they shine

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out up to the stars up to the heavens and angels can see the light even though they hadn't made a critique of it. But we can see that element spiritualities in the most pleasant places when faced with

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Are the houses the most panda either way by name is glorify dimension alive while you might fulfill a book of a lifetime of the right that belongs to you. And before that you judge me for an increasingly contentious issue the moment if a Muslim says to people to implement a news to remind ourselves about the book of Amazon, what is the average person say, and then as a middle aged person, the demon individual person, innovative person like this person like that there's been other dismantled societies person wants to do that. There's a third part of that he wants a method to give advice to an individual. And we should set the record straight and clear, not confirm that I had

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ever done. We've never ever cast by any of the ruling authority on the faces of disbelieving individuals set the record straight, but some people like to say that you'd like to make them feel an email, or pull the needle. We never made that feat upon them in either Reiner or Cooper, Cooper that comes at no cost to many of the senior this person authority this person that their beliefs are given away. Once again, we're here to not dismantle society. We're here to establish society, obedience towards individuals who obey your boss who can lead the role of the Muslim and to sincerely advise people wherever person is not to take words out of context. And just say this

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person is trying to dismantle society. When a person talks about the fish the food, when you're talking about what happened 1000 years ago, the physical Judo Muslim society a moment is allanon is open. The mass singing that many Muslims that a new environment which are created, it's got nothing to do with dismantling the society is saying that the person majority is a disbelieving individual. If we find that Zina becomes widespread inside openings that our society should do you have an color palette, this is wrong, this is evil. This is destruction. There's another depot saying that now you're saying that a person who moves a country is a carrier, that tender never, never is not for us

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to judge that the way that person is displayed or displayed individually. For this holiday visa at Thompson's internal society, we need to awaken ourselves, which remind us so advise ourselves that we continue the type of mukarram spreading more and more. And in essence, the image remains the only reflection of those individuals where we can they will be we will make Europe they will be corrupted system for the time we use available and that they disagree about me it is nothing special about them that we do, I think is something special about them. There's nothing special. There's a responsibility placed upon their heads that they will be asked more on in a judgement as we find to

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give them some sage advice to the best ability, hopefully tomorrow. And he and O'Malley encourage people to come together Look at the face look at goodness, remind us about the goodness. But once again, we don't want to dismantle society, build upon the face, remind people of goodness that people have done and let people come to the corners that we find. Likewise you find when

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you begin to invite me over I was placed on top of UDP to give sincere advice to those individuals to pay stupidity, oneness he has various trainings as well as between

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those that that when you present advice, it may be presented may not be accepted may be rejected, something may happen to you.

00:28:19--> 00:28:23

It was meant to talk about what is the ultimate jihad

00:28:25--> 00:28:38

is to say the right word in the super ninja in front of a, a soupon a leader that you know will do what you will imprison, will punish you will torture you, you know that is going to happen doesn't mean you remember

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Buddha Buddha talks about that. The person knows they're going to be punished, they know they're going to be tortured, but they talk they present their advice to the best of their ability. And that's what an irony that's what a Muslim is. Now's the time the words will be rejected were not accepted, but they do the best they can and so many relevant discoveries have been made. My team is talking about the role of the advice to them and for them to give advice to the people around them. I like what you find find your admin team to give advice to the general masses of people have already had their own stuff. What do you give me the most in the universe?

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a MOBA we find him to give advice to the masses of the people is aware of

00:29:50--> 00:29:57

some of the original mentor and mentee in the first he returns back to firstly advise your own self because some of us in our in our excitement

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or in our passion that we just begin to

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Worried about other individuals, the first element in describing to advise your own self, to be worried about your own self requires yourself to fail boss, advise yourself to be insane your obedience towards a boss of Canada, and then the masses of the rest of the individuals. And as I mentioned random Monday, I

00:30:22--> 00:30:32

care about the face of the Muslims not from amongst them, who doesn't wake up in the day or the evening thinking about advising people to the book of Allah, and His Messenger has got nothing

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to do with a fear of the Muslim, any honest, he does have the arrival of Ronnie is weak. I mean, it can be plausible that Muslims should be worried about Muslims around them. Because they mentioned that they should come amongst you, while the

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group of people order the good and overbuilt and evil. Whatever it is, you hate boo, boo enough, see what you worry about as you began with for the general masses around you will you know for yourself enough for them. We're not here to condemn an individual to join them to the Hellfire to follow them in punishment, to have them wish punishment upon them. That's not the intent of a Muslim is you will pay your goodness before your goodness for your brothers, your sisters, your family members, people around you, in the luminous economy since a adviser in trying to bring the best out of the people in Iran and shadow him in Amazon leading him to guide them through the possibility that which will

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benefit individuals, and that even a Muslim should be as you might insert an ID, the best of the Muslim is the one who benefits other individuals, personal benefits other individuals the best of a Muslim, if one becomes somebody who's beneficial, who's helping other individuals inside their life, also

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ask the question, what is the greatest thing the best action person can do? And most tonita, we should say your advice to both of US and Canada. And that's why the first advisory panel probably a movement. Yes. Well, I'm such

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a believer, he concedes gives advice, pure sincerity and rebellious individual dislike to expose a person sins, just bring them out. As we began to find a photo of a Muslim begins to explode, it begins to magnify, we can see why he mentioned that we're not talking about people or do we talk about amongst the hundreds of people

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who are famous

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about needing some tolerance of anonymity that is inviting to opiates going to such a level, it seems to be no control about it. These are not symbols of symbols and so no and a person that you differ with in Iran, that this personality comes outside the home as a benchmark. Because remember, describe what are symbols of people and

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a person may make him do but you see inside their life 80% 90% 95% of their life is based upon rulings as close as possible.

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And if you begin to extract one thing that you don't seem to agree with, or you don't seem to understand, or you don't like that view, for whatever reason, you may be does that not give you the right to say this person's heart is not valid? And he said that he will Java well, who gives you that right? Especially mentorship and many of the young independent. So, the topic is that this person is

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this person college person does this person like this person or that mentor or you know acid annual return that we find you mentioned many times is not for the awareness is not for the masses of the young people, that you just see certain things and begin to live in a box paradox equals empty compartments. And this person was like this on my shape a boy knows that a person just sat escaped Salaam to another Muslim I saw him giving Salaam to such as an individual This means that even individual issues that shallow interpretation that you might have, you know, do some speak to a non Muslim because now we can deviate and say do you stand in the non Muslim? What type of shallow

00:34:07--> 00:34:21

understanding it is for remember, have a deep comprehension of the standard tenants of belief of acceptance of rejection does not lead to the alarm. This will happen with things that lead to that alone, nothing but facade corruption and eventually no one is there for a

00:34:22--> 00:34:34

person to have love and devotion with people of some people love the sun encourages them to live a life of the Sunnah to have love towards them, and in general love to the Muslims. mahamudra Super Mario

00:34:36--> 00:34:50

Romero, then why did I have twisted around today? Well, let's talk about some barbed wire, and then we'll confer Punahou love them to maximum love. Give them excessive love.

00:34:52--> 00:34:57

by boosting we don't have union don't like your way reason to shut the

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

hell up.

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

Do that. Rommel Calvin, boo you love him so much greet him so much for what intent what cafe? one you prefer Baku for Callum Cooper kulu shading the hood cafe millesimal as long as he's living externally the disbeliever one, the sharks movement by triangle shape and color

00:35:23--> 00:35:28

as it moves the mind to shape then what do we do about an individual? Muhammad?

00:35:29--> 00:35:30

Ali numero

00:35:34--> 00:35:38

uno mini in Mussolini. That's what a Muslim is very cool

00:35:39--> 00:35:52

because every single Muslim will eventually go to Paradise. Every single Muslim there may be a journey of jahannam whatever it may be, every single Muslim will eventually go to Paris. America

00:35:53--> 00:36:21

will never ever, never ever going to hide us. Never ever just like the camera can never go through the eye of the needle. never enter Japan No. re a shall never smell anything of Paradise seen for those individuals. So I like to be a life of devotion, a life of balance in carrying Muslims around and every single day. Who should happen to the masses of the people trying to they are

00:36:22--> 00:36:46

disobedient or disrespectful to them also Canada should travel us to worry us. What are we fooling the people to? What is that advice? Just to become with the common phenomenon at the moment as Chopra to be known to be famous to be a YouTube to go to Facebook to do this? What's your intent? Why don't you find it inside the column the way they express certain things. You don't see sincerity. When you

00:36:47--> 00:37:26

follow him. You can see there's no sincerity inside the hotel inside the Kadima inside the speech in the etiquette the words that they use, in all sincerity. They'll pursue sincerity is there to rectify themselves personally rectify their own selves inside their life. And if a contract gives them to other individuals, almost all inability to be sincere towards the loss of Canada and then towards his messenger towards Hippo towards the people around us, that we will say the goodness for them, and like what the massive the average individual, and will say to goodness for them, that we want to live in a peaceful environment, the face of the Union. And likewise inside the assembly, the

00:37:26--> 00:37:54

best peaceful environment. The best peace in Rome is nothing but gender is paradise, wherever you find that one, but it will be there together, whether it be blood brothers who believe or a quantum point of being Muslim Brotherhood in faith, that will be the inside. That's what a Muslim wants. And that was the way the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to encourage every individual to find that element of love of devotion to rectify a pride in their belief to return back to loss and handle their level of pure and a sound on in the long.

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