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Legacy of the Shafi Madhhab Q&A by Mufti Taha Karaan, South Africa

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What caused the other mother to die out? I'm sure he came to Egypt in the year 99. And then in Egypt, they used to be the Imam of Egypt in a time of your mind. He was the man life even sad, a great Imam at the level of the other four Imams, I'm sure he comes to Egypt. And he finds that the mother of a bomb later just about died out. He uses a nomadic was his own teacher. But he encounters the fate of him leave the mother of a young life. And he says, and later Afkhami Malik, this email later was a better much tighter beta period. My own study by Mary Hieronymus haba, who

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his students However, they neglected his mother, his students did not transmit that mother to the next generation. And they do the generation mudarabah preserved through the efforts of men, which generations after generations, if all of us should today stop all Sharpies in the world, America is a humbling honorees, for that matter. We'll start with a translation of an even these former, they would come to an end. But there is something there's a certain internal resilience within these four, that for some reason or the other. They have they've consistently managed to inspire the next generation, that inspiration which they grew from on high that continued to transmit itself to the

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next generation, that next generation will inshallah expire next generation and inspire and inspire. But this is of course, inspiration from a lot on our side, he had kept this particular

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grace and mercy for these four and the others had died out. The students did not quite maintain the legacies afterwards these for the ones that were kept as for what they contain what those other mothers contained in many, many respects the mirror of the contents of the other Masai, for example, why did you measure if you say that life is upcoming Malik because you know Shafi in your own life, they affect the malheur they agree they mirror one another to another to a great extent in terms of methodology in terms of content, but in amylase madhab did not continues to exist like that they were the some mentioned 15 some mention even more names and that the reason for the extinction is

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the same reason for extinction is subsequent generations did not pay sufficient attention to them long term. As well as the Shafi method is concerned we look at another as a as something that facilitates the practice of the facilitates the practice of lean, so it is necessary, everyone should practice Deen. If everyone should have to practice the in, then

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it's one of two options that they have. Either they go personally to the Quran and Sunnah and confined everything from the, which is a gargantuan task, which is probably practically impossible. Or they take it from a readymade kind of packaging of a source, that what the man hub does, that's it. That's what he provide. It has systematically set together a number of rules, this is the easy way in which to do it. So in that sense, since everyone has to practice the, you're going to have to refer to some source of authority, if you're not an authority yourself. That is the role of the mother plays. The Sharpie man has a certain flexibility about it, what they say, wonderful kochava

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mom have a rule that in particular instances here and there, there's no harm if you practice the view of another mother. The only problem that we have, if you on a continuous and obsessive basis, go and look for the easiest view in everything. That is called Rojas, when you look for the easiest view. And the easiest view not just among the format that you're gonna look for all those extinct mother have also a person was brought to the court of the moon. And he had written a book in his book, some of the other he had, he had taken all the weirdness opinion from all the weirdness of sources and he put together something which says that look, you can drink wine and convert Xena

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because that album said there is another album said that and you're looking for the coldness Allah, Allah, the places where the feet of the master made certain mistakes. So once you start seeking out the dispensations, then are you following Sharia? Are you following your own desire, so all that you shouldn't do is on a consistent obsessive basis can look for the easiest of opinions. But in individual instances here and there. If a person opts for a different method, as far as the rules of the shaft, a mother is concerned, he is not restricted from that he may do so as long as he does it with proper consultation, you know, not just someone who you saw walking in the street and a legs as

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it was you just asked him, and he gives you an answer right must be recognized authority. So in practice, have you ever have another mother consult an authority of that particular mother to make sure that it is a valid view, as long as that's in place, there is no restriction of that time. As far as unclean is concerned,

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there is one Hadith, which shall be a fuqaha. Quote, in this regard, the Hadith is not 100% authentic, so 100% authentic, it's in the margin of Babylon. And this particular Hadith, although it's not 100% authentic, but there is a rule about ahaadeeth. As long as it doesn't get extremely defective, as long as it doesn't enter the realm of being mobile or completely, then it is practicable in things which are not cheap and halal and haram and things of this nature. So I've never met a lawyer in Shahada mentioned this particular area. And he says this is one of those instances in which we make our will upon admitting the fact that it is somewhat defective, but it is

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practicable. So if someone does it, there is no condemnation there of if someone does not do it on the other hand, they should be

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No condemned combination of that either the problem comes into a non status not condemning the other. When one party condemns the other, and we've turned the matter into a an issue of dispute, it should not be an issue of dispute. Again, there should be what the breadth of vision to allow for this to happen as well. And if someone left it out, he did not become a farcical a current account of it, what he has done, there is also a valid view, what that person is on the other side is also a valid view. As far as, after the Salatu janaza. The two others made after the salado janazah, to the best of my knowledge, I do not claim to have adequately scan everything on it. But to the best of my

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knowledge, there is no specific evidence that says that also last a lot longer than a minute or two after the janazah however, the evidence might not be specific, but the generality of certain other hobbies and upon certain other instances are you

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asked, and the answer that was given was dubrul, lane, joven, lane, waterboro. Salatin mokuba at the middle of the night, and after the first Salah, so from the Foucault have extrapolated, they've extrapolated from the to the Genesis articles, that's also a fact and is also a fact to a certain extent. Now, whether that chaos, whether that case of chaos is a convincing one on or convincing one, some alumni have gone that direction, and others have gone the other direction. If I'm of the persuasion that should not be done, and I don't make the draw, then my brother should not condemn me for that. On the other hand, if my brother decides he wants to make that draw, then

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it is the essence of a bother if someone does it, fine. If someone does not do it, we should accept that as well. The problem comes in when I make it an absolute rule that must be made after the janazah. And those who did not make do after the janazah have neglected the Fargo The sooner that's when things get out of hand. So it is not one of the most important things. It's not one of the most negligible things either. Again, if the level that we should exist, don't take it too low in importance. Don't take it too high in importance either. Both sides when they do the maintenance or when they don't make the draw, they only have the best of intentions, they did not become an issue

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about we which we find. The last one was what reading at the graveside, reading at the gravesite. There are some Hadith specifically about it. the authenticity of those are hard either subject to subject to question. They they there's some severe questions about the authenticity of some of those ahaadeeth however, we know from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he stood around the grave he gave this a Sahaba command. What command did he give? He stopped filoli Akiko. So often we decide the surahs we decide Yes, he no beginning of Baccarat Baccarat. Let's also remember that what Rasulullah sallallahu specifically instructed was making it hard for your brother was being buried

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now. Beyond that, if someone wants to read Quran, when comes in the issue of what what you are eating, can it be a benefit to him, the original view of himself is that a laser nearly in San illamasqua. The origin of the of the shaft a matter is there's no such thing as a solid salvo only in three things only as far as Rasulullah sallallahu stated in America, no Adam in katama, no lm insalata person dies, all his needs are cut off, only three things remain. No sacajawea elbonian tabi wallet I'm sorry hanyalah either soccer perpetuate perpetual soccer or he has left behind which continues or a child woman's love for him or easily the VM shafia is this that you cannot you do

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something and transfer the love of something to someone else. However, the mother of the mother from even Suki and others onwards have adopted a middle position between that position of mhfa and the position of the mother he will permit the transfer of power one person reads and then transfer the power to someone else. It is a matter of

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allele is another

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allele. And I'm Sookie and others have taken a kind of a middle position. So if it is done in the sense that the middle position m Suki takes is that I'm reading in a swab is mine. I can't give it away but then I make do I Allah give a similar thought what you've given me to that person there as well. He was similar so so if it is done in that sense, then it's a very good thing. Again, I want to draw your attention to the day when you come to a janazah and no one's reading. So is in the rain when you come to a janazah. And the those particular that particular work is not made around at work. Sloan is not made around the Kaaba is not something to be condemned. It is 100% in line with

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Sharia. The sooner that Rasulullah sallallahu structed was do what make ecfr stand on your own make to Allah Masha Allah, Allah Muhammad, someone wants to read some Quran Bismillah by all means read some Quran, someone wants to make some car by all means make some car, whether people do jointly they do it individually.

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They should be acceptance there of no condemnation and condemnation if they don't do it otherwise, condemnation, as I said, will only lead to further friction in society or law.

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Any further questions I think it's becoming quite late is already quoted to nine to 10 mother.

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There are situations like that you find cases where one one mother we got something as permissible and others regarded as heroin. The reason for that would be that each mother has

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A certain methodology. And in light of that methodology, the methodology adopted by Madhavi leads it to a certain understanding of the case where he would say that particular thing is not permissible. The mother the the methodology adopted by party B leads him to a conclusion that that very same thing with Poland with that party regards is halaal. The other party's the relativism within it lies within the methodology adopted by the two parties, it leads. This also happened amongst us a habit of the alone where one party holds something to be valid, one party only to be held on this has happened, it will continue to happen. It's all to do with how does a person leaves in his way out to

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that particular thing they have I mentioned example, earlier of the day of a new career, two different people in two groups of people interpreted the very, very same text from rasulillah salam, ala rasulillah salam in two different ways. They understood in different ways, one understood it, we will say literally another group on the street figuratively, so a figurative understanding leads to a different act. Analytical understanding leads to a different act. Sometimes there are certain things about halal and haram there are certain kinds of foodstuff, for example, that one party would regard as halal. Another party with regard is completely different evidence available, and different

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methods of dealing with this evidence would lead to this kind of thing. Having a filler is not a bad thing. Having the skill of having difference of opinion isn't a bad thing. How do we negotiate those different sets? That's where it could become either good or bad. Remember, it's a test which was placed upon us, what do we do? Do we then go on a campaign that is wrong, go against on a campaign against one another, then if the love has been a source of Baraka, that this killer becomes a source of backwardness a cause a source of taking away the Baraka that could have been potentially there. So, it does come about the difference of this nature to exist. We wish we wish it could have been

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that everyone is on the same wavelength and everyone agrees upon everything. But that is not to be because I'm not Allah says Allah is.

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How do you want that to follow Shara Buccola, Jelena samata Noir, all people not just motherhood, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus wouldn't have been able to have just been one all upon the Dean of Huck, but a lot of had no rain. It's such he says what are yours aluna metallocene, they will always be these differences. Like we have been tested with so many other things like we have been tested with greed for wealth, like we have been tested with desires. We have been tested all of these things, and we need to resist them. This is one of those things also, we have been tested with, we need to resist the temptation to launch into mutual slandering and attacking when these

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differences do occur.

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Once upon a time, the matter of appointing imams to massage, it used to be a government matter. We had ameerul momineen and top he had a government and they would appoint who becomes a Mamiya who becomes a member, we have now become an minority community in countries such as these, each little community build his own Masjid, and then they elect the committee and the committee appoints or employs an Imam. So there are structures in place, there are most certainly structures in place, whatever needs to be done needs to be done through those particular structures that exist. If any particular person has a problem with any particular amount, then either you could address it through

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the structures that do exist.

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Alternatively, what he would do if you have a problem with that particular person goes somewhere else and make yourself out somewhere else if it's only you that they have the problem, even so many other people that have the problem as well, then it should be addressed through the structures of authority which exists in society, among cities, what is our work, and our work needs to have a knowledge a supervisor, a supervisor will walk the walk and it cannot look after itself. What do we do we elect to we select we appoint committees these effectively become the knowledge of the work part of what they do, they are the supervisors of the work they administrate on behalf of everyone

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else. So they've become the ad hoc, not just ad hoc, but almost permanent authority for the affairs of that particular community. And

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one would assume that committees would act in a reasonable manner and consider all the various complaints and things like that the man himself was understand that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had harsh words for him and Ronnie Coleman was

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a person who leads people in salah and most of them disliked him.

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All people will not always like the remarks some people might have a problem. So when the the bulk of the community the largest section of the community has a problem with a particular demand, and the committee does not respond to that particular complaint, they must look into this is a valid complaint or not. If the complaint has some validity to it, then they must remember that they are entrusted with a man of his community they have to carry out this Amana they are carrying a manner of public at large, if they don't adequately respond them they will be responsible in front of a lot Allah for that. But in our these particular structures to start small time rebellions and lead an

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insurrection, again, that is not in line with what Sharia would demand from us that normally leads to more strife than what was originally there in the first place. So it does happen that at times we have problems with it.

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optimally should be addressed through this, through these structures, I know that this is not a problem to which an answer, such as the one that I've offered you here will provide all the solutions, because the variables and the amount of factors that come into play in a case like this, there are more than we can count on our on our fingers and toes together. There's a lot of things that are personal feelings, they are all scores to settle in communities. And then there's a matter of ability and inability and how abilities and inabilities are perceived a person perhaps, to me, he's very well to someone else's area of the Quran, he says, Well, he doesn't read well at all. So I

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wouldn't even imagine that I can approach the complexity of the matter in a manner that will adequately solve it here. These are some very broad guidelines. and thereafter, there are some very specific issues with regard to it, that will probably call for each case to be inspected individually, with regard to all the factors that operate there. And then it could be solved, I cannot adequately answer that question. Starting from here with the time and the amount of information available to me right now. Hello.

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Lucky louder.

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The first thing that we need to do, the first and foremost thing that we need to do, I think, is a campaign of educating our youth we're entering into marriage is about the rock. You know, we usually address the matter, a simple Mahabharata, the problem has already occurred, then we address the matter, the first thing that we should do is before they get married, and this in fact, used to be the method of our old humans. Before you get married, you come to the man for a few weeks, and you learn about myka. In fact, there isn't much to learn about nicad is more to learn about talaq because once you married, life goes on, there are few things you need to know. And then life can go

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on the problem comes in with Allah. So we need to address this particular problem. And I would certainly make a heartfelt appeal to the people in charge of this and other communities, that as we teach them about Hajj, as we teach about salah and Sokka, we need to teach them about the importance and the very, very serious nature of this thing called Pollock,

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you could very well end up in a situation where husband wife live with one another and they living in Harlem, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. So before starting to look for loopholes and solutions to problems after the The fact is that young men and young woman want to go into nikka they get properly schooled.

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You know, but as the only thing that the young men come to learn is how to say appeal to nikolina. And after that, he didn't learn anything else. And then he struggles with an appeal to as well. He shouldn't be just be taught about the community we should be taught, he should be taught about the ecology of ecology activity should be taught about and the the great injustice that he's perpetuating, to himself to his wife, to his children to the extended family, those things should be imprinted upon him. When inshallah once that is in place, then we will never arrive at the juncture we need to go look for

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103, then we can very well act upon the view of the Johor, the vast majority of this oma, which is a three tilaka three. And you need to bear the consequences of what you have done is because we start with an uneducated public and insensitive public, a public that is not sensitive to these particular concerns that we start jumping ship now. And then we start looking for solutions.

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Certain olema will continue giving the fatwa that three o'clock are one that is a fringe view, that is not the mainstream view of the oma, the mainstream view of the mother, the vast majority of the Sahaba tabia in the mother hibben cetera all of them hold the view the three tala or three, if someone would argue against us, but you know, we sitting with this epidemic, then I say, let's do something about the epidemic, not by you know, just putting classes whenever it starts bleeding, but by stopping to go to places that you've scratched. So I think that's one way of addressing it. As for what do you do in the case of someone come to me and say, Look, I've even Murphy's Law, what do

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I do now? I say, well, as far as I'm concerned, as easy for me for you. That's a matter in which I, and the bulk of the madness and the Sharia, if he thereafter would be take himself to a person who gives the alternative fatwa, I'm not going to interfere with him, he's made a certain choice which he needs to live with. I feel however, that we cannot just leave the matter there, from our monogame from Omaha, D, we need to address this issue. And we need to hit at the root of the issue, the ignorance that exists around it, and the kind of problems what would send the man into the kind of rage in which is his point that his wife and and start speaking words of Allah, that's one half of

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the other half of the problem is, you know, not to forget Allah given in anger are given in the state of intoxication, how much intoxication we find in our communities right now. Once upon a time it was the heart and, and and wine and now it is stuck in all other kinds of problems. Are we going to continuously shift the goalposts? Are we going to do something about the root of the problem? I think we need to address the root of the problem. It might take

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1020 or 30 years, but eventually it will bring us to a situation, we don't need to resort to these roses and devices any longer. And we can come to where the jumbo the bulk of oma have sold all along

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any further questions?

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It is very essentially upon a practice of what again, the issue that I spoke about earlier is sort of our we do something, we do certain deeds of good and then we send the sabab on to someone else. The original view in Shafi was your deeds are for you laserline son in law, a man can get nothing except that which he worked for. Beyond that, can you do something a good deed and and transfer throw up the whole amount of different the Sahaba, who have different on this issue, the shafia mothers to do once upon a time, and then the latest colors of the mother have adopted the opposition, which I spoke of earlier. So that doesn't restrict yourself to any particular space in

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time it can be done on the first on the second on the ninth and the 31st on the 99th day, whenever it's not restricted in terms of time. Earlier today, we had a gathering here in one in which one of the CEO showed us a quote from a particular kita he speaks about the Sahaba of the alarm on home early then on already they used to have the habit of feeding people during the first seven days, not on the seventh day only during the first seven days because in terms of this Howdy, the market is being asked mukarram Nikita are busy with him in the cover. So they do something in Sharla that day by his flight might be might be lightened made a bit lighter. So that speaks about the first seven

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days thereafter. Well, some of those are hardly speak of the the the the What was it again, with the monarchy on for 40 days.

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Now I would hope that inshallah our families that have passed away, they are not benefiting so but if anyone suspects that he was a monarchy it well it is a monarchy, nothing that you're going to do is going to get him out of trouble day because in the luminosity in fifth darkness phenomena, not for 40 days for 40 years, you can do go on doing that it won't help him. So during those first seven days, there was the practice in terms of the rewiring of towers of feeding people during those first few days. We shouldn't restrict it to one particular day and only that day, and then the fourth day only if you want to do something with me do it without restriction in terms of that because it'll be

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a good thing. You do something of good and inshallah Allah will benefit that person. That's about as much as I would say about it. It's not a completely baseless practice. Just the method of doing something and passing the reward to someone else. Or as even suitcases making them do it. A lot of the same rewarded is given a gift to that person as well. The shaft as a reward is not transferable. whatever was left into your account is yours. You can transfer it, Adama type say what's yours you can transfer. So whichever way it goes, the Sharpies they can transfer it but I can make the auditor natella gives him a similar reward.

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The time boundedness I have come into the pump that already or

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anything else. Yes.

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The last one The second one

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don't make the last law.

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The door Swasey very sharp is concerned that why is one of our kind of the hopper one of the necessary integrals of the hook. But it can be as short as alarm of a ladder, where it can be a long two hour day, but there needs to be some door. So if if the hour was completely omitted from the whole bar, it sounds shabby, but that is concerned that entire jumble is faulty. So the door has to be made short or long but somewhere has to be made

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reverse step backwards on

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incline backwards Oh,

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oh no, I don't know about the kokkola. Now I don't know about that. To climb the number.

00:23:32--> 00:23:33

So excuse me, so

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it occurring. But I don't know, I haven't come across anything. If anyone has a way of climbing them in more backwards, please inform us, but I'm not aware of any basis for climbing them in my backwards.

00:23:45--> 00:23:59

Oh, like that. So he sits at the lower one. And while he's sitting there then okay. There is no hard and fast rule that he has to climb the other way around either. The point is that he has to climb the member. So probably for the sake of convenience, you just move from step two, level two to level three.

00:24:01--> 00:24:35

It is not a hard and fast regulation that he must climb in a particular way. Look, there are certain things which are ritual like for example, PR Mercosur, Jordan, election of Qibla, those are hard and fast, you don't have any. You can't say how it's supposed to be because Solow camara antimonial suddenly, that is ritual, you must do it like a pseudo lasala voluntary, but then there are certain things which are not rituals, which are not rituals in that sense. So if the Salah is finished, you know, you want to walk to that you want to walk this way out and walk that way, the ritual has come to an end, you have features of doing that the climbing of the member is one of those things as

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well. If you go to the books of it, they wouldn't prescribe a particular way. You know, it must be like this, and then like that, and then like that, the season harder. It is a it's a common act. So if a particular hobby, you know, he's sitting there, and when he just reverses one step upward. He hasn't done something greatly wrong. But what we do know is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to climb the member or the physical

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Yeah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam just got on to the Mima deliveries hope, but there was no lecture before the hood by such that is something which we have developed for our particular purposes here. So any man who sits on the second step and then moves from there upwards he's he's facing a new situation which didn't exist in a time of NaVi salatu salam ala was on the mumble already for the hook been for nothing else. So you'd climb with his back to the to the community behind him. And if someone would want to do as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did, which is what we should do it not just that but just about everything else, then by all means do that. But if he is already on the member

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now he feels he's gonna step one up. It is not the violation of and very, very important rule. Yes, it's not quite the way that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to climb it and he should not make a habit of doing it in that particular way should not make a habit of it should not make a habit because it is always better to do things away or saloon la sala salon de

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So, he should not be unduly condemned for it he should be nicely admonished to say that rather enamel shapes mowlana you know, the manner in which you're climbing is not 100% in line with the sooner you turn around and take the second step upwards inshallah that should solve the problem.

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There are certain times during the day when one should not make Salah. First of all the time of his tea while we generally refer to it is the proper term is used to when the sun is right at the zenith when it falls on us and that's called our when it's right in the middle that's called estaba. During that time, you should not make Salah there is a difference of opinion in the matter when it is macro to make Salah during that time when it is haram, the carried view of the preferred view being that it is haram to make Salah during those times and not just Necro The other one is while the sun is coming up, or the sun is setting a number of times like this, but there is one exception to the

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general rule. If it's a Friday then that rule doesn't apply. Second exception to that rule if you're in MacArthur doesn't apply, it doesn't apply the year is this is going to be one of the touchstones of testing whether there is enough number one awareness and secondly

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what should I call it now? accommodation what do I mean by awareness 100 fee is 100 free machine for example well as it is on hanafy machine and then massage massage but the Imam in the community they they generally handle fees so are they first of all aware of the fact that we show up here it is no problem to make a lot during those particular times you know I see in your massage it in Johannesburg they got this I don't see it here can see such a famous Yeah, they don't have that zywall light on so they have that light and you know when it's on don't make Salah now comes in a sharpie person and he makes the Salah. Two questions gonna ask is the Imam suit and the community

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are the suitably aware of the fact that this person follows a different manner in which it is not considered to be

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non permissible. Secondly, are they prepared to accommodate the fact that someone else is following a different practice? We need to spread that kind of awareness. As long as we don't spread the awareness, then the it will continue happening in this manner that someone comes in and everyone jumps down his throat. You shouldn't jump down his throat Rasulullah sallallahu Ramos It was a hobby lobby alone and in came who the big one and he goes into the corner and starts urinating in the masjid. These big ones come from a desert. They don't have the same refined manners of of town dwellers. They will urinate anyway. So he goes into the corner and Sahabi Ilana jump up and start

00:28:23--> 00:28:36

you know, almost reprimanding, almost pulling out of the machine and also Allah sallallahu wasallam says No, leave this man. Let him continue. Now no one would like to be interrupted when he's in the middle of relieving himself. Let him continue because look, there's two things now.

00:28:37--> 00:29:11

one of two things going to happen. Either you're going to keep the budget clean, throw him out, or you're going to break the heart of a Muslim is more important not to break the heart of that Muslim. So let him continue we can always clean that. But once the heart of the Muslim is broken, once a person has been hurt, when they have problems they also the last Muslim after this person is done with it. He calls him and then he explains to you in a beautiful way. If the same hikma would be used in cases like this, first of all, the awareness we brought about we say no lashes, you know, I am a sharpie and my mother. It says that if I enter the masjid on this day as your makaha Tomasi

00:29:11--> 00:29:42

visa, Sundar mokara even if it's a particular time, and the mom on the other side says Welcome to home and she brother by all means go ahead and do that. That brings the rebar that brings the pleasure of Allah tala. On the other hand, if we start condemning, blocking him out and say what is wrong with people like this? Why do they do things like this, that is serving the cause of shape and that is serving the course of driving people further apart. So there needs to be this kind of awareness and that awareness would spread from way I think, from way from the modalities which students are taught. There must be sensitivity to the fact that our communities, there are people of

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

different modality, they are sharp as well. They are 100 bc as well. They do it differently. They do it differently. Let's be aware of the differences and must be prepared to accommodate them. But it needs to be done with gentleness with gentleness so many things will fall into place. Mark and and Helen mark and Elise poofy Shane

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

As, whenever there is gentleness in something becomes beautiful. And if the gentle is taken out of it, then it's not the deen of Allah any longer then it's serving the cause of Satan as right as it might be, but he's not doing it in the proper way.

00:30:15--> 00:30:27

Just so that no one takes any wrong kind of impatient. Yes, that's an important thing. Don't make a score spell of yourself also, you go there and the hotter the hottie be standing there and the member and you come in front of the happiness Allah

00:30:28--> 00:30:29

and you make louder now.

00:30:32--> 00:30:44

What are we trying to do? Really? I mean, do you want the whole world to know that this is the way Sharpies do it? No, this is not the way Sharpies do it. There's not only Muslims do it. We need to be sensitive to everyone. So as Jeff mentioned, it is very very significant.

00:30:46--> 00:31:18

Don't be in your face about it. They again gentleness and kindness is required consideration for the other if both but you know once upon a time, he was a farmer was he was he thought he was called a shareholder tariqa hora, Sania and in his Masjid, he was the Imam and so what happened one day 150 passed by outside and he called him in cumbre know if passed by and he came in he saw time for Salah coming so a farmer was asked him shave you leave the salon today but you leave the salon today

00:31:19--> 00:31:54

so he's standing on the masala now to start making the salad mm kafar is going to make the karma what he did we made the karma like a hanafy does for Lotus to a shadow nylon etc. And the cannery factory standing in front this is Mashallah, you can accommodate me. So he made the sign in the Shafi manner, the one accommodating the other in this particular way. If not saying that we have to do exactly that. But the spirit of this kind of cooperation, it's not a one way street is not just a ton of isthmus given to Sharpies or Sharpies given to hunter fees which I mentioned very significant consideration from both sides don't do things just to show people that here I am don't go into the

00:31:54--> 00:32:32

coffee machine and go ah I mean that's not necessary. It's like amin will do on the other hand friend of mine went to Amazon in a place that I will not mention and you know as it would be the mom says vital nocturia Lima Berlin and azima missing what a balding we capetonians already taking the breath for an army and as he is saying mean someone in the gym in Salah shouts no army no army that is the opposite of it again so you shouldn't do that one we shouldn't do that one right in the middle inshallah sensitivity with gentleness inshallah, in this way we can bring the rock of Allah tala we can bring the Baraka that moneys for our ship to go forward for our Deen to spread. Lita

00:32:32--> 00:32:39

Guna, Karim Allah and Allah. Allah Allah Allah subhana wa Maulana Muhammad wa salam al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

00:32:40--> 00:32:46

wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad amin one he also has my alma

00:32:47--> 00:32:53

mater Harvey Bain and elevate Mr. sciatic I mean botica not only gonna be genetic wamena Latina

00:32:55--> 00:32:55

even dunya

00:32:56--> 00:32:59

is nine hour 14 hour 14 hour the market Anna

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mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna

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mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna

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mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna mean in Allaha

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Luna de

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la Mota sliema Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa sahbihi wa salim Tao Hosea Saba Hanukkah la Mota. Hiya donkey Hassan