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When you look at Ramadan Okay, when we look at Islamic communal experiences of Ramadan Hajj let's take a look at Ramadan for a second here.

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I want to show you how in this ideal life of Ramadan where we're reading Quran and we're fasting and everybody's getting charged up with with their Eman. What are you doing? You're making dua to Allah subhanaw taala so whether that's you know when you're breaking a star or the prophesy send said when the fasting person is fasting their their Dawn is accepted, you're breaking the star you're making dua, you're coming into Ramadan when you want to make dua for you go for title we and you're making dua, then in the last 10 Nights, what are you searching for later to the other? What are you going to do on Leila to club you're going to be making dua so that there are in order to catch on later to

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the other. What do you do in those last night you make those drives all of the last 10 Nights? So this is the exemplary Muslim lifestyle of Rome.