Murtaza Khan – Shariah Law Barbaric Or Merciful Steps To Allah Conference 2011

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of Islam as a way of life and how individuals can achieve it through actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding peace in one's life and educating men and women inside the Islam world, particularly in light of the recent spread of COVID-19. They also touch on the topic of the sharia and the importance of following rules and regulations to avoid confusion and chaos. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book on Islam.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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in Alhamdulillah Hina madam minister in one istockphoto

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when are all the villa Manchurian? fusina men say at Yama Nina

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maniac he loaned

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me a little fella

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in law who was the hula sharika

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shadow, Mohammed Abdullah pseudo

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Amma mavado nos da Cunha de Kitab la are higher el * * Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa early He will send them Wireshark more image data to her wakulla more data in bid wakulla bid at in Viola Latin wakulla de la Latina

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rubbish rashly sorry, well yes sadly I'm sorry what a lot of data melissani of Coco Lee

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after praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who came with the deen with a way of life that is only acceptable in front of Allah Subhana Allah in the deen in the law he Elise learns

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the beginning of sorta early in Ronda, we find the only way of life that is acceptable in front of Allah Subhana Hooda Allah is Allah Islam and likewise in the same surah in the 85th chapter we find the 85th verse. woman who Ada Deen and Islam and fairly new Kabbalah men who were who were feeling irati middle ha serene, wherever chooses any other way of life other than Allah slum it will not be accepted from that individual that Islam has been chosen and has been perfected

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inside sorted into the fifth chapter, verse number three. Aloma come on to lacantina calm what mum to Allah come near Mati. What are the two love Muslim Medina this day I've chosen for you Islam as your way of life. That is a way of life for all of us. selected by Allah Subhana Allah, all of the ambia came with the same basic elementary belief in Allah Subhana Allah, they knew my head,

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when I can open my heart to shut

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their way of life the message is one their mothers at variance different mothers that they had. And likewise today we find unfortunately in NASA Yakama shut

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your directions are many various directions that the human beings are beginning to take of turning away from the supreme legislation of a loss of Canada Allah. So overland firstly the Muslim should firstly begin to develop within himself

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the belief in the return of the Sheree the control and legislation

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via the book of Allah Subhana Allah explained by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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that you find various

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blessings of prophecies of the future

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will lead the our sellers hula hooping houda dealhack Leone hirahara de Nicola will carry on machinery Kuhn is the one of lots of Canada Allah who sent His messenger with the guidance and the right way of life,

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that it may prevail over all other ways of life.

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That is the reality of the Sharia. That is the reality of the Islamic law, that it has come to supersede to override all other ways of life. It is a faith that one should not begin to turn aside a faith which is a dominant faith which is out to preach to let people know that which will benefit them.

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Thus as Muslims we go back and look at nakasu Sharia the intent of the Islamic law not as many of us as we think we perceive to perfect or to protect the Muslim identity nakasu Sheree is based upon five basic principles have been as good as the man if the knifes

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protection of one's wealth, one's mind one soul, one's honor one's dignity. One's religion, one's way of life.

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That is the intent of the stomach glow from whichever perception from which angle we perceive it. Something which is highlighted in the book of philosophy

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Canada will benefit the mind, the religion, the wealth, the property, the soul of that individual. Anything which is haram impermissible, will destroy your mind, your wealth, your property, etc. That is how simple the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala is you ready to load the common user? Well, are you ready to become a loser? Last time The other one is for you. That is the Sheree of Allah Subhana Allah danehill hana fear the pure monotheistic belief a pure submission that allows pantallas place no hardship inside this Deen

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Masha Allah Allah confit demon Hara meloetta vehicle me Brahim This is the deen which has no obstacles, no difficulties, no hardships, something plain and simple that a person will begin to implement the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah will ever bless it life inside this dunya and likewise inside the Hara, wherever it is good deeds, whether male or female, for no fee and no higher tempo,

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we will give that individual a good life.

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That is what every single individual, quite frankly searching for the good life. What is the good life? What is a good life that the Western world is trying to perceive upon us? That the so called Sharia is barbaric? The so called Sharia is medieval. The so called cherry cherry does not fit into the 21st century, the so called cherry is no longer applicable today. It's a dream. It's an imagination that once previously used to exist, it will never come back ever again. These are the slogans and perceptions, which have begin to infiltrate our minds in our hearts that even the average Muslim begins to think that how will the Sharia be dominant once again.

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So the individual has to go back and understand the intent of the Islamic law.

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It's not barbaric, it has been placed there to preserve the human being, not to preserve the Muslim, the human being. Islam came to preserve the identity, the wealth, the belonging, the mind, the soul of every single human being, to take them out of the realms of the darknesses and bring them to the light of Allah Subhana Allah, that is a clear intent of the Sharia, to give you that good life, that life that these people are searching for. They want to come and tell us that you have a barbaric religion, a barbaric interpretation of the Quran,

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that this form of barbaric belief will not benefit you in any way.

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But we are happy with this medieval book. We are happy with the medieval teachings that have been told for us to carry out implement in our life. We don't have any quarrels or qualms about our law. We're happy to implement and live by it. You're the ones that seem to have a problem about our rules and regulations. We want to develop them amongst ourselves. We don't want to incorporate them upon you. But we just want to advise you individuals that search for peace that you're looking for. That is so cool that people come and tell us or bring us down to a need that we want to develop within you the American dream. Firstly, there is no American dream, the American nightmare. There is no

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dream that you believe it could be a dream that exists out there. And that's in the search for that higher than for you by that search for that piece. That good life that they are searching for. They search for the good life begins to make them focus into all types of Muhammad, all types of evil actions, all types of awadhesh till eventually they lose their senses from moving from one law to another law. To what becomes illegal yesterday becomes legal today, from adults down to teenagers and teenagers possibly down alphabet down to children because the likes and the desires and temptations of the people is what concerns the average individual

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till eventually people begin to follow their lust and their desires.

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And as you find that the Quranic perception

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quotevalet Peterloo Lacan, fighting has been prescribed for you and we know that fighting something despicable to the human nature, that's what the Quran is highlighting. No man wants to go and spill his blood or take another man's property or land or they honor the dignity, but it's something which has been prescribed but not found out when the time is right where our Santa crochet and Ohio Lacan were assigned to hibou shanmuga Chateau la como lo de la moon. That's how simple the Sharia is. Perhaps you despise something but it is good for you. And perhaps you love when you like something and it is

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For you, Allah knows, and you don't know. So we are judging according to the mindset of the human being, the use of the rationale, the use of the intellect is dangerous in Islam. And if something doesn't fit into your mind scope into your actual into your rationale,

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then you're going to reject it. We shouldn't fall into that trap, that Russia mystically, how is the theory applicable today? We don't need to worry about that. We give the preference of the knuckle over the article that says simply Islam is preference of the text

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anymore hidden apparent meaning of the text the safest stance to take for Muslim to follow them and to implement them inside their life. The Quran tells us this is something haram haram now need to bring a new interpretation you tell we live in a 21st century will possibly it means this it means that it could mean that Koran says or Columbo mini Yahoo do mean I'm sorry him. Oh, yeah. photofunia home inside, so to know the 24th Chapter The Quran, or ancestors to the believing men to lower their gazes. And to God their private parts was the new modern data we learned this would be fine 3d, IMAX,

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television screens, whatever it may be. And you sit in my world it's not really visualizing a woman or soccer and saying well call me and say to the believer, you meant to lower the gauges. Then it says what minute? Yeah, I mean, I'm sorry, he knows.

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And then he says to the believing women, know your gazes and guard your private parts. So we ourselves, you know who you don't be at him, we making the cream of our own home with our own hands. By begin to give a shallow interpretation Sherry Allah Subhana Allah, what was done yesterday should be done today especially associate fundamental beliefs to be exactly the same. Certain aspects tertiary aspects may begin to change according to the nature of the human being certain things but the primary goal of the Shetty is the same as you find the earlier dimension for so that was the intent of the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah is gentle masala wonderful mythos it is to encourage the

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good things which are beneficial and to prevent the evil. That's what the Sharia is based upon. At times you want to stop evil takes more important and more Paramount role than the spreading of good because at times people naturally come towards the good so that you find Islam sadovaya closing the doors to that which leads to heroin or at Aqaba, Xena, and know who can have a chat on WhatsApp, Sabina. Quran doesn't say, Don't commit Zina, la takapa Xena said that a website or anything that needs to Xena one ocana taleem education Okay, sugar work, whatever it may be. If the end result begins to lead towards Muhammad, alpha, his lewdness, promiscuity, sexual misconduct for Juan Carlos

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mfine. Kosh becomes haraam. No matter what anyone may say, the end result is something which is dangerous to the element of the human being, creating fitting and facade inside a human being needs to be clamped down upon. That's what the Islam is encouraging that you find United States of America at the moment, once we begin to build Institutes of learning for men and women inside the Muslim Empire, you know what they're building at the moment. They are building single *, gender, universities, that the only way that a man is going to excel in his education, if he lives according to that life, the only way a woman is going to excel Inside Education, if she followed that pattern

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of education. This is quote, unquote, the great United States of America. That's what they're developing at the moment as we, the so called civilized Islamic world, begin to drift away from our teachings and begin to think that we need to follow this. This is the way that we're going to be consistent once again, we don't need to have the advancements of the dunya they are important, but that is not the real intent of the Sharia. Right doula who must document or prepare whatever you need the stage of warfare, you need them. But that's not the essence when Mara meter is ramita. Allah kinilaw Rama was a new Yara surah through on that day, you didn't throw in that day, you just

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a physical action. It was us that through was a lot of that through that dust went into the eyes of the enemies. That's what they really are. Is that your thing? That certainty that belief that conviction, poor destitute, Bedouin, downtrodden Arabs, what happened to them? It's not a dream. It's a reality. They ruled and they conquered most of this globe. That's a reality read it in existed, and inshallah once again will exist once again, that people once again will rise with that same mentality with that same simplicity and science already beginning to take place, or simple individuals of causing mass problems for the wider world. Mass misunderstanding How can we tolerate

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such people? What can we do to remove such people or people at the simple way of life

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What can we do in a so called civilized world? How can we begin to better these individuals or give them a great way of life? So that search is a great way of life. These individuals that they have, they're searching for that. Don't fix your own home is a famous Arab proverb fix your own home before you come to our life. And tell us about our rules and regulations, and reinterpreted our rules and regulations. Every year approximately 50,000 people commit suicide inside America.

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50,000 people, and I don't want to sound too gruesome tonight, but the average rate is to take a double barreled shotgun and blow your brains out.

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That is the most common form

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of taking your life the great American dream, the great dream that you believe in one in three American teenagers have contemplated suicide, not looking at the face of Osama bin Laden or pictures of Taliban. Maybe they picture the bush or somebody else.

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But one in three American teenagers have contemplated what to commit suicide in their life.

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What's that got to do with me? What's that got to do with Islam? This is supposed to be the great dream, the great life? Well, let's look at this country. Approximately 5700 odd individuals committed suicide in 1990 or so. They boasted these are the lowest figures since 1979.

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Boasting these are the lowest figures. Since 1979 5700. Odd individuals have committed suicide taking their lives.

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The Scandinavian countries, we find the best, highest rate of living of life. Even the prisons become a five star hotel for you. But you find you walk into work one day, and you find Where's your colleague? Well, he just gone to God, on his way, wants to travel to God slightly early.

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Why? You possess everything that you have blond haired, blue eyed face skin. Good job. It's all there, isn't it?

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So why you made that journey to God?

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Did we compel you to make that journey to God? Did we force you

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we have been living in a mud house. We're happy picking up the food from the ground. We happy eating it. We're happy using the water we can't find water. We use the dust and we offer our prayers. That's our life. That's how simple it is.

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So it looks like you're searching for that tranquility. You're searching for a peace and Arabic related mind will follow. Indeed a dhikr of Allah and Allah do hearts find that tranquility net peace.

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The average population is country coming up to 60 million plus.

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In my last reading 21 million people in this country

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are taking antidepressant tablets.

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21 million people are artificially happy. The government is moved from spending 160 million

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to 280 million pounds

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to give peace and tranquility and create happiness

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21 million people something to think about. So why should we be so worried about that the Sharia, as it turns out, is barbaric. The Sharia gives no contentment. The Sharia doesn't give a way of life doesn't create stability. These are all doubts that have been thrown into our mind into our hearts

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to make us develop that there is no love of the Sharia there is no sherea

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sherea is a medieval practice the amputating of hands. The executions with a death penalty still exists inside America at the moment in certain states gruesome way to die, to be tied up to an electric chair and to be electrocuted or to be injected.

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What are the forms of punishment inside the show? Do you really think it says these tabloids junk mail people read

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chop of a man's hand amputate a man's hand he stole a bottle of milk. You really think she is so shallow? Is that what you really think you can be intellectual individuals, barristers of law queens Council, High Court judges you claim to be read Islamic law. The Islamic law also has a defense counsel, as a prosecution team has the right for you to appeal to reject to present your evidence. And then after a long procedure, finally, the judge may decide after long procedure may decide to amputate your hand.

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It's not quite simply you stole a bottle of milk. And they try to perceive and that's it they decide to chop off the mountain is I just told you man to death. No. It's a very, very long procedure.

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You find a man of few times killings that take place inside one of the states of the United States of America. In Chicago, just one state of the 52 blessing states that we find

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the man of few times killings that take place in one hour. That means the drug by warlords going past drug barons going past shoot anybody to shoot that amount of people

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people that get killed in one hour in one state of America. And it's not going to South Africa. What takes place in certain parts of Africa, Cuba, Mexico, or Pakistan as well now, what takes place there is equivalent to the amount of official executions that take place in Saudi Arabia in one year. challenge that official execution Saudi Arabian one year is equivalent to a matter of few time killings of innocent people dying on the streets in gang wall or shooting that take place.

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And you're trying to question the Sharia. You're trying to say this shitty as a barbaric element. You can even to this day, no matter what takes place, what people might say about Saturday, you can leave your Lamborghini, leave it with your keys inside there. Go to McDonald's, eat something, come back, go to read your prayers, come back and sit in your ride and go home.

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Try that over here outside.

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Not even your tire prints will be left behind.

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So how do these concepts begin to enter into the Muslim lands or enter into our own lands?

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If we're supposed to Muslim is supposed to be dominant

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is because this begins to be instilled begins to be drummed into our forms of education into our mind

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that Sharia is a figment of the mind doesn't exist.

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That begins to infiltrate we can see from whatever level right from the top level down to the lower level, upper hierarchy right down to the average individual, that people have the superstitions or these incorrect concepts towards the Sharia

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and make us begin to develop with a life of material progress not to say we're against material progress. We need the material progress. But we need even more so the spiritual progress.

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A oma a nation a people is based upon his morality. When the morality begins to disappear, then you may as well give Salam upon that nation. That is what we say to these nations Salaam upon these nations

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wherever the Rahman alladhina Yamuna are allowed the honer why the Hata Mooji Luna kalu Salama, that is about the Rahman Wookiee upon his land and state of tranquility and peace. When the johal the ignorant individuals, they speak to them they fall tarnishes upon them or they blame them. I asked him whether culinaria salaam to these people.

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Because we know that these people who will be mocking and jesting at the Sharia are making a mockery.

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If I win every time they go past a believers sorry Roman men who laugh at them make a joke about them. Already, it was the end of sutra mozzafiato if I'm making a mockery, they go past the believers. So that's the Quran. Here concludes dimensioning for Yeoman Latina airman alko Fareed Haku Hakuna. Today the believers laugh at the disbelievers I'm sure most you know the problem he will last last last the longest that the day the believers will laugh. We laugh the longest. This is the scuffing that you began to do upon this dunya belittling these people who believe inside the Sharia. And as we need to need to begin to relieve that vision once again. The Sharia has to be

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implemented beginning upon oneself. Yeah, you're Latina M and o qu enforcer con la come Naira Are you believe, save yourself and save your family members from the Hellfire whose fuel is that men and stones create that within ourselves, create that inside a community. So it becomes a beacon of light towards these individuals when they see that. They see that these people are morally upright. They're living a good life. They're living a wholesome life, and they're happy and have tranquility and they have peace. This begins to inspire within an average individual human being. What is creating that peace in these individuals? What are the teachings of peace? At least Islam? What is

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Islam? total submission? You're letting me know or the Hulu filmmaker, fatten wallet who taught to say Todd, are you believe entered Islam in total submission to the best of your ability and don't follow the footsteps of the devil? We begin to have the earliest Islam that total submission to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah begin to nourish yourself with that nourish our children nourish our family members nourish the wider community begin to carry on that journey. And eventually again once again people will have that luxury to want to come back to the city to such a degree it will happen even that non Muslims will say as well, that we rather be governed by the Sharia. As I said

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at the time of Salahuddin Allah UB wanted him to judge amongst the disputes he wanted him to take care of the affairs because they saw that the justice of the Sharia the justice that Islam gives, it brings about upon mankind, rather than for us to return back to the hook.

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I'm Joe Hillier, some of us begin to return back to so Islam cannot accept any form of pre Islamic any practices either in its concept and the modes of living which are derived from the from this concept or the Islam will remain or the beliefs any of Jamelia will remain. Islam cannot agree to situation which is half Islam or half jeconiah. So the new types of Islam the 236 isms that you find that Islam and communism Islam and socialism Islam and materialism Islam and this is not allowed. Islam as we began with is a pure way of life. lacantina kumala Deen you have your dean, and we have our way of life, it's pure, you don't need to amalgamate the two. You don't need to mix the shitty.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:29

We do all of these isms, with all these thoughts and these concepts to provide a better picture to these individuals. what Islam is National common. As an ally with Islam. We are people that are lost count Allah gave us honor and dignity via Islam. You see any other means of that dignity, that prestige that honor, then you will be disgraced. While he lay there is a to what he does so he called me while I Kindle Muna Philippine Allah Allah moon, glory, honor belongs to Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger, then to the believers, but most of the hypocrites don't understand this. And a forgery find so many around us. selling the soul for a bowl of rice is what we find. The

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believers should know every single Muslim should know inside their heart, had that dream have that vision that the sending of the Quran a large portion of Quran those 500 souls are yet which exists inside the Quran, which are the most common Quran classifies fulfilled Quran as a third of the Quran? How can only 500 be a third of the Quran when the Quran contains more than 6000 a year? Because those other if they repeated in nature, as for a year in Africa, they are all direct to the point they never hardly ever be repeated. They just discuss the affair. That's the fine works of camel Quran. Judging according to Quran legislation to Quran was halaal new Quran was haram no Quran

00:27:10 --> 00:27:48

was extracted from the Quran, how to judge according to Quran, how to punish according to the Quran, and likewise using a Sunnah Lanza. nyla khandekar need to be really nasty monazite la mala Alameda Kuru you said Nanda dicker upon you your Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam to explain to mankind that which has been sent down upon them. So he explained where the person's hand where should it be amputated from which part of the wrist should it be taken from some minor extent, exists amongst the fuqaha? From where exactly from Which part? But the element is there, that a person a male, female, the female thief, what should you do? This is the punishment that belongs to them, the people who

00:27:48 --> 00:28:24

fought a life of Apostasy, the people who turn away from Islam, the people who blaspheme against Islam, the people who fornicate the people who commit this action, the people who get drunk, etc. all the laws are there, they've been discussed, they've been laid out. We're not here in an onslaught in a western world to come and impose these new laws and regulations. They can live the life of freedom, you believe it's a world of tolerance, freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freedom of life, freedom of religion. So why are we not given a freedom of life? Why are we not given that freedom of religion? Why are we not given the freedom of the Sharia, that which Allah,

00:28:25 --> 00:28:31

Allah has told us, is best for us individuals inside his dunya likewise, inside the Hara, any as well.

00:28:33 --> 00:29:16

So we think that these man made laws will begin to benefit the human being, man made laws are good. The laws that we find around us, which are placed, which are for general benefits, got nothing to do with the deen of Allah and Allah, the use of the roads to record the paths, the electricity, the gas, whatever it may whatever fundamental principles you have the law of the land which don't go against the city of Allah and Allah Muslims are observant of these our Nene was an observant of them we don't have a belief and ancova disbelievers now Kodama whom Nakula, whom we robbed them, we kill them, we steal from them, we harm them, because they prefer disbelievers law now use the moment not

00:29:16 --> 00:29:52

for Muslim to conduct himself in that manner, not allowed for Muslim to be treacherous in that type of manner, shouldn't behave in that manner, and shouldn't let those thoughts slip into their mind those cohanim now you call it Sherry aterna don't go against a Sharia for another movement overland and you know, because in our need, firstly, the movement, the believer should be the first one to follow those rules and regulations that don't go against Sharia. And they go against the Sharia. It is a totally different discussion. But many of the governing the rules and regulations around that as simple as benefits that benefit everybody, and we should follow those and accept them. But people

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begin to get all excited. Begin to take their placards begin to take the effigies begin to take their burning egg

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And begin to say this and begin to say that this is nothing but facade. This is facade. This is corruption. This is a belittling missionary of Allah Subhana Allah. Do you really think that the people believe inside the Sharia? If people had a wrong strong domestic dishonor? You really think you'll be able to paint pictures of the Prophet Mohammed Salim? Do you think you'll be able to write articles about him? You really think that we must have a dominant in our faith and send out the right message of our faith? Do you really think you'd have the courage, even though they don't have the courage, they don't have the courage to openly say what they want to say,

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what their mouth say, is not as great of a fee. So do room, borrow, their hearts concede is far greater, they have to control that. Because obviously, they know that they cannot come out totally out in the open, and blasphemy against Islam. So we should be wary about falling into the trap of the so called civilized world of beginning to take ourselves away from that belief, and that conviction. And who says that the city is not civilized. The Islamic Society is by its very nature, the only civilized society. And all the other way the associates that you find in all their various forms are backward associates, they have no benefit at all, it is necessary to elucidate this great

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truth to the people, we need to come out and tell them that Islam is the way of life.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:34

The law, the legislation, which would benefit every single individual inside this dunya likewise inside as well. And likewise, law across the day, no compulsion in faith. For me, if a human woman

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wants to believe that they believe, we want to disbelieve that in disbelief, the only point that you have is they will live underneath paying the tax this year, to the Muslim sovereign, to the Muslim women controlling authority, they will like we pay today, the poll tax accounts or tax these people they will pay the small amount, pretty minimal amount, they will pay that to the Muslim sovereign so they can enjoy their life. They can remain upon their faith, they can enjoy whatever they want to do inside those parameters that have been laid out for them, not allowed to come publicly etc and express their faith whatever it may be. So Islam is giving him that option is not compelling them

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that we are here with the sword in one hand

00:32:18 --> 00:32:32

and the Quran in the other hand are unmentioned. So two four con wotja hidden be Jihad and Kabira fight with against them with what the AK 47 makansutra I'm not gonna fight against them with what with the Quran.

00:32:33 --> 00:33:08

Use the Quran against these people. Quran mentioned straight in the beginning, when quantum theory Manasa Allah abdeen to be Sora Timothy, what urrutia coming soon in the in quantum saw the pain failed empty value voluntary ALU for takuna Lottie rakudo nurse will hegira worried that is carried for answers. If you have any doubt about that. Would you sit down upon that servant, bring one Surah like unto it 14 132 years have gone by being one sort of like unto it, and bring all your associates and your partners and your helpers besides a lot to help you.

00:33:10 --> 00:33:49

And what does the Quran say? You doesn't just say you can't do it. It said you can never ever do it lil Abba dia eternity, no one can create something that the current open challenge even today, create something that the Quran you can never ever create something like the Quran, because that is the magnificent nature of the Quran. That is the greatest miracle everlasting miracle that exists right now in front of us that we should take the message of Quran and deliver it to these people. Because we don't conquer, we don't enter into lands by bringing people down to the knees. Ramon you strike a man on his knees and you make him bleed, make him torture and put him down to the ground.

00:33:49 --> 00:34:30

You know what it creates more hatred, more anger, more rebellion. That's what it creates. You can never ever make a man submit by forcing to his knees. You know how we submit a man to his knees, is by going into his heart and his knees. don't submit to us his knees, submit to Allah Subhana Allah objective has been created. That's what Islam is. We're not here to force people or to compel them or to condemn them or to impress upon them that this is the way of life you have to follow. This is what you have to do. If you want to be successful. This is what you have to follow in your life. You have tranquility to have that inside your life. No, we present it to them. This is what Islam says.

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

Follow this and automatically everything will be given to you. Well under a little Cora Manu what taco Lofoten Alhambra, katomina summit, what are the people are willing to believe will rip open the heavens in the air for them. There is a blessing of Allah Subhana Allah that goes unmentioned for murabaha that bait debate. Let them worship the Lord of this house. A lady among men you know, men have the one who takes away their hunger and gives them peace and tranquility. That's how

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

Simple Islam is you worship Allah Subhana Allah and he will change your state of affairs, from poverty, from hunger, the droughts we suffer in our land, the hardship, the turmoil, the corruption, the huddle facade will Barbary well Bihar Bhima cassava a DNS, Leo the combat the lady Aminullah alone you're your own facade corruption is appeared upon the land and oceans what man has done with his own hands. You may taste your own earnings and you may return back to Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise the end of soar to Toba. Allah your own unknown You've done enough equally I mean more rotten Omar Ratan Somalia to buena wala homea Kuru, don't you people visualize. Don't you see, once

00:35:43 --> 00:36:22

or twice in a year, we've all calamities and hardships upon you, that you may repent back to Las pantalla you may pay heed. That is the sending of the message of Allah Subhana Allah, you begin to move away from the teachings of God, no sooner you begin to move away from the Sharia of Allah and Allah, then unfortunately, it may sound very any harsh and difficult by calamities and difficulties will begin to take place upon this Muslim ummah. And the only way for them to return back is to return back. Hector Giroux Illa de Unicom, you turn back to your dean in every form in every manner, to implement that to the best of your ability to conclude with one of the muhfucka Romana thinkers

00:36:23 --> 00:36:58

who wrote these words about the Sheree and that can be your own work to go and discover who the words of this individual who this individual was. We need not rationalize Islam to them, Do not appease their desires and distorted concepts, we will be extremely outspoken with them, the ignorance in which you are living makes you impure and Allah wants to purify you, the customs which you follow are defiling. And Allah wants to cleanse you, the life you are living is low and allowance to uplift you the condition which you are in is troublesome, depressing and base and Allah wants to give you ease mercy and goodness, Allah will change your concepts, your modes of living,

00:36:59 --> 00:37:34

and your values will raise you to another life. So that you look upon the life you are now living with discussed, will show you modes of living, such that you will look upon all other modes, whether Eastern or Western with contempt, I will introduce you to values such that you will look upon all current values and the world with disdain. And if because of the sorry state you are in, you cannot see the true picture the Islamic life since your enemies, the enemies of this religion are all united against the establishment of this way of life against it's taking a practical form. Then let us show it to you. And thank you so much picture is in our hearts seen through the windows of our

00:37:34 --> 00:37:50

Quran of our Sharia of our history of our concept of the future Who is coming? We do not doubt or colloquially heard the word stock for rally welcome. What did you mean Mr. meanor? First of all, we know we'll go for Rahim subhanak Ababa hamelech chalet dentist Furukawa to bhulekh Baraka Loki come

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