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The transcript describes a disturbing story involving a woman named Moosa who claims to be the mother of a newborn baby. The story involves a woman who wants to be born in the year that the woman is supposed to deliver, and a woman who wants to be born in the year that the woman is supposed to deliver. The transcript uses elements of the story to describe the physical and mental state of the mother and the baby, and discusses the struggles of women in Islam and the need for students to study their culture.

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The whole story was mentioned in a beautiful Hadith if you want to go home and just open up new Cathy's

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and bring Surah Taha

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one to the third page

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hold Allah Allah wa set and NACA Fortuna.

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And we need you Moosa go through a lot of trials and tribulations just look to a bloke a thief. He combined that beautiful Hadith eliminate unnecessary fish, Sunil Cobra combined it and it's authentic. The Hadith is called howdy full full tune the Hadith of the Fortune regarding Musa

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the students who have not asked him, you have not best na na na colita Allah for the NACA Fortuna, Allah to say that we made you go through a lot of fittings.

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seemed like he asked him that question after he I said, Man, this is a long story. I'll tell you in the morning

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side of Nigeria right away in the morning he came rushing, he said your promise. He started telling him the story.

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The question that I want to ask you, but not to respond.

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Is throw in is yaku Jacob

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that's his name.

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Good luck Tamika Anna Hillel Lebanese sorrow. Illa Illa have Rama Esra earu. A Yaqoob. Alana.

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He had 12 children.

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One of them was Yusuf Joseph, the prophet.

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You know the story of Joseph right.

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He was sold in slavery in Egypt, Jacob, Israel used to live in Palestine

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and then puts

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us for sold in store and slavery. If you read through reviews of carefully chapter number 13, at the very end of the story use of said to his brothers, it will become easy.

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De Abbe de basura what to needy alikum as my

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take my shirt, cast it on the eyes of my father who was blinded because of the grief over me. He will his vision will be his sight will be restored. And now I want you to bring all the family to Egypt.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, the historians they say Egypt at the time was occupied by a force came from Syria called the Luke Soos Exodus they are cold

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and they occupied the eastern side of Egypt.

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So when the pharaoh restored and kicked out those people they looked at Israel

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and his family to be helpers of the Occupy

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because they came at the time of the incubation and they helped Egypt at the time because there was a starvation there was a drought you know the story the seven years and the seven years and the one year

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so immediately when they feel restored immediately when they fail restored his rule over Egypt he enslaved them

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in a lousy watch Allah Allah Shia stopped a football if I can mean who knew that before abna home ya esta hain is

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of course when they were slaves. They were doing all type of dirty work.

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And they were mistreated.

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But they lived with that who you know what the Muslims now look at our condition very similar yet very similar to the valley Israel at the time.

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Like us now. Oh, Maddie, and Maddie. Maddie? Yeah, Matt is coming. We believe that threaten He's coming.

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They used to say that.

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There is a baby boy who will be born and that baby boy

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will take care of us.

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He will free us.

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The word got to the field.

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There is another word enough

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that the pharaoh kept seeing that nightmare in his dreams. kept seeing that nightmare in his sleep. That a fire came from Jerusalem burned all the houses of the Egyptians and did not burn one single house of the Israelis have very various roles of the Muslims. He asked he said these guys are talking about a deliverer who will be born now and man look at this

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Ibis blah blah said

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sukoon RC

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they have no doubt about the talk about it like it's gonna happen

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it's not because they believe it

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What should I do?

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Kill all the new book

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the madness

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shuffle at the top of the line of injustice here

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imagine they would go and check okay the life of saucers breckland when when will you deliver on this day when we did the the Franklin's when she's about to deliver the cups are waiting in front of the street they grab the baby whether this user

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by the front of his mouth

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so they kept doing this for years.

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So the people in his they started complaining Listen,

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you're killing all the newborn boys of various regime and the elders are dying, who's gonna do the dirty work for us?

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Who's gonna serve us now?

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So he had to follow in Ramallah mo was a transgressor has people who benefit from him around

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and they want him in power.

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What should they do? Listen, let them live one year, alternate and slay them that one year. One one.

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So hopefully we'll catch him in the he was late. And if he is to be born in the year that we do not slay we do not slaughter the children, the newborn boys. He is not going to have enough power to help him. They're gonna be short of numbers.

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Do it. Imagine how long he was born in the eve they are to be spears. How old is the brother of moose?

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We don't read anything about him.

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The hammerlock on Mousavi Whoa. And she delivered in the year that the children are to be spayed. The following year, imagine this now.

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One more. One more he said he will like if you want to reflect upon three names of Allah three names of Allah, Allah Allah, the Most High, Allah Allah the highest.

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He's above there is clear office creation is not part of his creation in any form or shape these needs

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that people have shouldn't use them. They affirm three types of highness to Allah, highest pertaining to the essence, that Allah Hakuna Allah salla focus Allah, Allah is not part of the creation.

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He is with us with his knowledge. He sees us he hears us, but he's above us.

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No one has the attributes of Allah. No one has the qualities of Allah.

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Allah Mia.

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Khufu and no one is like Allah. No one wants it comes to his divine essence. Once it comes to his name, once it comes to his attributes, once it comes to his actions, no one is like a law or loose effect the third type and that's the one here

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He wants

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you can defeat Allah

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lot of Muslims are living with that motion now that

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Allah is in control my brother, voila, it's gonna happen. Well, what is gonna happen with you without you? It's gonna happen.

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It's gonna happen. Exactly.

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We're gonna have one of the days of our lives.

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But the question Where will you be?

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When will you be

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Tasha una

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kala, kala.

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Allah has full full control of his affairs, but a lot of people do not know

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enough to be born in the year that

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he is to be born in the

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world children Mr. Field, they're usually the children. That not only this, I'm gonna get his mother to do something.

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I'm gonna have her for the baby

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in the Nile, which comes to us, from Africa to us

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imagine a mother would do this.

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After Cisco Moosa in the river, she started to cry. What did I do?

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What did I do?

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It would have been much better to leave. So I can bury him at least again for him. I told him to the fish to eat him. Mother, mother doing this?

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Well, I reflect upon the mothers who send their children to Muslim schools now. Exactly like the mother of a

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doctor with respect to the doctors.

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Muslim I want him to be alert guy, man.

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That's, that's

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a lot of mothers would not do that. Now.

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They believe

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God, that you believe in something and you turn it to be your life.

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She thrown him in jail, who beats him up?

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Imagine the basket is to go to hose to go to the Pharaoh's house.

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You're killing over a newborn. Go to the federal house of the pharaoh happened to be sitting by the show. They did the basket up imagine this. It was covered with a piece of cloth. As soon as she uncovered the basket she looked at Moosa she fell in love with him

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That's why one of the things I said to move

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to LA

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I need everyone who sees you move some of you Everyone who sees you love you

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and if you ever get a lead so let's say Sanchez and was asked Did you love any human be seat was asked Did you love any human being any of the children but it was the only one I loved those moves.

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Imagine that.

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As soon as the victim

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no one is gonna come near him.

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Forget it.

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The hero raised his hand imagine he's a few he said you're not gonna kill him even though he did you know that he's

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Well, guess what?

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He kept actually living with that nightmare. Why didn't I kill this boy? To the extent that one time they told him what are you crazy? This is the baby this is the boy. They said okay, I'm gonna do something I said. Okay, I'm gonna bring a plate and please a pro.

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And a piece of fire. Exactly.

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If he picks the pole then this is the boy I'm gonna kill him.

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And if he picks the piece of fire, then he is a dummy. He's not there. We're gonna let him live. Imagine Allah Moosa becomes a piece of fire and placed there is now

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well, that

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means we'll have the

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militia and

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because of that, Bernie, that da

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wacky Haruna

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sahoo mini lesson one speaks better than me.

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Just to show you.

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Here's the thing, brothers and sisters in Islam and I, my time is running out here. Imagine this. Imagine this. Allah said to the mother of moose, Ellison.

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Get rid of him in the Nile. I'll bring him back to you.

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But he didn't say something to her. Very interesting. While hyena Ella only moves at an hour, he breastfeed him first.

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Let him taste your milk before you throw him.

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So the wife of the few picked up that baby boy she's in love with him. She's gonna fight the world to keep him imagine this. Now, a day or two, he's crying. He's hungry. Walk, walk, walk.

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She tried every breastfeeding woman.

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He would not accept the note.

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The mother of Moosa said to his sister could see food basket.

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She knew the problem. She came to the author of the film I said I know of a woman who can breastfeed him.

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As soon as he tasted her milk, he started drinking, eating.

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Imagine the wife of the funeral director, please can you stay? He said, No, I'll go to my house you send them to me

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and I will pay you

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the madness

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and Moosa got to be grown up in that

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he started having the two cultures you know and that's the beauty you know, you know, it easy for you to be sent to the pharaoh later on we need to understand what their culture is. And and that's a key brothers and sisters in Islam. That is why I tell you the people who will do the most magnificent job in giving Dawa to Americans not me. I can tell here on the ball but but dealing with them is it the guys with the tongue who know the culture who know the guys were born here, they kill it in one second.

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That's why Musa he had to live in Dallas to know the culture because later on is going to invite them to Islam.

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So he grown up between the to spend time with his mom, with the Muslims and with the non Muslims in between learning it that he learned, he did. So far, he is not a prophet, he doesn't know that.

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One day he is walking in the village in the town and he saw one of the Muslims fighting within a mosque.

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So the non Muslims the Muslim called upon him whether Khalid Medina tala

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Mustafa Bali

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so the Muslim

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Ummah Muslim IQ these guys beating me up so Prophet Musa Silla just wanted to separate them. So pile Allah that hip was the reason for his death.

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He did not mean to kill him. That's why we call this accidental death.

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The world's got to Moosa that the pharaoh now is going to kill you. He was contemplating deliberating. Now he found the chance to kill you run away.

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He ran towards madeon with the jordanelle Sinai madeon

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from Egypt

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and overland he arrived and he saw a very interesting scene, you know,

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shepherds are watering watering their flocks.

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And there are two ladies standing to the side.

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And these men do not allow her.

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So he went and he asked no Hakuna What's wrong with you? Allah tala and esprit de la vi.

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Mix with these men

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who have mixers. Mixing. Freedom. Come on. Don't be back with mixing. We're not going to go and mix with this man. And the reason we're out in the first place we're gonna shy away from Kevin.

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Our father is an old man. You can work noble girls. He water them. He went under the tree he slept.

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The two girls went home told the Father we need this guy. He's really nice. He's really honest. Bring him he married one of them his spin. Thin knees finish in middle.

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Then he was sent back. He started traveling back and in his way his way back to Egypt. He got lost it was raining.

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He saw a fire from a distance

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he said to his family stay here until I get us on fire. Maybe that person out there next to the fire can guide me how to get back to Egypt. When he arrived at the fire Allah foldable him

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You are the messengers. Go take money out of bondage brothers and sisters in Islam I don't want to delay you you have to work. inshallah tomorrow in the later Allah we're gonna tell that story to the kids kids story night I'm gonna tell it to the kids but I'm gonna give them a kid's version. If you want to hear the rest of the story come tomorrow night inshallah. Also, on Monday beetelite Allah we're gonna have a star here for you and we're gonna have a program three of us she Hamdi and shift Nepal and myself will have a short talks after dinner inshallah we're gonna offer you Ashura dinner. He'll be delighted to come and join us at Milla Paulo Holyhead, our stock market.