Dua for Patience

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Now let me conclude with you by what do I share with you that you can continuously make that is from the Quran and since it's from the Quran it's the best of and voila, he This is a while that it remains the only frequent audio tongue Bismillah heated Allah azza wa jal grants you the soul, what is this? This is the draw of the righteous and the poor and you can just imagine how many of the righteous made this thought. This is a lot of social teaching us to see a banner it comes in a story of banner Africa, Alena sabalan. With a bit of demand on Suna Allah, amin carefully are

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we concluding I'm just going to share what the meaning of this door is open.

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We're asking our our Lord and if you notice something that all the drama of the Quran began with

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a banner, high blood I mean as well as Gina or Bemis can tune into the Yeti or ban our Taco Bell.

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Right? It all begins with Rob.

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Rob bill fiddly while he led, and so on a banner.

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Ad Alena sabalan afraid this is a bottle. If I was to open the bottle, and pour what's in it, that is action, he is called afraid. It's called afraid. And it only occurs when you're pouring something, not when you're throwing something down. It's got to be a fluid. So afraid. We're asking our law pour upon us. Then if you were standing in front of me, and I opened this and I poured it, on top of you what happens? It will completely drenched you.

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Every inch of your body is going to be completely drenched with water. So look at this eloquent, why are we saying Oh our Lord, pour upon us drench us,

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Africa, Elena, Elena, upon us. And if something is coming upon you, meaning it's coming from above? So we're asking Allah to give us something special from above? What are we asking for? Africa in a sovereign, a sovereign is patience in all of its categories? Why? Because it came with a turn when at the end. So Bob, and if a word comes with that, and when at the end, its scope opens up, it's not limited to one thing. So this refers to the three categories of sovereign, like a natural to feudal, that when there's eight and when it implies vastness in meaning it opens up. So every kind of solver now you know what this means? If Allah azza wa jal was to pour upon you sober from above, you just

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imagine it's water coming above and it's coming on you. Meaning you want somebody

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to come on your hands. So Allah give me a sovereign in my hands, that I keep away from the harm that the hand commits, and drench me with sober that it covers my mouth and my tongue, so that I can have patience to not say that which displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala and give me a solid in my eyes, so that I only see what pleases you and I keep away from that which displeases you, and give me a sovereign in my ears, so that I only hear what pleases you. And I keep away from that which displeases you and give me a sovereign in my feet, so that I walk to what pleases you, which is

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to come and pray your congregation, Gemma muslimeen. This is this requires so but it's not easy to come every day and pray. Right. And so but also to keep you away from doing the harm with your feet and suffer with your private path, that you only use it in that which is pleasing to a large version. And you keep away from that which displeases Allah. We need somebody even in that we need some for how beautiful is this? A comprehensive of the Quran, we're asking Allah azza wa jal to pour upon us from above. Yani, we're acknowledging our weak or weak position. We're acknowledging that we are nothing without a large zonal granting of sovereign and granting us the patience and the help

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and the power and the ability to worship him subhanho wa Taala and abstaining keep away from that which displeases him, this is a hold on to the lay data continuously ask Allah azza wa jal and say or Ben Affleck or Alena sabalan, whatever phenom muslimeen