Hasan Ali – The Man, the Boy & the Donkey Story

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the story of the old man and his son riding the donkey and walking with him. The old man eventually uses the donkey to guide the son to the top of the seat and pick two of the legs of the donkey. The speaker gives an example of how the old man uses the donkey to motivate others to do things for Allah's sake.
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So the story is, there's the man and the donkey. What happens is he goes with his donkey and man is donkey and he's got his son. So the man is actually old. He's an old man, his son is a young boy. And what happens is, in the beginning, the the old man is riding the donkey and he has like his young young son, he's walking along with him. Okay, because it's gonna be too much for for the donkey to take too. So when they passed the first village, the village has look and they say, Ah, look at that. Look at that, old man. He has no mercy for his young son. He's riding the donkey but his young son is is walking. So when they hear that the old man says, Hey, son, you know, let me get

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off you get on. Okay. So his son gets on he gets off passed by the next village. The village is Ah, look at this young man is young, he can walk here, he could walk. Why does he have mercy on the old his old father and put him on the donkey? So the father thought, you know, oh my god. Okay, sir. You know what, let's do something yet. You come down, and I'll come down. And let's basically just just just walk both of us side by side of the donkey so they don't make that comment. So the past by the third village and third we said, oh, what stupid people they are. They could at least one of them could get on the donkey right? What stupid people they are. So then, you know, they passed the

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father said look, this is not working. Okay, let's let's do one thing. Let's let's get myself and yourself both. We're both getting on the donkey. So both of them going on the donkey. Fourth village, they passed by that and

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these people, they have no mercy on the donkey. Right? The poor donkey carrying two of them.

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So then they the father gets off and he says to suncare have looked on he said we tried it. We tried you. Okay. They talk tried me. They talk. We tried both of us off the top. We tried both was on the top of the seat. He said there's only one thing to do, right. So he got some rope out. He tied the donkeys legs. And he tried the other legs at the front. And he picked two of the legs of the donkey. And his son picked the two legs of the donkey. And now they're carrying the donkey.

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You can imagine what happened by the time they got to the fifth village right? They say oh my god stupid people. These are right. They're supposed to use the donkey to guide them that kind of donkey. Right? So so the thing is, if you run into trying to please people, doesn't matter how hard you try, they're gonna say something or another. Okay, so you can't please everyone. This now once you've understood this, you gotta understand that Allah azza wa jal he praises the believers by saying, You don't fear the criticism of those who are going to blame you because people will always say something about you. This is life. People will always say something even if they even if you do

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something right. They will say something about you you're doing something wrong of course they're gonna say something about you. So you got to lead your life according to who you think you know what your principles are. Now as believers according to Quran, our principles are metadata Allah which means that anything that we do, we want to find the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal. Now, let me give you an idea of the Quran reference, so that you can find find this inshallah later on. So surah number two and number 265. Allah azza wa jal says that we're Matthew Lavina, Yun, Kupuna and Walla. An example of those people who spend their wealth who give give their wealth if the amount of

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Bartylla so that they can seek the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal what to feed them in unfussy him so that they can solidify their own self. Now, what happens is, when you do it for Allah sake, you actually make yourself solid on the earth. Why? Because when people follow, let's say, Look, when people follow others, and every time they follow others, what happens is that eventually you're going to feel that if I've got this person's pleasure, I'm fine. And what happens after a while is people's mood changes, okay? People moods change people's, you know, people's ways change, people's cultures change. Okay?

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