Minute with a Muslim #201 – Why Is Islam So Popular

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The speaker discusses the cultural implications of becoming a Muslim and the importance of understanding one's religion. They also mention the guidance and guidance of their religion, including the importance of not being exploited by others and not letting guess. The speaker suggests that becoming a better person is a result of their religion and that their religion has guidance for every aspect of their life.

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Islam was extremely popular for several reasons. We're talking about popular in the sense that people keep on accepting it and becoming Muslims, despite all of the slander, and despite all the propaganda. But despite that, despite that there's tons of people who are becoming Muslims all over the world. And that can be attributed to Islam itself, right? We're not pressuring anybody, we're not forcing anybody. We're not even doing the missionary thing. I'm telling people, you know, it's like, Well, you better become a Muslim or go into hell, right? People look into it. And it makes sense. It makes sense in a few different ways. First of all, theology makes sense. It's not

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complicated. It's not, it doesn't go against your reason. It doesn't go against your intuition. It doesn't go against basic common sense. There's one God just worship that one God, how could it get any simpler? There is no three persons and homeostasis and the divine nature and a but also the human nature, come on, what is this, right? And so when somebody is used to just this kind of nebulous, confusing, mumbo jumbo, philosophical imagination of some sort of three, but one God, and then they're like, oh, there's just one God, that's it, and I just worship him. That's it. Finally, this is the clarity, the simplicity I've been looking for. That makes sense, right? It also makes

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sense from a position of worship, right? Our religion is not just singing songs, right? It's not just showing up to the to the mosque once a week, there's five pairs you have to do every day, there's 30 days, you have to fasten the year, there's the pilgrimage, there's a cat, there's all these sorts of things, it's comprehensive, it touches every aspect of your life. And if we're going to imagine that we had to become better people, we're going to imagine that we had to actually go out of our way to build a relationship with our Creator, we would imagine that we'd have to do a little bit of work, right? It wouldn't be some sort of automatic thing, or we just show up and sing

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a few songs, and then we are saved really, is that it? It makes much more intuitive sense. And a lot of people feel that when they come into a sound like this is an actual faith. This is actual work. This is actually me becoming a better person. And the other thing is that Islam has guidance for every single aspect of your life. And that flows from the second point is that other religions, they only, they only give you part of the story, or they only cover part of what you're going to face, whether it's you know, how to be a nice person, or how to talk to other people or whatever. But what are you going to do when you die and you have to split up your inheritance? What are you going to do

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when your parent dies? And you have to split up the inheritance? Who should get how much right? How should you structure a business contract so that you're not exploiting other people so that it's valid. Okay, what about gambling? What about substances? What about alcohol? What about? You know, now we have marijuana dispensaries and things like this. What about all the sorts of ethical and unethical things that come our way? Every every day? What about? What about pornography? Right? What about tick tock? What about you know, every single thing that comes up? Does your religion have something to say about it, besides has something to say about and we would imagine, if we imagine

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that God is just and merciful, he's not going to let us just wander around blindly. He's not going to keep us guessing. He's going to give us concrete, sensible instructions and guidance for pretty much everything that we're going to face.