Purification of the Heart #01 Focus on what Allah is Looking At

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Subhan Allah this is a major de Lille major evidence the sheltering unlocked

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handle a lot of bang May Allah

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make us from the people official till the day we meet him. I mean herbal Alameen hamdulillah Allah it's a beautiful, beautiful view

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you know when they

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one of our he said

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before you move to any town, any village any city, just go visit the Fisher

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doesn't have to be in Ramadan. Just go see

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how many people attend treasure. You will know what kind

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of community that you are moving to.

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So Masha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala increase us and keep us steadfast on his Deen. I mean

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yeah, you have a lady in cootie Valley como si?

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Khanna, cootie leadin. Me Caudalie comme la contenta can we always hear this at the beginning of Ramadan in the middle of Ramadan, the end of Ramadan all the time. And we all know what it means

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or who you believe fasting has been prescribed upon you just like it has been prescribed in the people before you why? So you can become a Mottaki. So the goal of fasting is to increase in Taqwa ya rasool Allah. Where is the taqwa a Taqwa Munna a Taqwa Hoonah. A Taqwa? Hoonah. Three times. I seldom pointed to his heart, and he said the tuck was right here. So in sha Allah to Allah, I'm telling myself, I'm advising myself I'm advising my brothers and sisters, if I can leave Ramadan, with a pure heart will Allah He that is the best achievement ever.

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How can I leave Ramadan with a pure heart? So in sha Allah Tada every other day, I will be discussing everything that has to do with the heart, how to fix the heart, and how to know do I have Kulp Salim or not so insha Allah Allah we will start today by defining the topic.

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Listen to this hadith in Sahih Muslim kala Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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in Allaha la Yong will

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um while he does what he can while I'm while he come, when I can, young will Isla Kulu become what are Malika, Allah He very profound Hadith, Allah does not look at your attire and your wealth, but Allah looks at your heart and your man.

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The manner that Alec NL called Who am I held another Allah subhanho wa taala. So that means that all that matters, is what Allah has looking at.

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We before we leave the house, we make sure that our face is clean, we look good, because people are looking at that.

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And we neglect what Allah is looking at.

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Allah does not look that does not mean you know neglect yourself. No, absolutely. But Allah subhanho wa Taala all he wants is what's in here. Wallah who yeah let me move to a class AB Wallah who Yeah, Mafia Kullu become I can look very good and very pious, big beard, masha Allah, he's here every day, but only Allah knows what's in here. And that's what matters. So that's why we are not supposed to judge others, by the way they look. We have no clue what's in here, because that's all that matters.

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Because what if the here is clean, it will reflect over here.

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We concentrate on here and we neglect this one. And that's all that matters.

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The looks outside, you know, what's in the heart is like a you know, it's like a ladle. You know, you put the soup and you take it out. So what's in here? It's gonna show over here.

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If this one is crooked Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Allah in the field yesterday mudra either solo had several 100 Jessa dokolo were either faster that faster than Jessa do Kulu there is a piece of flesh in the body. You know?

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When you hear anybody say color solos, I seldom

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you should start checking Wallahi Subhanallah These are the words of the Saudi economist. Okay, so he said that in salat wa salam. There is a piece of flesh in the body.

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If it is good if it's pure if it's sound, the rest of the body sound

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and if it's corrupt, the rest of the body is corrupt. What is it Jana soul, Allah, Allah al Culp, it is the heart. So

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then I have to dedicate those 3040 5070 years that I'm living to make sure that this is sound because Allah subhanaw taala he said, Yo man, a young Pharaoh man on whenever the moon in the man at Allah be called in Saline on that day Subhanallah what we struggle for all our life, Allah is telling us it's not going to benefit you on that day, no wealth, no children will benefit you what will benefit us Ya Allah only Illa Allah is except and he there is nothing else in Allah. Everybody came in. Everybody came except that Muhammad is not here. So Allah saying on that day, nothing will benefit you in Allah except whomsoever come with a come Salim and I'm always spending my time and my

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effort and my wealth on my mind and my balloon on my wealth and my properties in my businesses and on my children. Again, that does not mean neglect your children and neglect your wealth, but the concentration should be on the heart.

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So this is the introduction. How can we fix this heart trauma we'll take one today called the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam everything you know by now that hadith I quote are 100% authentic larious takim II man who had yester chemo culpo whether you're stalking him Kalba had stalking him ah

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your Eman is not Mr. King. We all know what he's talking about. You know Sirata Mr. Clean your Eman is not stalking him until your heart is was talking.

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How can I make my heart and stroking? Let's continue the Hadith. And your heart is that Mr. Hakim and kill your tongue is Mr. team

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that's the karma of the tongue will lead to the karma of the heart and that's the karma of the heart will lead to complete and perfect and beautiful Eman by you. I was your tongue Yeah, habibi.

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How's your tongue? Allah He

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controlling the tongue. So as I said, What do you say? control what's between your lips and what's between your legs? I guarantee you Jana.

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control what's between your lips. And what's between your legs. I guarantee you Jana who's giving the guarantee Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam.

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So the tongue

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it could be that piece of flesh, it could be a reason for us to enter Jannah and that same organ could be a reason for us to enter the hellfire. Same organ.

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That organ is specialty that it does not get tired.

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Have you ever heard somebody Allah He my tongue is aching? I spoke to him which

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Subhanallah that's why it's control is extremely important for you what ruins Subhan Allah rasool Allah Salam gave us a beautiful formula.

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When can you know Billa he will human error failure call higher than

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I will

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ever believe in Allah. That includes all of us, and the day of judgment that includes all of us. What should you do your rasool Allah say something good.

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Or be quiet. So anytime you have the urge to backbite to lie, to curse my young brothers. Now cursing is cool, right?

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If you want to fit in at school, you have to curse say a few words that are four letters, you become cool. We forget that I'm making an angel. When we say when we curse, I am making Kurama and Kathy Dean, I am making a pure angel write these words. That's disgusting. I'm making an angel right these words right. The male Federman colon Illa de Hiraki. Teeth, every word. So when the tongue is busy with all these things, subhanAllah

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the heart is corrupt. The heart is always thinking, how can I

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harm my brother? How can I harm my sister? They get promoted and I did not get promoted. How can I bring him down? How can I spread the rumor in the community that this guy is not good? The heart becomes corrupt because the tongue is good

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constantly lying and cheating and cursing and separating between people, while on the other side, like we are mentioning in our halacha if I keep that tongue, busy with the remembrance of Allah Subhan Allah. We were saying yesterday if you notice in the Quran anytime the word vicar comes in the Quran, it comes with the word Kathira a lot

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yeah you have Lavina emerald Quran Allah the Quran Kathira was that Corinne Allah. Cathy, Iran was accurate. Lack of cannula computer Sula, Hassan Hassan naman Kenya, human of Allah, He will Yeoman. Whether Kerala cathedra many many Subhan Allah was wondering why are these Zab we will discuss that later. So, the vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada constantly remembering Allah that means I'm keeping that tongue busy. Imagine that tongue is always Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allahu Akbar was always busy and someone passes by not dressed properly you think is going to look

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alive, it will those those words will force the gaze to be lowered, will force the bad words to go back. Any urge any urge to say something evil will stop. So yeah, one today's one of the tools and this is from Rasul Allah Islam. Your email is not complete until your heart is good, your heart is not good until your tongue is good. So the first thing today inshallah Allah let's work on it, let's work on it through the whole month of Ramadan. Anytime you want to speak any word that wants to come out, please pause for 10 seconds. Is it good?

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if it's not hold yourself and stop it. It takes only a few seconds to stop somebody especially now in Ramadan. Somebody pushed you somebody I know you what it was was I said I'm say in the saw him.

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I'm not gonna argue with you. I'm not gonna ruin my fast. I am a fasting person. I am fasting now.

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How many problems happen between the husband and the wife because we did not think about the word coming out. And we said something and mashallah our wives remember everything you said 15 years ago and seven days and 60 seconds, she gives you exactly what you said. So we have to be very careful what you're saying.

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It ruins a lot of relationships. One word SubhanAllah. One time a brother. He joked with another brother. He was just joking with him. And the brother took the joke so deep that he stopped coming to the masjid.

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So we have to be even be careful.

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Who we are joking with and what kind of joke Some people cannot take that joke that you you think it's a joke, but for him, it's an insult. So we have to really weigh every word we say. So may Allah subhanaw taala help us control our tongue. And may Allah you know, let's add to our dua bank. Allah Mirzakhani Albin Salema right. It's the only way to Jannah the only ticket Allah that's the only ticket to Jana Kalam Salim ya Allah bless me with a culturally in this blessed nights Allah humara zucchini. We all know a lot Mirzakhani righty Allah bless me Allah give me the risk of what? Salim May Allah bless us all with Kalam Salim May Allah make our last days our best deeds and make our

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last words Leila Illallah finally, when every Ramadan the beginning of Ramadan, I remind myself and I remind you, five things would lead us to hydrogen ombre every day. And for the past seven years, we are doing hydrogen ombre every single day be in the latter Allah. Pray Fajr in Gemma Rasulillah Salam todos, stay in the same Masjid remembering Allah azza wa jal wait for the sun to rise 12 minutes 15 minutes later, pray to raka what do we get here rasool Allah hygiene aamra Tam, Tam, Tam, the Azure of hygiene ombre so in sha Allah Tala, you could stay here remembering Allah by reading Quran or making that card or you could join us on our halacha which is every single day in Ramadan,

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so we can get that huge reward

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Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and

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shareholder all now on the

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NASCI what Bellina

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Meenal Houda wonderful on

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femora Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow

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woman again and Maddie one elewana sefirat

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you read on lorbek

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you read to me no Serravalle took me last night that I wanted to belong

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