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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam's "Theological" approach to life is to practice actions and actions of the creator. The title provides guidance on how to practice actions and become successful in life, including reciting the Quran and finding the cure for health issues. The segment discusses the impact of the Quran on people's daily lives and the potential for hedging the "by air" of the world. The importance of learning the language of Islam for one's life and setting boundaries for one's success is emphasized. The transcript provides insight into the use of the Quran in various aspects of life, including spirituality, religion, and culture.
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier send them continuing our journey of building blocks in the path of towards Allah Subhana Allah, whereby in the previous photo, by the virtue of Mercy of Allah and that we spoke about an imam belay Subhana Allah, and about a Tawakkol. And from there we began to move into enacting these practices. Because this is a disease you can use such words inside our community, whereby there are many things that we know, but we fail to practice what we preach, we fail to enact the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah inside our lives. This concept of

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stagnation or this concept that Allah Subhana Allah forgives and overlooks and pardons. But Allah Subhana Allah has a sunnah upon the earth. In Allah Allah yoga, euroma becomming Hatha Yoga Yiruma Bian fusi him, Allah Subhana Allah never changes the condition for people, until they don't change their own selves. They take those steps towards Allah Subhana Allah and you find a famous Hadith could see that we find that no seven comes close to Allah Subhana Allah except Why are those things which is made obligatory, whoever comes close to Allah subhanaw taala via one foot span, Allah comes close to that individual, whoever comes rushing towards Allah Subhana Allah a day to her Wollaton

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Allah comes at great speed towards the individual we might and Allah responds, makes Kaboul that person inspires that person gives the individual ability to do more good. Well Latina Jaya had to feel that at the end I'm Solana whoever strives in our past we open up more paths of goodness towards those individuals to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, fasten your seat only use raw, we make the path of goodness easy and simple for an individual. That is a sign of acceptance from Allah Subhana Allah, that a person is facilitated to do, to doing good deeds, brought forth as good deeds to Allah Subhana hiboy Yoruba, those actions that Allah has put into loves, and is pleased by the

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human being carrying out these actions. This inaction of today they're going to carry out maybe may sound basic for many of us individuals, but we can see the weakness amongst ourselves in our devotion to the book of Allah subhanaw taala if Quran Al Quran just recite the Quran, ponder over the Quran reflect over the Quran. Then at a later stage we can move towards that vehicle Quran Quran towards the implementation of Quran the rulings and injunctions of the Quran. The basic elementary teachings the Quran that we find Allah Subhana Allah, wa Luna zero middle Quran Emma who she found Warahmatullah Momineen wala easy to follow me in Illa Cassara We sent down from his Quran, that

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which is a cure, a cure for the believing individuals and purification of the hearts and take away of ailments and illnesses. The Quran, just like all of this life is a vicar is a reminder what the cure for the karate movement in reminding me to remind the benefits the believing individuals had them in a smile Quran Allah flicker, Tamia and his works of macaque Dima feel Sula. tafsir Minister Al Quran is a vicar in the Nanos under the crown in nulla hula have the moon inside the beginning of SoTL hedger, the 15th chapter verse number nine, we sent down a zikr that they could the reminder the Quran is a continuous reminder for the kid will call Ernie manga for worried remind the people

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via the Quran by the usage of Quran Whoever fears the unworried phase, the punishment phase, the law state phase, what Taku Yeoman towards your owner fee in Allah phase that lost a meeting Allah subhanaw taala And the strange thing about the Quran that this verse is at the end of Surah cough the fifth chapter of Quran and this is a normal Sunnah the irlam have collected about the Quran. It begins by cough will Quran in Majeed, the letter cough and his glorious magnificent book and then the ends by Father K Bill Quran and the surah ends by reminding that the way of success for the believer individuals is by a remembrance of the Quran, in your bone and your link with the book of

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Allah subhanaw taala then strangely Allah mentioned yet you had nurse in such sort of units or lamented yet your nurse Ajay at como el tomura become Allah makes a Kitab leanness Jaime and sometimes Allah speaks to Muslims to believe it. But hey, Allah says yeah, you have Ness. As if Allah is proudly saying to all of the world's all of humanity, that we sent down this Quran inside this Quran is a remembrance from your Lord more editura back home and strong admonition from your Lord what she felt only Murphy sudo wha hoo done Ramadan little mini Rama to limit meaning. And this Quran is a is a guidance and is a mercy for the believing individuals. This this Quran is for

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humanity. We're not saying to move away from medical treatment, whatever it may be, but

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As Muslims we need to increase in our reciting the Quran. Even something fundamental as Alfre to her, Alma have corrected names of certain fatty coffee a Shafi that the surah that that completes that suffices is Rokia it is pure for the individual cure for ailments cure for sicknesses cure fat depression, pure fat being upset. That's why it really made me sound something over spiritual for some of us but some random at the facility speak that there are certain passages in the Quran, certain Surah does or the Quran when a person recites them, person feeds alleviation, person feels closeness towards Allah Subhana Allah for Macedon Surah uses 111 A at the top chapter of Quran read

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the surah from the beginning to the end the journey of use of na Salaam and the parable of in this journey in a journey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you're worried worries will be washed away. There'll be washed away when you see that what use of what he went through. And what we complain we seem to think that we're going through is trivial. So this is the impact of the Quran it should be inside our daily lives. Also Allah mentions or the Quran Caja Camila noon Wakita mobian. There's come from Allah a light and a clear book. Then Allah gives this description is clear book it takes them out. You could you mean of lumati no ill or nor it takes you off the realms of darknesses to

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the light. That's what the Quran does. It takes you up from the Doom gloom Voluma it is darkness upon darkness it takes you away from that it brings you to nor to the light of Allah subhanaw taala This is what the world is searching for. This is what possibly some Muslims are searching for, or what we should all be searching for. And it's right there in front of us. The book of Allah subhanaw taala we don't seem to find that tranquility, and are basically lay plasma indoor Kalu Allah mentions SUTA rod in believing those individuals who remember Allah and our busy life but my inner loop in the seeker of ALLAH, do hearts find tranquility and peace in a world surrounded by music and

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prose and poetry, and even an assured that we find that people Muslim feel a substitute inside our lives. I'm not here to speak about the rulings and injunctions of this. But we can see how people swayed to certain things that there is an element of it gives them peace and tranquility. But we have something of trunk tranquility amongst ourselves, even the Qureshi to say we're in the low Halawa. The Quran has a sweetness, it has an element attracting people. And the same sweetness is described as a hadith in Sahih Bukhari as the rate of Abu Musa archery. And before we mentioned Hadith even mentioned about Nakatsu Tita Mizmor when Muhammad Ali Derwood the Prophet right some

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said about Abu Musa Asha, you've been given a beautiful sound, a beautiful voice you've been given if we use the literal translation will be you'll be given one of the flutes from amongst the flutes of that wood because the who'd had a beautiful voice. That's what Abu Musa actually had been given a beautiful voice have been given to him via what the usage of the Quran millimeters under Bill Quran fillet submitted a hadith and Sunnah a Buddha would. Whoever doesn't recite the Quran exert themselves as they say so God given gift that you find it gives more tranquility, more peace, more profession inside one's use of the Quran, it brings about tranquility. And as Abu Musab actually

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generates this hadith speak about four categories for different types of individuals, or the relationship between with the book of Allah subhanaw taala interdimensional movement and let the Accra Al Quran jolla malby can Oh through Jaya the believer who recites the Quran while you are a Malou B and implements the Quran and Sunnah life can Earth Raja is like a Citron like a citrus fruit like an orange. That mu hoppy Berry is a citrus smells good. And it tastes sweet. It tastes good. This is the highest caliber of a believer, a believer who recites the Quran, and who implements the Quran. And even if you take it to spiritual level companions, they were visualized who say during

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the whole day, it was once reciting the Quran. And you find that the who's next he began to move. And then he stopped reading the Quran and again he began reading the Quran. Then he said for his son, yeah, he and he stopped reading the Quran and he looked up to the heavens, and he saw a cluster of light. And you in the morning you spoke to the professor. He said I saw this somebody who had dementia he was reading shorter Bukhara, Soto calf, but they are furball in both of these sorts of reciting disorders. And appropriate Some said that you carried on reading Titan reading those angels would have remained it till Salmela. ICA to done at the Celtic. Those were angels who came there to

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listen to your voice to listen to a recital. They would remain there in the morning that everyone could visualize them. Even appropriately, some NHL himself would say to me

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Let Massoud extra extra read upon me. He said Accra on a rocket on Zillow like Hakuna read the Quran to you were not Quran was sent down to you. He said I want to hear from other than my own self. I want to hear the the miraculous nature of the Quran. If you can use these words language, the musical nature of the Quran, the poetry of the Quran, the elegance of the Quran, the speech of the Quran, they say be Tamia, Rahmatullah Kana, your cool used to say that if you want to speak to Allah stand up in Asana, you and Allah to speak to you read the Quran, we do Quran, Allah you have the Buka as if Allah is probably speaking to you speak it to me. That's how a person approaches the

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Quran reads the Quran. This is Calum Allah Subhana Allah, these are the words of Allah Subhana Allah, the speech of Allah Subhana Allah and the impact of these words that should be inside a person's life, as they say should move mountains, it should change people inside their lives. And there is no other hazard as they say the hazard Illa pfiffner tain there's no jealousy or this has to do not be my aspiration. Why should we aspiration individual be Rajan? Download Quran while your crew Lady Wonder her way up. A person has been given the Quran, who recites it day and night, and implements inside their life. The person aspires to be like the individual. That's what our

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aspiration should be inside life. Aspiration should be to be a person either Heroku Manta animal Quran where Allah who best amongst you is who learns the Quran teaches Quran wolfy reweighted, okra after LUCAM the most virtuous amongst you, you know even these kalimat you studied him linguistically. Look at the praise the progress of didn't say such and such individual or such as a profession or such a skill. He spoke about the Quran. The best amongst these who learns the Quran, who teaches the Quran, who implements the Quran, the most virtuous amongst you individuals is that type of individual. The second type of individual that we find or prior to that we find that

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mentioned about the Quran is something easy. That professor makes that effort towards the Quran in surah Allah Allah mentioned while Katya sundal Quran, Allah vicar for Helmy Boudicca four times Allah mentioned this, it's a total karma. And Allah mentioned repetitious nature in Santo Quran. Maybe many of us may be thinking, well, the impact of this idea is about the usage of the Quran, the ease of the Quran, but you know, if you ponder deeply over these ayat of Allah Spandana, straight after these ayat Allah speaks about nations he destroyed.

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Nations who belied nations who rejected for my world and Aloka was the relationship between the book of Allah being simple and people being destroyed, that when you don't take the simplicity of the Quran, then the same aroma man is the one that will destroy people and destroy nations who move away from the book of Allah and Allah. And then Allah may begin SUTA ramen, ramen and lemon Quran so they the build up Mr. Sunil Kumar is about Arsenal Quran Allah zikr is then Allah mentioned now comes upon a ramen the merciful that the one of the most greatest miracles we've given all the greatest miracle given to human beings is teaching people the Quran given an individual to recite the Quran

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to ponder over the book of Allah subhanaw taala The second type of person will movement, law your Quran. Well Yamanouchi Tamati the person who may not read so much frequently the Quran into their lives, but they try their best, which is supposed to be most of us that we try our best to implement the Quran. That person is like a date. Don't know how he

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is has a sweet taste. dates don't have no fragrance. They have no fragrance but they they the taste is sweet. That's a second level of believer should be maybe I don't have so much time to recite the Quran or live what the Quran says valleys whatever I have the Quran inside my life, or try my best to implement a Quran inside my life based upon the Hadith or Aisha Kana Kulu. Quran the characteristics of the professor some what's the Quran and Hadith in Bukhari, when asked about what is your characteristic is the Quran trying your best to be embodiment of the Quran? That's the type of individual that we find what method will monastic and lezzy your Quran Quran wala Yamalube be?

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The Parable of the third individual is the perfect the hypocrite who recites the Quran and doesn't implement the Quran. Then this individual is K Ray Hannity is a type of basil I herb which has a airy Hoppy, which has good smell.

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his hobbies are far more but he has a bad bitter taste. So this is a person who's who's a monastic who recites the Quran, but doesn't implement the Quran inside their life. So externally there

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smelling good. And you know the strange thing about this this this hadith. Inside for what a lot of Quran is placed is that Imam McCarthy's book of forgotten the Quran is a genuine just read books of Baba l inside Bukhari and Muslim. This this hadith replaces the chapter, the sin of the person who recites the Quran to show off of a worldly benefit or to become proud. Why does Imam Bukhari place this hadith inside this location? That unfortunately, we're not here to to highlight but there are people who read the Quran, but it won't go beyond the throats. It won't go beyond the throat is just a profession is just for people to marvelous look at the reciting of the Quran. They read the Quran

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but there's no action of the Quran. There is no Avahi May Allah forbid that even external action to Quran not there of of people. It's just become a JSA in Arabic and fun. It becomes a profession, a professional person who recites the Quran, then we find a fourth type of individual what Massimo monazite Allah Delia Quran Quran the person who didn't read the Quran, can hum vanity is like a color skin color since which is a cactus plant that grows in a desert, which has a foul smell and a foul taste. These are the four types of individuals and Hadith in Bukhari that we find we can each of us analyze ourselves, where do I fall inside this hadith? And what is my relationship between

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with myself and the book of Allah? subhanaw taala so a person who doesn't read the Quran doesn't implement the Quran does upon that reflect what is it lead to? When the Quran promises a person who follows the guidance of Allah will be always upright. I'm not saying we don't get upset. We don't feel depressed. We don't have moments of anxiety inside our life, but in a general Sefa person has contentment. When the Quran mentioned for Manitoba who Dahlia fell I have the Louella Yasha when Allah says the person who follows My Guidance while I have been Nuala Yasha Allah says he never become misguided while i Yesh becomes wretched da Manzanar liqueur Quran and he touched on Surah

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Baba 20 of Chapter Quran Allah said I didn't send down this Quran to make you become upset, to make become worried. Quran is therefore light for guidance alleviation spirituality to awaken the individual that's what the Quran is. And a strange thing is that this surah Allah Allah mentions after this verse, whoever doesn't follow the guidance of Allah and Allah or this person will not be misguided. Allah dimentions woman out of the decree for NL Omar Aisha Tom Dunker, when shuru yo Matsuyama Tiama caught her up the Lima Hashem 22 basura colloca Delica taka to the fantasy to her vaca Delica Yo Ma tune ser achieve Quran

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Quran is strange, the person has to be said woman out on the river turns away from the Dhikr of Allah as we began with the greatest dhikr of Allah the Quran for inshallah Omar Aisha tan Dunker, that person will have first meaning as Oliver matches inside the grave restrictions are the grave, but other elements a linguistic meaning for enumeration, dunka, and a higher to dunya for dunya person have a restricted life in this world, and a cavity, a holiness, weakness inside the heart of being away from the book of Allah subhanaw taala then this person will and the person we raised up in a state of blindness, then the person say call her up Billy Maharsha Teddy, Mama, my Lord, why

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are you making me blind? Caffee today, why have you made me blind? What could come to basura I could see inside this dunya Why am I blinded on this day. And the response is given because inside this dunya signs are given to you and you turn away from them. You turn away from them so you become blinded. And you forgot Allah waka Delica Yama Tuncer and today you will be forgotten by Allah, whoever's forgotten by Allah inside this dunya that's going off the path and imagine more so into the earth era when Allah subhanaw taala turns away from a person because they turn away from the science of Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find that we scream out about a global contentment and

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peace that we find, you know, Hadith in such a Muslim in the Quran, here for work wham. You know, where are we from this hadith it says that this this Quran raises people. I'm not here to give you political preaching we can see we can see what takes place in the world. The hadith says this people will be raised the Quran would lift people up will raise them will give them this this rank will be given to them. And we need to go back and analyze ourselves from the beginning point. What till Khurana 13. Where we from the Companions when you went into the masjid, you find people the buzzing sound of reciting the Quran we find the buzzing sounds of people talking of gossiping of slandering

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or backbiting or saying words the house of ALLAH turns up a place of reciting the Quran. That should be the beginning a house we shouldn't read suited back or I'm sorry. It's like a graveyard

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It's a graveyard, as mentioned by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that for example, a person who is living or dead, will say example is a person who reads the Quran doesn't read the Quran, the man who makes dhikr of Allah, and the greatest dhikr of Allah is the Quran. So many Fussa are dead spiritual individuals walking in the face of this earth. Alif Lam Meem these three haruf I'm not saying that these are one word. As you mentioned, a hadith Elif is a word. Lamb is a word meme is a word, just to say Alif Lam. Meem is 30 Hassan Earth is 30 good deeds is given to a person and our culture. People say a person should read at least one juice in a day. Maybe some of us beyond our scope. But

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let's bring that down at least a page in a day. At least one page of Quran in a day, just like we have a breakfast and a lunch and supper whatever it may be. We take it as a rigid formula in satellites. We take medication, the formulas are alive once again. I'm not saying don't take this medication inside your life if you need it. But why are we not so observant about the Quran inside our lives about taking if I use such as the dosage of the Quran, the daily dosage of the Quran, the daily reciting of the Quran inside our lives. As you mentioned, the first stage is at least worth till Quran utter Tila to recite the Quran, inside your your daily life. And we find in COVID for

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many of us who may not be so proficient inside the Quran, we find this encouragement from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the person recites the Quran and he's Moorhead he's proficient inside the Quran will have one reward. But a person who struggles who who stutters who finds obstacles, find difficult, difficult follow around the individual to rewards to reward her and why why is this hadith mentioned to encourage us the average individual that don't just think look at a person who's had inspiration of Quran and proficient the Quran the icon recite the Quran like that. That's not what the aim is. The aim is that all of us should try to recite the Quran for everyone will get

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their own fair share of reward will be given to them. That's what the inspiration is, that I still try I exert myself to read the Quran, knowing that that reward is going to be given to me. And likewise if I knew the day of judgment, a Quran or taki read and ascend. And as I began with, I don't want to enter into details about a nasheed etc that we find you will not be asked in a day of judgment that these lines of poetry or this or that read and ascend, you're only going to ask about the Quran. The more Quran that you know the more you will ascend in paradise. So that's how Islam simple it is, is a simple life is simple instructions follow these to get this maximum reward inside

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an alpha given to the believing individuals. Likewise when keytab would answer no like Uber Huracan Leia Double T while your TL Dr. Aldo and Burb a man hustle bustle he says the U W at the second stage of pondering of reflecting over the verses of Allah Santa Ana, and he mentioned that we could go on to implement the Quran. And I said I'm not here to speak about that. Because people may feel as a political challenge inside society. This is let's just begin with the basics of love for the Quran, recite the Quran and implementing inside our life and just to inspire ourselves, read through some of the lives of some of them who first serine people who live with the Quran, how Allah Allah

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dealt with these individuals, Sheikh Mohammed Al Amin Shang a disciple Adwa O'Brien, who is the most prominent of pseudo Quran Bill Quran in eight volumes. He's writing tuxedo Quran and the shaky fine hula iica Hizbollah and in the Hizballah human mafia Haroon he passes away was right at the seed of this idea that that the party of Allah they are victorious, and then he's a student, Sheikh Salim Aplia completed that seed and you find no difference inside the assumed that he wrote, and a slew of Shaykh Muhammad Shanti we move to shake Rashid Rida. So who Cyril menar famous to see that we find it also as competed latest state he he passed away. He passed away in Surah Yusuf when it says that

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Allah you will originate the heavens and the earth and we'll leave it Daniel hirato were funny Muslim and while Hackney be solid in tomato fear he passed away was finishing this tuxedo on this verse, Allah Yama companion my friend inside his dunya and inserted a Farah and make me die amongst them be amongst the righteous individuals. Abraham is Kalani there Right. So horrible for Tilbury explaining single Buhari that he passed away Salam and Coloma Robbie Rahim from Surah Yasin peace, a greeting from the Most Merciful from Allah Subhana Allah. We find in Saba cotton Hannah Bella. juicer, Robbie assefa Come, Sameer come Samir comes on a show in volume four page number 525 speak

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about the great shift and Islam me Tamia Rahmatullah LA, you know most of these profound works of the Faasil you

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Were they were written they were written in prison. He wrote them in prison. He used to write it with cold. I wonder cold broke down is taken away from desk when he left this dunya and the right in turbo cotton Hana Billa. He read the Quran some at times when he came to the 81st time, and he came to the first inside sort of comedy inner Matakana feature nothing went to her fi makadi syndicate in the Malik and Muqtada. For to fear when he came on this island and at first time reading the Quran.

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In the Matakana feature, nothing we're not believing in the video game to be sad gardens died to be where rivers are flowing on high lofty couches, and placement for these individuals. That's where he leaves his dunya This is an inspiration for us individuals born with the Quran, that Allah subhana Bond's people to Quran and rewards people according to a relationship with a book of Allah spent Allah gives them that that peace, that contentment inside their lives. That's a big claim of Georgia. He wrote about he shared with somebody Tamia Rahmatullah, he wrote about him, that is this contentment he had inside his life, called a mother. Yes, he be an agenda to Bhutan, if he suddenly

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welcome our enemies ever do to me? What can they ever do to me? My God in my paradise is right here inside my heart. Some of them said it means contentment, and other orlimar said it means the Quran, he carried the Quran inside his chest. And that's what it's other narrations which are very strange. Have you been authenticated? The heart that contains the book of Allah Spandana, the chest that contains the book of Allah, Allah will not be punished by the fire. The heart that contains the book of Allah will not be punished by the fire that shows the grand jewel of the person who has the book of Allah inside their heart and inside their mind. He said, What can these enemies ever do to me? If

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they execute me for your shahada, it becomes a form of me being a martyr. If they throw me out land for your car, he becomes me becoming a tourist. And they placed me inside prison to become seclusion for me to devote myself to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what a Muslim should be. If you have the book of Allah pantah inside your heart, your mind you're born with the book of Allah and Allah, you will never fear. You never feel lonely, you never feel upset. You never feel worried beyond that scope. May Allah guide us all the Tofik inability to hold fast to the book of Allah and have little Mateen the strong rope of Allah subhanaw taala whoever holds fast it will never be derailed or

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misguided away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala and those individuals straight away bring them back to the book of Allah and Allah, those of our young individuals as individuals who memorize the book of Allah and Allah and they forgotten portions have drifted away, returned them back, return them back to the book of Allah and the book of Allah has this new this light it brings people back to the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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