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Okay guys, so Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah warbird. Let's jump right into today's subject. As you can probably tell, it's pretty heavy. We're going to learn now. And very shortly we're going to see one of the most profound responses that Allah subhanaw taala will give on the Day of Judgment. This will definitely happen to certain individuals who will pretty much complain to him about a problem. And they're going to be in a state of shock. And so desperation will lead them to the only way that they can get out of their situation which is go to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they'll go to Allah and they'll complain to him about

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this problem, but the response literally shuts them down. I've never seen an A like this in the entire Quran. So that will come shala shortly. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and we are at verse number 115 while cadavre hidden Isla de Mille Prabhu furnace Colm neji de la Weisner we took a covenant or an agreement with Adam in the past so before the earth was created so in gentlemen cobbler, furnace Colm legit love Wiseman, so he forgot to, but we didn't find any asthma in him asthma could be translated as resolved in him. But there are one of two opinions some scholars believe the resolve that Allah subhanho wa Taala sees Prophet Adam didn't really he wasn't ready for

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Prophethood at that time, but this was a minority opinion, the majority took the second definition, which was the resolve to sin. In other words, we didn't see in Adam, that he wanted to commit that sin so it was an accident. It was a mistake. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us that even prophets themselves can make mistakes. Okay, what is called Nadal mela, he caters to Dooley Adam. And when we said to the angels to Prostrate to Adam for such I do and they all prostrate it in there he belissa Abba except about bleached refuse to do so. For coronaria demo. Now look what happened the next day? We said Yeah.

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In other versions of the same story, yeah, he believes Malika alert us to the amount of talk. So in other soldiers I love spoke directly to a police What's wrong with you? Why didn't you prostrate as you were commanded to do so. But now Allah shifts the attention directly to Adam, for culinaria demo in the Hazara idol, luckily, zoetic this it believes is an enemy to you and to your wife. Now, keep in Keep in mind, the word has had that means or it entails that the shade tight or at least is right next to him is very close, though. So the lesson for you and I is that when we study this story, that we know that shale teens are always around, they're with us at every moment all the time.

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They're tempting us, the West west of shale teen are everywhere, especially in this day and age where the level of shame has become so low in culture and society across the world. That can mean you can go to the doctor's office without seeing something that's that's how I'm where you've got to turn away, you can go to the mall, you can go to a grocery store, you can go anywhere you can even drive on the highway without seeing a billboard and be like oh my god, I got to concentrate on the road. It's just that's the culture that we live in. So in the hands that I do, LS is the this shaitan who is always near you is your sworn enemy.

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And that has to do with luck for you, Adam as well as your wife. So here's the second point. Allah speaks to Adam first and says he is an enemy to you add them first and then to your wife or also to your wife. But a lot points the finger at Adam Allah His salon first why we're going to see the reason and the wisdom behind that in a minute. Fellow fellow, your fellow your Legion knuckle man, millennial Gen Natty fattoush Pa. So alarming. So Joe says don't allow the shade line to expel the two of you out of this agenda because it's going to be a complete failure. Remember, in the beginning of the sutra, we heard the word Tushar that Allah subhana wa Taala sent down the poor and

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that he didn't send down to a poor man's en la Cal or analytische bar. We didn't send down this poor and and so that it could be a burden, or a source of failure for you. So Tasha is also found at the end of the same sorta The pattern is beautiful. Only this time Allah says don't follow the shaytaan don't follow. He believes he's your enemy. Because if you do, he's gonna be the reason why the two of you get expelled out of Jenna in Atlanta, Georgia.

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See how well it turns out all because in Jenna, here some of the blessings that I find are just absolutely remarkable. Number one, Allah says that in Jenna, let that you are here you'll never go hungry while Tara and there won't be any nakedness or shame in Jenna. So one of the main blessings of gender is food. One of the main blessings of this worldly life is food. One of the greatest blessings of gender is clothing. And one of the greatest blessings here in this world is to be closed. Because if you're starving, then what does that ultimately lead to? It leads to your death. And if you don't cover yourself, that's the highest level of shame in society. So it is absolutely

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remarkable sapan Allah that Allah azza wa jal singles out these two and simple things, that you will never go hungry and you will never feel or see or witness that level of shame in gender nakedness. Well anila Calatrava Murphy, how well are top her? Even in gender, you'll never go thirsty, and you'll never sacrifice. So we're getting a glimpse now of some of the main blessings, some of the highest blessings of gender. May Allah sojo make us from them alone, mammy, for us was de la hillshade time. So the shave time whisper to them. Look what happens. pinea Adam shaitan even says yeah, damn, hell don't look arella shedra Should I show you have a tree sheduled oteil hold an

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eternal tree. This is like the tree of youth and eternal bliss. You'll never get old. You'll never go hungry. You'll never ever worry, as long as your agenda. You know what is remarkable about this as the word Jenna means a place that is luscious and green. So by title by name alone, Jenna is all trees. It's all greenery.

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Allah told Adam it is Ceylon and his wife stay away from just one.

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Just one tree.

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One Tree in Jenna, it the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says that a horse will run around the shade of one tree. And it will take that horse 500 years to circle that the shade of one tree.

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And all of Jenna is surrounded and filled with trees and luscious greenery. Allah said, don't touch one.

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Think about that. And think about how what that means in worldly life. You can have all the blessings of this entire world. But there might be that one car, or that one person or that one source of wealth that one thing that you see others have and you want it so but even though you have 1000 cars, you have endless amounts of wealth, but there's like one thing in your and you say yourself, you know, I just gotta have that because I know I can afford it. I got to have it and you're willing to go through all ends to make that happen. So that same attitude is found even in worldly life. And Adam alayhis salaam is being tested with it in gender. So what happened? Well

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moleculer yabla and in it also in gender there's a kingdom that it never gets old. It's also eternal. Because why Adam Allah His son will age he will get older his wife will get older but this kingdom here It won't

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kill em minha man when I saw this a I was like oh no you did? Why you're in genda already. You get to eat anything you want. Where what you want enjoy the pleasures of Jenna all the blessings all that you want to still eat from that one tree it was just one tree Adam just one. So if I can I mean here, but here it shifts to not just add both of them ate from the tree. Because why? Earlier on Allah spoke to add them it said and this is a lesson husbands Listen up carefully. Fathers Listen up carefully. The fact that Allah spoke to yet Adam,

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for Allah yet and we said to Adam, shows that for the husbands and fathers, the leadership that you take in your home and with the family is to preserve and protect La ilaha illAllah with the family. That's why in another sort of ledger analogy with the Pina imama that we made amongst the Muta team, and Imam or amongst them emails, some of the scholars

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So that mmm that was referred to in that a and this is at the end of Switzer for fun was actually the husband's that their job is to preserve Islam in the home. So they got to make sure that when it's time for prayer Hey come on everybody let's get to pray Come on what's going on Stein for sada make sure that people are at least engaged to some extent, try to facilitate so if money is an issue, you work something you work for money so you can pay those course fees, you can get them into classes, you can do what you need to do to preserve and protect that generation. So now that teaching was done for both Adam and his wife, now they understand that they have to stay away and

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obey Allah has commanded it beliefs and the shell team or their sworn enemy. Now it's done. They still eat from this tree. Now they're both accountable qlm been home for mlm minha for better tullahoma they both now because now the consequence they're both in it together now that you know, now you're both going to be accountable for this together, but I can I mean, so they both alphabet lahoma so to him and they began to express this level of disgust so add to whom and say so one is like an expression of disgust because why they were exposed immediately. What have you call yourself an LA human being waterfowl agenda? So as they ate from the tree, they expose their nakedness to one

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another. They were disgusted by it in the sense that they knew that level of shame was not right. So they started y'all see Fang, y'all see frame is they started lacing as much of the leaves as possible to cover themselves. Man What are tail Jenna from the leaves of gender? wire, I saw a demo robber who for hallway and Adam he had committed a sin or a mistake with his master for hallway. And he was way off a hallway. He was way way off. So this level of nakedness or this level of exposure.

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It was way off agenda like that's something unacceptable in paradise.

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So what happened?

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from Mr. ballyhoura, boo fatawa la he was had a large social after some time.

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So after some time, him and his wife were expelled from Jenna. They went on the earth, spend some time and the reason why I say sometime is Thelma is here. Then some time passed.

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And Adam alayhis salaam, Allah still chosen because they were still good in this man. They were still good in him. It's not like we know what we do to each other. So if somebody makes a mistake, we write them off. We don't talk to them. Or you use said something about me. I don't want to be friends. I don't wanna be family anymore. That's what humans do to each other. Allah said so much Deborah, we still saw good in him that aura boo boo Fatah de la so he repented to Allah wa to analog guided him. Paulo da minha jermy battledome liberal dinero do so both of you now settled together in the on the earth him and his wife. Baldock of liberal dinner I do on this earth you're going to find

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enemies amongst each other. You'll have wise enemies against their husbands husbands against their wives, wives against wives, husbands against husbands people against people. So it's just going to kind of intertwine this way, enemies amongst each other for a man to come mini and if it ever comes to you from me who does guidance for many tibhar who de la for many tabora who Daya Fela your de la la la and so whoever follows my guidance, then they will never be misguided and they will never fail. Yes.

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Woman autobarn Vickery. Whoever turns away when ullas remember, it says right in front of you out, although whoever walks the other way, and victory from my remembrance to ineta humare schatten long care for them, they will reside and live and settle in this world lawn care. You know, the lawn care is lancha is like when you're never settled and never relaxed in life. before you go to sleep, you got to take sleeping pills. When you wake up, you got to take some kind of you know, anti depressant pills. You've got to go to counseling, you've got to talk to me, you've got to figure out different ways just to stay sane. You've got to find all kinds of different exercises, foods, people, you name

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it, just to find some peace in life. That's what monk is. Allah says Allah will put you in a place when you're far away and you make the choice to turn away from his remembrance alone will create a lifestyle for you and that surrounds you where you will never be happy. No matter how many people come to you and

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Look, you're still alive, you're still good. You still have a family that loves you, you won't see that. You won't appreciate that. Sure they're there, but they're not there. So that's well Bunka is it's an incredibly powerful word. So what is the lesson when I showed all yomo PMT, and then we will hurt them on the Day of Judgment blind. Whoa, that came out of nowhere.

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So they turned away from molars remembrance. And a Lobel Ray, give them a pretty horrible life in this world, and race them on the Day of Judgment blind. Okay, I'm starting to put this together. So they turned away from his remembrance as though they were blind. So on the Day of Judgment, they're resurrected, blind.

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That's a shock. This is somebody that was never blind in this world. But on the Day of Judgment, now, they're blind. So the first obvious question, when you can't see where you're going, when you hear things are happening, you hear the chaos of the Day of Judgment. So then you ask colonoscopy, or my master Lima hotshot attorney Anna, why did you raise me a blind? What could you come to basura in this world, I was able to see. So this is the question now out of desperation, like, what did I do to deserve this?

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And then what we're learning here, brothers and sisters out of that victory, turning away from a lesser remembered, you know, that's right. So one of the things that it captures is that you know, that ullas remembrance is the right thing to do. But for whatever reason you turned, you know what we learned here?

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There is a an issue that happens within the Muslim community, where we talk about massive topics, but focus on one aspect of the topic. So we'll talk about modesty. And when the sisters then hear the subject, okay, he's going to give a lecture about modesty. What's the first thing you think the speaker is going to talk about? What's the first thing that you know, the speaker is going to talk about if the subject is higher or modesty? For all the sisters watching this, I want you to type down what you think the answer is, when you hear there's going to be a lecture on modesty. What's the first thing you think or expect, the speaker is going to address when it comes to modesty?

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type it in in the comments.

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For brothers, if you hear, okay, he's going to talk to the youth. Okay, he's going to speak to the youth. What do you think are some of the subjects he's going to talk to you about with the youth, the youth themselves are going to probably sit there and be like, he's gonna probably talk to us about parents, and how we have to be nice to parents. Or he's gonna probably talk to us about how messed up we are, he's gonna talk to us about we've got to lower our gaze, we've got to stay away from our cell phones, that sort of thing. But there are lots of Muslims, lots of Muslims, that are amazing to their parents, but never pray a single rock era. They are amazing individuals, you can

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trust them. You love them, you want to be around them. But when it comes to practicing the dean or citing to court, they don't have a single clue.

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They don't have a single clue. So same thing with you know, when you hear the subject modesty. Yes. So nyira Parween, that's exactly my point properly dressed. So when you hear the term modesty, and about a lecture on that subject, immediately, he's gonna talk to us about hijab, they're going to talk to us about clothing. But we know lots of sisters, there are lots of Muslims that wear hijab, but have no higher because the hijab is it's just a cloth. The the hijab itself. The purpose of that is that it's a representation of your humility, humility and submission to Allah, when he tells you to do something, you're doing it.

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So that's, that's my point. But we know that the word higher modesty in itself, in and of itself, there's modesty in the voice, there's modesty in behavior, there's modesty in emotions, there's modesty and higher, there's modesty in emotions, there's modesty and attitude. There's modesty and clothing. There's so many aspects of modesty here. Why just focus on one thing, and that's when everybody thinks about that topic. Now, this is the only thing that comes to mind. Now, one of these days, maybe somewhere down the down the road, we'll do a comprehensive look on clothing and modesty in the quarter end, but at least keep that in mind. This person when they're resurrected blind

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shocked because what did we do that was wrong? How come we're in the state we're blind, we can't see a thing on the Day of Judgment What happened? Here's the last and final a where I got this title of this episode from

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pilot cattolica. Attach a tuna. That's how we gave you. That's how our eight came to you. Our instructions came to you

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to finish Sita and you just forgot about them. So that's how our a yet our reminders, all those YouTube videos, all those lectures, all those conferences, all those hotbeds all those reminders. We keep sending them, we put you in a generation where there was an explosion of knowledge and information. That's one actually one of the blessings of this day and age. One of the blessings of this day and age is that we have access to knowledge. I was just having a conversation with somebody yesterday about this. And I said to him, I said, Tell me one subject of Islam, that you cannot find on YouTube or on Google somewhere. Tell me one subject. You know, I remember one of my professors at

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the University of Medina.

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He had said to us something, I'd never forget this. He said that now, when students apply to do their masters or their PhDs, obviously, you have to write a thesis. He says we're running out of topics, we don't know what to give them. We don't know what topics to give these students to write about. Because everything has been written on every subject you can imagine. Somebody's written about it. So now what they're doing is they're recycling other thesis that were written by previous students. So they're basically saying so panela, they'll telling new students now from Masters and PhD programs, I want you now to write your thesis based on a previous thesis that was written about

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a student from a student to three years ago, take his thesis, read it through and then write something. And that's the cycle now they're going through, so panela so all the knowledge was there. So Allah, it's it makes complete sense. polyketide elica etika a tuna. That's the way our aid came to you but fantasy to her. You just forgot about it. You turn you out. Oh, darn. You turn the other cheek. You didn't care. Look how a low response.

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What can they they can Leola turns.

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So that's exactly how we are going to forget you. Get away from here. You forgot us so we forget you go. You're nothing today. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to listen to you. You're nothing today. Get away. That's how you treated my debt. I sent all these instructions to you. And you just ignored them. You didn't take them seriously. I said all this knowledge to you. You didn't listen. You didn't care about being reminded, you know what's interesting, a lie didn't say woman out O'Donnell or an

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Aladdin say or an LS advocate at my remembrance, it's much more comprehensive, because it includes the core end, as well as Hadeeth stories, instructions, reminders, and, and, and, and, and it's everything that leads you to the remembrance of Allah, Alyssa, I sent all of this stuff to you, and you just didn't care, you turned away from it all. So that kind of attitude you gave to my remembrance is unacceptable. So not only are you blind today, but the reason why is because you did this with my my knowledge. So get away from me, you are something to be forgotten today.

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Can you imagine getting a response like that from Allah.

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I mean, talk about a punch in the face. It's like this is the worst punch of the face you can imagine. That's how Allah subhanaw taala will respond. May Allah protect us from that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from ever being amongst those who turn away from his remembrance. Even if we hear it at least that's something we hear it but all Allah don't cause us to turn away from it. Because that's the consequence. In sha Allah tala brothers and sisters tomorrow will conclude this surah and then I will introduce the next subject. I think you're going to like the next subject and shall lights it's going to be it's going to be fun. And it's also you know, going to be

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important. I don't even want to mention anything about it because I think I'd give it away if I did. So, just to

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Tomorrow in Shell or at least watch the video tomorrow in sha Allah hotel Allah where I introduce our next subject Bismillah he tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all and may learn so Joe caused all of these reminders to be something that would uplift us who get to Lennar help us and uplift us with a widget and Eileen and not something that will punish us or be against us in this world or in the hereafter alarm me, because I can follow hate on everybody. Take care of yourselves and I will see you all tomorrow. beatifully la Santa Monica Mora to Lucha Libre capital.