The Comment Section #08 – Guilt Tripped By Family For Accepting Islam

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The speaker discusses the importance of religion in bringing out one's emotions and bringing them back to their values. They explain that religion is not about their religious beliefs or past experiences, but rather their social relationships. The speaker emphasizes that religion is not about their actions or experiences, but rather their creator's desire to bring their emotions back to their values.

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If you're a new Muslim, and you feel like your family is trying to guilt trip you about leaving your previous faith or your previous theological commitments, then this is common because for most people belonging to religion is just about your social relationships. It's not really about your relationship to God. And so if you're looking at it as like, well, this is our family's religion, or this is our tradition, this is our lineage, our heritage, in our culture, that's the only situation in which guilt makes sense. But if you realize that your religion is actually your allegiance, and your relationship to the Creator, then the primary concern becomes following the truth and not

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following what you were doing yesterday, or what your ancestors were doing. Or, you know, I come from an Italian family, my family's Catholic, Christian, they have certain sort of associations and culture and et cetera, et cetera. And every single holiday has this suite and that sort of thing that they make and different foods and different, you know, commemorations and rituals and things like that, if my relationship to faith is just about the social, then I might feel bad, leaving all that behind, what are people going to think, but that's not what religion is, it's a latent benefit of religion, it's a secondary benefit. You have all this social fabric and this kind of, you know,

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community and things like that. But that's not what it's really about religion. First and foremost is about your relationship with your Creator, doing things, living a life that your Creator is going to be happy with. Okay, so who cares if you get the approval of your family and everybody else, if you're doing something that's making your Creator angry with you is this is an inversion of the right priorities, it should be the other way around, we should be willing to do whatever makes our Creator happy, even if it's going to get us blame from other people, even our families. And that's not to say that you should be you know, belligerent or aggressive towards you know, your family or

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people of other faiths, but you need to explain to them that it's not about you. I didn't leave the religion that I used to believe in because of you or anything that you did or to make you feel a certain way I left it because I believe that this is what my creator wants, and that's a higher priority.