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A representative from the British Association of Muslim leaders is calling on conservative groups to register to vote in the upcoming election. They emphasize that every single person, including Muslims, can register and that anyone who refuses to do so will be sinful. The representative also mentions that the upcoming election will benefit the entire world and that they are not calling for benefiting them.

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Salam aleikum. I'm with Sheikh Haytham in his office in East London. Check him please. Could you share us with us? Marshal parties will be over the coming election period? Yes, we now know how to handle hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Yes. Now it is six o'clock and the deadline to register to vote is coming within six hours. Exactly. Yeah. Six hours, maybe five hours. 59 minutes

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to cut it short. Brothers and sisters, honestly speaking, I believe that every single Muslim is obliged to register to vote, and then he or she, they are obliged to vote for the right candidate. Okay, my dear respected brothers and sisters, I strongly believe that many of us especially those who are sitting in constituencies where there are some marginal seats, they will be sinful if they don't register to fall vote. And if they don't vote, did you get that? I strongly believe that they are going to be sinful, committing a sin. Why is this brothers and sisters? Okay, some people they think that what is the Delaine for this? They think that Allah Allah Allah in the Quran will speak

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about voting or Allah, Allah Allah will speak about

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registering to vote directly in Paul and Sunnah. No, I slam is not understood like this to ask for a specific deal about this. But Allah, Allah Allah called us as the best of nations because what we are enjoying the good and forbidding evil come to Hira, Mateen aqui deadliness Tamron urban model few attend how an annual mocha Allah Allah Allah Allah also says welcoming come OMA to Heidi where you are and how they should be among you and OMA that calls for goodness and enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. Also the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in the well known Hadith, he says that every single Well whoever sees anything Gronk he should they change it by his hand if he can, then

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if he cannot, then by his tongue, if he cannot, then by his heart, or, and many other proofs that commanded us as Muslims to try to change the status quo to become a better situation, this coming election brothers and sisters, believe me, this coming election, it will influence maybe the situation of Muslims may be globally maybe internationally. I cannot go into more details about this. I think mashallah the Muslim community is smart enough to understand this. That's why brothers and sisters, those who did not, they just go today and did it just that it will take you only four to five minutes maximum to register by 12 o'clock today. Today, I mean, Tuesday, the 26th of

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November, please brothers and sisters, this is a historical moment for us as Muslims for Britain. And by the way, we are not calling for benefiting us as Muslims, what will what we are calling for will benefit the entire British society, all Muslims and non Muslims and in fact it will benefit the entire world, Muslims and non Muslims. I hope that we understand this and we take it seriously