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The speaker discusses the difficulty of solving problems by spitting out a story and communicating with others. They suggest that people have to evolve to deal with people and respect them. The speaker also talks about how people have to cope with people who are not supposed to be there and deal with them.

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There's no akoni that is as painful. That's as bad as burning an untold story inside you.

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His story, nobody is ready to listen to his story that's only known to, you know, to anyone you want to see, you want to explain your own side of the story. But nobody is ready to listen to it. The biggest way of you solving that problem is to find some way to speak out,

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to spill it out of your chest, so that your heart can be free. Sometimes, in other words, to solve some problems is not keeping it into yourself, you have to spit it out. Because that story you must tell it somehow that story somebody must listen, someone

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or you must say, you must say if you want to look weak while failing, you must feel it even when dejected while saying we are going to look for it doesn't matter. After all.

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If you know that you have always been good at something. And there's always something good about you. You have to evolve so that people stop taking you for granted. People stopped rubbishing you people stop, you know, betray you. people stop the really you people stop distracting you. people stop putting things into your life that are not supposed to be there. You have to evolve. When you evolve. People have to cope with you. People have to reckon with you. People have to respect you. People have to accept you. People have to deal with you. Sometimes people have to be with you as you are and you know anybody any apology anymore.

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You are not warm anymore. You are now a cobra.

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You are now in charge. You are now