The compulsory Kushoo of the Prayer #01 – The Intention

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses two types of intentions: intentions and actions. The intentions are related to a person or group, and the actions are related to a person or group. The actions are either actions or actions of a person or group, and the actions are related to a person or group.

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That sure is of two types. The first type is sure that is a rock non ferrous solid. It is a pillar of the prayer, it's compulsory. And the second type of issuer is, is a recommended, it is Mr. Boone, it's recommended, and he perfects the person Salette. So let's look at the first type. We said that the first type of assure is that it is a rock. And this means that if this type that we're about to discuss, and it's for things, if this type of shoe the compulsory Whoa, sure, if it's not present in your salad, then the prayer is invalid. The prayer is rejected. And such a person must repeat his prayer. Four things, number one,

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the intention, the intention, and Nia and the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in normal Armello beneath that the actions a person does or only by intention, whatever you intend is what is accepted and you're rewarded for when the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah, we're in the future. So the mobile is our Solahart Solahart Yasuko look wider facetted faster than joselu allow, he'll confirm that there is a flesh in the body. If it was ruined, all the deeds erode. And if it was corrected, everything you do is correct. So if your intention is ruined as you pray, then all your actions of a salad are ruined. And if the correct if the intention is corrected, and that is in the

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heart, if it's corrected, then all your actions of the prayer are valid and they're correct.

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And the intention is of two types. The first type of intention is intending by your solid portgroup in Allah, to draw closer to Allah has version, wanting the reward only from Allah, wanting Allah Zoysia His pleasure, one thing Allah to praise you and to accept you, and not wanting this from anyone else. That's the first type of intention, that when you pray, before you pray, intend in your heart, that feels solid, I intend with it cooroibah in law, to draw nearer and nearer to Allah and His pleasure,

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the second type of intention, they call it near to us the intention of the action. So what are you praying? What is the celestial praying? So you want to say a lot but what are you praying? Are you praying Behold, or you're praying also? Because you know, what also is the same for like ad for God, so near to us intent in your heart, what solid Are you praying? So if it's also your intent in your heart, this is your also pray. If it's a shirt you intend in your heart, this is Resharper and so on. So these are the two types of intention, one intention, you're intending to draw nearer to Allah azza wa jal, because a solid is a worship that brings you close to Allah and the second type of

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intention is to intend or the intention of the action. What are you praying and what are you doing that Okay, so this is the first type of compulsory who sure in a solid. If you don't have an intention, the entire solid is invalid.