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Continuing our journey, the previous shoe

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in looking at how to feed certain individuals when, whether it be the old phones, the children, in today's youth continues the theme of treating people well, how we treat the guests that enter one's home, the concept of hospitality, we find there are many practices, even in a year

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times that we find hiring practices and customs that we find that we're dominant or well known or highly respected. And this is safe when should we listen to some of us that we think that sometimes certain practices inside our culture our countries are totally understand it. Sometimes they have a precedence that exists inside of the sun, but the way that they perform it begins to deviate at times. And that's the first thing it should have to tsunami came to reform these individuals to take the best of their characteristics and their behaviors and to make it to become even better. Does he want to come

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here completely stably the *ing the best of you interlinear will be the best of you inside an Islam. If they understand the teachings of Islam, that we mentioned last week, laughable the other the other Hajime, there's no virtue for an Arab over non Arab or non Arab over an Arab or a black individual or white individual, the holy virtue is tafadzwa is a conscious devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, does she find the deen of Allah Subhana Allah is vast, very widespread, that people from different nations and tribes and languages have entered into Islam seeing the beauty of Islam upheld the beauty of Islam. So the Prophet Allah is not to say he took these individuals whereby

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they had these habits which may be an ascetic practices, he refined them, he taught them how to drink, how to eat, how to urinate, how to live their lives, he said to full of mistaken living.

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When you come to eat your food, collusion pounds at the, at the platter, eat at the food snatch at the food. So he grabbed me by the hand and said to him that when you eat first you say the name of a month, and then eat from that which is in front of you. Don't spread your hands around, eat food directly in front of you, when you drink water, to squat down and to drink, to sit down and to eat don't recline and he and some of us we're all familiar these own actions of sadhana which are highly recommended person has become judgmental towards another individual. But a person has

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to carry out these actions and best that they can whenever they can inside their life. Know that we become a people that when the Western world or medics tell us that it's good to sit down and drink water is good to sit down to squat or to urinate. When the Western world turns us. When medics tell us, then we quickly run towards the sadhana. We develop inside our lives, when appropriate. So some centuries ago, advise a piece of practices that when you eat, there's three parts of your stomach, one for your food, one third, for your drink, and a third for you For you to breathe, don't eat or drink beyond that, because we find in certain wordings and even though some of the venom had

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classified them as we, but the meaning is true. Whoever eats a lot becomes a lazy individual who becomes lazy becomes often becomes heedless. We will concede This begins to come closer and closer to the hellfire. So we find that the wounds are their authentic hadith in Sahih Bukhari that we find obesity will become rampant is amongst the minus signs of a judgment that we find all this has been prophesized and mentioned by the prophets of Allah.

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And after going today's Hadith of the Year for to tell us that to me,

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to be hospitable, to take care of your guests for three days and three nights, which is a true Yeoman weleda. And a peak element with as we're going to discuss in one day, one night, one European Muslim and your email into your cmo and a person should not go beyond that to begin to harm or begin to harm his brother called jasola. Working for you.

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How can a person harm their brother if they become a guest to the individual caught up with

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your creepy he stays beyond

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delimitation, and this person doesn't have anything else to entertain that individual way, doesn't have no more food or drink doesn't have the ability to do so. How we find a job is to jambalaya, the people of goodness. Hospitality is one day, or one night or another paddies begin to discuss what does this mean? After mentioned on the last 2am, to take care of your guests for three days, but

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at least the first one to take care of the guests. For one day or one night, it would have been Alan Sasha, who showed us a book already mentioned that this part that has to take care of the person one day, and one night means when you've completed looking after your guests for three days, then you prepare food and drink for an individual for a day and night. And then you send them off.

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As palani says, As for many people to maybe get rid of this individual feedings are over, that's it. He said, The meaning of this project is at

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the peak of it, the highest element of, of hospitality, when you finish three days, you prepare them for another day and night and then you send them off, you take care of this individual. And thus we find that the Quran speaks about guests and hospitality that we find the peak element of showing

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goodness and kindness. If we read the suffering, Ibraheem alehissalaam, the story of Abraham at a salon upon ambia, the father of the prophets that we've had many of the practices that we follow inside Islam, they go back to the rights and regulations that were given to him and he said on the statements or the action that he carried out, that's employment a lot, and I mentioned towards the end of the first justice of the buckler that we find Why did I tell you man

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when it was time to artistic Ibrahim al Islam, be certain key man,

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a man or a woman who was given certain obligations, certain Commandments were given to him, fertile Mona. He completed every single commandment that Allah gave to him fulfill a cold, call a ninja.

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I'm going to make now an email for people to follow

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up from Abraham, follow the way of your forefather Abraham at a salon. So he refined hospitality by an MBA by Abraham and a solemn family with a VHD halys he has no DNA except when he came with it with a roasted cough olema dimension machine

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what is to be cooked on code on rocks are we find a magma field from or put in a pig and slowly cooked we find our custom and then put forth towards the guest in other places inside of an image with a boom and take

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another long discussion informed about the guests of Ibrahim al a sinner inside surah we find a long discussion begins to take place about Ibrahim al Islam and you can help

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the briefing Ibrahim amin has not come to the news of the generous gifts or the guests that came noble guests that came to embrace

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it the Hello

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sudden, they entered upon him, he gave them the greetings or they gave the greeting of Southern piracetam to mukuru. He said Peace be upon you a people who is unknown. And people unknown people you are to me, your your condition and the way that you look. But he responded to the slumping individuals for Olga v. HD semi. He returned back to his family and in this occasion, I mentioned different caliber different when he came with a with a with a full a prime cough and nice coffee came and presented his gifts for Cordova who is

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an actor kulu he presented it to them and he said why don't you eat? What was so strange about these individuals that we find out before the amount of champagne Sahiba as well.

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A famous book

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that we find he mentioned.

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Based upon these verses, he begins to discuss what are the articles of showing hospitality or towards your guests who comes to you? First we find he mentioned to hastin to be food for them but

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he didn't have any family visa he did hastin he didn't ask them. He didn't think about it. He quickly rushed out the freedom to go and prepare something for them. Then for the Aston Martin

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He bought the best

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of what was with him, didn't bring something which is death or something else, he bought the best food to present what individuals

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in a place, then he presented the food to them. Islam tells us that this is the way that we need

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to present the food in front of the natural be an element of shyness. If you place the food away to the present country or the room or come and present the food directly in front of them munakata foo will

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be because

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then to pass them in a gentle manner

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to Cologne. why don't why don't you eat? Is there any reason to people on an agenda come from far away? What is the reason that you don't want to eat this food that we prepared and presented in front of you? And that's it, we study the context of this area.

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We find it needs these guests. These noble guests that we find they were none other than

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the angels that came

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to me Mooji mean, we are angels have been sent to a criminal and people

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that the fall was of lewd. People have looked at Islam that we find why why would these agents these noble these beautiful 8% down upon these people that we find that we find love in chapter four an another discussion begins to take place about the coming of the angels in our own sin in our home, in a coma ami loop will be sent to the people no one was it the people that were doing that they were doing

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even in Nicosia inside is processing MBR lists all the crimes,

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robbing, stealing, being rude, harming people. And we find the most evil of sins that you find is people who carry out the action of bringing the shadow of the desires upon men rather than women. When to truly feel lazy, don't get to disgrace me regarding my guests.

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So the guests were beautiful angels came and the people had these beautiful young men have come to be guessing they want you to come and to take these individuals. And they said men conversion machine isn't a straight intellectual individual amongst you, who has the right sense of mind that what is it even actually that you're doing? That you try to fulfill your desires with men rather than women?

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men read?

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You know what we want? You know why we've come here for you know, what we're asking for? We will to take these guests by force.

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You know, if you studied in great detail, we shy away we think you know, why should we highlight what I believe is

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called a free to

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Get rid of the people of loot,

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no matter how old they want to be pure people in the 21st century. In a modern world, same cliche,

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same, same mentality, get rid of people who want to live a pure life,

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who want to live a good life, get rid of these individuals. We want to do for wise,

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evil actions. And we want to justify to the world. We want to justify to the world that there's nothing wrong with not wanting

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to get rid of these individuals. Our request is to a Christian counterparts to read the story of Luther what they're called lot in the book of Genesis inside the Bible, read about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read about the city what the city of the

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what people explain the Bible, Allah in the home, clerics with them, rabbis with them how they explain to the people that were punished and what was the crime that they did.

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they can see at the moment, what is the battle name, what is the essence, read the Quran in great detail we took them to take it from underneath and to turn the whole of the space the earth over them to leave a sign for the rest of mankind. These people they go there to take them out to take the oil to say there is a form of beauty of Godhead.

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And that little movement in Muslim

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the anarchy that most of us enter into this environment is

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a triple weepy except for reflecting an emperor. That's what that's what the Muslim is. When a Muslim sees by see things, even when you see the clouds you see the rain. You see the thunder

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What is a Muslim population, a Muslim became over anxious, became worried that what could happen, the punishment of a life coming man of Ukraine by Mohammed Ibrahim,

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who will return it back to the mobile women doesn't take care of the guests. Is it from amongst the followers of Mohammed Ibrahim Ali salam, as we mentioned above and beyond the need the father of the prophets, he prefer the sending of Muhammad Allah, the Prophet Muhammad has become amongst his people, definitely many similarities they share.

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And as the properties are, we mentioned, three times dimension but can you build a

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hierarchy only?

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When can you manipulate when you fell, you can only build a volume.

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the progress I mean, it's handy. The number 15 or so the collection of 42 IDs that we find a reader should have this handy job we will tell him that we find the concise was given to the public retirement

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of irrevocable hembree two volumes, several newsprint in one volume, extremely basic Hadith

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about how Muslim is, you know the moment this this was a strange word, you find hnd diplomas, degrees, about hospitality, how to take care of people how to look after people the word is strange. You don't need a degree. You just need basic words. Mankind

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whoever believes in Allah the last day does you find that email isn't big company is this

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just by Columbus by speed, this Muslim is suffering from at the moment. It is speech that we that we that we believe in at the tip of our tongue,

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who believes in Allah and the Last Day,

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let them do carry out certain certain actions is what the Quran always preaches.

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And even a better belief, to have

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and likewise to carry out action that most of us we know.

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We know so many things, what is the problem of being stabbed in,

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in in a phase of belief that we know

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that you dissent

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listen to the last third of every single night

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is the one who seeking forgiveness me forgive the individual is the one seeking to be a part of the individual. All of us we know that

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find that you have even had the benefit of this knowledge. What is the benefit of knowledge accumulated

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knowledge these know this knowledge but you don't call upon Allah in the life you don't make you don't call upon him. All of us we know that Allah subhanaw taala said maybe there may be some people that will

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agree that

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listen to the driver why why why

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not if

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we don't this is hello we know this.

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Why don't we stay away from her on

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a lack of conviction belly inside the last day.

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Senator Richard

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who ever come for whoever comes to Asia first, I should know by email to see if I have an email for that individual testing by email for the individual. We have a Muslim woman and we were bleeding with something that we find that somebody find is trivial.

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once in a month or once in a week

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we find your mission is temporary and every single day every single day is combined. I'm not praying inside the machine every other day by not Prager inside the machinima for what purpose? baffling man weakness of a man by the strength of the dunya State of the Union a fight something of that nature towards it. Well you had

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a low up but as any

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of what is a low offer mean? What does it mean? Allah is greater than everything made me It made me alert a woman

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from your family, your children, your work your career everything. Lemme

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leave everything

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you need. If you don't believe everything. You believe something else is greater than Allah just like you need to shoot at the edge of the door. What is under

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Your shoes

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I did not shave I

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was drafted just underneath for shoes. That's all a step outside the outside the machine. That's the value that

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Need to sit and think about the dunya to

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organize your life your structure in such Salah I'm going to do this I'm going to do that I'm going to do that I'm going to do this and

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that's not Salah does not prayer. There's no prayer at all. gonna fly under the donkey sadati Kashi roll successful other calibers when they come to center, horseshoe submissive individual observant individuals that's what Salah is in a salon

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from alpha hush Thank you Eva mukaan that's what he meant is alarming. Montana you need to be like a

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pilot only a small bit of a battery wire Yes, good. Speed good or remain silent.

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That's that's what life is. Speed

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is the remain silent. woman can

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you believe in the law of state and take care of your neighbor.

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Don't harm your your neighbor. Numerous integrated gambling begins to code that you find the person begins to harm the neighbor, you find that you find a hunter you find the progress of kept on repeating later later.

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The Companions mentioned such telemedicine If only you remain quiet.

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That he can kept on repeating kept on repeating take care of your name, Bye Take care of your neighbor until before avenging the neighbor is going to inherit.

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Therefore, Islam is that the neighbors around us they should be pleased they should be happy they should be contented.

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On the last day, let the individual take care of the guest. The fun part of having

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a new

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person shouldn't remain with a brother till eventually begin to harm the brother portfolio to suit the law instead of messing about law.

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has a person begin to harm the product? Follow up Melinda What are your three He states that the individual beyond the three days and a person doesn't have anything to entertain or to take care of that individual. And as we find that, hey, lemme begin to discuss that. Likewise, a guest shouldn't be too demanding. That guest shouldn't be one that who is who's requesting overburdening the individual to cause any inconvenience. That we that we know that in the world that we live in an environment

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is not the same as some of the Muslim lands that we find a house is a spacious environment is spacious

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that a person needs to understand the concept of guests as well, that you become burdensome upon other individuals. And I call the fine extremities about this as well. The more than concept more than concept of guests that we find that people say that person needs to respond to a guest to attend functions of guests that we find. And as we mentioned that we know so many things. But what is it that we let know inside our lives?

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Isn't doesn't mean taking care of the guests being

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there the mixing of genders that we find the mixing of families that we find and because for the sake of whatever it may be, Islam as we mentioned, it cuts out those cultural practices which go against the Sharia. It doesn't say cut away from your family members don't take care of them. But whereby you find that there are there are certain gatherings of guests whereby they come together with the disobedience of Allah Subhana Dada, we find Islam is

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a mixing of genders and the

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original Bini Salah youth in the Sharia. The mixing agenda in general is not allowed inside the Sharia there may be some exceptions that exist in the the the exceptions. We accepted that existed and this has become the common practice that people begin to develop this inside their life doesn't remind you that the parameters that we have are the Quran and the Sunnah. That's the progression he always

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he always want the subjects around him.

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

wound them why for what reason, even prior to that parameter bozena inorganica Sabina, they don't carry Xena, Xena, Xena inorganica Sevilla, The New York Times recently done an article about

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work ethics and behavior. quite surprising is that we will marvel at that when we reflect upon them. They know that mentioned makes it strange women shouldn't have dinner with them should have private appointments with them should sit an open gathering again. This is the New York Times, writing about the financial industry that it has to come down. This is this is a company they're not Muslim. They've seen the threat they see the dangers in India at the moment trains for only women to travel apart for what reason,

00:25:35--> 00:25:44

mistrust any individual but a deed of a locality for protection to remind us to protect a Yakumo

00:25:45--> 00:25:49

upon you to end up amongst a gathering of women.

00:25:51--> 00:25:52

And hammer

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

and hammer will note

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

the brother in law is deaf

00:26:00--> 00:26:13

culture everybody is a brother or sister his own family union that we find it we don't doubt any individual. But why did the prophet Elijah He's such harsh words, that the brother in law is just

00:26:14--> 00:26:21

because a straight person they just engineers leave the house. But a close relative has entered interest to come and to go and to leave.

00:26:23--> 00:27:01

So the professor is warning to be careful to be vigilant to protect protect the honor of the family members that we find. Likewise, we find the upper extremity that we find of so called speaker than a stomach revivalist inside a society that we find burdening people excessive requirements and damaged lifestyles. Then, we find extortion, monetary gains, for people for collections of money for lecturing for asking for certain things, going beyond limits. It's no exaggeration attempting to 1000s of pounds for 100.

00:27:03--> 00:27:19

This is the Dean of a law so panel Donna, if a person needs to take on enough discus, Amiga No, it doesn't need to take a certain amount to get help them to get by, as they say, even though in the Quran is a great discussion, great discussion in the

00:27:21--> 00:27:54

reward for teaching the Quran, great discussion begins to take place. Many of them say classifies how long to take money for the foreign, even though it's a noun at the end of the discussion by showing that the intensity that a person should have that night should revolve around taking money for Islamic practices, or making a source of the major source of the income that becomes the society around us. And as we find the simple life, simple results, simple and simple, teaching the population to be generous and be good to the people around us.

00:27:55--> 00:28:00

And likewise, we shouldn't become shy to display our faith in many individuals

00:28:01--> 00:28:06

who share the same concerns that we have. But nobody points is that nobody comes out.

00:28:07--> 00:28:17

We shouldn't be shy about our faith. We shouldn't be shy about that we we should be we should be full of praise, honor, dignity that we find. But on the other hand,

00:28:18--> 00:28:19

look at the shame of us.

00:28:22--> 00:28:43

racing to imitate the West. If they eat and drink in a certain manner we need to eat and dress in a certain manner. I'm not saying it's Haram. But the point here being some people that boast about that they think is the culture they think is required. They think it's etiquette. They think it's a it's a modern individual.

00:28:47--> 00:28:55

person sits down and eats and drinks with their hands and behaves in a manner is a person who's a medieval ancient individual can never hasha

00:28:56--> 00:29:02

then this medieval individual is falling the person who liberated the medieval Dark Ages,

00:29:03--> 00:29:05

but not in a world

00:29:06--> 00:29:49

that was appropriate at a start up to some destinies individually is falling, who you falling inside your life. Who would you look up inside your life to think these individual these individual individual living ages read about the renascence period how in the dark ages and what they found visually they found life they found illumination and he discovered how to live a life when you have to live a life 1400 years ago we forgotten how to live that life now. Because we think that the teachings are proper is a trivial teachings. They have no no impact. If I every single thing of the sadhana in essence is more a juicer is a is a miracle is a miracle itself as we began we entice

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

people that when a person clings to their fate holds faster they forward faster The sooner he attracts people attractive that why do you behave in such a manner while interested in

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Such a madman Why do you speak in a certain manner? Why you do certain things in a certain manner. A opens people come multiple how many disbelieving individuals

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travel food travel from Muslim lands. I had a shot. Last year we lost a property number two, except for Muslim individual took him in his house, impoverished individual in small amount of food

00:30:25--> 00:30:26

to Santa Elena

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de cada cobden

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Islam, he said when I heard that either, my heart ripped apart.

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My heart ripped right inside my chest. When I heard the call of prayer, when I saw the president offering the Asana a awoke spiritual awakening. It woke me out a couple of disbelieving individuals who see the practices

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awakens them It reminds them about Allah Subhana Allah food sadhana, as there will be a golden opportunity living inside is inside his world at the moment living inside such an environment to awakening people awaken them

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was to remind him about a lot of people who are not people searching for spirituality, spirituality that lies inside the Quran and the Sunnah must own a dopey inability to base the conduct of hospitality to those people around us to Muslims or non Muslims in the wider world around making a sort of enrichment is sort of a reward. For us inside is more so inside the garage