China’s War on Islam – xinjiang Uyghurs

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And as we find that theory for the weak, and the unknown oma minibus, we were quite familiar. And rightfully we are familiar, that a sham Soria that we find a Philistine,

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Burma, Afghanistan and Iraq, Somalia, Somalia, the war torn zones, the hardships, the difficulty, the calamity that people are facing, there

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are some other people, there may be some of us who have never heard about them. And we don't know that this.

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This oppression is taking place and we have no interest, or we're not well versed about it. And as we find inside of China, the Muslims that we find that 10 million population, 2 million of them in detention camps at the moment, which is if Turkistan that we find 10 million population, the Chinese, the Xinjiang, the new province, they want to wipe out this area, ethnic cleansing. Nothing is as it has ever happened since the Holocaust. They want to wipe these people out to take the land totally over this what the people they want to do. They have placed 2 million Muslims in detention camps, take children, place them inside orphanages to brainwash them, to remove Islam from them,

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dismantle the bed, had a small Mohammed, Hassan Allah in the name Mohammed is how long for them to keep. This is what these people this the new land, destruction of 10, wiping out 10 million Muslims.

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In a scene you They say that Islam is a sickness, a virus that needs to be wiped out. This is what's going on at the moment as we speak, that some of us are a loop we don't know that even these people that they exist, Muslims like this that exists in the world, for being oppressed. And as we find that we should, as you mentioned, one body one global oma that we that we preach about it's just preaching about it. That's what it is, you know, we are so fractured amongst ourselves. It is so unbelievable at times, we can't discuss with another machine that's as shameful beyond just the fact that we cannot sit with another Muslim and have the decency and the support and a patient to speak

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to another Muslim.

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You know, we at the moment, are 1.7 billion Muslims on the face of this earth. In a population in 2017 of 7.6 billion people

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1.6 or 7 billion Muslims in the face of this earth 50 Muslim majority countries

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50 Muslim majority countries I find just to just to blow

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it would have an impact on the world.

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But what we find are precious takes faces day in and day out.

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We turn a blind blind eye to it. Because of world politics will gain world benefits

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in a in

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a prophesized heading sort of a b Don't. Don't study this in great detail that

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the nation will gather upon you. Just like you find people to get together to eat from the platter to eat from the dish. We are the dish at the moment because why the dish contains food. We could take richness, wealth, diamonds, gold, jewelry,

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vegetation, oil, produce, study the historical world, spanning the world at the moment, the geographical location, why these people engage in our lands, they will come and begin to pounce upon us that people begin to eat the food.

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So called Sahaba

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is going to be because we're small in number on that day. There's gonna be a number of us be able to overcome us.

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But indeed, you're going to be many on that day. But you're going to be the loser. And

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you're going to be like the frog of the ocean that has no value prophesied by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, they went a step further. He said you're going to be suffering from

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this disease. This infection.

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This virus we're going to be suffering

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Knock on

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wood dunya

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The address is the non Muslims love of the world. He's addressing this Muslim nation. That's what he's addressing you. The Muslims are going to suffer a love of this world.