Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 4

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probably shot a silly MD Dr. Tammy lasagna Coco Lee and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah Allah He was a PHP I'm about once again everyone saramonic Kumar.

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Today we find ourselves in salt and we known and this is iron number 26 of the surah it's a very short to our have been suddenly be marketable. It's a DA once again made by new la Salaam, even though I spoke about cerca de la San yesterday, I'm coming back to New honey Salaam. And this has to do with a, you know, the escalating conflict between himself and some of the most well spoken people and public people, public figures, you know, the wealthy, the political, the politicians and things like that from his society that had more influence people like that a lot of people listen to them, you know, when they speak for many reasons. They're the ones who decide economic issues in the

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community, political issues in the community. So they're respected and they have a lot of credibility when they speak. So those are the people that started speaking out against newer on a Salaam. And when they started speaking out against him, among the things they said, they said lots of things. They said, this is just a person like any of you. There's no such thing as a be him being a messenger. But But surely Miss lucam you need when you're tabula alikum. All he wants us to show that in some way, he's better than all of you. This whole thing about him saying he's a messenger, and you should follow Him and all of that. This is just his way of trying to feel more important.

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He's not any, any different than any of you. It's just that he has nothing else to show for himself. So he's come up with this entire story. And then they added other allegations. If Allah really did want to send a revelation, he would have sent an angel. We've never heard of anything like this before. Or you know what else and then some others came up with even more allegations and said, into a larger number agenda. He's just possessed, poor man. He's just saying these crazy things. It's not his fault. He's just possessed. So some came at him, like, he's got a bad intention. He wants to take advantage of you establishes superiority over you. Other people came at him and said, we should

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feel sorry for him. Poor man. He's got a jinn on him. He's possessed by a demon. And that's why he's speaking the way that he does. And this didn't happen by one or two people or they said it once or twice. This happened generation after generation after generation. What I want you to visualize here is on the one hand, you have one man no had a salon, and on the other you've got very credible people, people that other people listen to, and they have a public platform and they speak when they speak, people listen to them, and they're all united it the one thing they have in common is their public criticism of no Holly ceram. And it's not just their criticism when they speak other people

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start talking. And everybody's talking, you know about no Holly Simon, what is no Hello Salaam asking from them? is he asking money from them? is he asking influence or he's just giving them good advice. He's never heard any of them. He's never caused any of them any harm. And the thing is that if you know someone physically attacks you, one person attacks you, you might be able to defend. If two people might attack you, you might be able to deflect. if everybody's attacking you at the same time, there's nothing you can do. As a matter of fact, you try to defend from this side, you're going to get attacked 1015 times from from the back. And that's physically speaking. But you know,

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when someone makes lies against you, which is what happens with new holy Salaam they've made lies against him. When someone makes lies against you, it's actually it practically becomes impossible for you to defend yourself. Because anything you say those two things happen anything you say, they can take one piece of it twisted around, turn it into 10 new lies, and then you try to address those lies, and another 100 lies come out. There's nothing you can do. And on top of all of that, you feel like you're alone. And they are their numbers keep on increasing and their their allegations and the claims they make about you keep getting crazier and crazier. And then the crowd the public start

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saying, well, he's silent. It's not like he's defending himself. It's not like he came out and responded to this attack and then this attack and then this attack and then this attack, it must mean that he's clearly guilty or everything they're saying has to have truth in it. Otherwise, why would he be quiet? You understand? And every time and it's not like no Hello sir. I'm alive.

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Did not defend him or didn't say at one point or another that he's not insane like our messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam intervened material become emerged known he was called insane. Just like they said for kalu Majnoon was de jure about no had a Salam that he's insane he's possessed by a jinn, our messenger was was attributed that he was he was accused of having been possessed by a jinn and Quran came to defend him. Now think about that for Allah His word came and said, You are not possessed by a jinn. But did that help? Did that stop the allegations? No. Allah defended the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but that didn't stop the mouths of the people. Those

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who are going to disbelieve those who are going to hurl allegations, those who are going to continue to make propaganda they were not going to stop, they were going to keep on going. Then the question becomes what was the purpose of a last word telling the messenger you're not insane, or you're not possessed by it in the same way I remind you, allegations were made about our mother, I shall have the Allahu taala on her.

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for an entire month allegations were made about her. And at the end of all of those allegations, Allah revealed 10 out. So to know he revealed 10 out even after the revelation of 10 if there are people to this day that make allegations against her mother, I shall the Allahu talana and sometimes the same allegations and sometimes even worse allegations. It's not like even the coming of the Quran. The word of Allah stopped that filth. It didn't. The question The first thing to acknowledge here is when people make lies against us, as this is not something new. When people make a lie against you, and this can you don't have to be new to Islam for that to happen to you. You don't

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have to have political elite of the kuffar making lies about you. It could be even people that used to be your friend. It could be somebody from your in laws maravilla it could be somebody from wherever somebody some brother, your own brother use of alley slams on brothers made lies against him in front of his face, he was a thief. They call them a thief in his face, and he knows that they're lying but this uh, you know, if our brother Binyamin stole for Casa de Kala Holloman COVID, the you know, a brother he used to have way back he used to steal too,

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in use of Islam, they don't know that they're talking to us. And he's calling it you know him a thief. And this is the first time Allah describes Yusuf Ali Salaam felt pain. Like he actually felt pain and he had to swallow his pain. Imagine all the things he went through being thrown in, well being kidnapped all of that stuff. He didn't allegedly describe him as someone who's taken taken in by pain. But this time he was taking the grief overwhelmed him. When your own people when people that you consider brothers, family, blood, relatives, when they start making lies about you, when they start saying things about you? Well, what I'm saying is, one understand that you may not be in

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a position to defend yourself. It may be that you're surrounded from all sides, and whatever you say, might even make things worse instead of making things better.

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And if you're silent, and also it doesn't necessarily take the problem away because silence is considered an approval of guilt, an admission of guilt. So either way, you're stuck in that kind of situation. The only one who can help you is Allah no honey Salam recognizes that and what does he say? He says, I've been Sony be market the moon, my master aid me bring me aid against the lies that they make about me. Give me a this is the draw give me eight against the lies that they make about me. What I've been suddenly we Macedon and Allah azza wa jal of all things What does he do? He asked him to build an ark and escape from that place to get away, right? But though these words and nosara

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is a very powerful word, the word masala is I mean, I'm translating it as aid me, or even some translators helped me. But the word help has levels in the Arabic language. And when you ask for Nusra or nosode, like it, or not sort of La he will fit. Like the wording of this ayah suggests this is used when you are looking for massive aid, like military aid, like an army was falling short and a reinforcement had to come. That's actually Nussle. When legions of angels descend, and they come to help the believers who are one third of the number of the army numbers of the enemy, then a lot of calls that Nussle Roman nossal, 11, andela, right. That's nothing. In other words, we're learning

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that when people make lies, that's not a small thing. That's not a small attack. And sometimes the attacks that are not physical, the attacks that didn't come from a sword or a gun or a bomb, sometimes the attacks that come from the tongue, they also need massive aid from Allah. So when people make lies like that, then you have to turn back to a line sale have been totally remarkable master aid me Just give me aid against the lies that they're making against me the way that they're calling me a liar that it has multiple dimensions to this word because the booni you know, so this is actually a really heavy statement made by new la Salaam, in another place in the Quran, when a

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large soldier described that they used to call him insane eventually when it reached the very end of his career, he said it nema lubalin Fantasy

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He said, I am completely overwhelmed, I have been dominated. I've been invaded. I don't know what to do with these people anymore. I have no power over them. Nothing affects them. And their attacks keep getting worse and worse and worse. And their attacks are again, not physical. They're not physical as other binary because us when one army takes over the other army, like holy battle room, Rome was dominated, they weren't dominated by words they were dominated by armies. But New Orleans Salaam uses the word in NEMA Hello, I have been dominated when words lies, filth had overwhelmed him. And then he said, Master, you take you you provide the help. And even in that it could actually

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mean you seek revenge. Actually, he turned to Allah eventually and said, You seek revenge. That's not the door I'm referring to. I'm saying aid me, aid me against the lies that they make. This is a it's a really serious thing that a lot of people suffer from that happens in their life. Don't make law against the people that are saying things about you. Some of them saving things for bad intention. Some of them say things because they don't know any better. Some of them say say things because they're careless. Or it could be all kinds of reasons why they say things. Some of them say things and they regret it later. It could be we don't know the states of people's hearts. But at

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least no matter what, think of it this way. If somebody threw a knife at you, and it stabbed you, it got to you, right? Well, their intention could have been man, I was going for the tree sorry.

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Or they actually meant to hit you. And they hit you once and they're getting their second knife ready. There's different reasons why you got hit. The point is, you're still bleeding. So even if they didn't have a bad intention, that doesn't change the fact that you're bleeding, you still need help this idea or this is about you getting the help. forget how Allah will deal with them. That's a separate problem. That's not your issue. Your first issue is what do you need? How do you heal yourself? How do you protect yourself? And that is Robin Sony, we market the bone, Master Amy against the lies that they make and look at the most. You know, you wouldn't even imagine the

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solution Allah tells him to build a ship build an ark. And people are that this is early early history. nobody's seen an ark before nobody's seen a ship before. And Allah has given him the architectural map on how to build this thing was not helpful cabbie. Are you Nina? Allah has given him the architectural vision of how to build where to put what plank where do you put in the nail from Allah? from Allah and that's revelation is coming and people are laughing and what's he doing? What's he building here? This is good. This is for water. What water? We're in a valley. We're surrounded by mountains. We're going to hit Take this. People used to bring their children to come

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laugh at him. That's what they used to do. You know? What am Allahu Allah? Allahu Allah didn't even say what hamanako agha Safina we boarded him onto a ship unless we boarded him onto planks of wood and nails. That's how he describes the like, because it's always made of is like one meal at a time by this old man at a certain meaning allow will provide aid from the most impossible means you did not think those means have any any way of protecting you or helping you or rescuing you. But when Allah decides that that will come. So May Allah azza wa jal protect those of us that are suffering from any kind of humiliation, or any kind of lies that are made about human Lazio to protect the

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dignity of all Muslims, and lazily shall not make us guilty of doing such things towards others. barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when finally we are coming to political hacking,