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Are we gonna shut down rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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or praise to Allah subhanaw taala shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We pray, we pray and plea plea for Allah's mercy and His blessings in this world of Juma. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us into forgive us, pardon us. We send our greetings and love and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those following soon until the end of time, that Allah subhanaw taala bless as to be upon the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. We ask Allah to bless us in this time of year. For those of us who have written exams, may Allah grant

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us Tofig success in our exams to our kids in school and varsity Mala put all the heat and Baraka in the studies. May Allah bless our youngsters, and all of us even in this time, that's fun. We enjoy this holiday time in goodness in height and not to be distracted from Allah subhanho wa taala. May Allah put Baraka in our health risk for those who have passed away My Allah grande monk FIRA Mala make the cupboard wide. May Allah bless them in the in the graves in grant mercy for the families. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah it's always good to be back being away for two weeks. I don't know if you noticed, if you didn't notice I was missing for two weeks, then I think you need to

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think about that.

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When you get to Joomla says chef gone for two weeks, I wasn't given the cookbook, right? So well Hamdulillah we say shukran to Chef Abdullah Kay, who was who stood in two weeks ago, and the Mona Archie was student last week Alhamdulillah

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And subhanAllah I see I've lived and do some action near in the blue cup. We'll have to discuss those things. And may Allah make it easy for us in this community. Make dua that Allah keeps us community safe. I mean,

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we continue with our series on this risk management series or the series on risk. And we spoke over the past couple of weeks, beginning to ask the question, with times being tough, everyone is being feeling the pinch, no matter how much you have, we feel the pinch. How can we make our worries go further, because we believe as Muslims, it doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank. Ultimately, it comes down to the baraka Allah has put in Allah can make that 10 grand go very far wala can make that 10 million Rand, I don't know where it is, comes down to the blessings from Allah. And if you remember I mentioned and this is behind Allah, something to always keep in mind

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that wealth is just a test. If every single one of us are being tested in terms of wealth, why? Because at the end of the day, the way you began is the way you end, you began with nothing, and you die with nothing. So that 60 years is just the test. Some of us are currently being tested with poverty, or our music is, our sustenance is seems to be insufficient, we are being tested with having too little others or being tested with having too much or having more risk. You're one of the two, you and I are tested in one of those two things. And as we said before, the most difficult test is the man who actually gets risk more is that is the very, very big test. That's harder, it's a lot

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harder to be a good person with risk than to be a person who struggles with poverty, it's easier to struggle with poverty. So not Allah, allow us to pass this test. And we realize that success even though we live in a society that says to you success is the car you drive, the suburb you love, the number in your bank account in the world we live in, if those things are correct, and you're successful person, Allah doesn't look at those things. Allah doesn't care about those things. And it will Allah when we get through the day in May Allah grant us the ability that before we reach our cover, we have time to reflect will also realize that our life is not going to come down to the

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assets we've owned, or the holidays we've traveled, or the accumulation that we've made, we'll look back and we'll look at the deeds we've accumulated. The relationships that we had, asking who's going to make dua for me once I pass away, how many people are going to make dua against me Subhan Allah, how many claims will be against me? Those are the things that will ultimately matter. And that's always the forefront discussion that we have in our mind. That is what is true success. That is what counts ultimately. But of course, Allah says to us, wallet and Sunnah Siba Comilla dunya. Don't forget that you live in the dunya you need to survive in the dunya and even to one comforts

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and enjoyment of the dunya is permissible. We as Muslims believe, to want risk, to want money to want a nice car to want a big house to

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Want to travel and enjoy yourself in a halal way? Alhamdulillah no problem, permissible. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong with it. So long as you earn your money in a halal way, or you spend it in a halal way, then even earning and spending money becomes an act of the Buddha, for the one who seeks his risk in a good manner, then that eight hours a day you sitting in the office is actually worship. You're being rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. And last week, Mona Aashiq began discussing how can I make my music go further? How can I put Baraka in my music? How can I get extra and the extra that I get? Inshallah, let's go further and Subhanallah you added Juma football on risk last

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week, and if you put this into implementation, you found your payday followed immediately after that. Alhamdulillah some of you may even got a bonus. So alhamdulillah Look at that. So behind Allah, look at that. Allahu Akbar

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Monash mentioned a few points in terms of from the Quran where Allah says and remember, this is the beautiful thing sometimes.

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We think and this is where Eman comes into play. Allah will tell you, you want more, give more charity, you want more money, avoid this haram transaction even though it's gonna make you big bucks. Because Allah knows and we don't know and Allah is the giver. Allah is the one that gives he opens the taps and he closes the taps. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions and monastic mentioned is number one is the far now we know all these people make doba for the sins that you've done.

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Even though when think about this, I've made some sin My Allah forgive you May Allah forgive me. You think back of the sin that you made you for you ask ALLAH forgive me for the sin I've made. You don't ask for this. You don't ask you Allah give me money. Give me children give me rain. Allah automatically gives you those things. When you make it stiffer. without you even asking for it. It's a side effect of stiffer. So that we know says to His people say ask Allah for your full forgiveness. He will give you rain and children and money and Gardens and Rivers. Now in the past as as much mentioned, when you talk people in the desert, you will get gardens in the reverse. It's

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like for us Allah saying you're getting factories and offices and buildings in our time. Just make ECFR just 70 times a day maybe a stockfeed Allah stockfeed Allah, you will get forgiven and you will get it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says to you

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was number two monastics had seek knowledge, because as you seek knowledge, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will bless you and this is not just from a taco since we know the more qualified you are in the dunya sciences, you will become successful and prosperous. Whichever place you on earth. The person who is qualified naturally, other blessings will be attracted to him. So for our youngsters here, we taught from our Sharia, we began with Iqra, knowledge will always in sha Allah bring other benefits, knowledge will give you strength and Isa in the dunya and in the era, Allah mentions us in the Quran when Allah says he raises up Daraja levels, those who have Eman and those who are given knowledge.

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If you have knowledge and you will devote yourself to learning, whether it is dunya sciences or Ophira. Sciences, you will find the baraka the blessing in the dunya. And the Astra knowledge is knowledge that blessing. And we said though, when we said this and something to think about as we come to the end of the term, it is a strange kind of blessing, knowledge, a very unique kind of blessing.

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It is the only blessing that we know of that you cannot get for free. You can be born with wealth, that you inherit from your dead. You can even be born with Kingdom you can be the A your dad dies, you become the king. You can even be born with iman be born a Muslim, Allah can give it to you for free, but he will not give knowledge for free. You will every single person will start with zero. You need to start from Alif. Berta ABC, that's the one blessing Allah does not give for free so it shows you Allah puts a premium on knowledge. And if you learn that, naturally other blessings will come. Allah and as Monaci mentioned Allah says, well may yet tequila jello, Maharaja, where's Zuko?

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Who hates to lie to see but I like this idea. When Allah Subhan says, Whoever has Taqwa of Allah and is conscious of Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada will make a way for him. Now you find yourself in a bit of a fix. May Allah make it easy for any of us who are in that situation.

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Things are constrained. And now it looks attractive to take some kind of haram loan, haram kind of business dealings. The job looks good but there's some gray area, Allah this is where you're stuck work comes in. Yes, I want that. I need that even. But Allah says Whoever fears and is conscious of Allah, He will make a way for you where you had not thought of Allah will

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Give you a way out. When you think yeah Allah, all the doors are closed. It's so easy for me to just take this thing that's haram. Yeah. Just to take some of that money no one knows no one will find out. But if you maintain that Taqwa Allah says, I will open away for you, you could not even imagine. And this is why your resume in high school if you will give you music from an area from a way you never thought there was beneath your feet above and above the sky. From a place you never thought Allah says, I will give it to you. Because you remember the rosary. You cannot get your music. If you disobey the giver of music can't happen. And that's the taqwa. That's the belief of

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the believer. That's what makes us Muslims. We submit to Allah first. And we believe that this is the truth our code, yeah, Allah then everything I've done it according to the book, everything the numbers don't add up. I've done my part as you have commanded me. My accountant says it's not gonna work. Everyone's is not going to work but I put my trust in you. I've done my part. Now it's for you to give an Allah subhanaw taala will given that is through Tawakkol dependency on Allah. When Allah Sheikh mentioned some other points, the one who goes for Umrah and Hajj regularly, you will find that as it is increased and Subhanallah it's very, very expensive to go for ombre and Hutch, we know

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that very expensive. And I see this year, we might eat we were thinking of having a Hatcher Omura class, usually there's a demand, no one came forward say is the umara class because I imagine it's expensive for people understandable. For those who'd like to have O'Meara class, please message me afterwards. If there's enough, we'll have one more class maybe in the next week. So to come, even if you just want to come for the sake of coming, we know Subhanallah you do the umara class with a Nia, one day I will go Allah gives you the word of it, and he might even open the door for you. But one of the benefits of Umrah and Hajj and I say this illegal because I've seen it, the brothers that

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take 4050 years to save up for the first formula or the first hedge. They go for that first hedge, then they go next year. And the year after that in the year after that now Subhanallah it becomes repetitive. Where did that money come from? This is from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The prophets also mentions as well that if you want to risk, strengthen your family ties, there's another Hadith where the prophet mentions a person who is bad, he's a sinner. He's a criminal, yet you might find Allah gives him risk way. Why? Because he was good to his family.

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He was good to his family.

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Maybe things are tough in my bank account, your bank account because this and a mother, a sister and auntie, some person in our family we haven't done justice to. And Allah is withholding that until we fix that no matter how many hours you work, that risk is not going to come because that's the problem. You've got some family member whose rights you've taken some family member that you have not connected with. Now, very important when we spoke about this a few months ago, the prophets have said MCs keeping family ties is not to be good, whether one that's good to you. It's good. It's easy to be okay with a brother that you get along with the uncle that you can have a laugh with. But the

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keeping family ties is to be good with the one that cuts you off. That is the true taste of Taqwa that is truly the thing that is difficult. So do that in sha Allah, you think how am I going to earn money, you know, I don't have enough the bills that are being made. Maybe all it takes is a phone call to a relative you haven't spoken to in a long time, where the Neerja Allah, you told me this is where my risk is, I'm searching it in the way you've told me and you and who is best to fulfill his promise than Allah subhanaw taala.

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When asked mentioned and ALLAH and he says this, one of the points of, of getting risk is marriage. Now, many people will say, before marriage and family life was easy. I had more than sufficient now that I'm married, yeah, Allah, things are difficult. And for those brothers that are about to get married, it will be difficult. So we need to balance this, this this discussion that requires two sides of it. The Prophet says salatu salam, those who are able to get married, and ability here means physical ability, maturity, it also means financial ability, especially for the husband, you will have the responsibility of NACA, meaning you need to see to this lady's maintenance of food,

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her clothing, her medical needs, to a stand that she's accustomed to. So if you took her from Rhonda Bosch, you have to keep her in rondebosch. Right. That's the idea. It's the ideal. Of course, if she says, No problem, I'm willing to downgrade for now. You know, temporarily, that's a downgrade now, right? This is not the default. That's always the promise, then it's permissible. So Nica will always be constraining on the on the husband, it will be so but we also understand that when you do things in a halal way, and we live in a society we're constantly bombarded by haram. So when we protect ourselves in that institution of mica, we stay away from haram number one which was Baraka

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in our dealings. Allah woods of calamities. We know that in

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Mercy that you spend with your wife is actually a sadaqa a charity. It's a charity. We know that, that you know, we said this many times Subhan Allah, one of the best easiest divider to fulfill is to be intimate with your wife. And it's regardless of charity, and we know we will ever give charity, Allah will put baraka and risk in you. And beyond that risk, you'll find in the Quran will or talks about your wealth, and man who will balloon children. And perhaps those of us who have kids, we know no amount of money on Earth equals your children. And you can only get that through Nikka. So Allah will open new channels of risk. It might not be that your bank account goes up. But

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other forms of wealth will come to you other forms of happiness that you could not experience other forms of prosperity that you will not experience. We live in a time as I said, we the only thing that matters is the money in your account. You can be a miserable, horrible, terrible person, but because you've got a billionaire next to your name, you've seen a successful Islam says no, success is a lot bigger than that. And marriage is one of those things. In fact, look at this hadith I love this hadith. Prophet Solomon says, The world is filled with metallic delights full of treasures, this dunya is full of enjoyable things. But the thing that will bring you the best enjoyment over

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others is to have a righteous wife that when you look at her, she brings happiness to you. There is no treasure on Earth, that will equal to that no amount of money on earth will be able to buy you that feeling that when you just look at your happy. Now that is true wealth. So may Allah bless us in our marriage, that we are all kings in our marriage. And we all feel that blessings that even though the bulls have a tight, but we have the happiness that even the Kings exhibited in them in that Nika will Hamdulillah.

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Last week, Monaci mentioned that of the ways in which we get Baraka is our sin to the poor. And in fact, it's more than just the poor. It's giving charity. Allah subhanaw taala says Subhanallah look at this idea. When you put money in the Tao in the masjid, you make some EFT online, you give the beggar on the street, something you didn't give money away. Look what Allah says. Allah says, Man, the lady you could Allah Quran Hasina, who will give Allah Allah, Allah is asking you and me who will give me alone, Allah is asking you gives me alone, you are not giving the bigger the masjid the Imam, the student of knowledge, the poor lady, you're not giving them money, you're giving Allah

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alone. Allah will take it as an alone means he will give it back to you. And Allah says, who will give Allah alone so he may multiply it for him many times so Allah can multiply it for you, and then give it back to you with interest. So Allah is allowed to pay interest and dividends, we can pay interest, we can receive it but Allah pays interest.

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So whenever you give charity, there's a famous proverb, proverb, no one is made poor through charity, you're not made poor through charity. You only get richer in the dunya and akhira. And this is our iman, this is our iman, in fact the word Zakka. To purify, it also means to grow, are you giving but I'm being how am I growing because your money is going to grow through that Allah is gonna put Baraka in it. Allah is gonna make your assets go further, Allah is going to make calamities turn away. And that dua as the scholars have said, what price can you put on the dua of someone who was starving? You brought him something to eat and now they make that sincere dua Allah

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bless him in his business, how much how much is that worth? How much is that worth? Swine, Allah says contrary, you give a poor person an ugly treatment and then make dua against you.

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That's something that we think about as Muslims, we are conscious about these things. Allah says, We know this very famous parable in the Quran, the likeness, the example of the one who spent Allah gives you an example, this is the minimum return. So you know, when we talk about investments here, okay, I put my money with you 1000 Rand, after one year, how much you're going to get, so maybe this case 10%, you give 1000 and we'll give you 1100 grand, that's best case, Allah says the example of the investment with Allah, the One who spends his wealth for Allah sake is like the one who gives a seed, a grain and that grain then is grows into a plant that has seven stocks in each stock is 100

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seeds. So you gave one seat, you got 700 seats back, you give one ran over gives you 700 Rand back 1000 Rand, Allah gives you 70,000 Rand, right this is the, this is the way in which Allah works.

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Subhan Allah, so this is the minimum, the minimum was Allah. The minimum was Allah. The maximum, what's the maximum, there is no maximum. There is no maximum with Allah. Allah will give without limit. So never, ever fee

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Let poverty, never ever feel the charity will diminish you. Perhaps the reason why you and I, our money is not going further is because we haven't given charity in a long time.

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Maybe when we work out budgets for the year, or budgets for the month, we should say, at least 100 Rand is part of my charity. And the scholars Subhan Allah and the pious people have old, they had it within them. Whenever they received the risk, they gave a fraction of it out, because then they understood to Allah, that's the sugar number one, that's number one. They say to Allah does, yeah, Allah, I thank you praise me to you, this came from you. And now this is my obligation I'm gonna give to someone less fortunate.

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That kind of appreciation. And then, you know, we don't give to Allah examples. But think about this. If you have two kids, one that is wealthy, and one that's not so wealthy, and the wealthy brother gives just a little bit to his not so wealthy Brother, how do you feel as a parent, you don't want to give more even to the Generous One, you even want to give more. And Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah doesn't have children, but we are all his creation. When he sees one creation, looking after the other one, Allah will give you even more.

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The next thing that was mentioned last week, and we add on to this, and this is perhaps one of the areas we need to really focus on, is to be honest in our business dealings.

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But we live in a time of strange kind of time, where we have very highly professional people. I look at very qualified proficient people, and we perhaps even more qualified than our parents. We are a grade above our parents in terms of the degrees that we have the jobs that we have our parents well, Hamdulillah, Grant, eval grandparents, very simple people, yet the wealth had seemed to be better than ours, what they were able to achieve in their life in terms of the community, in terms of the massage they've built, in terms of the amount of hugs that they went on umara. They went on even the journeys that we that even Subhanallah, they had seen a 10 Children, we think, how am I going to

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survive? I have one extra child, it just doesn't add up. But they are these big families. No one went hungry. They all went to school, they all went universities funnel. We did this Baraka come from how is it possible, because at least the man he says I was honest in my business dealings, but not one single earn was haram. I didn't take the hack of anybody.

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And that's something that will bring Baraka in your business, in your dealings. If you work, if you work and you buy and sell, make sure that no one can point the finger at you in the dunya that era, that you took the hack of someone else and if you work for a boss, I work in you and I work in a company, our time Our time belongs to that company. Our time belongs to that boss. That company has happened as that salary was not deficient, they paid us the full salary. So we need to give our full view attention and key whether the boss is there or not. Whether you alone. You give that full commitment because that's what you paid for. That's the HAC of someone else. Allah says about this

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kind of thing. We motor 15 Woe to the one who is fraud who deals in fraud, who is he Alladhina Exacta Nuala Nasya Stouffville. They are the ones when they have to receive the che, they take full measure when they must get the salary or they must get the profit they take the full price not one cent place. If you get one cent one, Rand Listen, your bank account you found HR where's my money? Right? If it comes one hour, like we found ways that money, we need to do some recon here. But when they have to give reports of measure or wait two men, they give less. They don't give the full 100%. Everyone needs to look at that scary Hadith. Allah says of the three people that are that Allah will

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the Prophet Salam will be a witness against him on Kiama the day of Kiama that even though you pass the test, the courtroom is passed. Then someone says can I object this man condo to Jana, I want to stand against him. One of that is that when a laborer works for you, and he's done his job, and you don't pay him his full view

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on Kiama that is how you treat your domestic worker. How you treat someone that you have available to you may be up to authors and how many of us violate said that Muslims have gotten a bad reputation. I rather work with the company with a professional company than the Buddha because the Buddha is going to give me another job that or the Buddha is gonna say no, no problem. It's 1000 Rand and you get a bolt in 1000 Rand No there was this there was that

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this was not the way we were known before. We knew that if you go to Peng is going to give you an honest deal, quality work, honest work and he won't cheat you. Baraka in the way we do things. Allah says to us, do they not think that they will be called to account on a mighty Day, a day when all mankind will stand before Allah? So be ready

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To account with Allah, I tell you, there's nothing more stressful than an audit in the dunya. You don't want to be audited by Allah on the day of karma. You don't want Allah subhanaw taala to question us on that day about where this came and how that went. So be honest in the dealings, that hadith was mentioned last week, that Allah said that the Prophet says that when two people transact when they buy and sell whatever it might be, and as long as they don't separate, and they and they are truthful, and honest in explaining the defects they give them, they say, You know what, I'll tell you the truth, there's quite so much mileage, there's properties that you tell the full story,

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I explain everything, nothing is hidden, then Allah will bless them in a transaction along with baroka transaction, the money you earned as the seller of Baraka in that and the property you acquired as the buyer, Allah will put Baraka in that. But if they lied, and they cheat one another, then Allah will take the blessings out of it, that call will break after just a few days, that money will disappear. We didn't go. We didn't do

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some additional things that we mentioned this week.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that our purpose in life is is what is even harder is to worship Allah. Not to acquire money. acquiring money is part of life, but it's not the reason for living. And when we live to acquire money, then we've lost the plot.

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Look at this hadith, Allah says the prophecies on the says that Allah says Allah says these words, Oh, son of Adam, take time out. I wasn't saying 24/7 Being anybody. I wasn't even saying 50% for the dunya 50%. For me, that's fate. Allah says no, live your life. Do what you need to do. But put some time aside for me. Take some time out to worship me constantly, consistently. Make your $5 do a little bit of extra. If you do that, I will fool your chest with wealth with richness, you will feel wealthy inside

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and Allah will remove your poverty. Look at this hadith. The more YBA you make, the more time you give to Allah He promises he will put wealth in your heart and to remove poverty. But if you don't do that, Allah says, Then I will make your hands fold with occupation and you will not remove your poverty meaning you will be busy. You will have extra work, you will do more hours at the job. But your money will not increase. You will toil harder and harder and harder. But your music will not go further.

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Don't let your job take you from the rights on the hack of Allah. Never ever let it be said that I can't make my salah because I'm at work No, Allah has Huck consola comes first. Never ever let it be sitting on camera. We don't live in a situation like this. From Australia, for example, I met some feedback where I was many people unfortunately, Allah make it easy for them. We don't judge them. They don't go to Joomla because I can't go with job my boss won't allow me to do so. We're very fortunate. But many people have that it's my work. Now if Juma is not sacred enough, if Salah isn't sacred enough Ramadan I can't force because I have work to do. And what is our purpose for Allah

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seculars what is the what are we doing in this dunya and Allah says you won't get that reason. So take some time for Allah

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and other Hadith. The Prophet says your Lord glory and honor be to him he says oh son of Adam, take the time out to constantly worship me. I will fill your chest with each other so son of Adam, do not distance yourself from me or I will fool your hearts with poverty and fill your hands with work you'll be busy and poor, lose lose double loss

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in the eye in

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when you remembering Allah and you must also search for your risk. So not only is it just that we that we go and we remember Allah we also look for the risk and a beautiful example is Surah Jamar is surah. Juma? The idea of the walk of Juma is a good example the other references are Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota Jamar.

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Allah explains this. So what happened was the Sahaba came for Jamar like this and things have been a bit tough and a B caravan came in the big caravan came into Medina and many Sahaba actually jumped up from Juma and they went to the caravan. Only a few companions sat down about 14 of them and that's why some of the MCS the minimum amount of people in Joomla is 14 Only a few Sahaba remained others jumped up and actually went out to go see the business. So Allah revealed if Allah says Oh, you have believed when the other one is called for the salah on the day of Joomla then come to the remembrance of Allah and leave of your business close your shop, leave your job, when it's worth of

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Joomla everything your job must close sidenote you can you leave your business open and you in Joomla Can you do that? What do you think? Yes, you can. You have to be in Joomla but say your wife or someone else, it's permissible to have the business running, but you need to be in Joomla you need to be in Joomla is permissible but Alhamdulillah

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Have our forefathers had this heightened level of Taqwa? Allah says close the business I close it. And that level of Taqwa perhaps Allah gave them in other ways of Baraka. That's a good thing. And then they told the people, Friday, I know it's the busy time of day 12 to two heart of transactions is joumana, come off the two Alhamdulillah. That's where the baraka comes in. So Allah says, Then leave that your business and come to the remembrance of Allah and leave your trade that is better for you. You're going to see that in your business in your family in the dunya and akhira. If only you understood, if only you understood how good it is for you, and when the prayer has now been

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done, when Hamas Juma is done, and I always I know 113 I must be done. When the play is done. Then go Allah says, then disperse within the land and seek the bounty of Allah and so look for Allah that is no problem. Go and look for the risk of Allah. And remember Allah while you're working, still remember Allah Allah, so that you may succeed. If you want to be successful in your business, Allah says, keep remembering him, even in your shop, in your business at work, remember Allah,

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then Allah says to the Sahaba, but when they saw a transaction or diversion, they rush to it and lift you standing. So Allah says, You see, what is with Allah is better than the diversion and the transaction. And Allah is the Best of those who provide, he's the one that's going to give you don't, don't

00:31:28--> 00:31:49

take the Huck of the Rasik, the one who gives in search of risk, you will not get risk except from Allah. So seek your hawks, Allah shows you in this area, go and look for your risk. But when the time of June, well comes up here, close your businesses, avoid your business come to Juma and when it's done, Alhamdulillah go and remember Allah and then he will give you double extra in that.

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The prophets of salaam reminds us one of the ways of acquiring risk is to always remember the Ophira is more important, though. So the Prophet says, Whoever puts this world as his primary objective, then Allah will divide these affairs we need Allah will make his life difficult, and he will place and we see this before he will place poverty in his eyes, and nothing will come from his world except that which was already written for him is Rick will not increase. But whoever made the Ophira his goal, and Allah will make his affairs easy. And Allah will put the riches in his heart, and the world will come to him. And they will be submissive to him, the dunya will submit to you think about

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this, you make Allah first, Allah will give you the dunya and akhira. You know, we're talking about this. You know, if you look at the Muslim lands, the Muslims unfortunately, there was a time when we commanded we had the Ophira and the dunya we had the base of this and that today, we've lost the way we look not where we should be in terms of ASEAN Allah knows base, but we've lost the dunya as well. Why did we lose the dunya? Why have we gone backwards financially in terms of education with us, Allah will not allow us to move forward in the dunya unless we keep our deen

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you cannot you will not acquire this dunya except through Allah for the Muslims, in particular, the Muslim and it's out of Allah's love for us sometimes that because we forgot him, he withholds the dunya because he mentioned you forgot Allah, and then he gave you the dunya you will now have no reason to come back to him, you won't come back to him only on the day of karma, and then you are really lost. So as a mercy when we forget Allah, He withholds just to make us remind, but when we give ourselves to Allah, He will give us the dunya and akhira, you will get the dunya as a byproduct of your EBA

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time is running up some other points here Sudoku, if we know the story, that'd be Musa greatest Nabi of Allah one of the greatest of the Gambia of Allah, he doesn't have a saint in his pocket, what seems either one of the great either prophets only of Allah, who knew many of the unseen not a saint in his pocket, they need to cross a river, we see they don't have money for for public transport. So a poor family of fishermen took them on the ship.

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And then we know he that broke and damage the ship. Why, because later down the line, a king was going to come and claim all the ships on the on the on the on the sea. But when he saw that ship was damaged, he lifted and you might have killed the people so you live them. What we learned these, these poor people, they were poor, but they actually use the assets in terms of sadaqa they made sadaqa with it, they gave someone free free journey, like a free turn today Musa listen Salam so Allah save the assets, you want to save your assets. You want to save your car, you want to save from an accident, your house, yes you do the insurance when hamdulillah but on top of that, when you

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use the service of Allah, you use your knowledge for the sake of Allah somehow give back to the community. You use your wealth for the sake of Allah, your children for the sake of Allah, Allah will save it from calamity. Just trickier you want to

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To find Baraka in your positions, use it for Allah not all the time. That ship was only used maybe one hour for Allah sake, and Allah save you completely, completely from destruction.

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The other story in Surah Kahf, we know the two orphans, they were orphans, He that comes to the city, and he sees a wall breaking down and he bolted up. And the minister says, Why? Why did you do this, you need to take something from these people. We know that then federalism tells me Musa that under this wall is some money that parents good parents left to the orphan children. So they are orphans in the city, the parents died, and they hid some money under this wall, maybe 1020 years later, those orphans will grow up and they'll find that money. What we learn here, sometimes you as a parent makes a sacrifice, you won't see the benefit of it, but your children will see 2030 years

00:35:51--> 00:36:02

later. And also just something to think about. No matter where you all today in the dunya what positions you have what car you drive, it might not have come one but from you. It may be a grandmother that may touch you that you got that now,

00:36:03--> 00:36:39

a parent that sacrificed that you have that now you have all these martial law qualifications didn't come from you. It came from someone else's piety Allah puts in your life. So we learn that the Tacko of the parent will enrich the children if a dunya will increase in the future. The last point and perhaps the most important point, Allah says, What is the advantage and when you load proclaim, he may Allah and Allah may or then Rob bukem, la, la, la in Chicago to La as he didn't know that if you give sugar to Allah, La as he didn't come up with a shutdown, he will definitely increase you.

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That if you give Thanks to ALLAH for what you have, he will give you more.

00:36:44--> 00:36:49

The more Allah gives, the more sugar you get, Allah gives you more. It's like a win win constantly.

00:36:50--> 00:37:26

So whatever good you have, whatever you have now is not enough. Give sugar for it, you will see an increase in that may Allah bless us in what we have. Allah grant us to earn our money huddle and to spend it in a halal way. Next week, we'll talk about the things that destroy wealth, the things that actually ruin us completely. We'll talk about those things in sha Allah. Next week, just many announcements in equations normally, we somehow manage gmail.com We continue our series, but our last three mothers, the last three wives of the prophets of Allah, we're coming to the end of our series. For those who haven't been part of it, you can join still lovely to get to know who your

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