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Juz’ 14: Al-Hijr – An-Nahl

Al-Hijr 28-99


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of shaping the world to make it attractive and make people happy, avoiding the danger of sexual harassment and privacy in the workplace. They stress the need for privacy and forgiveness, avoiding giving people what they don't want to do and not just visualizing what is written. The speakers also emphasize the importance of worshipping the holy spirit and not leaving things in one's life.
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And mentioned when your Lord said to the angels I will create a human being out of clay from an altered black mud, and when I have proportioned him and breathed into him of my creative soul, then fall down to him in frustration, so the angels frustrated all of them entirely except Iblees. He refused to be with those who prostrate. Allah said Oh, please, what is the matter with you that you are not with those who prostrate? He said, Never would I prostrate to a human whom you created out of clay from an altered black mud. Allah said, then get out of it, for indeed you are expelled, and indeed upon you as the curse until the Day of Recompense meaning forever You shall be deprived of

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Allah's mercy. He said, My Lord then reprieved me until the Day they are resurrected, meaning let me live until the day of judgment. Allah said So indeed you are of those who are reprieve meaning Yes, you will not die until the Day of Judgment until the day of the time well known meaning the Day of Judgment whose time is known to Allah, it please said, My Lord, because you have put me in error. You have put me in error he blames Allah, I will surely make disobedience attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all. I will mislead them all this is chiffons goal. Unless as Heather Bella holiness, this is a message for all people. And shaitan also has a goal for all people. What

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is triathlons goal? Take everybody to the fire with him, make everybody go astray. And for that, what is the strategy? Low Zenon Allah home Phil,

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I will surely make things attractive to them on Earth. So what is the strategy? What is the main way of a farm to misguide people making this world attractive,

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so attractive that a person does not even look forward to gender he gets so lost enjoying this life, the food here, the clothes here, the freedom here, the friends here, the actions, the pleasures over here, that he cannot even think about what is beyond this life. This is the tool of shanto the strategy of Shelton making this world attractive, so that a person pursues the pleasures of this world only his ultimate goal is to be happy here now and so he does not want to compromise on anything for the sake of the era for the sake of obeying Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't want to give up anything to obey Allah. No, I cannot fast because I get hungry I have to eat, I can't do

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without my sleep. So I can't go in the night to pray. I need my sleep. So you see sleep is made attractive, because of which a person does not even pray to the car which is tele is even so that he can get up in thought a heap of reward from Allah.

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What great deprivation, this is what the trick of shame upon he has made the earth attractive and not just the earth but even sending attractive he makes him attractive. So a person does wrong, he's doing something wrong, but he comes up with various justifications and excuses that I have to do this because of such and such reason I do this because of such and such reason. This is all a trick of shavonne when a sin looks good, remember that is champion playing with you.

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When the yelling answering back to your parents looks good, like a good option, Chetan is really got you under control.

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Because he's made a sin attractive. When how long food when how long money looks attractive, appealing, tempting. That means shaytan is on your case. So seek refuge with Allah. Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Because when the world is made attractive to a person, then he will become blind to what is beyond this world. Does that ever happen with you that you're sitting in a small car? And right in front of you is a huge truck? huge truck in front of you?

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What is that truck? Do? Does it obstruct your view? Completely? You don't know if there's a traffic light coming up ahead. You don't know if there's cars ahead. You can't tell. So what is the first thing that people do when there's a truck in front of them? change lanes, isn't it? This is how linear is once it comes before you. It blinds you about the alpha. It doesn't let you see it doesn't let you appreciate look forward to strive for work for the reward that Allah has placed in general. So what do we need to do change the name? How do you do that? Say Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r g and put that dunia aside. A Larry Bird come in Houma, La La seen except among them your chosen

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servants, meaning those chosen servants of yours, Oh Allah, I cannot trick them. I cannot deceive them. Why? Because they know what the reality of this life is. No matter how much dunya comes before them. It doesn't seem appealing to them. They can always sacrifice it. They can always give a part of

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Some of it, they can always leave it so that they can get to gender. So what do we see that there are two types of people, those who are Halloween those who are under the effective shape plan? And secondly, those who are not under the effect of shape one, so we need to see where do I stand the profits or losses that I'm said, the devil flows in a person like his blood,

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like his blood painting, it doesn't separate from a person and he's constantly working, working, working, you know, like blood with its movement with its flowing while you're alive. Isn't that so? shaytaan what his activity with his constant was was a he keeps our singing alive. He keeps making us disobey Allah soprano tada and this is why we need to be careful. And this is a fact whether it is our food or our children home, whatever it may be. Shaytan is constantly trying to attack us interfere, take a share of these blessings, destroying these good things for us, creating problems for us through our actions through our words through our gestures. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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said that the throne of Iblees is upon the ocean, and he sends detachments to different parts in order to put people to trial, meaning he sends groups of shale clean to different places on earth. Why 15 and ness to create fitna for the people, trials for the people what fitna, this dunya is made to look very attractive. And the most important figure in his eyes is the one who is most notorious in sowing the seeds of dissension, meaning the one who is most problematic The one who causes the worst fitna, that Shabbat is the best in the eyes of employees. But what do we learn here? No matter how many detachments Emily sends, there are some people who are safe, safe from shadowclan. Who Who

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are they? They are ullas, sincere, chosen servants in Larry Bird come in humble mozillazine. Who are these chosen sincere people so that we can also enter that category, so that we can also be protected from shade lon.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about remoto dillow arnhold that indeed, I see shall clean from among men and jinn running away from Roma.

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Meaning when they see Roma, they run away. They don't go close to him, they're afraid of him. Why? Why were they afraid of her moral dilemma and who? Because Roma feared Allah, he feared Allah. And when he feared Allah, then champion was afraid of him.

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When we fear Allah, the way we should fear Him, then remember your shavon will be afraid of you, he will avoid you. Because he knows he won't be able to find any comfort in being with you. You don't have these we learn that a believer because of his good deeds, his constant remembrance of Allah, what happens is the children, he gets exhausted, he gets exhausted trying to persuade him to do something wrong, but he's not able to get on gets tired. And so he has to change his shift with somebody else, because he's tired. Like, for example, when a person goes into their house, and they say Bismillah, can shavon enter that house? No. When a person is eating, they say Bismillah can

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chalon sharing that food? No, not at all. He's failed again. When you lock the door, and you say Bismillah shaitaan cannot open that door. So Shantanu is trying he's there. Imagine somebody is trying to come with you. And when you open the door, you close the door on them, and they're left outside. And they're just like, What am I supposed to what am I supposed to, and then they're sitting next to you, you're eating food, and you eat the whole thing and you don't give them anything?

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Right? And then you're going to sleep and then you don't let them lie down on the bed at all. I'm going to get frustrated eventually and leave.

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Aren't they going to get frustrated? But shaitan doesn't give up? He just gets tired, exhausted. He doesn't give up. But how is it that you keep yourself safe from shame upon by fearing Allah, remembering Allah, remember Bismillah the name of Allah. This is the barrier between us and children. It is the barrier It is our protection against rape on Carla Harris rotten Alejo, Mr. keema Allah said this is a path of return to me. That is traipse. And what is that path? The path of loss, the way of sincerity, believing in Allah, relying upon him, seeking Him worshiping Him striving towards him, indeed, my servants, no authority will you have over them, you will not have

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any authority over them, except those who follow you have the deviator is so one group of mankind is of those who follow a law and another group is of those who follow shall mean those who follow shaitaan shaitaan has control over them. And those who follow Allah who remember Allah then shaytaan does not have control over them. And indeed, hell is the problem.

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misplace for them all. Meaning no matter how many they are, when they will all end up in hellfire. So there's only two groups, we better decide where we want to go.

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to Abu Johanna hell, it has seven gates for every gate is of them a portion designated. When there's a huge fire, it's difficult to even look at it. Imagine this fire of hell is so huge that this place has seven gates, seven places of entry. And in Hellfire, there's flames that are shooting out it's noisy smoke that is emerging. From hobbies. We also learn about an emerging neck and neck that will emerge out of it. merciless guards. This is hell with seven gates, noisy. You know, we are afraid of many things in this world. A lizard, a lion, a bug a fly a bee wasp. These are things that we are afraid of, we scream when we even see them from afar. This jahannam is what we should really be

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afraid of. Because those who follow Chevron, they will end up here. disobedience to Allah is like taking a share of the fire in them. mattina fija nathdwara Yun, indeed the righteous will be within gardens and springs or the Moto cane, those who lived carefully, they will be told, enter in peace safe and secure. And we will remove whatever is in their hearts of resentment. Meaning when they will be in genda. before they enter agenda, their hearts will be cleaned. Why? So that when they are in Jannah, there is no resentment for one another, no ill feeling no misunderstandings, nothing at all. You see in this world in this life, we come across people who might be really nice. But what

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happens if you just don't click with them? Does it happen, you just don't get along with them. They say one thing and it bothers you. They say it is a nice way and it irritates you. They're trying to be funny, and you don't find it funny at all.

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They're trying to apologize and you're like, please be quiet. They're trying to talk to you and you want to avoid them. It's not that they're very bad person. They're nice. They're nice people, but you just very different from them. Very different, your temperament is different. And sometimes being despite your interact with somebody and and misunderstandings happen between you and them. miscommunication misunderstanding. So, when you live like this at home with a relative or even a spouse, or even children, is it hurtful day in and day out? Is it hurtful? It's very heavy on the heart. If you have to work with somebody like this, is that annoying? Very annoying. People will

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change jobs just because they can't get along with their co workers, your classroom. If you have people in your class that you don't get along with? Do you wanna switch classes? How many of you asked your parents I want to change my school because I don't like the people in my school. happens, right? I don't like this class. I don't like the people in my school. I don't like this teacher. I don't like the principal. Well, they're qualified to be a principal, they're qualified to be a teacher, what's the matter? You just don't get along with them. life becomes difficult when you have to be around people that you don't get along with. Now, the thing is that in this world, it's not

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possible that people get along with each other. Why? Because you have your heart, they have their heart. You have your own likes, and they have their own likes. Right? And Allah says that we have created some of you as a fitna for others, so we are test for each other. But how will gender be gender? If these resentments enter agenda with us if this baggage comes along with us? How would it be Jenna? So what will happen? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the believers after being saved from the fire will be stopped at a bridge between Jenna and Hellfire, meaning every person will have to cross the bridge and where's the bridge? It's over hellfire. So when some when the believers will

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manage to cross the bridge safely, they'll be saved from the hellfire. They won't fall in it, they won't be thrown into it, they will make it to the other side. Then what will happen? before they enter agenda again, there will be stopped at a bridge. And what is the name of this bridge? On Tara. And here the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Casals will be established among them regarding their matters, meaning if a person was unjust to someone unfair to someone, then fairness will be established over here so that when people go in their hearts are clean. You see, sometimes you have a disagreement with someone and you've never even spoken about it. You don't even talk about it.

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Why? Why is it that you don't even talk about it? Because you know that if you touch that topic, it's going to lead to an argument or it's too awkward talking about that with someone whom you disagree with. But people cannot enter general like that all of these feelings will come out they will be resolved. So there's no misunderstanding at all.

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will be washed. And then they will be cleansed the profits of the last item set. And after they are cleansed and purified, then they will be admitted into agenda. So what do we have to do right now? Keep these grudges and resentments and ill feelings and leave it to be taken up later.

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If we're not willing to let go, if we don't want to let go of these ill feelings, then why would they be taken away from us? We have to be willing at least to forgive someone we have to be willing at least to try and get along with others.

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And then our hearts will also be cleansed. And then then that will be done and this is the true pleasure agenda because there's nothing to bother you nothing to bother. No fatigue will touch them they're in normal format they will ever be removed. A bit Riba D and E and unlawful Rahim in for my servants that it is I who am the Forgiving and the merciful and that it is my punishment which is the painful punishment. Allah forgives, and he also punishes so never persistence in thinking that Allah will forgive and never despair due to your sins thinking that Allah will never forgive, no he punishes and he also forgives, above or below or who reported. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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that there will come people amongst the Muslims on the Day of Resurrection with as heavy sins as a mountain. And Allah will forgive them and Allah will forgive them. So a nice little photo Raheem, but at the same time, his punishment is severe. So we need to be between hope and fear. When a bit Homer unbelief, Ibrahim, and inform them about the guests of Ibrahim, who was Ibrahim a less chosen servant, when they entered upon him and these were angels. And they said peace, Ibrahim said indeed we are fearful of you. The angel said Fear not indeed we give you good tidings of a learned boy. He said, Have you given me good tidings, although old age has come upon me, then of what wonder Do you

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inform? What are you talking about? I've become so old. How can I have a child? Have you ever heard people saying something similar? I'm too old for marriage.

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I'm too old to go to school. I'm too old for this. I'm too old for that. No, he, he really is now around 100 years of age. He's being told you're going to have a child. It's never too late.

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Our problem is that the moment we hit like a certain age, we begin to think of ourselves as old. I'm now old. No, you're not old. The prophets of Allah sent him in his 60s, he went for Hajj. In his late 50s, he's doing jihad. He's going to the book. You know, the other day I was thinking,

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the Sahaba went to the book. hundreds of kilometers away. They didn't go in a plane. They didn't go in an air conditioned car. Many of them were walking. And the rest of them were on camels. Have you ever sat on a camel?

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Is it a smooth ride? It's painful. Have you ever done horse riding? How is that next day, your body tells you how that was. Now imagine the whole trip to the book was over 30 days, over 30 days. Constantly. They're going on on their camels on their horses are walking in, they eat. I mean, physically exhausting. They must be very strong people. Because what is wrong with us these days, we have so much food at the hood and so much food at afar. And we want to nap the whole day. And we want to come up with some excuse that will allow us to not fast. I mean, we have turned into weak links. weak links, we need to be a little stronger. And strength is both physical and spiritual and

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emotional. So never give up hope. Never think oh, I'm too old for this. I'm too old for that. No, you're not. They said we have given you good tidings and truth. So do not be of the despairing, Ibrahim said and who despairs of mercy of his Lord except for those who are astray. Meaning I'm not despairing. I'm hopeful. I'm just surprised that how is this going to happen? Ibrahim said then what is your business here? Oh messengers, meaning Okay, you couldn't just come to give me this good news. What are you here for Actually, this ad Indeed, we have been sent to a people of criminals. Why in order to bring punishment upon them, except the family of loot. Indeed, we will save them

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all, except his wife, a lot decreed that she is of those who remain behind. And when the messengers came to the family of loot. He said, Indeed you are people are known. Neither Ibrahim and Islam recognize the angels. Nor did Luther listen and recognize the angels. What does that tell us about the prophets of Allah? They do not have knowledge of the unseen, they said, but we have come to you with that about which they were disputing, meaning the punishment and we have come to you with truth meaning for real, we've brought the punishment and indeed we are true.

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So set out with your family during a portion of the night and follow behind them and let not anyone among you look back and continue on to where you are commanded. And we conveyed to him the decree of that matter, that those sinners would be eliminated by early morning. And the people of the city Cambridge, Joyce Singh, why because it's awesome young men because these angels came in the form of men, human beings. So the people of the city, they came rejoicing. Luther, his solemn said, Indeed, these are my guests, so do not embarrass me and fear Allah and do not disgrace me. They said, Have We not forbidden you from protecting people? As if they're saying get out of our way? Please don't

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bother to protect the whole world. Don't stop us. Lutheranism said these are my daughters, if you should be doers of lawful marriage, meaning here's a halaal option for you. Why do you go to men to satisfy your sexual desire? Allah says lon Luca, in whom Luffy sokrati him Yama Hoon, by your life. Indeed they were in their intoxication, wandering blindly, their lust was blinding. And such is the case of the one who lives to fulfill his desires. He does not care about any harm, any benefit. He's just concerned about satisfying his desire, gaining physical pleasure. And that pleasure it blinds him. He doesn't even think about what he's doing. So the shriek sees them at sunrise, and we made

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the highest part of the city its lowest and rained upon them stones of hard clay. Literally they were turned upside down. Indeed in that are Signs for those who discern. And indeed those cities are situated on an established road, meaning their remains are still there today. Indeed, and that is a sign for the believers and the companions of the thicket were also wrongdoers, so we took retribution from them. And indeed both cities are in a clear highway, and certainly to the companions of the mood of tribal hedges who lived at hedges. They denied the messengers, and we gave them our signs but from them they were turning away and they used to carve from the mountains,

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houses in the mountains they carved out their houses feeling secure, because they said nothing will happen to us no natural disaster can causes disaster. If the wind blows. If there's a flood, we will be safe in these mountains if there is a fire, whatever it may be. We are safe in these mountains. Our homes are inside the mountains. But what happened for a while the Tomasi had to misbehave, but the shriek sees them at early morning they were destroyed by a sound blast. So nothing avail them from what they used to earn. And we have not created the heavens and the earth and that which is between them except in truth, and indeed the hour is coming for us for his self help Jamil. So

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forgive with gracious forgiveness, beautiful forgiveness, meaning when people bother you, then just forgive them beautifully. Indeed your Lord He is Allah Allah, Allah leave the knowing creator. And We have certainly given you a prophet seven of the oft repeated verses, which verses are these, the verses of Surah Fatiha, you cannot repeat them enough. This is why for every record of every prayer, what do we have to recite Surah Fatiha you know, it's amazing. You have to recite the whole surah. And if you don't recite it your locker is not complete. Even if you bring eight record 20 Records still for every record, you have to recite a little further Why? Because you cannot repeat these if

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enough there are treasure and the great Quran now certifies the opening of the Quran if we cannot have enough of repeating the opening of the Quran, then what about the rest of it? If the opening of the Quran is so precious, it is so beautiful, that no matter how much you read it, it is not enough. Then what about the rest of the Quran? It's only for the pious Latimer, Modena renaker illa materna be as well German home, do not extend your eyes toward that by which we have given enjoyment to certain categories of the disbelievers. Meaning the dunya that other people have, don't look at it, don't stare at it, don't even waste a glance on it. Because if you do, then you will find it

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attractive. Its love will settle in your heart. And if it's settled in your heart, then the blessings which Allah has given you, you'll never be happy with them. The favors that Allah has bestowed you with, you'll never be satisfied with them. So don't even look at what you do not have. Don't even look at it. Why? Because then you'll be unhappy. And especially if it's the things of this world. Why, why waste a glance over it instead says so panela so that you get 20 rewards and your 20 sins are erased. You know, literally when it comes to window shopping or just going for the sake of looking.

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I mean, it's something so heavy on me. I can't go anywhere, just to look. When you're serious about getting something let's go get it. So sometimes you're you're dragged into these situations.

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But when your friend says I want to go get a jacket, he come with me like, Okay, fine. He's like, oh, let me check this store. Let me check that store. Oh, I can't find it. Let's go have some lunch. And let's go have a snack. And then let's go sit there. And what about this? What about that? What a waste of time.

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Allah says, Don't even look at these things which people have been given. Because then they will seem attractive to you. So when you drag in a situation like this, what should you do? Busy yourself, busy your tongue in the remembrance of Allah quietly, silently, whenever he has an IRA Him and do not grieve over them meaning when they don't believe don't grieve over them. Well for Jenna hacker, mini and lower your wing to the believers. This doesn't mean that if a person is not believing we don't care for them. You see the profits of the loss in him he cared too much for them. He grieved too much for the people. And this is why he was told tone it down a little bit. What we

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need to do is we need to grieve for people. We need to grieve for people because we don't grieve for them. And wafaa Jenna Hakkinen, momineen Laurier wing to the believers, meaning be kind and merciful towards the believers, and say, indeed, I am the clear Warner, just as we had revealed scriptures to the separators, who are the separators, those who made the Quran into portions, those who separated the book that was given to them, how do they separate it even our boss said, Those who have made their scripture into parts are the People of the Scripture, who divided it into portions and believed in a part of it and disbelieved in the other. And Medina jardel, Khurana Ilene, how that

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they took parts of the book believed in it. And they rejected other parts of the book, they took from the book, what they liked, what suited them, and they left of the book, which they did not like, and which did not suit them. So what do we have to do, we have to believe in the entire scripture cover to cover, take it all, seriously, all the Quran in your hand right now. hold it in your hand, look at the front of it. And look at the back of it.

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And tell yourself this whole book is for me. I believe in all of it. All of it. Not one part of it. The entire book is valuable. It is precious to me. And so I don't just have to believe in it. I have to learn it, reflect on it and improve myself by acting upon this book. I'm not going to just take parts of it and follow them and leave parts of it and never follow them know this entire book, entire book unless and this is all his speech for big Elena's Elena home edgy marine. So by your Lord, we will surely question them all about what they used to do, then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists Indeed, we are sufficient for you against the mockers,

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who make equal with Allah another day t but they are going to know what occurred in Alamo and naka de casa de Luca, Maya Kowloon. And we already know that your breast is constrained by what they say. You feel very tight and uncomfortable in your heart because of what people say to you. And generally what happens that when you're criticized for your deen for your rabada for your reciting the Quran, following the Quran, and what happens, people make fun of you people criticize you the question you they interrogate you.

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And this is something that is very hurtful, that you're trying to do something good, you're fighting against your own soul, first of all, and then there's other people who are mocking at you, what are you meant to do? Allah says, We know, we know how you feel. We know exactly how you feel.

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I don't know about you, but the first time I worn a bio, and the first time I've covered my face, I felt like I was going to die. Honestly, I felt like I was like sweating head to toe. I could not breathe. It was so difficult, because it's the fear of people. The thing is that as soon as a person does something good, shaitaan feels very insecure, very insecure. And he starts to make you feel bad and question yourself. And then he makes you fear people. And then he knows that, okay, you're out of his hand. So he's going to send other people to discourage you. He's going to make them look at you.

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He's going to make them stare at you. You know, sometimes I'm going with my kids walking with both my kids. And all of a sudden somebody's coming from the front. And they're like,

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it's like they've seen an alien literally. One day I was at a store and this one lady, she saw me and she went like, I think she was doing that cross sign. I don't know why she was doing that. But she was like, staring at me and walking and doing like this alone and why she did that. I mean, you're laughing but if you were in my position, I don't know if you would have laughed at that time. It's hurtful. It's scary. It's frightening. Right? It's frightening that you're in a public place. You don't know what somebody's gonna say. what they're gonna do. It's frightening.

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So she thought he sends people against you. Why so that you feel bad in your heart because he loves to see a believer that is sad. He loves to see a believer that is thinking about giving up. A believer who is thinking that maybe I should reconsider this. So Allah says, we know we know exactly what they say to you, and we know how you feel. So then what to do, first of all, take comfort in the fact that my lord knows, Allah knows. And then for some, behind the Arabic welcome, Minister, Dean, so exalt Allah with praise of your Lord, and be of those who prostrate to him to calm your heart. What should you say? Subhan. Allah says a bit behind the Arabic says upon Allah hit or leave,

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do the color of Allah to calm your heart. The prophets of Allah said that Indeed, Allah has chosen four words. Allah has chosen four words Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allah has chosen these words. So whoever says upon Allah 20 good deeds are written for him, and 20 sins are erased for him. And whoever says Allahu Akbar, then the same verses later in a lot than the same. So these four words Allah has chosen what's the benefit 20 good deeds are written and 20 sins are erased. So anytime someone is treating you harshly, getting upset with you arguing with you criticizing you for your deen, then just start remembering Allah. This is the prescription that

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Allah is giving us to deal with anxiety and fear, depression and sadness, that they could have Allah Subhana Allah He will be home to he and secondly we're coming aside to the in and be of those who are straight to allow meaning praise for Allah because what's their enormous somebody was Salah, because you see the connection with Allah is such a beautiful connection. It doesn't let you feel alone anywhere.

00:32:05--> 00:32:51

The record of Allah, it doesn't let you feel alone. It brings you company when nobody's with you. It brings you coolness and comfort when there are so many things that can make you sad, it relaxes you. And when a person remembers a lot and a lot remembers him and to know that Allah is watching me, he's talking about me and I'm suffering for his sick. I'm in safe hands. So it takes your fears away. wearable. Rebecca had to Kalia cane and worship your Lord until there comes to you the certainty what is the certainty, death, meaning until the time of your death, busy yourself in allas worship and do not leave it Do not leave the worship of Allah. So how to counter every obstacle that

00:32:51--> 00:33:05

comes in the way of Allah. Firstly, know that this is a life mission. Because Allah says Barbuda, Rebecca, hatha hatha what, you're married. Hathaway, you have a child when

00:33:06--> 00:33:54

until you get to Kalia clean until death comes to you. So worshiping Allah being obedient to Allah is not just for when I was single, or I had no children, or when I have two kids, or when I have three kids, and now I'm getting a fourth or a fifth or six. So now I gotta leave something. No, worshiping alone is not just for time at school. No, it's for all times circumstances will change. They will change definitely. But what should not change is our Buddha our servitude to Allah our master, because this is the path that leads to this is Serato Mr. team, and may our death also come to us while we are worshipping Allah, what would Rebecca have to clear clean