Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 04 – Courage

Murtaza Khan
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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending advanced greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey, looking at good moral values, many of these values that we find that we symbolize or we carry out, for them to be effective inside society takes a further value,

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or certain moral concept of courage, have the courage to take the belief that a person has all these practices to not just deliver them to oneself, but to deliver them to the wider society.

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And this is unfortunate, we find more and more inside our society, a concept of stagnation, complacency, no one wants to say, rock the tide or rock the boat, or change the status quo. Everybody wants to follow what everybody else is doing. Even amongst us Muslims, that we find that many of us have become content with the world around us, that life has become an

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amusement, enjoying ourselves, enjoying ourselves, relaxation, having good times, not to say how long to have a good time, but to have a good life. Whatever modern life, we find that for some of us more and more, this is becoming the own end purpose. And actually, this is amongst the minus sign of the day gentleman from Bain and company, but the 90

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minus 90 day judgment that we find prophesized by the profits,

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to just be worried about the dunya. Taking care of the dunya being busy with the dunya the believers have a far more objective

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and a certain degree rebukes individuals, for people who say just give us good in this dunya or mellow

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they may

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have in the house and

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these are the real believers who say give us good in this world, and he was good in the hereafter. What can I do

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and more importantly, save us deliver us from the punishment and fire.

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For them, they will be given the reconvince they will be given to those individuals inside this dunya and more. So inside the Acura and a lot some hamdallah is sorry or

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Swift, to bring mankind to accountability. And as we find that the courage to stand up the courage to say certain things that we find a long discussion begins to taste and work on a song

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about Audrina good and forbidding the evil. And in general, a conclusion is made that sometimes you don't need to audit the body

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because only the good or the goodness will begin to spread. It may be minute and trickling out of attack but it carries on flowing innovative benefits people. As for me,

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it is quite the opposite. If a person turns a blind eye to it, it becomes like the fire at the moment. A small nudge creates a bushfire creates hectares of land to be destroyed. Destruction. That is the mother the paragon of turning a blind eye to my uncle to even just let it pass in such society that it's not for me, I shouldn't say anything. It doesn't really concern me. What difference does it make about me Audrina good and forbidding the evil we find simple, basic and simple because only a simple and genuine and basic meaning we should implement them and Java

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concise words manner I mean, come on, come for you add them yesterday for baby son, he failed him yesterday for me.

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whoever wants to see some evil trying to change him with his hand. Obviously this showed this condition.

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But we don't want to delve so much deeply into theology that we find because now we've become a nation of people. We're damned if we don't and we damned if we do is what is the mind constant income of many Muslims that you do say something to maybe some form of a radical individual. And you don't say something that just leave it let it go by doesn't really concern me with when that's when you find some individuals, not very technical inside the last minute, just basic average individuals. You know some of them when they see some evil or see something wrong. They do they beat as they say

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There used to be a certain individual Muslim ban. Every time he took his rocking shabby, and every time he took his his monthly salary was given to him. Kenya who

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is a pod is well, and go to the grocery store, go to the shop. We're interested in

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it used to buy the magazine and the books that were there. People say what is this? What's the point of this plane called the

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role of the government to stop down certain books and literature acceptance of the country. But even this is my role, that for my salary, my hard earned money, I will buy these products, my contribution, people may take offense to the main thing is trivial, is not something trivial. Because this is what the stippling is what he has the ability to do inside his life is his contribution. That you never know the person who owns the shop, may stop purchasing these goods may move away from me. Only Allah knows that but he's evidence that he makes may have an impact. Does we find that laquan is replete with ISP that auditor good and forbidding the evil? Does he find it

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speaks about this Muslim, Omar this nation

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bultaco mikuma.

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let it rise amongst a group of people who order good and who forbid the evil and before that we find good

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And you believe in Allah. First time Allah mentions like first 100 406 verses later, around 110 they arrived the best nation to all the good and forbid the evil.

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Mercy begin to discuss this verse. Because after Allah mentioned, you own the good and you forbid the evil for two minutes

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that you believe in Allah Lima that

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was being delayed, in burning alive is primary for every single individual. Why is it that you only look good and forbidding evil, and you believe in Allah, various views expressed by the fallacy, but some that come to mind that I've concluded

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the importance of ordering a good fobt mckeeva or the highlighting the fact that a man in Allah subhanaw taala entails Jews, middle Eman, belaid Subhana Allah and nukkad

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Jews many, many part of your event is to hold your good and to forbid the evil isn't a concept of separation that we find the the wider within religions around is that everybody is free to practice everybody's allowed to do what they want to do. And the strange thing is that in these two pages, you find a lot of the other three times old is the auditor good and forbidding the evil. On a third occasion, speaking about data

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that you want to build with a builder, you believe in your own good and you forbid the evil? Well, you certainly can highlight

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and erase into the good deeds. So here we find three different locations inside two pages coming together. Speaking about holding the good and forbidding the evil is a way of the life of the believer. Having that courage, having the ability at some time to speak out. Life is tangible life is experience. Everyone says that Oh, only the good and forbidding evil, our

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own first me nothing want to sleep. Sometimes you say something right? Maybe not in the best manner not in the best word. Maybe not the best environment is tentative as experience doesn't know that maybe next time I should have expressed myself like this, maybe use such words. It doesn't mean that when I reach perfection, when I reach a certain level of understanding, then I will go in order the good and forbid the evil. To remind your brother who maybe my love for me is smoking or involved in illicit relationship or doing something to

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stay away from me. Is that the fitting? Why don't you pray? Why don't you? Why don't you do this? Why don't you stay away from them? What's wrong with that? We become such complacent individual that no maybe I'm going to be some outcast. Maybe I'm going to be seen that this individual always being harsh towards people. person isn't always been harsh towards people. person is trying to rescue people trying to save people help oneself. And that's the proper answer. We gave this parable that is most of the silvina is not a boat. is a boat is one big journey for all of us. There's different ranks of the boat that you find just like in today's world and our middle and upper deck. Everyone

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is traveling together the agenda is Mr. Kumar if you find that the people in the lower deck game to continue to ask the people the upper deck to throw the buckets

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To pull up the water and bring it down to them, I decided to choose expression just like today, some smart moves to think, well, I don't need the people around me, I don't need the people around me. So let me just drill a hole in the bottom of this boat and I extract my own water, I survived myself, I live in my own water, what would happen was with the seeps in, they will drown me and everybody will drown. Everybody will eventually drown This is Mr. Gama. This is life understanding that we find that you know, I just take care of my own son, that need the rest of society alone, just let it pass by. It has no impact upon me. All of us will drown. You can see the challenges as you begin to grow

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and mature as a society because many are very naive. When you choose to begin to grow their will to gain an education that will live inside this environment that when you do work inside environment, what are the challenges that we face? Should we get back into our life? Should we just take an ostrich approach and dig ourselves to the ground and leave everything around us? children being taught what inside schools at the moment homosexuality, two mothers, two fathers had a fight? Allah forbid they want to change, they will be changed in concert, say that even * is something normal.

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How can that be a normal way to teach people something like this, and then we just begin to stay on the outskirts? Well, it doesn't affect me, it will affect all of us. Because 95% of the people inside this country is Muslim, we engage in this it actually engages our society. So they have this confidence. It doesn't really concern me, I'll just say a minute percentage of ourselves, you will not save yourself, you will just destroy yourself and destroy everybody around you. And most of my one of courage, of protection of seeking ways a patient McCarthy with a turn of MacArthur Sherry, as many random have documented, the intent isn't to save yourself. mecosta Sharia is to preserve

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humanity, preserve human life, preserve the Muslim life, preserve Muslim identity, preserve Muslim faith,

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mostly relics, symbols of Islam. That's what Islam is. Preservation of them not to preserve your own self, that you find if a person has to even sacrifice their own suffering to go for the protection society, this is not something blameworthy. This is why there's something praiseworthy, the person making the effort to protect the nations that come after them. The people that come after them, the people who came to this land who struggle that we cannot enjoy the freedom of traveling, traversing around this environment in massage and praying comfortably in our family members dressing comfortably. Just a basic element. Or that courage was a struggle of people who barely spoke English

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language, we claim to be an advanced individual, technically well versed individuals, what's our impact on the society today? What's the impact that we have? What do we want to change the society? Or do we just want to be standard and sit there on the side and say, let everybody do what they want to do? Let everybody carry on their normal way of life.

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A person learns from the mistakes of the past, learn from the elders, sees the future, sees that the future is bright, becomes part of that future. Does he find that our intellect and mind isn't just subject to upheaval in society? We want to plant the seeds right now inside our mind and our hearts. No, for tomorrow, have

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you find a deep ingredient inside with our phones and the people beyond us? We have a different vision, a different outlook, a different courage, a different belief, Sunday, what we believe in to say, as they say, to get the objective met, that we may have withered away, we may not have that courage, but the future is bright to instill that, they will come individually, that message, a stronger message that we can ever convey. And character we want you to do or we dreamt of being inside our life. And that we find that there have been today that we find a movement going on

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the week but in strong believer is stronger than the weak believer and in both of them is goodness. You know straight away What is our mentality,

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we conclude, you know, I may be a movement

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is highlighting. That's what many for that mentality is I might even become the weak Muslim.

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Making expression. We find the Quran is full of numerous verses speaking about different types of individuals, whether it be a Muslim or a graphic is a distinction, whether it be the people who participate in butter, butter and those who did not participate. The people who went out and carried out for those who sat behind we just waited around for so many verses. Highlight the difference that people should

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Finding struggling people, you just sit down and speak about it. They're not, they're not equal in front of a lot. They don't equal identities, they may be

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a good shade. But the high enemies, the people who go beyond what is classified as a limitation, who have stronger lofty goals and achievements are known as women urusan, lofty aspirations, beyond just the picture in front of them, see beyond that those are individuals

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who have more reward when we give given to them, because they make the extra striving and struggling to stray away, our concept is going back straight to becoming the weak Muslim.

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Also, that we find inside is hiding that we find they put us to take action, because I need to

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seek that which will benefit you try your best to do whatever you want to do, what I was studying, when I can just see secret agent systems will not count data, don't lose hope. Don't lose focus. Why not?

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Try to get it don't turn around and sit down and say Wait, if I said this, I did this, I'd done that, it would have been like this

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other language,

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as destiny, and carried up to carry on fiend alone does a web of sheep on the side of a Muslim. Because if all if I done this, or if this happened, or if I said this Have I done that will only open up the doors of shaper. So

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you have to do

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all the means and the waves, try your best. Put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah and leave it to Allah Subhana Allah, the consent decree of Allah and Allah masaba

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unphysical there is no calamity, nothing which we'll be discussing, but I love some kind of data, which before upon this earth, or before, even our own selves, except for the finding the public.

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Except for bringing in a book and a record, before he comes into existence. This world has been documented a lot of data

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on the federal government as

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a whole, they don't know gives a response. What is the point in documenting everything that

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you do?

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Don't sit there thinking, well, if I done this agenda, maybe I should have done this. And you don't become boastful rejoicing. Exactly, exactly what I was giving you. Muslim is Buddha inside the life. moderation, everything that we do inside it like Islam, Allah Subhana, dada, to go to the different extremes that we find. And also that we find it very

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strange in the field, the movement and this is only for the believer.

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believer, something could happen. For Shaka is grateful.

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For some friction comes upon the individual is patient. This is only the real believer is the one who understands this inside their life. That anything good or bad is relative is only something that allows a degree to see which of us is going to change or use that opportunity and To be continued a decree of Allah Subhana Allah, like or define the famous Hadith above, or the law that

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he meant when he was writing with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, right behind him so close to him.

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Oh, my beloved Son, young boy, I want to teach you certain words. I want to give you certain words, what will these words preserve Allah, we want to preserve the rules and regulations

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and preserve you protect you. And then he highlighted what we want to extract that if all of the world if Allah wants to give you with something, and in everybody on the world wants to take that away from you, they're not going to be able to do it. And if the whole of the world is trying to go to put against you, they don't want to play against you. Except for that which Allah kind of testing to before you. Everything. Loves panda is a friend shouldn't lose hope. Whatever happens in decree of Allah under one of these, what we're facing in the Muslim world at the moment, is

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the image of wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah.

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entities, it's an awakening. It's an awakening for many of us, to awaken ourselves from this pre seed that we entered. There's only

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moments again, ma may seem harsh, and bloodshed and turmoil, affliction, adversity, hardships, depth, etc, that we find they may seem hard, visually, but

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they're not actually. There's not a secrecy. There's many secrets in a strong

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There's many secret things that lie then that will rejuvenate us once again, to return back to Allah Subhana. Allah, am I qualified, always be worried about people, we find actually some tradition, that person is always worried when people say, looking at the outcome of people, looking at the view of people going to the doctor, and

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if you bet most of the people around, you always look at the people around you, you will be misguided away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, because unfortunately, the masses of people, they don't want pain, speaking a concept, they don't hide their own goodness. For them, he should be

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drinking alcohol committing fornication is nothing wrong for them. It's humanity, it's a way of life for them. So they don't they don't frown we don't get when we address these things to them. For them. It's just a normal way of life. They just carry on what they're doing. And they experience life because for them, this is becoming humanity. Some of them may awaken once in a while.

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Most of them it's just part of integral part of their life. They don't feel offensive when you tell them that. They just think well, it's just part of like, just another form of enjoyment for them. But the thing is that some

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some money, it's become something for us as well. We think nothing of it.

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We don't want to awaken we don't want to recognize

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and seem that we don't realize that we shouldn't fear.

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The retaliation or the words that people

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say only a loss of Canada don't say the people around you. I don't purchase a small price with the words of a loss. And it's quite strange in this verse in such a way that we find a lot of matches.

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Three times as I mentioned, three different endings that he finds that sort of

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go towards trying to encourage people to the rule of Allah and that takes great courage.

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Then the volume

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here we won't understand. I said because of this is because once again we began with the extremities because we fail to understand the message. It doesn't speak to that hope moolah, but this person is some form of element of duck feet inside their mind.

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As attributes which are best

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accepted are these is known as

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the speed at which

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we fallen short. Why are we falling short? As we compete with one another we fail to understand

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that we should

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leave this issue on the side. As we go into this. If a person says that rule is for

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an oboe to classify the food category, some people try to attribute a burden inversion with modern day web

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pages, discussing about rule and governance belongs to whom to Allah, welcome to Chez Panisse, governed by the law the law of fasting or physical body. Why do we Why do we try to define what takes place around us? person who does not govern by the law

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openly, openly shows it year in and year out.

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Is rebellious to the law of Allah rebellious, the Book of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah exerted the life rebirth

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of him to be

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the key

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as well.

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Speaker rule injunction how to govern how to live your life for us May Allah forbid it becomes a trivial event. Brushing aside it's not something so important. How is it not important inside our life because the downfall is no stigma is precisely this, that we move away. It takes courage for a person to stand up and say that we need to return back to the court. And so now in its totality, no into a yes or no in certain aspects. It takes great courage for a person to profess that in such society, it's not upheaval, it's not radicalism in our society as some people to paint the image. It's a view

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that whoever doesn't go to a doubling of the Quran, then those people are aligning to disbelieving individuals towards oppressive individual towards becoming rebellious individually. And as we began with our life, limiting the way that we perceive certain things inside our life, that we perceive to be certain elements, we perceive the revival sooner is linked to the buzz ushered into this presidency.

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Timing manner, or two, probably one or two ways where and you have no doubt that is important. No one's going to make it trivial, no doubt that should be done. But somebody just condensed into that that's all Islam is, where's the sooner the professor of the home of forgiveness, of tightening of overlooking of kindness, of morality, of goodness, why is that? So the way that exists? Why don't we display that? Why are we only just focusing on external elements, therefore, we become judgmental, this is the thing to judge certain things by and then the opposite extreme of the Sunnah

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is as soon as the important and modernistic view of the Sun has no relevance

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whatsoever, and meet the nation, never going to extremity and none of the roadmap

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that the essence of the Quran is one is to judge by the Quran. In the modern day,

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they will not differ with this, no one will differ about if you pose a question

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or not.

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We should

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assume what does that mean you disagree with yourself in the face of your own personal dealings.

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Beyond that, the essence of the internet, you differ with the wider world, you differ in Muslim you differ with society around you. What should you return back to return back to the book of Allah returned back to the son of the prophet SAW the loss of that we should refer back to and that should

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always be able to portray all his life is about it's just about political climate, you know, he remind people you become an instinct inside our mind and concept that this is part of our life. This is a part of our existence. This is part of our purpose. That they remind us of just a reminder about staying away from bitter stay away from innovation, holy, holy foster

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is all part of Islam.

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And Islam is totality. Don't fall in the footsteps of devil The devil is very cunning, very intelligent individual, very intelligent knows that if I keep people busy with certain things, then that will just keep them aside and just left aside, as everyone says today, just leave it alone, let someone else deal with it, let them most of them are fine climatized itself when it comes to success itself, let me come once again and give us victory. You know all

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you read me as he studies speaks about the end of time, if he does, he

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speaks about the end of time.

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The end of time if he speaks about the end of time, you know the difference between us today me one

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day for a lack of stagnation they exerted themselves they believe this is the end of the world this is the end of time. That's what he believed in many believe is the end of the world. That is centuries ago but they exerted themselves carried on. So possibly we could be living at the end of the time, the end of the woods, but that doesn't mean become stagnant and sit behind a person has to carry on striving to the best of their ability and numerous other wordings that we find that the prophets on the line seven if I mentioned that Evelyn sadhana Leah sola, sola, maka

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z au Jihad

00:28:19 --> 00:28:24

want occasion man came to the Prophet at a salon to set up and he's riding the bike in recent places.

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He asked him at one of the which which jihad is the best form of jihad and further carry on inside the line. He said to me, in the suit on

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say a truthful word in front of a rebellious leader, and notorious leader among Bobby Fischer hadn't had he imagined that

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this person is going to sleep. No matter what you say, you know that the end result is going to be this person is going to slay me is going to take away my life.

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person to express themselves. That doesn't mean that we go outside the buildings and go outside and create facade and corruption that we find. There are moments that sometimes a person needs to express themselves about them which is externally apparent inside that society, which some of us as we mentioned, we just shy away from just follow the status quo. It's nothing hidden. That will have two sided life at least at the moment it is open. We are talking about secrecy what people do secretly inside their life inside their homes. We talk about openly out in the society we see that people drink alcohol openly inside Muslim lands, they serve in a drinking the entertainment we find

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all kinds of strange things taking place inside environment London.

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film stars all over rap stars are

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taking based on a standard plan that never existed before. For

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just leave this alone is doesn't really concern me. It's something which is open inside a society we could destroy us. In our future generation. We can ask more and more if people don't have the courage to say look, this is not correct.

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Inside our society, we don't insert it. As for how we will be changing, we pray to Allah, to bring change upon this, to remove

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our repressing our own our own subjects, whatever the debate may be, we can see that Muslims day in and day out, being oppressed, the slave being killed, he should travel, at least to paint, alleviate the suffering.

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And we don't mind if if non Muslims are bombarding us or whatever it may be better to tolerate that sometimes satellite

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image shall be come from your own people, your own nation, your own comrades, your loved ones, your nationality or language, young people around you. And that becomes a human nature, something very difficult to bear. The ones that you love that you came home, and you look after you serve the interests, that even same people then they begin to bombard you, they begin to stay until you expand you from your home and talk to you then psychologically maybe what to say when when this distribution when you do that, it may be very easy on the tip of my tongue. But when you're when your home has been destroyed, when your family has been destroyed, your mother and father being

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destroyed and your child

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and you ask the question that where's my mother, where's my father, what do they do inside their lives? that it becomes a totally different concept, a psychological understanding of their life and how they will grow up inside their life. That everything that we love to have been taken away from us and that we find this is only by shape on who creates thing by the use of his allies and his friends to drain us away. take us away as we conclude that many of us individually we we like to be encouraged inside our life.

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We find that

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not really enough

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the rank of the ship when you read through his works keytab an email that was sent to the de Maria Kitab an email that we find and hammer we find presser read through these words and he sure had that we find but you know this is this isn't a spoiler that goes beyond beyond them. Because he read through the series life in images for just with the pen. He fought with the sword. He fought against the people around him. If I mostly like remain in prison readings

00:32:20 --> 00:32:22

really left us he was inside prison

00:32:25 --> 00:32:36

agenda to stand up sorry, welcome my enemies ever do to me. This is me Tamia what he's placed inside the inside this seclusion. at me Josie

00:32:38 --> 00:32:46

is one of his work in vocations of God. So what what can what can my enemies ever do to me, my paradise and my garden is right here inside behind.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:04

The Good Life inside, even if these individuals, they placed me inside prison. So it becomes becomes devotion for me to worship Allah Subhana Allah. If I

00:33:06 --> 00:33:11

become a tourist to see the name of a lot, and it makes me then I become a Shaheed.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:16

And you find that when he entered into one of the rulers of the title,

00:33:17 --> 00:33:36

he came in front of him, because this this is Muslim ruler had tortured people, what about to enter to diminish, and to display and we'll take it over that he and his we documented? He wanted to do that. So the people that we need to stop this individual, someone needs to go and express to this individual what's taking place is wrong?

00:33:37 --> 00:34:13

What are our goals in finding this individual. And he says that you claim to be a Muslim, and your forefathers who are non Muslims. But they took care of the covenants, they took care of the subjects around you. As a Muslim Lupo, you're doing something including your own people know what you're carrying out in your own individual. This individual can try to get as they say, try to present some kindness, he bought the food at present the food and a drink in front of me and the rest of these comments around him. He said we will not eat from this food

00:34:14 --> 00:34:16

the rule became even more aggressive

00:34:18 --> 00:34:37

from the food and a drink that I'm presenting to you, as you find that many narration which are not authentic but the meaning is there be careful of entering into the doors of the rules in one way comes up another another way that you find a new German or the beauty the presentation of gifts and prizes whatever may be a change the mind concept of the individual

00:34:38 --> 00:34:47

to eat from your food How can we eat from the food and animals that are taken from the people that you govern over you taking them by force, the fruits and vegetables you stolen from

00:34:48 --> 00:34:50

this interview angered

00:34:51 --> 00:34:53

by this individual, because

00:34:56 --> 00:35:00

they said that when he came out to them, they said when he was speaking to this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

ruler. He said, we took a government we placed it over our heads, that any minute now this rule is going to slay him is going to decapitate, he said in front of everyone and blood is going to gush all over us. Definitely his own students said

00:35:14 --> 00:35:16

that we thin skin, but

00:35:17 --> 00:35:52

the truth in front of him, he derailed him from attacking the Muslim rule accepted his judgment second, leave the people alone. And when he walked away, the ruler said, he said, I've never ever seen such a courageous man in my life. I've never seen such a courageous individuals like that de la can be entered into my home. Why? Because this individual feels alone, doesn't even doesn't worry about people has a knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah knows the rights and regulation and trust with a buddy with a conviction

00:35:54 --> 00:36:04

that we all boast about him. And we believe the main, the main cause, the main effect of being classified as a man mentioned, that he will stand against

00:36:05 --> 00:36:07

many of us would have that deviant view,

00:36:08 --> 00:36:30

if we would have that deviant view, but because he stood against the corruption he stood against, you expressed it clearly to the people in authority that we're not going to accept this, that I changed the time. And so we just remained behind and everything becomes standard, then you will have a ripple effect of our society. We all understand the deen of Allah,

00:36:31 --> 00:36:45

ability and whatever we in whatever small life that you have actually not a small life in front of a lot of precious life. That whatever we can do whenever we have to remind ourselves remind, remind the people around us.

00:36:47 --> 00:36:48

remind them about

00:36:49 --> 00:36:51

the reminder remind them about Allah. Allah.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:08

forbidden from the evil is Muslim is a Muslim is full of much, much goodness, and a prophetic tradition we find we don't know where the fate is, whether the beginning or the end. We still don't know. No one could say this Muslim woman destroyed as much famous Muslim woman.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:34

reawaken research once again, there's no doubt about that. There's no doubt about that. It's just moments that we exist, that we just need to encourage ourselves, for our own welfare for our own society for our goodness, and for even more so that will return back to the other we can say that this is my impact is what I tried to do, to better to better myself and better people around me.

May Allah give us the courage to stand for and speak the truth

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