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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala ZB mursaleen He will send me home and send me some that he lived within. So mama bad for Allah Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim

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Amana como home in home Ella and you know, Bella made a couple of points that I did not mention the subtlety of the wording that should be noticed in Sharla. Before we continue, the word Nakamoto in the Arabic language is in the past tense is fairly mildly. But and you may know, you may know is Ferran Madonna is in the present tense. So when they took revenge, or when they had the test for the Muslims, that verb is in the past tense. But what unless as what were they so detestable about that they believe the believing part was in the present tense. Now these tense differences are really important sometimes, and appreciating the subtlety of Quranic text. When you say they believed past

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tense, that means they committed the act of believing, they said, La ilaha illAllah. But when you say they believe, present tense, you mean una, then Al madora, you don't know either St. Ma, the present tense alludes to continuity, that they held on to their belief that they held on to their belief. So this passage is illustrating that the thing that led to the detest of these believers is that even under tough circumstances, they did not let their Eman be compromised. So there's a big difference between saying, Why am I not coming home in LA and Amanullah, but it doesn't say that it says woman aka woman home in LA and, you know, Villa Madonna is used. So they held on to their Eman

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even in an under tough circumstances. That's one subtlety just by the use of the present tense. The other thing is a contrast to this another scenario of oppression as mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, Allah says Helton Ki Moon Amina Illa, and Emma Nabila the other way around, are you avenging against us? Are you holding things against us? Are you showing us hatred that we have come we have believed in Allah, so the avenging is in the present tense and the belief is in the past tense the other way around from this? What does that mean? That there's another group of oppressors who so much as if they hear you believed that you haven't even shown commitment to your belief nothing,

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they just found out that you believe that one's not that much is enough for them to continually oppress you to continually show you hatred. So the the two different scenarios This one is those committed to a man and the other enchilada number for you on the soul. This one those who are committed to him and the other ones, those are committed to oppression against the believers subtlety in the text. The other thing in the very beginning of the solo that I failed to mention, Allah says, well, yo milma route Alif Lam, while young mount route, but then we said Shahid Masood, he said, we're shahidan, Ramesh, who then there is no Elif lamb. There's no wish I had weldmesh

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hood. Now the Elif lamb what it does is it makes it singular because the promise day the day of judgment is one day, that's the promise day, but how many different kinds of witnesses and how many different kinds of things that are to be witnessed, there's multitudes of them, right? So the NF lamb would have limited it to one thing, but sure he didn't want to shoot opens the scope of the interpretation of the text. So let's continue inshallah, from where we left off, and levena homolka sumati will Allahu Allah Konishi in Shaheed

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in alladhina Fatah Mina one minute first of all the use of the word in you know in that is certainly that's in common English translation we say India means certainly, but in in classical Arabic one of its main functions is called is Allah to shock to remove doubt, to remove doubt. What that alludes to is there's a group of people in regards to what is about to be mentioned, they don't really believe it's gonna happen. And they're the ones the skeptics are the ones being talked to here. So it's the criminals who are engaged in this crime who don't think it's gonna happen. They're being talked to the other group that's being talked to is by the way, this is about the oppression against

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Muslims. So when the believers being oppressed, sometimes the the doubt comes in, where's Allah's help? Why is this happening to me? Right so doubt comes in so that you have to kill that doubt. How is that doubt killed in, in in Latina fatten? There is no doubt those who put into test now fatahna in Arabic or fitna fitna in Arabic, it literally means to place gold inside a large cauldron and to smelter it until it's it gets cleansed and purified. Okay, so what it refers to is a painful process of purification. fitna fitna is a situation where you are put to the test basically, you're put your feet are placed to the fire, literally, and you're tested how committed you are to email fitness.

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always used almost pretty much consistently used in the Koran, when you're the test is something that will take you away from Islam. Either somebody is oppressing you to try to get you off of Islam, or there's a temptation in your life or distraction in your life that is taking you away from your mission in Islam. So fitna is something that that tests your commitment to them, whether it's through fear, or it's through temptation, it's the greed or something else. In this case, it's through oppression, that the oppressor is trying to get rid of the person's Islam by means of his fear tactics. In alladhina, fatahna, Mina one minute, no doubt those who put to test or put into

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difficulty, the believers, the believing men and women. Now, why are women mentioned separately, they have been highlighted here, even though later on, they're not highlighted in the Latina amanotes altogether, but they've been separated. Because when you oppress a group, then who falls who's the most to be oppressed, or the easiest to oppress the women. So it's been highlighted that even they came under the scrutiny of oppression in the Latina fraternal movement in one minute. So mala Mia to now assume is really important here. Summa means doesn't just mean thereafter. It's so much longer period of time. So imagine somebody committed this crime and they live for another 40

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years. So and those 40 years they didn't make Toba? You know, okay, you did the crime. And then you lived a long time to be able to find the time to regret what you did a long time ago and make Toba but they live their entire life after having committed these crimes against the Muslims against the believers and never found it in themselves, that they you know that they should make the bathroom Melania to their spent their entire life without making Toba. The other thing I should have mentioned is the use of the word meaning will be not not a Latina, amanu Latina Amanda or allottee Amanda okay. The verbal form is not used the nominal form the nouns for the believers are used. The

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difference between noun and verb has come up before in our series, but basically a verb is temporary. And a noun is permanent. The people the Muslims who go through the trials, the oppression of others, and are still room they still remain committed to the man. They deserve not the verb but the noun because they are permanent in their Eman. So the permanent form of languages use me noon well, Mina, this shows the Sabbath and there is a man that alladhina amanu de Ferran is not used. The Islam is used isn't fair, it is used for both the men and the woman may Allah make us from the moon and what may not. The other thing you should note in the Koran, when Allah speaks of me noon in

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the Quran, the phrase meaning the believers, this is completely different from when he speaks about alladhina amanu those who believed completely different, Allah azza wa jal never never criticizes me. No, never. But he does criticize and levena and he sometimes he scores them. He says, Yeah, you had Athena amanu. Malcolm, those of you who believe what's wrong with you? Yeah, you know, Dena Amanullah, Hakuna Matata for No, why do you say what you don't do? Right? So the those who claim to believe those who have just become Muslim, this is the verbal form those who are committed to eemaan these are the minions. So Allah says about what we know in Africa. And we know they've already

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attained success. The people who've attained firmness in their Eman. They've already got success lessons a butterfly levena Amano, he says

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me No. So these are all known to go through these trials. When you look at people going through oppression, you think, Oh, these poor people, how sad for them. But you know, they have the greatest gift of all. Allah has declared them what we know. That's the greatest gift of all EMA and what bigger gift is there? So everybody else thinks they're in depression. Everybody else sees a ditch and fire they see paradise. They see this their doubts have been removed. So millennia to the people who put them under. You know in this difficulty, then they did not make Toba.

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Find out whom this fire is really important. In order to appreciate it's important skip skip to the next ayah in the levena Amanullah Amina Sally had low home Janet not follow home loan Janet but the previous ISS in a Latina, Nina, Nina from Bella Mia Tobu. Boo. There's a fire here there's not the fire is not there for the believers. We'll understand why in a moment. Let's just first briefly translate Fela whom either Buddha had none then only for them is there the torture of Johanna Johanna in the Arabic language actually originates, it's from non Arabs actually it came from Farsi into the Arabic language. The original word is jednom which means torture chamber. That's where it

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came from originally. So jahannam is the proper name of the Hellfire and it is the umbrella term it includes all the punishments of the fire, right the different kinds of drinks and the tortures and the beatings in the fight flame all of it is included in jahannam. But then Allah didn't just say they have the punishment of Johanna. Allah specifically mentioned when a homer double hurry

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It is these people only they that will have the punishment of Allah Herrick Hara in Arabic is to set something on fire.

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Now there's a difference between burning and being set on fire. Something got burned like you know you put the bread on the on the stove and you leave it the toast and he got burned but was it set on fire? No, it wasn't set on fire. But if you put the cloth on the flame does it get set on fire? Now Which do you think is worse getting burned or being set on fire? being set on fire? I'll hurry that which sets on fire. These people are not just being thrown in the fire to burn, but they are being set on fire. There's flames coming off of their skin. That's what's being described I've ever heard. Why is this appropriate punishment for them? What did they do? They set the believers on fire

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members How do they know that? They did that but Allah didn't just know who's the few here you know what gets set on fire is the gas or the coal or the wood that's what set on fire you're not the one set on fire. You're the one burning from it. But here they've been turned into the fuel. They're the ones in Haiti that which sets things on fire May Allah protect us from the fire. Now in the previous little we found the same we found another slide actually for Bashir who may be either been a name was in the previous solar and another place we find another kind of fitna, you know these were doing these people were doing fitna to us, Allah says yo mahoma Island nadie afternoon, the day on which

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they will be tested on the fire. What that means is how much tolerance do you have? You had so much tolerance to watch believers burn? You had so much in you, you had the stomach to watch believers be tortured and it didn't faze you. You didn't have to think about it. It was just fitted for you. Let's see how much tolerance you have for fire from a small island. How much tolerance Do they have against the flame? So Allah says, well, yo mama and daddy afternoon. Now let's understand this far, far you can understand in Simple English as therefore. Or as a result of that, then this happens, therefore this happened. Meaning their payment for doing what they did is this. Now when you come to

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the believers, what do you find? Those who believed in righteous deeds? No. Therefore, you know why, no matter how much we believe, no matter how much righteous deeds we do, we don't earn Jenna. It's not a result of our good deeds. What Why do we get

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the mercy of Allah, it's not fun. The punishment is a result of the crime. But the rewards are not simply a result of our good deeds. Allah has to give a lot of Rihanna a lot of change. Our car didn't cover our sins, he does so much more for us. So if it was five would be what you earned. I did exactly enough to earn gender. Nobody does enough to earn on top of Allah taking one good deed multiplying it by 10 multiplying one in fact one penny by 700. Right? He multiplies all of our good deeds, you know, one one Gema prayer by 27 everything is multiplied even then it's not enough. Even then it's not enough. So Allah did not does not put a father because we don't earn the paradise it's

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a gift from Allah. It's a mercy from Allah fires what you deserved what you earned as a consequence. So no doubt those who believed and worked righteous deeds, only they have Jeannette gardens. The thing you should know, you know, Jonathan, tragedy went up the hill and horror comes up over and over and over and over again in the Quran. Allah mentions about you know, and you read the translation gardens underneath which rivers flow, you've read this translation before, right gardens underneath which rivers flow but there's so much more going on here. First of all, Jana is the plural of Jenna. Janata is the plural of gender agenda means a lush garden, a garden in which you

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don't see dirt you only see green everywhere you see, like a bed of flowers, right? You don't see a patch of dirt anywhere. It's completely covered. Gender comes from the same root as the word Janine. The womb is covered. gin was which is where the gin is veiled from our eyes that which is covered, right. So agenda, it's covered completely in beauty in the lush garden, and you don't own one, you don't own one property, you own multiple properties. Now, human beings, you know, people live in America, Indonesia, Australia, Africa, you know, all over the world. An average person with a small salary, they work their entire life. What do they want? In the end? What are they saving money for?

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You ask anyone in the world, any religion doesn't matter where they come from, what do they want? A home and everybody who likes a home whether you want to buy it or not. When you drive by a house that has a really nice front yard, and a big backyard and a property and beautiful trees covering and shade. You pulled it you slow the car down and you say Wow, that is nice. Home and Garden magazine. Right? Take care of your yard. That's the it's not just the American dream. It's still it's the human dream. A lot gives us what we really, really, really want. And the young people you know, they say I don't want to yard man I want to get an apartment. Right when they turn 4050 guess

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what they want?

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They want a yard. Even people living in midtown Manhattan. Hang little

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orchards and flowers from their windows in the 14th floor. Because there is this desire to see garden, there's this desire to see green, Allah is giving us what we want. Then on top of that, what you want is a waterside view, you look out your window, you should see waterfront property, those are the most expensive properties when you have water view, and the most ultimately, most expensive property imagine you look outside your window and there's a waterfall. Wouldn't that be the most like amazing? Okay, we're buying displays, right? Because that's what we see outside rich people, what they do is they simulate it, right? So what they do is they get a pool and they get the

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sprinkler thing. So it looks like a waterfall. Because there's this human desire to see water flowing. Allah didn't just say I'm ha, Tatiana, not just rivers. You know, thank god mean, rivers are flowing. They're flowing. And the men here mean illustrates origin. So you imagine this, this house on a hill

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and all around our gardens, right? Every every side, all of it is backyard. There's no front yard, all of it is your garden. And at the bottom of this hill is what a river flowing. But the river is not just flowing. It's starting from there meaning that from the bottom of these, these gardens is the beginning of the waterfall in the garden. Can you even imagine this scene? You see something like that? And like a resort or like some exotic place people go for vacation like some places in Colorado or things like that? They say Wow, that is gorgeous. That's beautiful. I mean that.

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You know, and Allah here did not mention the nature of the water. This is part of the subtlety of the Quran. In sort of Toba. Allah says genoten tragedy Tata Helena

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Tata don't know mean, there's no min. And then you find him in South Mohammed, what and how to mimic him? Well, let me apologize. Right. And there are there are rivers full of water. But then he said a rainy Asin that don't go stale water that doesn't go stale. So how come Allah did not mention going stale here? When water flows? Is there even a concern for going stale? No. But there and so Mohammed, Allah did not mention water flowing. He just said, you know, rivers full of water, but he didn't mention flow. So he added, they don't go stale. So panela subtlety in language, when something needs to be said, It's said when something doesn't need to be said. It's that sense of

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kind of law. So here we find me actually mean that the hotter and hotter and hotter also multiple rivers. So it's not one waterfall turning into a river, it is multiple, it's multiple. Have you ever seen a scene where there's multiple waterfalls, water gushing from different sides, it's just an incredible thing to see your eyes get caught. You know, you don't you lose track of everything else that's going on, you just stare at that people do this, you know, like the Japanese culture like they make these little gardens in their backyards and water flowing, simulate waterfalls, human nature, this is part of human nature. So like gives us what we really want. And at the end of all of

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this, he says that he can pose little cubbies that in fact, is the ultimate or the great success. In the Quran. When it is used. It's used with three adjectives and foes allowing great success. I'll focus on moving clear success, and Folsom can be a huge success. This is huge success over here. Of the three the greatest one is unfolds allow the great success wherever that's mentioned. More More about gender is told Holly Dena Fie hava Alavi Allahu anhu.

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Right, they will live in it forever. Is that mentioned here? No. Then Allah will be pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. That's not mentioned here when the additional things besides the gardens are mentioned and foes will have been a great success. When a little bit less as mentioned, like here, I suppose it could be a huge success. But then when the least is mentioned, when you serve and who Yama isn't the guy who got turned away from hellfire. The guy who earned the less mercy Ella didn't even say what mercy no agenda, no house no nothing. He just said he got mercy from Allah. Then he says I'll focus on moving at least even that's clearly success. Even that's

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clear success. So there are degrees of success. This is the second degree. The degree above this is when Allah mentions they will dwell in it forever. Allah will be pleased with them he adds more or he gives us more graphic detail depicting detail of his benefit favorites to the believers. This by the way complements what we saw at the end of the previous solar inland Latina element or amino sorry, hot llama drawn aroma moon in the previous surah. We found the believers who believe in do righteous deeds, they have rewards without any discontinuous continuity, they will have an endless reward a continuous reward. So here though, understand in this surah we are talking about believers

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that are going through a tougher trial than the one mentioned in the previous or these. These are the believers that are being oppressed.

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Now unless I know what Allah does what's called lt fat in order to understand this subject, which is absolutely absolutely critical to understanding the Quran. absolutely critical, especially for Western audiences. You have to I'll give you a scenario

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Okay, imagine there's a teacher, right? And there's a teacher's assistant. So there's two people at front, there's the teacher and the teacher's assistant. And then there are three segments of your audience. student group, a student, Group B, and student group. C. Sometimes the teacher is talking to a, sometimes the teacher is talking to B, sometimes he's talking to C, sometimes he's talking to his assistant. Sometimes he's yelling at a sometimes the teacher is really mad at a so he talks to b and says, you know, a really messed up, you better not do that. He turns away he turns his face away from a and talks to them, right? Or he's embarrassed when he's disappointed with all of them. So he

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turns to his assistant and says, I don't know what these people are doing. You understand? The teacher? his audience is not one group. It is multiple groups. Now Allah says Allah says Allah Quran he taught the Quran, he is in the role of what? Teacher, a teacher, who is his audience, who are the students humanity, but humanity is not one group. It's the believers. It's the strong believers. It's the weak believers. It's the disbelievers it's the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Artesia, multiple audiences. Now when Allah spoke in the previous IOD, he was talking to the believers were being tortured. And he said, Don't worry, those who oppress you, there will be justice. And those

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who continue to believe even if they're being oppressed, just don't think about the fire in front of you. Think about that nice garden, I'm going to get you think about the rivers that are going to flow. And that is success. And so the believer doesn't even see a ditch full of flame in front of him. What does he see ultimate success, Allah changes the way he sees. But the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he's the shepherd of the oma. He's the father of the oma. He's worried that his own lives being tortured. He's worried that the oppressors are oppressing his people. He's still where he knows agenda is for them. He's telling them it's middle, he's telling them to have somebody

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still he feels pain, but as Omar goes through pain, so Allah now turns away from the discourse of believers and disbelievers, he turns to His Messenger sallallahu Arnesen them and gives him counsel, he says in bottleshop be kinda shady.

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There's no doubt, the seizing button means you grab somebody that you're stronger than and you grab them in a way that no matter how much they try to muscle out, they can't muscle out and you don't let go of them and you keep squeezing them out. But Allah says Allah the button, the seizing the grabbing of your Lord is intense. Sugar in the Arabic language. For shuttle without for example, Allah says shinda means to tight, some shut that literally means to tie something up and then nodded over and over and keep pulling as hard as you can. This is should. Allah says the seizing of your Lord is extremely tight and intense. It's extremely tight. This is an illustration to the messenger

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sallallahu Sallam that he is incredibly powerful when he comes to take revenge against the oppressors. Now put yourself in that scene, who is in a position of power at that time, the oppressors, the kurush they're oppressing the Muslims. And you know what you see is them grabbing the Muslims, them grabbing the believers, that's what you see in front of your eyes. That's what the messenger sees. But the messenger is being told to see he's being told to visualize what nobody except those who believe in the unseen can see, what does he told us he not that the disbelievers bata she's intense but who knows what the bottom of your Lord Your love is intense. And Allah didn't

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say in about shala he he said baadshah Rebecca your Lord your Rub, rub his moon I'm the one who gets favors who takes care of you has complete control of you who is your master. So this is part of your masters plan and he's in complete control relax, when the time for that grabbing comes, it will be there. No and Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about our previous nation for example, with a baton baton Jabarin when you go and grab other nations when you take over their land and stuff. You are very impressive when you do so. But Jabbar is not as strong as surely and even their verb was used here with the lights budgets as soon as uses stronger but shall be color shaded. So first the

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messenger is told Allah has the power to exactly revenge even now even now don't think that ally is not watching don't think that Allah does not know what's going on with the with the believers in now Who are you buddy don't get don't lose any doubt don't have any doubt it is in fact he he is the one twice he who and who are twice and then a third time with you but the weather. Yeah, three threes. He is the one he's the one he's the one who initiated the first time around. He created this the first time around. So these people think you think that Allah created these believers who just died they're finished No. Well you need to bring them back. And these kofod who think they have free

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reign on the earth he brought them around the first time he will give them death and he will bring them around the second time in now Who are you buddy? What wait.

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Well, who will have food all we're doing very powerful. Now allies basically addressing everybody he's turned to his messenger, but now the addresses to everybody and he

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Same Allah who's seizing a strong, who will bring you back the way he brought you back the first time. That same Allahu Allah gives us two of his names. What are the two names Allah for? Allah Dude, this surah, unlike the previous surah is about recognizing the asset or through Allah's names, through a lens names. And through Allah has power. You know, if you believe in a God, but then you say there is injustice on the earth is tyranny on the earth? How can this God let this happen? Right? How do you fix that? How do you fix that believe that, you know, what kind of God do I believe in that lets all of these horrible things happen? You must know number one, that his seizing

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is what? intense? Don't think he's not going to seize. Don't think he's not going to bring back in now Who are you?

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And those who are those who are being oppressed? Maybe this is a means by which they will be forgiven. Well, who will allow for maybe their oppression was a ticket to their paradise even sicknesses as forgiveness for us what to speak of oppression at the hands of non Muslims who only oppressed because the people believe right? So this is one mellifera the other market or the other covering and forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal is the door to Toba is still open for you disbelievers if you just stop torturing the Muslims now turn around and say la ilaha illa Allah Allah so

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the only people who earn Hellfire were thrown by Lamia tubo they didn't make Toba then Allah gave them hellfire. Allah didn't just say they hurt the believers therefore they got hellfire. No, you said they hurt the believers. They caused them fitna, then they didn't make Toba then they got Hellfire right so the most Pharaoh have a lot of doors still open. You still can still come through, but not just that Allah dude. Now, Mohave The one who loves Allah dude who loves intensely, who loves passionately, who loves within with with great flame, a flaming love and inflamed love and engulfing love. This word here is really important because the suta is a lot of oppression,

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oppression, the believers being oppressed. And you know, the first thing that you lose sight of is God's love. When you're being oppressed. When you go through a difficult time, then the thing that creeps up in your mind is God doesn't love me He loves others. Right? He doesn't love me when your father for example, doesn't give you money he gives you other than when you What do you think in your head? My dad doesn't love me as much as him. He's been faced gets favored more. What did the brothers of young Yusuf Islam think? Right? I have been Amina is more beloved to our father. But forget the Father. We're talking about the Lord of the worlds. When you start having hard times in

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your life, the thing that crops up in many people's mind is he doesn't love me. Allah doesn't just say he loves. He says he loves intensely.

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He forgives. And on top of that, he loves intensity. Well, dude. So this is his love. But then, you know if somebody

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shows you extreme love, extreme love, someone you hadn't known, somebody who didn't acknowledge you became their friend and they show you extreme love you appreciate it. But when you realize that there are really high class, like they're way above your grade, there's some very high profile person. Then you realize, man, how lucky you are to get their love. So let doesn't just tell us that he is the one that loves extremely. What does he say next? Where he who is he Lula outershell Majeed. He is the possessor of that noble glorified arch. He's not just anyone that loves he is the possessor of that arch that high nobility the highest possible mobility, that's the one who's

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willing to forgive you and love you. So what it brings to the heart of a believer is just this all of this honor. Allah loves me now I can handle any problem because I'm earning the love of Allah Majeed of his his love so kinda what Allah this surah is about possession a semi VAT in broj this Allah dude Do

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you also possessing, the possessing and then and now that in Baku This is the style of the solar fire possessing fuel the sky possessing the stellars these forts, the Lord possessing the possession is a theme that runs across the store. So one option Majeed the word Majeed is a very powerful word in the Arabic language. It means to be great in terms of nobility in class to be incredibly honorable magetta young do much don't mama Giada in Arabic actually was used for camels that reach a high pastor, like majority evil, right when the camel reaches a pasture, then it's called muda. In other words, now it's it's where we have that high caliber pastor Majeed is someone who's always at

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a high caliber, their high nobility. Now Allah azza wa jal mentions his name is Arjun Majeed. And then lets us know, you don't put conditions on Allah. You don't you don't decide when Allah helps when a law doesn't help. Why is the law doing this? Why isn't he doing that? I think Alicia do this. Why doesn't the law help the Muslims right away? What does he say next? fight alone. demaryius holla

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He does over and over and over and over again fine means this is this is from a simple Viola. It's got the cloud in it repetition. He does over and over and over again whatever he wants, whatever he wants, you cannot put a curb on Allah his intent for you as much as he loves you, as much as he loves you know that you cannot put conditions on the last panel with her we can beg Allah, we can beg Allah but in the end we should know for our Lima unit, if despite his intense love, despite the fact that he you know, he is that high above us from that nobility and part of that nobility is he does whatever he wills whenever he intends. inshallah, at another time, we'll have a discussion

00:30:43--> 00:31:01

between of the difference between ellada and mushiya two different words for intent in the Quran. We've already read well matter shall una in that in sha Allah, this does mushiya of Allah but here there's a lot of love. There's a difference between mushiya tala and in order to level talk about that at another time inshallah let's move forward quickly and finish up had an attack I had a

00:31:03--> 00:31:39

few words here, attack again car here is to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Did the news of the armies come to you rough translation did the news of the armies come to you? Now the thing is come to the you here is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, but he is being talked to, but when the when the messenger recites these IOD he knows he's being talked to but you have to understand when the Quran is being recited, who's listening in Makkah, non Muslims so when they hear the news of the armies come to you who are they thinking about? themselves. So you have to understand Quran addresses multiple perspectives at the same time, the messenger is being addressed by Allah, but the

00:31:39--> 00:31:51

messenger is now addressing the confined in multiple addresses are taking place at the same time, okay. Now, when you see the news of the army come to you, you know what happens? It causes an alert

00:31:52--> 00:32:06

like you go to what an Arab tribes are always worried about attacks, right? So you go to them and say, Hey, by the way, did the news of the army come to you? What's gonna happen? What army? Somebody is coming? It catches attention. So actually, the eye stops to get attention.

00:32:07--> 00:32:46

And then they are not not these armies for our previous armies, but it grabs the attention first, like gets the attention of even to this reliever did the news of the army company. The other thing here is the word Howdy. Howdy, howdy if is used for new speech, or something, a new event, a new occurrence, but we know if it is not new news, it is old news. But when you forget about the old news, and it's as though when you hear it, it sounds like it's new information, then it's called Hadeeth. Didn't this news? Is this new to you now had attacker headphones, you know, then you knew there are different words in Arabic for armies. there's jaysh, there's a scab, right? There's

00:32:46--> 00:33:29

There's jouent. But Jason asker could be full of civilian like volunteers that grab a pitchfork and join the army to or a militia. But john does a well organized, paid with armed to the teeth kind of Army. So when he says have you thought you knew this talking about powerful armies now that already there's been some mention of powerful armies twice. One was semi inactive. Then the US habit of dude Of course they had power over those who they oppressed. Now here, did the news of the armies come? Do you know whose armies tour highlighted? These are the two oppressive nations that are highlighted the most in the Quran, for our n symbol, the armies that belong to phenomenon and the army that

00:33:29--> 00:34:10

belong to samode. Now, don't you guys know of an ideal outta there you would call Fidel and the possessor of camps literally of tents. Why? Because when you would look out in the out of the palace, you will see an ocean of tents and who's in the tents, the encamped armies, that's how they will travel right. So this was how it was called phenomena in OTA. But here besides around we also find the mood, who used to have a very powerful, you know, army also and they did they were very powerful in construction. Allah uses different words for how he destroyed or Thurman's army say ha, sorry, puzzles, Allah Raja, etc. We're using the Quran to show the destruction of the armies. The

00:34:10--> 00:34:47

thing is, this, these two nations are important because the Arabs already knew about them. They knew about crown they also knew about some of the literally they used to pass by the ruins of the moon. So they knew about what happened to the mood. And they knew that they were very powerful people because they saw those, even the remains are massive. Even the remains of whatever's left the ruins are incredible architecture. So when they would see that they knew that this was a powerful nation. Now Allah mentions them and basically puts the kofod in their place. You are oppressing the Sahaba you think you're powerful? What are you compared to phenomenons the mood. Didn't their news come to

00:34:47--> 00:34:52

you already how I dealt with them. Allah destroyed fit island with water.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

Allah destroyed fit island with a low mood with a loud sound. No special arrangements needed to be made. No army needed to be as

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

assembled. No, you know, extra military equipment needed to be gathered no special approval, just the amount of a lot of water. Just water and just say hi.

00:35:11--> 00:35:22

Just an earthquake. That's enough for our last panel fatality destroy the worst. So who are you? You have no monuments. You have no castles. You have no massive armies. Here are a bunch of Bedouin Arabs in the middle of the desert. Who do you think you are?

00:35:26--> 00:36:05

And even after knowing how pathetic you are compared to the nations what was already destroyed, then Allah turns away from these people aren't even worth talking to a lot turns back to his messenger sallallahu Sallam and says Belinda Xena cafaro feet at leap. Rather the the those who disbelieve they are emerged, they are drowned in attempts to lying against you technique to lie against to lie against. Now in another place the other muster of Canada is use Kizomba because there will be Ayah Tina Kizomba. But here's not give that by here is Bonilla vena cava roofie tech lead not fee. The reason is GitHub is a stronger word. And if you read the art of certain number, there's a stronger

00:36:05--> 00:36:43

context. And so keep that the stronger word is used. That's part of the subtlety of the Quran. The choice of word has to go with the context. So vanilla vena cava technique previous is said, Belinda, Xena, cafaro or vanilla, Xena cafaro you can the Boone was the previous surah in the previous slide, you find rather those who disbelieve deliberately lie against the messenger, they deliberately lie against the truth. Here we find they are drowned in tech deep, they are drowned in it, you know, fee that the like emelin Santa, the fee was in their in laws. They're in the state of lying against the messengers. What it means is they're immersed in this state. They're drenched in it, they're stuck

00:36:43--> 00:37:19

in it, they're not coming out now. So the fact that you give them this message and it doesn't affect them. It's not because there's something wrong in the message. It's not because you didn't do a good job. It's because they are already drowned. They're already drowned. You're trying to give them air but they're already underwater. There's no point but in the vena cafaro physically so they are drowned in this attitude of lying against the truth. What does Allah say? Allah says will love whom in what in wait. And Allah as far as allies concern from all around them what it means in front of and behind its fullness, smile about the words in Arabic are opposites they mean it themselves and

00:37:19--> 00:37:56

the opposite at the same time, Allah when it comes to being in front of them and behind them on all around them. He is Mohit he's encompassed them entirely. They have in golf themselves in line in line against the truth and Allah has engulfed them below him or him or him. So there's two ways this technique, right fi technique, and then a lies more hate over them. So Pamela will love them you EME okay. Similar wording was using the previous surah but Allahu Allah will be my own. Allah knows best about what they bag what deeds they bag for themselves. Now that phrasing was using the previous order. Now we come to the end of the surah, Allah says

00:37:58--> 00:38:39

rather, and I alluded to this already, the fact that they are not accepting Islam is not because they're not impressed or because there's something wrong in the message. What's wrong, they are immersed in technique. So they're lying against the Quran. They're rejecting the Quran. They're walking away from it, really killing it and oppressing the Muslims will never take away from the nobility of the Quran. But whoever Quran, Majeed, it's going to remain noble glorified, and what else was Majeed before this? Remember the laubscher Majeed mentioned there too. It comes from the same source. So this Koran is muddy just like the Lord who spoken is Majeed. So their technique

00:38:39--> 00:39:13

they're lying against the score is not going to take away from this nobility. It's very noble. Don't think that the Quran is not enough for them. And this is a very important lesson in dharma. We should never think that Quran is not enough for dharma. It's enough it's Majeed. It's normal what more normal speech will you find? What not what normal you find to give somebody when you want to bring them to the truth? What was the power of the messenger sallallahu Sallam Quran? He's giving the people quran quran is enough. Don't think it's not impressive, or I don't know what this ayah means. I don't wanna I don't want I'm not sure we should share the Quran with people. Well, who are

00:39:13--> 00:39:40

Khurana Majeed? And this is not some low speech that somebody came up with, where is it? fee low and my fourth, it is in a larger field, okay, my fourth in the tablet that is protected in the tablet that is protected. So now the thing that you should notice here is the believers were given the counsel that Allah has strength, but the protection was not given to the believers that protection was given to who

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

know Koran. Because once the believers understand their mission, they understand that their mission will never ever, ever fail. Why not? Because the source of that mission, the source of that message is the book of Allah and the book of Allah is what? My full field, they can touch that they can harm you. They can harm you all they want. They cannot harm

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

last book was Walker animoji fellow. That's that's the incredible way in which allows you, as I mentioned, the nobility and the power of the Quran and the surah. And it's a means of strength. The main crux of the surah is the Quran is a means of strength for an oma that is oppressed when they believe in Allah, and they're only oppressed because they believe where do they find their strength, with Quran, this call is is protected, and they hold on to it and they will find the strength and they will find allies which adds support with them. The last thing I'll tell you and I were done in Sharla is from the style of this surah you know, in such read, even that he has it's a divine

00:40:38--> 00:40:58

science on the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and in Nigeria Do you have the the style and the content come together? Like nowhere else in any other literature? You ever heard of the concept of Coachella? Coachella, right. So the bar and the dial and the coffee, etc, etc. Listen to these ions in the Who who are you when you read?

00:40:59--> 00:41:38

The Sudan scholar right now Shin Majeed Lima, you read now the idea of konkola as you say, you make a little bit of a sound as though the word didn't end. Majeed. It didn't stop there. It went on, right. But when there's no color, the word stops now keep listening. attacker headphones, you knew the owner was a mood villain Latina cafaro fitech de la homie Mara him he again, Kolkata. Well known Majeed again, Coca Cola. But then the speech came to an end, the soda has come to an end. So the Coca Cola has come to an end, Filo hammer who

00:41:39--> 00:42:11

even the syllable stops, there's no one called Cola, there's no more bouncing of the letter, because the discourse has come to an end. So just like the discourse came to an end, the style of pronunciation came to an end, it just was discontinued. So Pamela, so this is the fusion in the Koran of the way of pronunciation and even the content, how they're homogenous. How they go hand in hand, soprano Allah, May Allah give us the correct understanding of his book, The fine I know, I should have said this before I have two minutes left before it's 11 might as well keep you all night. Right. So the last thing I should have mentioned, that's a tradition is how the beginning of

00:42:11--> 00:42:45

the surah is connected to the end of the surah how the beginning of every surah is connected to the end of every soldier. In the beginning of the surah. We found potatoes how we'll have dude and Nara to hold his family Haku etc, etc. Right? Or Marla Maya Luna Mina should be found the oppression of the believers. At the end we found the source of their strength, what's the source of their strength, but who are called Ana Majeed, fino homophone that's how this sort of comes together. It teaches us that lesson, May Allah give us strength through the Quran. And may Allah make us hold on to this Deen no matter what the circumstance barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum

00:42:45--> 00:42:46

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh