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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Koran in shaping behavior and the use of DHA as a guarantee for the future. They also touch on the use of "good" in Arabic to signal desire and the importance of not forgetting who is near. The speakers emphasize the need for people to ask questions when they come across and the importance of avoiding lie and responding to appointments. They also mention the use of "imally" in Arabic to indicate desire and the importance of avoiding a lie.
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In the kondalilla

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as the next

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movie he will tell you are they

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going to be done eventually and fusina woman tip of melanin when young fella mubadala from a New Berlin fella happy Allah.

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Lama was the Buddha. When the shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo

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Buddha demon. The

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workers have been deadly shahida for so long, he was seldom at the Sleeman Kaziranga

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in Africa heavy kitayama

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heavy heavy Mohammed bin from Allahu alayhi wa sallam were in nashoba, moody Masada were in the kingdom of Judah, opened up in ours in Walla Walla, Walla.

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subhanho wa Taala.

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in ministry form of a gene, what is the need for inequality? eg Buddha Dharma is at the home for us he will he will you be Nanda homeodomain aloha mahalo in Russia been well documented in a funny hat, whatever. So we have whatever so the sub domain

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in today's brief Goodbye, Hello. Today I'd like to share with you

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most of one I have no desire belongs to Susan Bukhara. And most often this is talked about in the season of Ramadan. And I know it's not the season of Ramadan. But this ayah has some lessons that should be remembered throughout the years. And they really should be remembered on a daily basis by a believer. This is the ayah which encourages Muslims to make dua to Allah and the few dollars in the few places and know that Allah really highlights this aspect of our religion. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Koran, Allah azzawajal oftentimes tells us that people asked the Prophet things, you know, when the Prophet Alayhi Salaam was in his mission, between the age of 40

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and 63, people used to ask all kinds of questions, sometimes these questions would come from Muslims, sometimes these questions would come from non Muslims. So you have a lot more questions, for example, in my belief, or on after the Prophet migrated audiences around a lot of questions were asked by Muslims. Yes. Can you even base it? Yes, I do. Like a, you know, an educator, Alicia, decoding fi, they ask you about alcohol, they ask you what games to gambling, they ask you what fighting in the sacred months? There's different kinds of questions. Before we can also use Luna Khan in Japan. They ask you about the mountains, they asked you, you know who created them, etc.

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These are even non Muslims asking the proper place for them these kinds of questions.

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But in all of them, one thing is in common, yes.

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They asked you, people are asking the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but the Prophet is not authorized to give the answer The answer comes from Allah his origin. So larger, this is cool.

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Yes, I do like I mean have the one major oil. theme is when can be a woman I feel loneliness. They ask you about alcohol and gambling? Tell them the first part of the answer is tell them in other words, the prophet himself is not going to answer he's going to have to be told by Allah. So the the answer begins tell them and then he begins his answer. Because the lies telling him what to say. This one place in the audience interesting and unique. It's unique because nowhere else in the Koran does alarm there was no preempt the question. In other words in this ayah it's also an eye about people asking but people haven't even asked yet. A lot of times what is the body? When might slaves

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ask you about it about me? In other words, they haven't asked you yet. They haven't asked yet. Usually what Allah does, he waits for people to ask. Then he reveals the answer. This happens everywhere else in the foreign. Here's the one place this question is so important. Before the slave even gets to us, the master is so eager to give the answer is that we haven't been even asked yet. But I'll give you the answer ahead of time. This in and of itself is just to give us an idea of how important DHA is. This is about DHA. And they were supposed to ask the province is about God what kind of dog can I make? What's the best time to make dogs people ask them not all the time nowadays?

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You know, mother gets pregnant she said what's the best dough I can recite? Especially when I'm about to go into the you know, the maternity ward and what to do What don't I can I recite? I just bought a house? What do I recite? One of the best times to make dog people ask these questions all the time, a lot. So we just did not wait for those questions to occur. Allah himself says they will ask you if and before we even go further in the Arabic language, there's two words that talk about an expectation of the future. You know, the one that shocked the communists in an either it means if, if they asked you tell them this, and then there's when

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When they asked you to tell them this?

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Well, the question the the IRS has when. So the fundamental question is what's the difference between if and when, you know, if is used, if something might happen, it might not happen. If it rains, I won't go.

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When you say when it rains, when you go, then there is an expectation that is guaranteed is going to happen. So you use if when there's a unlikelihood, you use when there's a guarantee, a margin, call these people up my sleeves. So he expects if they're my friends, there is no if they will ask me, they will ask about me. Of course, they'll ask about me. They're my slaves. So the design, the beginning is very beautiful of when my slaves asked you, the wind is important. Because if we truly are slaves of a large origin, then it's a matter of expectation. How could you be that you're a slave of a lion, you don't ask him. It's a guaranteed expectation that other

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people buy the other places in the Quran, sometimes the license, I buy a beat with a camera. This is where the Arabic language becomes important. It's not just what Allah says in the Quran, it's how he says it. How he said, It is so beautiful. I buy V, according to our scholars of the language, refers to more slaves. In other words, the last thing, all of his slaves, not just his closest slaves, you know, the ones who pray all the time, that don't do anything wrong, they guard their eyes are doing record all the time they make you go all the time, unless I'm talking about those people, always talking about everybody in this ayah, the guy who does commercials all the time, and the guy's only

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a commercial for both of them. He's talking about everybody. So he says anybody with an aka D, when your slaves asked you about me now this part of the ayah is a conversation between the prophets of Allah Islam, and Allah is telling his messenger, I didn't sell to a salon, they will come in a few questions about me.

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Now, what we expect after that is, here's what we expect. When your slaves asked you about me tell them I am here. So we expect the word good. will immediately tell them I'm here. We don't find the word good. Allah is so eager to respond to this question. First of all, he even created the question himself. He didn't wait for the phrase to ask like I mentioned before, and now instead of telling the Prophet you tell them iron near Allah talks to us directly in the eyes of Allah tala. He doesn't say, in a hurry, tell them I am here, no doubt about it. He says by me Karim, then I'm absolutely I am here. For me.

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I myself am here. No doubt about it. So let's break this apart a little bit. The word indein Arabic, which is called some funky, hopefully relevant shock. They say to remove doubt. Use the word enough. When you talk to somebody and they're not sure about what you're saying? I don't know if that's a good idea. Yeah, you should take this highway to go there. Don't take that highway for longer. I'm not so sure. And they want to make sure that you are convinced of what they're saying. In old Arabic they use the word enough to make sure you're convinced or what's being said. Allah azza wa jal now tells the believing slaves in Korea, there's no doubt about it. I am near, don't you for a second

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think I'm not near? Don't you for a second think I'm not going to listen. Now this is important to understand. Because in our life, of course, we don't see a lot. We believe in debate. We don't see him our hearts believe in him. We feel his presence, but we don't see him. But in this world, when you're not in Masada, in this world, you know, important people sometimes. And if you don't know them, personally, at least you know about them. If you work at a company that's got like 1000 employees, you probably know the name of the CEO. But that does not mean you've ever sat with the CEO for and had lunch with him or whatever. And if somebody says, Hey, why don't you go over to the

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CEOs house and ask for a raise or whatever, I worked as a clerk at the front desk, he got 1000 employees, he doesn't have time for me. I can't even get an appointment with the Secretary, I'm not going to talk to him. That's impossible. He's too high up. And even if you get to go to somebody high up, if you get to talk to somebody famous, very important, you don't get a lot of time with them. Maybe you get one minute within two minutes with them, maybe 30 seconds with them. You know what people do right when they get a chance to meet somebody important to take a picture. Because they know they might never get that chance. Again, I don't have a chance to talk to this person

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again. This becomes a memory of their life a lot. As I said, I'm not who's going to be more important than Allah.

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And ally himself says, I have no doubt about it. I am near. I'm available. I am accessible. Don't think of me as far away. I don't have more important things that I will forget about you that every other day. That's what makes us different from everybody else.

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He can take care of everything wouldn't I mean who officia he takes care of everything at the same time. He's absolutely near. You know, I think of it when you ponder about these things that you can really, like get overwhelmed. Sometimes I bring my children home from school.

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my three daughters in you know, girls, they talk a lot. Third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, my goodness, they can talk. And they're all talking to me at the same time about what their day was like, even if I really, really want to hear them, even if I really wanted to hear them, if that stopped two of them and say, okay, you talk, tell me what happened. Now listen to you, now will listen to you. And even if I listen to them, I have to be very close attention. might even have to repeat themselves, because I don't get what they said, I didn't hear you properly. Maybe they're in the backseat, I'm too far in the front seat, I can't hear them. Now compare that to our data, you

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and I even whisper, whisper. Even the person next team doesn't hear it. And allowing those that is close enough to hear it. And it's not like because we're all making go at the same time. One of you is asking for help. One of you is asking for the health of their child. Another one's asking for a job. Another one's asking for a promotion. Well honestly read everything in yellow that you got 100 this year, we're all asking for different things, and no one hears all of them at the same time. And he's close to all of us at the same time in Ukraine, no doubt about it.

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Then another observation about this is this beautiful statement for Indian colleagues. What allows the widow says here, he asked the word fun with this contrast and at the end DNA.

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When the slaves ask you about me,

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then I am here. In other words, we should learn about Allah. We should ask about Allah. What are the Romans names? What does the law say about life? What does it allow me to do? When we ask questions about a lot less and as a result, I get even closer.

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We should be people that ask questions about a lot. You know, all of our life is full of questions. You ask ridiculous questions every day and you asked important question, what do I need to do to get ahead in my career? What major should I choose in college? You know, who should I get married to? What do I need to wear? Do I need to buy a house? All these questions all the time in our minds? You know, what's the balance in the account? Did we write that check yet? All these questions all day long questions, question questions. And if we can just add to those? What does Allah want me to do? What have I done for a lot today?

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You know, what more do I need to learn about our lives over there? What did he really mean? What does that mean? You know, what does he mean? How is about you know, what does Allah doing for me today? When we learn to ask question ourselves questions about a loved one. And of course in this if people asked who they asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, so when we learn about Allah, as the Prophet talked about them, not some of them you know what people will ask questions to the messenger, RNA sotto Salaam, either the answer would come in a hadith and most of the time the answer would come in and I have no crime. So when you have questions about a lover you go every time

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you recite the word of Allah, and when you and I recite the word of Allah, Allah guarantees he gets even close. No doubt about it. No doubt about the frame the study.

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Then look at this this beautiful transition of Indiana. The Arabic word I you know, usually Allah says Who? We know who he is, he's me. For a number of money for Indian curry pioneer is used in very unusual places and no Koran is not the norm. It's the exception exceptionally close when Allah is exceptionally merciful, exceptionally close to this leave then he uses one of the places I use unless I no doubt about it, just by using an eye he's closer I'm here no doubt about it. Now let's go further. Without with a diary is

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what an incredible statement by Alonzo just before we even get further and I'll roughly translate for you and then share some amazing things I think they're really they're amazing things that I'll put inside this one is when you read the translation of it you just keep going when you pay attention to what a large thing it's incredible It really is. He says in rough translation he says I respond eg boo I give answers I respond that was a very I respond to the call of the one who makes the call that in Arabic is to call on Allah to make me say to implicate I respond to the call of the caller he does when he calls when when he calls

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you know in any language just like you got most of you I assume know English well. In language there's something called conditional statements. When this happens this will happen. When this happens this will happen. First you say the if part then you say the then part of your study logic in eighth grade remember if and then statements, right. Also you have when and then statements. Okay, when it's time to go I will leave my house.

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That's the normal way of saying it you say the when part first and then part later. That's how you normally organize the sentences in the Quran. We just went to a when statement is a solitary body in a hurry when Muslim asked you about me

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Then I am near it started with when and he went to, then that's how it's organized. Now listen, a lot of times I respond to the call of whoever makes a call when he calls me. The weird part is that in the beginning, now it's at the end. Do we arrange it in English for you? When my slave calls me, I respond. That's what you expect. When my slave calls me. I respond. But Allah put the shelf at the end and the job was shot in Arabic to say in the beginning, he put the answer in the beginning and the question later, because Allah is so eager to answer the question. What we learn from that is, even before you start making your allies ready and willing to accept your dog, who

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came first it came later in the eye is another ideology. Without a doubt, that's what you expect in the home language. But there's no real reason to show you how eager how quickly how even before you die, he's ready to respond so powered on with honor.

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Then in Arabic, incredibly, there are two in two different words for answering. There's

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a study was also to answer, Wu Ji, who is also the answer the IR uses. Eg boo, I answer. The Java this word in Arabic means to answer immediately.

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You know, sometimes we ask somebody a question was, how do

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you make a request to somebody and say, I'll get back to you. Your child

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may see some toy, they see some candy. Can we get that? Yeah, next time.

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Next time, or you buy the toy for them and it's in the bag and they're in the car thinking pick it out? Give it to me. No, no, no, no until we get on Just wait.

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Not yet. Get have it yet. You gotta wait. gotta wait till I gotta wait till the weekend. Can we watch that cartoon on a guy? We gotta wait till you finish your homework. You put it off? You put it off, put it off. Would you mean the login the answer immediately? A lot of response, Carla immediately. And he responds not with what you expect what what he knows is best for you. But the answer is immediate. You know, sometimes people say I think God Well, I don't get any answers. People say that all the time. I may go to a lot. I should pass this exam. I should do this visit. I never got any answers. A lie is telling you and me I actually answered you immediately.

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Something must have gone wrong on your end. nothing went wrong and

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something's missing on your side. Because God is telling us he immediately responds. And what's even more beautiful is sometimes you might think, Oh Allah doesn't listen to mine too hard because you know, I'm a bad person I party I do a little bit of harm on the side. You know, I pray here and there but I'm not exactly a good person. Maybe that's why Allah doesn't listen to my God. Maybe I should go to the Imam of the masjid to shave the guy with the big old guy in the masjid you go to him and have a go after me. Because my daughter is useless. I already know that because I know what I've been up to. You know, I know what I've done. So I went to my shouldn't even waste my time

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making Godzilla I should just get somebody else can make draw for me. Look at what a legend Messiah a legend and say I respond to the one who makes

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a lot. Let me die. I respond to the one who makes the hot he didn't say that. He said would you Buddha or let that die. I respond to the subject the call itself of the one who makes the call. In other words to a lie. It doesn't even matter who's making the call. The call itself is important. The door itself is important. 11 don't look at your face. First, your status first, your level of knowledge first. He just wants to have some sincere draw from you. You can live an entire life of sin and then turn to a lot alone. The exceptions are you will, you will decide to make a change a level Listen, because that door Allah never shuts alone never shuts the door to door. This is the

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opportunity we have to address a lie in this life. And this is really important to understand for Muslims and to be reminded of Allah describes many I often know Quran he describes judgment day, when after regarding to this earth, we're going to be brought out of this earth. And when they run out of this earth, then we get to see what really goes on in life what really life was about. And at that point, people are begging and turning to Allah. And Allah says when a young guru,

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he won't even look at them.

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He won't even look at them.

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This is actually not at that point who you're talking to. You can't talk to a lot anymore. You have direct access to talk to Allah, direct access and you didn't take advantage of this. What's the point of view coming now and begging the love of forgiveness? No, no, no, no, no that opportunity is gone. When of when that day begins there is no point in making. The time for Dharma is now the time to ask Allah which is now eg Buddha with a doubt he is then allotted a dime here that was

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the one who makes a call. Well, by saying that, you know that was a movement a less response to the dollar.

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The the dryer the call of a believer, by the way that I felt I didn't explain the word I should explain a little bit at least, you know that I'm sure all of you have heard the word even if you don't speak Arabic, you've heard the word God before, right? There was the highest application that Allah is what's called the muffler on this produced one single door.

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You know, how often do you go in Ramadan, and the man is making like $100. And you're standing in with the door after door after door after door. And some of you wondering, when's the girl coming?

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Long doors. And sometimes a lawyer saying yes, they were long. And you don't even know what you're reciting the door. Sometimes you memorize 20 of them, you just recite them real quick and you move on. Unless every single one of your daughters, I respond to every single one, every single one. And he added something so powerful, either that whenever he went,

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whenever this person will make dawn, I told you in the beginning, it's hard for me to make time or get time from important people.

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It's hard, I can't get time with the CEO. If there's a grand scholar, a really big scholar in the world, I stopped possible for me to just call him and he'll pick up, most likely I'll send him an email, I'll make sure that you guys get a response. But if he gets 1000 emails a day, there's no way he's gonna get to me. Very difficult. When you have one important that you're dealing with important people, it's very hard to get it. You can't be on your time that you have to come to their time, maybe they'll give you an appointment. Maybe you know what people do when they go to a specialist, a doctor, some child is sick, and they can only be seen by a specialist. And that specialist has like

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a six month appointment waiting list. People say I don't care, give me an appointment in six months, at least I get to see him for 20 minutes. After six I'll take the appointment. Why? Because that's important. Because that schedule depends on the patient or the doctor and the doctor. He decides. In the case of Allah you and I want to make God to Allah. He's already had us close. But the question is when in equals, when is he close? He says Wuji Buddha was a die is whenever he called me. You call me whenever you want to pick up on Allah? Who does that? Who does that? Our parents can do that. We can even do that for our children. Our children wake us up in the middle of night or too

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deep asleep. We can even answer our own children. We can even do that. Allah azza wa jal opens his doors, makes himself accessible to you and me. Just whenever you're ready, whenever you're ready. What an amazing invitation from Allah, there was a nice few words.

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And after these few words, and by the way, these if I told you in the beginning, they are in the passage that deals with the art of Ramadan.

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And because they come out of Ramadan, you would think one of the clues we get is the best time to make noise when in Ramadan. When you're fasting when you're already feeling closer to Allah, when the whispers of Shabbat are gone. That's the best time but by Allah, what you're saying is that in the ayah, Allah didn't just say, make this Ramadan thing. Whenever you call me, I'm ready to hear sound like I listen to you more in Ramadan. Unless I'm not some other time. No, no, no. Whenever you want to look for me to hear you, I am ready for you to Panama.

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But then, after me giving this incredibly beautiful invitation to all of us, every single one of us. Then he says, here's what I want you to do.

00:23:22--> 00:23:28

You know, when somebody gives you a favor, a huge favor, and then they ask you for a little bit in return.

00:23:29--> 00:23:58

You're immediately if it's worth what the gift they have given you. If it's really big, they say anything you want, I'll do anything. Just tell me what to do. I'm ready to do anything for you. After giving us this huge gift that Ally's ready to listen to our dog whenever we want whoever you are, so long as even if a single dog I am already very, very close to you all the time. I'm giving you that offer. open ended. Here's what I want you to do. Finally yesterday, g moody.

00:23:59--> 00:24:01

When they should respond to me.

00:24:02--> 00:24:05

Then they should respond to me now the word responses come twice in

00:24:06--> 00:24:48

the first time Allah was responding Yes, would you die? I respond to the letter I respond. Now always saying it's time for you to respond. So there are two kinds of responses. I asked a lover things and I expected a level response. But unless that's a one way street, this is a two way relationship. I'm also asking you for some things. I'm also asked you to obey me. I've also asked you to, you know, stay away from certain things that are harmful to you. I've also asked you to you know, cut some things out of your life. I've also asked you to ski you know, to not be unfair to people to watch your tongue to watch your temper. To make sure you observe your prayers I've asked

00:24:48--> 00:24:56

you for a few things. Now Allah didn't say finally Ugg boots he remember I told you gee boo means he responds immediately and completely.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

The difference between Java and st Java

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

Java can take time. And it can be a little bit. It's not complete. A lot of has at least tried to respond to me.

00:25:07--> 00:25:48

When he responded, he said, I respond completely. When he expects the believer to respond to him, Look, do what I'm asking you to do. He didn't say do everything he said at least try them if you try. Let me see some effort from you, for yesterday boonie, then at least they should try. They should want to respond to the if the job also means to want to respond to somebody, I don't even see that you want. You are the person who asks a lover everything, but doesn't even want to do anything for a month. They don't even want to do anything for a month. One time for slob comes in. today. It's the weekend. I'm busy right now didn't even want to, they don't even feel that. And yet when

00:25:48--> 00:26:01

the time comes, that they're going for a job interview, or the time comes and they put in the application and they're waiting for the application to be approved. Then the door start expecting a lot of response when you don't even care to respond to what a last.

00:26:02--> 00:26:13

This is the extreme case of this the Prophet described for us from a level audience on them. Imagine this like horrific scene. The messenger described some alarm I sent this person who goes to make hedge.

00:26:14--> 00:26:37

And back in the day hedge was not on the airlines first, you know, first one way nonstop passports and air conditioned cabin, none of that stuff is going on foot. for months and months and months chances he might even die on the way he gets there. His clothes are covered in dirt. And he's holding on to the villa the cover of the garbage and he's begging a light beacon. Gotcha. Can you imagine what an amazing God that must be?

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And unless messenger says Ramadan, whoa, whoa, hold on one minute or so who

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was he eats his harem?

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What he's wearing his hat on. He earned it from impermissible means we've got a liquor business at home. And he goes to HUD every year.

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He's got a lot of machines running. And he goes make sure you eat the chicken right from that a lot of a lot of money. Here we've got that he's got impermissible money. And then he goes and makes the article a law firm Mr. Jarboe? How's he going to be answered? How would I draw the answer is try to respond to me, at least try to come closer to me. And then you see how Allah will open doors, how alone will make ease for you where you only saw difficulty when you're in high school after concluding this this beautiful, I want to share with you one last thing allow us origin says what is so unlike anybody only for iniquity Wuji Buddha, what

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does that mean?

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That means one person,

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I respond to the call of the person who calls.

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Now there's a difference between saying the person who calls and a person who calls you know English, third grade English the difference between D and A, the difference between DNA these specific, it could be anybody. Allah didn't just say anybody who called you said the one who called and the benefit of that is, it is as though a lot of recognizes. Specifically, this person may draw to me. He knows them by name. He knows who particularly they are and you don't have to be in a large crowds for your daughter to be accepted your individual is beloved to a light each and every one of us individually, even though we should be making collectives are as well. But in this ayah

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particularly Allah tells you by yourself have a direct connection to allies. Those of you particularly are special in particular to a lot of none of us are forgotten by Allah. None of us are overlooked by allies. We have to reinstitute and remind ourselves of the power of diet what it can do for a person what is what how you're supposed to make God what are the attitudes we're supposed to have towards God, you know, there's God him to put on their books you can buy about dawn and Dawn for entering the house, leaving the house, changing your clothes, eating food, finishing food, etc, etc. And all these dogs getting in the car going on a trip, all these dogs you can memorize. But I

00:29:02--> 00:29:12

tell you when you should, by the way you should memorize those on but on top of all of that, if you speak on Do you speak Bangla you speak Arabic whatever you speak, you can make darn your language alumnos

00:29:13--> 00:29:48

Allah knows more than Arabic. He taught all languages. You can make dua to Allah while you're driving. You can make God's will not while you're working. You can make God a lot to align your lunchbreak you can converse with Allah because you guaranteed you know He's here. He's already guaranteed that you say well, why should I make you want to know when I'm driving? I had a good time. Yes, because he said that whenever whenever you got time they got to me, no matter what you make us of those whose daughter accepted their lawmakers of those who truly and sincerely make the effort to respond to him, just like he responds to us. barakallahu li walakum for an Hakeem when a

00:29:48--> 00:29:50

family when he can be it was

00:29:54--> 00:29:57

handled into what I thought was salatu salam ala

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him or her something they've been hammered in any other area. He was up behind the Apollo Mahajan, peekaboo he came

00:30:09--> 00:30:13

out of India him in the shade was watching in namaha America who is a Luna De

00:30:14--> 00:30:21

La Nina amanu sallu alayhi wasallam with aseema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Mohammed

00:30:22--> 00:30:43

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim I said I mean in Mecca hanadama de Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Coronavirus Tada Ibrahim Ibrahim al amin in naka de magie Allah Rama como la Tacoma in the La Jolla Mirage when he died in Korba when her honey Sasha you will mooncup

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La Jolla

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in Nevada, California mini Nikki Cabo makuta