Murtaza Khan – Loss of a Loved One

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the end of the world and being prepared for the return to Islam is emphasized in the context of Islam. The importance of preparing for the return to Islam and the difficulties of life are emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be patient and not be forgotten. The importance of praying and sharing one's suffering is emphasized. The need to be prepared for the return to Islam and difficulties of life are emphasized. The importance of understanding the end of the world and being prepared for the difficulties of life is emphasized.
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marilena may

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or may not live

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in LA,

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Sherry Keller

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Mohamad and

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terrible bar are higher on the Buddha Buddha Mohammed in Samba love me he

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was shall run Aomori more

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data in beta are conducted at the end

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of mission after the surgery, or simply an MRI

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of the praising of loss of Canada and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey with the prophetic traditions, whereby the previous Hadees looked at the individual takes their life without any justification.

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killing of oneself or the committing of suicide. By the Hadith mentions haram to

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lots of Canada in general, makes it haram forbidden for the individual to ever go into paradise. Today's Hades is your prison for a person it has died, but of course of a month or in a wave of loss of hand to hand

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A person gains gender, for the people around the individual that remained upon this earth. A lot gives those individuals gender, because of their patience, and the key factor between these two individuals, or these two ahaadeeth is called the automotive is the concept of depth, which they both share, that we find that the concept of a

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or will feel, as if the whole, you studied deeply is none nothingness, but journey of the Hereafter, a journey of depth,

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the journey of an agent, the appointed time for every single one of us, and that is something that some of us in this modern world it became to flee away from, or in nonmotile Delhi to Pharaoh Domingo for a novel, mula

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tomahto. Tuna in aluminium, it was Shahada for you in a beautiful mountain.

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But in the note and let the fear hold and men who say that if you're trying to flee away from you're trying to run away from death for a novel more painful death will meet you in your face. A number two cola drink omotola booty Moshe, guida wherever you happen to be, Deaf will meet you

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or she will have lost 100 mentions on this ayah even if you happen to be inside your 45 palaces and mansions, you tried to conceal yourself, protect yourself, but therefore, enter in and come and take every single one of us. So, even when he talks about more

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about this world, you find on returns that journey towards an era towards meeting Allah Subhana Allah what tokuyama una de la tomahto una semana cassava la in the end the sort of Baccarat

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was 281 or so 286 versus inside sort of bucket that we find Medina and sola kulu can all have sort of Baccarat is in general nothing but I can adhere to the end of Sultan Baccarat

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and iron holder or Reba but the idea today the longest is it takes a sup How can you begin this verse I hold complete page just before this ayah today Allah loss of founder insert this ayah with Taku yo mentor Girona de la la

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Allah place this ayah in between a face of the dunya a mama co t Sahaba, Anita, aluminum or iron, new gelatin. Talk about aluminum. And I had the idea

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to solder the final set down to the Prophet Allah instead of to set up with this verse.

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He only lived for nine days.

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Nine days of this verse was sent down hotmail or on the end of the the end of Revelation. What tokuyama or Girona Fie the law. The Quran has come to an end, the series has come to an end, life has come to an end for that day whereby you're going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and then the moon for sale. Mmm, Toby. So

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he brings some 30 different derivatives inside the Quran or talk about

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about a moat about death. And some of them extended to have testimony at different formats inside about the after about death, or your whole reseller. Speaking about the obscura, about the journey towards the end, from the grave, to the resurrection to the end, and Montana or when either paradise or the hellfire. So why is it that many of us don't want to engage?

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That I in fact that meets all of us in Sarasota Rockman some 86 on a yacht that we find 30 Plus, of them continuously repeating for the Arabic American man in general. So the man is speaking about admiring that gentleman who

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the companions in Paradise, the blessing a lot lower churn, the pearls, the corals, the brocades the drink, the clothing, the reclining the

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blessings. But inside the surah what we find? Could Newman Allah have fun while you're covered, you're a big daddy with a CRO khulumani Ali Hassan Sheikh when

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I tell them whole agenda

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about Allah, but Allah Subhana den still inserts inside these iron khulumani Ali have fun. Every single thing on this earth living thing will perish will come to a standstill

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will end. That's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said up through mean victory has the middle of that or had the moment that I'm not entirely open then remember the thing that destroys pleasures,

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pleasures, it doesn't mean haram things. It means even the good things of this dunya still, remember excessively, what was destroyed, terminate the individual. Likewise, Zuckerberg, go and visit the graves. I forbade you previously because revelation was coming down, people will begin to engage in some form of shape or reliance in the grave. But when I came to Stanford, go and visit the graves because it reminds you about death. And the other thing that the prophet Elijah reminded us about is about the germ about the Antichrist, the false imposta continuously remind the people

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what is essential, speaking about speaking about the end of the world preparation, this world will come to a standstill, when the memes have been authentic. When the emails failing to remind people that attention, then that will awaken at the junk, bring it out. So that's why you find the appropriate I would always remind, remind about the jello Heidi, he stood up and he began to speak about the hereafter. Then he stopped and he prayed, then he stood up again began to speak about the hereafter. Then he stopped and he prayed again, as if he spent the whole day speaking about the Hereafter,

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wounding us about the Hereafter, and likewise preparing us for the hereafter. As we say, as we mentioned inside the Quran, the whole journey the Quran is nothing but

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preparing yourself for the hereafter. You find inside the Quran, three

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identical person in Santa Ana who lives in Ecuador.

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Every single soul would taste death. We sued earlier granting the higher end of early Emraan ambia. And in 21st, sort of speak about the province of will he insulted ankle boot 29 chapters of overland that we've had gewoon have seen they're eager to move from A to Z. And now you have an agenda for confers woman higher to junior in de Natal.

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ajeeb Allah says every soul retains death

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from the here and now whoever is rescued, delivered from the headphone socket further has become the ultimate success. The ultimate success for an individual then Allah warns us one mile higher to dunya in their mentality. What is this world except for great reception in such an Ambien one a blue commission one fiery fitna, Elena,

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we're going to test you not just with trials with bad afflictions difficult objections, but with good things. Because fitness I mean, my annual fitness that we find is a pillar and Eva is testing. The highest level of fitness is a ship victim is a person to fall into committing ship, with a loss of $100 member for pain, and then it begins to descend, the committing of sins, disobedience will have remarked that we find trials and tribulations that we find for

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taccone serve in the Olympic FIBA The same can be said for the katanya for this world. Why is appropriate is telling us to worry about this world, famous world because in temptations of this dunya what the condition and say women because the first fitna that struck Bunny is for him that derail them on the path of Allah is fitted to Nisa. Likewise this Muslim woman coming shambhavi Now, how many of our youth are derived from the power of of barbed wire they during the Quran says about

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Lena Ignacio Boucher de Mina Nisa in the beginning of Surah Al Imran Zhi ness, Prabhu, Sha one, the thing that man loves. The COVID is greed. The desire is feeling inside the heart of the human being

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is what a woman

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nissa that's what Allah mentioned inside the Quran beginning sobre la Emraan because this will this will destroy people, destroy nations, direct people on the path of Allah Subhana Allah alphington can

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fit in our many upon this Muslim Omar upon the individual, that person needs to overcome these fears and overcome these tests to become a successful individual. And likewise in a final location sorted ankle boot once again, every soul retains death. I remember that returned back to Allah subhanaw taala life is a great big test. That's what I mentioned at the beginning of the month.

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So last Friday, I mentioned a nanny call upon montalvan hayata The blew up on a Yukon am Allah

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Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah The Kanaka mocha

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Why did not begin with yes and not begin with life? Liana Hackman coonan Luda, kulu Nana moot, because that's a fact. No, everyone was could be born can come in existence upon this earth. But every single one of us when we do come into existence upon this earth will definitely die. And then when we remain upon this dunya Leon, Phu Kham and Yukon Sanu amarula who amongst you is going to be the best action a moment but are we inside these taoxian speaks about us and what Amala Highlands highlight what is the best action shot or two conditions that we find for any action to be accepted but a lot of Canada Ireland are willing and effortless sincerity. Was there anyone metabo to be as

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close as possible to the son of the prophets of Allah I send them these are two conditions. This is what the whole Muslim on my revolves around. This will rectify these Muslim oma. And he has sincerity and secondly exempting ourselves to be as close as possible to the Sunnah. Many people are sincere. They may fall short on the sadhana is our task to remind one another. Some of us may follow a life of the sundown, but we're not sincere. We're not sincere inside our life. So we need to remind one another that these are the two principles that help all of us to get into gender allows candidates to accept actions on their day inside pseudocode 11 chapter 11 I mentioned when we were

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working when we sit at the ATM what kind of our show

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last created the heavens and the earth in six days and he's bless a throne was upon the waters was upon Botha then elemental helium, neon blue, Hugo accendo, Amana once again, all of this creation of the heavens in the earth, the pricing of this dunya to place you Yeah, you're allowed to play see human beings upon this earth, for what purpose to see who amongst you is going to be basic actions inside sort of gaff, which is a surah, which revolves around our buffet and for temptations for Fitton that the world faces a face before and you will face for the future fit the man think that

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fit into suit on that we find fit now when Power Authority leadership that we find is when I saw the cap, why is it appropriation highlight? We these 110 I read this surah every single young man, there will be a light for the following Friday. What is an element of spirituality, study the themes inside the sutra

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and you find that these are these four trials and tribulations and like what you find the four cures, how to overcome these trials and tribulations inside a soldier that was right in the middle of the zenith Atlanta. We in a blue accent or ambala. All this dunya once again is Xena is beautification is good things. And the hidden message. Don't fall into your traps of this dunya. We've done all of this in a blue moon au is an umbrella that we may test them to see he see who amongst them is going to be best. It's an action that we find. So the acceptance of life. The acceptance of death doesn't make the individual or the trials to become over worrying, or to begin

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to grieve or lose control. There is no harm in grieving. There's no harm in weeping. There's no harm in being upset, but it's a control. being upset is to control weeping. weeping doesn't take anything away from the individual for Rasul Allah salatu salam, when he son, when he said I'm not mistaken, Abraham passed away. He wept. He cried. The Companions asked the question, what is this

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How can you eat? How can you cry? How can you overcome with tears,

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being a human being, and a love of a father for his son, not as a messenger, Father, for his son he wept is a natural feeling. There is no harm in that. But it was a control a discipline. That is a way it is a crime. It is a complaint in the most in the most intimate and the submitted owner. A sub is when calamity strikes you straight away. When it hits you, you're patient. Someone isn't that after some moments, some hours, some days, some months, you become sober, and then you become content.

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sober is as soon as the calamity hits you. Then the only thing that comes out from your mouth is praise. It belongs to Allah. And it returns to Allah. And Allah mentioned Allah Nina either a sobre, todo sobre todo in LA were in La La Mirada. Those are individually when masiva calamity hits them.

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They are the ones who say to Allah we belong and to Allah that we will return. And so this hadith otzi that we want to dissect, Maryam your movement in the g7 there is no anyone in my service.

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That is a every word every complaint, which is given the individual is a copper to severe magnitude Nia, if I take the most beloved thing, from the individual to my server, who in the agenda, the most beloved thing that person loves inside their life, I take it away from that individual, the only thing I will give to the individual, nothing short, nothing less for an individual will be paradise for an individual who is patient regarding what Allah has taken away from the individual. And thus we find that when Allah Allah takes what is most beloved to the individual, for Matheson Babu, Avi Magna sabara then a person is an immense state of patience and commitment towards Allah Subhana

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Allah does we find an email baina Sabri was shokri that's an email Josie. What is an email is beno sabado suka

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for him as an old man his his patience and gratitude was suburban or an academic in a while there somewhere inside the Quran is documented some different 90 different occasions

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90 different occasions inside the undefined the concept of patient inside them. And as for the format's the format of patients that you find inside the program that we find some 15 different formats, about different commandments regarding patience, or boredom, some of them that we find as a movie commandment inside the Quran through a patient was studying to be somebody was senator Weiner can be written in amongst the first assignment inside the Quran that we find was the Renu be Sabri was sada seek aid and assistance

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strengthen yourself by becoming patient individuals. And likewise via a solder that is a way the individual will become a successful individual. You will live in a monastery will be somebody was set up in a law slavery again inside the same soul inside sort of dakara Are you believe is Tofino? See aid. seek assistance by a patient by devotion by commitment. You Latina Armando smil wasabi Aurobindo Wanda Kabbalah Allah come to flesh out an end of surah, Ali and Ron is 100 180 I conclude, become patient, resolution commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, that you will become successful individual. And now he did. He

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also commands us to stay away from the opposite of losing patience well after he knew what to do, don't say don't grieve, don't lose hope and about describing these verses of the Quran when a person grieves, disappears. There's a lack of patience

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and wisdom should never ever lose patience. Whoever says that this Muslim Oh my destroyed then he's the one that destroyed his Muslim oma. This Muslim Ummah will never ever be destroyed, will never ever be destroyed. That's the problem is about loss of Allah Allah is going to be various calamities and difficulties. But this question Omar in his totality, will never ever be destroyed, wiped out. So no one should think that no one should think about all these calamities

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that Islam is being wiped out Islam will be wiped out as a peddler will never ever. No one should have that fort inside their mind what is called a new beta nurse. These only days that we alternate a day for them a day for us.

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Comes in Santa Maria Santa, how long? How long will it be? 50 years 100 years. One Kalamata Ye,

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the word word of Allah remains lofty, remain Supreme, remains dominant remains power fun, no one will ever walk over the words of Allah. No one will ever be able to do that. This is Hitler to live by Lila, this only wisdom of Allah, then a short span of time. For what reason? The only reason is to awaken us

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in asleep in a slumber and are enjoying of the dunya in the temptations as we began with, I'm not just wants to awaken this Muslim Omar once again, bring it out of his sleep, awaken it to make it rise once again, the powerful nation that it was, and it will be and will always be. That is the Nation of Islam. The power will levy at the center of pseudo Beluga, what do you mean? How do you hear about it? nikoli I'm not saying this way of life and Buddha guidance, to become dominant, to become powerful to become a force to be reckoned with no enforcement be able to overcome an Islam. There is a promise of Allah subhanaw taala language as Santa Ana, Ana apne Allah praises wasabia

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think that say what the right a lot of reasons why are hidden back sooner he can let me know sodoku moutoku Allah praises those individuals who are patient in a state of adversity, calamities, hardships, difficulties, those are the real believing individuals of the praises those individuals, that he's close with those individuals who happen to love him. Allah loves those patient individuals. Does we find the study inside the Quran

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when boom, who does not love? Who does Allah hate? Who is a love despise? Iraqis who are an idea focus inside the Quran? Who does Allah love? When Long You hit with siberie? Allah loves the patient individuals, Maria Tula, whom being specifically close to those individuals will Loma Siberian. Allah is with the patient individuals, Maria to have some supplementary Mia Rahmatullah. The highlight is a Maria casa, there is a specific closeness that belongs to certain individuals, that Allah Allah said he is with every individual, he wants you to see every single individual, but it certain individuals that is specific, specific conditions or specific types of mystics of these

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individuals, and unlock comes close to these individuals. While low mass Siberian light qualifier was filled in Aloma Siberian light qualified.

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In number he was your for Serbia Runa agera. One behind it. He said, When Allah speaks about different actions, and recompense and reward for them, for one good deed, attend good deeds or 100 good deeds, or 700 good deeds have multiplied many times over. As for patient individuals, a job

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that they reward behind is up their reward. There is no accountability. There is no numerical format. For patient individually there's no numerical format, if multiplied by this

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number, and against whatever he wants for individuals with a patient individual. And as we find three dimensions of patients, Allah Subhana Allah partida first we find patients regarding obedience, being obedient to Allah so panel data was as we mentioned, was starting to be somebody was waiting to be written in the Anacostia a see aid and assistance via patient and the prayer is going to be difficult, except for the people who are observant, who have control, coming Shabbat dinner, how many of you become exciting, excited about affairs, but what happens? It burns away eventually. As summer Annika does she find a summer upon obedience comes to someone who will praise

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them five times a day is under the promise above law is under the covenant of Allah. Allah will enter that individual into paradise. Enter the individual into paradise. Man, half of the aluminium, whoever guards them, whoever preserves

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them, whoever takes care of them. That's why you find this a continuous struggle that we find day in and day out. Subhan Allah,

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Ramadan, fasting in the long days of obedience to Allah Subhana Allah, like qualifying a suburb and ignacia patients to stay away from singing is a great big fit and that we live in at the moment called compassion. Fitness. As we began with worshiping the Lord against is a fit for some people. But the Quran tells us to lower your gaze is to guard your chastity to guard your private parts. Because you find a server and in maxia to restrain yourself from disobeying Allah, you find hooky, but in no bisha one, one of the rudiger intended to be mercury kalimat he bent over overfit. You find surrounding

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paradise has been surrounded vein with mcalary with obstacles, things which are difficult for a person to do. They need to overcome them. It's about knowing it's right. It's hard even such a Muslim in his 18 volume speaks about as he's overcome those obstacles. And that was the opposite. karate but the narrow, be showered and now.

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The fire is surrounded with temptations. Every single maxia every single shower, you Cory Booker in

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every single shower desire brings you closer to the hellfire. That's what it does brings you closer and closer to Allah forbid to the hellfire. So the person is a patient, restrain themselves protect themselves from falling into sinning, disobey, and I'll call you on the third level

00:31:54 --> 00:32:07

of patience. A server Allah grinda patience regarding the decree of Allah Subhana Allah wakulla County Huddleston Fulani welcome when he gave me a Muslim he never stopped in number four Rahim

00:32:18 --> 00:32:27

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Sunday also the Mahayana Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi the woman Temasek abyss of Nigeria.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:32

They used to handle Johanna

00:32:33 --> 00:33:08

patients regarding the decree of a loss of talent Adam, how many times do we find such words coming out of our mouth? Why me? Why am I suffering? Why this difficulty? Why this obstacle? Why is I've been selected? Why have I been chosen? If Allah really loves me, why am I going through this in my life? Come around my head you can imagine how many times you hear these words from the from the masses of people always complaining, complaining about their state of affairs, complaining about their lives.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:56

This complaining no ruminal gouffre this type of complaining is a complaint of disbelief of rejection of not been content regarding decree of Allah. The complaint of the believer is a silent type of complaint. A silent complaint whereby a person knows that have been overcome in numerous Cooperativa de la la la la la la la la la la moon. They are personally company complains a lot so Canada Allah added Am I a German fee Sora user, the 12 foot of the Quran as a side point for a user could lose other dollar for the use of his patience. For sobral Jamil

00:33:59 --> 00:34:15

yaku la sala losing his son for Southern Jammie Dodgers any patient while you stand while amalco seafood and T patients. That's the Haku Sora.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:36

Really from the beginning to the end, if I knew nothing about patients, day in and day out, use of being left in the well. Use of his father's being jealous of him use of being abolished use of being tortured or punished in a way use a patient being surrounded by these temperatures woman and no man.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:43

No man is talking. Whoever is patient knowing you're talking to us before in Nevada you

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

will face Allah and his patient. Allah never less than the actual dues have good ever gone to waste. That's not the whole Sora is nothing but patients what they attribute it to use what they said about use of the whole of his life.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

That is being patient about the decree have a look at the end, look at the end Have a look I took him out, took him out of

00:35:08 --> 00:35:09

the desert

00:35:11 --> 00:36:05

shape on May Ranko amongst his own Brethren, but okay he came out they came back and when they this success given to use of La salon from the pits of the one to be coming in, in essence of Allah mentioned the leader of the country, because Cybermen, alwasy and busara ministers actually govern countries, not the amine, not the soupon, not the leader, not the king is the ministers who have one factor exposure. So he becomes a leader of the people, our takes him from the pit of darkness, to the light of being an ultimate level, nothing that he searched for. But as the promise of Allah Subhana Allah, people are patient, and a devoted to Him, He will give them that success inside this

00:36:05 --> 00:36:51

dunya that we find. And as you find that those individuals as you began this had the person who's patient with a decree of Allah, for Mata Saba, that person is rewarded with nothing by enlarge, gender, will be nothing less a paradise for the individual, and under hiding the refined, if Allah takes the most beloved things, from the individual meanings to eyes, blinds, the individual will replace the individual with nothing short but paradise for that individual. And here we will conclude about the decree of Allah Subhana Allah, about how we complain about I'm sure that none of us today are unaware about what takes place around us at the moment.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:39

And the land of Surya at the moment land of Sham, a blessing land that we find we began with about an era. And we find that a land of Shang is the beginning and the end of this world. Not to not to highlight that this is the beginning. This is something at the end of the one is right there is possibly a prelude and build up. Because Sham is the ultimate platform towards the escalation towards the end of times, whereby many things will take place, you reap inequities, and be there when you hire the beginning and the end of volume is work on history. Speaking about the end of times, Mel Hamilton, Cobra, was classified even in the Bible as the Armageddon, the final warfare

00:37:39 --> 00:38:10

that will take place inside that environment. Look at the world at the moment. Look at his environment at the moment. And look at these people. And is nothing less than you could say about these individuals in relation to us. That small calamities, small trials, small things, or even big things, the loss of a loved one that we find. They don't losing a loved one. There's loss of many of their loved ones that we find

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at the moment that all of us are familiar with, was taking place, bombardment, of the bombardment that we find what awakening is there inside our lives and our minds about death, about the return to Allah, they face it every single day, it becomes a normal part of their life and part of their life life is only a matter of seconds, before they make that journey to Allah, and equip themselves more and more. And what if we equip ourselves when we equip, equip as more of the dunya more fighting for the dunya more worried about the dunya, there may be a need, this may be a need that maybe I need to do this. Look at your preparation.

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And look at our preparation. Which of us is really patient in the decree of Allah, which of us is really ready to meet Allah, which one of us is really acceptable in front of Allah? And each of us can answer that question ourselves. We can all answer a question as to who is the most closest to above and as a person should always reflect upon their life, reflect and not think that I'm the only Muslim or I'm the only pious individual or I'm the only good individual? They are, they are others. There are hundreds, there are 1000s there must be millions, who are beloved to Allah not beloved to Allah is a psyche psychological center that many of us that we have, that we believe in, that we

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think that is something special about us and no one else in the face of this earth is special. One there's many that are special to Allah Subhana Allah And likewise, we should just do what we can not get so bogged down about the trivial fine details.

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There may be this or maybe that most of these organizations may be we may not agree upon certain things about them. But it's clearly visible, that in general, that the world from whatever you give a second to those people, we may not agree with everything. But at least a person can remove the responsibility from their own shoulder removed when they all showed up, then I tried to do if I can use such words my bit, because that's the type of language that we understand is much more than we can do. But if that's the minimum that we can do, that is I made a contribution, or I did something, or the least that we can do. The least that we can do, is supplicate to a bar. That means

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no, other than Sarah, every single Muslim, and the depths of the night, and moments of solitude, moments of being on their own, should ask,

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to alleviate suffering, to alleviate the hardships, there is no price to that. You don't have to pay me. You don't have to pay a charity. You don't have to pay the world. You can show the world. You can do all of us can do their own selves and our own time. And that is something that Allah Subhana Allah is waiting for waiting to see company begginer How will my service will call out and pray to me, how am I seven will ask me. And we know that when a person comes up to Allah, for each one of us, an angel standing there, and angel standing there, and praise, give him likewise.

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There's someone who you may try to give something to tinea and you pray in your heart, like give me something in return because I've spent my wealth but you make sure our Angel stands next to you, and says whatever he prayed for, give it to him as well. These are the hours that we all need in our life. Like was having that we find the only way that your life is given. sustenance is given to you is because the the of

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the sophistication of the poor, destitute, weak individuals. That's how many of us I live in today. By the permission of Allah, that died, that dollar, that pound that you gave, some poor individual, some poor child, raise his hand, and brilliant Allah bless this individual who sent me a piece of bread.

00:42:37 --> 00:43:26

I wasted every single day by morsel of food. And then we've added crime. And that dog goes to Allah and ally in return, protects us, gives us a good life gives us a good life for this dunya and we find it difficult to pray. We find it difficult to share our wealth, we find it difficult to share our time. We find it difficult, because customers will follow harshness of the hearts living amongst a world full of designs and dictation and materialism is difficult to penetrate into our mind and our heart. Difficult was Muslims today living in the heart of in the west for us to awaken first to see the calamities and the difficulties that was removed from our heart. Give us all Adelphi

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inability to see the suffering and the hardship and not place that suffering and hardship inside our own life to raise the hardship and calamities from these people. And if they remain inside his calamity into nothingness by gender because of their hardship, make it a form of alleviation, wiping out their sins and their mistakes that returns everything of every form of hardship and give them an immense reborn inside the hero in the law woman a Caboose on Luna and maybe you will live in New Hollywood suddenly motors Lehman Lima allama Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad, Ibrahim Allah Allah,

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Allahu Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma Baraka Grenada.

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