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Seto Martin comm Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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the belay Manchurian fujinami say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Fernando de la mejor de la washa do

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you know in La la de la sharika Why should you know Mohammed Abdullah solo? I'm about to fall in the cul de sac kita Baba highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was

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Charles Murray motion data to her wakulla motion data thin beta wakulla beta $10 Latina wakulla dollar Latin finnur rubbish euro honey sorry for your silly angry word lol okudah Tammy Lisa Nia Kaku Kohli after praising Allah Subhana Allah, Cindy sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey, and looking at a set of a hadith

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about the rights of human beings,

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or the rights towards the Muslims as well.

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whereby we find that some of us we may become very vigilant, and we should be very vigilant in fulfilling the rights that belong to Allah subhanaw taala. But we become negligent towards the subjects around us, or the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, that for some reason that if we betray people, or if we lie to people, we cheat to people, we take away people's property or they trust that for some reason, by default that I pray five times a day, I perform hajj, or dress like a Muslim look like a Muslim, that by default will be forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah and this is quite sad and unfortunate, many of us we have this perception that we can carry out certain actions. And

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the most extreme element of this w final portion inside our society is actions towards the non Muslims.

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This sickness is spreading amongst some of the individuals that because a non prefer because they're disbelieving individuals, so to be treacherous towards them, to deceive them, to lie to them, to take the property to take the honor is something permissible. And this is not allowed in Islam. In general, there are only very rare instances inside the Sharia were allowed, allowed for person to be treacherous towards the subjects or the people they face.

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allowed to hit are in a state of warfare warfare deception. person doesn't disclose their location, they position their intention, as displayed by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, because war is all about deceiving the enemy overcoming the enemy. In such a location is allowed. As for a general life that we live on the face of this earth,

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this is something incorrect, that we can cheat them we can steal from the miracle robbed from them, and they'll laugh a bit we could even spill their blood because the unknown Cofer because at disbelieving individuals, they are proof or they disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah, but they have rights and regulations that belonged to them that need to be fulfilled. Because we gave a promise to Allah Subhana Allah And as this hadith is continuing that journey, of taking care of trusts of mankind taking care of people around us, and not to be treacherous towards the people around us. Carlota and attendees could see selasa to Anna costume normal piano t three types of individuals in

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a day gentlemen, I'll be showing adversary

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be against certain types of individuals, three individuals in a day judgment and he has a cipher when you speak about three. Now you can remove Yama, Yama, while I use a key him Allah does it look at such and such individuals? Or does it purify certain individuals? It doesn't mean that these are the only three types of individuals numerous I had even mentioned various types of individuals, person who may be arrogant person or may be dragging this the government out of arrogance. What are the actions that we find? Likewise, when three good actions that can be praised about three types of individuals. So a person shouldn't homing upon the number three or 75 numerous or had these speak

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about certain actions to make certain occur or certain words or circumambulation around the car, but seven times or seven versus sort of factor. There is no real deep mystical approach that some people want to follow that maybe there's a specific relevance of three being mentioned or seven are very known, or by Laila inside the Quran, streaky vamoose, and to derive this to carry out and do certain actions. And Elmo in de la Subhana Allah in a car we follow that which has been prescribed for us to do if it says three or seven or 100 and an original authentic a person carries them out in that belief or that conviction that this will benefit me be something good for me. At the core of a llama

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closeness towards Allah Subhana Allah as well as God which has no evidence and to follow these care that we find that say this 1000 times say this 100 times

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This is something spiritual, people need to go back and evaluate these narrations and these wordings that they encouraged. stick to that which is authentic about Oscar mmm no with Kitab Oscar is broken as day and night that we find like was on a small Muslim fortress of the Muslim looking authentic narrations, how to preserve and to protect oneself, how to remember Allah and Allah appropriately and correctly. So the for why the benefits of dicker could be given to the individual as well just to home in the spiritual aspect of certain wordings, or certain numeric numerical format. It leads to corruption, or define unfortunate as occurring inside this Muslim Ummah, in the effort and

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innovations that we find in trying to remember Allah subhanaw taala. But he held that we find kalasa to three types of individuals, Allah, Allah will be against us individually on the Day of Judgment, because sometimes people may think that they can escape this dunya for Allah sake.

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Maybe this dunya person could escape from any form of

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justice or some form of punishment, or being into accountability. But on the Day of Judgment, no one will escape. That's when numerous of these add, we speak about on the day judgment on the Day of Judgment, this will happen that individual, to send out a message that if a person carries out these actions, now you

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will have the will of this summer, that nothing is hidden from Allah Subhana Allah, nothing bypass Allah Subhana Allah, that these people who think they can escape from Allah Subhana Allah escaped from the people escaped carrying out their atrocities that Allah had there on the day that you bring them forth for accountability regarding what they carried out or not, you don't have Bobby mojado dhara

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first type of person that we find a person who makes ad believe Subhana Allah makes a promise by the name of Allah Subhana Allah and then becomes treacherous towards Yamanaka, who breaks that promise. So a person takes an oath by the name of Allah and I promise to do this, I will do this. I'll give this to you. And then breaks it in front of a lot so pound a severe to make a promise by the name of Allah Subhana to be treacherous towards that. We find that treachery inside Islam that we find.

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To be treacherous that you find we seek out the Muna Philippine

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Treasury treachery is amongst the characteristics of the hypocrites. Here it should be highlight Does it mean that one time a person forgets or makes a mistake or promises or breaks the promise as a handy diminishes either. vimana is Cimarron. Continuously a person carries out an action every time they make a promise they break a promise, every time they trust you with something or fulfill the trust. Every time it becomes habitual, that becomes a continuous habitual nature of a monarchy. a hypocrite Haryana treachery is safer to attain to be treacherous towards the people around them either. hada aka Dora personally makes a promise they betrayed that promise of towards the

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individual that you find in certain ahaadeeth. For every treacherous individual a flag will be placed on their back. The greater the treachery, the greater the flag to be exposed in a day judgment, Yeoman piano I flag we placed on their back to show that this is a person who's a treacherous individual, the more treachery they carried out upon this earth deceive the people on this earth, the more bigger the flag will be to be exposed. And quite strange is that the beginning was sort of baccara study in great detail that you find the first few I'd speak about the sort of the meaning about the believing individuals, then a few a year two or three if they speak about

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disbelieving individuals, then a whole page 11 or 12 or yet speak about CFR 213 so even though God wrote a whole reseller about CSR community based upon these verses shaelyn rG why why is that and the whole page

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you find the answer the first paragraph inside the Quran is speaking about these munafo pain about our blog or blog about the thunder about the lightning that they think everything is really well described everything is against him. So he tried to conceal themselves they try to protect themselves but I don't know the last time they had a

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deaf dumb and blind they don't have the intellect the comprehension to understand that unless you can expose these individuals expose them inside this dunya more so inside the archetype of regarding these individuals does you find in the beginning a certain man either you Latina m n o forbid Oh God, the fifth chapter on total EDA Are you believe, fulfill the pledges. fulfill the AFS?

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konnyaku Luna crabbed

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Been a Surah Nisa Sultana EDA, as I've discussed about ruptor Bane and it was sore inside the Quran Mmm. So UT is magnimous works, speaking about the various links between one verse and another verse one sort or another surah Why does Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah Subhana Allah begin pseudotumor EDA with this such a verse, yeah you let me know

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how you believe fulfill the covenants fulfill the agreements. Because if you go back to certain Nisa, you find nothing about breaking of covenants.

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All that you find about Benny is through your hood. When munafo code, all the discussion is always based upon them breaking the covenant breaking the agreement, being treacherous, being deceptive, as you find inside if you study in great detail, so to Nyssa so that's a lot harder begin sutan may either must speak about remain true to your covenants. And that's right in the beginning of certain marriage Allah mentioned and yo mcmurtrey lacantina come to Allah community. What are the two common Islam Medina, the verse that conceals or seals and Islam verse number three or SoTL Merida, as they are mmct inside these words, and it can feel aluminum boron Hylas. This is classified as a final

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verse of the Quran, by Bill and Hillary will harem. There after this verse, there's no more halal haram that was sent down. Islam is now complete. No one can come and try to add something about Islam and say this will benefit Islam in terms of law and legislation, or try to take something away from Islam. That's why I'm gonna recap. He understood the impact of this verse. So when a Jewish man came to me said to him that if this verse was revealed to us we will be rejoicing about this verse. He said, Yes, indeed, this verse was sent on your module was sent on the day of arafah was sent down. We know the context of this verse, we have more right to rejoice about this verse, that Islam

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is complete. You know, as a side point, these individuals your iPhone, okay, my iPhone Abner home. These individuals they know about Islam. They know about the symbols of Islam, because they are full of treachery, because of a long term strategy and planning about how to how to dismantle an Islam that you find in South Sudan. The size speaks about the attrition and deceptive nature of these individuals about what they carry out and what they want to achieve. And as we find that the first female prime minister of Israel that we find first female prime minister from 1969 to 1974. What did she say? She said that when we bird mustard AXA, I never slept that night.

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I never slept that night thinking that the armies of the Arabs or the Muslims by the time in the morning, whether to face them by now when I woke up in the morning, I saw that this Omar this nation is asleep.

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We've got nothing to fear anymore about these individuals. long term strategy understanding about this Muslim Ummah, that this is the weakness Dartford muslimeen weakness of the most that they will carry out carry out the atrocities and no one will arise. No one will awaken. No one will respond. The Quran speak continues over will be in kenema schools inside Surah Surah Bani Israel as an extra out surah called Bani Israel for purpose, fulfill the covenant indeed the covenant is a responsibility with the context of this idea about the covenant about all the commandments that were given time and time again to B'nai Israel, given to this Muslim Ummah as well. televisi find what a

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duck formerly silica be

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possible for other kulula aka nanhu masuleh don't follow that which you have no no understanding regarding that. Indeed, the faculty of seeing of hearing, of food of perception of understanding is all going to be asked by Allah Subhana Allah will be a delay Ofu Delica Masako mihaela la quinta de korone in Sarasota and am full of act

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of promises of agreements, things that we have to carry out inside our life. This is what we need to fulfill inside our life. If only you pay heed, remember this, then look at the elemental nyheder serapi mustafina tiberiu. What are the tedros Supra for the farakka become and sabirah daddy como Sotheby's taco Sorrell and they were unaware that sarathi must document for tiberiu. This is the path of Allah Subhana Allah follow that path. What is the path of a BA? The powerful one Islam in the Dena in Islam? The path in front of Allah Subhana Allah is an Islam. Yeah, sure. Yeah. What are smelly?

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Is not capitalism is not socialism is not all these 236 isn't that unfortunate exist that we're surrounded by. And I hate to say that penetrated into some of the thoughts and our minds about Muslims. That that's what some Muslims that they think they in

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India, these isms will glorify bring, rectify the Muslim Ummah once again, the Quran says the shiratama Stockman for kabiru there is only one path, the path of Islam. We did the serum of the of this verse, as narrated by Abdullah bin Massoud, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, he drew a straight line in the sand. And then he drew lines on the right and on the left. He said at the end of these other short lines, there is nothing but the devil shaytaan that is waiting there. In simple terms, there is no shortcut to paradise.

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There is no mixing a Mac and matching other elements of the world around us and doing this this is what Islam is this what will better us. There's only one path.

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It's a long, tedious, difficult hard path.

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Will Muschamp got anyone who thinks that gender is just something simple, something easy, glorification is Muslim or something easy. Something simple is just a few words, just a few slogans.

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Then you fail to understand that Islam

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because Islam out inside the Quran speaks about the struggle it speaks about the hardship, it speaks right in the beginning or towards the end or sort of backer that we find. Whenever the messenger when he will even say and to the people around him multinational law, Allah international law he carried when when will a victory for law come? When will it come indeed victorious in Los Angeles Kareem is close by, by needs perseverance. And if lemmie Massey Vanessa neutre konnyaku Amanda home la ternoon woollacott Fernando de la cumbre him for a lemon De La La Nina Sadako Rahman Al Qaeda been lost is the beginning of sort of the ankle boot. Do people think that we're going to just leave

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them alone, that we just say that we we believe we're never going to be tested but Allah, we did, we did test the people that came before you to find out who are going to be the truthful individuals and who are the lying individuals and life and

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life is nothing but testing again and again that we find in another descriptive hand these are populations I'm speaking about Maura back about a square for four lines a box, whereby that Muslim is surrounded by that box, that box, who are moved to who is deaf, when you find a hot line going out of the box, that he that he's hopes and his aspirations, then you find smaller lines within the box from both sides. Those are the tests and the trials that keep the person in check. The life will definitely surrounding all of us the tests and the trials they always come each every single one of us inside our life. Leah blue you come as a new Amala to see you man she's going to be the best in

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action a beginning of sort of mold and like wasn't such a unit says well, derivatives similar work verse please test upon this LTC who first is going to be the best in action. The most focused and committed towards Allah Subhana Allah and carry out these promises of Allah Subhana Allah, even as he mentioned, every single kulu mahalo mahalo hora mala without further ado, everything allies laid out Hernando harem are obligated is a covenant is a default is a promise. You've promised to obey Allah. You've promised to stay away from Haram. You've promised to carry out that action by default, is a covenant I trust that needs to be fulfilled. That's the first trust. The first trust is the

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trust of authority builder. That's the first trust that all of us Muslim need to fulfill daily inside our lives every single day, remind ourselves, remind ourselves about the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, the souls servitude, a bar,

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a bed, and horseshoe, another, and health, all of these all these aspects that we find is only a subset of the other. For some of us that may sound strange. Why do we keep repeating this? Because the sad fact is that there are Muslims amongst us, Muslims that are close to us, Muslims are my family members, that even this modern world in this 21st century that we find, yet left behind it takes enough by other than Allah sacrifices in other than Allah prays to other than law passes this case, how can a person is more than well prey to other than Allah? Amara to maybe not seen people to natural kool aid you know, see, we've seen people come to the graves in the shrines and say to the

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Oh, such as an individual saint, such as an individual. Save me, rescue me, help me. Deliver me in a day judgment. Give me a child. Give me wealth. Give me

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new shift key biller and the shift biller How can a person say that this is Carlos Illallah. anchorperson, this is respect towards a solid him in an Olia Allah to respect to the pious people of Allah. How can that be? How the ship biller? Allah never created the heavens and the earth and the caribou in Allah He beija if we learn to come close to Allah vida, the sanctity, the ritual respect of a certain individual. This was this a downfall of us today that we find rampant inside our own minds, unfortunately, well, now you know, I've thrown belay in the womb, moose, raccoon, we're not saying the Muslim ummah. mushriks but linguistically, the wording is there. Most people they believe

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in Allah, but they believe is tainted with ship Billa ship with Allah Subhana Allah, what are you start your Bula home? How do you expect a lot to respond to us? How do you expect Allah to respond to us when we call upon other than Allah? Allah wants us to call upon him Subhana Allah, we'll call her a Buddha Rooney a study Blackcomb in the Latina stuck Beru Nan Reba that is yet Hello everyone. It's a surah hoffa 40 of chapter two Quran in the lead in a stock balloon. Those who are arrogant individuals wacaco Komodo Rooney a studyblue calm you lose a call upon me. I will respond to you that person is arrogant Lucius Why should I why what

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was wrong with me calling upon this person or that person or doing this? Quran is in the lead in a stuck balloon those who are arrogant individually This is no one metal cable that you don't want to ask Allah subhanaw taala what either sir look at a bed The only for any query or Djibouti either the answer yesterday booty when you mean you build your shoe do

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rectification inside so to Baccarat was 183 or so. If your Lord asks if you have seven asked about me say I'm close by cool upon me. I will respond to you that you may become right guided rectified individuals. That's a powerful success. I realized that after he'd be laser pointed to Allah with a book of Ambani at the moment guru Mingo hora him

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Rhea Toma shadow Allah unforeseen, Allah to be robbed become calu Bella shahina It's a suit that are off that we find a covenant that we all made on the mouth, the deceit of mention, regarding this verse, Allah Subhana Allah when he created all of the human beings, all of the race, bought them out in front of him Subhana Allah and made all of us LS to be rubbish Come on, oh, Bella, shade dinner. He made all he programmed all of us programming all of our minds and our hearts were in Cana caffeine and almost

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programmed all of us the inside our intricate nature, in our mind, in our blood cells in our heart in our soul, programmed all of us LS to be wrapped back home. Am I not your Lord? Call rubella shahina we all affirm that unless you say on the day of judgment in the corner and harder, or feeling less any one on one of us start to come in a day judgment and say, oh my lord, I was heedless. I never knew the message was given to me. Deep down within that there's no atheism. There's no inherent there's no rejection of Allah. because deep down inside the body of the human being, Wolfie unphysical alfalah Tomasi rune rakija konia

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Wolfie and fusi come to Busan. Even within your own self, you reflect a symbol to show you he's one Allah Subhana Allah, Allah a nurse. People think the intelligent individual they see life and death every single day.

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The most closest people to death of

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a tomiyama the doctors day in and day out they see life they see death.

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But unfortunately, ma in don't email.

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It doesn't drive the spiritual impact within himself does it awaken them that when they see that life and death to see the local code? There is one who created the creation, the one who takes the creation, the one who lives the creation. There's only the Muslim that for them they look down upon us Misaki in Darfur, with a de Nene mutawa religious person, religious cleric worried about this Salah.

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Worried about these other 270 the second and second covenant is a sala

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de la de de una manera venom masala fermenter Kava Kava, the second covenant let them let them look down upon a Muslim. Unfortunately we find even Muslim to say

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michelada always worried about a Salah always rushing towards a Salah always running to the masjid always writing bad jamara

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remember why not?

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Because successful a Muslim is with Gemma success with the with the Muslim is the masjid. If you knew the reward of coming to the first stuff, you will come have one you come crawling like a baby on the floor to give the first row the agenda existed. You knew the idea for a shower. You come crawling to the masjid because this success of the Muslim Ummah is based upon a Salah that we find the Salah, hey Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, what is the Moroni these kalimat when you hit that Call

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of Duty otaku, Johana Fiamma Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the appropriation of many things, that's why sometimes we think, Oh, I'm busy, I've got work, I've got this. I've got that I've got that. Which one of us is more busier than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam?

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Is there any individual who can ever be in their whole life be more busier than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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Ala Moana smile.

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When he hears the other night,

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he doesn't even know his own family members. leaves his home, goes to the masjid.

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That's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and they look at the order that we present. Yeah, the unofficial I've got work I've got this. I've got that really bad in my own time. I mean, that for me, man, pray in your own time. That's when the Ayahuasca that we find is very very, very dangerous. Professor to say I pray later on, because straight after after enter straight after Arthur McGriff enters and as you find that some people may Allah forbid have missed their prayer, miss their prayers. Delayed Takeru Salah, delaying the prayers for way too little mousseline Walters individual delaying their prayers. This is a covenant that belongs to Allah to fulfill that covenant of the

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seller towards Allah Subhana Allah. Does he find the HUD Amita acaba de la buena in de la ville Valley? Dania cerna

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thermowell Masaki makuleke nasty snarky Mashallah to Zika the first COVID of Manchester Chewbacca speaking once again about Bani Israel, unless it to the rest of us that we find. We're in the hudon mytho. We took the covenant for Bani Israel, a covenant that we took as well, a promise that we've all made to carry out these actions that are butina in the law, to worship only Allah Subhana Allah. Then after that would be what Bill? Well, he didn't Yes. And then to show goodness to our parents was the core but we'll get him our Masaki be good to the orphans, the destitute and Misaki wakulla Nancy Rosner, and then speak good to mankind doesn't say to the Muslims,

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as we began with it, some but most of you tried to dissect things. The Quran is generic here wakulla Nessie has nothing to people, anybody, any individual, then it says rocky masala to Sokka there is established a prayer and give this a shot, Sophia, that some of you are going to give preference to a Salah azuka and not be good towards people, to the subjects or to the people around you. take it a step back. Be good to the people is being obeying a Salah as occur to the people around us that we find that there's a person that cannot separate it. person shouldn't separate teaching of Islam tried their best position and said, Well, at least I pray there's no harm as we began with cheating

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this individual stealing against us individually lying to this individual. What had the debater muslimeen because I pray if I lied to another Muslim Now how did you know how does that mean really pray. He doesn't really fought he's not really a good Muslim. So if I liked him, I cheat him I'd take money away from him. By default, it's allowed because he's a bad Muslim law or another Muslim that you maybe you don't agree with.

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You have to give rights. rights have to be fulfilled of every single individual covenant that all of us are given to Allah Subhana Allah Allah already had our stuff formally welcome when he gave me a Muslim enough istockphoto in November for Rahim

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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Thomas Edison Attila young between undergrad, the covenants, the promises that were made and to fulfill these covenants or promises

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his manhood ambia is a methodology of the prophets that we find coming up on this earth and being ultimate individuals linguistically, in a sense of fulfilling their ploughs, the vows and the pledges. Firstly towards Allah Subhana Allah, and then any agreements that were made to the people around them, whenever he melody was Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who fulfill every single pledge, every single covenant. That's the last time that I towards the end of the first sort of Baccarat or the first juice that we find a lot and I mentioned why the patella Ibrahima Bobby Kelly met in Fatima Hoon, cola India locally nassima Ibrahim la sala, who is tested by the patella Ibrahima, we can

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imagine for a term hoonah Abraham I suppose given certain karema

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Taylor in the capacity and caliber aware mayor, he was given certain Commandments were given to Abraham and a solemn for uttama hoonah he completed those commandments he fulfilled the promises Allah told him to do something, he carried it out, never asked Allah Subhana Allah that is a way of the ambia to carry them out. fulfill them. Allah will Kitab is married in Nokia and Assad De Palma de la Kiana Where can

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we find that is my either La Silla in nocona saw the ad is married was truthful to his promises, the covenants that he made, the agreements that he made.

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And likewise, the greatest example of best example, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, we find that in debt to a Jewish individual,

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just like today that we find that people think don't give people their rights, don't give them this. Some of the companions they felt equally as well. When the professor was first one to fulfill his his pledge his agreement, and rather increases that this this property belongs to him fulfill the debt, for the end, give him more.

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The prophet Isaiah was never treacherous to any individual. Never shortchange any individual, never took away the right of any individual. And so even before and before Prophethood, what were the titles given to him and a Serato, salam, or sodic I mean, before he even became a prophet, they knew him. They knew that he's a trustworthy individual, true for individual. These are characteristics that we need to instill amongst ourselves that we speak about gooddata Russell about the example of the prophet Elijah fulfill these pledges, fulfill these vows, fulfill this practice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And as we find like, what we find up other code that we find or who that we

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find up to discuss,

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that the, the covenant of marriage that we find, it needs to be fulfilled appropriately, we need to be taught this another covenant soundless whether it is called mythical who knows just Mara Omar watain

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Mira, Mesa kaliba. Allah describes the covenant of nicaea as a strong covenant, a deep covenant manifest Shabaab they think is something is something trivial, something easy

00:38:21--> 00:38:22

to tell lacuna.

00:38:23--> 00:38:27

Only aduna, divorced his wife married this one children, a

00:38:28--> 00:38:58

missionary Attila Subhana, Allah devour, falling lust and desires that we find that is not the way of the believer, we find that a believer understands the covenant of trust yes or no is there justified reason that we find is there may may may exist, but it doesn't become a what we find unfortunate is that society about trivial affairs, trivial misunderstanding that life is broken apart. Children are separate children left alone. This is

00:38:59--> 00:39:42

I promise a trust that needs to be fulfilled. Like qualifying Serbia to Allah don't raising children bringing up children. Yeah, you Latina ambu amphu Sakuma alikum Nara, the Quran says so in the 6666 chapter, who am fusa como la coonara? around to save yourselves, save your family members? How can be a Muslim Ummah? How can we strengthen a Muslim on my will not focusing trying our best to the best of our ability to give tarbiyah to the best habits your children around as the people around us. This only lead as we see unfortunate a weakness of existing around us. The second two type of individuals to complete a hobby or a

00:39:43--> 00:39:44


00:39:45--> 00:39:59

person who sells a free individual meaning takes a free individual makes it pays them in captivity makes them a slave and sells them. Taking a free individual is the harder This is treachery to take your free man. Make them a prisoner

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Tell them unlike us, I'm Roger is tajoura A JIRA for Stouffer Minh who will be a judo person Hi, as a laborer, hi as a worker, takes the full fulfillment out of the individual makes them work. And at the end of that work, doesn't give them the juice, right giving them juice salary. And I don't want to sound political. We see this all around us. We see that all around that people have no rights, people have no voice. People have no support, no way of administration of coming to people, their rights are taken away from them. And may Allah forbid some of us like that as well. That just because this individual, this person has no real status or whatever if I don't pay them their

00:40:42--> 00:41:07

salary, or if I don't give them the Jew right. But this type of individual Allah forbid on the Day of Judgment, and they never fulfill that will be raised or asked about on the day of judgment as we find numerous Hadith about it before a person the sweat drops to the ground, give the Jew right to them give their wealth to them, give what belongs to them, give it to them, is that wealth is a property that belongs to them. A person should not be treacherous towards Alma Sakina.

00:41:08--> 00:41:53

But should you be treacherous towards the weak and the feeble because you are only given certain duration, your sustenance. Obviously from a left hander Batman is bad, but but via the means of the prayer, the supplication of the week and the feeble and a destitute individuals who pray and that's how a Muslim should be. There are Muslim fulfills their pledges and their rights because they want all forms of goodness hierarchy, all forms of goodness to come from them in ways they cannot imagine. And as we find you Latina, Armando sumika Fatah, WA t shaped on exert efforts to enter into Islam totally, to the best of our ability wherever we go. Anything that we find that Islam has

00:41:53--> 00:42:20

encouraged us to do tell us to do, then try to do it inside our lives. The branches of Eman? Sure, but to imagine that we find the 7770 odd branch of email that we find sure But even as a member happiness reseller tries to collect these 70 odd branches of faith. I know how can you move to La ilaha illAllah. The highest level is is the branch of La la la la, that we should all begin with, and the lowest branch emerge that will

00:42:22--> 00:42:25

remove an obstacle from the path. Don't become arrogant.

00:42:26--> 00:42:39

Don't become thinking is just rubbish on the floor. Just a twig on the floor doesn't make any difference. What we find as the new as the new mountains are given luminol main Allah Azza

00:42:40--> 00:43:18

mount is a made from small pebbles. That's what mount is a major made from small pebbles. Pebbles come together become a mountain. Each one of us has a pebble. It was we do our contribution that we find adventure we become the mountain we become the mountain of Islam. We become the mountain of quwata. Islamia, the strength of Islam that we become once again now lost parent Allah alleviate all of our sufferings and our problems bring us out from our afflictions and our hearts. It gives us the strength and the image and ability to return back and focus towards our Deen to be sincere worshipers towards Allah Subhana Allah have a deep love and devotion to the Sunnah and respect to

00:43:18--> 00:43:59

the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah to some to adorn ourselves daily, in the evening in the daytime, externally and internally, especially in telling me to focus upon our fears to rectify our hearts, to make our hearts to become pure in the sense of trying to the best of our ability to find those pure hearts, the pure hearts of the Sahaba on the a lot in the pure hearts of the NBA. At least try to find some elements of trying to put that inside their heart yarmolenko Malou 1111 uttama be poppin Saleem, today our welfare children are available, except for a person who comes with a pure heart in a lot warmer let equal to soluna Allah nebby your lead in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with

00:43:59--> 00:44:45

us Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad gamma solita libre hemara Libra Hema Naka me to Majeed a llama Bertie Carla Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim A Naka Jaime de Majeed, Jennifer Tonia Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Radha burner, burner Golem nanfu Santa Windham Tao fildena water Hamner, Len acuna nominal ha serene rubberneck, fildena Juanita Latina subak una bella and geography Apollo vino de de de de una mano Ravana. In Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa, Elena sobre was a bit akademin also natural COVID Catherine Abdallah to a palooka Nevada de tener una bildung kurama in La cantera hub rapana habla nemunas were ginoza Ria Tina

00:44:45--> 00:44:46

kurata Yun

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

tokina Ravana Taco Bell midnight Contessa mula Halim what to Galle Na Na contento Rahim subhanak vichara Bella is at the mercy phone was Salah masala masala now Al Hamdulillah hero

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Billahi min como de sala de como como la

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