Taraweeh Reminder #29 – Prepare for Post Ramadan

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and Hungary now here on beleid ne pas Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Wada. And he was so happy omens and Nebuchadnezzar,

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we had the Hayami Dean, or their respective brothers and sisters, Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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As we are very fastly coming up to the end of Ramadan,

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tomorrow might be the last day of Ramadan. Or it might be on the Saturday, the most important question that

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everyone should be asking, everybody should be

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looking towards is, how is my post ROM avant gonna look like?

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What is the things that are what are the things that I have learnt while the things I have achieved? And how am I going to now transform that into

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actual real practices after I move on.

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Most of you hamdulillah have managed to get a copy of the book 30 steps towards refreshing them online. And I hope you all enjoyed that book and been able to read it and look at the different aspects of of that. And in that book, there is lots of important guidance about changing behavior, changing habits, and growing within yourself. And that's why everyone you know, if you're really serious about getting the most out of this Ramadan and moving on, is that you have to say, Okay, now that Ramadan is over, how am I going to continue and obviously, before Ramadan is over, and that's the ideal time is to sit down for a few minutes. And just think about the different aspects in your

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life, which you can say, Okay, these are the aspects that I will I have actually achieved, these are things that I've done, this is my,

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this is my points of strength. And this is how I'm going to carry on. So let's talk about that. First of all, in Ramadan, we have learned how to fast and how long 30 days very simple, very easy, it hasn't been difficult at all. Because with that determination, making it a habit will actually make has made it easier for us. So the first thing that we need to be doing as well inshallah is to maintain that fast. Obviously, after Ramadan, we have the month of show while and was recommended to fast six days, the voluntary days and so on. But you need to really make sure that you make fasting part of your reality. So every Monday and Thursday, try to fast

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try to fast the three white days which are the middle days of

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Ramadan, sorry, the middle days of the lunar month, the 13th 1415. And if you can maintain that habit and fasting becomes part of your system in sha Allah to Allah, you know, those inter mittened fasting, and that means that you are remaining from those people who are fast. Secondly, in Ramadan, we've learned to read Quran more hamdulillah

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some of us and I hope most of us have managed to read at least one user a day and hopefully therefore finishing the completion of the Quran in one month. Now that Ramadan is going to be over, try to maintain that as well try to have a regular peran session where you are reading

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you know something regularly. And I would suggest as a starting point 15 minutes in the day in the morning in the daytime 15 minutes in the evening and try and have at least half an hour with the Quran spread over two, two sessions. I mean, that's a suggestion to start off with, you might obviously want to take that a little bit further depending on your abilities and your time and so on. In normal Vaughn, we've learned how to pray more, you know, automatically our prayer in the, during the daytime, you know, the extra sunan we've learned to pray some extra in the night as well. And it's not really it's not affected our schedule in any way. It's not like we've changed in any

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way. So let us also maintain that, you know, that's also maintained, you know, starting right from the day they have read, make sure you're maintaining the extra prayers and that's why there is a narration even from

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The Imam

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Shafi Rahim Allah, who

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he doesn't say is a Hadith, but he has reported it from from somewhere and that shows that it has some sort of origin. And he said, Whoever establishes the night of eat, and

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then his heart, his heart will not die on a day when others hearts will die. So the night of aid meaning the night preceding the aid, why? Because what happens the night preceding there eight people know next day's rate, obviously is no troia. That's a prayer Ayesha, and go back and assess all over. But the one who prays in the night preceding their aid he is the one who's saying Actually, I'm going to maintain my prayer even though tomorrow is the eighth which might be a little bit of a fallacy in some ways okay fallacy meaning that it's a celebration and therefore it's a holiday is a time of snow holiday from a value I bet has to be maintained is no breaks carry on. And

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in fact, even in aid we have salads and eat we have extra prayers, we don't have less prayers because of our aid.

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Lets us look also our achievements in terms of our you know, how did we improve in terms of our flap in terms of our practices, you know, we should have controlled our flock better, reduced our anger control die emotions, we should have downloaded all those positive and good apps that we spoke about got rid of all the bad ones, make sure there's no conflicting all these things about the change. It's about maintaining that as well in in our lives, so that post Rama, Juan is to us to a certain extent, as much as possible as Ramadan and that's why

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we have to look out we have to make sure that we get some sort of monitor going on ourselves.

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And if you do not maintain that monitor within show while then it's very likely after that, it will just go and why is that monitor? Make sure you're getting yourself like we spoke about watching yourself getting yourself watched by yourself. But it really is an island FC basura Allah says the Hassan himself he is witness to his own self he knows himself and knows what he's doing. So try to evaluate your actions evaluate what you are doing, evaluate your achievements or your shortcomings on a daily basis and are saying copulate doesn't have to take you know an hour or two hours it might even take 10 minutes just before you are you know in the nighttime so I just look at yourself Okay,

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today was i did i do my prayers did I read my forearms they do so much car did I do this, do that? Get used to doing that that maraca watching yourself more has ever accounting yourself will ensure that you are carrying on in the right step in sha Allah to maintaining the strengths that you have achieved in Rome of angst Allah subhanaw taala says while at the Kunal coletti Nakamoto Wasilla ham embody Overton and katha, don't be like the woman.

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I know this might sound like it's, it's gender specific. Don't be like the woman who after she has

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knitted her garment. She's She's done a beautiful garment, she's lifted a nice

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jumper for her grandchild. That's even more stereotypes that

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don't make Don't be like the one who has after completed her yarning or her knitting. She then just unravels it all up. You've just spent all this time you know, you've done a nice, you've produced something really nice. You spent time you've taken your effort. You know, you've gone through the book, you've sat there patiently listening to me every night, you know, I know that's not been easy. And then at the end, come at just

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untangle all your knitting, and you're back to just string. This last fan says Don't be like that. Don't be like that woman. Don't be like that person. Rather, continue your strength. Knit some more if anything, you know, not not untangled anything. So insha Allah I hope that's been useful. I hope we can

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change our behavior

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and with the will of Allah subhanaw taala we can achieve so much more. inshallah.