Yaser Birjas – The Prohibition Of Wearing Silk For Men And Its Permissibility For Women

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion about the use of silk for men and women, including the use of garments and the use of clothing for women. The discussion also touches on the use of cotton for health reasons and the potential loss of fashion designs for women. The discussion also touches on the use of cotton for women and the potential loss of fashion designs for men.
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Under the law of Milan, me, sort of

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settlement statement.

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So for the past few nights, we were talking about what is permissible to wear a suit of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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The other side of him

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now is massive what is not allowed for men to speak about on the other side? So what is permissible we mentioned in terms of what kind of material

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colors, designs anything like that. So we cover that Now, what about things that are found for you to put on or to just fodder Barbuda primitive acid, radiology, images mnemonic was

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what I was interested in this chapter, the prohibition of wearing silk for men, and it's permissibility for women. So he basically said that it's not permissible for men to do so. And it also was extended to the chapter actually the title of the chapter to Lucy Malik, and then none of our to sit on was to know that this

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is only for women.

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Above all, the above

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law tells us who the third person in MLM is.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey,

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do not worse, is not working clothes.

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For whoever wears them in this life, music was so close with this life wouldn't be deprived of them in the era. And we know that an agenda last

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minute last book about the covering of the garments of the people have agenda. What is it exactly?

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You mentioned different kinds of credit mentioned is Debra Saunders, missing all kinds of different heritage. So some of it is thick, soft, design, pure all these kind of different activity styles were mentioned enough to be the garments of the agenda. So if anyone takes a risk avoidance

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is the primary

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focus of a lot of them in Mr.

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manleigh. profits are explaining those who are the Arabs, who are

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so close or worn only by him who has no share in the hereafter. Man Nah.

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Sorry. What was?

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It was lm.

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Japanese, I don't even have you thought about that. I

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mean, what happened for JATO fisherman, so in my pond in Canada, in Harajuku, in this very valuable,

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and he said, he said, I saw the message,

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one time, holding some piece of his hand in his right. And the other hand, he was holding a piece of gold. So alongside that, he said,

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these are not in the hat. He said that he said that these two are forbidden for the male's of my own, which means that permissible for the ladies. And

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now the question is, why would they mess up? Well, the last part to make them now the brothers did not describe exactly what they're not mentioned that exactly why the rotor mother gives an interpretation. In terms of you know, it's a sign of extravagance, it's a sign of tough, which means basically any extreme luxury. Also, men are supposed to open up

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and hurry up worrying so comes against that. And it's not to be soft, especially for the ladies. Now, is it hard all the time? Is there any circumstances any way that could be harder? It could be handled in one way, but not as a full guard. And this is another chapter, he said Bible Gervasi. lipsett had a Lehman belly hacker. He said chapter on the lawfulness toward served in case one is suffering from an edge. So

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if someone has a sensitive, sensitive skin, you have a sensitive skin. And wearing cotton, for example, might irritate the skin a little towards something soft. So to avoid that the answer is yes. Help me Sorry about that. I'm

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so lucky Salalah

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now and on the alarm, I'm

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he gave permission to a survey of mine of an hour from the laundromat to ourselves because they were suffering from an itch. So this could be temporarily or it could be something permanent.

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Someone has a really has allergies, for example, because of certain damage, or maybe because of the start using clothes and stuff or they could not avoid that, in this case will be the solution. But for those of nourishing the profits of the body will send them the allowed another 100 of the time for the width of four fingers on, say like this, the size around this leaves, and also around the color on the color of the shirt. So basically, this is where the where the skin will directly touch, directly touching the skin. So the profits of

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silk in that area in order to protect himself again, from any age or from any adult.

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So eventually, it is this forever format to ourselves. Any form is considered

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not synthetic soap, original, pure organic. So if it was

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nylon, or any kind of material that is closer to artificial, so in this case would not be fine. And so good luck.

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We've covered,

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we've covered, you're missing

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the bus.

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Thank you very much.

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Are there any other any particular color or designs that are found for women that you have mentioned so far? Well, in terms of women's clothes, as long as they weren't the job, the full hijab is basically covering the body, covering the details of the body, it doesn't matter the cause the cause becomes cultural thing that say if you go to a very conservative culture, like the Arab Peninsula,

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for instance, the common color woman, the policy black, so a woman goes the word white, she's gonna stand up. If she wears a colorful, that's a job, she might be accurate. In other cultures, if she goes white and black, let's say another Muslim country, for example, in Indonesia, for instance, she's gonna stand up. So it's going to be actually look different. So, when it comes to colors, there is no specifics, it is left open for the culture as long as the design or the colors are not the only sign of beauty in themselves, which means if it becomes something unique, that is the purpose of it is to attract the eye, it defeats the purpose. Generally speaking, there is no

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specifics again, in terms of color, or any particular design.

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Okay, if the sub wasn't declined, basically, or current right itself under specific, is that permissible? Now, it depends it depends on the percentage. Since the profits or loss I'm allowed the four fingers would work because some of them are developed basically

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an exception that is similar to that attempted percentage, what is the percentage they cannot tell? Otherwise, they don't make on this issue because exceptions don't make the aspirin exceptions. So therefore, if there's any so I'm gonna try to avoid them. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

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Out Loud

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someone's given a charity and want to

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do something, they have to match it up and say that out loud or the intention will be sufficient that

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it can be done

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