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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of Islam, including the use of the word Islam to describe actions and the need for individuals to fulfill their rights as citizens. The speakers explore the historical context and beliefs associated with the concept of Islam, including the belief that Islam is the natural form of the human being and that humans make decisions based on their actions. They also discuss the importance of finding the best ways to control the people and environment, building a foundation for finding the best ways to control the people and environment, and educating people about Islam's power.
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Salam Alaikum rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Photo when our auto build I mean surely unforeseen. I mean, say Dr. Molina. Now yesterday Hello fellow Mattila woman, your little fella

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Hey Delia, why shadow

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ilaha illallah wa de vous la sharika what a shadow Mohammed Abdullah sudo I'm about to find out the cul de sac kita boo bah bah highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa where he was Adam was sharper more images to her wakulla more desert in beta wakulla beta in Bala Latin wakulla Bala Latina after praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the previous Hadith, we looked at the concept of volume. Yeah, liberty in the harem tabula LFC to whom Herman bainer come, oh, my servants, indeed I made oppression, to be forbidden or haram upon myself, referring to Allah Subhana Allah, and

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likewise have placed it amongst yourselves that do not oppress one another oppress other individuals. We mentioned the greatest boom, the greatest oppression upon oneself is a committing Schick belay Subhana Allah is a provincewide Surah lokman whereby lokman wounds his son, yeah, brunella to shake Bella in a shear coloboma rbwm, on my beloved Son, don't associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah, indeed the Association of partners that Allah Subhana Allah is the most grievous of sins, the abominable sinned, the most destructible sin that we find it's tenable, several moving part, avoid the seven destructive sins. And the first sin that we find is that

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Shahrukh Bella, Bella Subhana Allah, to stay away from ever associating partners with Allah Subhana Allah, that is the ultimate oppression that a person commits upon their own self. And then the following other buruma that we find of mercy with virtue of sinning disobedience that we find all is oppression upon the individual soul, and upon their own self. And the second concept of boredom that we find is to oppress other individuals to not fulfill the rights of the subjects the people around us. And that's when the Quran mentions what I tend to know CBRE, come in at donya Singh Kham and allow a lake to the end of sort of process that we find discussion. Speaking about our own about

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this individual. Some earlier I mentioned there was either advisor of your own the wealth that was given, whereby advises the believing individuals. Well, as individually will attend center see will come in at dunya I'd advise him on today Don't forget your share of this dunya rocketfuel sera dunya vimana, Amano saleha Don't forget carrying out the righteous actions or forget your share of taking care of the people around you. Well as income as an ally, a lake, show goodness to the people, just like Allah Subhana Allah Shawn could this to you? Obviously first goodness is wonderful Islam, encouraging people reminding them what the Quran be a year milda remind them about the days of Allah

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Subhana Allah, fulfill rule 11 law, reminding people to flee back to return back to Allah Subhana Allah, that's what the believer does, in our Lake elden pillar upon us only to convey the message to remind the people, remind them about Allah Subhana Allah wehrlein and he said, and upon Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the accountability of all subjects or whatever exists upon this earth, and that we should be worried about oppressing the people around us. Because sometimes some of us we fall short May Allah forbid, because there are two types of coke, Coca Cola subhana wa kopen, a bed rights that belong to Allah Subhana Allah that know that many of us, if not all of us become

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vigilant. As we begin to develop inside our life, the rights that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, and we should become more vigilant inside our lives. But we find that some of us discrepancies have a bed, the rights of the servants the rights of the people around us. We become neglectful at times, or don't give it much importance, thinking that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive and pardon Allah subhanho may forgive and pardon the rights that you break of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah can forgive that person if he wants to Canada Allah, even a person is under the shade of the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah but he may and he can and he will forgive certain individuals for discrepancies that

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they may have carried out if we can use the word towards a loss of Hannah Diana. One Maha Coco a bird, a toxic a bird so become different

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efficient, intimate relationships with other individuals. A person now here cannot say, Oh ALLAH forgive me, Allah pardon me, Oh Allah overlook this. This is now between you and that individual or those individuals. And as some of us may, Allah forbid, may fall short on that day that the rights of other individuals that we've taken, we have not fulfilled them. So that's a Muslim needs to become vigilant about rights that belong to the subjects around them. Because this could be a severe loss and a de judgment, we find that the judgment to Rams will be bought. And when ram broke the other ram's horn, and there'll be a form of retribution dilemma discussed whether this retribution

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is actually physical? Or is it just something metaphoric, to describe to human beings that nothing will be left escaped, that even if an animal broke the Horn of another animal, it will be brought to justice on that day or be accountable for it. So imagine that is an animal breaking in other animals horn, what will happen to the masses of us on that day, whereby many of us we think that we are, we are rescued, we are saved, we've carried out everything that needs to be carried out in the face of this earth. But there's some rights and regulations that many of us that we've fallen short off, and as we find in these prophetic traditions, a reminder of trying to become linguistically the complete

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individual, the complete Muslim, about worried about not just the rights of Allah Subhana Allah, but worried about the rights of the people around us and fulfilling them we find is headed in a large zildjian yaku Yeoman pm on the Day of Judgment Allah Subhana Allah will say you have to add the murder to follow me or son of Adam I felt sick and you do not visit me

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Okay, Pharaoh Luca Antara Buddha Allah mean, how can I come and visit you, when you're the master the Lord of all of the world's call Mr. Adam Tanner. mareeba Don't you know that such and such service of mine he fell sick, fell ill and very indeed for them to argue and you never visited that individual and alimta and Nikola Tesla, which attorney and who don't you know that if you went and visited the service of mine, you would have found we did besides that individual? Obviously, the meaning here is quite clear that you'd find Allah Subhana Allah, you find that the mercy, the blessings, the reward from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and we find inside this Hadith, that Allah

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Subhana Allah highlights I fell in fell sick, this is not plausible, to attribute this to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is all free subhana wa Taala for any blemishes from any discrepancies, that sinner to Allah No, not asleep, no slumber overtakes Allah Subhana Allah the greatest is a doctor and I could see all these 1010 characteristics or attributes were mentioned. So they all speak about Allah Subhana Allah. Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala the woman VEDA, Houma, PCT PCT a woman Masami Lu hope, we created the heavens and earth in six days, is what Christians they preach that but they say on the seventh day God rested Sunday's a day of rest. The Quran mentions

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that surah Kahf the fifth chapter, the Quran, Sunnah, millo hope, no fatigue touched Allah Subhana. Allah nesara refutation is Christian Christian believes that we find because for them, if you read through, if you read through the Injeel you find what they attribute to Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala forgets Allah hunter gets tired. Allah doesn't know Ally's heedless

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allies powerless. These are attributes of deficiency, which are not to be attributed to Allah Subhana Allah, does he find that when people are searching for the truth, they find it in an Islam because Islam describes the talks about Allah Subhana Allah and the complete form gives the right due attributes and characteristics and as much a lot of that belongs to him Subhana Allah, because this is the natural sadhana, Petroc Allah,

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Allah, the natural disposition of the human being, to be searching for Allah Subhana Allah, the Supreme creator, the old knowing the old hearing, the old Forgiving, the old, merciful. That is Allah Subhana Allah because they agreed and they believe that even last pantalla rested on that day shows that Allah is is weak, if Allah subhanaw taala according to the belief that God died on the cross, that then who was controlling the heavens and who is the old powerful? Was it the creation as crew controlling the heavens and the earth while it's gone? left this dunya left this world according to them, have they say that God is has to taste death? How can Allah Allah taste death

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is the one that created life and death. Leah blue come up to us and what Amala to see who amongst us going to

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Do the best actions.

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Call upon mode. You want to create death, praise life day. Allah Subhana Allah nothing overcomes Allah Subhana Allah. These are all the beliefs that we find that we're surrounded by. And these corrupt beliefs they enter among some Muslims as well, whereby they begin to question Allah Subhana Allah question the whole concept, that if Allah subhanaw is all knowing, why does he allow Sure? Why does he allow evil to take place on this earth? What Why are Muslims persecuted? Why is their heart you why they turmoil? Why they calamities is not befitting to ask Allah Subhana Allah or present these questions regarding or towards Allah Subhana Allah. No one can ask Allah Subhana Allah whom

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use a Loon. Rather we will be asked they will be asked about what we carried out on the face of this earth. And as we find them not Superman, Adana, these are human attributes and acknowledgement of the human being. The human being is deficient. The human being is the one that falls in, becomes weak. And so Quranic documents Allah, Allah conifa Dean, he is the one who created me one who guides me, well let

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me explain. He is one who feeds me and gives me water to drink, what either Marie tafawa your speed, and if our food sake, who is the one that kills Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah is one that cures, these are all as well as map to take medication to take precaution to take measurements.

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person shouldn't rely on that. The inner reliance is that this this is a form a means by which pure joy can be gained by the permission and leave of Allah Subhana Allah whenever you need to need

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to and will cause me to die like give me life, once again, will have the autonomy and you're clearly happy at Yama Dean, the one that I hope and I aspire He will forgive my sins. On the Day of Judgment Rob be happily hookman will happily be solid again. This is a supplication of Abraham and a sinner. Why is our marriage to foolish when when I fall ill he is the one that kills me. And you and you remain with this theme inside the Quran of how the Gambia how the messages how they how they they address or they call out to Allah Subhana Allah by in the state of need and what they want to ask Allah Allah for being the best protector use of Allah a sinner and totally if it didn't your hero

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will actually be solid in your my friend Mr. protector inside this done the inside the camera and leave it in your camera that were funny Mr. Manuel, well, how can he be so again, you my friend inside the world and inside the Acura and make me die in a state of submission? What are the mutanda 11 Muslim moon don't die except when a state of being in submission of Islam Yaqoob said to his three sons when he gathered his sons for mutanda illa Anto Muslim moon yaku said at the end of the first Joseph SoTL Baccarat when he called he his sons, and he addressed this and what will you worship after me? Well who will you call upon? He gave that advice to his sons to only worship Allah

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Subhana Allah and likewise you find where au? is neither abou and Nima Sania don't want Amara him in a tube and a Salaam, called out to Allah Subhana Allah, that I've been afflicted with calamities and adversities and hardships and difficulties inside my life. One amaura him in you the Most Merciful One prestigious nella opaka jasna mabie mentor when

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first ajab Nana who and we responded to him and we unveiled we took away the archer is facing inside his life. This is a how the Muslim is in the state of sickness in dire need. puja to Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise we find Eunice la Sallam was a noon when he called out to Allah spandana

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11 illa Illa Allah Subhana indiquant to me of Bali mean first Egypt Nana who Allah Allah responded to is called waka Delica ninja Mini, inside shorten ambia and my cousin when the believers make this application that we find amongst the greatest applications Illa illa Anta suparna in equal to me, navali mean, recognizing the oneness of Allah and Allah, who are a tariff, be the nubikk recognizing your own oppression, your own sin, your discrepancies calling out the loss of power that would that work a delicate meaning and likewise we will rescue the believers, they live with the believers when a call out to Allah Subhana Allah with his application and as we find to extract this concept of

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sickness, because a mirage is something that befalls the human beings but there's much higher is much higher and goodness that we find sickness magazine available McMinnville momina enough see what what are the O'Malley had titled cola de la la happy inside that soon enough macadam II. Notice

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no difficulty. No sickness falls upon the individual, upon the family members upon the work upon themselves. It keeps on washing away taking away the sins until they meet Allah Subhana Allah without any mistakes. And then the Hadith in Sahih Hadith that we find. Now you see when Muslim may not have been while I was up in Walla Walla has an in a Muslim desert face any any sickness, any fatigue, any sorrow, any regret when the other one come in? No no harm, no sorrow, Hector Shaka Shaka Illa, illa caframo, beaming Hopper, Yahoo, even Ashoka even a prick, a small pricking of a needle or a thorn. Except for even though wipes out wipes that the sin of the individual brings, the

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individual raises the rank of the individual for fee, alpha wide. Phil, Phil Merode. You find these benefits when a person falls sick inside their life, which may sound unfortunate for some of us, but unless the parent wants to purify the individual, that's why some individuals may many years remain in a state of sickness because Allah, Allah wants to meet these individuals and a purified and hate this concept of being sick for many years. And there's no cure once again, don't ask Allah Subhana Allah. When people ask this question, why does Allah Subhana Allah keep people for eternity inside? jahannam? Why does he keep people for eternity inside paradise? Why is he not relevant to the matter

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of years that we live on this? dunya? Why does it Allah punish people for 40 years? 50 years 60 years? What Why is it for lil Abba dia, for eternity person remains there. As we mentioned, such questioning is not allowed. But some of the cinema have described that question well highlighted that if this person you would live up on the face of this earth,

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for eternity, for eternity would dissipate a lot how old is

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Monash and they remain for eternity in the face of this earth? They will always continues to be amongst all disbelieving individuals. So there's a lot of infinite wisdom and he's justice. He is an expense them for eternity inside jahannam. Wow, otaku, the pious individuals. If they remain for eternity in the face of this earth, they remain consistent, regular, take away the discrepancies that may exist, but there'll be focus and always trying their best to worship Allah Subhana Allah so does a lot and it gives them gives them gender for eternity. Call Idina Fie Aveda, residing for eternity on that day because these years are well are not very relevant. You cannot compare the done

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your time and the time inside the Acura because 3040 years 50 years means nothing, not even a speck in the sand compared to a higher to Abuja, eternal life inside the era. Can a person reside there for eternity inside the archive by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that even in the state of illness that we find, look at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, either person is state of sickness on a state of traveling on an obstacle that comes inside their life, whatever they carried out, while it's in a state of goodness is documented for them. And it shows encouragement of being goodness wise a person is well of praying, fasting, reading the Quran doing righteous actions,

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when when a person is not able to do so then what will happen for that individual, oh to be Abdi write down for my server whenever they used to do before write it down for them. There is no loss for the believing individual. But if a person hasn't got anything that they do once in a state of goodness, nothing extra will be written for that individual. They're just about carrying out the basic duties that it could carry out upon this dunya and as we find that a person should exert themselves, inside, in a state of goodness, in a state of health, in worshipping Allah Subhana Allah will abdomen either Merida is the shadow of the person feels that the harsh the hard difficulty or

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if they call in a bar, the impoverished nature of themselves in front of Allah and Dinah, this was sickness does it shows within the individual that and to mold fukuro illa Allah, that we are all

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we all do. We all week, we all impoverish we all in need. That's what this weakness of sickness is a place inside the mind and heart of the individual. And it should it should Excel the individual in the devotion to Allah, that when I come out of the sickness, or even inside the sickness, I become more devoted, more committed to Allah subhanho wa Taala as we find the right of a Muslim, half full Muslim, a Muslim citizen

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rights of two non Muslim or six

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Amongst and we find the code is hard it is trying to highlight because, as I mentioned inside inside his head it could see you have no Adam. Outside of Adam I felt sick and you do not visit me. Strange wording Yara

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case amerind de Ferro Dooku and tabula alameen out Can you fall sick? How can I come and visit you when you're the Master of the Universe? Don't you notice such and such seven of mine he fell in you will find me there. So this year right, that many of us have forgotten z or a to

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z is to visit the sick individuals to go and visit them is a student of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to go and ask about them to go to go and pray for them to praise happiness inside the life to remember them is all right, that belongs to another Muslim legit and in the way you would find me with that individual. And as you find as I said last time that it works in mysterious ways that it continues up the atom is that I'm too good for them to to me to me. Oh my oh my server Oh, son of Adam. I asked you for some food. And you did not feed me will pay for a mocha. Well, I'm terrible. I mean, how can I feed you give you food, and you're the master of the world's

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most atomica Abdi phoolan then you notice such as that several of my new requests for you for some food for them to remove. You never gave the individual any food. Mr. Lim tan Nicola tanto De Luca en de, don't you know, if you gave food to the individual, you would have found me with that individual. Well, who were you while you're

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in South Sudan, unlike the one that feeds and does not need food does not need nourishment. So once again, Allah Allah emotionally code policies, people who worship idols and statues, that he said that these ideas are what they give us food, they give us a drink, unless there is one that give provides food and drink doesn't need any nourishment. So Allah Subhana, Allah is placing this in a manner of speech to remind us that when you take care of the Masaki, while for Cora, what Darfur, you'll find the blessings of Allah so panel the other day, and sometimes you find it's hidden. You find the famous Hadith inside we are the soil in about three individuals, the bold individual, the

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one suffering from leprosy, skin disease, and applying individual read this hadith about these three individuals, about how Allah took away their ailments, and bless them.

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Allah had tested these individuals, to see which of them is going to be obedient, which of them is going to be grateful, Allah and as we mentioned, you can use the word linguist in mysterious ways to remind this mazuma to remind the individual, that's why when a person sees sometimes a week, a week individual, a destitute individual, a poor individual, no, you don't know who the individual could be, could be test from Allah, to see how you're going to respond. Are you going to become arrogant? Are you going to become repulsive? Are you going to frown upon the individual, you don't know. Now what that form of test that could be for each and every single one of us. That person shouldn't

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despise. Another individual looked down upon another individual. But a sad thing is that this hadith speaks about coming in secrecy to test these individuals. We don't need that anymore inside our lives. Because it's all open. The media world around us displays to us about what's taking place on the Muslim global, some may differentiate that such images shouldn't be displaced, shouldn't be shown. But it should be a balance. Muslims need to be awoken. Because the unfortunate Muslims among us they don't they don't seem, they don't seem to understand that there is atrocities. There is difficulty this hardship that's taking place upon the Muslim because many of us Muslims, on a large

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scale, we live we live in a bubble world.

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We live in a world of our own self, our own selfish thought, our own selfish environment. We don't want to perceive we don't want to understand there's a there's a big, big, bigger globe, a bigger Muslim Ummah out there, that they are Muslim suffering. Unfortunately, no one wants to expose the affair. No, but sometimes we have to see and visualize that this is what's happening inside this Muslim Ummah at the moment as we as we enjoy our lives, and maybe even rightfully, we enjoy our lives. Maybe rightfully, we spend our wealth, maybe rightfully we do the things that we can do. But that rightful behavior, is that appropriate. Is it appropriate for Muslim to just turn a blind eye?

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That as we all dress, well, we will sleep well. We will drink? Well. We all live well, that we should think that this does not really concern me. We should really play on the plight of this. And some of us Muslim just said just make your arm just make your own.

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As we mentioned, Allah Subhana, Allah will send individuals would send these tests and he's trying to see what are we going to do in response, because this is a form of victory as well. This is a form of help, a form of encouragement, a form of remembrance, a form of gratitude, a form of servitude, that a person begins to remember the subjects and the people around them. And in return, they begin to remember us and at large begin to remember the rest of this Muslim moment that we find. And as we find that, if you find out what the delicate end, if you've given food to this individual, you would have found me with that individual. And as we find if you look at the Quranic

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between Eamon and the carrying out of righteous actions of piety and taking care of other individuals, you find numerous areas inside the Quran because unfortunately, sometimes we just stop upon the the chapter of a man what a man is, and rightfully we should over worry about what a man is. But look at the Quranic ayah inside the Quran. How Quran links between what is real Eman? What is real piety and the actions we have to do of the actions of piety for Muslims and we find inside the beginning of the fourth Jews of the Quran lentinula commitment to hibou lentinan will bill you're never going to attain piety, they will say until you begin to believe and you begin to have

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this articles of faith inside your life. lentinan will be rotten to Fukushima boo until you don't spend all the things that you love. And this is cool to me man as well. This is strength of your Eman that you spend on the things that you love. That you have a need of wealth for yourself. You have a love of wealth, what a boon Amala Benjamin Graham gamma, you have a great love of wealth, of compiling wealth, piling wealth, bring it together, we all do. But piety is that need to begin to spend that wealth we did the seal of this is about the companion

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about what he done with his wealth what he spent his wealth in the way of Allah Subhana Allah lacell Buren Tuvalu upon cable Alma cable mcraven his long irons are so popular that we find

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there is no piety that you turn your faces to the right and the left and you establish the prayer and you give up the soccer. Discussion it continues, when I kindled euro, man am in a panda he who a bear is whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day the messengers and carry that folio, Allah Allah Javi that will turn over Misaki but he's the one who spends of their wealth of the love of the wealth that they have. This is our last contact describes what is in Islam verse inside sort of Baccarat that bring all this together to become the pious individuals and Medina whom Allah saw that in the imune believers are those individuals that imune always they habitually always worried about

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this Salah which rightfully many of us may be within a home family home maloom dinner last rather strangely to mention something else that some of us have forgotten well as in a family heirloom regarding their work. There's a Huck Malema well known right that this wealth needs to be given to certain individuals. Miss Ellie? Well, my well my room, the one who asked for it and the one who doesn't ask for it. When does he know Musa de una Bo me Dean, and those who believe testify to the final day. And then again a lot counter and after the belief in the last day I mentioned what Bill as how do you Mr. Pharaoh wafi Mr. Lim, how can this really well my home and they give their wealth

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to reduce subjects that belongs to what Bill as Harry who Mr. farrowed

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tahajjud, saving themselves, making the night prayer. But in the morning what we find them doing, giving a wealth finding those individuals so that we have to conclude in taking the Quran in its complete form. You cannot take extract from the Quran and then conclude that this is all that a man is person needs to exert their efforts to find all the ways we're sure about what a man as a man would be happy in his time in reseller collected from his famous Hadith, there are more than 70 odd branches of faith and go and study those 78 how you combine those 70 odd branches of faith at the highest level is no doubt. Allah, Allah Allah the highest level is the highest branch of faith that

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we should be working towards. But at the same time we find

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the lowest branch of faith, because all these branches are part of one, one tree. They're part of one tree you cannot separate them, the lowest part is emerge to emerge, emerge. The other

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two remove a obstacle from the path branch to move remove in the proper path help people these are the 70 odd branches of faith that we find that we need to

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Begin to compile or begin to strive and fight inside our lives. wakulla Colorado stocks rumali Welcome when you give me a misdemeanor for stuck through in our law for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah, he was a heavy woman Temasek of Isa natira Yo, median underband and a final part of the Hadith that we find just to complete the Hadith, whereby last hunter I mentioned, you know, Adam, Mr. Spy Touka from Tuscany. Oh my son or son of Adam, I asked you for some droplets of water. And you did not give me any water to drink. The individual cola Europe gave a speaker honorable al amin pasa say once again, oh my lord, how can I give you water? How do you need water and you are the master Lord of the words. Or it's the Speaker of the Fulani, strategic seven of mine, he asked for some droplets of

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water. And you never gave it to an individual. And he he never presented any more to that individual. I mean, knockaloe cytologic Delica nd if you had given him some water, that individual voter you would have found me there. How difficult is it today to give water to another individual that 70% of this earth on this planet is water. But yet we find that to share this water to find avenues of giving water to another individual.

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We what we find barricades, embargoes, seizures that are placed blockades that are placed for what that food and drink cannot go to the Misaki and cannot go to the poor and destitute individuals? Is this a symbol of the of the modern world that we find? Is this a symbol of humanity, that we boast about the world around us boast about being a disciplined nation, discipline people, that we teach people a civil life, we teach people goodness, you know, the wealth that exists? In a few hands of the people can go around many times around the globe.

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What we find is greed is greed and monopoly and control and no other word but volume,

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oppression, oppress people around us. Keep them in that dire need, make them suffer. So we begin to control the masses. And this is what we find in our society today that we find a control of masses, control of people that we find what is one thing you cannot control. You can never control the hearts and the minds of people. You can never control them, no matter how much you may place embargoes upon people that you find hearts and minds of people always find will always find the path to Allah Subhana Allah will always find that way to Allah Subhana Allah And unless the panda will send down his mercy. There are reasons why the rain is held back, why certain nations people are

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suffering among those reasons we began with the ship biller is infinite mercy and infinite justice that we are currently with with holds the rain that these people may suffer. And that suffer is not absolute suffering is for them to remember to return back to lots of Canada Ireland and as we find a Sharia law and when there is no rain, that we find Siddhartha is this or that there are supplication prayer of asking Allah Allah for rain. When a prophet Elijah salami took off his his burger took off his cloak. And then we find that the rain began to shower down to such a degree that we find the way by a person stood up and said we were suffering in a state of drought dire need pray for us to

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report he prayed and rainy came down. And some had the day when it rained all the way to the falling Juma and the same individual stood up and said that we're now suffering. So now the proper ism said that make the rain come around us and not upon us but in the valleys in the ravines in the barren open land.

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This is the this is the power of Dora. The power of Islam that we find that another person has that conviction that belief in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah de la mood atovaquone Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the Quran, teachers, and alhaj upon the EverLiving Don't get so bogged down worried about the modern world around us, or what they may do, they may try to do what are called La la de la you place your trust upon them all living, the Eternal One, Allah Subhana Allah, May Allah give us all the ability to increase the coating Mr. Nia, in a strength of our image in a stamp of our conviction and belief that Allah subhanaw taala will either Marie tafawa

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

Sheen, that when a fool is the one that kills me, he's one that takes care of me. He's the one that nourishes me. He's the one who places obstacles, obstacles in my life, or hardships in my life that seem obstacles or hardships to me for wisdom to purify

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Find me to make me to become a better individual in number one merlet equal to soluna and unabie you will Edina Manasa darling Salinas Nima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad camisa later libre Hema Wanda Deborah hamanaka Jaime de Mogi Aloma Ricardo Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim Allah Allah Deborah minor Kahani to Maggie Abernathy navodaya Hassan COVID karate hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin Avalon nanfu sana williamtown fildena water hammer, an akuna nominal Casa de la pena Freeland, La La Nina de la saga Puna bilena unfaithfully una Hilda Lila Dina Manu from Ghana in Nakuru for Rahim Robben Africa, Elena sobre la vida Murakami carefully in parallel to the Apollo

00:40:45 --> 00:41:10

bonobo Ada de tener will have Lana meldung karamba in Kanto hub rapana habla de Minas Virgina overreacting authoritarian anonimo tokina robina Taco Bell Minaya Contessa mula Halim watauga Elena inna cantata wabo Rahim. subhanak vichara beta is the tianma seafood was Ala Moana Harlan Murcia de novo hamdulillah Europe with alameen como de sala de como como como.

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