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Santa Monica won't lie about a cat spent 900 And now salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Alumna alumina main founder and founder of Yuma Londoner, was unknown manjar camera he mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. My dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply me Allah Subhan Allah, how merciful is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala if you have noticed in the few episodes that we had already, how many opportunities Allah subhanaw taala gave us on a daily basis to get all our minor sins forgiven. And tonight in sha Allah to Allah, another great

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opportunity that occurs five times a day Subhanallah I have another five opportunities on a daily basis to get all my minor sins wiped Subhan Allah, let's look at the screen and sha Allah to Allah and see this beautiful Hadith we will need an Arabic first and then we will translate it and Abdullah sunnah Biggie and there are some allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam a call either toward the eyelid and movement feta nada, nada Hello just in California I mean fee to either Sentara horizontal Hatha Yoga, NT to either rassada Wedge her who horizontal Hoposa mindware G he had Taco Raja, mentality ash fairy I ena either rasa de Haan digital Hatha Yoga Mihnea de Haute Tahoe German tatty

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of faria de fader, Mr. Hora, sir fader Mesabi ROTC he caught a gentle hatha yoga. I'm in ROTC had Tahoe Raj Minh who donate pay the wrestler originally College in California I mean regionally had Tahoe region in 30 and 40 regionally to McKenna mushy who Eden Masjid was ALLAH to who now feel that Allah Subhan Allah.

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This was narrated from Abdullah Hassan obihiro, the Allah and that Rasul Allah say salam said, when the believing servant performs voodoo and rinses his mouth, his sins come out from his mouth. When He sniffs water into his nose and blows it out, his sins come out from his nose. When he washes his face, his sins come out from his face, even from beneath his eyelids. Allah Akbar. When he washes his hands, his sins come out from his hands, even from beneath his fingernails. When he wipes his head, his sins come out from his head, even from his ears, and when he washes his feet, his sins come out from his feet, even from beneath his toenails, then his walking to the masjid and his Salah

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will earn extra merit for him. Subhanallah and this hadith is an essay in Amida wood, and in many, many books of Hadith, and hadith is authentic Subhanallah my brothers and sisters look at this great favor from Allah azza wa jal every single day we perform or do before we do our salad.

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And I want you from now on to imagine to live this hadith while you are washing your hands the sins are dropping every sin I did with my hand maybe I typed a comment. That's not appropriate on Facebook, on WhatsApp and anywhere when I'm washing my mouth. All the sins I committed with my mouth are gone. Allahu Akbar. Maybe I said something wrong to about somebody. It is gone Subhanallah with my nose with my face imagine maybe my eyes look at this from the beneath the eyelids Allahu Akbar. This is obviously an exaggeration to show that no matter how big or how small that minors and of course we're talking about minor sins. They're all gone. Even from beneath my nails. So have Allah

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believes that toenails Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. How great is Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. And by the way, this hadith is like I mentioned, even though this one isn't an essay in Abu Dhabi wouldn't even Niger, but there are so many references about the importance of voodoo and how much we'll do eliminate the sense for example, in

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in the sight of Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu said he who performed will do? Well, the word well is very important his sins would come out from his body even coming out from under his knees. This isn't a Muslim. And another Hadith that we all know a source of Salam said Allah Akbar will come Should I not inform you about what elevates the person in status with Allah elevates his ranks with Allah and delete all his sins? And the Sahaba said yes era Salah what is that Iman and then one of the armor that does that is performing the will do thoroughly despite all the odds that you for example, if it was very cold, and the person is insisting to make sure that the water gets to all

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his parts of of the will do, even if he was for example, dressed with a suit on and he wants to lift his shirt all the way to make sure that the water gets to the elbow. So this person is perfecting the word Isbell. Perfection of voodoo is almost in every Hadith. But the Hadith we said before well, is bad perfection. So the will do my brothers and sisters is a bad, it's a form of a bad it's a form. It's an act of worship. Many of us do it very quickly, many of us do not even concentrate when we are doing it. It is a form of a binder as a matter of fact, it's a prerequisite for the major Ayurveda which is solid Can you imagine it's a short it's a condition without it there's no Salaat

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so you could imagine how heavy how important this a bladder is. So please live this hadith and imagine all the sins are gone or the sins are gone from one will do to the other Subhanallah

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Inshallah, tada I will have in the description, a short video to show how we could perform the perfect to do Inshallah, Now somebody might say, they are shaky, you told us that if I say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, or the minor sins are forgiven, if I say Alhamdulillah the upon any Hydra Sacani when Daddy when the lady holding Mineola, conga, after every time they eat the sins the minor sins are forgiven, and many, many more before you sleep you say this other or the minor sins are forgiven. After the will do now we see all the minor sins are forgiven. But what if I do not have any minor sins between because they are so

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continuous right after the other? But if I don't have any minor sins Subhanallah Imam nawawi Rahim Allah He said. He said in Raja may you cathedral, Amina saw it kufra were in the Mossad if Sahira whether Kabira Could he be he has an ad or if he had behaved or jet Subhanallah so remember, no to him Allah He said, If there are some minor sins, they will erase them. But if there were no minor sins committed, yet before in between this and next time, then that will be a source of good deeds, a source of has an app for that person and a source for elevation of of the ranks. Subhanallah my brothers and sisters

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Subhan Allah, please, please just quickly, perform the Voodoo slowly. Do not waste a lot of water. Make sure that the water is getting to every single part of the widow. Every part of the widow that or solos SLM told us to to wash, make sure it's getting the water. And you know, sometimes people miss the elbow. Sometimes people miss this area here. When they are washing the face. Sometimes they do the mess on the head very quickly, you know, so make sure to do it slowly. And remember that every time in sha Allah Allah, you perform the voodoo, all these minor sins are forgiven Subhan Allah, how great is Allah azza wa jal we are so grateful to Ya Allah subhanho wa Taala for the for

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all these opportunities and we beg you your Allah to make us remember to make us remember all these ways to get all our minor sins wiped. May Allah subhanaw taala make me and you from the people who listen and apply May Allah azza wa jal forgive and for and wipe all our minor sins. May Allah azza wa jal gathers under this shade when there is no shade except his shade and mineral Bill Alameen Zachman Lockyer my brothers and sisters that are caleffi Come Subhana Colombo, Hamrick Nationale de la ilaha illa and Mr. Fuuka when a to Willeke.

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In Thank you Danny boom can

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come say decom one other thing. I'm Moodle fallen Kareem