‘Read and your Lord is the most generous’

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the relationship between reading and being liked, using the examples of Jesus being a "monster" and a "monster book." They encourage viewers to practice socializing and learn from the Quran. The goal is to create a book and crumb that is the most pleasant experience possible.

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booking, calm read and your load is the most generous. In other words, the more you read, the more you read from this, the more you ponder over this pool and the result is while booking your load is the most generous you'll begin to feel the generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you, you will sense a lot surgeon's generosity upon you. This is this is the relationship Epcot. What a book electrum read and continue reading continue seeking this knowledge. Learn from the Quran and read the wisdom of the Quran. The result is a book and a crumb. Your Lord is the Most Generous a lot of social will show you with his generosity subhana wa Tada.