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how are you

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want to stop? When our auto belay Manchurian fusina when say, Dr. Molina maniac de la Vela mo de la de when a little further her Deanna was shadow

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in in la de la sharika where I showed you an Mohammed Abu humara pseudo Amoeba in Dhaka DC kita Baba highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam was Shara Morimoto to wakulla more data in beta wakulla v.in. Bala Latin wakulla Bala Latina, after praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey of living within or inside society, about how a person needs to bear

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the various harms and accusations that may be placed upon the person or in general at the moment you find being placed upon this Muslim society or this Muslim ummah. And as we find that the principles that we mentioned, of the Sharia are different from the manmade law principles that these people they follow upon this earth. One is divine intervention from Allah Subhana Allah, Who knows what he's created and placed upon this earth? Allah, Allah man Holla Holla playful hobby, does he not know what he has created, is the most subtle, the most aware, and the principles that they follow on a whim, whims and desires, lust and temptations and change of society, that begins to become

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something that which is prohibited becomes acceptable for them. That as we mentioned many times, that our principles will never ever meet, there may be some common ground of certain things that we share with them, that becomes a common agenda that you find certain principles of this, of aiding abetting vise criminality. aiding something which is wrong, is obviously an Islamic principle. As you mentioned, the beginning of sort of

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what I want to talk about what I want to add a new one, encourage one another towards piety and good actions, and encourage one another towards voice and singing. So that Islam does not aid any form of atrocity, any form of oppression, any form of terrorism, any form of wrong conduct. Islam stays away from a dissolve summit. And likewise, you find other principles that these people that they boast about, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

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These are all systemic traits and principles, by trade to make the expression today, a person is innocent, until proven to be Muslim. That is a great big lesson for a shame. And many of our Muslim society of two extremes that we find those who began to become apologetic about certain things that took place inside our country here are for those individuals who began to become harsh against the other Muslims inside the society. These are the two extremes that we find that were quick and hastin ourselves, to begin to listen to people around us, and begin to take them as an evidence that whatever they tell us, whatever they preach to us, whatever they show to us, we find these two

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extremities. And as you find even in their own society, that the police commission of this country himself said, this person who carried out these atrocities has got nothing to do with an Islam. shame upon those Muslims. We jump the bandwagon of defaming Islam, and becoming apologetic commission, this country says this individual has got nothing to do with an ISIS mentality, with a terrorist mentality with the mentality of destroying people. And we Muslims come first and foremost, to begin to become apologetic, they begin to beg and begin to apologize. We know there are unfortunate individuals inside of society, who may have whatever options they have whatever mindset

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they may have. We don't deny that fact. But to become out in our society begin to go to the extremities of demonizing our own people, demonizing Islam, or making Islam to become downgrading. And Islam is always lofty, is always Supreme. Islam does not need apologetic behavior, pestle presents that these are the teachings of Islam. This what Islam stands for this word Muslim that we believe in. And as we find a person begins the Hadith in discussion today, to begin to follow the claims of people, you find that people's blood and honor will begin to be spelt. And as we find in this godless society that we find that case the least about religion and morality, that's what the

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societies of godless society, according to the terminology, doesn't care about religion, doesn't care about morality is not something that plays on their mind or plays on their heart. When a society is based upon that, then anything becomes possible inside society, anything which we see as mu is haram becomes something acceptable, anything that we see as something strange, something is not plausible to take place becomes something which is totally totally acceptable inside the society becomes common norm common practice. So till eventually they begin to brainwash and teach people that is strange individuals are the Muslims, the person who holds such views is a barbaric

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individual medieval individual, Mr. Khurana documents, radio Allah leukemic arrietty come in non owner Sonia Tata her own get rid of the police pure people of Luna la sala inom owner, Sonia Tata heroine, they are pure people who want purity, morality, sanctity, good conduct good behavior. So target these individuals, people who preach goodness, people who teach morality, people encourage individuals stay away from alpha hush wallyworld from corruption from vice misconduct, then target these individuals take these individuals away from society, and automatically the rest of society will begin to fragment will begin to dismantle that that which is Moncur that we just held on

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becomes something common practice inside society. Now.

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No, no blame upon those individuals that everyone becomes her. This was the concept Horia is freedom, legality, practice and preach and do whatever you want to do have him even with cattles with animals don't question individual if a person commits promiscuity, Louis, this wickedness with an animal don't push that individual named bourbon Rhea. From the dawn of freedom of expression, freedom of life, freedom of morality, according to them, that person can do whatever they want, even with animals. For you, Dean Heather,

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what life is this way of life is this what belief is this, that a person opens up the doors to do whatever they want to shut turn bainer Islam while her be clear distinction between what is an Islam and the Western Hemisphere. distinction that we have, we have principles that we follow inside a life and we hold fast to them. And we encourage ourselves and encourage a Muslim youth and a Muslim society to hold fast to your principles, live according to principles but this becomes the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah Chara aroma, the symbols of a lot and the person who displays them when you are them share your life. Whoever displays the symbols of loss under Allah, Mohammed duck will load

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that is a sign of one's piety, devotion to a lot under Allah, not to dismantle the laws of Allah.

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And dismantle what Allah tells us to do inside our lives to become acceptable with these individuals. Just imagine one thought banker who do well and Asara had a letter home. These individually will be happy with you had a letter home until you don't follow them mila maku*a Mila Lisa B Magna Dino whom does that mean? milda means that you follow their religion as some people begin to translate it as, it doesn't mean that they don't necessarily want you to become nasrani Jean become Christians or Jews. They want you to leave your deen. Now to topic ayiti don't follow anything up on the face of this earth. Don't follow anything, follow their way of life,

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follow the pattern that don't follow anything. So everything just becomes acceptable in such society. And as you find on documents, such passages or the Quran, it stands for the rest of time, because that's what the whole world is about at the moment to dismantle our belief, dismantle our practices, dismantle what we believe in. We're into the UK thirimanne Philip De Luca and sabetha if you obey most of the people on this earth, they will take you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah so unless if a Muslim isn't castra isn't about excessive people that most people are doing this or most people say this does not what the lesson that a Muslim follows inside their life does

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you find the prophet Elijah mean he commanded on the advice of Gemma the congregation is evil it happens to be one individual one individual standing here you have to eat upon the roots of the trees the barrier of the trees you're left all in your own perhaps he Gemma, this becomes a congregation person becomes strange in everything that they do inside their life strange even amongst their own Muslims that the prophet Elijah mentioned for to ballyhoura ba boo ballyhoura Baba to ballyhoura to buffer those individual fushia to Bobby mana. Shakira Jana help has been warfare, as I've had mentioned, two bytes either a great victory in paradise given to those individuals are

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immense goodness will be given to those individuals and will explain who are these strange individuals owner soon so alone, they are righteous people use them as suddenness nurse, they try to rectify that which people have corrupted. That's what alhuda is. That's what a strange individual is. Strange isn't one who keeps himself away from society and leaves the society societal problems alone doesn't get engaged with them is a person who tries to engage in such society and begins to try to rectify that which people have corrupted portobella Allah, for those individually that goodness will be given to those individuals have tried to carry that out inside their life. And as

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we find amongst the mistakes that many of us have fallen into, that we find is listening to the false claims, falling false claims inside our lives. When we have a new source. We have the Quran and the Sunnah because everybody always talking about the Quran and the Sunnah, but unfortunately certain times we find it doesn't seem to click into our mind, certain passages of the Quran and Sunnah. And we have to remind us of how a lot of that describes or how the Prophet RSM describes certain claims that people begin to make a big leap will begin to say that now we should place it in perspective of what the Quran and Sunnah tells us and what the words are the people around us begin

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to preach or begin to tell us that you find your way home if people were to be given according to the claims that the original Amala comin, what deema home, if people to be responded to given a pony, whatever they claim, then you begin to claim the blood and the property in a wealth of people, meaning any individuals claims something, then you find it they begin to take people's rights away, and we begin to listen to those claims. Does the end of the head Do you find that Kinneil by Alan Moody, whether you find that the onus of proof, the burden of proof is the one who make is the claimant when you meet a new element and carer and the person who rejects it to make enough by the

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name of a lot of time to enter. A great big discussion begins to take place in Delft about this Hadith, but we don't want to delve into it because that's not the station for us to discuss this. We want to take a general context of this hadith about false claims. If a person has claimed something, what should be the aesthetic response towards a person who claim something should be now quickly just haste in ourselves, to listen to the response of every single individual give whatever they claim for in such society. And as we find the prophetic traditions or before that event versus it's a doctrine, talking about making claims that people will begin to make claims upon this earth. We

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find examples from the Sierra the life of Solomon Juan de wood la mesilla. The lease as a side point is indicated in his magnum opus work of Casa su ambia. That we find stories of the Prophet is compilation that we find you want to read about the stories of the prophets in a chronological order, completing each story from the beginning to the end. Then I advise myself when you respect it by to read Casa su ambia. To read the stories of the prophets, as collected by

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Cathy collecting all the verses in the Quran and all are happy to help us to understand about the life of the MV our Rasul about the prophets and the messengers was their karma sobre el camino Rasul. Become patient, like old as me mineros will become patient like these individually as well as me, but for Sierra has been explained as being the five best prophets of Allah subhanaw taala amongst the 25 odd prophets mentioned the Quran that we find, there are five specific prophets that a person needs to go and study the life of, nor of Ebrahim Moosa, where Isa will not be Yuda Mohammed, Salah tidligere salam, O Allah him, Jimmy, and these are the five old asmus all about the

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Sierra vention and you go and read the seed of these five individuals, you begin to understand why they be given that title, you begin to see how they exertion inside Dawa in their sobor in their patience, in their wisdom in their life, in a sacrifice had an outcome Ah, until they may Allah Subhana Allah wa Buddha had been just describing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam carry on worshiping Allah Subhana Allah until eliakim mode until death comes to you for suburu alamelu. They were patient upon whatever calamity befell them throughout their life that you find. They were those individuals who are constant inside their life, focus inside their life until they meet, or they've

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met Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find many the Anima dimension, read through these stories inside the Quran, to strengthen your Eman to strengthen your journey, to begin to see that what these individuals went through inside their lives is something unimaginable. Because many of us Muslims today that we think that the suffering, the difficulties, the hardship that we're facing at the moment is something unbearable, we'll go and read the life of these individuals. And you'll understand maybe just a small elements of what is unbearable, or these individual bear inside their life to become examples for individuals to begin to follow these individuals will have nelida Buddha

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Solomon name and Abdo know a word. Indeed we gave inheritance to the wood to Solomon, a real amount of diversity that they mentioned, will have nearly doubled, we gave a gift to the award. The Gift here, or inheritance here is not a wealth. It's not a property that would la Salaam is given the property of a righteous son, I write your son of Solomon and a solemn because the father is righteous, bestowed with a righteous son, both of these individuals, they become kings. That's early mastery have mentioned only two kings, two Muslim kings govern over most of this earth was doubled, and his son Solomon and a masala government over all of this earth. And likewise, both of them were

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messengers. And as you begin to see how the honor and the rank of these individuals is inside the Quran, but look how Allah Subhana Allah describes these individuals, gives them comprehension gives them understanding that you find a difference between in one field a difference in genuine that we find a person who has general knowledge. And a person who's able to dispose that knowledge. person is able to apply that knowledge, implement that knowledge, many of us may share abundance of knowledge that we find. But it's a great difference when a person is able to apply that knowledge in such society. That's why so many times many of us, we get confused inside our lives. We become

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extreme inside of us inside our life, that we read just something which is black and white, and begin to implement it with the people around us. Will you find

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that to be equal in understanding of knowledge, implementation knowledge is something far more deep and superior, that not many people are given that. And that's a fact that we need to comprehend and need to understand that not every single alum is given the ability to comprehend knowledge be Amanda and utapau, who to implement it to become beneficial to society. And that is the ultimate level of an alien that we find. Person cross that knowledge is able to decipher that knowledge and able to teach and to help society. As for many of us that we find that we think that we're in a path of knowledge that we find that you find, we begin to corrupt people begin to corrupt us off, and

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unfortunately Allah forbid begin to corrupt society that you say just defined pillar to a lack of knowledge as well is dangerous. Just like a certain room can be dangerous as well if it enters into a cupboard well who wrote deception, arrogance, pride to despise people or mal ot to mineralnye illa Pauline man has been only given a small amount of knowledge, every knowledge of Allah Allah bestows upon the human being is infallible virtue from Allah Subhana Allah to see how that person will live with their life if that person becomes elmy essence of knowledge I find is Hershey bar is the fear of loss of panatela. Whoever has gained that inside their life has understood what it is. And in

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Moulay sabich de la call this and that was said and two topic Alan has to apply upon other people.

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Rasul elmy a*aba that's the essence of knowledge if it develops into your heart and your mind, what am I had? Nobody knows you, except for a BA, only Allah, then you've understood the fruits of knowledge, the real essence of knowledge, journey with you throughout the rest of your life. What do

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we do inside the grave and inside the earth here, that's where it becomes for the individual, as we find that a quest of knowledge for what purpose, and many of our youth need to be reminded, because the quest of their knowledge only becomes the UFC to us, to corrupt people, to apply upon people, if that's your intent of gaining knowledge that you may have washed your hands away from the knowledge gained in your life. When I lay evidence against you will become because every time you try to apply it on somebody else inside your life, then a lower place it at someone else will prey upon you, and take away your good deeds. Take away what you try to achieve inside your life. If Allah gives you

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the tofik inability to rectify and to correct inside your life as a menial, ye Subhana Allah, no one could search inside their life. That's why no one searches for anything inside their life that would never searched to become a leader of his people. Solomon I've never searched to become a leader amongst these people. But Allah placed them inside authority, that you find the difference between a person who has that quench and that desire to become a person in authority, and a person who's been given authority and knows that that moment in time, if you don't stand up to that position, it will begin to corrupt people, that someone needs to take on this task. Someone needs to come forward and

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do this action inside your life. And as we find what the Buddha said, the man is the man he will have or before I treat the series I define when that would be silly man and I suddenly began to make a judgment about the cultivating of the land that we find are limited series began to discuss what is the hokum the ruling that that would in Selamat la Salaam began to develop began to, if we could use a word, literally to argue amongst themselves father and son. Even the view Solomon Elisa was a right view, inside books of diversity that we find, going back to Bukhari Muslim that we find that we find that a wolf had taken

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the child of a woman

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and the two women they came and they complained

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to Solomon and he said, um, this shows to Mr. Solomon Elisa, wherever the elderly woman said that this, this wolf is, took my child or took the other one child, this is my child, this child belongs to me. And she tried to claim the child that was living his her child.

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So that would have given the opinion that the child belongs to her because she's wailing and she's crying, she's making the most noise that she must be the mother, give the child to her, where Solomon and his family given for him, given understanding, he said that take the child, and let us cut it in half. And you can share the children chair, the chair, the child, the younger woman, she said, Let the older woman keep the child from in hoonah fahima. Solomon at a Salah. From his Elementary, and he understood the child belongs to the younger woman. Because from her mama mercy, nobody wants half a child. So she quickly said, Let her keep the child then at least my child will

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be protected from her relevant mentioned and highlight Solomon at a salon had a deeper comprehension, then doublewood La Silla. And that's how we find that false tears. Just make claims, wailing and crying. making noise doesn't give you justification to claim that this is something that belongs to you. Another view inside works with diversity that we find with a man, we're called an Athena hockman, while we gave understanding to Solomon and Islam, but to both of them, we gave him to understanding, we find that a pasture of land that we find, and a person's sheep had entered into another land person's land. So that would allow them when you heard this judgment, he said that you

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could keep the sheep of this individual keep that sheep. So this is going to be detrimental for an individual, his flock and his sheep has been taken away, a Muslim man and a salon. He said that give the sheep to this individual affected land and let his land cultivate once again, once this land has been cultivated, returns back to its normal state, then return the sheep of the individual back to the original individual. That way you benefited from the person ship and your land is returned back once again. Well for him nurseline man salamander is only given a greater comprehension. I'm not harming the individual. Yes, his property is harmed another individual. But don't take everything

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away from the individual. Don't leave the individual parent, don't leave the individual average state. This will equal and fam understanding that we find that you find that wisdom that you find understanding certain things, only a few individual have been given that for us or have we given an insight or will be given an insight, able to see certain things that you find the prophetic traditions that we find, if there has to be any profit after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it would have been a Roman kebab and likewise you find that even shape on he crosses over

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The road and goes to the other side. Because he says, I'm going to have a scholarly talk about as Heidi mentioned, it doesn't mean that I'm going to have Bob is infallible. Does that mean that it shows that he's, he's mine in a sense of his power, he's understanding that you find that even shake on is one that flees away from the judgment that he makes the right judgment, the words that you say will be a right judgment, and only a few individuals have been given the ability to make such judgments. Likewise, you find another message inside the foreign places or the situation of making false claims that we find in a story of use of Allison that we find in Canada, put them in COBOL in

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four socket, Obamacare dB, if you study surah, Yusuf the 12th chapter on that we find and his many claims, many claims that exist inside the surah that we find justified when you remember the first era mentioned that this whole sort of a person reads and studied his surah will come out of many of the elements of grieving of disturbances inside their life, refresh yourself continuously with really surah Yusuf and ponder over the surah the only one who writes the Quran that begins with a story and ends with a story in full chronological order. There is no place inside the Quran that begins from the beginning of story completes the story. And here we find that a claim of this woman,

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the wife of Aziz, that we found what was the claim that she made a woman in pristine in honor in rank, and tried to blame use of alley Sarah tried to blame him that he is the one who tried to seduce her, try to carry out his evil action towards her.

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But as we find that his claim affairs was falsified, because you find somebody who's standing at the door when Mr. Dempsey discuss whether it was a child inside the room, or whether it was the minister's servant or whether it was a woman servant or someone else's either at hand that we find, but this person is individual said that if the shirt of this individual has been ripped from the front, then he is from amongst the line individuals is a true for individual. And if you share has been ripped from the back, there is a true for individual, and she's amongst a line individuals, because she's just making a false claim. false claim towards or has been used as is the minister,

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that the he is the one that tried to seduce me. But Allah Subhana Allah will protect these MBR wawasan will protect them and no man you talk to your spirit for in Allah you do Roger mercy Nene, whoever says Allah Subhana Allah and his patient regarding that Allah never lets the reward of good D. Good do it ever go to waste? Use of La Silla. If you will read the seer of use of La Silla, shot through German, half of beauty was given to use of a stem that's indicated. He said, kasubi I mentioned, can you help the butcher who used to cover his face, because of the immense beauty of use of La center. Immense beauty is used to cover his face. And as you find once again, the claims when

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the nice were the women inside the city, they heard about that this is what this woman she tried to seduce her own servant, because she is a woman of nobility and rank. How could you try to seduce her own servant? A person or nobility in rank doesn't seduced it on server. So now she wanted to rectify the affair. Now what are you trying to blame me for? She She held a great big banquet. And she called all of these women. And then she said to us of anaise that enter upon us.

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And she presented its relative dimension made him dressed in the best of his government's use of allies, I mean the prime of his beauty when he entered upon them. And if he gave them reclining couches, and fruits, and she gave them knives to cut the fruits, and when you serve as I've entered upon them, and they saw the beauty of use of an a center. Instead of slitting the fruit, they began to slit their wrists, and maquinaria. And it could be just a phrase or could be actually physically they began to not pay attention to harm themselves. And when they saw the beauty of use of La Silla, they said this is not any new normal human being in her the Malecon Kareem This is a noble Angel.

00:29:02--> 00:29:43

This is the beauty that's been given to use of La Silla, by the beauty of this individual is covered with the inner beauty. The beauty of taqwa law, the beauty of a man of taqwa. That's the lesson that we need to extract about these individuals, that external beauty is something which is fine, which is good. But the internal beauty is a one of a man, if it's covered inside your heart with a man with Dr. Lai, Subhana Allah, that is a real beauty that you find that a lot of a deciphers or looks at the individual. So we find that the claims can be detrimental on an individual can be detrimental in a society, as for a society that we find inside so to address that we find the 14th chapter on

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

these 18 verses that make up a complete Islamic Society. Yeah, you let me know in just a second, be never infected by General. Or you believe if a rebellious individual comes to you with some false juice for debate, you know, one Corrado fine, but that's Ubuntu.

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Verify that check that news further by you and to Cebu calm and bJ halycon fotospeed lm f altum nadie mean, you begin to follow this news and you become regretful about the actions you've carried out. This is a problem we don't study the Quran in great detail. We have seen of these verses from certain algebra that we find. The Prophet Allah is a subset a companion to go and collect Zakat from a tribe of Arabs, and only journey to collect that there's a care from the tribe, these individuals, he felt scared to go and approach it for some whatever reason it may be. And he came back and he lied to the prophet Elijah said that they refused as occur. So now the prophet Elijah, he began to

00:30:42--> 00:30:58

prepare his army to go and attack these people who are preventive giving us soccer. And then we find that these verses are sent down, that if a person who comes with some information for to be your new, reconcile, verify, and check that news.

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And imagine the news, that information that comes to many of us today, how do we verify and check the information that presented us today? What is a form of verification? Who do we rely upon? Just as I began with the mass amount of Muslims? What is the source of knowledge that we gain? How do you make a judgement or views about where to be at other Muslims or non Muslims that we find and as you find amongst the biggest of claims at the moment that we find false claims that these people are presenting inside society, of their wailing and they're crying, and a false attributes, and saying that this is something which belongs to them, which many of us unfortunately have forgotten, many of

00:31:36--> 00:31:56

us have forgot that is inside our life, because we feel is so far away from us, even though it may be far away from us, linguistically. So paronella the extra bit of delay the middle machine around illustrated oxa glorified, beloved panda Toki server, from Herman machi, from Makkah, all the way to masjidul. UK saw

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the first this mosque. Therefore this most of you find that you should do Rehan never exert yourself except for to travel to three places in your life, the house of Allah Subhana Allah, that message, the house or the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and mustard Aqsa, we almost had a liberated once again, this amongst our biggest claims that many of us Muslims, we fail to understand a claim that began from 1917, or 1918, was known as what bell for the declaration of Balfour, whereby this government signed an agreement to hand over a state, a country that must be given to these individuals, an agreement that was made, you find that according to study history, that's our

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problem, not cafeteria, when

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we don't understand politics, we understand history. We don't understand the world around us. We fail to understand it, someone says something that this person is talking about. Paul is talking about CSI talking about this talk about that. This is our tour of our legacy. There's been no place on the face of this earth. No place in the face of this earth, that so many messages came and stood there and prayed there and sacrificed their lives there. No place in the face of this earth is Masood Azhar. And we find it to be trivial, their false claims, enter into that land and take it over. And you find more than 850,000 people have been placed inside prison. 850,000 people have

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false claims that the land belongs to them massacres of the massacres that you find atrocities upon that land, and then attribute that there are people there, whatever you want to call them, finish to you, Arabs, Palestinians, whatever you want to call them, whatever individuals may be. But that land is a belong to those individuals. That's what they're trying to present. And that's how some of us most of us begin to fall into the trap that just leave these affairs all alone. Let that carry you on that destroy status quo carry on inside there, whatever they claim, give it to them, does, you find that I've taken from a small element of the land, pushed all the Muslims out in the strips,

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taking the best part of the land, the fertile the vegetation, the property and push that all the Muslims with the false claims that this land belongs to us, does not belong to these individuals. And we sit there quietly and silently and say that what is it that we can do inside our lives? There is a lot that we can do inside our lives. At least a remembrance inside our life is our mind inside our heart to remember and to begin to reflect and to begin to think that just because people begin to claim something, it doesn't mean it belongs to those individuals. wakulla Cody had our stuff when he made a Muslim manifesto For we know about for Rahim

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Alhamdulillah I grew up with alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah, he was a human Temasek ob sadhana Tila Yama Deen. If we continue the journey of their claims, or rather false claims, the atrocities that we find it's all picture and documented for the world to begin to see and begin to visualize, and we jog our memory back in the year 2000, we find what was known as a 45 minute shootout. A 45 minute shootout of a young boy of a young boy, playing cat and mouse with his boys all they documented whereby they continuously began to pellet bullet holes shoot towards the Father and the Son to play with these two individuals can eventually this shot the boy and never

00:35:48--> 00:36:26

shot the father, a man knowing that one day this boy could come up and become a DA would become an individual begins to strike against them. A 45 minute shootout against an innocent young child against a wall until eventually to take his life. When I say Boucher, he did inshallah, in delay Subhana Allah and we hope that he's a Shaheed in front of Allah subhanaw taala. But this is the they claims that they're defending your land and defending the property amongst the claims that many of us we need to wake up, especially as Muslims that we find that all of us jump into a bandwagon, whatever takes place in the world at the moment. Web MD weapons of mass destruction were our weapons

00:36:26--> 00:37:03

of mass destruction. Today they themselves are criticizing the former prime minister of this country, criticizing and bringing What good does this do today? After 1000s have suffered that you find a bombs, the white phosphorus bombs that they've dropped on the land about Iraq, to this day that you find the poisonous nerve gas inside there is deforming children and ABI Muslims saying that yes, man, nothing will be Bob said that we don't want to enter into the rule is in a paper or there at that time, we don't want to enter upon that. We want to focus on the element that please prove to us where are the weapons of mass destruction? To us Muslims our own if we're all Muslims, who are

00:37:03--> 00:37:39

quick to hastin themselves, via funny stand alone in Afghanistan, whether it be the walk of Taliban that we find Muslims are jumping on the bandwagon that they're evil individually, they oppressive individually, they're like this, they like this, they like that. They may be like this, they may be like that. They only asked for one thing. They said give us the evidence of what people have done. We've been waiting for how long? How long have they been waiting? How long is the world been waiting to see weapons of mass destruction? Has anybody disclosed weapons of mass destruction? Has anyone disclosed? That is a terror attack upon this country? Has anyone disclosed that that is Muslims are

00:37:39--> 00:38:12

harmful to the society? Is there any clear proof, there is no clear proof, there is no evidence because it's something of creating fear in the minds of people say amongst our own realms, fear amongst our own selves. If you want to dissect a society, you want to break up a society, then you break them from up from within, from within themselves, break them up, that we have no tolerance left amongst our own selves. We have no vision of understanding of what we claim to be our rodeo. Ernie was sooner and returning back to the Quran and Sunnah to see what the Quran document, man

00:38:13--> 00:38:50

who were the enemies? Who were the friends, what are principles? What are our objectives? What are the policies, and as we mentioned, what are we supposed to do inside our lives? And how are we supposed to operate inside our life, and that's what a Muslim should be operating themselves to the best of their ability to be truthful to the Quran and the Sunnah to be true for inside their life, and not to be a person who becomes apologetic inside their life. And at the same time, whatever is wrong, we are quick and first individuals to acknowledge the wrong that we do. Because we are human beings, we can earn we can make mistakes, but as for a new source, as for the text, the Quran and

00:38:50--> 00:39:32

the Sunnah are infallible, they can never be questioned, the authenticity about them, and about how they're supposed to be used, it can never be questioned. If that is what we can instill inside our lives, then that'll be a form of success, the beginning of our success, that we believe in Edina in the law, he and Islam, their way of life in front of Allah Subhana Allah is nothing less by Islam. That said, if that is all that we can believe inside our heart, that is total submission, total submission to Allah Subhana Allah even become deficient. Even we begin to lack because we are human beings, we begin to lack but inside our heart, the only thing that is pumping out a heart that is

00:39:32--> 00:40:00

flowing our blood, that giving us life is an Islam. That's the only thing that's inside our heart and our mind is trying to perfect that Islam. Yeah, you're Latina Manu, or the Hulu filmmaker button while at Abbey Road watershape on you believe entered Islam in total submission for takala mustapa. Fate Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can. We are not 100 years old tofik inability to live true to the teachings

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

of the Quran and Sunnah to live upon this dunya to the best ability to teach and the Sunnah to be resurrected upon the Quran and Sunnah to become those individuals to symbolize the teachings of an Asana feeder Selena what we're hearing about Pina inside ourselves externally, internally, inside our private affairs in public, in private, in our homes outside of society that we stand for, and we encourage one another, we remind one another, whether can find a decorative meaning reminded us to remind our benefits the believers, we gather on such gatherings remind ourselves about mahasin Islam, the goodness of Islam, the beauty of Islam, the blessing of Islam, and the end result of

00:40:38--> 00:41:20

Islam and the power of Islam, the dominance of control Islam, and the ultimate end of Islam. We are Nakula Muslim, every single Muslim will go to Paradise. Every single Muslim we didn't know before, or does not break the covenant of Allah Subhana Allah exists themself and tries their best of their ability, you find that there are enough Allah Subhana Allah, the merciful love out there either. What's the Rami rahmati was, was yet condition there are marvelous pantalla as encompassed everything, kata below, in the Gita, indo Subhana Allah, Allah has written it down in a book and a record that lies with him Subhana Allah and naramata Saga kata kata B, and D that my mercy overcomes

00:41:20--> 00:42:05

my anger, while Rama meaning Rama little muslimeen Mercy is only for believers is only for the believing individuals. While Jenna then Mottaki gender is only for pious individuals. Gemini is only been prepared for Muslim individuals it's only for Muslims who begin to enter into gender that's when the Quran begins to describe people gender that we find Salam aleikum Tipton for Hulu Holly Deen Peace be upon you individuals be in a state of rejoicing in pleasure in goodness that you find a jewel Armenian, what a great reward it would be for those individuals who exert their efforts upon this dunya as they efforts into this dunya then they have great recompense reward we give it to

00:42:05--> 00:42:47

those individuals. But if we will just become the average individual, not exerting ourselves to get I just do the bare basics inside my life. No one in no individual in this dunya does the bare basics. Every single individual they strive and that's what we need to strive inside our lives. Strive for the sake of Allah subhana wa laserline in sunny lemma sir, oneness, sofa euro man will only have whatever he strives for strive for everlasting bliss for everlasting eternity. pleasures that remain for eternity. don't strive for pleasure, this dunya which are going to be broken can't be taken away. Strive for pleasures that remain for eternity for the individual. Live for eternity.

00:42:48--> 00:42:53

kulu don't follow remote. Live for eternity no death. No, definitely

00:42:54--> 00:43:36

no death. That's the blessing of being inside paradise. There is no worry about sickness of growing old about deification of urination, about menses about becoming old, becoming feeble, becoming weak becoming Reliant because every single individual at paradise would be a young individual and a lot how to take away the heart and remove the heart. Take away any form of clean Ranko in Philly and make it the hot the people agenda now last 100 years old coffee and ability to reach the end in Nevada warmer Lake Producer lunarlon every year you will lead the solar array with something with a slimmer Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed canossa later libre Hema Ebrahimi Naka Hamby de

00:43:36--> 00:43:39

Majeed, Aloma vertic algo Mohammed Ali Muhammad

00:43:41--> 00:44:24

Ibrahim Ibrahim and Nikita Majeed robina tnfa dunya Hasina waffleh para de hacer una joaquina are the urban urban Avraham nan fuson Oldham tofield, an outer Hamner, an akuna Domino Casa de rubberneck, Finland only Juan Isla de NASA kupuna bill email man while the unfaithful lupino healer Linda Deena Manu, Rob Donna in Nakuru for Rahim from pan Africa Elena sobre, wasapi, Dakota, Morocco, McCaffrey from Canada to the Pooh bah bah data data we have let me let him kurama in NA canto hub of Ghana hablan amin is where you know the Ria Tina kurata Yoon la mattina Rabbana Taco Bell Mina, Contessa mula Halim watauga Elena Nakata tabo Rahim subhanak de cada Yoshi forward was

00:44:24--> 00:44:33

more and more Selena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen michelotti como como como la, they will move forward to make more space, but as may be waiting outside

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