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The conversation covers the cycle of the night and day, including the importance of finding beauty in things like plants and animals, the success of one's own business with customers, and the benefits of fruit and vegetable packages, including health benefits, nutrition, and natural ingredients. The speakers emphasize the importance of gratitude and appreciation for natural and organic nature of humans, avoiding "overused" fruit, and being grateful for things that happen to the most people in the world. They also mention the negative impact of clean running water on people's lives and offer a book review and call to action for a book review.

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handle de la salatu salam ala rasulillah. And he often will Salah woman while my buyer and seller Marley Kumar here to let you know about a cartoon. So guys, we are at verse number five and we'll head on to verse number 13 in sha Allah hoteller. So let's get right to this. Allah subhanho wa Taala now after teaching us about the favours that he bestowed on us, the things that he had given us, this conversation takes a slight turn on Elon now pretty much answers the question for everybody out there, all the critics of who Allah is and the existence of a loved existence of a God who say things like you know, I only believe in religion, if I see the miracles that you talk about, if I

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see some indication that Allah truly exists, then I'll believe in it. So Allah will now bring a couple of things into play. A Shem Tsukamoto be what's been the sun and the moon, they are imperfect calculation who spent but even this who spent so little calf, we are taught that this precise, perfect calculation, what we're referring to here is the cycle of the night and the date, the sun rises at a certain point, and it rises at a certain time. And the moon does the same. And everything you know, it goes through this perfect cycle, no one can change it, no one can alter it. And we've said this before, when we were in sort of the scene, that nobody can change the the cycle of how

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night and day functions, nobody can alter that. It's just a cycle and a son of Allah subhanaw taala that we have to live by. And so Allah is saying, you're looking for whether or not I exist, you're looking for things right in front of your face. Well, here's a couple of things. So number one, the sun and the moon. It's right there couldn't do anything about it. Now in context, remember, the Arab is of Mecca. These are some of the things that they would spend hours at a time during the nights and days. So in the nighttime, they look up to the sky, what do you what would they see see a beautiful moon, they would reflect on that they would think about like, this is the light of the

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sky. This is the beauty of the moon, and it would be the most beautiful of things for them. Remember, when you're living in a desert, there's nothing around you. They don't have these glamorous city lights that are busy with cars and trains and all of those things that can't look up in the sky and see planes flying by. So what do they have to appreciate? look up at the moon. And during the day, the sun is there. The thing the thing that you survive off of that gives you all the energy that grows your food, your plants that you sustain yourself, all of these miracles are right in front of your face. And you're still asking about Okay, I won't believe it until I see it. Allah

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continues when Nigel was sheduled, we a student, the stars and the trees, they're both making center. Now many scholars had said different things about this area. Some of them have said that when you see a shooting star, that's the center of the star. And when you see trees that are growing and it starts to bear their fruits, you'll notice that the leaves and the branches start to hang down. So the tree is making such to this point. But really and truly majority of them have a sudo and said no. That here, this kind of sajida is that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will cause the star and the trees themselves to literally bow down to Allah in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

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And for again, the Meccans during the day.

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What is the one thing that they see and they can appreciate it's right in front of their face. Now they don't even have to look up at the sky anymore. Trees. Anybody who lives in deserts you know the trees are like the most beautiful

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thing, like until this day, and I could remember my time in Medina, is that, you know, we were there. I mean, I live in Canada, I mean, there's greenery everywhere in Canada, right? Many of you live in other countries as well, you're surrounded with greenery. But when you go to like parks in the Middle East, especially when I was there in Medina, I remember that every time we would see they would be constructing a bridge, or building a new area, or just, you know, renovating something. And they started planting beautiful trees I'm talking about these were just simple. Palm trees, day trees. That's it. I remember driving buying some Me and my friends, we'd look at some of these trees

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and like, Man Subhanallah Look how beautiful that tree is. And then realize, wait a minute, did we just say that? We just looked at a simple tree. And we were amazed at how beautiful it was. And we come from countries where we literally grew up, live around. I mean, we have trees in front of our homes in our backyards. And here we are amazed by a tree that was planted it was put there. Why? Because nine months of the year, we're living in the desert. And I thought to myself, Subhana Allah, now it starts to make sense. Now I can understand if this is your society, this is what you're surrounded with. If this is the only thing that you know, is dry dirt and the desert, and you see a

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few trees, you're amazed, man Subhanallah, look at this tree, look at this beautiful tree. Look, I would look how green it is, look how it grows, and so on and so forth. That's during the day. Now go back to the night, the Meccans would look up to the sky, and they had all kinds of superstitious beliefs when it came to the stars, but they would look up at the stars and be amazed by them. You know, our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that the stars that you see, they are part of the ornaments and the Xena of the first level of genda. And so you know, they're the decoration of the first level of genda. And so you look at this, and you reflect on these things. And even till this

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day, you know, romance when couples want to get romantic, what do they do? They find a nice corner somewhere they sit back lay on the grass, and what do they do? They stare at the stars in the sky. It's beautiful. It's in our fifth row. This is my point. It's embedded within us that we find beauty in these things. Nobody has to teach us that the stars look so beautiful. And I mean, just a couple of weeks ago, when Mars was closest to the earth, Venus was closest to the earth, Jupiter and Saturn was closest to the earth. I took my kids out in the front yard. And we tried to snap some pictures, I actually posted a couple of my page. It's amazing what phones can do these days, right. And I

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remember taking these pictures and trying to focus in as best as I could to capture something. And my son, my five year old son just looks at me and says, The stars are so pretty. I'd ever taught him that. He didn't have to be taught that. He just looked up and he was just amazed. And he he saw beauty in the stars. It's in our fifth era. And so these yet speak volumes of truly who we are naturally as human beings and as a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala then a look continues, was summer out of our her will will barley means and the sky We elevated the skyline. And we placed a perfect balance. We placed a perfect balance in the sky as well. Well all by all means that now,

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scale here is mentioned. There are going to be three verses that mentioned scale scale scale, this is number one. So when Allah subhanaw taala refers to the sky, he says we kept it in perfect balance. So this is the first mention of scale. Number two, a lotto field means then that you don't violate this perfection imbalance that Allah created. It's number two and number three, what a pm where your Western a little pissed while at two zero means then that you establish this scale based on justice while I took tsunamis And don't you dare for a moment violate the scale. So three things. Number one, when a less talking about scales in the sutra, and it's going to come up a little bit

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later as well. Right? Unless spoke about the sky and its perfection.

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The sky is perfect. The sky is in this perfect balance.

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And the lesson for you is total finis and you can disrupt this perfection imbalance in the sky while Pinewood was so make sure that you establish balance and justice and don't violate this imbalance. Don't you dare violate this balance in your own life. Now how do you

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relate to these three verses? Well, that's really simple. First and foremost, understand justice is a primary theme in Mexican court. And justice was one of the first things that Islam came to deal with. Because there was a lack of it all throughout the the Arabian Peninsula. So that's one of the first things that came to tackle. Want you to just picture for a moment, right?

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When you go to, I could remember so many instances, but I could remember going shopping when I was in Medina. And you know, you've walked into a store, see something you like, and you just buy it, right? No big deal, pay your money, walk out of the store, go to another place, see something you buy, go to another place. And then there's always this one stall, where you walk into it. guy says, well, law, he, this is the best quality and the best prices, you're never ever going to find anything better than what I have. So you sit there and you try, you know, understand where this guy's coming from. And then you start bargaining, well, it says, Look, I'll buy from you, but I'm

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not going to pay that price. I'll pay this price. And he starts working back and forth, throwing all kinds of numbers, this and then before you know it, you get convinced, okay, this is a high quality product you buy to take it home, you try it out. First time you try it out doesn't work, the switch doesn't go on, you know, wondering, okay, what's going on here? Then you realize, okay, there's a wire that's short or something is wrong, right? Take it back to him. He's like, Oh, I'm so sorry. You know, there's no refunds, okay? Do this do that it'll work fine. You go back, and you'd keep going. And it's getting frustrating and feel like you've been ripped off. And actually, you did get

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ripped off. You just couldn't see it. Because he was so convincing. Everything was packaged beautifully, and you took it home and it just turned into a disaster. You lost all your money, there was nothing you can do. What Ally's teaching us here. Remember it all the previous series of all the different tough SEOs that we did. I would say to you, the a lot of Allah surround us. And when you reflect on these yet of Allah, they start becoming little reminders and hopeless to you. Now the sky becomes the ultimate to you. How does the sky so what's the subject of this hope, but the sky is speaking to you about justice.

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So people ask me all the time, okay, I understand I have to reflect when I look up at the sky, when I see the trees when I see these animals when they see the sun and the moon. But what am I thinking about? Am I just thinking about that they exist? Like, what is it? Well, Allah hints to it now in this surah, look at the perfection in balance. And that should equate in your own life, that you do business with justice, and fairness, and truth and honesty, just how the sky is so perfect, everything is aligned perfectly, it works through a cycle that's perfect. No one can alter it, you can take a little bit, you can add a little bit, it's there. That's how your business dealings

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should be with everyone else, they pay you for a certain amount of kilos or certain amount of pounds of a product, you don't get to take a little bit or add a little bit or put some spoiled products in there. You don't get to do any of that. Now all of a sudden, looking up at the sky, the sky is teaching you how to do business in a justice way, in a justice manner. It's incredible. So panela what sort of Iraq man does. All of this, by the way, is a reflection of the rightness of our right man to all of us. Allah expects us to be just and fair in our dealings, just as how he created the sky, and everything in it in a just and fair manner, in perfect imperfect calculation, in perfect

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synchronization, then you have to live your life the exact same way. That's what these three as we're talking about. When I talked to him, he said, Don't you dare try to disrupt any of this in any of this justice. Don't you dare disrupt that. It's incredible. That's how you relate to these verses. And when you do that, when you do that, like another example is like, I remember when I would try to go for Hajj as a student. And I remember you know, you you grab a cab, right right at the you grab a cab right at the campus there and pay this guy some money. But then the driver says okay, look, when we get to the checkpoint, and it's time for us to enter the city of Mecca, we don't

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have the actual paperwork. But

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if you pay me an extra 500 Rios, all 10 of you. Then I can do something and get you guys in

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Some of us would, some of us wouldn't we were just like, no, we're not taking a chance and it's wrong to So, you know, forget it. But the point is just Can you imagine, for that driver, what a perfect season, you know, what a perfect season for you to try to, you know, practice, you know, business in a just and fair manner. Good for you, buddy. No, here, just imagine the 1000s and 1000s of reels this guy is going to make taking people back and forth illegally for Hajj, and charging them an arm and a leg.

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That's what these three eights are all about. Then it continues, well, auto blah, blah, blah, Harley nm and we placed this earth,

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lien nm for all creatures, not just for you humans, for all creatures. Fi have phakisa. In it, there is fruits that bring happiness to, you know, thumb out all is one of the names are more than more common names for fruits. But phakisa when it's used as a verb, it describes happiness, it's the kind of fruit that brings happiness to you.

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You know, we, what I love about this word is really simple. We as human beings,

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you know, when somebody is in need of food,

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we don't care how it makes us feel, as long as we can consume it, as long as we can eat. We don't care what it makes us how it makes us feel we're happy or sad. At hamdulillah we have something to eat. But Allah out of his little hammer, and I'm using Rama specifically because of the surah

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caused foods to in addition to satisfying us makes you happy. Every social event on the planet that we're engaged with, must have what

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it's got to have food. And you can't just have any kind of food. It's got to have food that people enjoy, they can eat and socialize with. It's got to be the right kind of foods can go to a birthday party. And just everybody has water. Okay, you can have some cake, but here's some water and you're good, if he's going to be depressed, can go to any celebration, I mean, birthday party, if that's your thing, that's your thing. I'm just throwing examples out there. So we can all relate to can go to another like celebration. And just give everybody you know, cookies and crackers and be like here, here's some milk and you're good to go. No, you have all these guests, you have all these

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dignitaries. You want something more than that why because it's part of the social event. And all of that is a additional mercy from Allah. Not only am I going to give you something to eat, but I'm going to make you happy that you enjoy what you eat Subhana Allah

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when naku that will command and even the palm trees that will act Mm hmm. is like you'll have to peel off layers of this palm tree to find what Allah placed in there in terms of foodstuffs to find those, you know those packs of dates, but the bunches of dates that are growing, you'll have to peel off and really unwrap this tree to get to it. That's this is the area where I got the title of this video from not only now does Allah provide you foods and then in addition to that provide you foods that make you feel good all over. But a love gift wraps it for you.

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Look at like orange, a lemon, a mango, pretty much every fruit you can think of

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you peel off the skin. But even that skin itself you know sometimes when you take like a good fruit and you just like a like a good orange and you just smell the skin it's it's pleasant, isn't it and and skins of most of these fruits have so many health benefits can make all kinds of juices and medicines. You know I grew up always hearing that. It's the you know, when you peel the the skin of the apple, that's where all the vitamins are. It's in the skin so you're throwing away all the vitamins. You're thinking to yourself

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it's remarkable. When we package things when human beings packaged foods, we pollute the earth. We destroy this planet and package it with plastic and aluminum and cardboard and all these things. All this stuff goes into the garbage and it piles up and it destroys our planet. But when a lot of rap something when a lot packages foods, when you peel the skin off of these fruits, and what do you do with the skin after and you throw it into

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To your garden, you throw it onto the grass, what does it end up doing? It ends up being food now, for your for the ground for the soil, it ends up nourishing the ground, it ends up nourishing other plants. So panela I bet that after you hear this and you're reminded about like this, you'll never eat a fruit the same way ever again. Next time you peel an orange, or an apple, or peel any other fruit. Just remember when not blue that will occur, ma'am.

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These are fruits and provision that is gift wrapped. from Allah subhanho wa Taala to us.

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Now, what did we do with it?

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Did we ever really appreciate it? Like how we appreciate when somebody gives us gifts? Did we really ever call thank you so much love that. We're coming to that in a minute. What have Buddha will also be your right hand, a lot also made fields of grain, what right hand you know, right hand is actually a beautiful aroma. That's you know, that's in the wind when you're standing by a farm. And I'm not talking about when the when the farmer just planted everything because obviously he's using all kinds of you know, manure and other soils and other things that chemicals not talking about that we're talking about what he's about to harvest, you can smell the strawberries, you can smell

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whatever fruits is planted, it's in the air as you get closer and closer to that farm. So that fragrance in the air that's called right hand it's like a great smell wind. Allah says I created all of this for you.

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You know I made the air smells beautiful from what's being grown and provided to you in the ground.

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Fabric a Europe Beco meant to cut the ban. Here we go. Here's number one.

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Then which of the you know and that literally is another word for favors, blessings.

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You know, all of the additional things that Allah gives you that you don't need. So when they asked, I won't believe it until I see it. What did we go through so far? The sun, the moon, stars, the trees, the sky, the earth? fruits, everything. Look at what we've gone through. Then when Allah puts this a a here, so which of any of the signs any of these you know a yet these favorites? These are all blessings and gifts that I hear that's all Allah, Arabic woman to get the bed from your master, by the way, or a book Huma? Is it plural? Or is it do? It's you just talking about to? So who's a lot referring to hear a less talking to two individuals who is a lot of talking to we're going to

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come to that a little bit later and show Okay, to get the band that Kevin or Kathy up here in this area, it doesn't mean that you're lying. It means lying is also denial. You know you're rejecting you don't want to see it. So allies like so put it all together? Which of these blessings? Are you constantly going to be in denial of? You're going to constantly reject? Like, how long are you going to continue doing this? So what's the theme around febi? a layer of documentary cast the band, it's all about this gratitude.

00:23:43--> 00:23:51

How are you going to continue this way? Look at everything Allah just placed in front of you. called out

00:23:52--> 00:24:45

mentioned in front of you. You want to see it Okay, fine. Look, it's all over you. So, you know, what we're learning here is that, especially for us people who live in this part of the world, you know, we are incredibly, incredibly privileged to the point where think about when one thing is taken away from you. Like I read, I read a stat A while ago, I have to look at it again, of how much of the the percentage of the world do people actually have clean running water and it turns out that the majority of our planet, the majority of the world today does not have fresh clean running water accessible to them. So for people like us who live here in Canada and America and Australia and

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Europe and other parts of the world, we are incredibly privileged to the point where Imagine if the water wash was shut off in your home for like one day or for like two hours

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What ends up happening is Oh my god, how does this happen? We paid our water bills, it's like, it's like the Day of Judgment just reached in your house. It's insane. You know, when I went to Medina, my first years of Medina, when I eventually moved out, I moved out of the campus academic fact, this actually happened on the campus. When I'm sitting there in my dorm, I wake up the next day, this is a guy who just came from Toronto, Canada, I don't know what water shutting off even means I've never experienced it my whole life, I wake up, I get myself already get into the bathroom want to wash up, turn on the tap.

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And there's nothing there. I honestly wanted to cry. I was literally ready to cry. I'm like, I left my family. I'm here in another country, all by myself. And I almost started to feel depressed. And now, those are the moments that I'm most grateful for. This is like when you get a kick in the behind, you know, it's like, wake up, what are you doing? Don't you realize how privileged you are, where you came from. This is what the majority of the world has to deal with. This is how they live.

00:26:15--> 00:26:32

You know, every time my kid goes out, I take my kids out to the mall or something every single time they want to buy something. Daddy can have this toy, Daddy, please, please, please, please. And it came to a point where me and mom we looked at each other like, we've got to stop this.

00:26:33--> 00:26:47

We've got to stop this. We can't do this every single every single time. Because why? These are favors that Allah blessed us with. So if we're going to do this everyday, we have to include the rest of the planet along with this journey.

00:26:48--> 00:27:03

Think about us. You know when you walk in when you sit into a car and the AC doesn't work, it's blistering hot. Oh my God, I hate this card or why who made you my driver? I wish I never had to be there and this is just like few minutes of your life.

00:27:04--> 00:27:47

So these are some of the things that are being called out. And in an the very first a that you read is all about being grateful, isn't it? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Alhamdulillah it's all about great being grateful. So what we learn here is that in this Deen if you lose gratitude, you lose your deen you lose Islam completely, it will eventually diminish from you, it will be gone. The first day or less to you and I is you better be grateful. hamdulillah praise me.

00:27:49--> 00:28:14

Praise Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, you know what that takes out of a human being. You've got to humble yourself, and you all and immediately from the first word, you'll become second. So you've shifted aside your ego and your pride and doesn't matter what you've done in your life, what you've accomplished and what you have throw all that aside. Now your second place, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us now

00:28:15--> 00:28:36

you have to praise me period. When you can do that, then the rest of the poor end starts to manifest itself. Now you can start to understand and connect to your deen a little bit more for the A or B command to get the bed. So which of these blessings are you going to constantly be in denial of?

00:28:38--> 00:28:49

Wow, guys, I don't know. We're just in 13 verses and this is really, really an incredible sorta really, truly an incredible song. So we're gonna,

00:28:50--> 00:29:02

we're gonna start talking about febby a little bit more to get the band more and more 31 times it's mentioned and so we're gonna spend a lot of time talking about this. And you know what's really amazing to me in this sutra

00:29:03--> 00:29:06

when a lot talks about Jenna

00:29:07--> 00:29:20

afterwards, you have to be a lot you have to be cometa Kathy van in all the area to talk about Jenna febi a lot is mentioned eight times. How many gates of gender are there?

00:29:21--> 00:29:35

Eight. And when a lot talks about jahannam in this sorta in between it when he mentions Furby, a Allah? How many times as you mentioned it seven times? How many gates of the jahannam are there?

00:29:36--> 00:29:36


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You know, it's, it's remarkable. So just keep that in mind. I'm throwing this out to you so you understand how we're going to look at these 31 identical verses. They may be identical, but they're completely different in context. They're always calling us to think about and reflect on something completely different. It's remember

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

You'll really love this sorta and you'll discover and see if you haven't Also, if you haven't done so already, you're going to see even more and more in even further just how beautiful sort of man truly is. So we'll pause there today inshallah, and let everything that we've discussed in this episode allow that for you to reflect on to resonate and to learn from inshot low return, which is aka low headroom, Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all. Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will meet again Bismillah Italia tomorrow with sin Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh