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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion about adoption in Pakistan and how it is difficult to adopt children due to cultural barriers. The discussion also touches on the idea of "the womb" and how it is a cultural responsibility for parents to care for children. The discussion ends with a reference to a "the womb" movement and how it is an honor for families to care for children.
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salatu salam, ala rasulillah

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Salam Alikum. Another really cool question I got asked in my Gulf tour, it was about adoption. lady came up to me and asked me if it's okay for her to adopt because her family, they had some bad thing happened with some adoption case things didn't work out. You know, the boy couldn't adjust to the family or there were a lot of fights between the siblings and him. So they make that into a case study. And every time adoption comes up as a conversation there, they relegate the conversation to this bad story that happened, and therefore we can never, never ever have adoption. The thing of it is that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an orphan and Allah has eliminated aged care yet

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even for our Didn't he find you an orphan and gave you shelter? Giving shelter to an orphan adopting an orphan is actually a sunnah of Allah Himself. Allah gave shelter to law school Law School of Law Center, there are some deeds in Islam that are the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu, Artesia, then there are some deeds in Islam that are actually the son of Allah, like in the law of Malacca, who is a Luna Navy, Latina, amanu sallu alayhi, wasallam, Otis Lima, Allah sense a lot upon the Prophet, believers use and Salawat upon the Prophet, Allah give shelter to you as an orphan, Muslims are supposed to give shelter to the orphan. Giving taking care of an orphan is the easy ticket agenda.

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As nobody said that it's easy. For example, in the United States, it can be a very difficult venture. Some studies even say it could cost you up to $100,000. Just to try and get an orphan. It's very, very difficult to adopt a child. But you know what people do it. I know families, Muslim families that have adopted, they've adopted from Pakistan, they were adopted from Mexico, they were adopted from China, different places. And you know what, this is an important important part of our Deen of raising children that don't have parents. Because this is something Allah put in the beginning of certain This is so beautiful. It's so beautiful, that this sort of Nyssa is about it's

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called Women, right? And Allah says what are called La la de la luna, he will have have Taqwa of Allah, in whose name you ask each other and have Taqwa of the wombs of the mother, be be in awe of Allah, and also be in awe, of motherhood,

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being all like, it's such a mind blowing thing that he said. And what's really crazy right after that, is that you have I art in the Quran that are right after that about women, and then about orphans. So what's the connection? Why, and you know, actually, the first thing mentioned is orphans. Why? Because those are the two entities, women and orphans, that are actually separated from the womb. In other words, a woman goes into another family, she leaves the family of her birth, she's the relationship of the womb, in some sense, is severed. And the same thing happens to an orphan. They go, they they no longer have a family. And so it explains what does it mean to be in

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all of the womb, he's including in it, people whose relationships of the womb have been severed, you have to go out of your way to take care of those people. You have to go out to you it's such an amazing, amazing concept in the Quran, and we've turned this into like a burden or something difficult stuff or like somebody else's child in your family. You've got this cultural stigmatism associated with it. None of this garbage that we put as burdens on ourselves are supposed to take away from the beauty of our religion. You know, Allah told the Israelites something I remind myself every day, you know, while you're on home Islam, when Allah Latika that Allah, the revelation came,

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the Quran revolution came to remove the burdens that they used to have on top of them and the chains and fetters that they had put on. Cultural standards are like chains and fetters and burdens that you're carrying, and revolution came to load them off. So you can have an easier life. It's that's the concept of orphans. It's this is something celebrated in itself. This is something that is an honor for our family to be able to do, you know, these children are being raised and as they are raised them, you taking care of them is actually ensuring that allows them to take care of you on Judgement Day, they will become your biggest testimony on Judgement Day, you know, realize that we

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can protect our children and give us the strength and the ability, the financial ability, the emotional ability, the spiritual ability to take care of orphans from the oma barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

Ust. Nouman Ali Khan was asked this question during a live lecture on the 2015 Gulf Tour.

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