Murtaza Khan – Don’t Oppress

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the theory that Islam is not a general rule, but rather a pattern. It uses various examples such as the use of shaming and punishment for actions, the loss of human beings' privacy, and the need for more surveillance and surveillance of behavior. The segment also touches on the issue of oppression and how it can lead to harm and loss. The speakers emphasize the importance of following Islam's teachings and not giving up wealth, and stress the need for unity and a focus on one's own concepts and actions.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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When our auto build I mean surely unforeseen I mean say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la sala de la la mejor, del Fela had to wear a shadow

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in a in the long way de la sharika. Wa shadow Mohammed an hour Abdu humara sudo I'm about to fire in nostoc Alhaji Chiquita Baba or highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara ohmori more to her wakulla Moshe 13 beta wakulla bit Akin Bala Latina Hakuna Bala let infini rubbish rally sorry for your silly angry Well hello kurata Mandisa Nia Coco Lee of the praising of

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Lots of Canada under sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier sandom we stopped in the Hadith, of the writing of good deeds and bad deeds, whereby we find that every single action that we carry out has been documented by Caribbean Caribbean, by the noble scribes and noble angels, who write down everything that we do. And does this following Hadees we're going to study today or extract some benefits from it concludes by talking about the ending of our actions, that the ending of action wherever a person finds Allah Subhana Allah, then that individual fella

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Tallulah Eldon of sahoo, that a person not blame except for him own self, from from unwanted higher and Matilda, whoever finds goodness, they let that individual praise Allah. So goodness is from Allah Subhana Allah, as you mentioned, gives us the trophy, the ability to carry out good deeds and good actions, and the person isn't able to carry out the good actions. The President shouldn't say that allies oppress the individual because that is the beginning of this hadith that Allah Subhana Allah yeah Abadi Oh my servants indeed I've made volume haram haram tabula Allah nuptse I made volume haram upon my own self. And likewise I made it haram amongst your own source to carry out any

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form of oppression. And this is a common theme that we find amongst non Muslims. That if Allah Subhana Allah is sold. R Rahman r Rahim. So why does he allow punishment take to play take place on the face of the earth? Why is there war? Why is there bloodshed? Why is there so much killing? why there's so much atrocities? How does Allah Allah, a God who is supposed to be merciful, the most kind, the most compassionate? How does he allow this to take place? This questioning firstly is a fallacy is false. This type of intellectual questioning that we find in this modern world like to ask questions or even prior to that, that everything becomes excessive questioning, that why does

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this take place? Or why should it happen like this? Or why does it Allah Subhana Allah do this or do that? It is not befitting to ask Allah Subhana Allah whom use alone, rather they will be asked, we will be asked, no one can ask Allah Subhana Allah. Allah subhanaw taala is infinite justice and mercy. As you find it sort of evened out even macro dimensions no unknown law at the back Jimmy and

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Jimmy I'm an A somehow somehow it all out

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there who can if I'm not convinced to punish every single individual, whatever exists the heavens and the earth, it will be these Jews right to punish them. Because Allah subhanaw taala doesn't go beyond as Amanda we explained that doesn't go beyond the limitations. voelen cannot be attributed to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't go against any boundaries.

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While at the UCLan you find passage and even think about this inside their mind that maybe a lot of guys oppressed another individual or process this word. All of this is hematoma he barely had the immense wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah, He allow certain things to take place on the face of this earth. And amongst the wisdom that we mentioned the can be extracted is to awaken people. The horror facade if you will, by Harvey maca server a DNS corruption appears upon the land in the oceans, because what we send forth with our own hands, that we may begin to taste our own fruits, our own actions, and likewise have I concluded I mentioned Adam your Girona may repent back to Allah Subhana

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Allah. So mine is infinite justice and mercy allows what we may see as oppression and even this oppression, we cannot use such words towards Allah Subhana Allah, because Allah, Allah does not oppress Allah subhanaw taala give every individual opportunity, the whole heavens and the earth opportunity to find a way and their response back to Allah Subhana Allah. And as he founded the real oppressor, if we look at is indeed the human being, because everything is crystal clear about the individual has to do. And there's a lot of Allah when he mentioned the human being, there are so many different characteristics of the human being inside the hooligan in sonoda. If a man is weak,

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our July man is hasty. And then we find in Nokia and Alba lumen Jia hula. And last counter I mentioned that the human being is oppressive, and ignorant. And you find that if you look at the context of these areas, in order in rural America to samata Indeed, we exposed the amount of trust to the heavens and the earth when zhiban and the mountains and they refused. They refused to take this trust.

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And who took it harmala Hill in San insan decided that I'm going to be trustworthy, I'm going to be able to take care of

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The heavens and the earth will take care of what takes place upon the land. Looking under contract describes the human being in Nokia, Nokia Lumia, hula, but the human being when he comes upon this earth, and he's going to government is going to rule is going to oppress.

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He's going to be going to be ignorant. And as we find amongst the signs of the last day that we find that ignorant individuals, oppressive individual begin to govern and rule upon us and oppress people. This is a signal that we find existed before. This is the way of the Fuhrer in a way of the Federal rounds, to begin to punish people to begin to torture people, they anybody say anything, then torture them, then oppress them, throw them into prison said these people they rebel, they speak out against us. This is all a concept that exists inside the Koran oppressive individuals, that for their own defense, their own personal desires, their own personal interests, that anybody

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who says something, which to them sounds controversial, then that individual needs to be bored, they need to be held back. Because less they may create an evil inside a kingdom inside our world. And this is the way of the human being unfortunate not just amongst non Muslim defined unfortunate amongst Muslims as well. That oppression begins to take place upon the subjects that begin to exist underneath them. And as you point out, boom, in general Emma discovered

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his work O'Shea McCarney, he is to play something in the wrong location, not to do something at the right time. That is what oppression is that you've been told to do something and you do the opposite. Or you've been entrusted with something and you don't carry out fulfill that trust that's been placed upon you. And thus you find that this becomes something which is a sham, something which is evil, and an evil sinful person who carries out such an action, while you're the mood of buka had numerous is inside the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah does not oppress any individual, likewise, but in light of the moon, NASA Shea Allah at all It doesn't oppress any human being, but kind of Muslim and

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ocassion Taka you know oferuje on any type of Muslim any individual, any human being Allah Subhana does not oppress or create hardship towards any individual woman low URI to Burma Larry Bird, Allah doesn't want any oppression for his servants. Once again, find Muslims always questioning the Shetty of Allah Subhana Allah. Why do you have to pray like this? Why do you have to dress like this? Why do you have to do certain actions? This old concept is all the concept of the world around us is questioning everything. We don't need to search for a wisdom to understand the rules and regulations of Allah Subhana Ghana, it should be sufficient for person to understand that Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah, Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And Allah woman Hala Hala people hubby does not know what he's created the most subtle, the most aware, because by default, the person who's trying to play God, when a person says that why is Allah told us to do this? Why is it not like this? Why these May Allah forbid such medieval barbaric practices that existed in sixth century? Why are they applicable in the modern world today? Why do we have to amputate a person's hand today? What Why do we need to grow a beard for example like this today? Why do you need to even pray like this? Why do we do prostrate in a manner like this?

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Freedom let us do whatever we want to do. Let us worship Allah Subhana Allah however we want to do it. This is the challenges that we face that people are throwing up on Islam and some of us we weaken away, that we think that possibly, yes, Islam it needs to adapt, it needs to modernize. The only modernization is is modernization of the world. None of the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah the word all around the world can be modernized. The Sharia doesn't speak out against that.

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But nothing of the laws of Allah and Allah can be more than nice. person cannot come along and say that amputating of their hand today, it means that incarcerate the individual. That's what it means today in the modern world, because it sounds barbaric. It sounds medieval. It sounds like a false practice. A Bedouin practice that we should chop up someone's hand. So we need to have given an alternative. This is what we find throughout Atlanta unfortunate the moment that the Sheree is just dangling, is just left a stranded. And you look at our local laws and regulations, what we find American Constitution, British laws, French laws. This is that inside our own own selves, we're not

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disrespecting the laws and regulations we use amongst our own self that we think that what they hold is more supreme than the law of a law. That's what that's what some of us are born into. We feel that there's some deficiency inside the loop Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah women, Viva La Molina bead. Allah doesn't oppress any of the servants. If he tells us to wake up in the morning to offer the prayer to pray five times a day to care

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certain actions stay away from her arm stick to the Helen, how is that oppression? That is liberation of the soul alleviation of the soul. That is a real life of the human being, if not, if the human being is not codified, the human being falls towards a path of what they're called the law of the jungle, the law of what, whatever the average person's doing, that everybody is free to do whatever they want to do, lives according to their own life. When will you read a good model al amin, Allah doesn't want to oppress or any of the world's no oppression of the words that last 100 whatever exists upon this earth, or another planet, or another existence, whatever it may be, a lot

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of panda laid out a law would you subjugate it for every single individual to follow that law and that pattern that's defined in the law Yogi, muscala Dharma, Allah, oppress even to the smallest atom, a smallest atom amount cannot be attributed to Allah Subhana Allah, and as we find inside surah poha for a woman, voila,

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that the human being on that day will not face any oppression and how the man is any loss of reward, no individual lose any reward. As you began with any good deed, any bad deed, it will be documented in a given by lots of panda to that individual. And that's if and when Lola you hit both volley mean, Allah doesn't love oppressing individuals, people who oppress you know the side point we find this should be something maybe maybe written something maybe at the title keytab of volume, the book of volume, of oppression, of collecting all the Hadith about vumat about oppression, just like we have Imam at the hub is worth and Kabbalah is the major symptom at approximately 90 odd sins that he

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collects, which are classified as major see the person should read, because some of the minor things that we do inside our life, they may know about it, they amongst a major sense. So maybe somebody may have collected it correct all the locations or dr unwearable is mentioned the context and I had to understand what is blue mud, because our goal upon this earth will be voluminous. Fukuyama will be dog misses upon dog visit inside the head after for the individual. Well, Lola you have bufalin Allah doesn't love doesn't like people to oppressive individuals, people causing hardship and difficulties to other individuals, we find common practice what the ultimate harm and pain and loss

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for the lady her arm now to carry any form of oppression amongst your own cells. Just like Allah, Allah didn't know boon can be attributed to him. So from this, we need to learn that between our own selves, we shouldn't oppress one another harm another individual fella tovala move, don't go and harm another individual. Now you're going to combat BA in other hobbies that we find, don't take away another individual's rights. Don't take away their property, don't take away their honor. Don't speak against him. Don't abuse another individual. Because some of us Muslims, we can be very punctured in our prayers function in our life. But we find these actions trivial, that you speak

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about another individual, speak ill of another individual, take their wealth, take their property, and think nothing of it. This type of volume, on the day judgment could be a great oppression for that individual, a great hardship. But prior to that, what is the real volume as the Quran mentioned that we need to awaken ourselves and we can week out we need to remind ourselves the greatest role upon our own self because every type of Balu Mercy is oppression upon your own self. But the ultimate oppression in the shika nobleman Alvin, that that is the ultimate oppression that you associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah, that's even this modern world time and time again, we

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have to remind ourselves, this modern world that we live in, not just amongst the non Muslims, amongst our own Muslims, what we find day in and day out, people coming to graves, coming to shrines and in using a petty excuses that we don't really ask them. We just come daily with Baraka for blessings for goodness to be in seclusion, to be tranquility, serenity, for a dinner that way did the prophet Elijah say to come to the come to the graves come to the shrines? Where do you say to us for pennies go and find contentment and peace then why they said to earlier on the lottery, Andrew, he said, if you find any grave, any grave bigger than a hand span, then desecrated.

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Break it down. And I've had even mentioned this is Caspar Montes final words, la Salatu. Salam, any grave, which is bigger than a hand span, then you should dismantle it. So why are people becoming emotional? and saying, but you know, this is a way of coming close. We don't actually ask these dead individuals. So what is the difference between that and Catholicism today? What is the difference between Catholicism and this form of Islam? It sounds very harsh, but read through Catholicism. What do you find? Every time an individual a good individual died, he becomes what a saint

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In our language, he becomes a one he, he becomes a friend of a law every individual day. And that's the point they even give say to the people who died centuries ago that the Pope, the barber, the barber he selected this individual for this day becomes a new saint. And we these people become intermediaries for how the Irish ship, the ship builder, that you pray to Allah Subhana Allah directly. You need no intermediaries. This is a great pressure. That's why this Muslim woman poaching is suffering day in and day out. procedure to fill out if you travel to the Muslim land, you find it day in and day out. That is becoming more and more rampant. And those people who speak

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out against it, those are the oppressors. Those are individuals who want to take away our shrines take away our history, our heritage, what heritage is this? worshipping of the dead and word? How is that heritage does not know heritage of Islam,

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that you find that a lot kind of sent the messengers for what purpose? Send them to ollie, and a Buddha law which can

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we send the message to only worship tell people to worship only Allah Subhana Allah and to stay away from

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anything which is worship besides Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that this is the real goal, that this leads on to disrupt, disrupt destruction, as the Quran mentioned within Cora alaknanda Melville amo, that is the village that we destroyed because they oppressed because oppression opens up the doors of the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah and Miko define when the punishment of Allah Allah comes, what he owes Wally Mattoon, and the people that are oppressive, then Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah, Masha de that he's taking is a severe punishment. And as you find that many historians

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are Lima who have written a Hello another element they write in stories that you write, that a non Muslim land and non Muslim environment can live for many years, for many centuries, they can prosper and they can live. We talked about non Muslims, but when they begin to oppress people around them, but sooner or later, you find that in a few years time, you find their downfall, they will collapse. Because Allah Allah does not tolerate any form of oppression. And you can read through deeply in history, see all those nations, all those people who began to oppress the subjects, the people around them, that in a few years, few years can be 2030 4050 years it can be and you find the end of

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those nations that ended those people. But if they carried on, maybe in a coup for any disability could still carry on inside their lives. But oppression leads to the destruction in the end of individuals that you find Allah Subhana Allah gives some form of respect to the volume. But then when he takes this individual doesn't leave this individual alone. And when this individual is taken from this dunya this individual is not left alone, that we find in our attorneys Ballymena narrow, that we are prepared for the oppressive individuals, for them, these oppressive individuals nothing but the fire. And as you read the Hadith, about volume, about Kippur about arrogance, because both

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are connected together, that these people come on the Day of Judgment, just like we mentioned, I'm not there's not misconduct, not even a small atom. The man doesn't oppress any individual. These people will come on the day of judgment as ants and people then trample over them. Just like they used to trample over people. On that day in the day judgment people will trample over them.

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Because this is the son of a la mattina today and the way that you carry out yourself upon this dunya Allah soprano on the Day of Judgment Yama, Yama will deal with you on that day. The subjects that you oppress the people that you oppress, the harm that you done, now will be all that oppression will be placed upon you. And as we find that the famous had the the person who come up with a judgment, and the person has a taruna man in my office, do you know who the bankrupt individual is? This is the bankrupt individual man that dinner with him No, no pound no dollar to them. That's a bankrupt individual. That is not the bankrupt individual. The bankrupt individual

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judgment is the one who's got mountains of good deeds. But what we find paraphrasing the Hadith while I can shatter Mahadeva cada de la bajada he stole from this one, he hit this one he lied about this one, he cheated this one, he spoke ill of this one. And this one we began with the barter exchange system on the Day of Judgment

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is going to be not the pound and the dollar

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is not going to be dinner volunteer ham is going to be a Senate was saying yet is going to be good deeds and bad deeds. That's what's going to be exchanged. May Allah forbid that my good deeds that didn't give it to someone else, and then their bad deeds are given to me. I become a bankrupt individual. Mountains of goodness, are blown away, taken away. That's a bankrupt individual. That's a person is really all

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Press their own self has failed to focus inside their life, that in my life, as we find is so common to all this and that was said that we find we we pile up more and more senior. We keep on piling more and more bad deeds upon ourselves. We are pressing our own selves, just like an individual to inject poison into their body will be vigilant, wouldn't take out on substance into their body knows when it learned this is nothing wrong. But this is the the wound way of pressing into injecting into our bodies, injecting into our lives and being carefree about it. That for some reason in Los Angeles is just parted and forgive her coupal a bird rights of human beings are not necessarily

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linked to Allah Subhana Allah, the link between you and the human being. That's what Allah and Allah say, go and and reconcile amongst your own selves, reconcile with that individual. And thus we find that this type of boom will be born on the day of judgment that we find. And then of course, Pantheon is long the Hadith. Yeah, about the Koo Kumba loan.

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All of you are misguided individuals. All of us in this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, the shoulders guide guidance, he showed us the path, seek my guidance and I will guide you, whoever wants guidance, Allah Subhana Allah opens the doors of guidance for that individual leaves the individual towards goodness, unlike what you find in them and had a to, except for the one I've guided towards that path that you find, as you find Yamuna lake in a slum, you know, we think sometimes we're doing a great favor, read the inside. So to the end call to the Arab Bedouin Arabs who came they said that we believed

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that therefore they're doing a great big favor, just like today, many of us Muslims, we think we're doing a great big, big favor. We think it's a write that belongs to us. This had these adventures, no one, no one

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was in a coma in Stockholm.

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Or the beginning of you, the end of you, the man of you that interviewed all of you, was to become the best human being on the face of this earth.

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That will never increase the kingdom ship of Allah Subhana Allah, just that you find just like the needle which is dipped into the ocean, what clings to the eye of the needle. And likewise, the opposite.

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The first of you, the last you that didn't have huge amount of you will become the most wicked person, all of us may Allah forbid, disobeyed Allah Subhana Allah, Nan na casa de la makishi that will never make anything of the kingdom ship, the Dominion ship of Allah and that you be deficient, nothing will be lost from Allah Subhana Allah so with the president shouldn't think that my doing good deeds, may Allah forbid, strengthen Allah. That's what some Muslim did this the barter exchange system we have inside our life, the mentality of many of us that we have that if I do this, I deserve that. Allah Subhana Allah is mercy gives us cooler, yummy more fish and everyday he gives he

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gives who every once in a month, the fussy to mention whoever is Muslim, non Muslim he gives to everyone

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he gives, we shouldn't live a life of thinking that I do this. In exchange, Allah should give me this, that I deserve this.

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We should have been we don't deserve anything.

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We don't deserve anything is a concept of continuously trying the most and knows what to give and what to take from the human being. And if you find that this concept of thinking that we are deserving individuals or not contribute these individuals that don't think you've done a great favor while I can kulu alumna say what we've submitted that's what Islam is an Islamic marriage London find Islam at complete submission. You Latina Emmylou, facil me, fatten wala quwata shape on submit totally. That's what Islam is total submission doing your best to obey Allah Subhana Allah verstanden dooney Saloni seeking guidance of Allah subhanaw taala at least 17 times a day in a syrup

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and will stop him 17 times a day we ask why we continuously asking 70 times a day random a discard either to revitalize our Eman to keep us on that straight path because you know even it flickers the blinking of an eye one second inside the house of Allah and the other person walks out and the eye flickers. The man flickers

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so a person should always ask a lot hamdallah for guidance, to steadfastness, for commitment for devotion. That's what he meant his Eman is defined as the narrations Amen, it withers away

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just like a garment. It has holes in rips away. So revitalize your email and ask a lot of contact to refresh your email to refresh your email to give you a good Amen. So this is asking Allah Subhana Allah and as we find the comb, then Allah Allah will guide you because the person who seeks people

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ident Allah gives guidance that individual persons sincere inside their heart wants to be guided, unless apparent that opens up the path of guidance towards such individuals as we find it very difficult to come to a limit as to who all of you are in a state of impoverished need in a state of hunger, except for the one I've given food to. And this is another lesson for many of us individuals

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are which means Allah. Allah in de la hora de la quwata Mateen. Allah is the one that provides and a strange thing the last time I mentioned this, this verse, or this part of the verse straight after you mentioned Subhana, Allah wa capuccino will enter into the Abu

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Zubaydah. As soon as I mentioned, I did not create a genuine human being except for to worship me, then straight off the elementary in the lower Rosa. Because maybe if you're worshiping a light takes away your time,

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you know this unfortunate I have to say but solutions, that's what they think if I pray five times a day, it takes away my time it takes away the dunya from me, but

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if I was the person who prays five times a day, practice it inside your life, if I Baraka, if I'm blessing in the time, that even 15 minutes of work, could become equivalent to 15 hours of work.

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15 pounds, could be equivalent to 150 pounds. Why? Because of Baraka. And so many of our peers have many people that they complain to the highlight today that we are far less well, but many more people used to feed from that and had a good life. Now we earn far more. But there's no contentment is as if that wealth doesn't exist any more than that we find that obeying Allah Subhana Allah doesn't diminish your wealth. It spreads your wealth increases your wealth, places Baraka inside your wealth wakulla Cody had our stuff Ramallah Kamali, Jimmy a misdemeanor for stuff where we know where before Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman termasuk avison nitida yo, Medina, my bad. Then the Hadith that continues paraphrasing the Hadith, that all of you are in a state of * but and that you have no clothing, except for one word gift clothing to seek it from me and I will close with you. Once again, talking about a concept of provision and wealth and property. In essence, it's all from Allah Subhana Allah, and I'm not gonna divide up the wealth and the property to see how we're going to deal with it. And as we find out even the giving of sada that we find that some of us may find it to be trivial. When a person

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gives sadaqa should give the prime of their wealth, to give them the best portion of their wealth

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that you've only been narrated to speak about our mother, on the other hand, would you give sadaqa you say perfume,

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perfume the Sonata and then present it. So sadhaka doesn't mean just to give worn out clothing, whipped up clothing, give it to the poor people say even Yes, they need that. But try to give good things, pure things give it to the people to show you the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah be placed upon each and every single one of us. Then it begins to conclude about the spiritual needs. The real needs of the human being that we find. Yeah, bad enough to not be lady Wanda.

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Oh, my Sabbath, you've made mistakes during the day and in the evening.

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This is

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what really Allah Subhana Allah focuses upon us spread this message inside the Koran about no matter what the human being does inside their life. There's always a door which is open apart which is open that if a person has carried out these sins, one out flew by Jamie

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Alia Eva the alladhina Ashraful Anna unfussy all my servants who oppress their own selves. That's not me Rama tiller. In Nakuru, boo boo Jamia all my servants who oppress their own selves. The whole key factor about oppression whether it be should be laced with an under under or committing sins. Don't display on the mercy of Allah. If you repent back to lots of panels and he wipes out old sins, so we we sin during the day or during the evening, seek my forgiveness and I will wipe out your sins all pardon you individually. Pasta ferroni Alfredo comb, see forgiveness for me and I will forgive you. Does you find what to do in Omaha Jamie and a US minion Allah Allah come to

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all of you Muslims repent back sincerely, that you may become once again, successful individuals. That's what Allah Subhana Allah wants from this Muslim Omar time.

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Again and again and again. A Muslim nation that begins a people I begin to recognize Allah Subhana Allah, who begin to serve Allah and Allah who begin to obey Allah. And sometimes we may get so worried about that.

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the finer details around us about the world around us. You know, but it sounds strange but if the answer is so simple, if each one of us focuses upon himself to be upright Muslim, Allah subhanho complete the pattern on the face of this earth. That's what we can begin with. That's the least that we can do. Begin by looking at what concerns us on a daily basis what we need to do, and by default, the pattern will be completed. Because this is what has dismantled us, that as we began with each one of us has their own concepts, has their own food, has their own economic practices, their own feeling of what the right Islam should be. The right Islam is the book of Allah Subhana Allah and

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the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as explained, but the pious predecessors came before us and how they applied it in their life. That is the key of success. That is a part of unity. And Allah Subhana give us all a topic and ability to not become amongst those individuals who begin to oppress our own selves that are begin to oppress other individuals, that is oppression becomes a form of not just dogmas for dogmatism, the dead judgment prize, we also lost and throw down he knew upon us places nor upon us inside upon our lives, in our lives inside our graves inside the Acura and to surround us with light inside the Acura as well the light agenda that we find that all of us

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should be striving to get to the end of that light. In the low umbrella. It could be soluna Allen nebby Yeah, you already know Manu Salalah use LD mu Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma so later libre hemara Libra he minor Kavita Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad

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Ibrahim Ibrahim A NACA Jaime de magie. from Ghana Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin. Robin Alba London Susana williamtown fildena What are an akuna nominal cost serene robina phil donahue Afonina Latina sobre una de man, while unfaithful ob naka de de de de una mano from Donna in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa Elena sobre was a bit of the amount so Nana loco Milka theory, Robin Allah to the Apollo bonobo atena will have let me let them cut off my inner cantilever hub robina habla de Minas Virgina Doria, Tina kurata Yun

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tokina Eamon Rabbana Taka Bellman nine decanter Samuel Ali. Baba Elena Nikita tabo Rahim subhanak decarb Bella is that the phone was Mona Harlan mursaleen al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen who Melissa tomiyama como la

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