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And then from there

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I never would have been daymond surely unforeseen I will say Dr. Marina may yesterday hello good morning good little further had to watch her do

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either in de la who watched the hula sharifah watch her do an AMA hamedan Abdul Maura solo I'm about to fire in Astrakhan howdy Tiki turbo or hieronder Buddha Buddha Muhammad in saga Bhavani he were early he was selling them for Shara Lumo remote to her Wakanda desert in beta what could have been at Impala nothing Goku Nevada and at infinity

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after praising a lot for Canada, and sending him his greetings and salutations on the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier sandals

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journey where the prophetic traditions whereby the previous few a hadith spoke about the rights that belong to mankind. Otherwise, I need to be given to the human beings around us. And before that, the Muslims around us continuing that journey today. The heavy or today's topic moves towards becoming over worried about people.

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There is a fine line that whereby some of us that we think that we say something to someone that could be offensive towards them, or there's no need to advise another individual. There is no need to audit a God and to forbid the evil and

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when the onion mukha maintainer to order the good and to prohibit the even to stop bad actions is part of our Deen is part of our affairs that every single Muslim should be worried about that. Obviously the scope differs of every single individual from people higher up in the data have a greater responsibility and subjects have a different responsibility. But every single Muslim member I mean come on come for you Hi rupee

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Whoever amongst you sees and even then try it, he has the ability to change it with your hand for in damage status for people being really sad he was going to change it with your hand and he's fired a tongue speak about it, remind people about it. Come on people that to carry out this action or to prohibit people to stop them from a certain action person are able to do that. For the company, at least by your own heart inside your own heart. You recognize this is something which is good that people are doing it. But this is something more and people are staying away from him when they have their phone email have come up all summer long.

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And that is the weakest level of email. Just to despise it inside your heart. May Allah forbid that some of us don't even have that inside our hearts. Sometimes we don't when we see moon cut out. We see evil it doesn't worry us. A lot man just had to put on what are called numba even was the you know fakarava como la cuckoo for sukawati this year, Kula eco Mirage shadowed Allah mentioned Joakim Noah hubbub and Elaine como even may even be laughing inside your hearts glorifies it makes it a symbol inside your heart. That when you see the signs about loss of Paradise Island, it awakens Johan, and so those individual hearts are dead. Then you find that they don't seem to dislike. They

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don't seem to dislike unforced

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disobedience, rebelliousness, wickedness, only to believe that those individuals see them. See these actions. It troubles them inside their heart and in their mind. Those are the rightly guided ones. And as we should always pray to ask a lot and that to awaken our hearts as a sign of a man person sees good things that person is pleased person sees the symbols of a life please. Because you find in Santa Clarita, so many of them are Iroquois. In dynamin Taku, we received the symbols of a loss of Paradise glorifies them magnifies them. That is from taqwa. Aloo, from piety, you see the houses of a loss of Paradise, you hear the other you hear the call of prayer, you see Muslims flocking to

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the massage in Muslim to include actions. You see the headset gathering and gathering of the Muslims. it awakens Johan takala, piety, person who dislikes Muslims together, wishing to come together who seem to be unified, who seems to have one voice to have one opinion, present dislikes them doesn't want Muslims to find that, again, is a symbol of weakness inside a person's heart that before him in the Quran speaks about this Omar that being a glorified oma speaks twice inside the same surah just some six verses apart about how the rank of this Muslim almost should be an open mic on the auditor good.

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But prior to that we find this fear of people that what would people say if I tell somebody to do something or to abstain from something. And we find this common inside our society, every single one of us. It is possibly a natural element inside our lives that we fear what will the response be? But for some of us, it's gone beyond the limits. That being over worried about what people will say, we stop reminding ourselves reminding the people around us. Or we think that if a person is a good offer page, the evil is some form of rebellious individual trying to create with a sense of resurgence and rebellion against the world around us. How is that plausible? That just to remind

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people of the good tell people stay away from the evil is part of every single Muslim nobody wants to talk on over any authority or any regime or any public domain. It's only for Muslims to continuously remind every single individual around us, even though by default, that we find that people in high authority have a great responsibility. Because there's no doubt there's no doubt about that. That many of the things that we Muslim see inside our Muslim lands has been covered by the people above us. And no one should pray and think that's not true. Because many of the things that allowed a bypass inside our country, you find the fraud. There are legal terminations, legal

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presentations, which are presented and passed, bills are passed legally which are not present in inside the country. Show performer don't think it just happens happens overnight. It is a statement which is released by the government that the drinking of alcohol becomes legal for certain people in certain countries, their nightclubs, the music, the harem, therefore it will need to be passed. Don't become so blind and to think that it just seems that a few people doing these are doctrines which are sent down which are imposed upon the people around us. So we have the average Muslim. If we highlight this is something that never existed inside our lands inside our environment amongst

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our people. This is something which is common practice everyone found it repulsive everyone stayed away from it. When you find a weakness day in and day out a weakening our identity within ourselves that day, anyone say anything that people quickly say this is the rebellion inside our society. How can that be a rebellion inside society?

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Uncle becomes common inside a Muslim garden. This is a rebellion. Since when was the alcohol allowed inside Muslim lands or to be served to non Muslims for them to enjoy themselves, for them to find entertainment to find relaxation inside our blessing lands inside a Muslim environment since when that would that be there any remember allow that to bypass this is turned a blind eye to it. That is the greater good of the world culture and the world that we live in. The world that we live in, is a world of reminding us of all the good and forbidding the evil. That's when it begins. It starts with a buck or two instances mentioned by your forehead Abu Taha foon ye if

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one goes after another was right in the beginning of Sultan Baccarat reminding Bani Israel that you should you should only fear me. We are here for the whole

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moon, Lucky Masada to circa a lot harder to make you don't concede the truth. Don't hide the truth. Present the truth don't mix up the truth with falsehood. Don't conceal the truth deliver the truth to the people. Because you studied in great detail you find come in an hour and they wonder why inside these 286 verses total Baccarat if and how many commandments, how many prohibitions, how many conference which are given to these people, and every time they keep kept on breaking them and printing them. And

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the lesson is for us to look at the beginning of SoTL Baccarat to see that these commandments about staying away from certain things, carrying out certain things to carry them out inside our lives. How many times do we fall prey? Do we break exactly say commandments are given to these individuals? The Holy Quran is a covenant with the history paradigm, the whole

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the whole Quran is filled Allah the little kita Bulava Fie, who doesn't live

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in his guidance with a pious individuals pious individual fear of loss of hamadani becomes a form of guidance for them, guides them out of the blue man in a nor takes him out of the realm of darkness is to the one light of Allah Subhana Adana. So the Bani Israel award time and time again the only fear of loss upheld Allah, Allah qualifying this Muslim form as well that if we begin to get worried about people around them, or begin to stay away from certain action, because people but when people say regarding us, it becomes a downfall for us. And as we find that to fear people leads to belittling oneself, how does it need to benefit oneself in this narration that we find that Yeah.

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Let no one of you despise oneself on your suit, Okay, fair enough. So, how can a person despise themselves how can a person belittle themselves, call another ally or a female con person sees a certain situation inside their life, see something that they have to respond to it to say something but they remain silent regarding it. As we mentioned, they are they are grades, no one should just go out and do whatever they want to do. And if we take any rissalah American man when he speaks about their earlier stages, they are rights. There are certain commandments that everybody has to do, and certainly for certain specific individuals. But a key point being that don't despise

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yourself. that opportunity arises you see something you have the ability to change something to say something and you don't make that position. You don't make that offering to advise this individual. And as those two verses and soda Emraan when taco mikuma hit the road and inside we are moving to Bill Murphy we are

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the first time it's our

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first 104 well two main components that come from amongst your coma. Yeah the room

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to cool people to goodness, we are

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we unhold it mocha, and they command the good and it will be the evil What will a common muffler on these are successful individuals if you study and further inside the Quran, what is success? If on a very rare rare instances about who are the successful individuals you find certain characteristics of these individual successful individuals. So to move me know in the beginning but after had moved me known and landed on fi soda to him coffee roll Allah means that certain 23rd chapter on some 1011 verses of sefa Mini I will see for the home of success inside this dunya and inside the US under the nom de Sala team Hoshi road, observant. in a state of submissiveness, devotion and commitment inside

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this sutra is for these individuals. And levena uri tuna feitos. They are the ones who are going to inherit paradise. Gender to Allah inside the windows will be given to those individuals like when you find the end of it and run from there and inner will do

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lagenda difficult first woman hired to dunya in the matter who Allah mentioned, don't individuals going to be successful individuals who have been taken out of Jannah never goes to jahannam what would the seal agenda entered into paradise for conference? That person is successful individual a key element of success of this individual what comes after it? Woman higher to Tanya Eliza mentor?

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What is this word except for great big deception? successful Muslim the believer is the one who sees the deception of this dunya sees is this dunya is going to take away my Astra overindulgent inside this dunya the prophet Isaiah he prophesied who will destroy this Muslim Ummah, because we don't read the prophecies to read Astra to

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read the mind at night 80 to 90 odd minus signs of a judgment, studied him in great detail. Most of them are revolving around this dunya

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revolving around this dunya about the wealth of this dunya and the way that we gain is going to overtake us, for you.

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It will destroy you, just like it destroyed the nations that came before you is what the prophet is that he feared for his Muslim ummah. He said the dunya is going to overcome us we're going to live for the dunya were going to die for the dunya the end becomes the dunya Allah Casa La Casa de la sua to set up a true for he was one of our young people and in our in who are in LA when you have different speaking certain agenda beginning the 53rd chapter to speak of his own desires. Whatever he speaks his divine intervention, Revelation spoke about this Muslim on my visit was going to destroy us the overcoming of over worried about this dunya the second time Allah mentions about his

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Muslim Ummah in South Sudan, Iran was 110 going to my romantic dinners

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took me a while to

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come to my romantic dinners. You were the best people ever raised up Oh, why don't we find the best people are served as a

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dimension whenever local and phases a group of people speaks about them. Firstly goes back to a sahabah around the block.

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A goes back to them only

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refers to them. Then by default, it comes with every single Muslim which has to follow men have you Sahaba good to hire automatic oprea morula

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your best people ever reached out you all look good and you forbid the evil

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on took me noona Bella, you believe in a one. One element and multi tabula can have a minimal minimal minimal fancy code. If I'm for monks, I believe in individuals from among the People of the Book. There's some that believe Well, first of all, for most of

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our work, first of all, rebellious individuals got Fukuyama Nancy Spooner. Why have they been described as being unfair say own because they never used to own a coat and for painting even. You should just let everything go by just like today we find in this Christian country of ours is Christian country around us. Normal old is a good offense to even an area, the freedom to practice whatever you want to practice freedom, do whatever you want to do, or advice to the Christian people around us. And these follow your team. And these follow the deen that you claim to be your team follow it. Even the basic fundamentals that we find with the 10 commandments that they they claim

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are commodities given to them. Not to quit chick fil a Subhana Allah not to commit adultery, not to fornication, not to steal the to cheat the to live not to kill innocent people. That's what the teachings are. Where do we find these teachings? Where do we find these teachings around us? Where do they uphold these teachings? Because you find a lack of odd good and forbidding the evil if an abortion meaning how wrong if an abortion to them is forbidden inside their Deen, if an homosexuality is forbidden inside a deal, but no one highlights it. No one speaks about it, because of the people around them. That this may be creating some form of upsetting the people around us. No

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one is saying to force these people to accept these teachings. But to highlight that this is what your deal is, what your belief is. There is a fine line between Christianity and Islam as they say, if we can paraphrase from the hadith of Simon Bahati, Bali about the king, the jiashi that we find the Abyssinian King, rabbis in a different way us and you just define amongst us. That's what the difference is. The clearest difference amongst these individually shipbuilder is what they associate to Allah Subhana Allah. So they need to be reminded these individually find inside sort of ADA, if it is PCC, or Robin, the monks and the priest amongst them

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For the fee, the minute

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you find that the the eyes begin to shed tears because the truth, the truth that has been exposed to them. The truth is

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the truth is the book of Allah

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that we hold. That's the message we should be delivering to these individual delivering to them. Read Surah Maryam read Surah Nisa read so to read the Koran, read in great detail what you find what these individuals going to celebrate each and instead of only making five times inside the Quran but 25 times inside the

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Whirlpool in a soda to sudden as you mentioned five times inside of it the kind of this animosity between us and Christians. How does the Quran go out of its way? I mentioned the name of peace and it's up 25 times. How does it go down to this way you find in Santo COVID-19 chapter four and Subramaniam is no chapter in the Bible columbarium there's no chapter only inside the corner that you find. The miracle is perfect. He said and he said, I'm the life of Maria Maria Center, the 19 chapter give directly to the individual reader and see the person see the message and what it delivers. And as you find out many of these individual exposures are on there. Now it's the truth.

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Because the disbelief that you've been reading day in and day out, it overcomes them. But when the mood of Allah calms you what you find amongst these individuals, they respond to him. Constantly naughty tell people the book and Asara respond to the call of a lawsuit Canada Ireland, that's before in the audit of good and forget the evil took me know to be done. And you believe in Allah Subhana Ghana. Likewise Allah rebuked these individuals, Latina Latina for women east and Elisa reader who they are that everybody loves to test and revise these individuals have on the tongue of Elisa and upon the tongue recently Maria Malema seldom why they only can be met. So what can we do?

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they because they are oppression. They're going beyond the limitations and also calculated value. They never prohibited the people from the evil that was taking place around them. Never stop the peoples Allah revive them or not curse the individual that makes America know

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how evil evil is people used to carry on never Audrina good and forbidding the evil, become reviled and curse but Allah Subhana Allah is unless it was Muslims as well. That one strength

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amongst the weaknesses that were existing at the moment, the weaknesses of many times that you mentioned lack of tawheed believes to handle the lack of conviction lack of money. Also that we find is a lack of Audrina good and forbidding the evil leads to downfall because Muslim woman leads to weakness leads to May Allah forbid to to be under that curse. Well known for being the curse of love and not stepping up to become an Omega all is a good and forbidding evil in the lead in a tournament on the mailbag.

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mailbag. Remember your no nasty pinky toe, hula

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moon, those individuals who conceal the truth for the truth is we give it to them. They don't present the truth.

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Allah Subhana Allah curse is upon those individuals.

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And this time, people can see that you'd be willing to present the truth because of the law. Well, you're going to learn a new every single curses upon those individuals who don't carry out the commandment of Allah Subhana Allah as a fundamental element,

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or govt JME mean Yama, Yama, Yama, a person who asked about some knowledge, and they conceal that knowledge. They'll be branded with a rope around around their mouth on the Day of Judgment, a burning rope and paste around their mouth. Obviously, the income is which the rep has needs to understand when to give certainty to say to certain things. There's no doubt about that. But we find that the concept of wisdom has gone beyond any comprehension every time is wisdom. There's no need to say anything. It's wisdom, just to remain silent is wisdom from not to say anything, is wisdom for the basic things that we see around us. On gorilla, Alisha babina look at the state of our youth

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at the moment. They're not the drugs that we find the trafficking of drugs inside our community that somehow just turn a blind eye to it that we don't want to challenge these issues around. The Chinese will even take place on New Year's Eve that we find them in Shabaab, you know how many of our youth will be in a state of drunkenness in a state of wickedness in a state of new Quran every year in after year increases. Why? Because a lack of Audrina good and forbidding the evil. That's what it boils down to. and lack of people to order the good and forbid the evil to let them know that this is an evil ending of your life with a love for being in mercy. Let people know at the

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Amitabh, do you find that you have left their life, they've left this dunya in a bad state, Allah will judge them. We're not here to judge people. But if a person dies in a state of drinking alcohol in a state of fornication in a state of taking drugs in a state of committing haram actions

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for vorherigen, apparently, suitable hajima apparently is an evil entity. We're not here to send anyone to join them. But then apparently according to study is classified as a bad ending. And how many of you read the dunya in that state?

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And people come in and they grovel, they come and they weep. And they come in, they cry, and they say to the man, he was a he was a good young boy in the young individual. How is he a good individual? Two o'clock in the morning, in that state, in that condition, which sounds strange, how you could individual that you find somebody in law should not prey upon such individuals to send a strong message to our community, that we shouldn't turn a blind eye. We shouldn't turn a blind eye and to think that everything goes inside our society, that no matter what, you do something acceptable, and you need to be awoken. They need to be reminded that the karate Alfa Irish leads to

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a bad ending. Firstly, insight is born Yo, LA. Nina, no peace, no tranquility, no life. Woman Yes, you're on decree. When it turns away from the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah mentions are two different places and one location so

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that our individual will have what Mary should and Duncan will have a restricted life. When our

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honorable Mr. Shelton yarmulke good to see wrong this was we raised our dangerous take of blindness. As you say, why am I blind on a date judgment? The blindness here is one out in tatman kulu Sisulu. The blindness is blindness of our hearts. When your heart becomes blinded towards the truth, that one cannot become invalid. So Allah will seem the heart in this dunya seal the eyes on the Day of Judgment for an individual or a beanie, Masha, America

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will say Oh my Lord, why are you making me blind on this day? color?

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Nevada, Sita Waka danika Yo, math.

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And science came to you in this dunya. But you forgot them. Waka danika Yama tune so today you're going to be forgotten by Allah. Whoever is forgotten by Allah. Then that is the end of the individual. kasina Tanya, what else Hera Allah Danica Waterhouse, Raul Moby. Whoever Allah forgets, as lost this dunya lost era. That's what loss is losing a line is dunya. Forgetting a line is dunya running after lust and desires and temptations among karate.

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Amongst fields the life the individual releases the individual come more and more into those new karate and then takes their life away. For

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no respect for them. Well acts people study great deeds and people who stand for the truth who propagate the truth who ordered a good who forbid that even if one is Allahu ala yarmulke No, you find glorification and honor for them until the day of judgment. And as I mentioned about those individuals allele in a new

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way of showing what is shown in the bar, and nothing new hold on he said that those who conveyed a message of a bar

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they say no one except a lot. That's what he meant or reject people like to post about being men. Study of the Quran describes who men are. Men are those individual return now to teacher or to what are called undeclared. It's also to note, men accounts, individuals or business transactions Do not disturb them. This will take them away from a love of loss or other

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that don't hold true to the covered region. Sakuma had a farming woman,

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woman, woman, young woman.

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Allah described these are men regeneron sada Houma de la men whose home foster the covenant of a bar, truthful to their promise to Allah never break that promise. And some of them they are taken in that trust. And some of them remain upon this dunya and they are lifted by Allah and they change and not a slightest, and a commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise here before these are the real men and Latina up in the hood, and he said that Elijah, who continuously conveyed the message of a law don't say the people around don't say the blame about the people around them. So we become a society about people will blame us

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When we look at school affairs, what actions

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in a sense sooner you should feel alone. Why are you fearing the people around you? If you look at the context of these, if it's as suited as a particular chapter is only one place inside the code on a one companion mentioned by Lindsay, if you have Isa, Zayn is mentioned inside the conference organizer by name, this one companion by name, z, inside suit answer. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he was a freed slave of the prophet Elijah Salaam, or like he, his son towards him.

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And when he married his his wife, the prophet Elijah naturally had this concept that what will the people say? But he is not a son by blood by lineage, sort of forced to marry his wife, if he's divorced him, but that thought came into his mind that what will people say that he's marrying the wife of his own son, that's what the community will say. But the Quran says Watashi wa ohakune Tasha, you should say Allah don't say the people is something which is halal or haram is allowed don't say what the people will say. And we could take this on a on a micro scale inside our own life.

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It may sound trivial for some of us. But for some of us to look like a Muslim, we say what people will say for some of us, at the minute rest upon a government or upon the bear, but these are symbols of a law. But some people will send me a law guide them that they say what people will say if I grow a beard, I say what my family members will say. I say what someone saw will say about me.

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You feel what people what people say about you say you want

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to live your life with the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was that to fake, to be people of the sadhana to love the suit from the symbols of the Sunnah life of the sadhana, our many of our sisters that he took that away today. He

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said, this is a job study to work

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with none of the fuqaha the only difference of opinion amongst a polka dot life is about whether the hands of a woman or face of a woman can be shown. That's about it. The rest of what we find the flamboyant society around us, and none of them have allowed them. But why because to fit into society, what will people say? How we need to present myself in such society? What do we find beautification.

00:32:33--> 00:32:37

And tomorrow I'm talking about all the places makeup on a woman's face.

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Sharon, is what allowed for a woman to come out even though early models a woman can uncover a face then all concluded if she wears makeup and she comes up in societies need to cover a face.

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She wears makeup she needs to cover a face because if I know beauty is inside our face,

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to come out inside society for our for our sisters while women found your juice to come out inside a common domain. So inside the same surah we find surah Jeeva sutra the PMP exam is talking about a GI talk about warfare studies student great deeds are nothing but the seal of the prophet Elijah to set up what are

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the older worker nafi boo kikuna it says do not come at exposing your beauty. What corner feeble Utica for answers remain inside your homes. The Quran says that a man ought to be inside his feet he mentioned Hey Jabba the job of Jamia that women wear scarf on their head. The end of the show, the upper chest would show in the era of a man called to be inside he says this is the job of Jamia women in prehistoric times to cover the scarf on the head. What do we find the 21st century today at the moment our sisters May Allah guide them how they dress. That's exactly what they do today. You find an aria casier

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dress yet nude prophecies of the last day a woman will be dressed by yet nude at the same time, or the man described material which is right material which you see through material we have bodily parts are exposed. We don't talk about non Muslim women. We talk about all Muslim sisters wearing a dress that then at the same time displaying the ornaments displaying the beauty is not allowed in a study of lots of data. We shouldn't say that people they shouldn't say the people are worried about what the people will say. They should say Allah Subhana Allah because these are the commandments of Allah inside so to know inside their heads about how they should conduct themselves. wakulla call me

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Hey, there was stuff rumali when I come when did you meet new Sumida first off who in Nova for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam he also be mad at me in the Bahamas. He was a happy woman Thomas succubus of Nigeria yo meet in America, we find his lack of conviction ordered a good and forbidding or even revolves around primarily about our weakness of a man, a lack of understanding the message of the Quran and the commandments we began with, whether it be the various commandment, you find that that sort of Baccarat, whatever the rest of the that when our relationship to the book of Allah and that begins to weaken, we don't seem to see the symbol of the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah, we find other things begin to take priority inside our life, that begin to weaken

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that journey, that commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah so that we find out more Quran and even things that really matter don't differ upon begin to become a common practice inside that environment inside our society becomes something that becomes, as they say, something acceptable for many of us, that we think is acceptable that people can carry this out inside their life. Likewise, second, we find we don't realize the punishment or the reward. As we began with this is a book that contains no doubt, guidance for the pious individuals. A book that begins speaking about those who believe in the unseen when a person has a conviction about the reward and punishment, then begins to

00:36:24--> 00:37:06

symbolize inside their heart begins to penetrate inside their heart, that people may not be able to see me. But intricate matter of email is crucial to God is the fear of Allah Subhana Allah in all of this, and as we find that a person also remains in the natural fear of breaking ties. Maybe some family members know that we encourage that, or with our friends or the people around us. It is more it's better. Attempt There is no doubt it is better that to break ties with someone, or to say something to someone. That's the as you mentioned, the human nature. But sometimes that bitterness becomes something sweet, becomes in a long term that a person makes that statement makes that

00:37:06--> 00:37:44

encouragement reminds that person, it helps change them by the permission inside their life. And sometimes there's commandments, that sometimes we may enact in the society around us we may find them to be used when they wish to be bitter, something difficult. But you find the fruits if you begin to read through prophetic traditions, from every person who lowers their gaze, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah places sweetness of Eman inside the heart, a sweetness of image inside there are people in today's society it becomes a norm that people will glance and look at one another even amongst Muslims. These are some May Allah forbid hate to use self expression believe

00:37:44--> 00:38:29

and practices some barbaric Arab practices that not to look at the opposite gender inside their face can know what Russia can imagine from the outside inside inside the answer so to know what could mean Yahoo mean I'm sorry, boo Jo. The Quran says say to the believing men before he speaks about the believing women say to the believing men to lower their gazes. Don't look at strange women. Don't get strange women don't say with strange women. Don't speak to strange women. Wonderful. I've mentioned that if a woman is not related to you, it is no obligation for you to give salon there is no obligation or animal unanimous about there is no obligation for you you're walking past and and a

00:38:29--> 00:38:39

woman is walking gait not related to you don't have to give salon obviously if she gives to London you have to respond because it becomes obligatory but there's no need to engage. That when you go back to

00:38:40--> 00:39:17

study again once again that we find that when you when you speak don't speak a woman to speak abruptly. bluntly straight to the point you have excessive caliber towards another person opposite gender is not related to them. It's not they're not that's what the Quran teaches us. And because that we have a once again we are worried what people will say that if I don't speak in this manner, if I don't address myself in this manner, if I don't attend this festive period, how many people good people may Allah for me. I may Allah guide them that they have good people. I will still punish and hamdulillah they are good people. But they don't like your show. Bulava is not part of the

00:39:17--> 00:39:47

intricate bill builder. But what happens a shake on plays upon them. These people that come in, it's only a festive party. You don't need to drink this thing. Just participate with us have an orange juice just sit with us. And one day sit with them. Next they have this next day of that how many people attend become people who begin to drink alcohol, think nothing of it. How many people have been committed say nothing, nothing off it because these are the symbols. This is their life. This is their way of life to continue to come

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

to you have your life. Enjoy your life. Do whatever you want to do with your life. We have our life. We have our symbols. These are the symbols that we need to place inside ourselves and the people around us and as we find in the past

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

It's hard to hear often the status will be raised upon that individual who believes in Allah Subhana Allah And in conclusion that we find and listen to all of us individuals yes the food Amina nurses as well as the food Amina label or Marilyn

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

yes the phone number in a nurse

00:40:17--> 00:40:45

look at the Quran describes itself so to Nisa. Yes the food Amina nasty. What is the full Amina law? They're worried about people. They fear people. What is the fundamental God? They don't say Allah. They don't worry about Allah. They don't ponder and reflect upon Allah always life just becomes what people would say, what people would think and fear of the people. And as you find either for a human we have shown the nurse de casa de la

00:40:47--> 00:40:49

is a group of people who fear people.

00:40:50--> 00:40:53

Say people that fear people more than they should be fearing alone.

00:40:54--> 00:41:02

A person should be feeling alone, but budget awakened themselves time and time again. That Where am I? Where am I going to be?

00:41:03--> 00:41:06

No, on this day? Where am I going to be on that day?

00:41:10--> 00:41:27

Nothing is going to be conceived from above, where am I going to be on that day? Where am I going to escape on that day? What am I going to say on that day? When I stand it all alone in front of a wall. On that day is a person going to be worried about people. It's the opposite

00:41:29--> 00:41:32

of what will mean you are being watched was sorry that he

00:41:35--> 00:41:56

shared with me. One that a person will be away with a son with a daughter, their mother, their father, their friends, their companions. On the day every individual will be worried about whom about there says a person on sign will come Well, I will come in and say give me one good deed.

00:41:57--> 00:42:04

One good deed place inside my Museum of hassanal that will trinken over to go to China.

00:42:05--> 00:42:24

You know a father they say we'll break his back. Amanda will spend nights sleepless to take care of their children. But on that day you find not even one atoms weight will be delivered to the ones that we love. Why? Because I need that what atoms away to take my own skin to go where.

00:42:26--> 00:42:32

So a person should feel alone, that you find many role models to encourage one another. So if you only Marina cannon

00:42:34--> 00:42:36

for either Mother, you have

00:42:37--> 00:42:43

a right to another remind one another until such teaches one another minister Sarita to

00:42:44--> 00:42:52

Allah Nieto, whoever rectifies the personal affairs within themselves. Allah will rectify the external affairs, woman as

00:42:54--> 00:43:03

Lama de Nova VEDA nurse will rectify the relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will rectify the people around you. And like what if a woman

00:43:04--> 00:43:06

can just follow

00:43:07--> 00:43:22

whoever over worries about the earth are allowed to take care of this Buddha, Allah will take care of it, that we need to become an omen to be worried about meeting Allah Subhana Allah, because the article in the medallic ooh shape on you how

00:43:24--> 00:44:04

many, that is the way of the Friends of shape on the shape on is always going to create the frame in our hearts and our mind, the allies of shape are always going to create the fame that don't say this, don't do this, don't do that. Don't behave like this, don't do this action. Don't do this inside your life. That's what shape one wants to drift us away more and more away from the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that person, when they say Allah Subhana Allah, Allah mentioned, it becomes the ultimate Schieber protection, it becomes a shield of protection, when they begin to feel a loss of health data, that when they attack for shape and come upon them is a shield.

00:44:05--> 00:44:49

The shield is like a mirror image of Zika he mentioned, it becomes a mirror. So anything just bounces off the mirror returns back to the individual not only comes wider, they have a lot of fear of remembering a lot. And as a soldier, a soldier on a day to work on an inner October and he stiffer allistic karma that only comes by tearing up all these different variations of actions inside our lives strengthens the individual, that they become a strong personality, a strong identity. That's what is posted on my legs. As we read through time and time again, let's see and I'm a new balance. I'm 21 years old. None of them have been speaking about great, great people

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

existed before us. And you read through sometimes you only find one individual at one station, who takes up that that station and takes them on makes that statement.

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

rectifies email and phone number admin

00:45:03--> 00:45:29

on a retirees life. Many of the elements have never been a not to belong to them. Many of them remain silent. But in the meta Inquisition email mathema is the only one that spoke out. Took the punishment took that spoke out the address sooner became dominant to this day that we find in Monaco Hanif Rahmatullah LA, he's a young boy standing on the edge. And he said to the boy, be careful, you might fall off. He said, yeah.

00:45:30--> 00:46:00

Don't worry about me. Because if I fall, I fall on my own. Worry about yourself. Because if you fall today, you slip in something, then there's 1000s behind you, who will follow that ruling inside your line, you should be worried. Look at some industry advice, even an email. And that's the good one we shouldn't be. That is 1000s that look at personalities, hate your expression, look at individuals look up to them. And they need to have that courage, that belief and that conviction that you say certain things to help us strengthen ourselves strengthen our email

00:46:02--> 00:46:24

and ability to the best of our capability the right moment and right time to audit our good and forbidding the evil and to give us ability to make these sorts of ordinary good and forbidding even to become an impact upon our own lives to strengthen our own email and to make us better individuals in Aloma equal to salute you under the the amoruso Lima Loma Sanjana Muhammad

00:46:26--> 00:46:27

Rahim Allah

00:46:29--> 00:46:32

Allah, Muhammad, Muhammad Kamara out of the era.