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tend to compete with you as much impresses CVS bless you

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Kumara Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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in Alhamdulillah in a monastery and when a stock photo when our old will be lame ensure orientation

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See now you say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela moody Lala. One a little further her de la y shadow

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Illa Illa la de hula Sheree Keller y shadow. Mohammed Abdullah humara solo.

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In nos da Cunha de Tiki turbo highroller Buddha Buddha Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara ohmori Masha to her wakulla Desert in bedarra wakulla VEDA 10 Valentin wakulla bola cynefin. Frobisher Elise Audrey while you're silly Ammori wa Hello la kurata melissani. Kohli after praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet Mohammed, Salah lahardee, who were earlier, seldom continuing the journey of a hadith

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where by looking at remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah,

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the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah oma generally so Vicar. The gatherings are thicker, and places whereby Allah Subhana Allah name is made lofty in sublime and remembered

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and in hola sorry, fine in summary, that mean for worried of the code that we find the benefits of dicker and there are so many as even more Josie clicks. More than up Thurman me it for what it is, it relates Subhana Allah, more than 100 benefits for making dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, but we can just extract one benefit one for either that dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah is actually a Tucker rule of law is to bring one closer to Allah Subhana Allah and to strengthen one's relationship and bond with Allah Subhana Allah, even though all actions are very bad, if you look at the essence it's all a duck or rub a lava is all designed in place there to bring the individual closer to Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah. And there's this Hadith, in specific speaks about coming close to Allah Subhana Allah and the thoughts and the perceptions that individuals should have regarding Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah has such a lofty position in it in Islam, where had they been becomes equal to Almunia hidden in the form of making Vicar even though and Miuccia hidden because they sacrifice their life. They Excel, but it shows the loftiness that some of us may underestimate making Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, that's even the Quran where Los Santos speaks about the concept of fighting of jihad, and the booty inside Sudan and unfurl a chapter the Quran yes aluna Canada

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unfurl, call it unfairly labor a soul whereby the whole theme of the soul is talking about jihad, talking about the booty and to worry about last time he didn't know either lucky to attend for photo was Kuru la Sera, La La come to fly home. Are you believe when you meet the enemy? First boo to remain steadfast. And then a lot of the other highlights the way to remain steadfast was karula kathira. remember Allah Subhana Allah excessively? Does he find that the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah? Where do we take it literally, we take it spiritually, we take its impact. There are numerous ahead as we speak about when a person makes duck beer to the end of time that we find whereby the

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minarets, where half is on the ocean, and half is under land, whereby you find just by the entering of the Muslim army making the tap beer and then your realm of history the major This is the land area of East temple, Constantinople that we find modern day whereby just by by tip be that you find that minarets will crumble, or the buildings will crumble, and like cozy, no, no a robe, the robe of making to be yet or do we know that to be entered

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into the enemies just by making takbeer before they even meet the enemies or before so they meet the Muslim armies. When you hear the sound of duck beer enters into their heart and their mind creates fear. So person shouldn't underestimate the koala shouldn't think it's trivial. Something that it's petty that it's not that important dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah is your bond with Allah Subhana Allah, on a personal level, and on a global level. That's a loss of power and encourages inside the Quran about making Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah in a salata tunnel,

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when a decree by Akbar Allah Allah does not own in a salata Anastacia

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a Salah takes you away from illicit bad conduct bad behavior in morality. Well as the crew by Akbar, even the early multi faceted mentioned at tafsir hoonah. With Nicola who

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Allah, but take a look at as well as Akbar, the greatest thing is the dhikr of Allah Subhana. Allah will know yeah Allah does not own and Allah is fully aware of whatever you're carrying out whatever you are doing. That's a person who is always excessive in the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah has a strong bond with Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find the path of success, of dhikr of Allah, a taco in Allah fleeing back to Allah, for fear who in a bar, flee hastin back race back to Allah Subhana Allah because Vicar of Allah Subhana dies a path of success for an individual with Muslim oma, you're Latina Amman in tonzura Leon sarcoma you submit academic or you believe if you you aid

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the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah will aid you and help you personally to carry out certain actions. certain

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certain commandments stay away from certain and nowhere he to get the result. That almost kind of gives promises.

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Now you have a lower standard that doesn't go against his promise. So not the life is said that you want to be soon of Allah certain things we need to do to earn. If we can say linguistically, the respect of Allah to earn the reward from Allah Subhana Allah, it isn't it doesn't appear that this Muslim Ummah doesn't do anything, doesn't make any effort, just remain stagnant, just sits there and just hopes and aspires that's that the type the status quo around this change automatically. person needs to make that effort towards Allah subhanaw taala unlike what you find, when Latina Ada alpha alpha fisherton Allah mu m fusa home those individuals who who carry out any form of

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illicit behavior,

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promiscuity, wickedness, or they oppress their own selves because we know that every type of sin is a pressure upon one's own self. This is the wound of the ship belay Subhana Allah, what is Muslim almost living in the moment, people talk about oppression. These were facing operations from non Muslims on the on the planet at the moment, but the real oppression that we find is the oppression that we place upon our own selves. Alicia Kabila either because we're committing * with Allah Subhana Allah it's rampant unfortunately in this Muslim or makes rampant. People once thought find it trivial. That tea talking about the heat way up Muslims always are these Muslims to speak about

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the head, Omri and a man who built the whole affair is a man who Billa Allah Subhana created the heavens and earth. One mahalo inter alia Boone, new way don't only to serve Allah Subhana Allah the whole essence of creation is a towhead that near to Allah subhana wa tada that's the whole essence. And we must if we begin to fail to understand that and then hope, well hope

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is always all devoted towards a lot of fear, hope and love. A token Allah reliance upon Allah Subhana Allah Lisa Allen CRP, well acabo de Waal ashari in on upon threads, stones, trees, symbol, solid wood only upon righteous people have done ambia while Mila aka

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Tanaka, Eman Tanaka, tauheed belay Subhana Allah it all goes against tawheed binay Subhana Allah rampant in his Muslim Ummah, man, our modem in the new coreboot a lazy alpha, we don't actually worship the solid in or the righteous people or these graves. We find it as a way to get close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana created the heavens and the earth

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created heaven there to worship Him. Subhana Allah doesn't need any intermediaries doesn't need any toorak there's any any worse side doesn't need any angels doesn't need any messengers. Needs needs you need you with your own your own self, to call upon Allah subhanaw taala to worship only Allah Subhana Allah

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interessati wonderful p one mahaya one mama Murthy lillahi Rabbil alameen la sharika ob Delhi Kami to our Muslim in my prayer, my sacrifice my living my dying is all for Allah and Quran kulu tauheed the Holy Quran is nothing but

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read to the Quran in detail day in and day out. I a bad idea is all tried to drill one message. How can Muslims come and say that tawheed is something which which upsets people? It's something which deviates it corrupts people case, a fallacious factory somehow what you will have is a sharp doubts about the word that lots of paradigma people according to the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, these are the bad people. These are the wicked people. These are people upsetting society.

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This is the wave MB our sorry to call only to Allah Subhana Allah and to remind people this is the greatest room in the shika nobleman, Alvin, the greatest oppression is to associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah, then you are the types of Voluma that we must live in at the moment.

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Either file Parish, President Obama and put some Nakuru bar we commit sins allow see what happens. They the court of law they remember a lot for stock farolito new beam woman Yoku by a lava kulu to eat. percent of their eat can sin make mistakes. May Allah forbid carries like for whitish remembers a lot. And those who forgive sins. It's only Allah is only Allah Subhana that person to return back to Allah Subhana Allah to pause it and ask Allah to forgive, forgive us to overlook our shortcomings or discrepancies assuming that we carry out the Corolla they remember Allah. That's the theme that a Muslim is always one that's remembering Allah Subhana Allah and as defined in his Hadith Pudsey Anna

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in double din vi m as however my servant comprehends me another very important well you're gonna be Masha let the seventh thing whatever he wants about me mmm by Bobby Sahaba tafsir famous more firstly that he finds explain his Hadith he mentions

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it Giovani Bernie and a boy he he that is permissible person to this to think about a lot harder and it's apparent from our present things inside their mind, meaning whatever the whatever the intellect, this person comprehends inside their mind, then that is how they should perceive what will what will happen to this individual, how Allah will deal with such an individual, most of us we can we can see ourselves, we can conclude ourselves, if we could not care less regarding the barriers of Allah Subhana Allah, then you could comprehend and think your own selves, my own self, how to deal with each one of us. And we as the average Muslim, we can't care less about huduma

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then you can perceive your own self, that just like when the in this dunya when barriers are broken,

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parameters are stretched to take them beyond the limits, there is punishment, this punishment when they lay methadone, Allah to Allah belongs the greatest and the loftiest example, person who breaks the parameters of Allah Subhana Allah is under that punishment under the shade of that punishment. And likewise, you find the person can get, we can judge our own selves. How many of us we live a life of obedience, and life of law. It's not about a long life, it's really math concluded. It's about our team

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is about the ending is not necessarily how long you lived. It's about the ending. And we can we can conclude many of the ending of the people around us, and we could see the journey a lot so panatela it might not be a million a beat. Allah doesn't oppress His servants. Allah leaves at seven leaves each individual leaves each individual do whatever they want to do for him again, I mean, so I mean as having gender. For you, Karima. Jenna, as a person is for amongst the people. jendela Yes, you have to

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open up the doors for that individual to local high for goodness. And likewise inside the app here on open up and web agenda. COMM samanya will open up the eight doors agenda for the individual woman kana.

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Persons following the path of marassi was the new baboon disobedience. Yes, hello,

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Hello and open up facilitate the path.

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facilitate the path that it's sending becomes easy, easy for an individual. Why Ashoka edited finally the end of that individual

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is the end of the individual that doesn't oppress any individual.

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facilitates allows the individual carry on in that path they want to pursue in their own selves. For every individual perceive and think their own selves about Allah subhanaw taala wakulla internalism new era for

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every industry every human being, we've placed their record around their neck, from the throat for each individual while you wrote yo mo pa Makita bl O human Shura whether you bring out each record in the book and spread it out on that day for every single individual aircraft kita carabiner sickle yo Malaika sieber

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Read your own record. You stand yourself as a witness testimony upon your own self. Just pseudocode on documents. Quran doesn't say that so and so on are the individual, a crappy tadhack kabaka read your own book. Read your own book yourself today, you stand as a witness upon your own self

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manage data for India Maja de Lena see whoever is guided has been guided by the own effort that Allah has allowed the individual carrying upon this dunya and Mikoto Mandela lafonda Maja de leeuw Alia whoever is misguided then they miss guidance is upon their own self well at 10 00 to 500 am acuna ma de pinata Nevada Rasulullah Quran is a gene are up to it will soon will carry but I'm not this is what at 10 00 to 500 no no soul carries the burden of another soul

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on your inner inner Ellen McCann well my hand look at a situation a judgment less a person who says that so and so misguided me so and so is the one that that encouraged me so in so we're on stage one at 10 00 to Misra O'Hara, no no soul cages the bed and sin of another individual. One that could nama Divina had turned up either sooner than we never get to punish any people. And we don't send a messenger amongst them.

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And that message has been sent that draw about about about again and again till 200 am and about minuman tell them a lot of

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these messages. Numerous messengers have said time and time again to warn the people, but she didn't wanna de la to remind the people now if I ask her a fool

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or Rasul Allah Salatu Salam pheidole messenger, ko ottimo ambia II

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that the seal of the messengers as he said that the time will come the Islam will enter into every single home, whether it be a clay home, a mud home, a complete home, and Islamia fee, either by Mike and glory or by governing and control or just enter into the environment komamura alone when people say that non Muslims they have an excuse governess now that all the time this person died maybe they may be in a Muslim maybe this person had an excuse. Why a Muslim in amongst all Muslims?

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Which are the

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terrorists, Phoebe, I think Islamia you've grown up in a static environment, in Islamic home in Islamic country and Islamic place. You've been advised you've been reminded so much of that, then you say I don't know.

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And this is how I like this is kind of fulfilling his prophecy are established every no people have an excuse. non Muslim, don't have excuses only a few more years to go. Because Islam is spreading far and wide. Quite and wide is spreading. And it becomes an evidence against them. evidence against them, because they have no excuse to give. And we have the audacity of Muslims to try to present excuses.

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Day in and day out. People are reminded people are reminded people are not adding

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these are haram things stay away from them. But what do you find more of the Messiah most of the young people what entices them what their whole life.

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Their whole life is for why he their whole life is alone. Their whole life is mercy. The whole their whole life comes and how until you're taken in that manner.

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I will do a Llama

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Llama to return back to Allah Subhana Allah for see perceiving, however you think of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will deal with the individual in that manner. Well

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how does Allah Son Son, son, shake

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these eyes are so to Rahman 8586 is that we find 36 of these ifmga Allah Arabic Kuma to pet the ban republic

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in pursuit of the ramen

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genuine in

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our hula Toka Jana Johanna blessings inside agenda that we find rain that rain is agenda that we find the chattels the government's, the grammar, the glitter, the gold, the food, the drink, and the opposite of the punishment as well after you find the pub. You come with the sudo to walk ER and the 56th chapter continues about the punishment. What was kind of what? No tahuna sunny in the sun. After all this discussion about gene and human beings can no wonder

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What? A sunny in the sun, reward of goodness and only be goodness that's what it will be goodness leads to goodness.

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Man Amina solian woman, whoever carries out a good deed means a

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woman well enough to know antiva whoever carries that whoever is a believing individual, whether male or female,

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and they believe in a bar and they carry out righteous actions for no fee and no overland higher than Paiva first thing we're going to give the individual is a good life.

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Man Muhammad Ali good life What is the meaning of a good life? I say you're not alpha loose. I'm well

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is that good life? Well, property is that what about a good life? That's what the good life is classified all around us. A Good Day.

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Tomorrow, Nina, Lee man, no cookie man. Hello, Mr. Nakajima lucky man. Oh, man. There's no price.

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Spent the heavens and the earth. Well, Mr. Alejo mafia.

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Spend the heavens and the earth to find a man. You'll never find it.

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You never purchase it. One Malmo min Guna young Kula jamendo vocal Eman every single day rakata in camera to

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see if he's a Muslim. Hi, Ron Murphy Jr. Omar Ali, who prays to sadhana before the further prayer before the Imam begins

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is better than the dunya and whatever it contains one mafia Omar Allah whatever inside it and upon it everything is better. Ask an individual who prays that who prays there further. Benjamin inside the masjid is a price you can pay the individual to find that contentment is a price you can pay the individual when they come to the machine and they bow down in front of Allah Subhana Allah is it something you can purchase?

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This is where we're falling short, especially as Muslims that we find the Quran you have to buena for no no higher than pi Heba will give the individual a good life or energy Anoma Jeremy is an American Yama loon omega to recompense them for better what they carried out whatever action and put it where Allah will recompense them inside the era. This is a journey of the believer. A life of action upon this dunya to meet Allah Subhana Allah in the rooster Danny belay, we know sneaky bad the tiller in a sort of pyramid in the earlier question is handy. man he is stuck stuck stuck in

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a taco bell Snowden is a bad idea. Good portabella you focus on your a badger and authentic How do you find out you know your mutanda domain comm Ella has been builder that no one had even such a Muslim that one of you not die, except for he has good thoughts regarding of ba watamu tuna illa antoon, muesli moon don't die except for the state of submission when a person is trying to submit to a bar. He's trying to come close to Allah. Then when that person leaves this dunya that person has no fear is not upset, is not worried for Allah to move to La ilaha antoon Muslim moon don't lie don't die, except when it's stated submission to Allah and Allah like a yaku to speak at San

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Fernando mutanda 11 Muslim moon and the final the end of the first year Soto Baka

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Yeah, Abraham saying to his children to his Abner saying to his sons, for to mutanda 11 to Muslim moon don't die except for a state of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find Anna, Anna Marie de dum Karani for in the Quran if enough seeds occurred to be enough See, then a hadith it continues. I'm with him with the seven as he is with me. If he remembers me within himself, then I remember him with myself. If he remembers me in a gathering, then I remember my gathering far better than any of the gatherings upon this dunya This is for spoony a scorpion. Remember me and I remember you Allah Subhana Allah, then we find when Takara by Allah be shivering. If the person

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comes to me handspun the corrupt to lie bar and I come an arm's length to the individual. Why not when Takara by lay there on the corrupt to lie bar and he comes to me arms left accompany two arms open arms towards that individual. When atonium she at a to her wallet and he comes to me walking, I come to him at great speed. This is the kind of

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person who takes steps towards Allah Subhana Allah I'd love to see

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annotates a lot opens up the way makes it easy for that individual. person needs to make the effort towards Allah. Make that clean intention, make that effort, make that purity inside their heart and their mind that I'm trying to come close to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana obedience opens up the mercy of Allah. Akbar opens up the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And does Allah Subhana Allah increases, the server increases, Allah increases even more. That's Allah. I remember when we were in the Nara Bukola in ceccato, lezzy denticon your load has declared.

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If you show gratitude, let us see that no calm, then I'll increase you will encode them into Adobe Lucia deed inside surah Ibrahim. And if you become ungrateful, then indeed my punishment is severe. Once again, this Muslim woman needs to be needs to be woken up, because all the time is just going to the mercy study the iron inside the Quran wherever the mercy is mentioned. Wherever gratitude is mentioned in gratitude is coupled with that, wherever email is mentioned, Cofer is mentioned as well. Because why to awaken the individual that don't always swing to the mercy of Allah. Allah Allahu Rahim, Allah posits and forgives, Allah overlooks, just as we began with Allah does overlook

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and his pardon, but when you break the parameters and the barriers, and you break the dude, you're under the shape of the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah and you could be punished and some people will be punished

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as a form of showing that Allah Subhana dallies just doesn't oppress any individual on the faces of or inside an era where a member escallonia code

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Welcome to caribou soup Hanuman Abdi whitianga, a bird on it, and it's birth, but the new Allah party Subhana Allah Allah Allah jealous Kalani Sahaja Sahib Buhari says that is almost fantana making steadfastness individual or coming closest individually that we find is giving this person is bad. giving this person steadfastness giving him dominance control, give him the ability of TA. This is a symbol of goodness from Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah opens up doors and avenues and ways of life a person to obey Allah.

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In order to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, it's all a symbol from Allah subhanaw taala justified in and have been, Emily Emily de la Subhana Allah dua mucho en cada the most beloved actions to Allah Subhana Allah are the small actions but are done on a regular basis. That is when the crow law that we might find it something smaller something trivial. The court of law creates a see a shield, a barrier, a defense a protection, takes away calamities they truly hardships change destiny as we began it's only for Hawaii it is meant you're able to claim a josiane we these words are way below same mean telemed

00:33:10--> 00:33:32

is explanation of English accent retain me as book on a thicker the good word in vocations of God. And why blue save the pouring down rain with a doctor all about these the white of Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, I bring them close to Allah Subhana Allah and as we find four loaves of contra yejide I don't really see

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a lot of small things that we do make some enormous magnifies them small things they could have Allah small things. Tell him attorney, Attorney attorney Sonny Habib attorney, the Romani tequila attorney, filming journey

00:33:49--> 00:34:01

to light word, two simple words, light upon the tongue, easy upon the tongue, beloved to Allah has been on the scale that a judgment Subhana Allah will be handy to handle most of the

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Come come in. How many of us that's kulula How many of us we remember Allah handwash make us me If Allah like that made of Allah, make a beautiful law make the hell of a law. How many of us

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in Santa Clara when when decree law, keep your tongue moist, with a decree law remembering Allah, remembering Allah, does you find that aroma throughout their life? Oh you find him always making mention of a law remembering Allah Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah Allah has been along with a Malachy

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sufficient naman mo littman. Mussina. No so you always remembering Allah Subhana Allah, remembering Allah. He called me you will Oh sure. Oh, hi. Good or bad, anything, whatever. Maybe it's relative. When a person is always incumbent in remembering Allah Subhana Allah inside throughout their life

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to have their

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Life in only opportunities that we need to hastin in is dhikr of Allah Subhana danmaku Colorado Stokes rumali Welcome. Only Jimmy a Muslim he never stopped. Now we'll go for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a human Temasek Episode nathula yo Medina back pocket call a battle Allah, we should have had this. Some earlier mentioned about explain this hadith that a person should show that person shouldn't take actions to be trivial. shouldn't take your life to be trivial, should seek old moments and opportunities of the courtroom in a bar. She seek all avenues and ways of finding ways of coming close to a loss panda Anna, because this will benefit the individual inside the studio will and will ask her as well. Ally qualified for Amarillo, Colleen malleolus, small actions with a class if I

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just sell Kathy, you find immense reward is given an in return for that individual just as we began with making dhikr of Allah gives victory to the Muslims. His victory is removed with everything around them.

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Everything around them is the opposite. But Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, it gives him a victory. So I read through that as of the 33rd chapter for another another sort of speaking about jihad. The Confederates that you'd like all of the Confederates, all the different troops, the different armies, the different people, the different clans all came together. But we're inside the same sort of 30 day chapter and you find once again, I yet have dhikr of Allah, remaining steadfast remembering Allah, Allah Meza for what purpose to our purpose because this dhikr of Allah makes the heart steadfast makes the mind steadfast means the act of the intellect to be focused in what they

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have to do inside their life. Give the person that peace, that focus as you find them people are abrupt and rush,

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Mazda Nakula Hoon

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z z physic decree law increases the curve of law creates stability control within your own body or your mind your structure, or how you have to operate what you need to do. What is up hazard life around us that we find what is the key to become mela forebay just on our fingertips just quick, quick counting. Quick use of the cadets a $10,000 ticket This was done as the Billy Sonny will be obituary as the Kirby the hands with the heart with the mind the body with the soul. The author of Nikola is the best Nikola everything is focused towards Allah subhanaw taala and that's refined. That is Dena, your clinical colleague Mr. Ahmed, Mr. de haccombe that we find

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Christina be sincere inside your deen yuxi called Kali middle Amman. Be sincere even small action will suffice you at times.

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Because aliveness is the inner ingredient

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is the inner ingredient of the Muslim aliveness that you find Allah and Allah He didn't call us to Allah belongs a pure Dean. The Supreme Dean, devotion, purity orthodox attitude towards Islam. That is what belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, I like what you find that pyranometer Murphy don't despise any good deed will until kosaka be

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in such a Muslim don't despise any any any deed any smoothly don't despise it. Don't look down upon it. Even if you meet your brother with a smiling face, they are not so true. And if the same can

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be called a fake, you bother maybe upset. turmoil, troubles difficulties for certain things, but you meet him with a with a smiling face.

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You mind you about a lot it uplifts alleviates the hardship coluna Bhatia human beings we need alleviation but this is no

00:39:18--> 00:39:24

good to meet your buddy smiling face that they their worries are taken away. That's how Muslims should be.

00:39:26--> 00:39:28

de la de

00:39:30--> 00:39:30


00:39:31--> 00:39:59

enter into your arms and stay buried to rabbinical arrogant, harsh people that are so as of ganja Toby Beatty. masura, a person who carried the burdens of the holiest Muslim Ummah and still carries that burden, still carry that burden. And no individual carries a burden that he carried by Look how he how he he entertained himself that the burdens of the dunya or the burden is on my left there.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Don't bring it into your home. Don't bring it up on other people. This is the Corolla. We are not places that interdictor have a lot of places that inside the heart and the mind of the individual woman tjahaja innama Uj Tina Fey whoever strives in our lifetime to

00:40:17--> 00:41:03

help the individual strive, strive to their own benefit in the learner honey united Ireland in allies is rich, self sufficient isn't need as striving and struggling, but is there to benefit our own selves, to help ourselves or making ourselves become better individuals upon this dunya that we find. And as we find that as we began, we have dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, that we need to make that effort when Latina Jia doofy DLLs dnm sabudana. Those who strive in a path will open up a path for them. This is the end of sootel Anka booth that we find, then straight after you want to room the 30th chapter on Alif Lam only but the room three admin of the read the seal so for whom the 13th

00:41:03--> 00:41:22

chapter will need to debate it was for one Latina jaha doofy Jelena dnm sabudana. Those who strive and struggle that Allah mentioned about the Romans, who have conquered and they ruled and they rejoicing, but after a short while, the believers will rejoice.

00:41:24--> 00:41:58

They will rejoice. This is a promise of Allah Subhana Allah, that that rejoicing of believers will return once again, Allah allow certain things to take place, but we become steadfast. And remember Allah remember Deen of Allah, Allah the promise of Allah it remains, it comes back again returns back once again. Till eventually Allah mentions about these individuals Yamuna, WA Hera middle piety, dunya Romani, at home, coffee loon, and then people of this world who don't remember Allah, ya know, Muna boy Hera mineral hierarchy dunya. They know everything about this dunya

00:42:00--> 00:42:17

dusty to learn and they know everybody is doing it just like now they celebrate your 100 years. A word Balfour, the Balfour Declaration, I find that they're going to celebrate 100 years or this splitting of a Philistine splitting of that land 100 years they're celebrating that

00:42:18--> 00:42:27

and no one speaks about that cobia anymore. No one highlights that even Okay, I know what that was. We take it except we split the land.

00:42:28--> 00:42:42

Since that day to today, what we've learned how many times is the land been split? How many times how many miles have that land been taken away more and more from from the people of Philistine and what is left for them now? ammonia?

00:42:44--> 00:42:47

Who would speak for them? Who will highlight that for me?

00:42:50--> 00:42:56

100 years 100 years documented to the day or what they plan what they done?

00:42:57--> 00:43:19

Because this document in the Quran, Allah Muna boy Hera middle hieratic dunya that is dunya do plan. They will plot they will lay out parameters. What a crow fitori readings are the history. It may sound strange, we'll just draw a line through the map. Just draw a line as that this is Leah.

00:43:22--> 00:43:57

That's how they that's how they deal with us. We are Amanda comesa. Muslim Tanya is a young glory, how they cut and they separate us lines on piece of paper, drag it on a line of paper, paste it in place us there and we differ amongst our own selves. Oh my wahida Kalimantan wahida Quran warhead rasuwa head, the new Kumar head what Jana wahida one Jana only there is then muslimeen they said if Guevara Yalla Muna barrhead I'm in a chaotic home I need at home

00:43:58--> 00:43:59

alone. It love

00:44:00--> 00:44:05

seeing your coffins. As for the Accra coffee Lu,

00:44:06--> 00:44:52

Lana cebolla. confit Akira Abaddon never will be anything for you inside the Acura. Wanna know we persevere we have several patient nasco illa Ma, we complain to Allah Subhana Allah viene de halyna of our weakness of mrrc of as the new of our treachery of a deception of our weakness. We complain to a loss of power in a school bus the what was the llama? Well Amina Lima Tada, moon as yaku valet Sam complained to Allah Subhana Allah that's what we should do complain to Allah. Ring us out to this but the path as we began as part of the crowbar of remembering Allah are being said for us upon that, having belief and conviction, that is the courbevoie strengthens the individual and

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

strengthens the Muslim Ummah, in alajuela. Equity soluna Allah nubby you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lena alomost

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

Either Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali john Abraham Moraga ellebra Monica Jaime de Majeed, Aloma vertica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara, Dr. Deborah hemara Libra Jimin naka de Majeed Ravana Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin album rancho santa Willem Tukwila and

00:45:20--> 00:45:44

then akula nominal Casa de la pena, Fernando cuando la de la kupuna bill a man coleauxv Nikita Linda Dena Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa, Elena sobre was a bit academic and Ensenada. powermill carefree. Bernardo de pollo, bonobo data data center. We have Linda Meldrum kurama in Nakia Angela hub, Roberta hablan Amina Gina Gina kurata

00:45:45--> 00:46:00

tokina Emma Ravana Taco Bell Minh Dinah Contessa Muna Holly watauga La Nina contrato Rahim subhanak vichara believes that the phone was Mona Hello morsani novel hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de sala de como como la,

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