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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim in Alhamdulillah Hina in Alhamdulillah number don't wanna start in one istockphoto one or all the below Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela moody dalla woman, Lil fella. Deanna was shadow

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in La la, de hula Sherry cara, shadow. Mohammed Abu Mara pseudo. I'm about to find nos da Cunha DC kita Baba wa Hira Luda. houda Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Mori mo de to her wakulla data in beta wakulla v.in Bala Latin wakulla Allah Allah cynefin rubbish, rashly sodbury while you're sadly Embrey wa Hello OData melissani of Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing looking at certain a Hadith, speaking about the nations of people that came before us, and how the end result was regarding those individuals are warning towards us not to

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become judgmental about individuals, as a previous Hadees looked at about an individual taking an oath swearing but Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah will not forgive such and such individual. And indeed a last panda I forgave that individual and made the other individual lose the action to become null and void. This is a warning that we find inside these prophetic traditions about being judgmental towards another Muslim. As many times we mentioned assassin Muslim, and no more men, the essence of every single Muslims they are believers, unless there's something clearly manifesto about them inside their statements and actions that takes them outside the fold of Islam. And taking a

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person outside the fold of Islam is not for any individual is not for an average Muslim.

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To see a Muslim carrying out an atrocity carrying out volume, carrying out for Sauk carrying out, Cofer, carrying out bad actions, disobedience mousy, and an average individual comes and says this individual because they sinned, or they said this, or they done that they are now classified as non Muslim. This is unfortunately rampant inside our society at times, that people quickly begin to label another Muslim as a non Muslim. Every single Muslim, by default remains a believer until the evidence is established against them. A man acts the opposite of prefer disbelieving individual assess some unknown prefer disbelieving individuals or disbelievers, even if a person may think that

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they died as a concept of belief. Unless there's clear, clear evidence that the person entered into fold of Islam, that you find an Islam the whole thing Islam and not be Shahada Taney to utter the two testimonies of faith, to display to humanity, to let your family members know to let the wider world know that you have entered into Islam. To conceal once a man that had an idea and rarely, that you find Islam allows that it's a rule, it's an exception to the rule that a person may fear for their life a danger that a person can conceal. kitman will determine when a man concealed the man. Among average, we find every single non Muslim, if they're Muslim, they need to declare their faith,

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profess their faith announced their faith. Because we find that the moment people are always the opposite, that we become judgmental about Muslims but we don't become judgmental about non Muslims. We begin to make excuses for non Muslims. We don't make excuses for the Muslims around us. And this is a severe concept in our society, of a lack of understanding of new source of the Quran and the Sunnah of AFI. That will mean understanding the belief of men. The worst, the worst believer is better than the best calf ear. That's as simple it should be the worst believer the face of this earth is better than best disbelieving individual face to this earth. Because good deeds don't

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guarantee you paradise. That's what some Muslim they try to argue this person is good. There's hierarchy is kind is good towards people takes care of people. That's not the key to paradise. Mr. genetti cola Ella in the law, the key to Paradise is law in a law. Because of that, Allah created the heavens and the earth. Almost created the heavens fo ko La ilaha illallah wa Salatu Didn't they will insert Leah Abu don't insert so to the to the 51st Chapter The Quran verse 56. One Mahalo to dinner will insert allele Abu Leo wydawca McCall in

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the lower anioma Allah, Allah created the heavens after human beings and mankind Li ye dude to single out only Allah Subhana Allah for worship Allah Buddha, Allah Danny Daniella, he subhanaw taala that's the whole essence of creation of the human being, the whole race, the whole heavens in the earth is to serve Allah Subhana Allah, kindness is something that falls after that. If a person rejects Allah Subhana Allah and does actions of goodness towards humanity, the world around them. The Quran documents that on that on that day for those individuals, that wherever they do what called him a llama, army Lumina emaline for the

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month fura it's all sorted for con, we're going to bring the actions in the day judgment, and we're going to it's going to be scattered away, like Ash is thrown away on a windy, windy day. That's the end result of people who don't believe unfortunately, in Allah Subhana Allah and as we find, we shouldn't follow our own worldly criteria or personal criteria to judge people to judge Muslims or here to judge non Muslims. We should follow the criteria of Allah subhanaw taala people try to be apologetic Al Quran either sama whom and prefer if the Quran says that disbelieving individuals, how can we make that we look and say no, this word is is a derogatory word cave. How is it a derogatory

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word if it's inside the Quran, kuliah Ul caffi rune, disbelieving individuellen of interrogatory even the Quran only in a few occasions, Allah uses such titles uses such a title. How's that derogatory? People who don't don't believe they disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah what is divulgar tree about that, by default, you're pushing the Quran. By default, you're questioning Allah Subhana Allah, that this title, this name, this slogan is not applicable in a 21st century anymore. We've advanced in the world, in our relationship with the people around us. So we need to bridge the gap, breach the gap in accepting Cofer alko for biLlahi Subhana data breach the gap in in the rejection

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of Allah blaspheming against Allah teaching anything you want about Allah that is bridging the gap.

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of humanity. bridging the gap of humanity is reminding people about Allah, about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that if we use this criteria of just good deeds, there are numerous Hadith, which speak about people doing good deeds, and then at the same time carrying out atrocities or doing wrong actions, whether it be demand in bad Wi Fi, find a woman who gave booted to a dog, because that kind actually entered into paradise. Does that now mean that a person does a good deed? By default they're going to paradise. And if we studied the context of these ahadeeth they're talking about the nations that existed before they speak about the people that came before

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us, or specifically about Bani Israel, which in general is lessons towards as Muslims it doesn't become Pooja doesn't become Sherry. Elena doesn't become evidence law for us. Very rarely do you find laws given to Bani Israel? That would remain for this as well in the huddle on Youku Allah buddy Israel, after a lady whom fee telefoon in the huddle Quran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel this Quran narrates about bunny sir in a minute Baccarat were early Emraan when Misha while Merida will an era who cool little Koran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel. Study the sutras in the beginning had to study the Holy Quran is all speaking about Bani Israel, about these individuals in other Quran

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yakusoku Allah Bani Israel. Why? Because this oma is the most closest to Bani Israel, to the nation of Musa alayhis salam. And inside point before Bani Israel, a man whom were called Raja Bani Israel, whom Allah yaku la salam, the 12 sons of yakugaku Bani Israel, a young to go into a tangent but actually not a tangent, because yesterday marked 100 years 100 years of whack the battle for the bad Balfour Declaration, second of November 1917, whereby the Foreign Secretary of this country, Lord Balfour, he signed an agreement with both child in organization of Jewish individuals that we find which still to this day, who control the banking system inside this country all across the world,

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made an agreement with them, that the State of Israel will facilitate everything that we can do everything that we could do to facilitate to give our homeland without any prejudice to the people that are living there. How the problem is a center 100 years ago 1917 1948 we find the State of Israel in 2017 they celebrate on the inner Harlan muslimeen. Look at us Muslims today, as a little home. They are planning their strategical understanding their goal, their vision what they want for their people. 100 years on what do we have? What do we have left? The only thing that we plan about is about the dunya that's all that we boast about about what we build our money or wealth. I boo

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Elena blame is on what good is our wealth and our property? Well, good is a billion Muslims, a billion Muslims 100 years have passed by Philistine is day in stillness, bad state, Yeoman bad day your day after day that we find shredded apart. Nothing is discussed about this, but everything else is discussed about the world. Everybody living in this world is discussed. You find muscle x or you find laughter should do Rehan never exert yourself except for to travel to three, three breasted areas and Makkah that we've learned how to model naki that we find well Medina Tora Sol, mosquito rasuna la salatu salam, and masjidul Aqsa Mashallah Harada find one praise equivalent to 10,000

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Medina is equivalent to 1000 What must you observe 500 prayers in a hadith in Bukhari that we find that you can go there at least send some wax and some candy to ignite the masjid. These are blessings of this blessing area. McDaniel ambia. The place of the original ambia macandrew Masha Allah Teresa right, the Quran Surah Surah sootel Israel surah Bani Israel and other occupation Octo* decoded so panda lady us Robbie Abdi Laila mineral muscle haraam muscle up sala de Baraka Hello, linear linear yo me, Tina in no more Sammy will receive the whole surah begins. So pan and Larry is Robbie AB de la la mineral musti Iran in Alma, Arkansas. This is a privilege of mustard

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oxide that we find that's been controlled that people day in and day out. You might find it difficult to enter people or check difficult to enter that area. And here we are. Here we are the Muslim Ummah at large, everything about exposure, but we find no deceit. We no no forthcoming planning inside our lives. Muslims should begin to plan just like they've planned to be better in their planning that 100 years from today. Where are we going to be?

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Be Where are masajid where are symbols of the houses of Allah bandana Institute of learning environments for being conducive with TTP but Islam we had to hire tonight yo Mia everyday living inside this environment. Belay Aleikum is a wisdom from Allah that we recite reside in such an environment. It's a great big wisdom that lies with Allah subhana wa tada we reside inside the heart. And the least that we can do, tenderness is Allah, the least that we could do is call these people to Allah. And Allah will place the seeds of response. Even every individual makes the effort in their life. Even one person in a year responds to the court becomes a Muslim enters the fold of

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Islam. If each one of us makes it ever What a great success it will be. What a great success, it will be in changing the society around that. But we will become complacent because these individuals are very intelligent individuals Yalla Moodle, I hear a middle hierarchy Tanya, they know how to plan about this earth and keep us Muslim busy about this earth. And you find that elite people upon us are governing over us that they will control and dominate. And they will pull the strings and dominate over most of this earth by the leave of Allah Subhana Allah and it's about time we begin to awaken ourselves because many of us men the cafeteria, we don't read historically what had the

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manaka deep into the Quran into the language of the Quran, the message of the Quran it just becomes a outskirt reading of the Quran and reading of the Quran reading of the news and and speaking about it if the whole new suits are speaking about an era speak about the nd what will begin to take place, you're going to follow the footsteps of the people that came before you. footstep by footstep, if one of them goes into a lizard hole you follow suit will follow just like them are lumen Yasuda law, and Yahuwah sakana salmon. Are you speaking about Ayahuasca sorry, said Who else am I referring to and have the integrations or whom were fairies, the Romans and upsurges added the

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whole earth is encompass we as a Muslim omega to begin to imitate so that we're going to do imitating the other individuals around us. But Muslims should be trendsetters should be seeing the clearer vision about their life remaining upon this earth that we find. And thus we find that this individual is Hadith speaks about exactly what took place. Doesn't mean that becomes evidence for us. As we mentioned, that woman who gave water to the dog, that woman that had mentioned was in Morocco Bahia which can be loosely translated as a prostitute woman, immoral woman does it by default mean just because she gets booted to the dog she's going to go into paradise forgiven. Today

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any woman who carries that male local repository should because they get bored your dog they're forgiven because this mentality of some Muslims as well that if I do just a good deed that gives me default paradise. That's not how the new suit is to be understood. These are at times encouragement for the goodness of doing hire. It doesn't become evidence that I just do a good deed it gives me default paradise and Muslim has to carry on doing good deeds were Abu Bakr Hata to Kalia clean worship Allah antiochene comes up mana as mote widely Tamia kukula yo did Imani wama de savoir anonimo in me Tamia killer and he said it himself Rahmatullah la everyday I revitalize my email. And

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everyday I question whether I'm a truly a Muslim become a devout Muslim. And no two scholars are different about the Rambo hypnotize me Rama to my alley. But yeah, he's making this statement Why? Why is he making the statement everyday I question myself have I really become a good Muslim in my life, and that's what a Muslim should be always questioned himself about their life, how to rectify themselves how to better themselves, this individual for us refer Roger infc Fela Maha growl, mount this individual and oppressed his own self and as many of us that we commit sins, or will hoffy Lumi heedless way away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So this individual and maharal mode, when

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his individual test came upon this individual ausar Bunny, he, he gave advice to his children, called either mit 202 when I die, or definitely overtaken me, then I want you to take my buddy, I want you to take my body and I want you to cremate my body to burn me, then I want you to crush me, that whatever remains my body and then I want you to throw the ashes out on the ocean open the end of the land. And then when this individual will encounter Allah europea life Allah will add as the power and ability, then he will bring me forth and He will punish me the punishment with a severe punishment for Fallujah, licchavi they carry this out regardless individuals of color lil rb, then

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Allah said, said to the earth, a demon a hottie, bring forth what you've taken of this individual for either work or a moon, and he's standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah for call Allahumma hamanaka Allah ma sanata What led you to do this action? Why do you

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You carry out such an action inside your life, kala a*aka yarrabah because I said you My Lord, well masataka for Allah will be Danny. Oh because I said you and I because of that Allah forgave him. Does that Now by default mean that the person now that they carry out such an action and say but Allah Subhana Allah will forgive me. And as we find that the lessons that we can extract from this that we find is when the concept of atonement that all of us we feel that we've transgressed our own souls, we transgressed ourselves, the solution is not to carry out what you feel is right, is to carry out that we still caught on and sadhana tells us to do in Canada, who are told by the

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son of a major, another who are told but to feel remorseful, regretful of your life that is actually Toba. So person makes amends, carrying out what the Quran and the Sunnah tells the individual to do no for person to take their own life. And say this is this is a form of purification alleviation that we find. And likewise, we find that when I die, burn me, cremation, is cremation allowed inside of this country, you find an increase of some 75% inside this country of people committing themselves. They feel that this is the way of life there's a difference between a person dying in a fire accidentally on accident, which is Sherry I tolerate and my person willfully takes a decision

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to burn themselves upon their death, that has a layer judiciary, Attila subarna, does not allow this person to burn themselves to cremate themselves that we find because we find that there are numerous passages inside the Quran. Speaking about other other bynner in general when a person burns themselves, or whatever it is, it

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is a sign of punishment. Unless we find an accidental environment, as in that we find in the Quran describes about, about a jehane about a sucker, the seven names that Allah speaks about jahannam inside the Quran that we find is all about di Zeb is all about punishment. And as you find his numerous evidence under kuranda, even inside the grave, the inside the grave, there's going to be fire there's going to be punishment, one on one or the other, the other bit up very long road inside surah Allah Fleming as such, we're going to expose him to the minor punishment before the greater punishment, or the master facility have mentioned the minor punishment is a double cover, and

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nerfing cover punishment inside the grave. These individual default have burned themselves on the dunya then they're going to face the punishment inside the grave that we find. Likewise find it pseudo often and narrow your aduna Allahu wa mushiya why Yama takamasa to adhere to Allah for honor. A shut down

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inside Soraka for that we find they'll be exposed to the fire in the morning and the evening. Which fire will the people of your own be exposed in the morning evening? The punishment of the grave, while Yamato Masato at the LSE, the owner of shut down and on the Day of Judgment an hour is established. The people who are only going to be exposed to an even greater torment, the toolman of a jahannam of Lj but before that you find inside the graves likewise sighs sutra know that we find him happy team Riku for odo he Luna fella Mia Jolla home into LA and sobre la concludes surah noir alehissalaam speaking about what happened to these individuals mymail copy at him because of the

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sins Oh Rico they were drowned for odyssee Luna era then were entered into the alpha one alpha alpha Ria come Apollo, Allah Allah Quran was the first seal for Rhea Folan immediately as soon as they died for Odyssey Luna, they've been exposed directly straight into the fire agenor which fire is that? The fire inside the grave? That's the first fire that people find. Seek success inside the grave. Because that's the overall mandelman monazite era, the first Stations of the hair after uncover the grave. That's the beginning of the era that we find. That's why a person should prepare themselves for the punishment of the grave or to stay away from the punishment of grave it's an idea

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that we find malolo kobudo home, oh boo no Naira. May Allah, Allah fill their bellies or their grave with fires. If you look at the context of the Hadees you find in the battlefield, whereby you find a display with individuals, they kept the progress of of offering a muscle October after Aki lahemaa Lord announced and he prayed them after Muslim so the progression became so angry. He said that may Allah kind of fill their graves and fill their bellies with the fire that you find a solid answer.

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It's a Muslim, whoever misses a lot the answer is as if they've lost all of their family members all of their wealth has what a celebrity was Salatu Salam akula he on et preserve and God the prayers will call Raja, the middle price silicon is free because many people are feeling regarding it. This is a one on rare occasion Professor became so angry inside these life, that may Allah fill their bellies filled a grace with the fire. And so a person should be worried about entering into the grave. And I'm not an individual, habitually narrating story, but I share this dream we do. Because dreams that we find no Amina no Baba, assign a prophecy or sign of wisdom, as they say 146 of wisdom

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of prophets that we find and individually equals one of the shifts. And he said that and then he right, Roja? Philomena, I saw a dream. I saw a vision inside a dream. She said narrate the dream. He said, What did you see? He said, right to film, an image that I died, I left this dunya. And I can see that my family members have come around me, and they begin to speak to me, I can hear their voices, but I can't respond. Then they take my body and they begin to wash me and I can see them washing me. Then they ensure out we then they cover me then they wrap me up, then they place me in a place to read a few your prayer and I see the email and I see the people praying upon me. Then I see

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them bringing me into the grave, that when they bring me into the grave, the two angels that come to me with a book and they ask me who is your Lord?

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My Lord, I am not able to respond. When I do. I'm not able to respond. I'm not able to give an answer. He says I shaved my head that we have to interpret this dream. For Colorado Kentucky certainly did you used to pay when he was living? Kala I never used to payment as living Colorado he push ronak this is signed for you that wake up because you have to meet that day we have to meet that day. Now let's show you inside the dream. It amygdala Holic if you died in the state, this will be the end of you. This will be the end of you not able to respond to it to give any answer. Because unextended basis, there's nothing about you as a Muslim. So this is a dream that I love giving you

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glad tidings to go back, to rewind your life to begin play your life again, and you start preparing yourself. So when you enter the game, you're able to give the answer. That's what this dunya is, at least in that era, is preparation for the earth era, that a person is given ample opportunity to begin to prepare themselves, know that when a person enters into the grave, then they want to come back upon this dunya. That is what this dunya is preparation for after that we find and as we find this punishment of the grave, because we find just as we began with this concept, understanding no Sue's there's more modernistic interpretations is a figment of the mind. It doesn't mean punishment,

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it doesn't really exist. This is all that for a man. For us his weakness of a man that we don't want to study about the Akira or his weakness. Women have these individuals who try to instill this modernistic approach about Islamic texts. There is no there is no Jenna. There is no no there is no hereafter. There's going to be no repercussions. There's no accountability. zamyla Dena kifaru la you Baku, Bella Bella tobacco Natoma tuna

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medallic Allah ye yes see in Sarasota Taha born at the hub Okay, the meaning of the mutual loss. The loss on that day made asthma in Yama, Yama, the 36 odd names that you find inside menu inside the Quran Ymm could be mentioned some 80 odd names 80 odd names in Santa Ana derivative speak about the last day that the disbelieving individuals individually rejected euro indeed you will be resurrected in front of a loss panda is a weakness amongst our Muslims. Weakness about the after that we find modernistic approach about the new suit that takes don't mean this anymore. What kind of interpretation this about the Quran and the Sunnah. understand the Quran and Sunnah according to the

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authentic methodology, if not, you will begin to deviate, begin to stray away and we find this deviation corruption day in and day out inside our society that these texts don't mean that anymore. And if that bainer nice our region premix video and movie doesn't mean that music doesn't mean that touching a strange woman doesn't mean that as we find inside of society day in and day out that we find and no Sue's to allow bahariya and no suits are to be taken on their parent meaning not this modernistic approach of dissecting Islam, that as we become become one one's own personal interests, one's own personal desires and interpretation wakulla Colorado stocks rumali Welcome. Well Jamie and

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Muslim enough istockphoto in our photo, Rahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi women Temasek Episode natira yo meeting ama bad. As we mentioned in the beginning, that a person will begin to understand the text of the Quran and Sunnah according to their own freelance understanding, you find the discrepancies begin to take place, till eventually find as we began, as we mentioned, at any individuals fee to practice whatever they want to practice, fee to practice whatever they feel is appropriate. And like whatever way of life they find or they feel is appropriate. And this once again, is a danger that we're facing day in and day out, not just from non Muslim but for

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Muslims as well that we find that any individual is allowed to do whatever they want to do, there should be no codification there should be no parameters, there should be no barriers, there should be no Hadoop, then there should be no legislation, any individual can do Muslim could do whatever they want to do, and Allah will judge them. What kind of interpretation is this? This is Allah Shia. This is what you call following the law of the jungle, barbaric law that any individual does whatever they want to do. Worship Allah how they want, praise Allah, how they want. Worship, Allah does what they feel is emotion right for them to do. So everything becomes Horia freedom. And this

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is not what the Quran and Sunnah is based upon the Quran. And Sunnah is based on parameters based upon barriers based upon limitations, and our need laws and legislation was placed there, and is only at certain times exception to the rule, that is for Allah Subhana Allah, but a general format that Allah placed upon this earth, that if you do this, then this is the end result, do good. And this will be given to you do bad, and this will be the bad given to you. These are the general formats that we need to follow inside our lives. Not to always find the excuse to find that this person done this action, so by default, they're forgiven, I'll be forgiven as well. And if we look

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at this individual, if we deeply studied this individual, what led him to do this is a What did you highlight hersha took three of you Yama, my field of view, is something deep within this individual Allah knew this, about this individual and because of that Allah forgave him. And that becomes specific for him. That isn't me now. We carry out disobedience, we carry out sins, and then say to people that I fail a lot Allah will judge me and disobedience openly is a sign of this rebellious ness towards Allah Subhana Allah. That's why when people they become emotional, that are Why do we say something about someone is someone who carries out a sin out in the open, throws at her arm in

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the open, it's in front of the whole of humanity. This is not a time now to hide it behind. And to say no, we cannot speak about this. Unfortunately, I am Muslim environment is clear about what takes place inside our Muslim environment, openly that takes place. But did anyone speak about that speak about the world and the development of the world. But don't speak about the forward slash the spreading inside a Muslim environments day in and day out. Don't speak about that. Because they're speaking there's no justification. A Muslim is free to speak out about Allah RC was the new one for free to speak about it to remind people about Allah Subhana Allah to bring them away from this. And

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so the concept of forgiveness, then Israelites only for Allah, Allah, Allah for our love will be valid, unlike the one that forgives it compared to any individual Subhana Allah, that's don't always rely upon the mercy of Allah. Because you look through the Quran wherever Allah mentioned the mercy of Allah, He is also shadowed a cob survey in punishment that we find that he will take people for the sins that they commit. So a person a Muslim lives their life, with a life of love, hope and faith, and even a majority describes email mean that the belief of the believer, that's what their life is of a believer, we have love towards Allah and Allah, we have hope that we're going to be

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forgiven and we say that we could be punished because of our sins. And and that will be given success that you find our person is carrying out on this journey. When the more elderly they become the end of their life, they swayed towards the hope of Allah, the hope of Allah that He would pardon my sins. And when a person a younger person should be fearing Allah, not needed as we find that young people just hoping in Allah, there is a moment of fear. for elderly people. It's the end of the law. There's hope that Allah would wipe out they say that's what they pray for. Forgive my discrepancies are carried out inside my life. So we need to go back and reassess our Eman and

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devotion and commitment and not fall into the fallacy of the world around us. That everyone is equal. The whole world is equal. Everyone has the final end of janella agenda wahida agenda is only one is only for one people is only for Muslims. That's it. There's no need. There's no there's no

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discussion about it. There's nothing that sympathetic about it, there's no feeling sorry about it. There's nothing to being upset about it. That's a fact that we should avoid. They are the ones that commit atrocities towards Muslims, and a change in the source, because they're the ones that say no individual will ever end the department, especially Muslims. Read the news, read through a Torah, read through the engine, what did they highlight about Muslims? what they say about the Muslims, you'll be taken aback how to describe us what they say about us. We're not saying anything wrong about any nation of people. We only encourage you people believe in Allah, respond to Allah becomes

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the real Muslim, those who submit to Allah, Allah, Allah, on the topic and ability to submit to the teachings of Allah and Allah to live according to the teachings and to be resurrected upon those teachings of the goodness of those teachings in the law Amala equal to soluna Allah nebby your ladina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad camisa later Abraham Allah Allah Brahimi naka de Mogi alhama de cada Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim and Naka Jaime de Mogi Ravana Tina Fey Tanya Hashanah waffle, cara de hacer una wappinger governor Robin algorithm nanfu scenario lamp darkfield an outer homina lacuna namaha city

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serene rubberneck fildena li hua Nino La Nina Saku Nabeel Amen. Alfie coleauxv naka de de de de de mano Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, romper Africa Dino sobre la voz de de Mirage so narrow como cafe de la pena De De De De De de tener habla de dum kurama in decanter Wahab Rabbana habla nemunas word you know, overreacting a kurata

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tokina EMA Ravana Taco Bell Minh Dinah Contessa mula De La Nina cantata Weber Rahim. subhanak vichara your seafood was Ala Moana al masala no and Hamden in dihydropyridine me, Melissa como como la

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la ilaha illa