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The speakers discuss the idea of the "ma'am's" message on social media, which is a reference to the "ma'am's" message on WhatsApp. They also discuss the complexity of life and the importance of the "ma'am's" message in relation to the "ma'am's" message on WhatsApp. They conclude with a discussion of the "ma'am's" message on Facebook and the "ma'am's" message on WhatsApp.

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Have you are you wasting your time on social media again? Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a masjid to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for an annoying Do you know this and I know this, so that makes even greater, so give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more

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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Council, how are you guys doing? It's been a long time as it has been a long time since you've heard the champ since you've been acquainted with the champ. Since you've had the privilege of hearing the champs.

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How are you guys doing long time it has been I came across a video and this video was actually interesting, because it reminded me of another video. And might be this is kind of confusing now. But let me tell you what I'm talking about. might be another video. So this is Joe Rogan. And he says something which is very common sensical, but which we think we have the answer for, let's listen to what he has to say, you know, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about this yesterday, we were talking about how complex the human mind is, and how complex life and society is. But yet, there's no real management book. Like there's no real, there's no document that shows you

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this is the optimal way to exist. And these are the pitfalls of existing other ways that you know, you have these human reward systems built in and they can be hijacked by these various things. And this is the way the human body and the human mind exist optimally. Now, this reminded me guys, this reminded me of the legendary and the famous and the prolific, Dr. Zakir Naik, and one of his very famous lines they used to give in front of the millions of people in India and other parts of the world where he used to give his public lectures let's take a look at Zach and likes response to Joe Rogan. Whenever we purchase an equipment along with equipment, we get an instruction manual. For

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example, when we purchase a DVD player, we get instruction manual, which tells us how the DVD player should be operated. If you want to play the DVD, put the disc and press the play button. If you want to skip press the skip button. If you want to stop, press the stop button, don't drop it from a height it will get damaged. don't immerse the remote it will get spoiled. All the details are given in the instruction manual. Whenever you buy an equipment, it has an instruction manual, and more complicated the machine the more requirements of the instruction manual, if you allow me to call the human beings a machine, I would say it is the most complicated machine on the face of this earth.

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Don't you think it requires the instruction manual, the instruction manual for the human beings it is the Glorious Quran Now you heard that guys? The thing is, I totally agree with Zack and I can I think all Muslims would do because the thing is, look, if you think about the human being as a sentient conscientious being right, and if you agree that human being has free will and the ability to make a decision right and wrong, and that the human being

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is different actually is fundamentally differentiated from all other life forms is fundamentally differentiated from animals, from from plants, from bacteria, and so on and so forth. The question is, what is the purpose of life as a human being? And the Quranic answer to that? Or the Islamic answer is that the human being is made to worship God but putting it another way, the human being has to be one with nature, and the way to be one with nature, to put it in that sense, is to do what everything else in nature is doing. And everything else in nature is submitting its will to its creator, to the sustainer of the universe, to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Allah

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subhanho wa taala. And so the differentiating factor between human beings and everything else in creation, is that human being really has a choice to do what everything else in creation is doing, to fundamentally obey the Creator. And yes, that choice is made through the instruction manual,

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that the Creator through his love and mercy and wisdom has given the human being in order to follow. We believe in the previous dispensations. We believe in the the books of old, the Torah and the Injeel, the Gospels and the Torah. But we believe that the final dispensation that was sent to human beings is the one that was sent

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to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I think every human being owes it to himself.

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To investigate at least this book, and to see if the instruction manual would in fact, be the one that would lead to the ultimate guidance as the Quran states called fit to be Kitab in benign delay, who are them in Houma at Tibet, who in quantum saw the pin, that say bring a book that is more in guidance than the Quran, and the Torah and I will follow it if you're truthful. So let's take a look at the Quran and take a look at all the other books that claim to be from God and the author of The Ultimate guidance and see which one you think is the one that would lead to the ultimate guidance in this world. And in the Hereafter, you owe it to yourself as a human being to do at least that was

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah.

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And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.