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Sit down

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in Alhamdulillah Hina madam minister, you don't want to stop futile when our auto belay Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela mood illallah wa mejor del fella hodja why shadow

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in la bomba de la sharika

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Well, I heard you know Mohammed Abdullah humara sudo. I'm about to fire in da Cunha DC kita Baba wa highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam mushara Morimoto de to her wakulla mo de tin beta wakulla Bala that in wakulla dollar that in pinner rubbish really sorry for your silly I'm sorry. We're headed Okuda, Tommy Lisa Nia, Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana de anda. And continuing our journey of looking at the individuals who rejected lots of Canada either or who reject the Creator.

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And some of us may find it quite strange that why should we look at elements of rejection, but we find a side point An email will be laced with Canada Allah is based upon at least about one nafi affirmation and negation, and Kalima, Kalamata para, la de la, as a kind of dissected, that you first make a negation. Now either her Nan has the right to be worshipped in the law except for Allah, negating any forms of worship any other deities and only Allah Subhana Allah is to be worshipped. Now marble didn't be helping a lot law known as the right to be worshipped, the Jew right only belongs to Allah Subhana Allah. So that's the Quran itself inside surah Mohammed it

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mentions Fatima no la ilaha illallah wa stockfeed Leedom biquad mininova minette phylum have knowledge that no one has the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah, the person needs to know how to worship Allah Subhana Allah Allah basura upon knowledge upon understanding, and likewise no doubt which negates their belief. All of us we understand that in either law, Mr. Will Janna La Ilaha de la is a key to paradise. But a chef Mohammed Abdul Wahab in his works that he writes at every key has teeth, it has teeth that need to be placed there, for that key to be the appropriate key. And as the keys or the teeth of gender that we find a show route are the conditions

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of La la de la, as you find many people may say la ilaha de la, we have a broad understanding regarding it. But if you understand the deeper, intricate details that sometimes they are many of us, unfortunately may have negated their belief in Allah Subhana Allah and we don't even know about it. When we throw nasty

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When are you coming up through nasty belay? 11 most raccoon. Most people don't believe in Allah Subhana Allah, except for that belief is tainted with Sheikh Bella he Subhana Allah. So that's it incumbent upon every single Muslim, where he looked odd people of their age to know their belief, to know Allah Subhana Allah, that is the ultimate knowledge of success and adonia will era that a person worship Allah Subhana Allah, on foresightedness on pure in on basura that you find that their knowledge or their worship goes up to a loss apparently under la he has added Kelly McCabe, he find a good word is raised up to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah la sala her

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statement of La la la la or righteousness actions are lifted up to Allah Subhana Allah and the same place inside the same surah that we find so to fall to Allah and are mentioned in Namibia shall not have been a bear de Lama. Those who really say Allah Subhana Allah are men of knowledge, men of understanding, who know how Allah subhanaw taala should be worshipped, what to attribute to Allah Subhana Allah how to call upon Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah beginning of surah Allah Emraan shahidullah Nola Illa, in who will Malaika

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Eman bill Estella Illa well as these will Hakeem in the beginning of so Allah Emraan Allah condom says may testimony because we did not have the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah, He bears testimony to himself by himself regarding that, and likewise the angels what alluded to me and men of knowledge and understanding, none has the right to be worshipped, except for Allah Subhana Allah, this is the new Allah or the of Illuminati of an era T or Phil cabri. This is a life of the individual throughout their life, on the journey on this earth, inside the grave, inside the earth era inside Jenna, the person who knew how to worship Allah Subhan Allah who personally exerted

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the efforts to know Allah Subhana Allah to perfect the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah SN and Buddha Allah, Allah Katara, who fell into contura have no yuroke and a son, almost a known pious individual good individuals, those who worship Allah Subhana Allah as if they see Allah Subhana Allah, even though we know that no individual can see I'm not trying to add upon this dunya but that's how the a bed of the believers should be every time they stand.

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In front of Allah Subhana Allah workqueue mooloolah he only 18 when you stand for prayers in front of Allah subhanho Stan observant, that you are standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah, if you read it to see if this iwakuma la carnitine canonet it to qalamoun Yeshua Boone, usually moon TVs to greet one another speak to one another while they stand in such a Salah. That when this verse, this use of this verse came of this ayah came down wakulla carnitine that once you make to be takbeer to Iran, once you say Allahu Akbar, all mundane affairs, or normal affairs of this dunya they come to a standstill, because now you're standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah, nothing is greater than

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Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, who will October he's the greatest. He's the greatest person is standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah and your person doesn't know how to worship Allah but the salvado inside Fie, fie akula him inside the Ummah inside their mind fi kolu being inside the heart, what do you find? We'll be traveling through the mind and the heart of the individual, if they don't know who Allah Subhana Allah is, Asana just becomes a form of exercise, a form of ritual, or practice that everybody's doing around me. And as if I should turn to differences that you find a person two people standing together inside the prayer. One person's heart is in the heavens, traveling to Allah

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and the other person's heart is remaining with this dunya at Africa how latonia thinking about this dunya while a tuna salad 11 kujala they only come to Penn State of laziness, while is kurunegala illa karela. Even standing in a prayer only minute element of remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and this should be the ultimate remembrance what are the cruel why Akbar? What are the cruelly uppercut fu sera de cada una de la sala? What are the cruelly Aqua the greatest Vicar is a Sunnah Akbar? Willow Yamato snarled Allah knows what you're doing upon this dunya service we have to encourage you to remind ourselves that knowing Allah Subhana Allah, and knowing those things that negate belief in

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Allah, and are paramount inside our life, to remove these elements of deviancy of corruption of faults occur, because that realm has concluded amongst the prime reason why Muslims are suffering today is because we don't know how to worship Allah. We don't know Allah Subhana Allah, the rest of the things that secondary tertiary issues that we find. Most of us we don't know Allah Subhana Allah, we don't seek to gain that knowledge of takuro illa Allah Subhana Allah closest to Allah and Allah and as even in this modern world that we find of modern development, we find strange things. Belief regarding the creator that we find that is so supposed to be in the 21st century and modern

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world, but you find that people yeah, Buddha snon people that worship statues, their worship icons, their worship symbols that was shaped on their worship, a nerd their worship, knifes their worship man at dunya women, shaman rG 21st century we talk about a modern world, but people work, worship an icon, a statue, a symbol, a relic, a bead, a garment, an individual is supposed to be the modern world familiar Kuhn, a ballerina then they say to us, that we Muslims live in a medieval concept, barbaric religion, medieval practices that we have. And Islam what Dino duniya Islam is an Hanafi osimhen Islam look at the teaching of Islam. What is barbaric about Islam? What is historical about

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Islam that we find that the mean babble? achill that we find, as just a person who worships an icon, a symbol, a slogan? How is the equivalent to a person present who worship Allah Subhana Allah, person who relies upon a bead, a thread, a name? chanting something sitting in the darkness, worshiping God how they want to worship Allah? How is this staccato a llama? Rather This is medieval barbaric practices that you claim to have advanced it is more than word, but your worship is barfing is false. Your Worship is a worship that had come in Babbitt Apple doesn't make sense that you worship idols and statues and relics, things that man will do come on federal boom, does it benefit

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you in any way? And then you have the right or you have you claimed to have the audacity to question Islam. They say that Islam is a barbaric, medieval practice of life. Islam is the only way of life is the only religion that teaches people to worship Allah handled appropriately, that to worship that nubs the soul, the wealth, power, glory, statues, graves, individuals, Islam is free from all of that, and leads the individual to only worship Allah subhanaw taala. And likewise, the natural elements that people begin what they claim to be called Mother Nature, that the rain, the thunder, the storm, the oceans, the planet. All of this is a form of just natural reserves that we find that

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these these elements begin to take place and that some people they begin to worship them. They worship the rain that way

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Worship the fire, they worship the sun, they worship the moon.

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Something strange, natural elements are there to help you to recognize Allah subhanaw Rahim Allah Tina fill ourselves up unforeseen hetalia tambien alone and know how Allah will show them that signs inside the horizons in the heavens and the earth, to make it to establish upon their own selves that Allah is Allah. Allah is the truth. That's what the natural elements are, the natural elements are not there that you begin to worship them. And this is handy they want to dissect a point that would this, that people who begin to worship certain natural elements, I think this is the creation or this is the creator, or this was the purpose of being placed upon this earth. Sunderland Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam Yeoman set out to sue me. One day the prophet Isaiah he offered the morning prayer slotted for the with us, will they be at the time of day beer. And then he said under is Allah is the summer in Canada, Mina Laila after a rainfall and night of rainfall that taken place upon the earth filament sort of unabie la salatu salam when he completed a prayer, Alana sakala, whom he began to speak to the people he turned towards them and he began to address them before we address these kalimat knocketh hoonah overland, Salah Vina Rasool Allah salatu salam o will knock down our Rasool kenema as Javi was always with his companions in the early morning Senato so he is selected

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for the oneness. Aloo unfortunate alone. Come in alone. Salute serratos suit a olfa. Jury, Bill Giamatti, famous good, we can all ask ourselves this beginning question or beginning of the day. How many of us prayed for God in the morning in the masjid today? Or through MC? Oh garden? Look at today? How did the date begin? For many of us Muslims today? Did we begin our day inside the masjid? praying Salah to so pay at the Allah matomo in the sign of the believer sign of the believer to begin their day with fudger in the masjid. That's how the prophet Isaiah would begin his day. That's how the companion will begin their day. And whoever can answer that is super key. Whoever used away

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from Scylla to sub was classified as a monastic was classified as a monastic. Whoever was in the masjid in the morning, they classified that individuals a hypocrite. I show you an idea in the current FEC era, you know, aluna sukoon, they used to come for the morning prayer.

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Because why Sarah could not be spotted. And monasticon can use a Luna sub confer Rasul Allah salatu salam, they used to come to the prayer for them, so they could not be discovered. No one could discover them. This is what you call the intricate details of those monasticon. We can compare that to us today. If those munafo was so accurate to make sure they never missed certain budget, we can conclude possibly that they were better than us to a certain degree. They were better than some of us Muslims today. At least they had that much fear whatever is in the heart, Allah will judge them, but they knew that they have to be there. If not, they're going to be discovered that we are the

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hypocrites. That's the lesson that we can extract even though it's clear difference between believers today and how to code but just to send home the lesson that how they felt that they need to be there and looked at a 13 year old Abia read inside Sierra, because this is incumbent for Muslim to read about the sudo su la Sierra Tucson to understand Islam because some of us we just read a Knossos, the Quran and Sunnah black and white text. You have to read the CETA to understand the Quran and the Sunnah. You can't just pluck a verse from the Quran, what to tobacco and say this verse in the Quran says this, this verse in the Hadith says this, that said you have to understand

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the Syrah. You have to study the Syrah to see the application, the implications, and the application how the progression of live to these verses. And as you find every single item in case the individual throughout your life.

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Read Sera, whether it be

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a Moto Z that we find most

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of Muhammad, Abdul Wahab that we find, oh well, other words of great romantic comedy and yet Shiva and Cobra of Imam of suti define. Yamuna had to read Sierra to understand the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if not you avoid, you are away from the news. You're away from the Quran and the Sunnah and many of our Shabaab are away because they just like to read the Quran a literal meaning and literal reading of the Hadith and begin to apply it as they be that we find the 60 of the Islamic calendar that we find how early alpha or gamma Oh alphacam Samia Sahaba 1400 to some animals seriously 1500 who came with a profit on a sub to perform an ombre and courage they

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prevented them? stop them from doing it. Didn't want them to perform the ombre behavior Mr. Siraj, begin to discuss

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And now we find Muslims are recognized as an entity. Before they were being tortured. They're being oppressed. But now they saw that it needs Muslims have come. Now we cannot ignore them. They said various delegates to go and speak to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam amongst them we find out why even Masood Azhar Kofi, who at that time was it a Muslim who's being very rude to the prophet Elijah some interactive touch his bed, a Sahaba very emotional, and said to move your hand away from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but show you a Jeep, or Raven Masuda Sakai will you return that how do you feel Buhari that we find when he returned back and he met many of the leaders he met limit the

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leaders of the Persians of the Romans of the king of Amazonia he met them and he hired a handy filled Buhari he fought with Sahaba forgot no Sahaba don't read and go and study see with your own heart and your mind. Oh Do I be Masuda Takashi was a disbeliever he narrates I've seen seen all these leaders. But I've never seen a leader like the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem how much love and devotion his companions are towards him. Lord bussaco if he was to speak, then they would grab the mucus grab the spit and rub it on their faces. That's what they will do is perform will do

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to Lula Ba ba ba they'll fight one another before the answer will do before we do drops on the floor. We can either get a column now Andrew in our Italian lira food. He spoke our food item they never looked directly in his face. Hadith in Buhari or why we must prove the stock of winner he is what he saw about this individual. What he narrates about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam This is the impact of the messenger of the people around him. This pact of prediabetes that we find was a pact on faith that you go through everything against Islam, then you have to return back even when you find writing the pack that we find so Haley bin amor. When the prophet Isaiah says write

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim to live in a be poly. So even if we if we recognize Ar Rahman we only know Ar Rahman AR VR for Yemen. Right this be Coloma

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couldn't accept it. The companion only said agree can't accept this. But the professor told him right. Bisbee Coloma had the reseller oh how did they know Muhammad Rasool Allah. This is a covenant between the prophet who is the Messenger of Allah and the koresh. sakana Sohail. If we recognize you the messenger, then we wouldn't be fighting you all this time. Right? Oh, Muhammad, Ali Abdullah, right, Mohammed, the son of Abdullah. Once again, Ali said, I'm not going to do that.

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I'm showing me with the words that he rubbed out right, no problem. On the inner ferocity, Rasool Allah shall look at the wisdom. Look at the full sightedness of the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, these things are trivial.

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These things are trivial, in front of the professor, because he has a great insight of what's going to take place, make the agreement, you're already going to come the following year, to perform the ombre, you carry no weapons with you, and even your sword or shield that covered up and you perform the umbra and then you leave in three days or whatever time period it may be. For the next 10 years. There'll be no warfare between us and you. And if any of our subjects escaped from Makkah, and they come to Medina, without the permission of the Guardian, you have to return them. But if any of your followers come we will not return them on face value. Everything is against the Muslims. They are

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they feel upset. They see why we do what is this that we are doing. What is this agreement is pact that we're making on the ricotta was upset. He was furious. He walked to the progressives I said What is this? What type of agreement are we making? Even tobacco what type of agreement are we making, but also had a major enough for data locker for thermo Bina suit alpha Fuji a suit of the Quran in fatahna laka. Medina, we've given you the claim manifest victory. That's what Allah calls it. Because when they return back from 1400 individuals, when they return back 10,000 followers

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10,000 followers, the intent to Makkah, from 1400, to 10,000, Leanna, Ken and Mahalia freedom have to talk about Islam, to spread Islam, because Islam has a natural burning light, then when a person is given the freedom to express and speak about it, people will be attracted towards it. So the whole pack, in essence was in favor of the Muslims. Only the prophet Elijah could understand that. And this is something a wisdom that many of us young individuals fail to understand. As we get to conclude upon, that they said that agreements that need to be made for the betterment, or the welfare of the Muslim society, to protect the Muslim society identity, don't look at text in your

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own individual world. Because this shows a lack of comprehension of McCarthy, the Sharia and lack of unrest

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The laws and legislation of Allah subhana wa darna. Likewise, if I have not even our firm, who was sent to discuss with with the crush, but they delayed him and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or the companion made a promise we're going to fight them until we die for taking one of our companions, and then he took his blessing left hand place and he's right and he said, this is the hand of Othman unless you kind of sit down this is inside the Quran la casa de la I didn't mean is wor una kata Shakira for Allah Murphy obey Him. Allah standards pleased with those individuals. They are to return the pledge of happiness underneath the tree those companions who took that pledge a

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large companies with those individuals, family man Murphy, OBEY Him. Then go to Step Four makes the skier of these 1400 odd individuals. Palomar Murphy pulumi him Allah knows what's inside their heart has Arashi our fader what email me is not a Sharia refutation Is she on? Well, hula, hula, he, because the Quran says salema mefi kulu became not the prophet Isaiah knows what's inside their heart. Allah says Subhana Allah Allah for Allah mefi kulu obey Him. Allah knows what's inside the hearts of these companions. How dare they have the audacity

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to say and the Sahaba rubella

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Rashid la salatu salam how they have the audacity to say, companion disbelieve your ma disbelieved in the messenger.

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According to whom, Akita to

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mo Sahaba, Jamil Sahaja in the annual bait, this is a card that all of us have except for his family members, or disbelief. They're all treacherous. They're all traitors to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and so I once again mean Babel Akai we should be wary, know that people come and say that LA for minor Sunni was Shireen. There's no different means Sunni and Shia. It's been a Sunday it will be what Bina Shamsi will Comrie obey the lady when no hurry, it's clear difference. There's no there's no discussion, and levena su buena Sahaba, who reviled the companions curse the companion was under Quran ba Deena Lisa Quran. They say the Quran that we recite is not the Quran. So what

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dialogue is there? What discussion is there, what is there to speak about, that we could dialogue with such individuals who revised and kirsta the companion when, and as purified these individuals and selected these individuals, he held that we find that a journey of the the lofty goals of the Muslim should be understanding about their life of what they want to achieve, and what they want to do inside their life is not a political agenda. Now, some of us may think that when a person speaks about a political climate, that this person is worried about politics, I see us maintaining Islam, to be political in his right frame, is part of Islam, to be smart, to be full of wisdom, to know

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what we'll do to help that effect of the mustard, how to protect the Muslims, to save the Muslims to do things that are for the cause of the Muslims not to sit there in your confined environment that you just see one small thing and I say this very openly. It doesn't mean that I agree I agree with we've been offered a person make carrier and innovation, what is

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that two day in and day out all that you do your photo focus upon one small bit, one small mistake of a person throughout your life. And then you fail to comprehend fail to understand that there is a global issue that concerns far beyond that. of protecting a Muslim protecting a musket, protecting the house of Allah, protecting the Muslim sanctity identity, not to say that we turn a blind eye equally McCann in Nepal, for every moment you remind the people encourage the people, but they spend the whole of your life just to be focused upon that one small element. Welcome. Allah and in this affair is not a bid. And kafir is not a bid that takes you out the fold of Islam is not that type of

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Big Mama shot to be and he's worked on two volumes speaks about and what we find is not a bid that takes you outside the fold of Islam. And you spend all of your affairs worried about that. This is also telling me Emily's also this deception of the devil, that as we begin to bicker about certain elements, the wider goal objective is taken away from us that we fall prey to what we see around us at the moment, the suffering, the hardship, the torture, what voice is there today, for philistin at the moment as we must him I'll be led out of that we find arguing amongst himself who to boycott who not to boycott who not to sit with who not to discuss with who to break ties with who not to work

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with which country to break their their rights and regulations. Philistine sits there

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is the St. Louis about Philistine is there is the St. Louis Missouri AXA, is there any difference of opinion about him about his sanctity about his protection? Is there anything about that that should we should differently

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But we differ amongst other things. And the shaitaan takes us away from a common cause from a common cause that we should all be worried about that we should all be inside our mind you find some strange ad that I mentioned because there are strange if you cannot visit much of AXA, then at least send the candles are sent well that candles can be can be around that area can make that area shine. So beyond that, let us rub up delaila mineral muscle haraam, Elon Musk, aka glorified we kind of took the seven swords of a straw or sort of Benny Israel, who took the seven, four machines around in a machine to the furthest mosque. Why did Allah Subhana Allah take the procreation permission?

00:30:40--> 00:31:21

haram? Why did he take him to that destination to further his destination? and make him lead all the prophets in prayer? To meet all the prophets there? For what reason? For what reason was that why because this is what mubaraka this is oppressive land. This is. This is our This is our MBA evolution. This is the relocation of the messengers and the prophets. That's what his blessing area is that we fail to understand that we find it something trivial that this is another political agenda about speaking about this. This is part of our Islam part of that email. And as we we began with remind ourselves about the heat, about the oneness of Allah brothers, infelicity may have some

00:31:21--> 00:31:58

shortcoming some shortfalls inside their belief, and may possibly exist, we encourage them, we remind them, we work with them remind us of your mind, every single individual, but that doesn't mean that become negligent. That all my life that's all I'm going to speak about and not discuss these affairs. And if with a click of a button, things will just change in this global world. Allah Subhana laid out so Napoleon, in the heavens and upon the earth, things will only change when people make the effort to change, not to just speak about the game but physically get involved in that change, change our heart, change our minds, change our lives, change our actions, it has a ripple

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effect till eventually did Allah Subhana Allah with that effect changes the global global standing of this Muslim oma. But if we're full of *, we're full of deviation corruption, then the answer that response will not be given by Allah subhanaw taala Likewise, we find we're letting ourselves Rasulo Buddha Medina, Huck, Leo Hiro Latina Cooley waka Fabien de shahida. He's the one that looks like I sent His messenger with the truth inside the same sort of that we find that this deed will be established over all other ways of life. And Islam. We should not shy away from the fact Islam will dominate and control this earth. That's a fact that's a reality. Let aku aku insha Allah, Allah said

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you don't say inshallah inshallah Hakan because insha. Allah has many meanings for the Arabic language. You don't say insha Allah if Allah wills that's not what applies here. It has happened lezzy man, I'm not saying look around in three places that he will establish Islam upon this earth. That's it will take place to be established. wherever we're living. We leave this dunya 100 years later is the promise of Allah. It's only a few days, within a new there will have been at least a few days that we alternate between you and them. 50 years, 60 years, 100 years, 150 years. The days will alternate till eventually, Kalamata La Jolla, the word of Allah, as a site where he's always

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supreme is always nasty, is always victorious. So even after this pact of who they be, that we find, almost word is supreme is lofty, because the wisdom came out at the end of this is something that we cannot ever imagined inside our lives. Muhammad Rasulullah will Lavina Morrow,

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Rama obey know whom, if you read it to see this ayah that we find the Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah will levena matter what should know when puffery, Rama obey known, those who are with him, are stern and harsh against the disbelieving individuals when the time is right, not to say the moment that we should be harsh towards non Muslims. But that's what the Quran says that we should know the parameters, we should know that people are snatching away the rights of the Muslim taking away the rights of the Muslim is not an opportunity to sit in a comfortable discussion with them. That property is taken land is taken well, women are raped, atrocities are committed that we

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should just have a mild discussion about it and leave it at a side point. And if you look at the world at the moment, people who believe in revival they sacrifice they sacrifice their lives most sacrifice, memorable, Bob in false hood, but they sacrifice their life because they believed in that cause they believed that they let their life be taken away. And yet we have a cause which is just a cause which is Islamic a cause which is going to benefit benefit our children benefit our community. And yet what do we find? That we find?

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The most silent of people are termed as Muslims. Not more than a half. What do we what do we say? What do we say?

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Inside our lives, what's the most that people can do? Take away your right, take away put you in prison for what? For what what have we done, that we should be so over worried that we've done certain actions that we should be worried about inside our life, we are calling to Allah Subhana. Allah, reminding people about Allah, encouraging ourselves to worship Allah Subhan Allah, and deliver healthy sound Society of couraging individuals. And this was the impact of this pack. That the kurush when they saw this, they began to flock into Islam, they began to enter into the system to see that the goodness of Islam, that justice system and the fairness of what Islam was preaching

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or telling individuals to carry on inside their lives. While returning back to the Hadith, the prophet shall be returned, we faced these companions, and he said to his companions, alto de una de cada buco, he said, Do you know what your Lord has said? Call you Allah rasuluh Allah, Allah, His Messenger knows best called us there have been a big movement and be well Catherine is amongst my service, who's woke up in the morning and become a Muslim. And one is woken up one morning become caffeine. The one who woke up in the morning and said, Matilda, before the lie supernova we've been given rain, by the blessings and a virtue of Allah and Allah has believed in the law. And the one

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who said it will be given rain be no it could be phoolan that we've given rain by this certain start at this location that one has disbelieve in Allah.

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It may sound strange for us, but as we began with until you find Muslims who believe in in superstitious beliefs, would it be the horoscopes, the reading curato reading one's hand karateka and yet our guest reading the cup, reading tea leaves, and bad luck, a black cat came in my way, breaking a mirror seven years of bad luck walking underneath an umbrella walking underneath certain elements of dropping salt on the floor all these sugars that we find superstitious beliefs that solutions are believed that they unfortunately the superstitious belief that this is a form of protection This is a form of help. This is a form of bad luck. This is all covered below a subpoena

00:37:05--> 00:37:10

Dinah wakulla Colorado stock one What did me remove the mean of the stuff we know for Rahim

00:37:23--> 00:38:00

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a happy woman Temasek Episode neterra yo meeting Amma bad as for individual said moderna before de la Subhana Allah, the One who said that we were given rain by the permission of the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah is the one who is believed in Allah Subhana Allah and Africa numerous are yet inside the Quran. Talking about the sending of the rain, man bahara is bless it rain of the blessing water comes down from the heaven to benefit individuals to benefit the pasture, the vegetation and human being that we find are lost or damaged or frightened Wilma, lady, Tasha Boone, Have you not seen the

00:38:00--> 00:38:39

water that you drink? Where is the form of existence? Where does it come from? Who is the one that sends it down and as we become an all these natural elements, they all encourage the individual to come close to Allah Subhana Allah and there's a lot of dimension towards in the end, sort of milk that we find will arrive in US Bahama Coca Cola for me familia t can be met in Marin say if your water was to sink down into the ground, was to dry up, who's going to bring out the water, who can bring it out, except for Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that all these natural elements, they lead the individual to worship Allah Subhan Allah to call upon Allah Subhana Allah as for the

00:38:39--> 00:39:20

individual who believes that certain star or a certain format or rain or certain element is something that came down, that brought about this rain, then that person is disbelieved in a loss of candidate Allah, as disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah, that's the realm as we began with the creed to be a pristine, orthodox creed, that everything that we do in life is pure. No no individual fall into the trap of having these superstitious beliefs, live a pristine belief. Everything is from Allah Subhana Allah, everything comes from a lot of wisdom that lies within, he allow certain things that we may classify as bad or use it for liquidity, assure evil, something which could be bad,

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

which we may see as something bad, or even. All that is a wisdom that lies with Allah Subhana Allah. Now individuals are saying that because this happened in my life, this is a form of bad luck or this prevented me. There is no element of luck in a person's life. Everything is destined by Allah Subhana Allah and the stronger that belief is, in tawakkol, Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah, the stronger the journey it becomes, if not, it becomes a week journeys we began with people who hold onto these icons and these relics, you find the most weakest of people in the identity in the email, as such individuals and the most strongest of individuals are those individuals who have that strong

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

belief really

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

guarding Allah Subhana Allah likewise define belief in the stars. Once again inside Tsutomu Carlos Condit, Allah has mentioned about the stars

00:40:09--> 00:40:50

that we've met beautified the heavens and the earth, for what purpose that you may begin to recognize lots of and others we find in tafasitamab mu j dimensions, that and no doom and kawaki you have free purposes that are last added, placed, the stars in the heavens will be near Jimmy whom you don't, I will and that we find by the stars you are guided by people who travel a little better upon the ocean, they know that the constellation of the stars, the movement of stars, the North Star, certain stars, they're able to predict or see the location of the destination. This is something which is allowed inside the Sharia wabanaki homie, I don't know why the stars person finds a form of

00:40:50--> 00:41:31

guidance of traveling upon this earth. Like what Allah Subhana Allah mentioned, where the Redeemer monthly shopping, it's not suitable. The second reason to start being placed inside the heavens is that to throw down the meteorites upon a sharpie, you try to travel to the heaven to seek information to hit information, what the angel be told to do that you find that they snatch one small element, and they bring it down and concoct 99 other lies with it. So when a person who visits a fortune teller, there may be one element of truth, what a person who goes to a fortune teller, your Salah to arbaeen, or Yeoman doesn't goes to fortune teller, just out of curiosity, he gets the

00:41:31--> 00:42:10

hand read, it brings tea leaves to a person to see what would happen inside their life. Their Salah is not accepted for 40 days, doesn't mean that they should have prayed. But it shows the severity for 40 days, that person's prayer as there's no reward for that individual. Just from from curiosity. Let me see what is going to happen in my life. What's been destined for me, look how strong the Sharia is that these soothsayers, these people who take this one line, that's what the jinn they say that the shouting, they say, we concoct 99 lies with it, and we've conveyed to the people. And as the meteorites they come down to destroy these individuals. The third reason that we

00:42:10--> 00:42:53

find, we find well of course, is a modern Joby masaba, to beautify the heavens. That's it is a beautiful vision. In the night that we find of the heavens of the stars there to show the glory and the mind of Allah Subhana Allah, this is what I was under place these natural elements they lit the four core to ponder, to reflect, to see the natural creation of Allah and Allah to bring one closer to Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that we should be understanding, in conclusion, to make pacts and agreement amongst Muslims to solidify ourselves if the Sharia allows that a Muslim can make an agreement as the prophet Isaiah made with non Muslims, last shocky, Kofi about their disbelief,

00:42:53--> 00:43:24

these are polish. This is a courage, he makes an agreement with them to protect the Muslims. This shows our shallowness today, we can't make a pact with another Muslim another agree with another Muslim. It doesn't mean we're making excuses for another Muslim. It means a Muslim is an intelligent individual, a wise individual, an individual a deep understanding of certain things. And Muslim Unfortunately, it usually just as a textual book understanding will not go far inside their life. That's the Final Four final fuqaha e.

00:43:27--> 00:44:08

And 14 and four key is the one who understand the Quran and the Sunnah, and is able to apply it able to apply not just a one who becomes an island, who knows no suits of the Quran and Sunnah, as Loki is on a deep jurisprudence and understanding is able to see that this is how we need to apply this for the betterment of our own selves of our people. And that's what we need to place inside our society place in our heart and our mind, they don't look at one individual, that what you may see as a mistake, or you may see as a religious ruling, that is not beneficial to you. But if a person throughout their life 90 90% 95% of their life that you find that all of the alcohol, all the

00:44:08--> 00:44:29

statements are in correspondence with the Quran and the Sunnah, then there must be a reason of why they've given something to encourage another individual. Don't see it in your own perception. And I hate to say these words, but time and time again, young individuals may have met the job to an extreme, not gone past 20 years of their life.

00:44:30--> 00:44:41

No grandpa's 20 years of their life. And they have the audacity, they have the audacity to speak about someone who spent arbaeen, son of 40 years 50 or 60 years of life understanding and the source

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

media at times they can be mistaken by you see what they're trying to derive and what they're trying to do, then at least a person can do and say that maybe I don't agree with that. But I can understand the concept or the person is trying to do inside their life. And that's what we should understand inside our lives. The concept of trying to protect our Muslims.

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

To protect ourselves to create a safe haven for Muslims, that we can worship Allah Subhana Allah in a state of freedom in a state of evidence in a state of devotion commitment, or we can worship a lot and open up the doors for other individuals, because just like that data of 1400 in number, who knows how many number they will be, in another year, in 10 years, if we all make the effort to become people,

00:45:27--> 00:46:09

that wherever we go, to remind people about Allah, to worship Allah, if all of us we exert our efforts, even one single individual, once in a year, or hatanaka, once in a lifetime, we exerted our efforts to call another non Muslim to Islam, and this person entered in Islam. Imagine the impact of that. Imagine the impact we just make that one small effort we make a goal sincerely to Allah Subhana Allah to make that effort, and he's one person, just like we make up for other things inside our life. Make sure to look under that make it upon my hand upon my tongue, that the words that I say from your Quran and the Sunnah, my armor, my actions, my UCLA needs another individual to study

00:46:09--> 00:46:47

to read about Islam. And even we feel that I may not be a well versed individual, there are many individuals. And we are lucky by just the characteristics that people have been interested in Islam. Just what if we just lived as Muslim you find how many people just the way that we conduct ourselves would become food for thought, food for thought for many non Muslims, to encourage them, there's been even simple things that we find that people have quickly seen person sitting down drinking their water, or not swearing or not using foul language, not looking at her or lowering their gaze at a strange woman not shaking their hand is created interest. That why don't you do that? Why don't

00:46:47--> 00:47:24

you drink? Why don't you do hold on? Why don't you do this? Why don't you do that open interest. Because as we began with, there may be a modern world, but their belief is shallow. their belief is shallow, because they're holding on to their threads and their beads. They need a man they need a law. And that is with us. The heart of the believer holds a law even though the statement is false, but the meaning of that the heart of the believer is close to Allah. Because that's what's in the heart of every single Muslim. So if you believe that believe that conviction, then you're going to be there to remind other individuals, the only individuals go towards and don't let your family

00:47:24--> 00:48:02

members go to the Hellfire to holy superstitious beliefs as they leave every family member to do what they want to do. You see them clearly being shipped. You see them clearly saying good ship. Yeah, Ali helped me forsake me. Yeah, Abdul Qadir jilani save me rescue me. They come to grace, they come to shine, Nicole and under the only year they asked him for help don't turn a blind eye to your family members. Because that is unfortunately, a path towards jahannam a path towards the Hellfire as we began with of being people of tawheed or people of gopher may last 100 years old. tofik inability to return back to the Quran and Sunnah and have a deep understanding regarding it in the

00:48:02--> 00:48:43

law. 1 million it could be so lunarlon Debbie EULA Deena Manasa louella, USA limitus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad can also later libre hemara libera human naka homido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim and Academy hamidou Majeed subgenera Tina Fey Tanya Hashanah waffleh cara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin algorithm Dan fusina William Tocqueville and then Hakuna namaha serene Robin of Finland, only one in Edina sub kupuna via email at alpha code ob now Hello Linda Dina Manu from Ghana in Nakuru for Rahim proper Africa Lena sobre was a bit of Ramadan so national poll carefully from vanilla to the kalapana

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barreda de tener una mirada Doom kurama in La cantera hub Ravana habla nemunas Virgina Victoria Tina kurata

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tokina Ravana Taka Berman Niner Contessa mula Halim watauga Elena Nakata, Weber Rahim so panoramic Arabella is that the Anaya seafood was Allah Muhammad Ali known hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sala de como como como la

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