Do Not Give Allah – Your Leftover Time

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One said this, this is May Allah given to all of us, he said, Sign You will love him, which actually you love anybody, you give him.

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Your will.

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Your resolve your your actions, and your time and your money. The one that you love, the best of your time, the best of your money, the best when you're the best of your ability to the person you love. If you do this will love the new lover. What do we do? As one of my teachers one time looked at me says don't give Allah the left over time of yours.

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She was right.

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And I was reading Quran to her and obviously I was very tired and she said don't give Allah the leftover.

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We all want when somebody gives you left over what do you say?

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If you are very polite, and you're gonna say no, thank you I'm not hungry. Right? And if this is somebody who knows like I'm not eating the leftover

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and we give Allah our leftover time. I don't I will never remember this word. How did she use it? To hit a point? So he says the sign your love of Las pantalla you're given the best of everything. Best of your time. Best of your money, best of your resolve best of your focus.