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The segment discusses the importance of remembering Allah Subhana's teachings and the importance of finding the right person to be. It emphasizes the need for finding spirituality in one's life and finding the joy of Islam. The segment also touches on the importance of finding deeds that are not recognized as Christian deeds to avoid confusion and finding the joy of achieving excellence. The speakers stress the importance of following the Sun parable and not devoting one's time to achieving excellence.

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be promoted

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Salam alikoum rahmatullah wa barakato

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In the hamdulillah Hina monastery don't want to stop. When are over build a Manchurian fujinami say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela moody. Woman, little fella hodja wash How do I

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ilaha illallah wa sharika wash. How do I know Mohammed Abu Mara sudo amalga Ignace da Cunha DC kita boomba highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Shara Lumumba to her wakulla Desert in VEDA wakulla VEDA in Bala that in wakulla Bala that infinity rubbish roughly sorry, waka Sidley Emery, we're Lisa Nia Coco Lee, after praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey of softening the hearts, whereby we looked at the concept of assure submissiveness and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. And in the second stage, if it can be said,

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of making Toba repentance towards Allah Subhana Allah, the third stage, or a third theme, is one of the

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one of remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah in His 29 days that passed us by orbignya muttahida Timo saw the head and why his blessings good deeds come to an end are completed, was an ultimate level of pure devotion and remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah Leyland when a heroine and a day in the night in open in secrecy continuously the believers remembering a loss

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Canada Allah and that concept of remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah should remain with the believers. As we find it the Prophet Alayhi Salat some advice these followers advise a companion that makes sure your tongue is always moist, ladies aloe Lisa Nicaraguan with the krill a supernova to either keep your tongue moist, with the blessings in remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and thus we want to continue that theme of remembering Allah Subhana Allah and looking at the football, the virtues and the forward and the benefits of making Vicar law of remembering Allah Subhana Allah, because we find out unfortunately, certain stages that certain individuals about the power if

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certain groups or sex that you find begin to highlight They are the ones who make the appropriate dhikr of Allah, the right remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, when can do you know Sofia amid the sovos alethea, yummy Luna tasawwuf those who go towards mystical approaches and the Sufi mystics that we find, they tried to highlight they are the real individuals of Allah sadhana people sadhana reviving the Chroma and this is benhadad Bab yet hold by the nurse by the sea trying to enter upon people and confuse people that they are the ones who make the appropriate remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and we should remember and understand that min Moran of Allah sadhana to Gemma,

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people, so not those individuals who revitalize the sadhana, who begin to encourage people to live according to the sadhana people, so not those individuals who teach people the right way of remembering Allah Subhana Allah, not based upon intuition, or serenity or feelings of cash or feelings of what they people think this is a perception of remembering Allah Subhana Allah, that which they think gives them peace and tranquility. This is not the way that a person comes close to Allah Subhan Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah laid out a bird and a bird topia, a bird of Allah Subhana Allah is restricted is codified has been legislated by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah toorak

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older ways of remembering a lot of Chicago, Illinois is to Canada and I've been documented inside the Quran, as we mentioned, but a bless the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that is the only way a person comes close to Allah Subhana Allah and likewise you find that those people revive the sadhana Vicar Hello Sana, who begin to make that distinction between that which is false, and that which is accurate, begin to make that initial checking of the Hadees of, of encouraging individuals, because as God which is based upon modo ad based upon false fabricated narrations are very, very weak spectacle narrations, these are all rejected but Allah Subhana Allah does not bring

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one close to Allah Subhana Allah, rather some element documented becomes the base of a belief becomes a deception of the devil, that a person thinks that they're making certain certain word certain occur. And I think it brings him close to a loss of Canada. And that's we're going to touch upon the football and the virtues and the ways that the Prophet Alayhi Salam encouraged us to make the dhikr of Allah and as you can many the Redeemer, as you mentioned, time and time again in the conclusion of the books of Hadith always concluded, but what is known as GitHub or aka, the book or the chapter talking about suffering the heart, because just knowledge on its own, has no real

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impact, unless it doesn't have the implementation that softness of Ischia. All this is based upon the verse inside the Quran will use a key him that the Prophet Allah is not that he purifies them, gives them an element of purity of devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, and likewise, the Quran mentions that salted Hadid, the 57 Chapter The Quran shyona, Rajiv, and Hadid is the iron iron that you find as my nephew earliness benefit for mankind and inside this surah Allah I mentioned lamb in India Dean Manu attack Shaka Zulu boom. Lydia Cree live Amanda's elemental Huck has all the time comfortable leaving individuals that he has become subservient, become lenient, become tolerant with

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a vicar of Allah does not become like those individuals who have been given to kitabi publikum given the book before you for Paula, Ahmed, la casa coloboma, Taka zero Miriam, first a cone, you find that time is pervade over these individuals moving away from the narrations of the Quran, or the teachings are given to them. Till eventually find these individually hearts became harsh and hard and difficult, and many of them are wicked individuals that you find skia min Babbitt Alexandre de Waal, Gemma is a way to remind ourselves Indeed, the first parallel amongst the first parables inside the Quran in surah, Al Baqarah that we find for kosaku boom. Ivana indeed the heart became

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harsh, very, very difficult than the last time that I mentioned three elements about the heart. You find that from the stone, the hearts have become like a rock from some of the

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rocks that you find a rock you find it if a German will and hurt, you find that rivers begin to expel to come out if it will flow over it. If I like what you strike some of the rocks, you find water begins to gush out from it. And likewise on some of these rocks. Yeah, bitumen has Shatila. Some of these rocks, they say Allah Subhana Allah che in German, a hard substance that we find. But Allah describes that this rock, it says Allah Subhana Adana, so that the heart has to be tuned. It has to be nurtured. It has to be fasted has to be fed with Victrola with the remembrance of Allah Subhana. Dianna does do random I made these compilations of the Chroma whether it be Al kalamaki,

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the collection of shapes of a b taymiyyah, or webelos. Same of Eben paymo, Josie explaining it, or likewise keytab str of Emma Minogue, Rama de la la or haysville Muslim, which is one of the best books in the modern times they find collecting all of the skirt, from the morning to the evening, from life to death that we find that a person should keep that with them, and follow these authentic narrations of the prophets a lot. So to encourage oneself, to make that Vicar of Allah Subhana, Allah and albina upon clear evidence upon him, because for the last decade that we find or forgotten of when people begin to collect certain narrations or certain statements that we find,

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unfortunately, some of these will be equally

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valid yehudah him fully earlier for the exerting of the efforts and the collection that we find, but some of them they've deviated in corrupt narration, they begin to compile and begin to present to people and as it becomes incumbent that a person begins to search for the appropriate way of remembering Allah Subhana Dinah, because this is the new law he's so paranoid that either no one is questioning the old timer. Now he's questioning the previous element existed before we are nothing incapacities individuals, but as earlier mentioned that the more than they know knowledge, or the existing knowledge of extra code that we find extra research that we find there could be certain

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things that are past those individuals. Many things are past individual existed before and today and in the future. But a person looks at color, lower color soul. The person looks at the statements of loss of Hana dialect inside the Koran, and looks at the statements of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and adores oneself adorns oneself with those narrations and encourages other individuals to come to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and as we find an atlas with the with the battle sooner, if and this is Babbitt Ischia to be sincere in remembering Allah Subhana Allah while metabo and to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Cana shucks Morrison person

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is sincere, but they're not falling the son of the prophet Elijah Naka, Allah He, we feel that maybe his actions may not be accepted but lots of handy either a person could be falling The sooner but at some times they're not sincere. Once again we say that Allah could reject the person's action person needs to couple both elements together, be sincere, and likewise, a dunums have tried their best to follow the Sunnah of the prophets of the Lord seldom does not mean

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that we find numerous are yet inside the Quran. Allah Akbar will know Yamato snapcode

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Akbar, the greatest Vicar is the dhikr of Allah rocketfuel sirona una de la sala, one of the crew lined up but the best form of victory lace apparent Olympic deficit of mentioned based upon this is a solid, a solid, the best way to remember are lots of 100 and then we can take it generally, that everything to remember Allah Subhana Allah is the greatest thing is the best thing we'll know. Yeah. neroon fully aware of all the actions that we carry out, like once you find a hadith that we find, if a person remembers a lot and within their own self, then a lot of time to remember the individual with himself as a person who remembers a lot in a gathering, then a lot of makes mention of the

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individual gathering far better than any of the gatherings that he's done. Yeah, we're makes mention that individual, amongst the angels, amongst the angels a lot that makes mention of that individual, these are all for

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the for why the benefits of a person making dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah Likewise, when first guru need a comb, remember me and I will remember you. Remember Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will remember you and as you want to remember mankind, to remember them extensively continuously is a disease is a disease to always make mention of people. person should be excessive in the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah that's what I believe it should be that all of the organs that are addicted will be what Billy send you a beer jawara as the Chroma bill will be with the hot cocoa reflecting and thinking like, well, if I've been listening with the tongue that if I'm making dhikr of Allah,

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what will God Hey, and likewise with your limbs? That is all the format of Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah was Kuru la casa de la la come to Flareon remember Allah Subhana Allah that you may become successful individuals can see

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Are excessively there's no parameters that people may think that may be just make a certain form of liquor, some narrations that we find whoever increases beyond that goes beyond the limitation the manor has gained even more reward that there are certain as good as the person gains more and more reward of remembering a loss of Hannah Donna likewise if another strange man a stranger for many of us have lost hunger I mentioned around that many many young individuals to get excited about inside their life a lot harder I mentioned Yeah, you let me know either lucky to attend first moto was Kuru locka, theatre, La La come to Pharaoh. Oh, you believe if you meet the enemy, if you meet the enemy

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here allegedly, to smite them on their necks to attack them to kill them to destroy them to take their lives. Unless under mentioned we meet a party for free attend you meet them first to remain steadfast with guru LA. Make Vicar of Allah. Liana kupatana fidic Rila the strength of the believer is in Victor la comme fitori. Khurana aka katiba, how much interest you find that Muslims before even engaging in meeting the enemy just by takbeer This might be what I mean, what the hell with the smear that you find that the sound of this the PR n the inner if I'd say entered into the heart of the enemy, token attack via Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah ficolo by him, Rob Fay enters into the

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heart just by hearing the appeal of Allah Subhana Allah, this is komatsuna This is the strength of the believers that we find we need to obtain strength of the body as well, where it below must determine

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elements of strength need to be developed. But the real strength that we find is spirituality. Within a room, the soul, the spirit, the coo coo Imani albina the coolest image inside the heart, it gives the individual a new element of strength man episode we can't imagine or in actual fact we can't we can't visualize it. But of course, that takes that strength of the closer pounder and as he mentioned Subhanallah when you meet the enemy remain steadfast in the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah you lead in muscala Deacon Kathy euro what's up visual Baccarat, Celia Are you believe me morain excessive remembrance of Allah in the morning and in the evening. person when they wake up remembers

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Allah during the daytime any opportunity that you find person should remember Allah Subhana Allah unlike quite fine inserted a hazard once again the 33rd chapter on a surah mainly talks about a Jihad feasibility law, but you find

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of dress of etiquettes of behavior and then you find certain sefa Indian Muslim and non Muslim men in a minute. These are

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nine different types of categories are mentioned about the Muslim men, women believing men believing women, fasting men, foster women, observant men, observant women, and then the Seaford they continue about these individuals till eventually it was kinda mentioned what Irina was that was there Karina la casa de Rosa Tierra Abdullah home, address our vema can eventually unlock concludes either mentioning those men who remember a lot abundantly those women who remember a lot abundantly, then Allah mentioned, he's prepared for those individuals, paradise for those individuals, and a great forgiveness of those individuals. So the final sefa of these individuals one of remembering Allah

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Subhana Allah, what a great characteristic that is. And as we find those male and female individuals who remember Allah, Allah on a daily basis, on a continuous basis that we find numerous Hadees that we find that may have overtaken us, or may excuse the language, we may find them to be trivial inside our life. But look at the mere kelim attorney, Chief attorney Alan Lee Sani Habib attorney, Illa Rahmani two simple words, beloved to Allah and Allah, very light upon the tongue, very heavy on the on the scales Subhana Allah He will be happy Subhana light aldine Glorified be Allah Subhana Allah.

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This is such simple words that we find all majesty and glory belongs to last pandadoc woofie bacteria that we find if a person could have completed then simply say Superman only will be happy.

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If a person can't say the whole, Superman only will be handy your P E is enough for an individual like vorticella will

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you find a palm tree is placed for that individual inside paradise. Simple things that we find simple things that we find look at the reward that Allah Allah gives to those individuals who carry out this dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah in humble kilometer Allah Subhana light will be handy he the most beloved statement, Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah will be handy below decree, the ILA in the law shall not guide you to that one of the treasures of paradise. The most virtues of liquor is La ilaha illAllah. That is the most absolute liquor that a person is always making. La la la la Toki about the oneness of

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Allah Subhana Allah and if you find throughout the Quran that we find every single nebby aku Rasool every single messenger Nana. Camila Hiroo, you have no other deity except for Allah Subhana Allah and tell him to towhee that we find should be what every single Muslim should be upon their tongue. He is telling me to dark, dry the penny but to give data to the people called him to the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, this is the essence that we find, because this is the element that unites this Muslim Ummah, this element will drive these individuals towards Allah Subhana Allah to remind them about the oneness of Allah spandana because at the moment you

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shikun most people on the face of the earth, they may believe in Allah, but they come and shake. It is only the Muslims, the pure Muslims that we find who believe in Allah appropriately, and remind the people around continuously ask dilute Nikola Tesla. The most virtuous statement, the most virtuous dicker is there is a law that Allah mentions are the Quran.

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Allah illallah wa stuffily dumping meaning every minute for Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah have knowledge that no one has the right to be worshipped except for Allah. The ultimate aim that we find is oneness of Allah Subhana dyana. does Allah mentioned at the beginning of Surah Al Imran shahidullah nolet illa Illa who will Malaika we'll call him umbilicus de la ilaha illa Allah Aziz al Hakim shahidullah Allah praise pais Whitney witness, that none has the right to be worshipped except for him. Subhana Allah while mela aka offense of Subhana Allah then the angels bear witness to that well known enemy, men of understanding of knowledge does he find

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his motto haidee, that knowledge of oneness of Allah Subhana darina strengthens the heart, you call we call booty shots, strength is the heart of the individual strengthens their life, the more stronger your toe Hadees the stronger your devotion becomes, the more stronger these kelemen become upon your tongue, inside your heart upon your God, because the more the heart is yearning for a oneness of devotion, commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and likewise when we find the treasure agenda, we find out how La quwata illa Billah to make such statements that we find like was an awkward Subhana light when hamdu lillahi Illa Allah Akbar

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as the loo Matala

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is far better for me than whatever the sunrise is upon. And whatever this dunya contains, to make such simple statements is more beloved to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam than whatever the sunrise is upon. By look at many of us as kirusa. I've got to Saba how many of us we sit down, we make a skeletal survey, that we have other engagements, we have other commitments we have, that you find a single Muslim fortress of the Muslim, to protect oneself, to make as good as Messiah, whatsoever. in the morning and the evening a person is engaged in remembering Allah Subhana Allah, we strengthen the image of the individual and protect the individual. Likewise define to make other statements

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that we find, if a person says 100 times, then you find that some narrations that 100 servants are freed for that individual 100 good deeds are written for the individual 100 bad deeds are wiped out for that individual. And no one can do except for come more than that. Meaning more reward is given to the individual who makes that Vicar and remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah. And thus we find this str of Allah Subhana Allah as God that we've had general wordings that we find a person can carry on at any moment in time. And then you find certain esgar, which is codify, has to be made at a certain time, or a certain place for a person to gain that reward from Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find

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that even at 13, at times, it's not worship, that a person says I too, could see first, after the center or make disappear. This makes me smile over his goodness, person tries their best to look at what the profit is, I'm done after the prayer, or before the prayer or within the prayer, but it was a mix genuine, there is no harridge. And whatever as God they make as long as it happens to be authentically the impact of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And as we find these numerous narrations, that some of these as we began with deviated six, they begin to take and try to highlight this is the way that we make the victim some of these narrations, our general format, just talking about the

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preference of Vicar that we don't deny. No Muslim should accuse another Muslim Allah sadhana, that we don't believe in liquor. Are we not full of spirituality as we began with this, the essence of the Muslim the essence of the Muslim is to find spirituality inside the life you find amongst these narrations in a later alamanda aka your tofu now, it took me sooner Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah has angels that wonder upon the earth, and the pathways, searching for people who are making Vicar of Allah. Look at this, for Lila Look at his virtue. Allah has specific angels who are wondering

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upon this earth, to see who is making Vicar of Allah, in some narrations that you find there's no gathering of people who sit down in the house of Allah and and make the decree of Allah, except for that you find Sakina begins to descend upon them, and you find that angels have enshrouded them and covered these individual till eventually to find even a person who may have come for a more junior year come for some worldly element to meet another individual to collect something or just happens to be inside the machine. It happens to be inside the machine while people are praying, or people reading Quran are making remembrance of Allah and the angels. What about this individual? Is this

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individual going to be forgiven as well? There is no there is no rich individual in front of Allah Subhana Allah being with solane just entering in a mesh of one year to the New Year. As I mentioned, he's Nia could have been the world he had no real intent to remember Allah to be inside that gathering, but being with Julissa Asana hain being amongst the righteous individuals, Allah forgives the individual as well. These are the four why

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people have declared people of Allah,

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Quran Casa to people who are on a specific individuals, specific individuals who are loved by Allah Subhana Allah, that we find that people are people the capacity to show reverence and respect towards not that they asked for it. But min min back at the Kuru Illallah from being close to last hamdallah to find ways elements to learn from these individual as God do they make these all based upon narration is appropriate to so many praises certain individual, this person when promised paradise, and they want you to go and see what special action is individual do what's so special about Bilal or the local area. And what's special about this individual that the prophet Elijah

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mentioned, I heard his footsteps inside dinner. I heard his footsteps located parallel what was so special about biller or the

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what was special, the only thing that was special about him, which for us is something very immense is every time that you will perform boo boo, then it will be two units of prayer or the companions that we find other actions that they will do. And other competitor going to be close to the professor to go and actually stand in the night prayer with him to see what what was specifically that he was doing. That gave him the strength of a man strength of a man what gave it to him was nothing but Victrola and remembrance of Allah spandana there's many elements concluded collected, chances are maybe Tamia Rahmatullah on a student, a Moto Z highlights and he mentions that the MA MA

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a, no, we never ever saw him leave the Corolla in the morning. We never saw him leave that in the morning. Because he told me that if I tell if he said no to individual different about Shut up, Tamia had to be safe, it would be nice and he will honor me he fought when the sword with a pen and with his tongue, every element, but he says that this liquid of Allah in the morning was my strength was my strength in the morning to carry out to do it I needed to do for the rest of the day. And they were they're not busy inside their lives. They had lofty goals, lofty targets, lofty obstacles placed inside their life, but yet you find that they would pause and strengthen and begin their day

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with a deeper level of remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala as we find that these narrations are all genuine, only encouraging individual remember Allah Subhana Allah and not to go beyond the parameters. This has been emphasized by the companions of the Prophet Allah is not too strong because many people use his excuse that I intend good in the decoder I make. And here we talk about even words which have been legislated even in his narration in front of me about Abdullah bin Massoud or the clock to Allah and if and whereby he saw certain individuals, they're making Vicar of Allah, a certain individual making dhikr of Allah and trying to gather people together and place

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rocks and pebbles there and said that say Allahu Akbar. And they will begin to count the rocks and say Allahu Akbar, then after competing hundreds of say, say Alhamdulillah. So when his companion came back to abolade mushroom,

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and he expressed to me that this is what these individuals what they were doing inside their lives. These are Karima, which are recommended action, which is go ahead seems recommended that how to be deadly. These are companions of dilemmas rooted in Why do you not rebuke them? Why didn't you stop them the action that they're doing? He said, I wasn't too sure about the action. So I bought it to you. So when I'm delivering my throat, he approaches individuals. He said, Don't you see that the clothes of the profession have not withered away? have not gone away? Can you see these utensils are still existing? They're not being broken? They're not being dismantled? What is the matter with you

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people? Either you are on a path, which is better than a profit. Or you're apart from misguidance. Look at excuse me again, manually in the hire. As many people say we only want goodness. We only want goodness. Abdullah Sloot said to them, that how many people intend good but never get to that good. Meaning

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that you're not falling the son of the Prophet Alayhi Salam you'll never get to the end of that.

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Would it be ruma en de la quiero become, follow that which has been sent down upon you don't follow. Don't follow the only in the beginning sutra that we find, don't follow your seeds, your machete, your moon, don't follow them in that which has been deviated away from the path of love and honor. And this is a lesson, another lesson and he didn't so for many of us individuals, that many of us Muslims, that we have become blind followers in old concepts, we may blame other individuals or making lead and motherhood or falling motherhood blindly. Now, whatever the shape or whatever the whatever the Imam tells them, they follow it blindly. But unfortunately find many of us today in the

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modern world, we've also become blind followers, whatever is told to us, then we blindly follow it. The only thing is blindly followed inside our lives is our Rasool Allah is salatu salam, people will come and go and Abdullah will remain a person should not blindly follow any individual inside their life versus, you know, praise any individual or any authority or anything above the Quran. And the Sunnah, because this is when many of our listener and listener, they don't make blindfolding of any subject of any element, they make the blind falling of no pseudocode. And the sooner whoever presents them, then they follow that whoever deviates from that, then they they praise the

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individual for the goodness that they've done inside their life. But they leave that alone. They leave that all alone that which is a deviation. And that's what Abdullah must wrote, he reviewed and he warned these individuals that you're either following a better way. You're trying to claim to follow a better way than a prophet alayhi salatu salam. So we should all be wary that either we want to follow the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah or we begin to drift away wakulla Kali had our stuff.

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When he gave me a Muslim Manifesto, Pharaoh in November for Rahim

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Alhamdulillah europeaid alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi momentum a succubus una de la yo Medina, my bad, we find that this journey of spirituality of devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah is a prime element that many of us Muslims who need to revitalize, especially began with people who begin to deviate from dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, or like we find many of us average individuals, that excessive engagement inside this dunya excessive worrying about this dunya and about our risk that we find that we begin to deviate if the word is appropriate, will begin to go astray, from filling our lives with spirituality, whereby the rest of

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the world around us is a word which is searching for spirituality, come in and nurse how many of the non Muslim at the moment that we find they're searching for spirituality, searching, to find the supreme creator, as they say, searching to find the one to submit to because we find that they their hearts are the body the soul has become hollow has become empty. So things of the dunia may begin, may begin to give him some element of joy and happiness. But there's a cavity within themselves that they're searching for. And if we Muslims don't live a life of spirituality, we don't display spirituality, we don't show spirituality, then how will these individuals find it, some of them may

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find it, they may begin to read and find it. But a large portion they want to see an element of spirituality. They want to see a zone, they want to see abstinence. They want to see people who are focused upon the Accra people also over worried about this dunya and that is as Muslims that's the type of people that we should be filling ourselves with a decree of Allah Subhana Allah that becomes a force of attraction towards these individuals. And so karate Mr. Soto rod about those individuals whose hearts become content where they could have Allah Allah Dena M and whatnot in Nicola boom baby killer and Ibiza krill I put my indoor Polo, those who believe and their hearts are full, are filled

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with with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, full of serenity and peace and tranquility. ellaby decretal a partner in colo indeed, in the dhikr of Allah, do hearts find tranquility and peace, and that's even thicker, is a healing for the individual and medicine for the heart. forgetfulness is a disease, the cure, which is a remembrance of Allah, as a moment has syllabus re mentioned, remembering people as you began, it's all a disease, a sickness, a corruption inside the heart. It takes a person away from Allah Subhana Allah, the more a person feels their heart, their mind, their life with dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, the more prestigious and noble their life

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

becomes that even they find their mundane affairs, their mundane affairs, the person carries that all becomes sudden all becomes reward, even their daily affairs or business transactions all becomes the Corolla spandana what do we find what the Buddha had to consider and even matrimonial relationship that you find the sadhaka so one of the companions posed the question how can that be a form of sadaqa? How can a matrimonial relationship be a form of sadaqa

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Appropriate recipe highlighted if a person placed their carried out how long would they not be a sin upon the individual. They said indeed, unlike with a person case, they are in a halal manner, that there'll be a reward for an individual. So even mundane affairs that we find that people may think they are trivial, you find that there is a reward, a reward written for the individual, until you find every single thing the person does, is rewarded for that individual. Taking footsteps to the machine is rewarding, what a sin is wiped out, and an increase in the steps to genuine good deeds that we find an introvert by necessity in a Salah waiting for one prayer to another size, are we

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

about a kilometer God that we find a striving and struggling in a way for a long time the person who waits there for one prayer to another prayer, it says that they're fighting and struggling away from loss and honor, these are all elements of Ischia that we find you lead in Amman, you live in a monastery Noemi Sabri was Soller. Oh you believe seek aid assistance, inside suburb and inside the prayer. These are all elements that strengthen this Muslim woman, male not hungry, it was all a topic in ability to make us to become those individuals who are trying our best utmost to remember Allah Subhana Allah that the mind and the heart and as you find that eventually you find that a

00:36:16--> 00:37:00

person is lifted from this dunya you find that their heart begins to make, it may sound spiritual for some of us, the heart begins to make that point towards Allah spandana that which is known as Kalamata Paiva the good word which allows him to describe this as surah Ibrahim is like a good tree on a map describe him I'm sad, it's sad to see he mentioned and Kalamata Jeeva here co La ilaha illAllah. The good word the root word is La la la la, la you find inside the endo suta has a yo yo Latina am an otaku? Baku, Poland, Sadie, the colon studied Who? Apollo 11 in the law, that's the right statement, that affirm statement. So when a person lives by that, then Allah Allah will live

00:37:00--> 00:37:10

that individual and as you find Montana through Camila Illa Illa de la Jana, whoever his final words are, final words are leaving is dunya

00:37:11--> 00:37:19

either in the law will enter Jannah It sounds very trivial for us. Sounds very simplistic, very easy for many of us.

00:37:20--> 00:38:02

matter when you record any individual one that will you locked in we'll be there in a law. Can we record any individual around us leaving this dunya ami heard them saying either in the law, no shadow Nadia happy Katana there is very very rare that you find a person saying law in a light and exiting leaving this dunya there's an element of a man, but a way to find that that Kereama is a person lives that kalama inside their life and almost kind of gives that tofik us a bit of Lola Xena colusa beautiful hayati Hara gives a person is that inside this dunya and inside the Asha to make that statement and to come close to Allah and Allah like individuals that we find May Allah forbid,

00:38:02--> 00:38:37

who left this dunya remembering their idols remembering the statues, remembering their loved ones, remembering their wealth, remembering their property, remembering their life. There's so many individuals may Allah forbid, may if not all the non Muslims. Remember what these things are? May Allah forbid that some of us Muslims, that we leave this dunya remembering these elements, final statements are not in a law. It may sound trivial, but it's been documented a number of occasions, Dominica babina how many of our youth have left this dunya singing the song they will live listening to stating words what they were uttering upon their tongue, people are coming to them in the moment

00:38:37--> 00:39:22

of leaving his dunya and reminding him c'est la ilaha illa LA, se la la la la. But they don't say they're not giving a tofik they're not giving the ability they take and remembering something else I would soon hakima an evil ending. May Allah forbid, for such individuals that we find and as we need to continuously remind ourselves to become a llama, the people of Allah, the people of Vicar that were left leaving standing on this dunya and left inside the Accra people remember Allah Subhana Allah in Allah when Allah eco Teresa Luna and and Debbie Yeah, you're Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali, Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim and Academy

00:39:22--> 00:39:26

de Majeed, Aloma Burdick Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:39:27--> 00:39:34

Ibrahim Ibrahim andhaka Jaime de Majeed. Ramona Tina Fey. Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin.

00:39:35--> 00:39:38

Robin lm nan fusina, Willem Tocqueville and

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

then akuna domina Hossein rabbinic fildena rihana Latina spoonable, a man with a steady alpha Co Op in LA LA Linda Dena Manu robina in Nakuru for Rahim from pan Africa, Elena sabado was a bit awkward amount so Nana tomika fury, Roberto de pollo bonobo de tener una Mila Doom kurama in naka de la hub.

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I'm gonna build an ominous Virginia with Tina Parata Are you with your coffee now? Mm hmm. coppermine nine Nakata samuda Ali watauga. Elena Nakata tabo Rahim, co founder of the carabiner is it on my phone was Salam O Allah Selena hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de sala de como como como la

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la, la

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la, la la

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