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Ramadan 2015 Action Plan Full Lecture Nouman Ali Khan

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Are they

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truly an kusina? Woman see Dr. Medina

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Mohammed Abdullah he was so

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good at what he did you

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have you Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam

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out in Walla Walla Walla

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woman can

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you read

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when I believe

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when he took me to read when he took a bit

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rubbish at Sabri with Sydney, MD,

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TV La ilaha illAllah, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. What also with whatever so the sub

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100, I think all of you are aware that the month of Ramadan is approaching very, very quickly. And it's time that we use every opportunity, we have to remind ourselves and to prepare ourselves as best we can to take full advantage of this love, and not let the opportunity of forgiveness and earning a loss paradise and starting our life with a fresh, you don't miss any of those opportunities. And so I thought that this would be a good opportunity to remind myself and my family and you and your family of ways that we can make the most of this little one. That's why I recited the aisle about the month of Ramadan in the

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month of Ramadan in the beginning of this top bar. But instead of describing the entire IoT, I want to highlight only the last part of this is usually enough where we have half an hour or less. And in explaining the beginning of this, it takes so long that by the time you get to the end, you pay very little attention, or the team has very little time to pay attention to the treasure at the end of this beautiful Long Island, Milan.

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Actually just focusing on the conclusion, these concluding remarks by Alaska, whatever lots of beautiful,

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he says you need to love.

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he wants is for you, allowance is for you. And he doesn't want difficulty for you. You know, that is enough to say for someone to say I want things to be easy for you. You don't have to add on top of that. And I don't want them to be difficult for you. You know, you have to say, I want this to be delicious. And I don't want it to taste bad. You don't have to say I don't want it to taste bad. It's already covered when you say I want it to be delicious. So it's easy for you and me, it's already covered that obviously he doesn't want difficulty. But he goes out of his way to say well, I believe

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and you don't know what difficulty for you. Why would he do that?

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Because he is this is this kind of repetitive talk. This kind of saying something and saying the Congress have to convince you even more. It's done in language when the listener isn't convinced. There are some people in Congress coming closer. They're like, Oh, man, this is in July this year in Texas, this is gonna be hard. There's a conversation some people are having, maybe they're not having it with their friends and family, they're having it in their head. And they those are the kinds of people I was talking to here and he's saying look a lot easier for you. He doesn't want difficulty for you. He doesn't want you to be in difficulty. He doesn't enjoy putting you through

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pain, and through hardship, and through the heat and you know, to have you suffer with your thirst and your hunger all day. He doesn't like that for you. That's not what this is. And the other purpose of this lesson.

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One of the beautiful gifts in this is in the

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love of fasting easier than any other time of the year. So if you

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be easy for you, but if you fast outside

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the center, your energy is gone, you're not able to go alone make special needs for you in this month. And the other there are several fruits that come from this just this one statement. And the other is that allies order by putting us in a little bit of difficulty, what we will get out of the month of Ramadan, the fruits of

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the consciousness of Allah and the closeness to Allah and getting away from sins and back pocket evil from for 30 days. We're going to be away from the hospice okay, but it will prepare us to deal with this light so that we don't have to face the real difficulty. The real difficulty will be when we stand in front of a lot and the people who

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got accepted they will have either

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on judgment day, because they earned the last forgiveness. They did not gonna have difficulty on judgment day.

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But then the next part also very peculiar. Allah already said

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that whoever witnesses

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so at least in that part of the IRA earlier this month, you have to bet the entire one time. Now he says what he took.

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So you complete so that you could complete the count, is you already said, that's the entire month, what does he mean complete the calendar, the repeating himself? Is he saying the same thing after the war, no. Margin of Error.

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In Arabic.

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And Arabic doesn't just mean completion, there can be also mean perfections when nothing is left, a lot of them just want us to ask them of a lot, a lot of answers to have a perfect 30 days. A perfect 30 days, it's not just about the fasting. Fasting has already been talked about. But there's more things we have to prevent in these 30 days. And we're working striving towards perfection in these 30 days. So don't give all of us acknowledge

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what does that mean? How do we strive for perfection in these 30 days? What do we have to complete? What is it that is imperfect? You see, we are human beings by nature, by our creations, we make a lot of mistakes. We forget, we don't have perfect a lot, we don't have perfect.

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are always eyes are not looking where they're supposed to look, our tongue doesn't always say what it's supposed to say. But these 30 days, you are striving to fix your phone. There's you're working really hard to work on your eyes, they're working really hard to work on your ears. And so we have that when we talk about when

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we have to pause for a little bit of practical advice. And I thought you know, we hear a lot of times about building block and becoming better people, especially in Milan, gives us specific advice. I know summer vacation, and and also I see a lot of children in the audience. The kids that are here I'm talking to you.

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If your parents have given you an iPad, or a local device, or you have a portable PlayStation, or you have an Xbox or a vehicle, you get yourself ready for now, no video games and

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get yourself ready from now, no game. If you have apps on your phone, delete them. Don't worry, don't try and use them again, which again comes back after the line. But for now, do ETFs

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get rid of Netflix and Amazon, no YouTube, no Hold on, get rid of it. And start from now, before we talk about doing good things, you have to stop the damage, you have to start before we do we have to stop that means a lot of heat versus the things that distract us from a lot, we have to stop that first, then we talk about remembering the marzotto. So now from now prepare yourself, there's going to be 30 good days, where you're not going to distract yourself with video games. Now the movies now the cartoons now the TV episodes, nothing you're gonna go, you're gonna cut it. And if you the children are going to cut it, obviously that means the parents and the adults, it goes without

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saying and you don't have to watch all the news at home, don't make the excuse of watching the news. Because you're not. And you're not going to change world events. So just relax. You know, you can read a couple of articles if you're really that interested. But the first thing for the kids get rid of the video games this month. I'm not saying for like, you can't survive, it's like oxygen for some of you. But it's gonna be hard. Let's do it. This is part of you perfecting this one. The other thing all children here should do. And the parents should encourage all the children there should do this. You should have a goal to memorize a certain amount of Koran this month,

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that you should have a goal that we're gonna memorize every day, we're gonna dedicate one hour, and we're gonna memorize what I don't care if you never memorize before in your life. And you're the only maybe some of you that are sitting here The only time you come to me.

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I don't care. I don't blame you. I'm just saying what this one is for every one of us. And for your family, when you come to the washes are not over you and your children. So you have to make it a point to memorize until you guys are on summer vacation you have the time of distraction is not there. So when you sit there and try to memorize with sincerity, you're not going to fall asleep like you normally do and put you to sleep when you spend time with his work when we used to have the last book, but he won't do that because he can't just change up a robot. So take advantage of that. Some people don't even know how to memorize. It's not going to be teaching you how to memorize. But

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there are simple things you can do this week one is if you don't know how to recite properly download a good reputation a good school recitation There are endless over the over the web, right? Listen to the recitation of one I read it properly. Read it 10 times look at it and read it 10 times.

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Then don't look at it and try to read it 10 times

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10 times 10 times

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Read both of them together 10 times like that, look at it, it's 10 times that don't look at it. And before you know it, you'll start memorizing for

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the parents that are here, you should reward your children for memorizing brought in this month. Now, first of all, you should dedicate a very specific time during the day where they're going to memorize. And then you should reward them for finishing an order with more video games, give them something good. You know, take them on a trip, do something special for any something. But you should set up some encouragement also for your children. So this is at least for the kids, if you can't finish a new rememorize already, or you know you have, it's difficult for you, the additional recommendation I have is for the entire family. This is not just for the children, for the entire

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family, you should make it a point this local bond that you're going to learn 20 drops. And I'm going to try to make that handout this week. So next time it can pass it out in the community shall have God $20 coming into the house, leaving the house walking into the machine leaving the machine for the bathroom for eating for changing your clothes. And you know what that will do, it will help you for the rest of your life. So when you're doing these things, then you're gonna find it easy to remember, we all have those books of God, but they have to be in our heads and our hearts on paper. We have to memorize those. All right, so

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can we

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have time, that would be really beneficial for all of you. Now I'm going to turn my attention to the sisters for a little bit. The first advice I'll give you is to spend time with whatever you tell your children to do, and you do it yourself too. And sisters, I know your husband for a lot of pressure on you sometimes to make the most elaborate ipar ever made in human history. But brothers get it you know, don't put pressure on the women to cook. So they're cooking half the days of the past, they're just cooking, they're just standing in front of the sofa cooking and not doing anything else, have a life, don't have a heavy bottle, don't fry them. Over over cook, you cook

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enough for 10 people and there's two people sitting there. This is the one remember the the advice of the lesson.

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When he tells us to fill one third of our stomach, you know, one third for meal, one third for drink and the other leaves the third alone. This is not the one for you to take

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10 minutes to sit at the table and you're waiting, you filled a mountain of ketchup on your plane, your fries, the accordion, and all this stuff and you're making a mountain of food inside. And by the time you're done with that you can barely stand up promotive most people

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they end up gaining weight, losing weight, you know, eat normal eat like it bites you have the energy to move around, don't fill your stomach. That's the training, what's the point of all day of fasting, training us to be able to do without too much food, and then overeat at the end of all of it. It defeats the purpose. And obviously, when you have that kind of a state, how in the world are you going to comfort. And even if you do after two rounds, you're going to be standing there waiting for the ball to go into the red, this one's going to law. That's what's gonna happen to you. You don't want that to happen. You want to make the most of this month, it has to do with how you leave

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what your schedule will be, how the entire family is motivated to do their best.

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Everybody wants to work hard on everyone. And

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at the same level, Mashallah we have a lot of community, a lot of people in the community that come for pretty much every prayer they do here, there's so many people that are not here. Not everybody's at the same level. But you know what, you have to do better than you did last year.

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You're interested in

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you personally, your children, the wife, everyone, you're not in competition with anybody else, you're in competition with yourself. You have to improve yourself, you have to ask yourself, what did I mess up? And how am I going to fix that?

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Now, so this is a little bit about about the sisters. Also sisters, even if you are preparing meals or you're spending a lot of time at home, or are busy with other things, try to use that time up either for reciting reviewing the memorize listening to the recitation, listening to succeed, explanations of the Quran in Arabic or English, listen to it. Listen to that explanation. I also have advice for the files that are in the audience.

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The only thing to do is prepare for it. And the only thing that I gotta review, I gotta review because I need it. I gotta leave credit for 10 people or 100 people, 1000 people. So I just have to review my profile, and it takes away from

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having a dedicated time for review. But also because you've already memorized the entire course. You should be focused on now as much as you can be on trying to understand

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it's a tragedy when we have a generation of people that have memorized the line and they don't understand it. This is the ones you should try, especially Dr. Bob should go out of their way to

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See, read, listen to the CD, listen to explanation, you know, and really kind of internalize what it is that they're reciting, you should have a program of you know, every year I'm going to study two, three, just have to see over the next 10 years and study the entire plan, just number one. That's especially for the fall. And finally, I want to give some advice to the men that are in the audience. This evening, I'll start with the same advice as the kids, delete the apps off your phone better this list, get rid of them, get rid of the video game apps, get rid of the Netflix app, the Amazon Video Player app, whatever app you have, that you that you use for entertainment, it should

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be off your device, it should not be there. From now, don't say, first of all, a lot of progress. The second finish season five, don't do that. be done with it. be done with it no more. No more allies, not like people who hear a reminder. And then they ignore it. And they tell themselves will change later. He doesn't like those people.

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describe those people sometimes in very harsh language, people who hear anger and ignorance woman

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who could be more wrong, who could be a worse wrongdoer.

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When I had

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forgotten everything, parliament, in other words, he was irresponsible, even though he or she was was reminded. So take it seriously. Get rid of the entertainment inputs, we have to take in the word of a love the advice of our messenger, so the love or the use of this month. So that means we have to stop the corrupt input, you have to put that to a halt. Even if you can't stop that put your whole life at peace respect this month enough. That's my first advice to the men. The second advice to the men is don't have long nights. If you want to make coming here,

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and you're making a lot extra a lot, but you're not making up our budget, or you miss the school, that's okay.

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You're missing the point, the fundamental prayers, our budget and a shot at that is it. That's your first goal.

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When you are meeting that goal, then you add another thing. Don't socialize Africa, which is done. If you're going to come here, I don't doesn't matter if you come here for eight or 20. Or for six, I don't care. But if you come here and you're done with pairs, go and go sleep. Don't Don't invite people into the morning, you're up and then you barely pick up or whatever Don't do that. Don't do that have helped me be here for questions. And when you're here, why don't you say well, I'm just going to stay up all night and come to a budget that way, I won't miss it. But that way, when you're standing here, you're sleeping, when you're standing you, you want to have a real salon, the point

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isn't just to make it to the Western standard. The point is to be able to have to share it with a lot, get proper sleep at night. And

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of course a lot. Enjoy the budget make it a goal this year with Alex is what he took me to learn that you should complete the count that the men in this audience and your boys that are falling over, especially bring them with you, every day, bring them with you. That's your goal that's all about you're gonna make this a little bit of talent. That's how you should think

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of your community, you're coming from different machines, whatever machine is close to you, whatever is close to you further and further and further inertia. Why? Because it also

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told us that if someone needs to repair a budget,

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that is likely the entire night? And why would they miss out on being counted for bringing the entire night in the month of Ramadan? And can you imagine

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coming back to even if you didn't catch

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it by virtue of the words of the prophets of Allah? Because you've been molested? Why would you put on that opportunity. So make a point, this is gonna be a special time for all of us. Let's put ourselves to work. Let's change ourselves. Let's make it let's really make it special. So let's see, we did special make a special occasion for ourselves and our families to take care of the month of Ramadan. So

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then he says when he

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saw that you can declare a lot of greatness the way he guided you based on how he guided you. Now, which means many things, but at least one thing I will highlight to you by means of an example.

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If I was an employee, if I got a job, if I just got a job, and my job was maybe two things I have to do, I have to answer the phone and answer the email. That's my only job. That's all I have to do. And I decide myself I decided, well, maybe I should, you know, maybe I should make some photocopies. Maybe I should help out in the front desk or when I don't do my real job. I just started doing this extra stuff.

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And I lost back and said Why aren't you answering the phone? I thought this was kind of important too. And that was important too. You think I'm gonna keep my job? No. I was hired for a very particular reason. My priorities I don't decide what the priority is. They're already given to me by my boss. My boss told me this is the most important thing. This is the

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Most important thing, whatever he says is important as important. Whatever he says is not important is not important. He decides, I don't decide, why am I saying that? Because we declare our greatest allies later. And unless so priorities based on how he guides

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you and I don't decide what the priorities are. For some people the only priority in Oman, the only player disaster, sometimes the only priority socializing, Who's it? Are we going to tonight? Now the only priority? Who sets the priority? What makes this month important? If you don't get to go to anybody's house, in Nagaland, you still do your prayers, right? You fix yourself, you get a closer look, then you've got the right set of priorities. But if you keep socializing at people's homes, and missing a lot,

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and you just had a great 30 years of parties, Muslim party of different people's houses, and you barely made it to the

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what do you do?

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You make a lot of priorities, you declare this, the way he guided you, not the way you think you should do it the way he says you should do it. And then the final piece,

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what I want to share with you a brief experience I have recently, I just came back last night from a small village in Mexico, small village in Mexico became the the family's 14 families. So they're listening and hungry recently, and they are living in the most incredibly poor conditions you can imagine. I mean, this is a two hour flight from Mexico City is a two hour flight from here another hour and a half flight was citizens

00:21:39--> 00:22:24

in Mexico. And when I go there we go there, the car cannot go more than five miles an hour. But if it goes any faster, the titles of books, you will think you're some intelligent ability, Park, or something. But you're, you're right here. You're right here in South America right here. And you go to these people. So power law, some of you have shots in your backyard that are better than their homes. The homes they have is just planks of wood. And you can see outside. So they put plastic like garbage bags, so the rain doesn't come in, on the walls, the entire house is not even 10 foot by 10 foot, that's the house with a husband, wife and four children, that the floor is dirty. The floor is

00:22:24--> 00:23:02

dirt. The kitchen is a corner, there's a there's a soul. There's like a portable stove with a gas tank on the side. That's their kitchen, the bathroom is outside, there's another cactus, that's their bathroom. And when it rains, they get wet. You know, while they're taking the shower, that's their situation. That's how these people live. Yet, you will find that they're the happiest people I've ever met in my life. Their children are happy children I've ever seen in my life. They were so grateful for every little thing. And you know, for dinner, we had they slaughter an animal in a lab. And because the whole 1415 got together and we edited the smallest that they have, we should be

00:23:02--> 00:23:03

grateful for this machine By the way,

00:23:04--> 00:23:35

even the size of our shoe area, okay, that's their machine, and they're very happy with their machine. Very happy with it. And they go when we're sitting inside, we're eating food. And so they don't eat a lot. They don't eat a lot. So the issue and a lot of people a lot of content left over. A lot of children finish their food, parents couldn't finish their food. They have plastic bags, that they wash and reuse, they put them back in the bags. Tomorrow. They didn't go away, nothing was thrown away.

00:23:36--> 00:24:05

Why am I saying that to you and me because one of the bond is coming and will lay the thing of hurt is that we go and we celebrate and there's so much food thrown away. So much leftover, and it's just plastic cups everywhere. People drinking half a bottle of water and chucking it. People eating as you're leaving a date on somebody else's plate, throw it in the garbage, fruit lying around, we have no appreciation for Allah gives us Allah says at the end of the

00:24:07--> 00:24:11

day, so you can be grateful you have is grateful, grateful.

00:24:13--> 00:24:25

Grateful from easy, don't blow anything useful away. Grateful means you don't have bags and bags and bags of garbage, but they're not garbage, therefore good food. That's not right. That's not acceptable.

00:24:27--> 00:24:28

Don't please

00:24:29--> 00:24:57

don't put more in your place and you can eat less. If you run out take a little bit more if you're not taking a little bit more. Some of you have bad habits from where you come from. When you go to a wedding or something. You fill up your plate as much as possible because the next guy might get some food and you won't get a second chance. Don't think like that. Don't think like that. Just take a little bit of finishes. Now then go back and get some work. And this is part of the lesson a little Milan because Allah gave us this one so we can be grateful

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

Gratitude is wasting the gifts of oma

00:25:03--> 00:25:11

is a serious matter. We have to take this matter seriously. So I read it by the way, sisters, when you make it far in the morning

00:25:12--> 00:25:19

and you cook something, or cook something and apparently wasn't able to finish it? Well, they're gonna have that for a star. Don't throw it away.

00:25:20--> 00:25:23

Don't throw it away, don't give away

00:25:24--> 00:25:36

the half right away, don't milk away, don't throw that stuff away, don't have a new meal in the evening. No, no, no. Be grateful for that. Given you know, I can afford it. I can

00:25:37--> 00:25:45

just isn't yours in mind. And if we don't show gratitude, the law takes away. You know, a law says if we're grateful you'll give us more.

00:25:47--> 00:25:48

You better watch out.

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videos really help us become the people that were supposed to be the salon and really make a means by which we are changed. We become better people become become closer to Allah, we really learn to declare less greatness, we come closer to

00:26:07--> 00:26:11

our entire family, all of us, my family, your family after the birth.

00:26:12--> 00:26:24

We know a little bit more about the Quran, we've memorized a little bit more of the Quran, we know a little bit more God, we just we're coming closer and closer to a lion closer and closer to this book, practically speaking, I pray that

00:26:25--> 00:26:33

all of our families do that. And they draw the line helps all of us gives all of us for this to be able to see this lesson and to cast the night of power tonight.

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You know, use this as an excuse to forgive all of our sins and the sins of our family and help the state of the Muslims wherever they may be. One last thing I forgot to mention the curriculum I'll share with you a few weeks ago, I was invited to a an event here in Dallas by an organization called Malibu. And they were they have sponsors and families from Syria that are here that are in DFW that have been brought up under asylum. And they these are families that are completely packed away from their homes and they're going to have Ramadan here in Dallas. You know, one of the things you can do take the name down. Even if you misspell it, Google it, you'll find it no doubt. Right contact those

00:27:14--> 00:27:17

people invite the family over for a thought at your house. It might

00:27:19--> 00:27:31

be taken away from their homes. Our job is to be brothers and sisters to them for our kids to play with their kids. Right? And you can invite them go to them. Go to them and when you buy your children gifts, re buy them gift free.

00:27:32--> 00:28:01

Because these are these are this one that we see especially providers giving us the gift for those people that are in need. They come to our cities that that's not we're not helping them. They're honoring us because I've just been dealing with them maybe a little forgive us because of the goodness we show to them near our tickets agenda near the honor we're not honoring them. We're not giving them any favors. They're doing us a favor by letting us do good to them to help the situation loosens everywhere they may be especially in places like Syria.

00:28:03--> 00:28:10

Maybe the Lord's help allow our children and our next generation to be carriers of this beautiful lead barakallahu li walakum

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wa Salatu was Salam

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pick it up

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a lot

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Institute in the La Jolla.

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will love the

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