The Perfection of Allah SWT

Nouman Ali Khan


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April 15, 2016

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we're gonna go to the perfection of Allah know what can't be compared to anyone and Allah created this creature like water and there's nothing you can compare to it. He said Subhan Allah de Haan occulus wotja so commonly Miss translated, but I'll translate it in a friendly way first and then I'll translate it fixed way. How perfect is the one who created spouse's pairs of all kinds

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into translation. He created everything in pairs.

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So he created spouses of all kinds, not spouses, or pairs of everything, but pairs from all kinds of things. I mean, not to be too loud, from what comes out of the earth woman and to see him and even from within themselves. When we buy on the moon a lot of things they don't even know.

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Allah created all kinds of pairs. Now somebody emailed me brother, Quran says everything is created in pairs. What about Amoeba?

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What about a virus? What about you know, you need cellular organism like God, please?

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There's so many words that I've heard my uncle say in Punjabi that come in my head. I don't even speak Punjabi.

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But like words like Luda Tao and like, you know, they just just come in my head when I read those emails. I don't want to get angry at this person who's not supposed to be angry. But some questions are just so epic moto cron is being undone by Amoeba, any attached to a JPG file, in case I didn't know. Love it.

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I love it all kinds of things in pairs. And as wide doesn't just be in pairs. as well. It also means groups that complement each other. As much as using the Quran like that no matter Navy, army No, not not pairs, but groups control as

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you are in three groups that complement each other. Each group complements its own members. It's not pairs. A lot of things made complimentary is what he's saying. A lot of things made compliment each other. entire ecosystems complement each other planets complement each other galaxies complement each other. human body, the human body parts complement each other spouses complement each other families complement each other neighborhoods complement each other countries complement each other, complete each other with

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a little arrow, all of this is part of an akula from within what comes out of the earth to you know, sometimes, it's not just two kinds of apples and two kinds of oranges and not like that, that may be true, but also you know, there are certain environments where certain plants have to grow. And other plants can only grow in the neighborhood of those plants.

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They can't grow on their own, they need other plants to provide them shade or provide the moisture or provide them other things. And some plants can only grow on top of other plants. And some birds can only live in some kinds of trees. They are in a soldier with that tree.

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This is what Allah did things that need each other. He's so perfect. He made everything need everything else. He's the one who doesn't need anyone.

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That's the point he's making look around. You look at everything, and it needs everything else.

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Look at how the earth needs the clouds. The clouds need the winds.

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Look at how the earth needs the sun and it needs the moon and they need each other in support of law.

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And within themselves within you he made things that need other things. He made the period of obvious fear people talk about as the male and the female, but this goes way beyond that. This is way beyond that. Even though that's a huge significant, you know, men Haleakala come in and fusi comas watch and he does cuando la ha Why did he make spouses out of you so you can find peace with each other