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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina monastery know when to stop.

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When our auto belay Manchurian fusina men say Dr. Medina maniac de la Vela moody.

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On a deal fell

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in love the hula Sherry Keller, where I shall do Mohammed Abu Mara solo and Nevada Ignace da Cunha DC kita Baba

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Buddha Buddha Muhammad in salon Ma Ma de he was early he was seldom was Cheryl ohmori mush does to her wakulla does that in bid on wakulla Bala Latin wakulla bola cynefin rubbish. Rahi sorry, while you're silly Emery wa Okuda, Tommy Lisa and E. coli. of the praising of La Sultana to Allah, send humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing the journey of his prophetic traditions and words of wisdom. Coming up to a hadith and our Barun the 40 of Hadith this collection by a mama no we we actually places 40 to 100 this is not a point of discussion why he plays two extra ahaadeeth for you hell Bobby muttahida t masala heard

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or been ready he talked outside the head and by the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, good actions are completed and good actions have begun by the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah dolphy illa Billah our tofi Canada

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Unity is only from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find it is beginning of this build up towards Ramadan. We find that many of the Adama was telling us to pray a llama belief. Now Ramadan gave us the ability to come to this place in month of Ramadan. Another opportunity for the individual to become the core Ruben Illa, Allah subhanho wa Taala to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala to prepare oneself, that is a journey in these a hadith is the journey to Allah Subhana Allah, a common theme that all of us that we share, but the only difference is, that is two type of journeys upon this earth, the journey of the dunya and worry hella

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era, the journey of the hereafter. And as we find that, we fail to understand, what is the right journey, which journey needs to be given more emphasis, more focus inside our lives, even the journeys of this dunya that we find for muscle most simple hedge the season has that we find where it really for or have concluded the evil of a person travels to carry out business transactions or to meet individuals fellow heritage periodically. There is no harm in that. But the Quran makes this ishara makes this pointing towards the fact that the real journey of Allah Subhana Allah, what is overdue for in the hierarchy taqwa what konia

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what is overdue? Take your Zed take your provision that you are able to pay module zero is famous book and sera. There

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is a high rate a bad the best provisions to the hereafter.

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That provision is taqwa law. And as many have concluded in a module Zia, when he wrote this work of Syrah, cannon mu surfer, and he then had rocky been, was traveling to Hajj on his riding beast, and wrote his magnum opus work of Sierra that becomes testimony to this day. amongst the most beneficial books of Sierra have been written by Mr. Josie here are the tofik minima. TOC Allah subhanaw taala is the aim the Apollo beam, Wolfie Akali him containing their knowledge inside their chest and inside their mind. That is from Allah soprano Dinah. What does overdue for in the hierarchy taqwa what taccone will prepare yourselves with the provisions of this dunya but the best provision is a

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provision of consciousness called a soprano Dinah which remains with the individual that you find middle our midfield or earn the many commandments inside the Quran. Many of them they conclude or the end by talking about taqwa law, whether it be the end of Ramadan that we find from some words 184 85 or so inside sorted Bukhara. Yola, Dena Amman quotevalet camassia mocha mocha de vida de de de la la come to Taco for some is prescribed for believing individuals like it was prescribed for those people before you for what intent now Allah come upon, you may attain piety welaka da Cena Lena Houghton kita macabre como iya calm and it could la we get the legacy of advice to the people

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that came before you. Hello kita the People of the Book and this blessing boosting oma Anita cola to fail Allah does you find a theme inside the Quran is continuously fair for law. Duck well, law woman you know Maharajah while you're zooming Hey Julia, who was the face of loss of Canada, either your local Maharajah will provide a way out for that individual while you're in Haiti.

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And give that individual provision from whereby he cannot even imagine. And this is the key element. Because many of us in this journey to Allah Subhana Allah, we don't emphasize the journey of the earth era. We're always prepared for this dunya but we're not prepared for the era where it should be the over preparation, that we find that many of us most of us, unfortunately want to do the basic the minimal requirements, but when it comes to the dunya, then we exert our efforts to the ultimate level. And Ramesh he had just do the basic elements will suffice me is something we fail to understand, exert your efforts towards Earth era, focus more towards the arc era to gain the

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blessings of this dunya. And as we find that this weakness of who Petunia has been described in many traditions, or even before that, inside the Quran, that is Muslim Ummah, will suffer from

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a disease prophesied in a hadith and Sunnah Abbey doublewood and chaired by the late chef of Sham Chef nasruddin Alberni, Rahmatullah

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la que tipo de salud Camila raga whole treaties discussing is one Hadith about Antoine and a companion asked that question when we will be overtaken by the enemies. Are we going to be less in number on that day that they are able to pounce upon us? And he like the Bedouin Arabs eat from the palette, the platter of food. How will that be possible on that day? Are we going to be few in number, but I'm Tom kaseya. You're going to be many in number, but you're going to be like the frog of the ocean. Water.

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The frog, another linguistic meaning the scum of the ocean, the fields of the ocean many a number but no value. And you're going to be suffering from and when Kayla wamalwa yaroslava What is alcohol for Sierra under one hood, Petunia Baccarat tomahto Cora here to vote. This is what this Muslim Omar will suffer from now, he not these individuals. Now when Mr. Moon has your alma mater mohammedia we're going to be suffering from the love of this dunya and a hatred for death prophecies by the prophecies in the Caribbean ceremony in Asia right 80 to 90 signs minus signs a day judgment. Rocky's Ooh la la her focus and read through the signs. How many Ayah Do you find in Freetown dunya

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the opening of this dunya for this Muslim oma the opening of marketplaces, women participating with men inside their business transactions with their family members. All this expansion of this dunya wealth, property, oil wealth, all this old prophesized by the prophet Allah Azza wa Alaykum would I say most of it is Muslim Omar in fitout dunya the expansion is dunya upon this Muslim Omar will destroy them just like it destroyed the people that came before them. This is something that we need to awaken and arise amongst our own selves. That over emphasis of this dunya will lead to the destruction of this Muslim oma and I quit early may have concluded me about bedarf alone from

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reasons of our weakness of the ship belay. Subhana Allah wakulla to toe he appealed to a man who helped put

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his love for this this world we Muslims are suffering and we're striving over and even these symbols of Allah Subhana Allah yo me and everyday people ask this question in a solid Akuma today didn't I began to pray begin to fast become a good Muslim. Some elements of this dangers can be taken away from me that that for even a lack of Eman many Muslims they pose this question if I pray five times a day, it takes 1520 minutes each time of my day takes it away from my life takes away my risk. Or keys What Al Quran officer my ears cuckoo mama to adorn a muscle officer my ears open. Allah says I saw to the area inside the heavens above the heavens. Mark tube. As you look what is coke we're here

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to talk your life. Your death, your sustenance. Happy sad, has all been tested by a law. One fisherman is Coco. Nada takafumi What do you say if a lot of guys written your again within your appointed time written your words down for you whatever you do, then the last pantherella after this for the summer you will know that I have committed them and to take on our cadet for emphasis inside their Li ke n upon either Shaco can in the shock. A Felicia confer to the summer what you will have, if you don't Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentioned arriba Toki that for emphasis, that if you doubt a lot of time to Allah, for a busy man, you will, indeed by the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

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Indeed, it is the truth from that which you utter that you speak yourself that the your risk has been prescribed for you. But we fail to understand local crime, we fail to understand the language of the Quran. People think if you pray five times a day and the miskeen that your poor individual the most riches of people is the person who focuses upon the seller

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or in other mentioned pinna contentment, and you find that risk of leakage risk we hire the most best ways that provision comes inside your life. If that ambition to work with Gemma, focus upon your five daily prayers to pray them inside the masjid and you find that these will come to you wherever you are. And as you find when contract speaks inside surah poha and long discussion takes place to move to LA Salaam to elevate you to the end of the surah what more Allah kabhi Salatu was stupid Allah learnis allegories.

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Shaykh Najib would be silly. It was stupid Allah command your family members to offer the prayer was stupid Allah

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was a bit alarming a summary, a high degree of patience, persevere, carry on observing your daily daily prayers,

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learners allegories, we don't ask you for any risk. Because maybe a person comes into mind individually if I pray five times a day, my sustenance is taken away from me. nasaka while I Akiba to the taqwa den says We will then give you provision, a risk minima, while akima to live taqwa the final abode will be for the pious individuals. People need to sacrifice certain things, to gain the euro. But at the same time, Allah promises that we will give the dunya to those individuals give it to these individuals, and even the person doesn't have much wealth for them, I've concluded for fiscal II Baraka inside that wealth for the individual is a blessing, a blessing that remains for

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that individual man that does so well we can't imagine. Because this is what this world teaches. At the moment, if I pray, if I forced, if I if I don't attend my work, come in how many of us do not kiss? Our amen? How many of us focus upon our studies upon our work? We take it as a form of religion, a way of life either. If we delayed we repeat ourselves, we question our soul. But when it comes to Asana, when it comes to the prayer, it comes to a cm That's Mr. Sheehan. Unlike he's of a fool or Rahim, Allah forgives any pardoned who will walk to Ramadan maybe is upon us. Let's not pray Scylla to try we play punakha awkward and fuqaha there may be discussed to the polka Sinatra we is

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only recommended but none of the fuqaha say that one should abstain from it. Nobody encourages that would be fine inside that society shallow excuses. And in the sugar garden. I have worked tomorrow I'm tired. I have this commitment. That commitment. I will shave. Now you have subordinated abdomen am Allah de mama Ronnie, the first thing that all of us going to be asked about the day judgment is going to be a Salah is going to do a prayer. Then he said to the individual Hello min min and sunon allow me to work has the person got any sooner praise, any recommended any extra prayers that can aid the individual. Why the matter in the no welfare? Well as soon well for it for Taku amama li

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Subhana Allah, you have no extra prayers, no extra devotion. How you going to stand in front of Allah and Allah, you don't even have the obligatory prayers. Then you expect Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you. Allah Subhana Allah has a Sunnah Sonata life he said that you are the son of a lot in above the heavens and upon this dunya whoever follows that sooner will see the fruits of the actions. Whoever goes against that sooner and then pretends and thinks that now i'd be exposed to the forgiveness of a law, then that person fails to understand face to understand the sooner rather person stays under the framework. May Allah forbid the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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thus we find that the best individual who taught us abstinence of this dunya Malley, when he

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when he said to his companions around him in the misery karma Sally Rocky is tabula shudra my example what is my example is Daniela Jr. to do with me, my parable is just like a traveler wayfarer, who rests underneath a tree and restaurants short while underneath that shade and then gets up and continues his journey. This is how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he described himself upon this dunya my parable is only like a traveler, I take a few elements of rest, then I continue my journey towards Allah subhanaw taala and these were not just mere words. These are not just mere words that we find that people talk about Zakat and abstinence in a cool lumen ashram Rasul Allah

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salatu salam

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ala him, everybody who live with a prophet alayhi salatu salam, his impact was such a grave impact upon the life. What Al Masri Kuhn was that we find amongst the Jews that we've been one of the individuals, one of the rabbis, when he when he saw the face the blessing face of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said, this is not the face of Allah. This is the face of a lion individually slimmer, and he submitted had the whole Islam. This is what Islam is that Islam. And I will do Hina Allah wa Hera, Tina, Tina, externally attorney, the appearance of Islam. It shows the beauty of Islam doesn't mean every individual needs to preach every single Muslim, adorn themselves with

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attendance at the tip of Islam. It has a natural attraction that people come towards it. And as the prophet Elijah when he lived this life of abstinence, that great impact that you find, oh, Morgan will, one day when he walks in, because I'm going to see in various leaders inside his life, and he sees the Prophet alayhi salatu salam lying, lying on a palm leaf

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Fiber mat and if you haven't tried you see the leaves scars on your body. So I'm going to copy entity says that what is this yaroslava? Really this is our Kaiser, costless the Persian the Romans all they need is that we find that they enjoy this dunya maybe you should take something of this Junior you may have some form of relaxation. What do you say to him as he shut up the pub? Yeah.

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Oh, Seneca pub has some doubt entered into into your mind. Ama toward the end takuna madonia? What

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are you know, content and happy that for them is the dunya and for us is the Akira. What's the matter with you? That you saw over overzealous over worried about this? Are you not content that these people are given this dunya and we're given the answer is given to us well, here to Hiram,

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indeed, the Hereafter is everlasting and eternal. And I qualified from the Sierra as well when I saw when I became upset that things of that nature given to other individuals who became Muslim after them

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as human beings they made a request where the first individuals to aid you came to Medina, we help you we supported you within this module is actually that we did.

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So how comes we're not giving somebody something of the dunya to us. So once again, our students and he reminded them are you not happy content and these people take this dunya and you take me with you what rasuluh FICO and the message is stays and remains with you tobacco Jimmy and they all began to weep aqui fall in the trap of this dunya and the messengers with a greater network can they be then the message of being with us being amongst us the companions mentioned even today, what a great blessing it is. Our Rasool Allah is with us big man so not to who he should not his life. He's example. Where do we look? Where's more of the machine about most of the time away? Where do they

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look and where do they glance? Now what to whom, what is the example? What element? Islam kulu Takashi, but all the world what do they look at? What do they aspire? Where do the eyes fit and where do they glance look at Canada Confederate soldier in a certain Hannah Montana

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person should have proud pride inside their heart, proud of their Deen that we could read this. This pride is an arrogant as Elena mentioned. pride that you're a Muslim, a slump. You submit it to Allah and Allah, you follow the teachings of Islam you adorn yourself the teachings of Islam. person should not arrogance is goodness is happiness. Because everything about the prophet and Islam is unique. is special. Right? Kafeel fear to bowl even the way that he urinated. La salatu salam is unique is unique. person shouldn't shy away from the fact that they actually that he carried out inside that many people. Some people would ask this question to brush their teeth in the fall and

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during their fasting. They say a foul odor foul smell comes out their mouth.

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I read read the full bottle of cm.

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The real Arey that would have been familiar saw him in the light minerais misc aka maka la salatu salam that using the words linguistically the possible foul stench smell that comes out the mouth of the individual when he's fasting is more Bellavita last rather than the smell of mask of fragrance. So what why should is Muslim the most you should try to conceal the smell is more beloved to Allah is a natural odor may begin to come out because they fasting the stomach is empty. Use use them as well use the C word. Now how did Fidel like to use it? Even if bits of the word go into your mouth? Enter? You know how does the Dalai Lama mentioned for cod discussed? Because he shouldn't shy away

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that I'm fasting and people question people do that. Assume the law. You're fostering a German law look at the other every single action a person does and a person gets to do reward in the song for one he won a GP except for fasting. And now we reward the individual. Why does he do this because why there's a lot and I mentioned that he gives reward. Jammie ram Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah for Allah. So why in this hadith is it mentioned that it could see that I give you reward to that individual? Or they may have described the mentioned Lena every single action this dunya it can be visualized. A dilemma to solve when you pray is visualized by the people to serve key people may

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find out about that which people know about it may perform Umrah people know about it. People may find out about it. amasian

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ahref Anika saw him in a lava. No one knows that you're fostering except for whom Allah. So does she find the reward is with Allah. Allah multiplies that reward many times over because this is the essence of taqwa, the essence of consciousness.

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that a person now inside their heart and their mind that if the food comes they may try to eat or drink. They remember they remember they're doing it for the sake of Allah because they want that reward from Allah does he find near my attorney he saw him two blessings for fasting individual. Read Rockefeller study the football season before Ramadan was entered into Ramadan, two blessings for a foster individual are in this dunya a once in the one in this dunya one inside the Accra. The first virtue is

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the sport when you break your fast that lesser they are beautiful man that beautiful feeling after fasting 1617 hours in a day the hubbub

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was about insha Allah amongst I had the the right to be there would be ready. Even the Rockies and I hadn't had this focus upon this idea the other ideas as well that we find this person makes this application that the veins have become dried up quencher has been taken away was submitted through insha Allah and the idea has been established with Allah Subhana Allah and you open your fast, that beautiful feeling every site and the Muslim men a woman has the feeling well for her to Sonia, for her to Sania the second happiness of the individual matter. When is the second happiness for the believer that

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when a person meets Allah, that's the second happiness. So just like the 1670 hours of fatigue in the day that you find

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times that a few times. The 6070 years that you find of your life that passes by Callum Hill bursary outcrop is like the blink of an eye or faster than that, that most of our lives have gone by. That's when early my magic got a shock me a dishonor personally for 100 years and fees that they've only lived for a year. Why in a Murphy Hyattsville Baraka, there is no Baraka inside a person's life. So, it's just one blinking as if a one year that remained upon this dunya and as you find that the element of Baraka, an element Romania is done, you're doing good action. Then in the person when they meet Allah, they are rejoicing, because the believer wants to meet Allah, little Edina Amman,

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and it was now was the year that when those who believe will have an Hausner would have goodness was the year that when inside surah Yunus i'm not mistaken. Look to Sierra and asiya. Who are number one, number two, number two, Allah Subhana. Allah is to look at Allah Subhana Allah, would you be oma Eden Now there are a lot of beha now Veera on the day faces will be growing will be radiant, looking at Allah Subhana Allah or the moon. ma,

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ma, ma, ma ma Josie and he's Casa de nuit. De writes, in his like, 1000s, of lines of poetry, but talking about a card of Africa to Nigeria, the greatest blessing of Allah soon that he was jamara is to see Allah Subhana Allah, their greatest blessing, that we give it a lesson that he will gemera by all elements of deviancy of people who need aid that that we won't see Allah, another cocoon bill collude, that Loki Allah wire one's heart, or wire one mine is all deception or deviancy, Allah Subhana Allah give the person the ability to see a lot of data on the day judgment. No one will see alone this dunya doesn't you find a lament? Let's move to LA Salaam in touch with an IRA lanta,

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Ronnie. when Moosa said he what he requested Allah musallam

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ajeeb Mousavi Taka sera Do you find strange, strong personality things that he asked things that he wanted to do? He went beyond limitations that you're allowed to see you.

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later on. He said you'll never get it done. Lil Abba De Lima. Aloha, I've explained about the other dounia no one can see a lot on this upon this dunya

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you never get to see Allah upon this dunya this name is reserved inside the Akira. So that's when a person strides and struggles towards the era, that practical implementation of staying away from this dunya and focusing towards that era. And as you find that the son of Omar, Abdullah Omar Abdullah in Ramadan, generates this hadith. Look at the impact he begins to have upon his life. He said after the Rasulullah he solo solemate mean monkey Lee. He took me from from from my shoulders, overland, Snooper Rasul Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, many of us we think we interacted with the devil manna from Shiva Dawa hoonah COVID Dawa,

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just like you studied Islam, jurisprudence and Islamic rulings with the COVID Hadith. Today we find any individual and know who they're just called him to Allah. Matt endophytic hoonah madda Casa fick Fedora how to give data to people. Is it just black and white see something from a person from Kerala

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Begin to just reject upon a person use harsh words with another individual. Look at his theory. Oh will an ally job, love, devotion, commitment. He took him a building by putting his hand upon his shoulder. I'm gonna live in a bath in a wooden in new Veronica kalimat. He said to me, oh, young boy.

00:30:25--> 00:30:26

I love you.

00:30:29--> 00:30:41

Michelle say to a young boy, I love you. I want to teach you some words. Look at it. That theme. He says to another young individual. When the whole machine becomes abrupt. He says, I want to cook dinner.

00:30:42--> 00:30:52

A young boy says I want to commit Zina under a law Snooper Rasul Allah to Surah. Al in the comb, you have a mother, I thought that he had

00:30:55--> 00:30:58

a comma. Do you want somebody to carry this action with your mother, Carla

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as a nurse, so people are under

00:31:05--> 00:31:28

oath, you have a system, but maternal on maternal on you and someone to commit maleness is actually within Hana. So why do you have this? But why do you have this desire? Just like people have sisters have mothers have daughters have and no one likes that? So why do you have that desire self? Then also as I'm then placed these places hand in his chest

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and said that may Allah preserve this individual

00:31:32--> 00:32:18

or limb as Heidi mentioned, this individual never seen look at strange women ever again in his life. That's the Euro suit to Ceylon. How he teaches people you may know guru Murthy Illa node takes him out the realms of darkness is a new to the light of a lawsuit Canada China. So our beloved former when the proper exam takes place his hands on his blessings shoulders, and system confit. nakahara, boo, boo Sabine and now the messenger system Allah to serum confit dunya Anika Hari, our Abu Sabine be in this world, as if you are traveler, a stranger or traveler. This is how the progression described a building and before that gave advice to his father oma and gave advice the rest of the

00:32:18--> 00:33:00

Muslim Ummah that live upon this dunya as if you're going to be an individual who's hari lomita say that dunya second and makarora in this category. A strange is what we do that take this world as a living place is a stranger is unknown. Irabu Sabir is the one who just worked for a short while, carries the pouch of food and drink and then carries on their journey. That's how Muslim is living upon his dunya takes small elements is dunya and carries on working towards and lots of penalty Anna, that if I thought good Baka de la, la, la La Casa La Casa. We wrote these lines of poetry tortured Baka be Derrida because you want to live a eternal life upon this earth which has no does

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not carry on for eternity. While summit Abbey didn't hire Madonna. Have you ever seen a shadow that stays stationary? And shadow just carries on path moving, moving as it goes along? Likewise, this dunya keeps on moving. during the descent remain standstill it carries on going Why do you want to remain in an atmosphere that doesn't stand still. And figures get to benefit you in a certain manner. Mandela de la Majid Barry Darren, who builds a house upon the waves of the ocean, telco madonia ferrata Aurora, that is this dunya. The foolish one is build a house on the waves. No sensible individual builds builds a house on the waves and thinks it's going to remain is going to

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be washed away. That's what this dunya is. person is going to leave this dunya jacobina mahad India Mahajan hyah to dunya Mata on all my people indeed this dunya is only a small provision as a mod revealed his dunya whiner, Hirata he Adele kharar. Indeed the Astra is the abode of living eternity polymetallic dunya Pauline well, Kira to hydro limani Taka water toda Muna for Tila. this dunya is Mata is a small enjoyment. Small temptation is dunya Well, I have to hide illimani taco indeed the average better for a person is fear of Allah, one or two lamona fatigue and none of you will be oppressed in the slightest amount of fatigue. Ready to discard fatigue is when you eat that date,

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and that's fine thread that remains inside your mouth and you spit it out and take it out. Allah Allah does not oppress any individual evil, that small minute amount, no individual is going to be oppressed. We'll show you an idea that straight off the discussion about the dunya Yes, we find

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a connection inside the Quran that's why we should promise as often as Ramadan Quran. To understand the Quran Allah moves from one subject to another subject, and how I linked a lot harder. They mentioned a number two coup de Kumamoto quantum field Guru Ji macheda

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terminology off the top of that is Daniela and says, I know mitoku you'd recommend mode, wherever you happen to be, death will overcome you, even if you happen to be inside your 45 palaces. What is as we began? What do we all say?

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We don't want to enter into a political dimension I can when I mean, whether we are the rulers or the judge, what do we all say? What we will worry about whether it be a small palace, or the bigger palace, or the bigger control of this dunya that we find? that's what that's what is on my face at the moment.

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And but death will come wherever you happen to be, you can't escape from death. No individual can escape it.

00:35:44--> 00:35:46

That's what you find when Allah Allah describes and your hood.

00:35:47--> 00:36:22

Why don't you aspire for death. That's how the Quran describes them is a Shara for us. Because they fear death, they say returning back to LA spandana. And that's when you're headed with a hate to me, Allah, Allah hates to be that individual. And I've described because that person doesn't want to leave this dunya they know deep down inside their heart, they will prepare the meeting of La Subhana Allah. And as we find that all it is protection, this dunya that we seek should be emphasized in the right manner. In preparation, that is you find that in your own words in the Hadith, or the statement, it continues, whereby he mentioned that couldn't be done. You're either I'm saying for

00:36:22--> 00:37:00

the tanto de Saba, when you come to the evening, don't wait till the morning. Weather is better for the Messiah. When you come to the evening, don't wait for the daytime. Well, who's been the moronic, who's been hieratic lemo Take, take from your good health before you fall in and take from your life before you die. This was the moment that began to teach and to highlight to the people that this is what a person should begin to do. When you come to the evening. Don't expect to make it to the morning. And in the morning, don't expect to live to the evening. And how many people that we find another minus sign a day judgment among

00:37:02--> 00:37:41

immediate death, and what we call unexpected if there is no unexpected death, we find all of a sudden deaths will begin to take place versus this person, a young person that disease had no there was nothing with them. And as we find some element from some of us that it was too early for them to die. There is no early death. Everybody has been destined to die to leave this dunya Am I attached to this person will leave this dunya there April comes for the rest of us. The Smart individual is the one who then begins to see that the next in line, it could be myself. Then we begin to prepare myself to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and as if an animal an animal cobbler and what a taco garden.

00:37:42--> 00:37:44

Don't say tomorrow again today.

00:37:45--> 00:37:59

Sofia Oh, so we thought this will be seen that I'm going to get procrastination in English language that tomorrow I will do it. Tomorrow I will change. Tomorrow I'll become a better individual. And for how many people tomorrow never comes.

00:38:00--> 00:38:01

If you if you want to change

00:38:03--> 00:38:47

this month of Ramadan, say yourself in your mind, inside your heart that I'm going to walk away from everything that previously existed inside my life make that intention to become a better individual, a more focused individual. Guess what this month of Ramadan is an opportunity for the individual, the Nakata mood to stay because you could die You never wake up in the morning. What a total fail Hey yo man in Arkadin, never leave in action delayed action for tomorrow Lavanya tea until we do, perhaps tomorrow comes and you're gone. You're forgotten individual to an unknown individual Be a man you aspired for tomorrow to come to prepare yourself to become a better individual. But tomorrow

00:38:47--> 00:39:20

never comes to the individual. Emily dunya can Nakata he couldn't live in this world as you begin to live for tomorrow. What am I a heretic erotica Kanika tomato garden and carry on doing the action is accurate as if you're going to die tomorrow the way the person entered is dunya meaning a person shouldn't waste the opportunity upon this dunya as as we began with the biggest problem that we find is preparation for in yom Amma Allah He served in this day at the moment in the world. It is Ahmed wala hyssop is action and no accountability. When he was done, he said well,

00:39:21--> 00:39:58

tomorrow is he said I know Amman. Tomorrow is accountability and no action, as you find is that so many women are better Jeroen Ali Abdullah Saleh and female Kela inner caliber aka aloha woman Maura berzon. After you buy food, you find a person would say but a color of beer Judo My Lord give me respect. Give me the ability to come down upon this dunya Lally, Manu Saleh and female corrupt so I may carry out righteous actions on this dunya look at the Quran. Quran says Kela in Kalamata Waka elucha these are empty, vain words.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

have no meaning now that now you say to Allah give me the opportunity to come down to this dunya and as you find a Bursa, I Burgess and interspaces placed between this dunya and akhira does if I want to leave once the soul comes to the top of your throat for Toba, there is no Toba and right when your soul comes out, and it's already been mentioned when you see melaku pulito for commerical Mattila de la killaby come from Arabic and put your own, you find Malik remote comes right in front of your face. And you say an A to a llama and a to b kalimat bartylla. They in words, finish when you when it comes on comes right to the top as you find fit out. He said and he said now I believe

00:40:45--> 00:40:51

now I believe in the death of angel came right in front of his face. And your brain came to take him away. He said.

00:40:53--> 00:41:43

He said now I'm going to believe and now you want to bury contaminated musi Dean folio Manjula Tikka Peabody, nikka, Lita coolamon, alpha y Nikita Milanesi and Tina coffee lone Allah says that today we're going to preserve your body. We're going to leave you an example of the rest of this dunya preserve your body whoever comes in right behind you in front of you is going to see what the end of you is. Well even Muslims don't wake up. We Muslim saved to understand local karate and read the Quran study the Quran Sahaba page after page or will do a BA returned to Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah cantata Kuru Kuru Taki loon that a borrowed of Cahoon tala moon,

00:41:43--> 00:41:53

Yana moon, all these morada on each other, for what purpose the Quran has all of these kalimat for what purpose is it? Did I follow you?

00:41:56--> 00:42:08

Why don't we ponder over the Quran is the shackles is the change in our heart made a prisoner that our heart doesn't become receptive to the Quran. That's how the Quran speaks to us. Kita Anthony in a como para que

00:42:10--> 00:42:10


00:42:12--> 00:42:36

mlse book we sat down upon you and you may ponder over this book. It may change your life change our atmosphere about you. I quote on the front it raises the hair of the individual duck shadow delude. It raises the hair of the individual making them reflect about Allah. Now if you find this dedication to this Quran, no wonder natto Khurana Allah jobelan right Ohashi and Mutasa, Shatila

00:42:38--> 00:42:58

srivalli nanometre cologne no one's another quote and he said Dan is caught on a mountain turn it into powder into dust. But this Quran being sent down upon openness that you've had Oh, oh well, muscle mass. The first example is adequate on the surah baqarah. How does Allah describe the heart

00:42:59--> 00:43:00

to a shadow?

00:43:01--> 00:43:04

shaman when Allah says that the person has become like a stone?

00:43:05--> 00:43:33

Like a stone or more harsher than a stone? Why didn't I say a heavy iron or copper or silver gold Why not? Because in fire gold can melt silver can melt all these elements that can melt but I stone a rock becomes more heated inside the furnace. So am I saying that these collagenous is more harsh or that even a rock? Wait a minute.

00:43:34--> 00:43:47

Am I a German mill and ha ha even from stones rocks you find water gushing out or water comes when it makes it smooth? Why nomina that may be to me. Shatila

00:43:48--> 00:43:53

then says, concluding this parable, there are rocks that fit a lot

00:43:54--> 00:44:10

of rocks that fit Allah gave shaman gentlemen How can a rock fit Allah? But Allah says they fit Allah. When I told Basha man, half Allah and we human beings. We don't fit Allah wakulla Kalia welcome. When did you meet a Muslim investor in order for him?

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a happy human Temasek episode Mattila yo meeting Mr. Ban. As we mentioned, the intent is not that a person begins to think that the dunya is a person doesn't need that dunya person uses that dunya to strengthen the man to become a better individual. And as you find that many LML folk I've discussed about the use of this dunya that we find you find such kalimat Youngberg really Sani and your channel Mel and

00:45:00--> 00:45:00


00:45:01--> 00:45:09

invited me to the LA he mentioned that it's incumbent upon a person to take wealth as a donkey Yakubu, okay, I know better.

00:45:11--> 00:45:11


00:45:12--> 00:45:52

person takes their wealth like a donkey, it transports the wealth for the individual, because it gives no importance to a donkey. It just transporting your wealth, okay and no, buy to holla it's like Easter lavatory. The area of caring at the pool of nature. person doesn't remain inside there for eternity. This person is goes enters into the dunya gains what they need to gain and then they returned back to a loss of kind of Dinah that's it between me and Motorola. I described it to India and many other folks who talk about Assad who talk about abstinence. It can feel Froggy for the recording for us and Yakumo talk about that and take the opportunity inside your spare time to

00:45:52--> 00:46:35

perform the Roku to offer the prayer because perhaps they may come that whereby Your life is taken all of a sudden comes in, right i mean very so come in the habit of Susannah Felton, how many good people you see in a good state of health. All of a sudden they fall into sickness, and all of a sudden their life is taken away. And this is called been the moronic take from your good head before a person they fall sick workers. Nuff said. Nuff said been a little COBOL. And as you find the population we mentioned, whether whether you're Ahmed and addition would not mean COBOL. count yourself amongst the people of the grave. Every person has that inside their mind, already counting

00:46:35--> 00:47:00

yourself as a person of the grave, then a person would be a successful individual, then a person wants to meet Allah, that person knows that they know him inside the earth is far beyond what is dunya is, there are some near and some blessings in this dunya that we find that to be documented inside the Quran. But we find the real, the real name, the real blessing that we find will be inside the Torah, under

00:47:01--> 00:47:48

the life of eternity, the life of youthfulness, the life of everything inside this dunya a tab one cupboard of fatigue of hardness of testing of trials of Salah was co was so well had one nataka was sadhaka was xhaka what beruwala did only good actions in this dunya there's none of that inside the earth era. It's all taken away. Because now this is a time for person to rest. The divide in conclusion a head is in such a Muslim, every person can inside his month of Ramadan, or the focusing upon the Quran was focused upon the Quran read a hadith about nyeem agenda, about a man about paradise about good things to strengthen. Now imagine because this dunya is a cosmopolitan society,

00:47:48--> 00:48:18

a capitalist society and society is worried about this dunya and madda all it is the wealth that concerns them as Muslims. Well a Stanford men fall into that trap as well. That life just becomes this dunya to focus your Eman to see what happens inside the earth era and careful that the disbelieving individual who is that every single name of this dunya is being given to an individual, one small dip one small dip inside jahannam and he said to the individual, Helmer Rebecca

00:48:20--> 00:48:34

did any blessing come across you inside your life. And this disbelieving individuals saying no will say no. I'm in the believing individual. One small gift inside Jenna. Alma, Rebecca,

00:48:35--> 00:48:40

Rebecca, any difficulty any adversity, any hardship to come upon you that is

00:48:43--> 00:49:04

lowering your gaze, staying away from her on preserving yourself not stealing, not cheating, not lying, not creating fitna not doing anything what most people do upon this earth. Person controls themselves. On the final day that we find one small dip inside gender that we find personal forget all of that. This is the name that we should be focusing

00:49:05--> 00:49:48

on limani, Taka, Taka, Taka, Taka, May Allah give us all the tofi capability and his five minute moments of the build up of Ramadan for us to reassess our intention to re reassess our life. reassess so that when we enter in the beginning of Ramadan, when when the doors of Johanna Marcin and Shelton have been chained up, and those of Paradise are all open, where do I want to be? Where do I want to be in this month of Ramadan? At the end of this Ramadan at the end of the summer, where do I want to be classified? Where do I want to be placed? And no one should display latok Nakamura Matilda some of you may think Alberta has no no Muslim is not for us. It's not for us cut and let

00:49:48--> 00:49:57

never know Muslim deceive you that this Muslim goes to Ghana. And this Muslim goes to paradise for an awkward surah Allah you

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

know, individually

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

So this person what I want to talk about now see what the new president since I've done anything no individual the audacity to say, point blank that this individual will go to jahannam and this individual goes to paradise. It is only for Allah. Liana columbanus main man, the heart of mankind are between the two fingers of a human. You can leave okay for your shirt. He changes them however he wants. Come in for a woman and when would you remain? Well, I'll see how many disbelieving individuals we can individually sinful individuals in one night changed the hearts.

00:50:40--> 00:51:19

That is Allah subhanaw taala. So don't despair. That's in my life that I've done this inside my life, as if when I had the the Toba that we find around June. Katana is in shock because 99 people hadn't even toga tin. Is there any tober for me? Of course you're going to be Toba? Are you in a bar so we encourage all of our Muslim brothers and sisters that wherever we find them in the build up arama encourage everyone for for a llama free back to Allah. Allah become a good Muslim is better for your own self. And the man mentioned Lucia Yoko we had the oma the greatest thing that will strengthen this Muslim Ummah after Eman Bella is a

00:51:20--> 00:51:55

Papa is obedience will give this Omar strength give it power, give it glory not speech. A bar will give once again a Latina am an intern Serbian sarcoma is a bit of a de novo la B particle Wham alikum. ob tuck welcome with your fair with your focus your devotion will bring this Muslim one sigma to strength once again. No one will be able to walk over this Muslim ummah. No one will be to walk over it. If you come devoted to Allah, because this is the promise of Allah. Allah promises. So not only

00:51:56--> 00:52:31

upon this earth that certain suddenly you begin to do it, strength and glory comes back to you. We are not 100 alleviate Allah Muslim omada suffering at the moment bring them out of the deficiency and the hardships the suffering that they may be that may be placed upon them Yala removed that suffering from them, make us become a means for individuals who respond to their code to give them a terminal for Kawasaki. give them food and drink in his best month of Ramadan in a manner not in a company what Hila nanodomains Amala Shakira, we feed you and give you a drink only for the sake of Allah termina enough to me and every day we get to eat and we're going to drink and have good life.

00:52:31--> 00:53:08

Fuck you. roofie when you think about your brothers about their situation about their life, man, don't shut up Allah muskan no food, no drink for them. take few moments of your wealth. few moments ever give it to these individuals for the sake of Allah Ouattara a job you see many blessings. You see many blessings of giving your wealth for the sake of Allah Allah Ma Ma na casa melamine sodapoppin wealth is not diminished in giving of sadaqa to these individuals, while Anton turaco ella bedarra Misaki Nakamoto after a comb, you were only given sustenance as we began with the out of the Masek in the poor and the destitute individually that these individuals may raise their hand

00:53:08--> 00:53:48

Allahu Allah give these people food and drink okay they sent us food and drink who gave us clothing give them food and drink and agenda there are people in the in the in our absence in absolutely draw these poor people making for us. calamities and obstacles may come inside our life. And these poor people pray for us and is removed from us. NET Mammon Allah What a great knit My dad is named Giovanni every angle you find the believer is blessing every angle that we find a believer he's bless it in number one my let it go to soluna and then maybe you will let me know salani was a limitus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kemosabe john Abraham Ana and ebrahimian

00:53:48--> 00:54:34

nakamichi allama Berek Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Mohammed Kamara Ibrahim, Ibrahim and naka de magie Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una walk in our governor Raghuram nanfu sana Willem de fildena water hammer. Then Hakuna namaha serene robina filled in only one Isla de nos Hakuna bill Eman what are called ob now Hilda Linda Dena Manu robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa, Elena sobre was a bit sooner como carefree Roberto De Luca de tener una Mila Doom kurama in La cantera hub para hablar de minimis Virginia with Maria Tina kurata Yun tokina mm Roberta coppermine Dinah Contessa Muna Arlene. Elena indelicato Rahim so cannot be caught up in the Dr. malossi phone was

00:54:34--> 00:54:39

when Alamosa Lena and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Odisha tikanga hameau como la

00:54:49--> 00:54:51

la law what what a law boy