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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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In hamdulillah Hina Meadow monastery you want to stop futile when our old overlay Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela mo de la. One I will do

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what I shall do.

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Isla De La Hoya de hula Cherie Keller, why shadow? Muhammad Abdul Kumara Soto. I'm about to fall in the cul de sac kita Baba,

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Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara ohmori much to her wakulla motion data in beta wakulla bit at invalid at in wakulla dollar Latina

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rubbish roughly sorry, are you sad angry wahoo Lockwood determine Lisa Nia Kahu Kohli, of the phrasing of loss of Canada I Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey looking at a hadith

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Speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, about belief, towards the regarding Allah Subhana Allah and the impact of that belief of living a life of action and a life of being good to the creation around us. When you find it or

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whenever it speaks about email builder, in content taught me nooner builder he where you will hear if you believe in Allah, and the last day, belief in Allah Subhana Allah is also always coupled with the concept of belief in the last day that you find inside prophetic traditions as well.

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for mankind I mean, come up lay will Yeoman earlier, whoever believes in Allah on the last day, let him do such and such actions

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for local hire on Alia Smith, that a person speak well or remain silent, that a person be good to the neighbor, and a person. Be good to the guest. This is all a deliverance of a man of Eman, belay, Subhana Allah leads to action. Because we find unfortunately some people inside our community the thing that is just suffices the individual to say I believe in Allah. But I don't want to carry out the actions of belief. Because a lack of actions leads to deviancy leads to corruption leads to false hopes that I'll be forgiven without carrying out any actions upon this dunya Allah Subhana Allah universe that we mentioned last week as well lacewell Veera and Tuvalu hokum, cable, Masha

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cable, Nakuru Bada, Kindle Berra, and as long as I sorted Baccarat that we find lacewell Bear

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piety taqwa consciousness, not just what you think just turning your faces towards the right or the left. While a Kindleberger Rahman and a billionaire, he will yo mill here, once again a lot of dimensions belief or piety, his belief in Allah and the Last Day and then numerous commandments are numerous, numerous actions are mentioned that this will be is because maybe some of us we just codify piety is just reading a comma to Salah to establish the prayer just to give a Zakah but Allah undermentioned is not in this long I had numerous action a person needs to do.

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Hola como la Tina Sadako Ola a como taco, then I'm not fantastic concludes I mentioned those that are true for individuals, to testify to all of these actions carry out these actions. Were all our echo human moutoku that Allah says these are the pious individuals. And this becomes a checklist for all of us to go and see all of these different actions. If we carry out all these actions, if we ascribe to be the pious individuals, devoted individuals towards Allah Subhana Allah, not to just take things that suit our nature suit our environment and carry those out and avoid those those difficult things, which in essence are not difficult, but they become difficult for us because we

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find obstacles in carrying out these actual practices towards a loss of Hannah Donna

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Murphy has written returning back to an email builder, just Hadeeth once again speaks about Allah Subhana Allah, about the importance of always revitalizing our Eman binay Subhana Allah and knowing what to scribe

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or what to mention what to say about Allah Subhana Allah, which is part and parcel of towhead I smell was siefert to know the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran itself, it mentions well in a smell or snapper, the Ruby her to Allah sukanto belongs the Most Beautiful Names and attributes. Use these names and attributes to call upon Allah Subhana Allah. And that's where a person doesn't know the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah doesn't know what they mean. What do you ascribe to Allah Subhana Allah, we find this deviancy, this corruption, that people begin to just chant their names.

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And excuse the expression in today's society, people begin to sing the names of Allah and to think that this is some form of alleviation, some spiritual uplifting, a form of devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. This is all in head all straying away from the path of a loss of Hannah Dinah.

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Not making mention of a loss panda Anna Did you write that belongs to a loss of Hannah Diana.

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Likewise, you find it harder for Elisa Camus Lee shaver was semi bossy.

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There is nothing like unto a loss of Canada Allah. He's all hearing the old seeing.

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And this is another deviancy that we find inside our society. Now when it comes to the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah

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people begin to negate them and say it's not befitting to say that Allah hears or Allah sees the credo as soon as he will German or last anti seize and he hears gamma Jacobi Jelani supernova Allah in a way that befits His Majesty unbelief. As for how this is not allowed, as we find with Mr. Malik Rahmatullah Allah mm Darrell hegira, one of the four great imams that we find a student that he will Gemma, when he's asked this question, about some seven occasions had the Quran Allah mentioned, there are a lot of men who Allah, Allah.

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Allah Subhana has ascended the throne some seven different locations inside the Quran, a person posed the question to Mr. Malik, Capel St. Where? How did Allah subhanaw taala ascend the throne?

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where Mr. Malik call Allahu Akbar at St. Louis. And St. Louis is well known what it means.

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Well, case merge who to ask is unknown, was so and who paid atone. And to ask about is an innovation

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because by default, if a person asks about it, they fall into Da Vinci. And if a person D gates it default into deviancy sort of freedom, Allison, it will Gemma is to believe in the names and attributes of Allah and Allah as he described himself inside the Quran and not to ask questions and not try to what they try to attribute a listener that P remark. listener that message me Tamia, he moves towards anthropomorphism. That God is like the human being.

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This is about the least is false. You don't find any of this in the works of Shakespeare stop me Tommy Rahmatullah de la. Nero find him describing Allah. Allah is like the creation is that the human beings are the attributes of human beings are the attributes of Allah Subhana Allah. The only thing that is shared is the names. As I mentioned at the beginning sort of insulin, insomnia, insomnia, dairy lamb, yakushima, Cora in in sentimiento, 14 am shared in Delhi for the unknown Semyon basura. The names are the same that we gave the human being the ability to hear and to see. And so the way that human being hears and CS is limited. It's limited. So the way that Allah hunter

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hears and sees, that man cannot understand that mantero question that man can ask how this Allah kinda see and hear everything

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in the depths of the darkness of the ocean, in faraway lands, a different locale, different languages, different places, different times. That is Allah Subhana Allah, Holly kukula, a creator of everything, who hears and sees and knows what happened and what will happen, and what would happen if something else was to be decreed. That is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find that this TVC another extreme element of not knowing the Creator, leads into playing God,

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that people claim certain things, because they fail to recognize the Creator. They fail to humble themselves, they fail to humiliate themselves in front of Allah. And then they begin to try to humiliate mankind, subjugate mankind, compel mankind force mankind, and linguistically, as they say, play God on earth. claim to be divine individuals, or identities upon the face of this earth and this is headed all along to Allah. I'll Kibriya reader he will admit to his

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pride, power, supreme power is my outer garment.

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While Well, our motto, glory and magnificence is the lower garment from anywhere he didn't mean to Finn.

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Whoever tries to challenge me regarding my power glory, dominance control of two finger to finger

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and throw that individual into the Hellfire does if I numerous I had a young widow,

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Allah Subhana Allah Yama, Yama with grace, the heavens and the earth. Place the heavens and earth inside his right hand. And then some Maya cool Anil Malik Anan Maluku.

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I'm the king with the kings of this earth.

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Was he reweighted energeia pero el moto kabiru. de casa hain of Eman Bukhari Muslim aina Japan rule while motor kabiru another generation find a low so we are at the arrogant ones. We are the tyrannical ones. A lower gloss

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The planets gloss over the earth cross the heavens

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and impose this question, I'm the king. And this is all similar to what Alessandra mentioned inside the Quran limonene will call yom lillahi wa Hill.

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To whom does the kingdom ship belong on this day? Who does it belong to? nominal muncul Yama, Hegel, aha, the one and only irresistible one Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise inside the beginning of Surah Al e Imran, we find kalila Houma Malik al mulk. To tell Malcolm and Tisha within the annual commitment Tasha will resume and Tisha to the lumen Tisha via decahydrate Naka Allah cliche in audio. You know, some of us we don't seem to ponder over the Quran, Allah Houma medical moon, say to Allah abalones, out Dominion ship, the whole kingdom ship the whole control belongs to Allah Subhana Allah.

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He gives a small element of control of the vineyard whomever he wants, what turns the annual commitment

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and he snatches it away from whoever he wants. What to resume and Tisha what to the lumen, Tisha, you give online glory to whomever you want, and you disgrace the bass, humiliate whomever you want. Big call hi inaka Allah policia in Kadir.

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Oh goodness lies in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah. Then strange is that a lot of time to illustrate off this mentions to lead you live in a hurry. Were to lead una hora filet

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mignon, my gt were to credit Makita Minal Hey, what our documentation will be at he said

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baynard Imani belay Subhana, Allah will cone because when you claim to be a deity, you claim to be God. Study the Quran when Allah Subhana Allah speaks about himself. Then he lays out certain conditions certain symbols are laid out about who is the sovereign, divine powerful one. So hey Allah mentions

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that he is the one that alternates brings the night into the day that day into the night. What to create in a minute.

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You bring the living from the dead and you bring the dead out from the living. Water Zuckerman, Manisha will be hiring he said, and you provide sustenance to whomever you want without any accountability. Because you study historically people who claim to be gods have claim to govern the earth or control the earth.

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Inside SoTL Baccarat that we find lm Tara Illa de her Jay Abraham if you're a be an actor who loves milk, and we not seen the one who did, who argued with Ibrahim Ali Salim

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is at low milk who gave him the power a lot.

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And in brood as El amor por el tipo, Sera mentioned

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and who are Rico nice toys I mentioned one of the rare non Muslims. There's only two non Muslims one is the mood

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to cover and control if not all of this earth.

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So this individual once again, when did you do what?

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Using these words linguistically played God? Have you not seen the one who debated with Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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When Ibrahim la Sam said to him my lord is the one that gives life and death.

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He said I am the ANA or he will omit he said I'm the one that gives life and death.

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Abraham said if you're the one that claims to give life and death for in Alaya divish mushroom similar mushroom effectively have mineral McRib, you claim to give life and death.

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Then do this. The alternation of the sun, the rising of the sun, change it from the opposite direction.

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change the direction

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for buoy tele deca for Lola did coma volley mean calm snack, not able to respond. Because when people start to play God, then there are certain things that they're never going to be able to do which belongs only to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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creation of the night and the day placing the night and the day, life and death is all in the hands of Allah and Allah sustenance or risk, be a dealer.

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provision sustenance is in the hands of a lot doesn't belong in the hands of people. But sometimes that's what happens to many of us.

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That we that we fear that if I say something if I do something then my sustenance will be taken away from me.

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Obviously a person needs to be wise inside their life.

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But strength is inside

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the EMA Nia strength is in Eman in Allah Subhana Allah I believe, conviction that Allah Allah is the one that provides and now

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reaches and sustains. So this allows Panda and I showed inside this is a strange thing is that again, if we continue this is inside surah Ibrahim,

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the last 100 and mentioned once again the concept of life and death

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whereby a lot of that speaks about this individual.

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When he goes past this village, this ghost town is empty, barren town color and he had the low bad mot her. This individual said, How is Alice panda going to give life to the dead when they finished?

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For Emma tolomeo I'm in from a barista who then lost hunger caused him to die for 100 years and resurrected him

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read this is inside sort of Baccarat hatherleigh under historical Baccarat come some open fireplace inside SoTL Baccarat which speak about Allah destroying people and bringing them back alive, to show them that this is how Allah gives life to the dead

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brings people destroyed brings him to existence once again.

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Surah Al Baqarah we take inside your homes sootel mcra is a protection from all formats of a car. While gene protection for the home The house was sort of read is it is an empty graveyard

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is empty home to suit as will come in a day judgment as a shade for the individual suitor Baccarat, sobre la Iran and macro la embrun and some people where they want to perform Rukia inside the home they play soccer soccer Allah Accra ob unfussy comb vd your own cells don't play a tape and say this is rocky inside the house. Read SoTL Baccarat yourself

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every few days.

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suited Baccarat should be read inside the home a form of protection. But once again doubtful

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reliance upon other individual someone else will read it if you find a rookie, I show a demo everywhere that we go every other person is rocking every other person in group Yeah. Why? Why is every other individual doing rocla

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Rukia is obviously is Jay is allowed. But it doesn't mean every single individual Rukia of DeLuca the best Rukia the person tears upon their own self reads of Quran themselves, which card themselves reads upon their children. That's the best form of Rokia don't become reliant upon another individual. And even then when a person does Rukia their conviction a belief is that Allah Subhana Allah ye Dharma to power, your speed of light is the one that cures fee killer mainly Taseer. In the words of Allah and others impact their strength. There is power in the words of Allah Subhana Allah. That's what the belief the conviction is. That the Quran is Shiva, Lima fish sudo

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Shiva mfe sudo is a cure for the sicknesses inside the heart and Roger kulu sicknesses of the heart and the weaknesses of the heart. But he had that before in color. Another place inside the Quran speaking about arrogance,

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I believe Suma mana can attest to the Mahalo to be a day and step per term called terminal Annie. This is to help us to understand that people do become arrogant and proud of themselves.

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is the way of a belief

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is a way of shape on Allah.

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Allah I believe Suma mana contest to De Lima Allah to be a day or at least what prevented you from prostrating

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in in front of that which I created in my own two hands. I stuck but the terminal Arlene Are you an arrogant, high lofty individual?

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Rocky's job abolish, focus on his answer. In today's contemporary world,

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caller Anna Hi, Roman, who? I'm better than him.

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Focus on that answer. And that same answer exists today. In all of its formats, I'm better than this individual.

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We are better than these individuals. And society is better than is better than a society. That's the point I'll keep.

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It is a way of beliefs.

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That Allah told him to prostrate he refused to prostate, prostate. And hydromechanical autonomy narikala a woman clean. Then he gave his logical answer. His logical rational approach. You created me from file you created him from pain. So by default, I'm superior to him. Just like today by default, we are civilized nation. We are civilized people.

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We're disciplined people. So by default, we're better than these subjects around us. We're better than the people around us is nothing but clever and challenging Allah subhanaw taala and Aziz Kabir, Allah, Allah describes himself inside the Quran Al Aziz a bedroom with the cupboard, the mighty, the powerful, the one who has every right to be arrogant. He said the Quran is referred as kabiru mata on the Almighty, the Hydra lofty Allah Subhana Allah. When Allah when Allah Yun Kabir, Allah is the lofty 100 Allah the mighty, the great is Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Kibriya re

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that sublime might Sultan power, that is the right that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah Allah is zu, well, mukava Sultan is earlimart described what is amenable Kibriya just like inside the Quran, what a coup de la cama Kibriya of an Arab, they said about moves and Haruna la masala needs to want to be dominant on the earth. They want souta they want to be powerful on the earth. Remember the message is never wanted to be powerful on the earth. They never wanted control upon the earth, they never wanted to be leaders is something that was gifted to them given to them by Allah Subhana Allah and as if any person who seeks authority, seeks leadership will eventually be debased, will be

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humiliated by Allah Subhana Allah, then after humiliated by the people, because many of these people they don't seek the glory of Allah Subhana Allah, they seek the glory of their own selves, their own bona fide selves, to make themselves supreme and lofty, not the word of Allah and to be Supreme. And last Eunice F. And as we look at moose and Harun the really arrogant proud individual with whom was their own web I mentioned. Pharaoh he mentioned under a blue moon, Allah. He said, I am your Almighty Lord. And what did what else he mentioned? It's added on. Look at this individual moves at a salon is as a stat I can't even speak

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with sophisticated nation and people how did

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this individual come and he tries to govern over us individuals. Look at these and look at these rivers that flow underneath my palace, or the edge of my palace that you find the rivers that are flowing, they're trying to give a depiction that Jenna belongs to him

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called hon camel and the same rivers he claimed that are flowing in front of him.

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What did I do to this individual read surah Yunus the 10th chapter of the Quran and

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right now that is individual now work on our site amicable, local, terminal muscadine. folio Marina de cabeza de nickel, Pearl yamanouchi, Cabeza de Nicola takuna Lima coolamon hilfiker area winder kathira, mina nesina area Tina la hora de Lune. For Yamuna jika be Botanica, this day, we're going to rescue you, with your body, we're going to display you for the rest of the world where the rest of time. These are the same for our new claim to be a deity,

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that you find that they are the same individual laws and have preserved his body. Neither coolamon has to be assigned whoever comes after you. But indeed most of mankind lajitas regarding the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, even after seeing this, we still want to be arrogant individuals on the face of this earth, when our Kibriya is semi what you will call as evil hacking. It's a subtle gesture that we find that will also panda belongs the sovereign power of the heavens and the earth. And even it's like what this is sort of just here are just your mean. Ones who come down on their knees,

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who bow down on their knees, come down on the knees, look out a lot of places certain areas inside certain places inside the Koran, for reflection. And if you look at the end of suta jerseyville, la macusa Malati will well Yamato kusa, to your mind in your loan to Allah, Allah belongs the heavens in the earth and the day when the hour is established. You'll see that these individuals who the losing individuals in a state of loss that they will be What are akula matilija Thea. You see every single mother be upon their knees glommed into a lucky Tabby her and every single nation according to his book aku sera in Akita or in an email or a lot of food or unabie. Every every nation will be

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down on their knees that day in front of Allah Subhana Allah calling out to the book calling out to the people calling out to the email calling out to the messenger to try

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to come and rescue them at that moment in time, when Adama two is very rare that we find

00:30:06--> 00:30:51

the cloak that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah. Well as the motto is airy and the lower government is that the magnificence of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah tried to describe why does Allah Allah use these words? Because the upper garment and the lower garment they stick and they cling to the individual they belong to the individual person doesn't share these garments with another individual. finalized method will Allah tala belong to the greatest example Allah does not share? suit on pass power, mic glory control with any subject. sovereign power belongs to only Allah Subhana Allah Allah does not share it. Whoever tries to challenge Allah tries to play God tries to be arrogant tries to be proud.

00:30:53--> 00:30:56

tries to control people have to finish.

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Then Allah kinda froze that individual inside the Hellfire loco loco. He had our stock for lolly welcome when he gave me a Muslim enough for stock Pharaoh who no longer for Rahim

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a human Temasek. abbyson Latina yo Madina bad from another anywhere hidden min humor, Amanda Shara Kenny, whoever tries to challenge or compete with the last counter Anna, regarding these attributes that belong to Allah Subhana Allah for your daily nuptse mata for us to be him in a siefert and try to make these claims these attributes that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, part of tufin IRA me to finish.

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Then I'll throw this individual inside the Hellfire does he find when Allah describes about arrogant individuals inside Surah zomer talking about the groups are groups of individuals come whether it be the disbelieving individuals or whether it be the believing individuals that you find are common that day.

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That those groups of individual come in front of Allah Subhana Allah paillard Hello Baba Johanna mahalo, Dena Fie her puppet semeth Juan Mata Kabir in wasI Kala Dina cafaro, Ella Johanna Matsumura, the end of sort of zomer that we find

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watseka Latina cafaro disparaging individuals are going to be dragged, brought forth to jahannam on that day.

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And then we say to these individuals, and then we come to Solomon come get Luna alikum Arabic home, while Yun una comunidad de

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de pollo Bella did not add besides come to you did not want to come to you to remind you about this Arlo Bella. Well, I can have petkova to the other DLL carefully read. Yes, signs did come, but we ignored them. And indeed the word the word established upon such individuals, Isla de Hulu Ababa Johanna mahali Dena fee half a bit semeth Juan Mata kabiri

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arrogant individuals today Now enter into Jana. There's other narration that you find that Hadees that we find that arrogant individuals on the face of this earth will come as small ants on the Day of Judgment, and people will trample all over them. That's what will happen to move to kabiru arrogant individuals on the Day of Judgment, like was not a place to start the forum for the Hulu Abba Johanna Macaulay denorfia fell a bit submersible motor kabiri inside so Tina has a 16 Chapter The Quran. Once again you said to these interviews similar is for the Hulu Ababa Johanna mahali denorfia just a change of how to learn for a big submersible motor kabiri in what an evil refuge

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what evil about it will be with arrogant individuals and the same surah Allah Allah mentioned in Nola your head booboo stuck between Allah doesn't like arrogant individuals.

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And as even though he speaks about certain signs inside the Quran inside Alif Lam Meem such that to be recited

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in a fudger prayer that we find in other narrations recited every single night. And if that means such the

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we this surah the 30 even almost a 32nd suit of the Quran read every single night. And then when I look kind of speaks about the descriptive nature of the believing individuals

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with whom law is stuck, borrowed,

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they're not arrogant Nakama sujood it becomes a place of such the person performs such that they own their own data Jaffa junoon Anima guajira una Bonhoeffer, ma ma ma ma ma

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Fill out the element of Sumo Filomena, karate iron jazz American alone. These are the facts of the believing individuals as we began with actions that a Jaffa you know boom and in Baba Ji they sacrifice their sleep they sacrifice their beds.

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He had the owner of boom whoa from what Thumma calling upon Allah Subhana Allah Seaford and Eman biller. Eman is an I believe in Allah will have to suddenly you don't pray you don't force you don't call upon him. You don't make that extra effort. Then Allah Allah says about these individuals that reward for these individual coolness of the eyes, just America new yamalube recompense reward because of the actions they used to carry out upon the face of this earth. And as we find that these individuals may Allah forbid, your shadow mata kabiru resurrected on that day in front of Allah subhanaw taala. I'll keep her Vokoun.

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well enough, concluded el kebir. Una el kebir is fuel of the hellfire.

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So a person needs to expel any elements that fit a mustard grain of arrogance. That person will never enter into, into Jenna. So person needs to be wary, not even letting a grain amount of arrogance to come inside their life. There's various forms of arrogance of earlimart discuss the ultimate form of arrogance that we find around us is rejection of the Creator. There is this is the ultimate caper. Because many times many of us fall into the trap that the people around us we're not trying to look down upon the people around us. non Muslims, they are good people amongst them. There's no doubt. But a good person is the one that does not reject the Creator. That's ultimate

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You refuse to submit to the Creator. You're a good citizen. But you believe in atheism, you believe rejection of God, there is no God. No.

00:37:07--> 00:37:53

Well, are you ala? When Arab? There is no life. There is no deity, there is no God, there is no hereafter. It just enjoy your life. That's all that life is. This is the social standing around us at the moment and non Muslims going to more and more. Life is just enjoying yourself. rejection of the Creator. This is total arrogance, total arrogance. Failing to recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to be arrogant about that, that is going to be no return. I don't harm any individual. I don't travel any individual. So by default, I'm a good individual. That's not the criteria of Allah subhanaw taala. That's not the criteria inside the Quran. While akindele b Rahman M and A biLlahi.

00:37:53--> 00:38:07

While yo mill, a bill. Goodness is the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day, the other forms of arrogance that can be mentioned here that concern us, the average masses of us Muslims amongst us, arrogance towards another Muslim,

00:38:08--> 00:38:17

male, Allah forbid it's become so common inside our lives, in our speech in our etiquette, and the way that we codify we address people around us.

00:38:18--> 00:38:48

We look down upon another Muslim case. How can a Muslim look down upon another Muslim or more is to think that it the last person to enter into Jenna is going to be me. But how the Ramadan kebab case? How can our finger is that one person if you ever made it to Jenna, it's me. And look at many of us today. We look down upon another Muslim. We don't think well of another Muslim either kibber arrogance

00:38:49--> 00:38:51

and a hieromonk I'm better than him.

00:38:52--> 00:38:53

element of that.

00:38:55--> 00:39:01

Better in because of my knowledge, because of my understanding because of my wealth because of this because of that law.

00:39:02--> 00:39:06

Guru has a minima. All of this is from whom is from Allah.

00:39:07--> 00:39:26

Allah as we've mentioned, Allah is the one who gives glory to whomever he wants, takes it away from wherever he wants. This should humble a person does he find a relevant mention every time a person increases inside the inside their wealth in a property in their life, the more humble they become

00:39:27--> 00:39:57

upon this dunya because why they know this is a test from Allah. But unfortunately find the opposite inside our society. The more that we may learn, the more arrogant we become the people around us thinking everybody's going to judge them. How is every Muslim going to jahannam even if they have a bad understanding that occurred bad belief, corruption. It is not the creed of our listener to judge upon other individual and condemned them to the alpha per second only fear

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

is painful for them fearful

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

for oneself as well.

00:40:02--> 00:40:21

Now, by default, if I don't practice what I preach, this person may be ignorant, there could be some excuse for the ignorance. But I saw myself, what would happen to me on that on that day. Maybe this person given excuses, they didn't know what what excuses Am I going to give one a day of judgment? What's my excuse going to be

00:40:23--> 00:40:27

that every single individual would be standing on that day for the

00:40:28--> 00:40:40

workqueue t o p Amati. For the every single one of us today data will come as a one identity, one individual, for our own actions.

00:40:42--> 00:41:06

For our own selves, what we done by the person should be seeking the prayers of the people around them. If I need some strange narrations, because some of us they might be strange, that when a person leaves this dunya and if 100 sincere people follow that funeral prayer over that funeral prayer, and pray for that individual in the intercession will be granted 100 sincere people, and every time a person prays for another individual,

00:41:07--> 00:41:10

my advice to myself with the rest of you, respected by others,

00:41:11--> 00:41:18

is that hope and Aspire that when I leave this dunya 100 sincere people pray for me, just like I prayed for this individual.

00:41:19--> 00:42:01

That's what a person should aspire inside their life. Because the M word the dead people left this dunya for he said, boom. In the law. They accountability now lies with a law, we all remain, we will remain upon the face of this earth. And the only thing that some of us are gaining upon this dunya via arrogance is more sins, more disobedience, more weight and burden upon our own selves. Rather than trying to alleviate ourselves and alleviate the people around us may almost give us all a trophy the ability to stay away from all shades and colors and formats of I should build a subheader to Allah was with me while he was sooner well Roger, any forms of being absent for the sake of

00:42:01--> 00:42:36

pleasing the people respect of the people seeking and only for the sake of Allah, sake of a beautiful sublime face of lots of Canada in the LA Mola eco to soluna Allah nebby you Latina Manu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad gamma so later on a Rahim Allah Allah Brahimi Naka, hamidah Majeed, Aloma Burdick Allah Muhammad, Ali Muhammad Ibrahim, Ibrahim and nakagami tamachi tnfa dunya Hasina Warfield, cara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin Avalon Nan for Santa Willem Tocqueville Donna

00:42:37--> 00:43:21

Lynn akuna nominal ha serene Ramona filan Alejandro de Dena Saba una bella Eamon alfia colo Bina of India Linda Dina Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa, Elena sobre was a bit akademin also norelco McCaffrey, Donato giancola una vida de tener habla Nam and Adam Carolla in a cantilever hub from Donna Habana. Mira minnis, Virginia with over a year Tina kurata anonimo tokina mm robina Taco Bell midnight Contessa Muna Holly matoba Elena and Nikita tabo Rahim so the founder of the Caribbean is that your seafood was Ala Moana halal masala al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sala de como como la,

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