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Kumara rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In an hamdulillah in a monastery and when a stock hero when our auto belay Manchurian fusina Mr. Dr. Molina

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de no further moody data on a lil fella hodja what I showed you

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in LA bajo de vous la sharika wa shadow. Muhammad Abdul Omarosa. So no, I'm about to fire in North Dakota hadn t turbo, hydro Buddha Buddha Mohammed in Southern Nevada. He was

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Was Shara Mori Masha sir to her wakulla mo de 13 Peter will collaborate at in Bala that in Baku la bola Latina of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you find a new series of photos of talking about softening the hearts an ideal opportunity as we enter into the final moments of Ramadan, whereby the hearts are soft and lenient and receptive to the call of Allah Subhana Allah or to return back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah does define the symbols of Allah sadhana. I want to Ischia when a purification and making the hearts become lenient and soft, and full of the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah. Among amongst the elements of the heart that we find is a concept of devotion, submissiveness, feeling debased in front of Allah Subhana Dinah, being in a state of humility, that's in the heart, a prostrates. Before the limbs of

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the human being that they submit. Then the prostrating of the limbs becomes very simple, very easy, begins to follow the heart does even Roger will humbly mentioned and the whole Moloch The heart is the king on January, and Jude and the limbs are the soldiers. When the king is corrupt, the soldiers are corrupt. When the king is sound, then the soldiers become sound. And that's the final loss and I mentioned your medallion for murder and whatever known in autauga have been called bin Salim. On that day, your wife and your children will not avail you will help you in any manner, any shape or form. In a tub, Bobby Calvin Saleem. The only thing that would benefit you in that day will be a

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sound heart. a pure heart, does the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he highlighted in a taqwa hoonah Allah in nataka hoonah Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah, devotion commitment lies right here, inside the chest of the human being inside the heart. That is the beginning of consciousness and devotion towards the loss of Canada and, and the devotion of first action of the belief in Allah Subhana Allah have a horseshoe and a subpoena with the ANA who have his Sunnah is inside the prayer. That is the beginning of submission of devotion towards Allah Subhana Dinah by the door he believes to Canada Allah, Allah will she is a Salah, the first action of the human being, that you find that

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symbols have been highlighted in prophetic traditions talking about signs of the day judgment, many times you begin to focus on those signs which talk about a more urban area, about affairs of this world, things that will take place in the face of this earth, the expansion of marketplaces transactions of wealth of property, lofty buildings, and other such ahaadeeth that we find many of us focus upon that we find amongst the spiritual aspects, which are also linked to the minus signs. The 80 or 90 or minus signs a day judgment that we find out when you shake your head is oh man Whoa, sure. The first thing that we lifted from this Muslim Ummah will be a whoa Sure, will be

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submissiveness, devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah never had these the wording that we find, I will shake your

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hand had tele therapy hahaha and the first thing that we lifted from this Muslim Omar will be for sure. until you find very rarely. Now there are only a few people will be in a state of devotion in a commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah a very strange it is that the Quran begins by highlighting was there a newbie Sabri was Salah were in law to be written in the rain are among the first commandment inside the Quran. Was there a newbie Sabri was Salah, seek aid and assistance via patience was Sunnah. These are two symbols that are Muslim you call when of sahoo the Sabri was salviati gained strength on this dunya gained strength inside the earth Euro gained strength inside

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other via a suburb Allah dunya patience upon this dunya and I qualify as Salah strengthens the individual strengthens the man strengthens their conviction strengthens them upon this journey towards the loss of Canada and we're in LA Kabira tune Illa Allah hace Kabira tone, something grave, something difficult, something hard and as you find out masses will love a bit of the Muslim ummah. They find it difficult that soccer animations What are you doing a salata in our home kusa. Many people come to Santa, except when a state of laziness, Euro una nurse while

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If Quran Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to be visualized by people to tick the boxes, the person came to the machine, the person came to pray, but Allah Subhana Allah documents, what is kurunegala illa kalila shadow sir, the hidden element person could stand in front of the whole of this dunya but internally this person doesn't remember last time that either much severe warning to this Muslim home about coming towards this prayer in a state of laziness in a state of not fully convicting us off towards this prayer. Then almost 100 Anna mentioned that this will be in lockerby rotten Eldar and harsh rain.

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And levena una no Muna hora de mano Mila he Raja own. Allah Allah mentioned Allah de negocio, known as one hoonah laser beam and a speculation conjecture are those who doubt because the Arabic language is very, very deep, who will have the opposite? And levena? You may know you say no, and they know for a doubt they're going to meet a lot of one here does that mean conjecture? speculation? Who will 100 mn and Latina yo Luna unknown mula Pura be him? Well, I know Mila here Roger road, they have no doubt. They have no doubt they're going to meet Allah Subhana Allah and they showed me a total Quran. Why? To look at the importance of understanding the Quran, the

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magnitude of Quran, the language of the Quran, how the Quran begins to use certain callamard certain words to drive that person towards Allah Subhana Allah ikoma to Salah walkie masala establishing the presence at three times inside the Quran. Doesn't say just offer the ad to Salah or others I will add to salad many but we think we just complete the prayer. Technically, we just completed the prayer konnyaku in the charger, there may be some reward for you. It may be no reward for you technically you've performed a prayer but the Quran says we're Aki Mashallah to establish the prayer couple of solidarity what we mean by the celerity before the prayer in the prayer after the prayer

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is all preservation the prayer or devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find a lot of time there I mentioned that sort of minuman the 23rd chapter of the Quran 10 verses Allah and Allah begins to speak about certain siefert certain characteristics about the believers for the Flathead Menon indeed successful other believers and levena home feasts Allah to him, her Sharon, oh will syphilis mini or will suffer the first characteristics of believers upon this dunya as Allah mentioned, inside the surah Katsura minnow in the surah talking about the believers, Can I at first 10 are yet Rocky's who Allah had a go and study these 10 are yet which talks about these

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characteristics of the believing individuals. Allah the donkey Salatin Kashi rune, those individuals who are devoted inside their prayer when larina whom Allah Allah word to him, you have a boon until the ninth or the 10th first and last time I mentioned after talking about the rest of the characteristics, returns back to a Salah those you have we born, those who got their prayers for those individuals, and levena uri Sunil for those. For those individuals, there's going to be unfair dose for those who's going to be given to those individuals, as he finds another place that the Quran will levena whom Allah Salatin day de imune pseudotumor Irish talking about ascension to Allah

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Subhana Allah, those inside their prayers that imune always vigilant about their prayers, not your mo Juma, not Ramadan, no need during certain occasions that we find, guarding and preserving their prayers throughout their lives. Now the shutdown would mean this is a symbol of a believer throughout their life, that they're worried about their prayer and guarding and preserving their prayers does a lot of damage it will cause your inner will harsh submissive men and submissive women inside so to answer that we find eight nine different characteristics of believing individuals are mentioned. Or those who are Muslim moon while muslimeen our Muslim as well Mina Mina, Allah

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mentioned the Muslim men, Muslim women, believing men believing women, submissive men, submissive women, patient men, patient women, fasting men, fasting women, and many others. Like I mentioned, those who remember abundantly those who got the chastity once again a lot longer I mentioned about these individuals are going to be given paradise for these individually prepared for these individuals. Another place in the Quran Allah Mencia talk about Al Kitab or sharena leader, hello Kitab amongst them you find core Shireen, they are submissive, they are devoted to Allah Subhana Allah. We are Karuna lil as Connie appcode when you see dome horseshoe literally fall down on their

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faces. Alexander mentioned that sort of a surah they fall down on their faces yakun in a state of weeping and crying Will you see the whom who shoot the Quran increases them in devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana

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Adana. These are sci fi, meaning characteristics of the believing individual impact upon these individuals, the best individual that we find the best of creation is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in a famous Hadith that we find up the labeija here, from the 11, who call it to nebia sallallahu Sallam Who who are you suddenly, when he jiofi he, as soon as he removed German and buka II, and from his blessing chest is coming a sound, a whimpering sound as sound is emanating from his chest.

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And we've just got to know if you like a like a pot, a boiling pot, that is overflowing a sound and hissing sound is taking place. mean kettle bucur mean excessive weeping coming from the chest, coming from from the heart of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, does he find that this is his devotion, and I hadn't even thought of it, that we that we find that the sound would emanate from his chest when you stand inside that prayer. And as we find even these simple things that some of us we think that they trivial affairs that we find that he warned us about, about where our gland should be inside at the prayer, the glance of the individual sight of the individual should be more

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secured, in a place of sudo. The passerby said the inside they're facing, so do they, I should be focused on there. When can I fit Tisha hood, even this person's state of Tisha hood, some difference of opinion ever in general person who keeps their eyes on their place of prayer? That's how Muslims should be because we find severe warning towards those individuals who don't pay attention towards this eyesight. Why in the bottle fuqaha bottle of soda to who or whom, colleague, as a minor view of the alcohol, they mentioned, a person who's excessively glancing inside their prayer, their prayer has been nullified, has been broken, even though this is a minor view, but just to show the

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severity, as some folks are disgusted, a person is glancing looking around, once they're standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah marylu acquirement What is the matter with certain people, you have una absurdum in a summary. They are raising their sights up to the heavens. The Silla team first at the Colucci daddy had a call. He can I don't emphasize at this point until eventually you said they enter hoonah and delich Allah

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Uppsala home, Oh, I'm sorry home. They should abstain from this. Less the less the eyes, the site is snatched away from them had these in Bukhari and Muslim what a severe warning it is a person who's glancing around to the heavens, looking around inside their prayer layin tahuna they understand that these people like Antonia should abstain from that should refrain from being such an action less Allah Subhana Allah snatches away their eyesight because they're not focusing focusing towards a lot of data concluded in DFS v center, and lt Fido TLS and TLS wamena shape on in the Hadith shavon comes and snatches away from the person's prayer, what is an F TLS and it has been built by the new

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open Jochen will be and if the last checkpoint is taking away from your prayer is via your movements inside the prayer or the movements of your heart and your focus and your mind. That is shavon shavon is taking away your share of your prayer, taking it away from you as you glance around as you become harfield He lives in front of Allah, Allah carries on looking at a servant, madam and a bureaucracy and Asana madam and as long as the servant is standing in front of a line focusing and then you've got him Mr. Manuel, you slip on the dialer, I'm standing in front of a lot of the remains looking at that individual. When he turns away a lot turns away from that individual. A lot turns away.

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Don't worry about people turning away or people looking at you or people seeing you, you turn away a lot turns away from that individual. What a great aid that is a lot turned away from an individual because a person not turning towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find that is severe warning for many of us individuals to be focusing upon focusing towards Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah is there watching that individual and as we find that that focus of show that we find of commitment of the Quran that we find, it should awaken the individual many people in his final moments of Ramadan yakun they may weep in the long supplications in silicon winter that we find fee

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higher is good to awaken the people. While it may be sooner that we find it should not be an excessive though, there is no need to have an excessive of 20 or 30 minutes and some people have done your code coverage. Before even the job begins. That people emotionally begin to weep. What about do not know yet how Moodle Kalamata de bajo Kalamata Sana Allah wa Samaras application praising Allah Subhana Allah but excessive inside the weeping that has occurred yakun Hi. This is goodness for these individuals will appear up to another matter but a llama masa metal wherever you went when you heard the Quran whenever you went when you heard of iron wire to wire to wire to

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jahannam as your hot wire

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When you heard the words of john of Jannah paradise of him, why don't our hearts weep then? Why don't we then that we on this application which is high noon afternoon, but have you not question yourself? Why don't our hearts weep upon the verses of Allah Subhana Allah, that you find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and it'd be much rude. He said, I came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and I saw him reading a Salah for Lama wasa Colin de su Canada Allah for K for either gentlemen Coolio Mata mushy Shaheed nabek Allah her hula shahida in this hadith that the Prophet Allah is a subset to Abdullah bin Massoud a Corolla. Yeah, read the Quran to me, said how can I read

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the Quran to you? Well come on Zilla. alake Quran has been sent down upon you. He said I want to hear the Quran from other than my own self. Liana Abdullah, so counterfeit in our teeny Halawa. It is recited with beauty with beauty hydrasuit Alexa Yoko Ali Abdullah? A crawl a read upon me recite the Quran I want to hear the Quran from my own self. He read from Surah Nisa okay for either jitna Vika Allah Allah Shaheed, how will it be on that day for K for either gentlemen Coolio Mati Misha, he would get nabek Allah Allah shahida How would it be on that day, when we bring this on my as a testimony, the witness, and we bring you a witness to stand over the whole of humanity. In our G for

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either a nanny fan, I look at a blessing face of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he was ripping

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up the lead Mr. Yuk fee. Either Rasool Allah salatu salam on Surah Nisa. So if I stopped there of the lightness code, that I cannot pay these Ayah anymore that how would it be the I will come under de judgment and stand as a witness over all these nations like what you find obey even God obey even Rasul Allah? Allahu ekra read. What shall we call an extra min for that Sudoku beginner read Sudoku begginer read the surah for Becca obey even kept obey even began to weep. He said Why should we suit up to you? He said because

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the anomalous America Allah said tell obey even Captain recite the surah

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Allah did Allah named me by name. The Allah named me by name obey even God to recite surah to obey Hina

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key began to weep, because Allah told me to recite sudo to Bina handle for while and

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these are the virtues of the Quran that we find the impact of Quran upon a Sahaba impact the Quran Allah Rasool Allah is left to center impact the Quran Allah had the honor of bringing the oma down to its knees, ripping open their hearts. That's the impact of Quran that it should awaken the individual towards Allah Subhana Allah, but rather we find as I mean her daddy Tita Boone, what are the Hakuna Matata Khun unconcernedly Dune is at the end of supernatural that we find the 53rd chapter for an assignment we're inside the first scene, you find all of the chorus except for one individually all performed at the end of salted najem

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they're highly detachable. And

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even today that we find that we just Marvel we start at certain things.

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But we don't weep what that Hakuna wallethub code we love and we enjoy we don't we don't reflect over the Quran or Assamese impact upon the people around him. by the use of Quran has a profound impact and deep impact they remain for them for the rest of their life. Even if possible, just one verse. Just one verse Vidya with a prophet Allah is larger than one verse have a great impact upon the individual for the rest of their life for the rest of eternity, as they say, and as we find that the way of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, to awaken the heart, to give them the more Aidan to give them the admonition to try to develop horseshoe inside their lives. Whatever Rasulullah he

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must submit to me. He gave us an admonition I've never heard such an admonition ever in my life before. For Carlota Muna Allah mu

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lambda k tesira hora de hecho kalila. If you knew what I knew, you would weep often and laugh seldom, very rarely you would love if you knew what I knew how the Rasool Allah salatu salam gave them such an admonition to awaken the companion. And then we find for Hakata as herbalists Rasulullah Salallahu salam, they began to cover their heads began to lower their heads when our home honey and you find this sobbing sound, and bucur this sobbing sign all began to weep. From this mo Ada the prophet Elijah gave these companions that famous had the old Southern alligator bet me sir. Yeah. The famous had the sonogram Timothy, that he gave him such an admonition was he like me? He

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Have a meal, the heart began to quiver began to shake. The eyes began to shed tears. That's how we awaken, awaken his companions awaken the beloved ones around him among the admonition to awaken their hearts and to awaken their minds towards the loss of Hannah Diana. And he should be highlighted that many people they think, and then bucur minica, Shatila smec factory job, some people I think that we pick from the fear of Allah is not from the characteristics of men. On guru, LR as soon as we mentioned, Allah salatu salam on guru Illa Avi Becker, Luca, Abu Bakar de la when the prophet Elijah appointed him to lead the people in prayer. He never appointed any individual. He

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never said so and so individuals who lead the people inside the prayer muru Abubakar for usili bidness. Tell Abu Bakar tell the people to tell our Baku to lead aboubaker inside the prayer and this is symbol that he is the first halifa these are first halifa because no one can have that right to lead whilst the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is there is present. And what we find that his daughter he said, he said in another Baba karate aboubaker is a soft lenient individual

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is a soft, humble individual Alinea type of person that you find either corral or an

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ally Booker will begin to weak this individual will be Casa de carniola.

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But that doesn't take away that he can't be the halifa the prophet Elijah makes him the halifa and he knows that he's a very humble person. His heart is rocky he's overwhelmed by the weeping of the Quran of the study. The Quran recited the Quran. What does that mean that now he should not be the halifa of the Muslims. But it shows that he's strength of a human being of devotion towards the Quran. And likewise for the Omega pub. No individual differ about his strength about his Eman about his Yaki, how enemies fed him, as you find inside certain duration that we find that she thought would cross the road. No cannon, it'd be bad Neela karna omocha pop their heads that we find this to

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be a messenger after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it would have been almost like a pub. But you find Indeed, there are people who are inspired, will have moon inspired individuals, and that is America. Can any one individual can any individual doubt his manhood. Now he's strength. Now this individual tarihi and historically, now we've conducted one single individual stood up to the whole of the operation, one single individual, sort of get a hold of the courage, but yet this individual facility when he's standing inside prayer that we find when it comes to the ayah it's actually the use of a number of school bothy was neat illallah wa la mina la he mela Dinah moon, the end of surah

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use of that we find home sutra full of different calamities, adversities, hardships, patience and normally You're lucky while your spirit for inala de rajamma City whoever face Allah and his patient every Ward never goes to waste. When it comes to the end of pseudo use of that we find in a school bus the warehouse de la Ali complaining my grief Mr. Sorrow illallah wa amin Allah Amendola, Imola Tana moon and I know about a lot that what you don't know had this effect to region. Ashoka Illa Lima Lima, the school in a nurse, why do you complain to people? Why do you talk to people? In nama ash Cooper theva Neela complained to Allah ask only Allah for bamboo must to those of Allah open ask

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Allah Allah and weep that you find that the end so forth, the end rose could have remained prayer could hear him weeping. That's how you find Omaha pa was inside reciting the Quran impact en la casa de de talk about our current hombre de la dama. They will go and see a woman by the name. Amen. In Turlock, Mina, Nam Shalom, amen is old elderly woman can administer the heat. That's when I mentioned to visit a solid in the righteous people to be in the Sahaba it reminds you about Allah Subhana Allah. So they went to visit this elderly woman just to remember about the days of being with a Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam for her ujet Houma adult buka berjaya kiya kiya Nima, and

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she was weeping about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam about him being present with them about his life, about his Syrah and that remembrance. It made them both cry, and made both of them begin to shed tears and excessively weep about those days of being with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and as if I'm we should reflect upon that, as you mentioned the science, the minus sign that the judgment, the first minus sign, or the Day of Judgment, is the death of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's the first minus sign before the rest of

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The 80 odd signs that begin to take place that is, as some of them have described, it is an actual, the biggest calamity upon this Muslim ummah. It is the biggest calamity that the prophet Elijah, he left his dunya even though he has to leave this year, in the coming year, don't worry, no, may you tune in, you're going to die. And like, all of us are going to die, he had to leave this dunya he had to leave these two. And this becomes the ultimate calamity that you find. Even before that in a battle of burger that took place in Ramadan, that we find it to be full of fatigue and difficulty and hardship that we find, read what took place in Ramadan, the Battle of butter, the battle,

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companions, fasting in the blessing time, in that environment, a difficult environment that we find is 313 or the number, if you don't rescue them today, you will not be worshipped on the face of this earth.

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As this application that was made by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, these are the difficult times that his companions that were dead or they were facing, when looking at a commitment, their devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah to call upon Allah to respond to their code. And as we find that this the concept of reflecting over the death of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam should awaken the individual to make them think that is Muslim on my on my plummeting more and more deeper and deeper into state of weakness and it begins to flow away for a blessed time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And likewise, other ways of making horseshoe to develop inside a person's life is to reflect

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upon their life, their previous life. The days have gone by the days they've been negligent, their days haven't been focused, person should reflect upon that inside their life, to awaken themselves, awaken within themselves, of their negligence towards Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise, even if it's not negligence, to look at their bounties, to look at the blessings of the laboring under I'm not even speaking about Musab a new mayor that he speaks about, most of them are made with a companion, who's known for his riches, for his beauty for his fine dress for his fragrance that he walk in the streets of Makkah, every individual knew that most of them knew or made, had just walked

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down the streets of the fragrance that he's wearing that came from Yemen, but the same individual entered into Islam. And you find out when they were to bury him, they're not able to find a shell to cover his body and then cover his head, then his feet would show the cover you see his head would show. So even if he begins to ponder over this, and he begins to weep, that this is the state of us companions that are able to shout and cover a person like a Gila

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maturana aka Maki our blessings have been given to us inside this dunya they've been delayed for us to be given the things in this dunya and those who are far better than us have been taken by the loss of Hannah Diana. These are all major ways of person to reflect about their life to increase in a devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah wakulla Kalia was stopped from Mali when a call when he gave me a Muslim enough istockphoto in order for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam either Nabina Muhammad or other early he was a human termasuk Episode natella Yomi Dean, I'm a bad man for why it Allahu Shula he Subhana Allah, amin buka, Allah Subhana Allah, for amongst the benefits of having submissiveness or devotion, a weeping out of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala shedding tears, there are many forward there are many benefits that we find that roadmap collected or extract to convert a hadith that we find amongst those that you find La Jolla rajaraja kameena Shatila that I which has shed tears on the face of Allah, the fire will not touch the head to the level of victory while he marhaba Rufus

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appeared in the new jahannam until the milk returns back to the breast, which is Wooster he is not possible that he returns back to its point of location, that likewise that I that weeps out the fear of a law that I will never touch the fire. Unlike what do you find that those feet those footsteps, the person takes have been going out in the field of a loss Candela have got dust, the dust of this dunya upon them of Ganga in Jihad feasability louder than those feet that we find? What do her new jahannam the smoke of jahannam will not touch those feet. Knees are a blessing that we find in our heads. It's sort of a meme pyramid that we find like with other Hadith, which talk about kapa haka

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return to jobs to completes that job, whether it be the couplet of the eye, the water of the eye, or the coupling of blood, that person spills in a powerful law. Then you find out this is something which is precious, in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's before it's up to you the rue de la Mola, yo Malala is below seven times seven categories.

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seven types of individuals be under the shade of Allah, whereby there will be no shade except for the shade of Allah. What are what are the Corolla hollien for fall, but I know a person in solitude in secrecy. remember Allah Subhana, Allah ffl but I know who and I begin to shed tears is a person to be under the shade of a lot. All of us should make moments in these final moments of Ramadan, whether it be inside the machine or outside the machine, at home on our own, whatever it may be, find moments to reflect, find moments to devote ourselves to commit ourselves, towards Allah Subhana Allah to develop that, amen. And that horseshoe towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find, this is

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the pinnacle point of Ramadan, the pinnacle point of a birder, the pinnacle point of a Muslim, and a sun, total Obadiah Allison and Tabitha lock under Katara of lm Tara, and a son is to worship Allah is Don't you see a lot as you mentioned, that a Salah even though no one sees Allah inside this dunya but a person should have that focus that commitment that is standing in front of Allah, that they bear that that their worship, is all in front of Allah or documented in front of them last time they were poo lillahi carnitine stand in front of Allah, observant, total commitment, total devotion. What do we find inside this dunya when a person stands, and then moody and find a director

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and from the king, if I'm the queen, in front of people who may be authority over us are higher rank over what we find total submission, total humility, total devotion and commitment towards Basha towards human beings. While Illa e methylone. Allah to Allah belongs our greatest example. How do we stand in front of Allah? How do we stand in front of Allah? Allah Subhana Allah, He is a king over these fake kings of this dunya limonene Mulkey Leone lilla Hill we're headed

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to whom did his kingdom ship belong to today? Who does it belong to? It belongs only to Allah. Allah subhana wa Freeland ama Yamato Bali moon. Don't think allies laughing unaware what takes place on the face of this earth. Allies heedless cutting their

00:37:17 --> 00:37:39

knees? No, it's not. That's not possible to attribute that to a loss of hair to Diana, unless Canada gives these people respect gives them delay. As you find on a day of judgment, you find that eyes will be harsh eyes and that day with them will be focused, then there will be focused on that day then they won't flicker then they will look away. But there is a time which is too late.

00:37:40 --> 00:38:16

Too late when a person's eyes have not been focused on this dunya towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find as we began with our Luma your hair civil Abdul Allah Yama, Yama, just as we began with and we end with the first thing and I had neither more Ronnie that we find Oh Luma your hair Cebu do Allah He The first thing the first thing I will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. The first thing that all of you will be asked about was armor and the rest of this Muslim or mother first thing. Now first thing overall shape. I Center, a center. I Center, a center what we

00:38:17 --> 00:39:02

need to be a center to center amongst his final words. He said these companions are sola, sola malakut Amen nuco our Salah Isola Malika Amen. Lupo, the prayer the prayer what your right hand possesses our solar our solar wind amongst these final words really I've had the the documented amongst his final words, reminding this Muslim oma, a seller, a seller, a seller is the strength of his Muslim Ummah, in his final moments of Ramadan that we find Leanna Sunnah who are in a bar, a Salah who is nothing but Dora, calling upon Allah. If all of this Muslim oma, if all of us Muslims, make that focus, make that commitment towards Allah subhana

00:39:03 --> 00:39:44

wa medallic Allah Allah He beat bseb Aziz, is not something too difficult for Allah. Is something easy Unruh. Badal kaffee we're known for your code. Allah just says Be and it will be. But he wants to see the commitment. He wants to see the focus. He wants to see the effort of this Muslim, he will see the effort of this Muslim Ummah, that will they make that effort to return back to Allah Subhana Allah, I'm sorry to our harsh er, on that day as we become submissive would you know made inokashira on a day faces become observant towards the loss of Hannah Diana. So these small elements that we find that we touched upon inside our Salah, they begin to focus upon these inside our Salah, and

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

maybe ask the sutra to take something in front of you when you offer that prayer to be focused on towards the place of mold their salute, to dress appropriately to be focused on loving to disturb you to rectify your mind and your heart to come early for the prayer. Prepare yourself. Leave the scene.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

of this dunya min Maharani Allahu Akbar the bearded harem that we find that that we read that makes everything haram everything haram of this dunya when you make me when you make a low up but inside our Sunnah as if you are throwing the whole is doing your behind your back. Does he find a Sunnah is a great impact upon your actions as well. Because Asana in Asana, Tottenham Anil fascia he was a solo takes you away from alpha which takes you away from immorality, promiscuity, wickedness, sexual misconduct, and any types of evil that's what a Salah does. In a Salatin handle fashion person offers their prayer appropriately, it protects them. And likewise you find inside surah Maria for

00:40:45 --> 00:41:26

Hannah from embodiment phone, salata with Deborah shall wear T for so for your owner, hey, yeah, inside Surah marinda. We find pakhala from him by the mobile phone. They came after them a project a group of people. What was the action of these people, they left the prayer they left a prayer they began to follow their lust and their desires. Here is a link between a Salah while for why rush a Salah if a proper Salah takes you away from immorality. If your Salah is the proper you find a May May Allah forbid, immorality still still remains there. When a person is strong on their prayer, when it comes from one prayer to the following prayer, they don't have time for a morality. They

00:41:26 --> 00:42:04

don't have time for promiscuity, for loneliness for wickedness for sexual misconduct. You don't have time for that. Leanna Houma dama de Sala with continuously inside the prayer and as you find a solid takes away from a shower burns the desires of the individual if they understand me to center and as if I ended up with Salah Tila Shula, Another handy to find indeed indeed inside the prayer there is a a disturbance, a commitment inside a solid is a commitment of the individual. And thus you're going to have to come in as Miller Islami have Luke Amina Salah, your share of Islam is your share of the prayer that we find. And just like if the eyes If Allah Allah says that those eyes that shed

00:42:04 --> 00:42:12

tears will not touch the fire. How about the rest of the body, and a person tunes their body to be devoted to a lot and the other. A Salah

00:42:13 --> 00:42:57

prayer is known as Salah Mr. jedna prayer is the key to Jenna. So if a person has observed with their eyes, observed with their body, they buy the permission about London alone make the whole of that body will make the whole body haram to ever go to jahannam May Allah give us all the ability and tofik they will remain in his best in Ramadan to become monks own individual when that mentioned that every single night. otaku Amina people who are alleviated from the punishment of the Hellfire every single night Allah Subhana Allah takes of the shackles takes away the punishment of certain individuals who could be heading towards Johanna going to jahannam sets them scout free maleness and

00:42:57 --> 00:43:35

and make us amongst those individuals give us a tofik inability to call upon Allah Subhana Allah to make us a monkey back to solid Hey, wherever Taki make your makers amongst his righteous servant. He's pious serving those individuals who are not visualized by the people but are visualized by Allah Subhana Allah that He begins to pluck out and he begins to say to his angels, look at these seven of mine such and such individual. Why is it seven of mine weeping when in when de la Allah knows the knowledge as a Leo and abadia as internal knowledge. The complainer knows why the seven is weeping, what is what what is delivered is asking for by Allah wants to hear the voice of this

00:43:35 --> 00:43:44

individual. Now if I need Allah Subhana descends can a Luca be generally sukanta decent every single night the last third of an ideal sense, has been

00:43:46 --> 00:44:29

a bit. Ullman most takfiri is a person who's seeking Toba is a person seeking forgiveness. Is there any individuals calling out to me that may respond to that individual that is for us to avail the opportunity in what remains and the small elements of our life that we find his blessing month of Ramadan that we find Cairo and elfish are better than 1000 months at three years. Most of us don't live for that age to seek that either to see that we're coming to pray Silla to throw a salad in a shackleford email was to Malaysia we deny prayer Amma para we are pmla whatever night prayer, maybe read that and then conclude when you're done. Aloma in the carpool with the Hebrew word need Allah

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

you are the one that pauses and forgive me Mariela. For that we find it to wipe out to rub out to eliminate no existence of that sin ever before is that these are a Shara De La Nina whereby she asked the probiotics and I'm not sure I say on that night. He said Carla hooli Aloma in the car for winter. Hey Paula for barwani Hello, my new car caribou. Armani. I know you want to apologize and forgive, pardon me and forgive me. We ask Allah to forgive us and give us a tofik and ability to serve him in the law woman

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

Equity soluna Allah nebby EULA Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa salam o Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Rahim Allah Allah He manuka honey de Majeed allama vertica Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad

00:45:14 --> 00:45:24

Ibrahim Ibrahim manuka honey dama de Ravana Tina Fey Tanya Hashanah waffle karate de hacer una joaquina Roberta verminnen fusina Willem Tukwila and

00:45:25 --> 00:46:04

then akuna Milhouse Erie in rockville anally Juan Isla de de nos acuna bill Amen. Well, Alfie Co Op naka de La Nina Manu para in Nakuru for Rahim para for Elena sobre was a bit academic and also non formal care theory from Vanessa Lupin about data data, we'll have Lana Milan kurama encanta la herb robina habla de Minas Virgina. huria Tina kurata Yun tokina Emma, Rob Burnett accompagnement Nakata, Samuel early watauga Elena Nakata wellbore Rahim subhanak vichara is at the mercy phone was Ala Moana almora Selena and hamdulillah europea alameen como de sudachi como como la

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