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In Al Hamdulillah he number two who want to stay in one istockphoto when our old will be lame in Cerulean fusina amin say Dr. Medina mania de la vida moody Lala one a little further ahead, Yella washa

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de vous la sharika y shadow. Mohammed Abdullah hora pseudo ameba nos da Cunha DC kita Booba wa highroller alhuda houda Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Marie de to her wakulla mo de piedra.

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welcome David Attenborough not in wakulla Bala cynefin

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rubbish rashly sorry for your silly I'm sorry, we're Hello Dr. Tommy Lisa Nia Coco Lee. After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey of softening the hearts, indeed, in his blessed month of Ramadan is the most ideal opportunity for persons hard to become lenient and subservient towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find, many earlier, begin to write works as classified as kita Baraka.

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The chapters are the books, talking about softening the hearts because knowledge on its own is sometimes classified as a dry science has no impact upon the individual. The person begins to implement that knowledge and begins to absorb that knowledge. And as you find the fruits, some or to the realm that we find, is to be equal in the fruits of knowledge is to implement that knowledge. Those are the fruits that a person gains from the verses of the Quran. A person listens to these 2930 days of reciting the Quran, reads the Quran. So the Quran becomes cajetan Lukla forgotten, it becomes an evidence for you and not an evidence against you. And as we find it unfortunate it will

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be some of us that when we leave this blessed month of Ramadan kita Bala Buhari him anomala Allah moon will throw the book of Allah Subhana Allah behind their backs, can normally Ayala moon, as if they don't know. I think they recited everything that they heard, anything that they learned, has all been thrown behind their backs. That is no importance to it anymore. And that's even the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will complain, as you find towards the end of Soto con la Caldera Sol era be in the cometa who had an Anima euro. Oh my Lord, indeed. My people have abandoned this Quran. Ashoka a llama complaining to Allah Subhana Allah they will come people going to abandon this Koran. How is

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that going to be possible? And we can visualize that unfortunately there many of us will turn away from the Quran. The impact is put onto remain after this blessed month of Ramadan of changing us individuals. And the manner cannot aku loco Quran. hadith of our Isha radi Allahu Allah and her talking about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. describe him, describe the messenger to us what type of individuals he can earn his characteristics his behavior was nothing less but the Quran, something Helen inside the Quran, you follow it, so the Koran will stay away from it. That was the characteristics and the behavior of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and that's when a person takes

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from the founder of the Quran. hamdulillah Hill Mateen the strong rope of Allah Subhana Allah will never be misguided in the huddle Quran jaquan this Quran it raises people and it defames people, many people always pose this question why we as a Muslim Omar defame today? The answer is quite simple. It's a simple answer. It's our relationship towards a book of Allah Subhana Allah, if there had these promises, if a lot of promise that this forum will elevate people, raise the ranks of people give people dignity, nobility, power, glory, strength, dominance control upon this earth, where Abdullah he Subhana Allah, that is a promise of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever follows those

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teachings, unless and I will give them victory upon this earth catabolic club under Navarro. Surely, Allah has written it down upon himself, that Allah will always be victorious, and likewise His Messenger, and likewise those who come after will be victorious. If they follow the message of the Quran, they will be dominant upon this earth. And even that dominance is not visible inside their lives inside their eyes in front of them, it would only be a small matter of time before that dominance comes upon the face of this earth. What Tilton AM, do they really have Baden ness, these only days that we alternate, a short span of days for these individuals that they may have. But

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eventually will come because the problem is we're letting ourselves Rasulo Bill houda what dealhack three times you saw the Quran that we find Allah made that promise, he's the one that He sent His messenger with alhuda with the guidance, the pure guidance that you will dominate upon this earth while Oklahoma shikun Well, okay, well, carefree Road, machico and polytheist. They may dislike it. disbelieving individuals may dislike it, and May Allah forbid some of us Muslim where we begin to dislike it as well. That How can the Islam become dominant? How can Islam become powerful? why don't why he's so paranoid to Allah is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah either way day to a day or

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assisted or we're not there. Allah hunter will carry out the promise that he's made. And may Allah forbid wipeouts wipe

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The generation at the moment and bring a new gene, a new format of people who are going to live true to that promise and fulfill the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find in this series of kita Baraka collections of softening our hearts that we find, after talking about Allah who show submissiveness towards Allah Subhana Allah, some people only to do generically as well is a tober, to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, because October has a great impact upon the person upon this Muslim Omar that we find. Even though there are other I'm sure that all of us are reciting every single night or even actually throughout the day as well. Aloma in Dakar. foon, two Hey, boo, boo

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Annie. Oh, are you the one that pardons and the one that forgives? Pardon me, and forgive me, there's some other UI that mentioned in the cartoon karimun already may have had either made a judgment about such statements. For the

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person who makes this call to put a lot of data you're the Almighty, you're the old wise, you're the old knowing, and mahad that had these that we find manna, our food, what is the meaning of the one that pardons The one who erases the unknown aka Badal Mahavira between forgiveness and pardoning because a person can repent from a sin and Allah forgives that person but doesn't blot out that sin. Still that person could be asked on the day of judgment about that sin. I'm the one who erases the one who wipes out is when a person makes Toba when a person is asked Allah Subhana Allah you are the one who pardoned who forgives. So forgive me a pardon me, Allah erases the sin lushy and how the

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shock nothing existed that individual and allowed them to who no sin, no mistake, no record of it exists in delay. Subhana Allah that as we find this is the most excessive, that a person should be making these final moments of Ramadan, whether it be in the day or in the evening or at night that we find continuously asking Allah Subhana Allah, you're the one that pardons and forgives for pardon me and wipe out my sins. And as we find

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autoweb mean esmaeili Subhana Allah autoweb is from amongst the names of Allah Subhana Allah, we began the Quran by hearing such as inside the Quran Fatah, de Moura be limited by la in no hoo hoo ATO well, Rahim as if this was something just yesterday. Just yesterday. Those of you are familiar with the Quran. Just yesterday we had this idea in the beginning of Soto Baccarat for de la de

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la and now we come to the end of Ramadan. Adam Adam is salon he received some certain words of inspiration from Allah Subhana Allah for turba la in the who who autoweb Rahim Allah accepted his repentance. Who is the one autoweb don't accept the repent is the one who forgives and pardons individuals. What was this application of Adam at a synonym. Add the Marisela, he made that misjudgment. He made that mistake inside paradise. And because of that he was expelled and brought down upon the face of this earth. And likewise all of us are existing upon this earth. But one of the most common one Metatron Illa hain mushara Yoli on this dunya for a short span of time, yeah,

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you're insane. Some of us we think we're going to live for eternity, we're going to live forever. The whole end of this life is this dunya the Quran opens by beginning and reminding us that even after this mistake of Adam and a seller, while I can fill out the Mustafa Juan Mata on Isla hain, only a short Mustafa, a small amount of time to get to remain upon this dunya. But the end return is going to return back to gender person stays on this dunya to strive for gender. That's why person is placed upon this dunya. To find as a toorak ways means to return back to Ghana, because that is the home of the individual where the person gets mesmerized thinking that this dunya is the own end,

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that I only live for this dunya will call you Maria, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna Illa de that's what we find amongst our own society as well. May Allah forbid, what is this life by eating and drinking and enjoying? And that time will come time will prevail over us. And we're going to leave this dunya we're going to leave this world this is not a perception of a Muslim. This can never be a perception of a Muslim, the Muslim acquire well cost is a purpose is an intent of a septum Anima holla nakoma Bertha one accumulate later, Joe, do you think you're not going to have access to Madison without any purpose without any intent, and you're never going to return back to lots of pantalla but there

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are a lot more money could help glorify these are lots of pounded Allah, the Almighty King, that you think that all of this should fit and all just happened to be a chance the concept of atheism that we find of doubt a shock

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that we find people think that being on this dunya is just some element of time that passes over or we think a dunya who Allah Allahu Antonia is playing amusement come in on muslimeen alone. Now you

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all are concerned of his play and amusement day in and day out. That's all that concerns them. The real focus should be our routine.

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Alabama is to return back to lots of Canada because play and amusement takes a person away from a path of a loss of power drifts them away. And as we find that all of us need to focus on making Toba in a bar, always repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah, that you find Adam and a salon for Johanna Adam Fangio has via too who he rejected. He rejected So likewise his progeny began to reject as well. This Hadith in Bukhari Muslim fine will be dire that we find katiba in the Adam no Cebu Amina Xena, is being written for the son of Adam he's fishy of Xena case. How can the fishy of Xena of the human being be written down? Because the two eyes is in the hands commit Zina the mouth commit Zina

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the feet commit Zina May Allah forbid the person commits the ultimate Zina. So it's been written down on the ship, every single human being. Likewise you find the person fantasy Adam fantasy to Adam forgot that he's children they forgot what Adam Adam made a mistake then his children begin to make mistakes. This is the psychological development of the human being will make those mistakes well, hooligan insanity.

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Man has been created in a state of weakness at the akuna is a weakness of sins, hastening to a hooligan insane woman Arjun hasty to come and do certain actions inside the life then becomes detrimental, then becomes worried about the actions that carried out. But he had even a person does that you find a dose of Toba open because Allah gave those words of inspiration to to add them as a synonym. It's a sutra that we find color both Adam and Howard la Muslim, they said Robin Allah and fusina williamtown fildena tarhana then akuna minal kasidy. In our Lord, we've oppressed our own selves, because every single dump every single maxia is a oppression upon your own self. You

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actually oppressing your own body, your own soul. The ultimate goal is a ship builder, in a Shere Khan, a woman in soloqueue, Amanda we find the ultimate sin, the ultimate sin on the face of this earth. And issue could be laser panatela and touch analysts. They need to know

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that you associate a partner with Allah and he's the one that created you, you ask other than Allah, you pay to other than Allah, you bow down to other than Allah, you seek assistance from other than Allah, you glorify other than Allah, you respect other than Allah. This is all shipbuilder Leanna, Leanna, mazzucato, Hanukkah, somewhat ugly, a bear that he went to dinner with inter alia Boone, Allah created everything on the face of this earth, decay taboo, to worship only him. That is the whole simple purpose. Why everything on the face of this earth was created, who ever associates partners with Allah Subhana Allah finds it trivial, that he will cover all our shocks, or that she

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does Allah who asked the grave, ask the shrine, ask a person, feel that someone else place your trust in another individual, this person will protect me, this person will help me this person will alleviate me who has

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all of this ship belay Subhana Allah for Allah Li for minuman

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Allah wa, the believer, mean de

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la vaca illa Allah wa, all the places they trust in or upon Allah. That's what a Muslim thought should be feeding day in and day out. There is nothing that people can do to another individual. No one can take your risk. No one could take your life. No one could take your honor. No one could take your your dignity, no one can do that. It's only Allah allows that to take place. But if a person comes under the protection of a lot, then a person will have nothing to say inside their life. Because allies protecting the individual woman yet tequila Maharajah whoever face Allah Subhana Allah He provides a way out for that individual and whoever places it trust in Allah and Allah for

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who has mu who, unlike sufficient for the individual

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monitor so we're headed kalama for who has boo, what does it mean that Allah is sufficient? Don't we have that yaqeen inside our hearts and our mind when Allah says he will suffice us? naman Mola will determine nasiha the best protector? The best helper is Allah subhana wa ala but because the impact of the understanding of these words and the Quran is still a weakness inside the heart. And so Quran encouraged us to fill our heart, fill our hearts with love of Allah. filler filled with love of Allah Subhana darina because you find there's some people who take partners besides Allah Subhana Allah, you're know

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they love them like they should love Allah. Well Nadine mo eyeshadow Bella, as for those who believe they have a service

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Have a severe devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So when a person enters in Berber Toba, the person sees the deficiency when a person tries to enter Toba and says, Matt indeed,

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I've got no sins. I've got no mistakes. I've never done nothing wrong inside my life. If a person enters through this door tober this person's lost.

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This person lost. Every single Muslim enters Berber October, in a state of humility debased because all of us until fukuro, Allah Wa, all of you are all in need of a bar. Well know who Allah honey, Allah is rich. We are Darfur when we are weak, he's Almighty to powerful. We are the ones that need Allah. Because it is an approach Allah that Allah will benefit from my Toba. People will benefit matoba you only benefit your own self. That's what the benefit is when a person approaches and Islam approaches the Quran to benefit their own self. Success will begin to put be placed for an individual inside their life. And as we find a Toba that we find that mean signs of tober that we

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find or conditions October that we find is really close is sincerity towards Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise, you find a nuclear deal mousy a person which refrained from that sin, tries to pull themselves away from that sin will not obey. Committing Zina takes themselves away from that situation. Drinking alcohol taking drugs takes us away from that situation. By eating usury, taking interest, doing something haram haram transaction whatever it may be. A sign of pure Toba is to retract yourself, to begin to find ways of to come out of the sin. Unlike what you find, and make these azeema make this strong promise inside your heart never to return back to that sin or through

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whether you go back to that sin again. That's a different situation. But that moment in time, person makes that strong conviction inside the life I'm going to walk away from this. I don't want to have anything to do with this in my life anymore. They're different and yet,

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and I'm a sabak person feels regret feels remorse about their life what may have gone past in a big merger in the neighborhood Toba. Another MP feel remorse of feeling regret for his Toba. If a person feels regretful maybe they may have not committed a major sin. But you've been lawful, being heedless, being unaware a lack of focus that in itself awakens the individual. That's why even heimo Josie and his works. Madeira Sally keen to give back the footsteps of the travelers. He talks about when a person commits a sin. Some of us we think that a person breaks down person breaks away. He said when a person commits a sin. I mean, he should bounce forward. He should go up many steps.

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That's the impact of a sin upon a Muslim that when they recognize their mistake, they begin to go forward inside their life. They come over what's happened in their life, rather than sin holds them down because this is total BS of a belief. This is a deception of the devil as well. that a person commits a sin their major commit another sin I missed one sin I made one miss another Salah I miss Teresa may miss the rest of the week. I missed a week I made Miss Juma as well, I miss Jonah they may as well not fast males will not do this maze will not do that. No, that's not how Muslims should think we should get strengthened into where they've made mistakes, to find ways to come back to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And likewise, we find a fourth element if that sin is related to another individual that will return that property to return back near trust. And if you've got bitten against the individual to seek their forgiveness, but hey, as we know as many elements discussed, many of us may find that difficult to the element mentioned every time that person is mentioned against speak when have them praise them say good words about them, try ways of returning that money that property back to them. That's what a Muslim should be trying to rectify all their affairs, if not having trouble any individual and likewise another science that we do focus upon that no matter

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what type of sin it is, we shouldn't this new phenomenon some of us that we exist in it's only a minor sin and this is a major sin so make this distinction may make this differentiation if it's a minor sin then Alma she had a carry on doing it inside my life. If it's a major sin, then I'll repent to Allah minus sins Redeemer mentioned a server

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in a steamer to snail mail cabeza minus into the continuous repetitions in nature to snail mail. carebear are classified as major sins. They continuously disobey a law continuously piled up together is classified as a major sin because you're me and every day you're disobeying Allah and Allah when a Kabira malice differ

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There's no major sin. If a person makes repentance or Toba to Allah Subhana Allah and likewise amongst the sign that we do understand of major minor sins, and not to find them trivial, trivial, we find no humor, you add the Bernie the two individuals are being punished inside their graves. And they're not being punished for something and many of us we don't think it's very very grave but yet they're being punished inside their graves.

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What would it seems that they're doing? They're being punished inside the grave and mahad omaka name Sheena Mima wanted us to spread gossips gossiping rumors, spreading tears speaking about this he Lacalle this and that spreading it so we go Chinese whispers spreads like wildfire.

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You add the cover punishing the grave for that one Mastani that you started yesterday minute bone who didn't used to cleanse himself using we worried about the drops of urine would drop upon their clothing upon their body? And this goes about punishment inside the grave. Yeah, you know, Muslim moon, we're believing individuals, man who a man. We don't even a small edit we don't stand up and urinate. We don't stand up and urinate because this is a dangerous can you run to drop on your clothing on your body. You will be punished because of that. Nada. Nada Omar Ratan Tata Rasul Allah. Allah acaba de de documented maybe once or twice in his life, he stood up and he urinated while

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ohnaka are in that element Khadija mentioned because there was rubbish on the floor. The professor's have had no choice maybe once or twice in his life, and I've documented it as for the rest of his life. netofa there's nothing you should be proud about. Sugata Rasul Allah salatu salam, he took one of his companions and he walked with one of his companions. He said he went as far as the eye could see. And he placed a government as small cap around himself. Then he squatted down and he had the call of nature hydrasuit la salatu salam

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ala rasulillah SelectUSA Basha la Cana configure as soon as soon as Santa's best conduct that we find, yeah, that we find we find that we should be worried about a different Helena.

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We should be worried about them. What will they say that if we carry out these etiquettes? What will they say? Why should we worry about what they what they care what they say? They don't know how to urinate. They don't know how to deprecate, they don't know. It's pointing back guys to honesty. They don't know how to cleanse themselves, how to keep themselves in the machine and not just a machine and not just what are the impurity of sick beliefs of Iran. We could take it linguistically opening as well. They don't have an element of cleansing themselves, purifying themselves as sinner is not an adjust size impurity. Abu Kamal, Josie Allah and Xena destroy this individual and this dunya

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destroys them, children out of wedlock that we find broken families, to lose them, no fathers, etc. And this is all a destruction of society. This is all impurity that leads to what inside society. Purity is Alicia Allen, unknown owner Sonia takaharu. That's what we find the cliches around us at the moment, every time a Muslim stands up and up purity, good conduct, good behavior.

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Allah luteum in Korea, Tikun that's what they said the people aleut la salam, get rid of these people get rid of these purified people. They want to be good people. They want to be good people get rid of these people, expel them away from the town. That's what we find in our society today as well. Mandara in a tahara, whoever calls to purity calls to good things, then remove these individuals from our society. Just know what Islam should be. That's what all Muslims should be. We should be boasting, we should be happy. We should be content, that every single thing inside our life is an element of purity. Is it element of Toba is the element of Stanford is the element of

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goodness of takuro Allah Subhana Allah and as we find okaloosa in your Cubby, waka Baron Mustafa, every single small thing or big thing has been written by Allah. Also we find a solo and a suhu. Allah is documented it one or two but we forgotten it. Every single thing has been written down but Allah Malley had the key tabula rasa he wrote and voila, Kabira Ella, I saw her people say the digestion was the matter with this book, never left anything small, or anything major, except for a documented it does you find in other places that the Quran a person will come with a book on their neck, strapped to the neck. And then we said to the individual, read, read your own record

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sufficiently, it is that you are a witness upon your own self. Sufficient it is that you standard a witness upon your own self. All of us will stand as witnesses upon our own son, another piece, that sort of scene that we find, you find that the hands and the feet will begin to speak a person without that How is that possible?

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how they present one's hands, one seat will begin to speak. That is Allah Subhana. Allah, the One who made the mouth, the ability to speak, the eyes to see, then likewise, he's going to give these organs, the right to speak on that day and to speak and testify against us. Tell them she Allah, even the earth that we walk upon, will testify against us, will testify against us. Everything, everything will be testifying against us. So there's no escape from Allah. There's no escape there perfect. I think maybe people didn't see me. Yeah, I don't know why you'd want to do it. Allah knows what the what the eyes they conceal, and was hidden in the chest in the hearts of human beings.

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Allah will reveal will undo the vein, reveal what the eyes have been trying to conceal, and what the hearts have been trying to conceal as well. Nothing can be hidden from Allah Subhana Allah, that's a person as we began with focuses upon the heart, that when the heart becomes pure, it becomes white, it becomes receptive. You find that that element of goodness because on the Day of Judgment, yo Milan, Pharaoh man in the noon in lemon Atala, have you been Saleem, your children your property will not have a new unless you come in at a judgment with a pure sound heart. And likewise, you find this distinction of major minor sins that we find, but it shouldn't fall into that trap. In his

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statement of delivering this rule that we find the munaf is the one when they carry out a sin just sees it like a fly on the tip of the nose and brushes it aside. As for the believer sees the scene as a mountain crest center lying there on top of the head about to collapse. That's a sign of a believer is worried about every single thing inside their life that I could ask about this, but Allah Subhana Allah and as we find so many news is inside the Quran, one is still Fira bakumatsu boo la seek the forgiveness of Allah and make repentance back to Allah Subhana Allah wa to boo Illa Jamie and a minion, Allah Allah come to flesh out in such sorrow to know that we find what to do

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Illa ye Jimmy and after talk about all the area talking about common rules and regulations. Then of course, I mentioned what to do in a bar, repent back to all of you to Allah, that you may become successful individuals. It's a suit that we find. Yeah, you will Edina Manu to Ella ye Toba Tana suha. Allah says oh you believe repent back to Allah with a pure repentance, a sincere repentance. Make Islam inside your repentance back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and likewise define the action of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam of repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah, many times we mentioned Sabine Mara had to accept me it Mara, oh Indeed Allah I repent back to you make it stiffer repent

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back to 70 times and summarize you find 100 times a day repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah because if I near you or nurse to boo elevar Oh, people repent back to LA Woodstock Pharaoh who train near to video Mimi, I Tamara. And I had these in Sahih Muslim or people repent back to Allah because they need to make repentance and repent back to look at a more than 100 times a day. More than 100 times a day you find is a prophet alayhi salatu salam and I had the the pseudonym I'm Timothy khulumani, Adam kapa haka in October board, all your children of Adam when we make mistakes, but at best to those individuals make mistakes or were born, or those who repent back to LA spandana

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in Allah Bhutto we're been, we have been Matata hearin. Once again, Allah links the two together, purity of the body, purity of the mind, purity of the soul, purity of the heart. Allah loves those type of individuals who purify themselves, and who make repentance back to Allah Subhana Allah, and as you find a lot, so Canada Allah, He loves the repentance. He loves the repentance of the human being. We've had numerous Hadees that we find strange ahadeeth in their wording that we find whereby a person who's on their riding beasts on a journey, and a person stops to rest underneath the shade of a tree. And especially when you rest for a short span of time, they're riding beside all of his

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belongings, they walk away from this individual.

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And when he awakens, and he sees that all of his belongings been taken away from him, in a state of despair, state of loss of the state of everything's been lost. This individual doesn't know what to do, once again, closes their eyes for maybe a few seconds. All of a sudden the writing beast appears right in front of the individual. nilay Farhad axemen How to shocks Allah is more happy than his individual than his individual fighting their writing bs right in front of them. Well, I mean, should that ever make sense it happy that this person says Aloma and Abdi will enter a book polymer to cover words of Kufa he says in his sheer excitement of happiness

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sheer excitement of happiness. He says Aloma and Abdi Allah yo my seven Wiener, a book. And I'm your Lord, even though you said Allah Antara be one of the owner, your mind your mind, Lord, and I'm your servant. But Allah overlooks this. Allah overlooks this. I'm always more happy with a servant of this repentant individual than this individual finding his writing piece in such a manner in such in such a manner. Another famous Hadees that we find about a mere two Toba that we find a chef, a chef under the cottage artists, a

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regular person who killed 999 people. 99 people he killed family mental button, he asked the people is there any tober for me? Because sometimes we want to, we want to codify Islam. Yeah, you missed our gender, Lisa biotic keys of gender, not in my hand, not in your hand.

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That's when you find a great sickness inside that society spreading that wildfire. wildfire, always containing people always placing this person here always saying this about another person. Keys of gender don't belong to any individual.

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They don't belong to any individual. They only belong to Allah. So no one should judge another individual. This person can 99 people hadn't even told but is there any total for me? He asked, Is there any tober for me? Does it go and ask this worshipper? Don't ask this person who worship Allah.

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This servant of Allah, he asked this individual handyman tow button. Is there any tober for me? This person says, No, there is no Toba for you. How can you be told of a person like us because 99 people for khatola who he killed him, made it 100

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but still felt remorseful. He said What should I do? They said to him go to the island I would have never been in a bed between servants when Allah at different because many of us average individual photo that we would give. There is no Toba for you. You're not forgiven. You're condemned to hell, you'll never escape. You're doomed. You're punished. You remain there for eternity. That's what many of us will do.

00:37:10--> 00:37:23

But there's a difference between so I had with me while I'm a finance person have sided with him when he come up. Never pushes an individual away. halimun COVID is any tober for me, said of course.

00:37:24--> 00:38:08

There's nothing that's preventing you from Toba. Except for in order to suit the environment you live in is a wicked environment. Bad comrades. Bad friends. Bad people that come in one common Shabaab arena Yo mama youth today. How many are youth today? Because of empires, friends, bad friends have got derailed off the path of law because of their social media companionship. Because a companion app through Shabaab, most of our youth, I know hate upon goodness. But when they begin to make the wrong crowd, it drifts them away. it drifts them away. But there's still hope. Because this individual asked Where should I go? He's told me this land and go to this new land where they

00:38:08--> 00:38:28

worship Allah. Don't find new comrades, new friends, and new environment where the past is forgotten. And you start all over again with a loss of Hannah Dinah. This Hadith is shaken a Jeep had been a Jeep, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just conclude the Hadith, or as soon as it is a complete lie like that, leave it there is person Allah now forgive this individual.

00:38:30--> 00:38:36

More than supanova Allah then allow this individual that when he goes towards this new land, his life is taken.

00:38:37--> 00:39:18

So something strange, why did Allah, Allah decide that he decided to take his life that he needs to be concluded he's told by the accepted to extract the lesson? Because now you find that people began to argue, is he a person of paradise? Or is he a person of the Hellfire, they began to argue that this person is not nothing good about this individual. Why should he go to Paradise? There's nothing special about this individual. As I said, I know he should be going to prayer that because why he made the attempt to change in his life. Three, the angels of mercy the angels of punishment began to dispute amongst themselves. That what should we do with this individual 10 of those and I said

00:39:18--> 00:39:59

another angel to judge amongst them and said that see which land this individual is close to, by duty via different narrations that we find either by an arm span or a hand span, they begin to Oh, his chest is bought clothes or the earth is stretched, they begin to see if he's closer to the new land, he goes to jedna. If he's closer to the old land, he goes to the Hellfire, they begin to count the steps. A lot stretches the land or stretches his body on arm span or a hand span. He's closer to the new land. So the angels of Mercy Mercy take him and take him to gender. get about a book of Allah nuptse Rama Allah has written it upon himself to be merciful.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Consequently how to share Ramadan lets you go to the mercy of a law, forgiveness of Allah. This is the month of forgiveness of pardoning. Allah is the one and the one who pauses and who forgives what guru Kalia does not even upon me a Muslim infrastruc for right now we'll go for Rahim.

00:40:29--> 00:40:43

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was to be human Temasek Episode nitida. Your meeting I'm about the key element that can be extracted from all of this. About the purity of the heart is

00:40:45--> 00:41:26

a sincerity towards Allah Subhana Allah will take an individual far distance. Inside the era, a great distance the person will begin to travel inside the euro. in their hearts heart is sound, if the heart is pure, if the heart is as we mentioned, full of the love and devotion towards Allah Subhana, Ghana, and after that heart becomes full of remorse and devotion towards the loss of energy rather than a person doesn't have time to begin to talk about their life, about what happened to take place inside their life. Coloma tema de la Mujahideen olis Muslim Omar will be forgiven, except for those who talk about their sins who bring apparently since in no contact the owner the lady went

00:41:26--> 00:42:06

to her but you make sense during the day and during the night you send during the night. analyst kinda wipes them out by the morning, you sit in the morning and last kind of wipes them out in the evening. Allah wipes them out. But a person who makes mention of their own sins or doesn't feel that shame, then those sins they remain there for the individual. And even his minuses that we find simple practices that we need to adorn ourselves with. Performing will do appropriately washes away the sins of the hands, the mouth, the face, the gloves, the feet, all his preparation that we went for a solid preparation on wipes away the minor sins, walking towards the masjid, remaining inside

00:42:06--> 00:42:14

the masjid. Go and pray to another prayer is all of this, of accepting the individual of the Quran Allah Allah Subhana Allah

00:42:16--> 00:42:49

kuliah Abadi Allah Dena Ezra for Anna and fuseini atop LA to Mira Matilda, in Nola yo quiero de novo Jamia all you servants of mine takuna to me Rahmatullah. Don't despair, from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, forgives all sins, he's the one who pardoned and forgive that is Allah subhanaw taala for Rahim, the old pardoning old most Merciful One will know you read to endure to by Allah. Allah wants you to repent. Allah wants you to return back to him. That's a strange thing. For especially for us most of the

00:42:50--> 00:43:27

non Muslim, he wants them to repent. He wants them to reflect he wants them to see certain things. It is atrocities in these towers that people have been hikma interlace, apparently. I mean, it must've been muslimin have a non Muslim now saying himself enough of my life. And now for my life. Nothing has made me weep so much in my life. These are non Muslims. Seeing this has made me weep. To make me to think what is my purpose in life? What am I doing on this earth? for either Canada higher Muslim is a non Muslim can think about us? Why should they awaken inside as they went to sleep never know they're gonna wake up in the morning. Never nine they never get to see the children.

00:43:29--> 00:43:33

We sleep. But this vision does exist in our mind company.

00:43:34--> 00:44:14

would never imagine that in the morning. I won't see my children. Well, I'll see my children outside bed or inside birdie. Who can imagine that and hit by in the bar. Wisdom nice. We don't know. So parenting either. As for those individuals, NASA boom shahidan Shahada, we hope that the Shahada in the bar, because if I mean and why Shahada we find is being burnt being burned. In addition, Abbe de ayuda, we find a person is Ben is a form of Shahada and his best month of Ramadan is best amount and we hope that Allah kind of because of that hardship, they went through that he wipes out their sins, and he enters them into paradise, as far as we remain,

00:44:15--> 00:44:16

as far as we remain

00:44:17--> 00:44:18

from Adam.

00:44:20--> 00:44:23

So what have we got? What jobs and forgiveness Do we have

00:44:24--> 00:44:58

the zombies in the bar, but we still remain here. We don't want to avail the opportunity. There. Dr. Tony Rocca. Tila dispay, from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, keep that alive inside your heart, inside your mind, that Allah subhanaw taala is there? Well now you need to adhere to Allah wants to wants to accept your repentance. Once you do come towards that path of repentance, to return back to Allah subhanaw taala and likewise for another strange Hadith as number Abdi zambon My servant committed a sin

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

And then he repented to Allah and Allah except that he is told by His forgiveness. The strange thing is in the past have committed a sin again. And again he calls out to Allah Subhana Allah, and Allah forgives him, then he does it for third time. And again Allah says that he recognizes that he has a lot to worship, so I forgive him. Milner should not should not offer to luck. Do whatever you want to do I forgiven you, as a member, a semi man, a diamond naturi that you do what you want to do, is a form of praise. That every time this person has repented back to beat sincerity, then I accepted his repentance of this individual continues to accept this acceptance of this individual. And as we

00:45:40--> 00:46:16

find that uku shaytani r p comb. Don't become the one who he turned against your brethren. Encourage them our Muslim brothers and sisters who may have fallen short in his month of Ramadan encouraging remind them, remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, remind them to repent, repent yourself, courage other individuals to return back to Allah. This will strengthen his Muslim Omar give us the strength once again a nation of Toba and nation of his differ. A person who makes Toba mix is different you find the for wider benefits that are there. So we also look

00:46:17--> 00:46:55

at a couple minute in Natasha Samuel aalim what to Marlena in Nikita tabula him. We ask a lot how to accept it from us. This is Abraham and a salon after all of the tests are the tele Ibrahim are a limiting factor Mohan. I'm not tested in test after test that we find wide rahimullah D with every single test Ebrahimi fulfilled it and then right at the end, he constructs the house of Allah Subhana Allah in the city. We study this in great detail many of us we fall short, because sometimes we think that we're doing something special inside our life. When he does this, look at Ibrahim alayhis salam and it's marine.

00:46:56--> 00:47:10

Roberto cobalamin Nakata, Samuel alima to Ballina inotuzumab Rahim. Allah accept it from us, except actually except October. Can anyone doubt about Ibrahim alayhi salam, every test that he overpaid?

00:47:12--> 00:47:13

But yeah, look at his humility.

00:47:14--> 00:47:24

Look at his submission to Allah. This is the way of Gambia while mousseline this is a way of the prophets and the messengers that are in a state of Toba when he's

00:47:26--> 00:48:04

always making Toba is deferred to Allah Subhana Allah, what are we looking at newer La Silla? Look at Musa La Silla Ibrahim Yeah, well let the Amani and you're fairly happy it yo Medina. Abraham says I have the aspiration my hope you're going to forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgment. That's a Brahim at a salon. And likewise the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So we should follow that, that manage that methodology in in strengthening ourselves and making Toba nice to fight and encouraging the Muslim Ummah and others around us to return back to Allah subhanaw taala now last 100 years old, tofik inability to repent in these final moments of Ramadan and to avail the final moments of

00:48:04--> 00:48:42

Ramadan and to give us a topic and ability that Allah accepts and legally actions a blessed month of Ramadan, and it was just too for us to return back to another, another blessed month of Ramadan, give us the hope and aspiration and strength to excel even further in a new month of Ramadan or what remains upon our life upon this dunya to take the heat and the lessons of taqwa. Lysa peda Ramadan, the impact of Ramadan inside allies to carry out after Ramadan in number one Mullah ecodiesel Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina. musala Allah USA limitus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Camus also lay down a bra hemara Libra he manuka honey dhemaji Aloma Burdick Allah

00:48:42--> 00:48:43

Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad

00:48:44--> 00:49:34

Ibrahim Ibrahim en de cambio de Mogi Ramona Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin Avalon nanfu Santa William Tell fildena without an akuna Minal Casa de la fille de la one in Edina sub lacuna bilena Alfie co op de la isla de una mano robina. In Nakuru for Rahim from Bern Africa, Elena sobre, la was a bit Aqua mundo en su natural COVID Cafe de la palabra Nevada de tener una Mila donkey Corolla in a cantilever hug, Ramona habla nemunas Well, Gina Gina kurata Yun Muto Pina eema Taco Bell benign Dr. Samuel Aleem what took Elena in October Rahim, co founder of the Caribbean is a Tiana yo seafood was in Alamosa. Lena will hang hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de

00:49:34--> 00:49:46

sala de como como como la make more space your brothers waiting outside. As we know this is a final Juma Ramadan. So people made an extra effort to come to make more space, staying close together, make more space for the people who are waiting outside

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