Muhammad West – Shiaism – Part 11

Muhammad West
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Are the voluminous shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa Tada, Lord, creator, tradition, nourish of the universe, the Most Merciful, the most kind. We submit ourselves to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, we come to Allah with sincere hearts. We ask that Allah accept from us our Elijah, except our sada except Allah, forgive us the shortcomings of this week and then the week to come out a lot. And we send our love our greetings and salutations to our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the bringer of truth. His words are the most pure and the most true. May Allah guide us to follow him as soon as we have those upon the sooner and we send our greetings

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to all of the family members of Navy SEALs and elevate his companions, in particular the whole of our Rashid in Abu Bakr and Omar Osman Ali rhodiola, Jemaine, and all those who follow the Sunnah of Nebuchadnezzar Salaam until the day of karma, mela, make easy for those in the war. And all of us here Allah to meet you in goodness and the day of karma. I mean,

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today in sha Allah, Part 11 of our series on Shiism, and it is in sha Allah the conclusion of the series 11 weeks, more than 11 weeks, we have discussed Shiism, from its beginning. And as we say, that is a huge topic that cannot do justice in a half an hour lecture over two three months. It is something that people have studied and discussed for years. And we say that this is an issue, a topic that has been part of the oma for over 1000 years. And therefore for us, it's something important and I began this topic, making clear my near mania was not to create further hatred and division. There's enough hatred in oma and my Nia was not to cause further animosity and to further

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widen the gap between Janelle Gemma, but rather, it was to make clear that there are differences to make us aware that there are distinctions to make as a way of the history and the origins of Shiism, what do they see, I believe, and we don't ascribe any belief to them, except which they themselves have said, we believe this. And this is what's found in our books. If anyone says I'm a Shia, but I don't believe any of these things when hamdulillah then we don't force and enforce that this is what you believe and you're practicing. No, this is not part of how Islam is managed. Anyone who says I believe this, we accept them on face value. So we discussed nine areas of belief of the Shia and

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we've seen many of them are incompatible with that of additional Gemma. We also said last week and over the past few weeks, we spoke about the global spread of Shiism that the Shia are actively looking to add additional Gemma looking to our youth, our children, our wives, our the people in the townships they're looking to actively recruit and convert people away from Arsenal Gemma enthusiasm and the focus is not on non Muslims, but rather on Muslims that follow the Sunni view. And this is something which we need to respond to. We cannot remain silent on it. We cannot close our eyes and say we will ignore it and inshallah the problem will go away. No, this is not how things bad things

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occur. And when we spoke about city in particular, it was because of the basically the sleeping of the the majority of the people of Cydia that the people of Cydia allowed a small group to slowly seize power and control that a small, not even 20% of the population group dominates politically the situation in Syria is because all

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Ordinary people like you and me, we sat back and said someone else's problem, someone else's issue, someone else will see to it. No, we need to see to this. So how do we respond, knowing that the Shia are actively spreading the views and the ideology? How do we respond? Before we get into the detailed response, we must understand that on a high level differences of opinions needs to be understood there are three basically three types of differences. If I differ with a man with a with somebody, if we differ on something, our response will be based on the nature of that difference. Three types of differences. We have personal differences, personal issues, you know, we arguing

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about a price of a product, you are noisy, whatever it might be husband and wife, buying and selling people, neighbors, these personal issues, even if it's with a non Muslim, we should not have these things, personal issues. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to put our personal pride our personal in VR personal issues in our pocket, and Allah subhanaw taala comes first, we don't cut and break unity, because of personal issues, personal dunia issues, we must resolve, we must resolve we don't cut each other off. We don't shun one another. In fact, we mentioned this before that if two people argue and they shun each other, they have up until three days to reconcile two brothers if they

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don't both Arsenal assuming even if one was right, even if one was right. This is with regards to Moodle dounia dunia issues as with regards to Deen issues, if there's a difference of opinion between this person this alum this mowlana and that chair, what do we do? How do we reconcile if that issue is minor? And in fact everything in the deen is serious. We can't say this is a small issue. Food is not you know, doesn't make you Muslim or non Muslim we can. But we there is a room in the Sharia for differences of opinion. That I will show you allows in certain parts of the Sharia and this is the bulk of the Sharia. We are allowed for mother hip for difference of opinion

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sometimes you may find one must add up 20 different opinions. What we saying is not one is right and all is wrong. We say there are 20 acceptable opinions. Each one has evidence and delille Some are stronger than the others. But whatever side you take Alhamdulillah You are acting according to Quran and Sunnah. There are 20 we can coexist. What the point yeah, I'm making that this room for differences. We can agree to disagree, we can coexist. And we can say we unite on the fundamentals where we put our hands in solder on my chest, under my navel on the sides and hamdulillah This doesn't make your Salah invalid. This doesn't even we say invalidate your solder or makes your solar

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list acceptable. I'll have a look what's in the heart. And this is with regards to thick and minor issues. When we have serious theological aqidah as we call a cleaner issues in these areas, there is no room for two opinions. There is no room for a second opinion. There is only one opinion as prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah. And if you differ on that opinion, there's only a right and a wrong with only a black and white yes or no, there is no maybe and there's no gray area, the serious theological issues. For example, to say that Nabhi salsa lamb Sunnah is non compatible with today's style. We only focus in the Quran, major theological, you're going against a principle in the Quran.

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To say why you have to be law that Allah comes in the form of a man or that the Quran is subject to change, that there are people that connect you with Allah through them. These are major theological issues, which we cannot agree to. We cannot agree to disagree. We can't say that fine, we will find a middle ground. No, there's no middle ground here. We reject that thing completely. So we need to reject those things that compromise our leader. At the same time. We need to understand that anyone who sees is a Muslim falls within the umbrella of Islam and a lot of answers will assume will be heavily Lehi Jamia without a Roku. That unity is an imperative. We should always strive for unity.

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So now we have to two pans of the scale. On the one side, we should not be quiet when a major issue. The major issue which defends us we can't keep quiet and agree to disagree at the same time. We need to find unity. So how do we strike that balance? How do we coexist between serious theological differences? I imagine he comes to you he says i machine I say that is a coffee a decent Johanna. I say that I believe that the Imams, they have power to forgive, I make dua to them. But I also say la ilaha illa Allah I have one Quran I face the Qibla I love Mohammed Salim. What do we do with such a men? What do we say about such a man? Right, so we spoke about serious theological issues? Is he a

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Muslim? Is he a kafir? Is he between Islam and not Islam? First question is and this is the million dollar question.

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The right or the billion Rand question if it's a million dollars the billion Rand question, right? is do we make the feel of people who have serious theological differences between Allah sooner? Well, Gemma, first thing that I want to make clear and I made this clear from the beginning, you and I have no business declaring anyone a cafe,

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Allah subhana wa Tada. So I'm going to ask you, how many people did you make if it is an ask how many people you bring into the deen? So this issue is not a matter which must concern you and me. Are they carefully Yes or no?

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We don't have to pass that judgment, the determination of goofer and Fisk ultimately lies with Alan Piana, ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala. That's the purpose of the AMA for him to judge. This man is a believer, this method is believer. That's the prerogative of Allah. No one has the right to judge that.

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And the basic principle if we look at the visa salam, what did he do? The basic principle of Islam is we judge people on the external on the evidence they show, we don't say but in your heart, you practicing tequila in your heart with something else. If a man says I'm a Muslim, La ilaha illAllah. That's all I know about him. He's a Muslim. I accept him as a Muslim. That's the fundamental. I'm saying this is the default. This is the starting point. And maybe some confirms this when I say normal. When the Sahaba asked him about the monastics asked him about those whose Eman was deficient, and obese also says Namaste. Nagisa basically said, If you declare one man a coffee, then

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one of them becomes a coffee. If you have the guts and guts, the stupidity to label another man coffee, it benefits you nothing. I wasn't going to reward you for labeling someone a caffeine and you're wrong. That label comes back on you. But the serious business of the clip, nobody should they go into the realm of duck feet. And there are many, many examples of how newbies are seldom

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pushed away from the steer the Sahaba away from duck feet amongst the examples of Osama not Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Zayed Road Ilan on whom and Huma. Do you know who's Osama bin Zayed? Zaid, the adopted son of Nagisa Salaam, the only companion mentioned in the Quran, then avviso Salah like his own son, Osama was his son, meaning he was like the grand centerpiece of salah and it was known to the Sahaba Oussama was very very dear close to the heart of the visa system. In fact, the day in between passed away. The day he passed away, Kusama came to visit the visa salon, and he said to Sam, I love you. I love you very much. And I'm making dua for you. This is what sama was, when

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people had a problem and they couldn't face levies asylum, they would also some use fiction or be some sort of my behalf. This is how much the person loves Osama. In one of the battles, someone was fighting with somebody, and Osama overpowered the man and the man dropped the sword. And he said La la la la la la de la Muslim. So sama killed him.

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And this is murder about this incident. He said yeah, Osama Did you kill him off the c'est la ilaha illAllah. Osama see but jasola He's only saying La Ilaha Illa out of fear of the sword. He didn't mean it. So this was an awesome Asha cocklebur did you open his heart and you saw What's inside? What are you going to do on kiama? When he brings La Ilaha Illa? Allah He killed me off. I said La ilaha illa Allah. And obviously I repeat this over and over. What are you going to do on piano when he says to the point where Osama said I wish I became a Muslim after this day, because obviously Islam nullifies all that before he rvcc La Ilaha Illa finished, finished, no more, that he's a

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Muslim on the face. He's a Muslim, in the art belongs to Allah. Another example of the hypocrites of Medina. Allah mentions them in the Quran, as well that they exist in Medina. Some of them never even knew who they were. Allah informed that these are the monastics so the Sahaba said why don't you take action against them? On what must take action on the outward, the Muslim, the creme de la ilaha illAllah. I'm not going to hold them accountable for what they have in their heart. So this is the standard default. Anyone who says La la la la, on the default, he's a Muslim. He dies, we don't ask what was his leader? What books did he read? We search his records, what was his view before we will

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sell him and make several journals and put in the maqbara no law in our house. That's his visa, that's a step further, and that means between him and Allah, again, the dangers of duck fear. The reason why we're in this mess who started this not the Shia, Sunni ojama the average the very first sick that broke away from Islam, the average and the main issue. The thing that's that made them split from the oma was that feed, they declared the rest of the Muslim McAfee and on that basis they killed say North man, say nalli, which opened the doors to all that we have today. This issue of duck feet and it's prevalent and it's alive. It's alive when we debate and we can't get away.

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quickly to say, well, this man is a coffee. Well, this man is he's a man he's in, you know, we, who are you to judge the amount of somebody, we can't even judge our own man. As we said about Satan Alma. He asked, Who knew who the inputs were? He told her that if I don't want to know, don't tell me who they are. Just tell me and I of the hypocrites, he's not sure. Am I a true believer? See, no matter the line.

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But that feed as we said, it's a process. It doesn't it's not a process for you. For me, it is something the party, the judge, and what they do is they look at, they look at principles. If I believe that there is another gonna be often a visa alum, then we can say this belief is Cooper, that if you say midazolam Ahmed is gonna be often a visa seller. This belief is conferred. But we don't apply to you. We're not selling you a coffee. Because it's a process. We say, if you kill somebody, for example, if you kill somebody incorrectly, this is murder. Are you calling me a murderer? No, you need a trial, we need to first assess with all the requirements for guilt has been

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met. You and I are not the judge in a Sharia country, the judge will apply these laws. So we don't put that fear on a person because there's serious implications. And Allah subhanho wa Taala explains that even if you have a belief that's incorrect, there is a process. So Allah says, and whoever contradicts and opposes the messenger after the right path has been shown clearly to him. So firstly, he needs to know and be convinced of the right path. So this is an excuse that Allah makes for those who have incorrect beliefs if they were never shown the truth. If you grew up only knowing that Abu Bakr and Omar conspired and stole say Natalie's Huck, and they cause Fatima, a miscarriage.

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If that's all you knew, you never knew the truth. Then insha Allah is an excuse for you, but that's between you and Allah. So Allah says that was once the clear, once it's made abundantly clear, apparently clear to somebody and still he persists on the cover, then that's a different story. Also, that went through that we should be aware of transgression that the indicium Capital fossick Allah sponsors, and Allah will never lead people astray after he has guided them until he makes clear to them as to what they should avoid. Also, and I'm talking about the procedure of the Creator man comes to the court and they asked him Do you believe that the Quran

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has been corrupted? He says yes. Okay, why now we need to we don't just kill it automatically. Haha, stoning to death. No, now we need to why maybe he maybe he's confused. Maybe he never understood something. Maybe he read the Quran incorrectly. This is a process that goes through misinterpretation, the judge will see if he understood the Ayat of Allah. Clearly, Allah says, and there is no sin anew concerning that in which you made a mistake, except in regard to what your heart's deliberately intended. How many people unfortunately, again, not an inconvenient excuse, I was born like this, but you find yourself in a situation and you never actually thought a company

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ended or looks the truth. It's a flimsy scalea. Now you put yourself on the edge by just taking whatever I was born with accepting whatever the chef Modena said, you need to apply your mind. But this is something which the courts go into and the Sharia courts. So applying duck feet, as I said, the conclusion to this issue of duck feet. We don't declare any person curfew, no matter how crazy his beliefs are. Except if the orlimar have unanimously agreed that this man is a curfew, if if someone else have basically stamped Cooper on him, harass them. That's the that's the job. We say. But we can say a certain belief, as I say over and over is cafe, his co founder, and we say again,

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that we hate the Cooper and not the person. So we can discuss issues. And we can say that this is good for and not but we don't apply the label of likely. In fact, with regards to labels today, we have too many labels. We're not just Muslim anymore, we Sunni right? Sunni, Shia within Sunni, I am Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, whatever madhhab and I'm Sufi or Salafi. And within Sufi ism, I'm not Chemin de whatever tariqa she have a whole list of things Allah subhanho wa Taala says, who was a miracle Muslim in me in Kabul, II Allah is the one that labeled you as Muslims, I've given you that title as Muslims. Now and before that this is the only title that belongs to Allah subhana wa, tada looks at

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and therefore it's not with ease that you take this title away from anybody. And it should not be that you use another title. You can say, I'm South African, I am black and white, whatever it might be, but not for the purpose of this uniting and causing divisions. And today we throw these titles is that our belief is the setup is to say let's have them and as when Allah says I've named all of you mostly mean.

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So how do we treat so do we say they are caffeine? I say no, not for me and for you to declare? Who is caffeine or not? The aroma? That's the job. This man is caffeine and we look at an individual

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Not a country or community, all the Shia COVID. You don't know what all the Shia believes you can only discuss it on an individual basis. So if they're not covered, we have reality on the ground with a Shia Masjid next door? How do we then treat them equally like Muslims? Do we give them the same interaction as we would with Muslims? Now the thing gets a little more, more in detail. So Allah says is no compulsion in religion, and lakum, Dino kumala, do they have the freedom to practice what they want, Allah will judge them according to that. And we treat everybody fairly in accordance with the dean, not looking at the beliefs, I give you an example, you work for a non

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Muslim, you can say he's a Catholic, I can do what I want, I can steal from him. You know, he's belief has nothing to do with how you interact with him. You marry a woman and we know that this with some stick conditions, she can be a non Muslim only for the men she can be a Judeo Christian strict conditions. But if you marry her, you can say she's a Cafiero. So therefore, we can do what we want I can I can abuse I don't have to give any My name is a catfish, I can abuse him know that neighbor has rights on you with is a Muslim or not, your employees have a right over you with a Muslim or not. Your customers have a right over you. So the limits of our rights on each and every

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one of us, irrespective of the belief, and you must fulfill those rights. So even if he's the she, the Shia, you must be honest with him, you must be fair with him. And if the Muslim your Muslim brother is unfair with him, you oppose your Muslim brother, because he's wrong. I love you, my brother, you are my brother. But what you're doing here is dumb. So we stop you from committing adultery. This is how Islam honors the rights of everybody, even if you're not Muslim. So what sin about a person who's Islam is maybe there's a question mark, but he says in the law, but in reality, how do we live and interact with him?

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So then he saw Salaam on the one hand, he entered into alliances with even non Muslims. But at the same time he fought non Muslims, that in certain areas we need to have, we need to apply wisdom and judgment. And this is the difficulty. It's so much easier picking up your first and hitting the one that's not like you or bombing them and saying they're gone. We don't have to worry when to actually look at it with wisdom and say we have the lines what is the Khans and I can't do so what can I do? What can't I do? Some q&a some questions you might ask, can I do business with a Shia? Yes or no? Can I buy and sell from him with him? Of course you can because you can buy and sell from another

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person. Right if the resource alum when he passed away, his armor was held as a as a collectible bit with a Jew for food and the reason bartered, his armor for some for some food substances is bought and sold with Jews.

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And we deal honestly, even if that person is a Muslim or non Muslim, mushy, mid, whatever it might be. Honesty, is that is blind to belief. What about marriage? My daughter, my son comes I want to marry this person. But they are they say they are Shia are lots of answers and do not marry the mushy cat the female idol idol worshipers till she believes and indeed a slave woman who believes is better than this idol worshiper. Even though she might amaze you, that she might be the most beautiful woman. And similarly, Allah says about the female return for the female to marry that isolating man, and a slave man is better, because this one leads you to Jenna while that one leads

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you to Jana. So the principle we don't say that the Shia are mutually keen. As soon as an individual thing we assist, but the point Allah is making you you need to find a spouse that takes you to Jenna, a spouse that helps you to get to gender not straight, it's going to work against you. a spouse that's going to be someone that's going to affect you negatively. So when Nafisa was asked, what should I look for in a husband? Look for the one who has upright being not any Muslim, the good Muslim, and what should I look for a woman? Not just any female Muslim, but the good Muslim? good Muslim? So if Deen is a criteria for selection of a spouse, when someone whose Deen is in question

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cannot marry, so we cannot marry someone who comes from a as a group we seek that is deviant.

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We cannot do that. So we cannot marry indorama quite clear on this someone whose views and beliefs are contradictory to Islam or basic fundamentals. They we can say we cannot marry this person. Again understand what our major issues are the minor issues, but he's the Hanafi shafia hamdulillah no problem. That's not major issues. That is simple minor issues. But this person believes that the Sahaba in Gangnam it's not something we can agree to disagree on. How do we bring a family up like that? So the the sneaker should not happen should not happen. eating food from the ship

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Can we eat food that the kuffar slaughter correctly? Yes or no? If we can, if the procedures of Hidalgo is meet the needs, you can eat them. But if a Muslim slaughters in the name of NaVi salsa lamb, can we eat that food? No, he's a Muslim, but he didn't practice the correct procedure. Same thing applies with a Sunni with a Shia with a non Muslim so long as the laws of the slaughter is correct, then we can do it. But if it's not in the name of the debate, this is Cooper and chick palace that that food becomes Haram. What about taking religious knowledge from the allameh This is the most serious of those matters.

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The Dean you interest your dean, unfortunately you have to go to Alabama and you have to hope and pray constantly Allah guide me that I make the right decision. your well being of your Acura are in the hands of Allah but also with the help of the AMA you won't take your car to any Tom Dick or Harry you won't go to any doctor if your life was at risk but the dean we seem to be very easy anyone with a turban and a beard and as if nice foreign accent hellos then we follow irrespective we don't look at we even studied what are his views what books did he write what what's his thoughts on this or that issue? Very dangerous. Take we do not let someone to lead the solder. It is part of the

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criteria of the Imam if someone not only not firstly He must be upright religiously his Deen must be inshallah intact and he must have high moral character

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someone can have perfect Deen but okay he you know he made he made some sins and mistakes. We don't put those people first as Imam to lead the Salah. What about someone that's teaching as a leader? look very carefully, where you take your dean and today as I said, you click on a website you have no idea who is running that website. The most dangerous thing you can do is to read from sources that have you know questionable origins, whether it's an agenda being pushed so many agendas on the website. So many agendas on the internet. You take your deen from trusted sources, Allah subhana wa tada says, it is he was sent down to you the book meaning the Quran, in it are verses that are

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precise and clear. And they are the foundation of the book they are the majority the bulk of the Quran and other ayat are unspecific or ambiguous. So within the Quran, they are ayah, which requires a bit of thinking. As for those whose heart is a deviation, a sickness, they will follow that which is unspecific, seeking to cause discord, hatred, and seeking an interpretation which suits them. And no one knows the true interpretation except a lot. But as for those of knowledge, they say, we believe in it all is from overload. We believe in all of the Quran, that which we understand that we don't understand all of it is from Allah, and no one will be reminded except those of understanding

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so Allah says in the Quran, that they are yet which are ambiguous at times.

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And there will always be people. Listen Clearly, there will always be people, quote, unquote, who will use it in a way which they want. You can justify killing orphaned children with the Quran if you want, you can justify going into a school of girls and shooting everyone did based on the Quran, you can justify anything is halal homosexuality, whatever you want, using the Quran. Today, people will use the Quran to suit them. Allah saying is watch for this. Understand that this is the bulk of the Quran is clear and precise. No need for interpretation or mental gymnastics. That's why we need a foundational base of knowledge. We need to know that these are the basics anything which

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contradicts those basics cannot be right.

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That's it's so important. The biggest problem that we have as a Muslim oma, as I said, it begins with knowledge starts with Aikido. It ends with declare

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that this is a theological discussion, but because we can't discuss things academically with knowledge and proof, we resort to violence. We can't answer the questions. We can't respond because we never heard of these things before. We look at the ayah for the first time, they say see what Allah says here. And you think Subhana Allah, Allah says in the Quran, either you accept blindly what this man says, or you become upset and you attack him. Why? Because we don't have the tools, the understanding to respond when these things have been responded over 1000 years already. Very clear, very clear. How do we save ourselves? What do we do going forward? What do we do as a

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community in South Africa, Shia communities spreading populating, spreading the news Toronto line, I'm not lying. I'm not making up a story of a friend of mine who is the Imam in kailee chairmanship, Bilal, he sent me a WhatsApp message. He doesn't know I'm doing a sheer series, whatever he says. And this was part of a group of people

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learners and teachers and he said swana law this week a bunch of delegation from the debate center or from the whatever Shia group went to the different massages in in Khayelitsha in the township. What do you earn? What assistance can we do?

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It's happening. It's happening. What do we do? Are we going to say are you going to say brother, that this is the concern of the chairman the committee that Allah they need to see to the MDC. Until when? Until your son or daughter Bella gets mixed up with the wrong views and ideologies at the very least. Don't try to fix the oma fix your family, yourself and your family. Understand what are the differences? Let us learn it as discussed as a family What do we need to know what should we do what's asked him tonight to the supper table? What's happening in Cydia? What do you think you might be shocked? Your daughter might say, is an ISIS the good guys? Isn't Assad the good guys?

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So while you listen to radio stations, the one will say how tired and depressing his people the other side will say how they stated is trying to overthrow legitimate government, two radio stations for analog. It's here unfortunately, on the ground, what you need to do is equip yourself with knowledge. equip yourself with knowledge basics, and you don't have to do a PhD on Shiism versus Sunni Islam or whatever it But no, learn the life of Nabeel Salaam, learn the life of the Sahaba when you know who the Sahaba was the impossible that the man who paid for Bilaal impossible that bill as the one who was tortured to basically to death, he would sell his Islam for what impossible

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can't believe that.

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Once you have that Alhamdulillah that's your first line of defense. But you need to make knowledge part of you understanding so in times of fitna, we also spoke extensively about the days of fitna the days of bloodshed close to the end of times he spoke to us. We see this happening so many times now because Allah may do is to offer three things Allah accepted to and he did not answer the third door. What did he make? He made a dua there Allah Don't let my own be destroyed through like a catastrophe of famine or natural disaster an earthquake without all of my alma die through one natural disaster, and I'll accept that you will never be destroyed like that. And you make number

00:32:19 --> 00:33:00

two, yeah, Allah. Don't let the non Muslims overpower us and destroy and kill all the Muslim in and out like sick that are that the non Muslims will not destroy and wipe Islam off the map will never happen. Won't happen, don't worry. We have to we don't have to worry about so much the external threats. It's the internal problems in our house. That's the problem. When Nevis may do a year, it may or may not kill one another and destroy each other. Allah did not answer this one. Allah didn't answer and except that one meaning unfortunately, bloodshed internally is something which is part of the evolution of the soma towards the end of time so what should we do that responses if you live in

00:33:00 --> 00:33:38

those times blank you should don't fight this one or that one you don't know who's right or wrong. Don't you be accountable pm a seat yourself, be safe and seat yourself. We spoke about the hadith of wasted Yasuda Allah we are living in a we were in a state of ignorance before Islam and then Allah brought us this good meaningless Islam. Will they be evil after this Good Will this oma go back to its evil ways. Now visa subsidies will go back again, being a Hooray for us. Will they be good? After that evil? Will things get better again? And obviously Yes, it will be but it will be tainted. It won't be like the days of the Sahaba. And he asked what is the tense? Listen to what Neville

00:33:38 --> 00:34:18

says. What is this corruption in our room? He says there will be some people who will guide according to something other than my son my guidance and will lead them according to something other than my sooner you will see the actions and disapprove of them. So you have those people who will call you asked him You have a beautiful is speaking beautifully. What evidence could add in soon. None of this is my opinion. halus we don't listen to you. Everything is Quran and Sunnah. nahi salam, then are they for us? Will they be any evil after that will get worse than that? He said, Yes. There'll be some people who will invite others to jahannam and whoever accepts them, they will

00:34:18 --> 00:34:57

also go with the agenda will be people and pray for us. What do they look like? How do I know them? They will be from amongst us and speak our language. They will look like Muslims act like Muslims, but they will call others to Jannah don't accept unfortunately, I must say this, don't accept whatever don't accept what I say blindly initial mowlana I'm sure if he said that. Mr. Malik said no one's opinion should be accepted blindly. The only ones whose opinion you accept blindly is Mohammed Salim nobody else. Nobody else. You have the resources today to check his head if you get so many IDs on your phone. No pseudo law Some said we did he say it. What have you asked that person? Can

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

you give me the difference? Beautiful. How do you weigh in on this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

Say this chick chick when avviso salaam min. For us What do I do in those days when I see people looking like us beard and turban Mashallah, according to janam what you commanded us to do their businesses adhere to the Gema the majority Don't be part of some small Masjid some small Gemma that's broken away from the community go with the majority of the Muslims are lost behind the Hadith which Allah says, and everyone says Allah says he had a lot mal Gemma, the hand of Allah is with the majority and stick to the Muslim leader. And unfortunately, we don't have a leader and or they've asked us what if there's no Gemma, and there's no leader. I know, we know globally politically,

00:35:42 --> 00:36:21

there's no Gemma. But hamdulillah in the in the cape, or in South Africa, we still have some semblance of Gemma that these are our odema these are our communities and families some little bit of unity, and we stick to that unity. So now because if you live in a time when there's absolutely no unity, and there's no leader, then keep away from all these different sects and groups. Don't become partisan. Don't affiliate yourself with this group or that sick even if you have to bite the root of a tree till you die by let's say even if you have to be sold alone. The final advice is a beautiful howdy this Heidi, as they say should be written with gold. And you should if you can

00:36:21 --> 00:36:27

memorize it about 567 advices, which will save us from the fitna

00:36:29 --> 00:36:47

that it begins with Sahaba saying Sahabi it about even said he says now visa Salam gave us a football one day like a farewell sermon. And we began to cry and began to shake. We thought now visa salad This was his last and final words advising and advise you I'm advising as if though is about to die

00:36:48 --> 00:37:33

soon. So then the RCR rasulillah What should we do when things get so bad pm and all these things fighting and Muslims dying, the front six all these things. Now resources I already you with taqwa? First and foremost. ask Allah guide me to your Allah. have Taqwa that you want to be don't care about being right. If my opinion is wrong, no problem. But to be wrong with a lie is a problem. Number one try to be we have Taqwa, the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And to hear and obey and obey meaning the leader, even if you are commanded by a slave, right, but unfortunately, we don't have a leader. So we we see this whole mosquito began on what political fighting about the leader. Now 1400

00:37:33 --> 00:38:17

years later, we have six and groups all of it, because people did not listen to the halifa say northmen serbisyo says listen to your leaders. And if you don't have a leader, you follow the gemba when whoever amongst you lives long enough, Nabisco says he will see many many differences in the oma. So what do you do? Follow my Sunnah do what I did, and the son of the rightly guided hold of my Sahaba what they did, and bite onto that with your teeth. And B we have every newly invented Buddha any invented matter for every newly invented matter is an occurrence innovation and every occurs innovation is not Allah is going astray we have this idea every time from the member hula, hula

00:38:17 --> 00:38:57

beatin, dada every new thing in the deen any innovative thing in that in any change or modification for the team is only valid and every dollar is misguidance. And everyone's guidance or misguided is in in in the fire. So this levee system is telling you stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. Stick to the stick to the leaders don't become bosses and don't choose one side over the next don't hurt and fight over that you see to yourself and your family be safe and secure. And ultimately we make this to our robina led to the Hulu bada bada it had a Tina, our law our up don't deviate our hearts after You have guided it, who

00:38:58 --> 00:39:40

will have let me let them kurama and sin from us from you yet Allah put mercy upon us in our hub, you are the one that gives without limit. Allah don't misguide us. Don't take us away from the hock only Allah guides and he must guides. It's in the hands of Allah. So we make that do ayah Allah keep us safe and steadfast. Protect us and our families more than our financial needs, our health needs, our Deen needs, keep us safe, keep away from us and grant the safety and security in these days of fitna. I mean, so this insha Allah We ask Allah for acceptance is the conclusion of the series. It's available, the audios the slides are available from the office if you want. And I say once again,

00:39:40 --> 00:40:00

this was not a series I took lightly. It took me about five years before I actually had the courage to come up and speak on this. A lot of research. And I've definitely made many many mistakes, unfortunately to recorded the whatever mistakes I made is for me, from myself and from shame on anyone I offended It was not my intention. And it's not as I say to cause hatred and animosity

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

to anybody, and I don't want anyone to hurt somebody, whatever his belief is saying that I was I learned this and you are x and y and z. Leave that seat yourself, CTO family, safeguard yourself and don't harm anyone else. So Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive me and guide us all in sha Allah insha Allah from next week we look to start a new CD, something softer, something lighter, the diseases of the heart and its cures something which is applicable to all of us. So we are Nia going forward for the next couple of weeks in sha Allah have any further questions on the series any any requests, please let me know. Gladly interact with exactly Hi, my website, our Tuesday classes back to

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Tuesday. It is from half past six or six o'clock was tomorrow basically. So back again on Tuesday.

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Every week we change that thing. It's a Tuesday class this weekend. Insha Allah We also said the Forgotten jewels at UCT the famous women that shaped Islam, great great mothers, you find how do you how do you make an Imam Bukhari How do you make an Imam Shafi inshallah come to the schools you'll find out in sha Allah some great women that have inspired UCT upper campus Saturday and Sunday inshallah last announcement here, massaging of the bucur cordially invites you to our monthly Hartman code on the 27th of February, commencing at half past 7pm.

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The Jamia Masjid that Matthew Chaffee

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lower leukopenia leukopenia leukopenia at buka Chapa seven on the 27th of faib insha Allah, that's tomorrow, right tomorrow evening, basically after Malik insha Allah, just like any further questions you can ask with Italian sugar and so much a cinematic medical America

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