Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #17

Nouman Ali Khan
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So today inshallah I'm going to continue talking to you about sort of Shuara wherever Rahim Allah He Salam is now he has disavowed those false gods and how they are his enemy. And now he's going to describe the rub to which he is to whom he is attached and to whom he is loyal. And so the first expression he used to describe Allah instead of the word Allah He used the phrase Arambol al Amin, and that's the same phrase that we're familiar to familiar with from the Fatiha

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it's important to know that sometimes the Quran will use phrasing that's given to the salsa Salam that echoes something that was said a long time ago. So even the phrase Rabbil Alameen you have to trace where else is Allah saying that in the Quran and one of the places we find it is on the tongue of Satan. Amina Rahim Allah His Salam. So actually, in a sense, that description that is inspired to Abraham today, so I was being echoed in the Fatiha also. So you make a mental connection, even as you're reading the Fatiha of its association with Ibrahim alayhis salam now, you know, because in the home, I don't want the Illa rubble al Amin, and in fact all the things he's going to talk about

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next are the things that we say humped to Allah for in fact, so he's going to say the one who created me the one who guides me, the one who feeds me, the one who gives me drink when I get sick, the one who heals me, the one who's going to give me death, the one who's going to bring me back to life, and the one who I hope forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment.

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All of those are Hamdulillah, isn't it? And he's gonna have his own version of it in axolotl, Mr. Clean we're gonna see that in rob the Hubballi Hoekman, while hip knee the Saudi Hain are going to see his own version of that, and a dimension of 18. Axolotl. Mr. Team will be highlighted when we get there. Just a few things quickly about the word Rob, which everybody should be familiar with the term the definition. But a quick recap is okay, it's beneficial. Or Rob, who is who will Malik was say it will Morumbi, we'll, we'll call him as someone who is in charge who has complete authority, someone who owns and I always make that distinction, it's important to know someone who owns may not

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have all authority. American citizens know that really well. You can own a car, but we don't have the authority to do with it as we please, even modifications have to go through a state inspection, you have a home, you can't just make whatever modifications you want as you please, you have to get city approval before you do that, right. So you can own something and not have authority. Right. And sometimes people exercise authority over you without owning you, like a police officer can exercise authority over you without having any ownership of you. The word Rob incorporates for starters, both absolute ownership and absolute authority both at the same time, right. And then, while more Robbie

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and the third dimension is added, which is someone who who ensures growth who nourishes, who like, are an example of tarbiyah, because more of B comes from the word tarbiyah is when you grow a plant, right? So you own the plant, you have authority over the land on which you're growing the plant. But that doesn't mean that you're watering it on time or you're, you're you're nourishing it, are you making sure it gets enough sun, are you removing all the weeds? So you're the fact that you're going out of your way to care for something that you own and have authority over is embedded inside the meaning of the word Rob. Now we know that you can own something, you can have authority over

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something too, and still not take care of it. Right so you can have things in your possession. People that back in the day what have animals in their possession that didn't take care of right people can have businesses

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They didn't take care of, or you know, you have storage units, you're not taking care of whatever you can have things that that you did not ensure that they are being nourished and developed, right? And what I'll be is part of the meaning and Iam is actually proceeds that is making sure that something is maintained. So Allah doesn't just own us and has authority over us, but actually make sure that we're doing okay. He ensures our survival, he ensures we're functioning, he ensures all of our needs are being met. And on top of that, he's Allah, allowing this to grow even further while monitoring. And on top of that, he's giving us gifts, meaning undeserved things are coming our way

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because our Rob doesn't owe you anything is giving beyond what you you can even ever ask for. So what Ibrahim alayhi salam is going to do is he's going to make a list of things that he never asked for, that Allah gives anyway, like he couldn't possibly deserve them, and Allah gives them anyway. And that's how he's going to describe his relationship with Robert Alameen. Now that the lava is made to ilm, in which a literary way to understand that as all nations all people all generations, so he's not just saying that this is my Rob, he's saying is your Rob and Rob of all other nations? It's It's remarkable that Ibrahim alayhi salam said these words, because Prophets when you study

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prophets in the Quran, Allah He was salam. They are specific to nations, aren't they? Right, so they're talking to a particular comb, but Ibrahim alayhi salam is on his own and Oma. And he's going to travel different places in the world. And he's going to be made a leader over a nurse in Niger Alkalyn NASCI. Mama. So there's a universality to Ibrahim alayhis salam, there is an all encompassing concern for mankind in the in the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam, angels are coming to him and he's arguing about a nation that they should be saved, that he wasn't sent to as a messenger. They were sent to the people of loot, and Yuja de Luna. He called me loot. Right? He's

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building the Kaaba and he's not praying that the people of the region should come. He says, All humanity should come, their heart should be inclined towards it. So he's, in a sense, the precursor, he's already got global concerns. Right? So and he uses the word Rabbil Alameen. And what does Allah describe?

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You know, Rasulo, Selim says, What words are also NACA Ihlara, Martin de la Alameen. We sent you nothing, we sent you as nothing but a Rama, an act of loving care for all the LME. So Ibrahim alayhi salam, the connection to those who say Salam is even established in some of these subtle words that are being used for him. And the mindset that Ibrahim alayhi salam has for humanity, that concern that he has for humanity is already starting to come out as he's being kicked out by his people. The only exposure to people that he has thus far is his own nation. He hasn't traveled the world yet, right? But he knows wherever he ends up in the world, whatever religions, he may be exposed to

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whatever societies may be, he may be exposed to the Arab Estelle, the rub of all the Alameen the ones he knows about the ones he doesn't know about. And see. And in it, there's a subtle, I think, point of contemplation for a globalized world, you know,

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people, they belong in a certain culture, they're raised in a certain religious tradition, there's resistance, certain society, and because of the global, you know, economic shifts, they move, right, they move continent, so many of you that are sitting here in the United States, for example, have moved across the ocean like myself, and our parents come from a different part of the world. And they the, they were exposed to a completely different reality than we are, right. And what happens sometimes is typically where people move from areas just like osmosis, right? You go from from things go from higher concentration or lower cost, we go where opportunity lies more, where there's

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more development, where there's more opportunity, you know, where there's more progress. So people migrate towards that wherever there's economic, better economic or Law and Order Type, stability, right? And because of that, we develop this idea that of nations that are successful, they must be successful in everything.

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Right? I mean, they have better roads, they have better buildings, they have better, you know, law and order, they have better discipline. They have better stores, they have better cleanliness. Everything's better and then some people are like, Man, I miss back home, I miss our food. I can't wait till I take a vacation and go back. And then then y'all go back for like a week and they're like, I gotta get back to America. I can't stay here. This is you know, the stomach ache. I can't handle the stomach ache. I can't even see the water I can see through the water. And you know, the man you know, when you go outside the traffic, the dust the dirt, you start complaining about

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everything you're like, ah, but you know, there's what I'm getting at is there's this mentality that's that's successful nations must be better at everything. And you know what, then they must be better at

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their view of religion also. Right. So major nations in the world, they were nations that became super powers, their religion also spread. And so now the, you know, the Western nations are superpowers, at least for now. And when they are they, they're not propagating Christianity so much. They're propagating materialism now they're propagating the end of religion they're propagating, you know this idea that people that are religious or have a spiritual worldview these are this is an obsolete way of thinking that the world has to move forward when the scientific age now, right. And so when a young man comes from a Muslim country and studies and gets a PhD or gets wants to get a

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PhD, wants to study all the people, he's looking up to his professors, the academics, right, the people that are millionaires and billionaires, the people that are, you know, doing TED Talks and talking about how they made their first 10 million or 20 million, the entrepreneurs, all of them have something in common. They're very godless. They're very religious. So maybe, maybe I don't know, the thought comes into mind, maybe the reason they're so successful is because they got rid of this thing that was holding them back, which is what religion and it's all all religions must be backward. Do you know what that my mighty must not be too much of an exception either. Now, Ibrahim

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Alayhi. Salam is in a village in rude back in the day, 1000s of years ago, but as he's going to travel, he's going to see kingdoms, he's going to see places that have castles, places that are more advanced places, he's gonna see the kind of development that he's never imagined in his small little village, you understand. But when he goes there, he's taking one thing with him, those their roads may be better, their education may be better, their clothes may be better, their trade may be better, their wealth may be better. They may be better in every respect. But I have something that they that they don't have. And if they don't have it, they need it. And they don't even realize they

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need it. And that's herbal alchemy. A lot of but I mean, I'll tell you the flip side of this, this thought process because I'm pre cursing the, this is a precursor to the world travels of Ibrahim alayhis salam, right. Musa alayhis salam was sent to one of the world's greatest superpowers you will send to Egypt, which was the world's greatest superpower today, they left such a mark on the world that today on the dollar bill, we still have a pyramid.

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They have they left such a mark on the world that the Supreme Court of the United States or you know, other major government buildings in Europe, if you notice they have long steps, and they have columns. And those columns are usually cylindrical. And sometimes sometimes they're evenly cylindrical. Sometimes they're slightly thick, and then they they get there. They actually mimic classical Egyptian architecture. This is their way of saying we're the new Egypt. We have heard that before. The frown used to call their empire Riccati Komal Musleh your exemplary lifestyle other people want to be like you other one of all other people want to follow your example. And it's true

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if you study the ancient Egyptian empire, they you know, kings, princes royalty from around the world, the Greeks, you know, the Romans, whoever they wanted to study, if they wanted their royal family to get higher education, they would send their prince and princess and, and princess to the palaces of Egypt to get a higher education. So Musa what I was getting at is Musa de Saddam was raised in the world, the global dominant superpower that's to this day left a mark on the earth and the way we think about empire. Right. And that empire. By the way, it's interesting, if you study the history of empires, the next major empire that left a mark on the world was the Romans. Right?

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The Romans are a massive, very prolonged empire. And the Romans, it's interesting, obviously, the Egyptian empire is declining, the Roman Empire is rising, and they they took much of what used to be the Egyptian empire, right? And hotel was one of the things they would do this crazy, is they would take the Ovilus the Ovilus are these long structures, they look like the Washington Monument, and that's not an accident. They are long structures, they used to have hieroglyphics on them, right? And they had this pointy top right? And they would pluck them out of Egypt. And they will take them to different extensions of their empire as monuments.

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Right, why not build their own because to them symbols of the ancient Egyptian empire was actually these are actually a testimony to that where the new Egypt we made it, right? Go to if you go to Istanbul if you go to like, you know, the ISFP or you go to the Grand Mosque, right? Right next to it. There's an herbalist and the top is Egyptian in the bottoms, Roman hieroglyphics or Roman writing of which can placed at least a whole lot races there. And it's really remarkable that that's the case. But why did i Why did I bring this up? Let me come to the point. The point is, Musa alayhis salam is

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escaping from the water. He's leaving Egypt. Right? And he turns to Allah and he never prayed against those people. He always said to Allah, you know, Robbie in the in your oath to be Robbie Robbie come and talk to you moon I seek refuge of my master and yours that you should stone me right? So and you know we've been cooling water cabin in LA you know we do mill hisab he seeks Allah's protection from every arrogant one that doesn't believe in the day of accountability. But when they were ready to kill men, women and children, and they were ready to commit genocide of the Israelites and Musa Sam is escaping through the water. He told Allah something,

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you're not gonna be in a town, you know, Xena 10 While I'm while and he'll hated dunya

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my Rob, you gave these people beauty and you gave them so much wealth and worldly life

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like you made, the more apt he's acknowledging you made the more advanced than everybody. Right and then he says so so they can misguide others.

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They got all of that, and they use that to misguide others. So you see, there's there's a contradictory picture here. Every nation wants to be like them. But Mousasi is something that even the greatest intellectuals of history saw, he saw that the Egyptian way, is misguiding others, they become full of themselves, and they replace God with themselves. They become obsessed with their own worship, their own greatness becomes their God. And then they they cause their own destruction and destruction of all those who want to follow them. This is the way of karoun this is the way of the gardener in this horrible curve. This is the way of the pharaohs, same formula.

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And so when we read these words, these are brief words for in the home I do believe a lot of but I mean, but as he travels to different places in the world, his attachment to the rub is never gonna be diluted. He's not gonna, his eyes aren't gonna get dazed by what he sees in different empires, and this is maybe I should reconsider my commitment to my Arab. So you know, you know, a young Muslim should not go to a university classroom and see an eloquent professor who's a proclaimed atheist and mocks religion, you know, and then I feel like I need to be insecure by murmurs. Yeah, how could you be so smart and still not believe in Allah? Well, you know, the Egyptians are pretty

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darn smart, their architecture, we still haven't figured it out. They're really smart people. You know, what Allah is showing us in history. You could have really smart people in one sense, and spiritually really stupid at the same time. You could you could have that and that has always existed. That's and it still exists. In fact, it still exists. So for in our home actually a lot of but I mean, one quick thing I'll share with you before I go because otherwise we're gonna stay in these islands and Ramadan will be over Allah the Halacha Neva Hawa Dini, though, so Now how's he going to describe Allah, the One who created me, then, in fact, he is the one that guides me. So

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he's talking about creation and guidance in the one in one ayah together, right? So Allah azza wa jal insolate.

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Allah says a bit smarter because Allah, Allah, the Halacha Fussa will decode Daraa further, right, so it began with halacha. And that would have, right what Allah is saying in that ayah is Allah created, for example, the tree, Allah created the B, Allah created the camel, and when the baby camel is born, it knows to go to its mother for milk, it wasn't given a class or an orientation, to go to its mother for milk, it knows to do that on its own. The bee knows to go to the flower and extract it knows to go back and build its, you know, build its hive and serve the queen. It knows to do this. Because Allah didn't just create it. He also guided it. He guided every creature, he guided

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every tree, he guides the plan to incline towards the sunlight. He guides that right? So Allah there's a Sunnah of Allah that He creates, and he also guides and you see Allah creating and guiding in nature all the time. Because everything else that Allah created, Allah guided it a certain way it follows that guidance. But then human beings were the only ones Allah created us. And instead of putting us on autopilot, he put our organs on autopilot. You know, he guided my heart to be a certain way. He guided my lungs, you know, to pump oxygen into my blood, he he guided my neurons he guided all of that, but he didn't guide my conscience except by His words. And then he made it gave

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me a choice whether you want to follow it or not. He gave me that choice. And so Ibrahim Elisa was saying my Rob never create something without giving guy

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since. And so if He created me, then I cannot believe that he just created me and then left me alone. There are other philosophies of God that exist in the world are God created, and then he got busy with other things y'all can do whatever you want.

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You know, so God is the Creator, we don't believe in God is just a Creator, Allah is not just our Creator, because it the concept of a creator, like, you know, manufactures create, you know, Apple creates an iPhone, but once they create it and sell it, they don't care anymore, and they already made their money. If a car manufacturer sold you a car, they don't care about what you do with that car anymore. Actually, they're hoping it goes bad. That's why they put some bad parts in it. So you could buy the new one.

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So the idea of being a creator doesn't mean that it's going to there's a follow up, or there's a mentorship, right. And in fact, in different companies as especially because I come from software background, they will sell you the software, right, which is on a certain sticker price, but that's not where they make their money. They make their money on continued support and guidance. That's where they bill you, that's where they get you. You know.

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So what did Allah do? Allah created me, Ibrahim, at least I'm saying He created me. But he also continually guides me. He continually guides me, he actually directs me. So I wasn't just left to my devices. And if I don't follow His guidance, now think about that. I mean, as soon as I said, this, this is what I let you go with today. I mean, it's gonna lead to W Quran in someplace, I can't remember which volume he said this and but he talked about, you know, whenever you buy something, something advanced, like if you buy bought an advanced machine, a computer, a manufacturing device, a 3d printer, whatever, nowadays, different technology, right? If you buy an advanced piece of

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equipment, you'd be really frustrated if you didn't have the instruction manual.

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Right. And if you don't follow the instructions, you're not going to get the purpose for this, this machine. This machine that's supposed to be able to print 3d, you know, objects, you're using it to squeeze ketchup or something. So you're not getting out of it, what it was made for. The most exquisite creation of Allah according to Allah Himself is the human being. Now Calakmul in Santa Fe, so Anita cream, we were very remarkable creation of Allah so remarkable that the angels, the legions of them are commanded to do such that you think the human being is just going to be left to his own devices that doesn't come with an instruction manual? Does it come with what what's the best use?

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What's the worst use? What are the cautions? What are the disclaimers? What is the beware? Isn't that what Revelation is? It's literally the instruction manual for for how to live my life. What's the what's the best use of this gift that Allah has given me? This these faculties that Allah has given me this mind that Allah has given me this heart that He has given me this conscience that he's given me even this body that he's given me? How do I balance all of it? That's that's the purpose of guidance. So he says I love the color coding for Hawaii Dini so it for the Muslims, you know, I get silently cringe sometimes when Muslims keep talking about Allah is my Creator, my Creator, my

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Creator, sure he's your Creator. But you know, let's be more Ibrahimi, my Creator and my guide.

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It's actually their hand in hand. They're hand in hand because Allah says Allah has abdomen Namaha glaucoma person? Do you think we just created you for no purpose?

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Let you know. I'm hesitant to Turaco you just start you're going to be left alone. You just left to your own devices. No, he's given guidance. So he acknowledges that Allah DE LA County for Hawaii. Dini, which is the most important thing after creation. Think about that, though, now that he's created me you would think the bee was told how to make his food. The animal was told how to get the milk. Right? So then the baby the baby knows how to drink the milk from its mom. Right? Except Ibrahim Ali Salam is gonna mention food and drink next. What did he mentioned first, right after creation guidance.

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Like for humans, we're worried we're a different species than all the rest of the animal kingdom. Why? Because after being created, the priority for us is guidance even more than food and drink even more than food and drink Subhanallah I love the color Kenny for Hua Dini, whether the Toyota Emanuele SP or contemplate those out and move forward with the with this remarkable speech of Ibrahim alayhis salam tomorrow. BarakAllahu li Walakum Aki

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