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The transcript describes a culture where people forget everything and forget about everything, including a message about death and a recap of the culture's meaning. The transcript also describes a culture where people refuse to do something and lose something, leading to negative behavior and false accusations. The transcript warns of consequences of doing things wrong, including negative behavior and false accusations, and discusses the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences of not being aware of the consequences

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In Al Hamdulillah

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Nadeau who Anna Stein who has 31 hours will be HeMan Shari, unforseen our Min sejati Melina

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Mayor de la hufa, who will mortared woman your delaila philanthropy de la jolla Machida

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watershed Allah ilaha illallah wa de who lasher ecola will shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu who water solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa and tabea who lie to me been under bad for Allah Allah Phil could Arielle Hakeem yeah

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la Vina man oh Papa bubble law her welcome Laura Neff soon now that met live audio more in a law her hobby or Ohm be ma mellow. Weller after going oh Cal Levine and Ursula

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fusa home, hula EGA

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co co Praise be to Allah, we praise Him we seek His help forgiveness and his guidance. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our bad deeds, as we seek His refuge and protection from the bad that is insiders. know then that one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no god but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He who knows the inner secrets of our hearts and he has no partners and I were witness that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger brothers sisters

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a few weeks ago when I it seems a long time ago the last goodbye did just to correct perhaps, mistake I made in pronunciation of a word when I was talking about

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about answering the call of Allah is the Jubilee Allah He will rosu be ma da Camila Lima yo he can answer the call of Allah and the messenger with what they call what he called you to with that which will give you life I when I talked about life, I said that this life is good news Bushra and it also means immortality and I use the word immortality.

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Perhaps many some of you will have noticed, I hope I'm correct today in your minds that I didn't mean immortality. I meant immortality. And that it's not a morality in paradise. That's always good. But immortality in Paradise is always good. So, you know, in the end, all of human beings we are not just missed make mistakes. That's the nature. We sin all the time. wirkkala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he Hadeeth Allah de Raja who at tirmidhi wave nemadji wa Hadees Hassan Allah Salallahu alaihe Salam puligny Adam hapa on well hydro Hata in Ottawa Boone all of the children of Adam

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are here Papa means actually sinners not haha but sinners hoppy but, and the best of the sinners are those who do tobor the best of sinners are those who do tober and that is similar to the other Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salah which is Sahih longhaired in which he says yeah, buddy, all my slaves in the comfort of the owner be laylee one the hell were an x zero Zulu by Jeremy festhalle ferroni of fidlock boom, oh, all my slaves all of you sin by day and by night. And indeed I forgive all sins. So seek forgiveness of me and I will surely forgive you. Glory be to Allah. Glory be to Allah. Isn't that bushrod blood tidings for us sinners brothers and sisters.

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But you know, the hobbies can also

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cool if they

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can take the meaning of hopper as well of making a mistake because I didn't do it as a sin on purpose. It was a mistake a slip of the tongue as we say, that's more of a mistake. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I also did hotbar to do with these I get in throttle hatia but Allah subhanaw taala mentions or you will believe or you have faith with tequila, tequila. Oh yeah. Are you looking at tequila? Be mindful of Allah and we talk especially in that about what tuck was so carrying on from that.

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Well, tangled nafsa method The Motley God and let each soul know for sure. Let each soul Yeah, look to see for sure let them see what the soul has sent forward for tomorrow. Liga din.

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Tomorrow, what the soul sends forward for tomorrow. And its purpose the last one I choose the word Liga then it's talking about in English we say model, which doesn't literally mean tomorrow. It means the time to come. And he in this case it means the hereafter for us, doesn't it? But a lot of other uses Liga Diem, because God is tomorrow, isn't it? Because it's so close brothers and sisters, to remind the souls that the Day of Judgment the morrow is like tomorrow, it is so close. So let each soul know for sure. See for sure what it is sending forward for the morrow for the Day of Judgment which is so near and what are we sending forward?

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Not our not our wealth not our How handsome we are how good looking we are and we stretched around the world. Yeah, not our degrees are not our experiences

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Ogallala Sioux Lysa Lola Hollis inala Alejandro Illa su Swati come off eBay fee Illa Sammy calm while I am walakum wa ala Kim Young guru de la kulu become wa maliko surely Allah does not look at your appearances and your wealth. But surely Allah looks at your hearts and your deets. So it is these we're sending is it not brothers and sisters and that is indicated after in the in the same area. As if to reiterate what will help us with the deeds Allah repeats what topple La Liga de

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la in Allah Hobie

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be mad that mallow so again repeating so be mindful of Allah meaning in your behavior. Surely Allah is absolutely completely fully aware copy the market Malone what you are all doing what you are all doing. Tom Malone from Amazon again. Meaning it has to do with the deeds isn't it brothers and sisters Subhanallah you know the Quran every page of it is a reminder for the moral isn't it brothers and sisters if you open it and try and understand it, every page is a reflection of the the finite and small and brief nature of life in this world is it no brothers or sisters if we but reflect and think we are reminded constantly and Salah is nothing but recycle Vicar of Allah Mata

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and the recycle of the Quran that is key isn't it? And therefore there is a reminder for us constantly. So it is not morbid to think about death in the hereafter brothers and sisters. What is morbid is to think about a hereafter and death and just sit down a lie down waiting for death.

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But it is not morbid to reflect on death and and the fickleness of this life. That's something we should do day in day out brothers and sisters. Really we should

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and we still will not be prepared well we

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we still not be prepared. Allah subhanaw taala says in order to help us more

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while going oh Ken Levine and so law have sat home fusa home, Ola eco home oil fast eco ossipon Allah, it is so profound, so comprehensive, those few words, it shakes up the hearts of those who understand and whose hearts are still fresh and supple with the men. Do not be all of you. Allah saying to us, like those who forgot Allah masala

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Allah says forgot Allah here, the word nursia is used in different senses.

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The word Nasir can be used in his literal sense and in a rhetorical sense, in a rhetorical sense.

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So in a literal sense, it means somebody forgets. And the word nesea is used differently for the human beings, US forgetting and though Allah use the same word for himself as well, and he has a different meaning. It has a different meaning. And that's very important to understand. So for the human beings, there is something called nesea or Miss Yun, which is Miss Yano fitri, forgetfulness after being human Yeah, but there's this young L which is Miss Yun Mohammedan. To forget purposely

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that is to jackhole and shave which is to ignore something but you do it with purpose. That can that is also called Miss yarn according to the Quran and Sunnah as well. But the context tells you which one it is.

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Yeah, so here, the nice yonder Sula is not that they just forgot, because children are mme bound to forget. No, no, no, no here has a meaning of purposely forgetting Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah, it's called the hoffler. Yeah, heedlessness or ignoring on purpose, ignoring on purpose. Otherwise, Miss yen? is the one that's part of our nature. Well, we were given that insan is one who forgets Yeah, in San is one who forgets.

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And therefore,

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as we find in a Hadith of the Prophet salaallah salam ala de Rosa who had telemovie wacol, who are Hadees hasta newsa. Hey.

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Well, thank you Kathy is reported by Timothy, in which he mentions that the prophet SAW Selim said, llama holla Allah who Adam

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when Allah created Adam

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he stroked the back of Adam underneath carries on this is Elmo, hey, don't try and put it into the pictures that we have of human beings Allah stroking the back of anybody. This is Elmo vibe. He's thrown in the back of Adam, Allah created in the province system said and all of the souls of his future generation of human beings progeny came out of the back of Adam and were presented before Adam, Allah, Islam, and each soul had from its in between its eyes, a radiant light shining in such a way and mentions that their age was on their forehead, but most authentic, radiant light shining, and he was shown all his progeny. And Adam said to Allah says, Allah, Who are these? Allah smart

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Allah says, these are all your children. These are all your children. And he noticed in one child,

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one of the souls present in front of him, he liked the look of that person, that man and he said, y'all Allah, Who is this? Allah said, this is the old, this is the old release from your progeny. He said, Your Allah, what's his age, when he dies?

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Meaning when he dies, Allah said 60 years. So Adam, Allah Islam said, Yeah, Allah, can I give Please give him 40 years from my age.

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Please give him 40 years from my age. So Allah did accept it is.

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So now the Angel of Death comes to Adam alayhis salam.

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And when he comes, of course, profits are given a choice. In the end, they have to go but they're given a choice to stay longer. So when he comes, according to the agreement,

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otherwise, Tom says you've come 60 years early.

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You come 60 years too early. The Angel of Death said No, I haven't come 60 years too early. I've come on time. Remember you gave your 60 years to one of your sons dougela Islam.

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He said No, I didn't.

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Well follow the solo lysandra lie Salaam wa jaha. Adam, what jahad that? Maria to one ESEA Adam, one nesea one se yet to Ria to wa hottie Adam will hottie at the Ria to this beautiful Hadith about our nature. That nice yeah. And that forgetfulness, which is part of insan

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always Einstein said so.

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Adam rejected what he

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had actually done that. No, I didn't do it argumentative? No, no, no I didn't. And his children will do the same. And Adam forgot, and his children will forget. And Adam made a mistake and sinned and his children will also make mistake and sin. If so, this Yan which is that which comes as part of being human being we make a mistake, is not the mission of this idea that I've been talking about. For that that's why we have the DA or burner Allah to His

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mercy na, O

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our Lord, do not take us to task for that which we have forgotten.

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That which we have forgotten,

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or that we made a mistake with we fell into the wrong out of forgetfulness or by making mistake.

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That is why the prophets Allah Sallam said, in a Hadith, which is good Hadees reported by even the manager the prophet SAW, Selim said, in Allah,

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what are oma T of theory via team TJ was

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an omega t. l Hata. One Miss Yun wellness took me who la? Surely Allah has what an omega t taken away from my oma

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taken away from my oma alhaja What does it mean taken away? The Fm alhaja the same of forgetfulness? The thing of making a mistake for doing a bad deed obviously is talking about there hence the sin of doing a bad deed out of vocabulary. Allah has taken it away, it's sin. Allah has overlooked it forgiven it, that's what it means. Yeah, and that which is not to forgetfulness, and that which is done by somebody forcing you to do something.

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This is awesome. If that's the case, then how in this area, Allah they don't be those who forget Allah and Allah made them forget themselves. For surely such are those who are rebellious and sin as far sukoon How can that be? Because it's this young here forgetfulness is not forgetfulness, which is just accidental, and by our nature, it is purpose, purposefully forgetting Allah subhanho wa Taala, which has consequences

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akula call he has our software in the hole for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Astra fille? MBI well, more saline wa Taala early he was sahbihi oedema in my brother, your liqua. The consequences of forgetting purposely ignoring Allah subhanaw taala. And His Signs has consequences in this world and consequences much more serious in the hereafter. This area measures the consequences in this world.

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What's the consequence? If you purposely continue to ignore Allah? Allah matar says, For

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whom and for sale home.

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Those who don't be like those who purposely forgotten ignored Allah, so Allah made them forget themselves, something or less punishing us. No punishment is to come in the hereafter.

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Purposely ignoring this is purposely ignoring they forget themselves, how do they forget them? So what does it mean they forget themselves? They forget who they are. When people say, ah, God didn't creators, we're just part of the evolutionary ladder, actually, where animals like the chimps and the monkeys and the gorillas, well, then they start behaving like monkeys and chimps and gorillas, for answer home and foster home, so Allah made them forget who they are, as a consequence of their obstinacy, carrying on with that idea. This is not part of punishment. This is part of Allah's law. If you continue down crooked road, you become crooked. If you are bent on denying God and saying I'm

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an animal, I'm an animal, I can do what I want, then you will carry on behaving like an animal and do what you want. Oh, Leica homolka sycuan such adores, they are the ones Allah's reiterating whom whom will farcical. They're the ones who are the sinners and the rebellious ones. That's what we become like as a consequence, if God's not part of your life and equation, that's the road you're going to go down. That's the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Some people have them

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misunderstanding that Allah forcefully

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seals people's hearts or misguide them. Yeah unless matassa katama Allahu Allah kulu be him one Allah subhanho wa Taala I will forgive him he will shower.

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Allah seals the hearts and the hearing along the eyes are covering because they decided to put a covering on the rise and consistently obstinately carry on in misguidance and rejecting God. Then you become like that, as I mentioned many times before, Carry on, carry on thieving, you become a burglar thief, chatty online, and you become a liar. Carry on cheating, you become a cheat. Isn't that what happens brothers and sisters? That's our law. This is Allah's law and Allah smart Allah, or am I your D Louis l l fassi. aqui en Allah doesn't mislead or misguide anyone acts by it, except those who are bent on being heedless and and following misguidance the consequence of ourselves.

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So that's in regards to this dunya. Allah, Martha says, He makes them forget themselves, Allah eega whom will Farsi Guna look at the consequences. When Allah is saying, Allah is fully aware of all that you do? Well, these people they're going to be fasting, they're going to be falling into sin and all kinds of heedlessness because they rejected God. They purposely were heedless and rejected God. Allah subhanaw taala or says, not a part of the Quran. Allah. So Allah, so Allah fantasy at home. Now we come to

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what's the consequences in the hereafter? Yeah, unless Wanda says they forgot Allah. So he forgot them.

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So he forgot them does Allah forget?

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is Allah forget

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of Nef? Allah says in the Quran Rama can rob bukan as he

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know Lord didn't forget your know Lord never forget. So when the nesea for Allah is used, the heart doesn't have the same meaning or Allah for God.

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No, it's used in a rhetorical sense is called quid pro quo. Yeah, it's using the same word. If you're going to forget me that I'm going to forget you but I lost forgetting you doesn't mean he's actually forgotten you the other day of judgment you turn off. Yeah. And Allah says who you forgot you

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doesn't mean that. Allah doesn't forget. So Allah forgetting means Yeah, Allah is going to treat you like the one who ignored Allah on purpose. Allah us forgetting you is a rhetorical language is used in a language sense. Yeah. Like you're saying gonna forget you but Allah doesn't mean literally that Allah subhanaw taala says in another part of the Quran, he says walky La Jolla Omen sacrum kana see Tom Lee or yo me boom

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boom, boom.

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Now CD in and it will be said on that day. I love we going to forget you Allah saying on the Day of Judgment, Nan SATCOM commander see Tom laka. Yo mikuma has, like you forgot the meeting of this day.

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Forgot on purpose you ignored you rejected. That's where it means the meeting of this day. Like hakomi omic. We have your meeting this day.

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And your place in a board is the fire on my work. Come on now. Is the fire Amal akumina. serene and for you there is no help us today. Nobody's going to save you.

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The eco be an Akuma has gone till he who's who

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wore red camo hyah to dunia what is forgetting explained further in the next guy. This is because you took the eye at the signs of Allah as the jest you made mockery of it, who's wah wah Horvat como Hayato dunya and the life of this world deluded and deceived you

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wahat como hyah to dunia I have to stop that inshallah we'll carry on from there. If I remember.

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If I remember where I left off, and carry on with breast or what I want to say. May Allah subhanaw taala not make us or those who have forgotten

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May Allah smart Allah makers of those who remember Him. May Allah swiper keepers guided on Serato must Hakim and save us from those who are fast again. Aloma amin in the love of alayka. Who yourself lunarlon the beep Yeah, are you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us